Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The ad read that he was looking for a massage. That the person who'd come over would massage, then tease his cock. Then get said cock shoved down the throat. Somewhere in the text was the implication that if done right, the masseur would get bent over.

I focused more on the 'shoved down the throat' perspective, but prepped accordingly when I got the green light to come by at lunchtime.

Pouring rain, I waited for the ok to come up to the apartment entrance. What I didn't know was that he was in another car waiting to join me. Looking at the prospective goods to see whether he should join me or drive away.

For full disclosure, I've never given nor received a massage. He knew this going in, but I was willing to try. I thought it would be a two minute massage and right to the blowjob, but riding up in the elevator with him, something felt different.

Not bad different, just a change in expectations. But that we'd be playing this out. Not exactly role play, but sticking with and through the original intent of the ad.  There might have been some slight role play, but nothing forced.

He seemed nerdier than I anticipated, and a bit heftier.  Not fat at all. And to be honest, he never said what he was like exactly, so how I came up with that thought was out of thin air.

"Dave" opened the door and I took off my wet shoes. I'm a gracious trick.

Walking in, I saw he actually had a massage table and it was all set up. I was not expecting that. He got ready, I took off my jacket and shirt, leaving on a t-shirt and jeans. He pointed to the lotions and oils and got on the table, face down.

I started with his back. I worked it with light touches and deep tissue movements, up and down this spine and to the sides as well. As I moved close to his head and neck I stepped forward as well. His dangling arms were there, but the only thing they touched were my jeans, holding onto my calf.

I asked if he wanted me to lose my jeans - he said yes.  I kicked them off and went back to the massage. While his dangling arms were there and touched my calf, he made no attempt at touching anything else. This was like - to this point - a real massage.

His back, neck and scalp were worked.  I massaged his arms. I massaged his legs. I toyed with massaging his ass cheeks, but at this point was keeping it "professional".

I really worked his legs - thighs and calves - and then his feet: the heel, the ball, the arch and each toe. But this time we'd been into it for 20 minutes and it was still a 'massage'.  I kicked it up a little here by licking the bottom of his foot.  He moaned. I rubbed while I licked - depending on where on the foot I was.

With his toes near my mouth, I inserted each toe individually, like mini-blowjobs. Then I got all five toes into that mouth of mine. I repeated my actions with the other foot.

Again, I moved up his legs, massaging as I went.  Barely visible was the head of his cock between his legs and mostly pressed down onto the table, as he was lying on it. Still, I nestled my head there and licked, flicked really, my tongue at the head.  Again there was a moan.

Now I was massaging his ass cheeks. And then I was probing between them......with my tongue. He fucking loved that.

And while it's a little more standard for you guys to read about it here, it's still not a big thing elsewhere: I asked him if I could get a cube of ice from his freezer. He allowed it as he stayed put. He didn't know what I was going to do with it, but he soon found out.

He writhed. He moaned. He groaned - loudly, at that. But as that cube was slowly and deliberately slid into his asshole, he never once tired to stop me.  Like the others, he loved the cold of the cube and the warmth of his ass.....how one immediately melted the other. That and my hot tongue then pushing it in - the sensations are incredible.  (try it!)

Soon, I had him lie on his back. I massaged his chest, his arms, head (again) - still no touching. I did the front side of his legs and then dove on his hard cock - which was about 7" medium thickness.  He loved that too.

But like his ad had said, he shoved me down on that cock as his hand wrapped around my neck. This would be the only touching he'd do of me, other than that light touching of my calf. His hips lifted off the table slightly, but mostly it was pushing me down on his rod.

It didn't last as long as I thought it would, when he said, climb on and sit on me.

My boxer briefs hit the floor and I climbed up. I wasn't sure the table could support two grown men, but he assured me it would. And it did.

With him on his back, I straddled him, reached behind with spit in my hand, coated his cock, held it firm and in place and lowered myself backwards.

He popped in nicely and I slid all the way back. Or what I thought was all the way back. He had me lean further back and even that last 1/16th of an inch made a fucking difference.

And then I rode.  I fucked myself on that dick. Oh, he helped. He moved enough to make me feel it.

I take it back, he did touch me again, holding my hips. He bucked. I bucked. We bucked. We made it last a good 20-25 minutes. Even in that position, he was a skilled fucker. You'd never know it by looking at him, but he knew his shit.

Few words between us, but neighbors might have figured out what was going on at this point. I didn't care. I didn't live there.

Since there were no words, it was only a look of his eyes and the catch of sound at the back of his throat before he made a 'cumming noise'.  It's hard to describe, but we've all been there, hearing one or making one.

I felt him throb up my ass.

And he wasn't quick to let it go, which is good.  I now had a chance to really use my muscles to mile his just spent shaft.  He appreciated the work. His cock was not that sensitive after ejaculation that he couldn't or wouldn't take it.

Eventually, he just kind of slid out.  I slid off the table and stood next to it.

Then I massaged his dick for a bit.  But massaging made him stiff..........again.

I never assume anyone will get hard immediately. He wasn't as solid as before, but close.

He got off the table and got behind me, bending me slightly over the table.  Back in he went.  And this time he had more leverage and more lube. His own lube.

Dave was rough. He totally used that hole. I positioned myself against the table, bracing myself for a hard fuck - and I was getting one.

After about 10 minutes he yanked out and said - "down on your knees, now!"

I dropped - opened my mouth, with one shove he pushed his cock with my ass juices on it, into my mouth and dropped his second load.

Then he made me clean him off, which as the client, I was going to do anyways.

He thanked me for my services and led me to the door so he could hit the showers.  But he did say he'd made another massage appointment.

Let's hope I did well enough for that to happen.


BlkJack said...

Whew! BG13, what a hot post. I'm going to have to try the ice cube up the ass you mentioned. Better make sure those trays are filled. Have you ever used anything other than regular cubes? Thanks!

Upton King said...

Well, it seems you mastered that skill, but then you are so good at so many things. Great adventure. Thanks for sharing. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Dre Sync said...

This was definitely a hot one.

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Fuck I am horny as hell at work now reading this blog entry! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I am a beefy bottom and quite selective about my tops.

I fell for the massage bait many times. Guys that I wouldn't have allowed near me somehow tried their luck this way. Of course I wouldn't let them touch me without asking a few questions about their techniques.

Let's be honest that we are no boy scouts here. It is trading of massage service for sex, if he is lucky. If I don't negotiate a massage deal first then they would go straight for my beefy ass fun. I know I tend to be easily conquered; once a cock gets inside me that meat stick would take over my free will. I wouldn't want to let him use me without working for it. Only those who seem to know their stuff would be allowed to take me to their rooms.

I am not ashamed to say I am grade A and sure enough these predators are not even grade C. If you exercise as much and as frequent as I do, there are always some aches and sore muscles that could appreciate a good hard massage.

Maybe these massage predators seem to know the routines and not bs their services. Even when I am on my back with my ass vulnerable in their hands, they would hold their raging lusts while giving my ass some sensuous rubbings and deep fingering for prostate massaging. They will only get their due rewards when I am satisfied.

Hence they give the most stimulating vigorous massage over my erogenous zones like my nipples, ass and balls but....no cock touching because they are tops exciteded by ass and huge chest.

The standard deal is one hour massage but no promise of sex. Of course nobody is watching any clock. It is all based on completing the massage routines. Like I said, there is no promise of sex so when it is time and he wants his just rewards, he'll have to ease his routines slowly into sex.

He certainly knows how to do that. First would be to pretend to massage my prostate again but this time it is unmistakeably using cold and sticky lube instead of baby oil which he had already vigorous wiped clean before. Of course he knows I know that is lube and whatever it is for. I simply lay there in passive consent.

Of course even though he knows he can mount me now but as any top would prefer, he wants some play too. He would sit on my thighs and rub his cock around my butt crack to tease me. When he finally sinks into me, it will be to the deepest end done with brutal force of entry. That's to elicit the pain response from my pretended passiveness. I had to moan and groan from the sharp pain of sudden penetration.

As any tops would say, the first moan is the start of the bottom's anal motor. He has to keep up the fucking to keep the moans purring like a bitch in heat. Soon the action picks up and all the mixtures of moans, dirty talking and punching of his groins onto my butts would make me lose my free will and now he would totally own me.

He can turn me over and now I am no better than a slut in his hands. He would drive my every pleasures with his meat stick. Then he can move it a notch nastier and I will take whatever he wants to use me for.

Now it is no more my passiveness. He grab my legs onto his shoulders and plunge deep into me as he rolled my legs further and further up my head and shake with his every fuck.

Then he turns me over and no more me laying down passively. He makes me kneel and he mounts me doggy style showing who is boss now as he pressed my head lower to make me "eat the ground".

If it is the standing pose, he will pound me into the wall.

But... me cowboy riding on his stick is not allowed because he don't allow me to be on top of him.

My submission is complete and I am for his pleasures this time around. To test my limits, I had even been given over to another friend as party favors or allowed a few watchers or brutalized by a few sex toys...

When it is over, his time is up and there will not be a next time. Unless he gets his friend to serve up the same massage trick again and pass me over as favors. It happened and there was nothing I could do about it once a meat stick gets inside me.