Monday, June 16, 2014

Dry Spell - Broken

I think you all know that I don't necessarily post things in the order they happen. At least not always.

I still have a few untold tales sitting out there which I have to commit to blog form, but I'll get there. Still, even with that, I've been experiencing somewhat of a dry spell. Some of it self-imposed, some of it not.

BikeGuy finally got his groove back on a bit today. Yes, today. Real time today. As in just a few minutes ago. I almost never blog this soon after an event.

This morning I got out of my sex funk (no, not the smelly musk kind) and wanted to get a load. The problem is, the forces sometimes work against you. Everyone on-line today was looking to take and not give. I hate being in a mostly bottom-town.

As it was getting mid-afternoon, I was ready to give up for the day, as I have evening plans. But fate had another agenda.

Text messaging, home jizz delivery service.  You gotta love that.

I had blown the guy over the holidays. He is a blog reader, so clearly had the advantage on me. He knows my likes, dislikes and weaknesses.  And as you see, was staying two streets over.  For the fucking week.

He was over in a matter of minutes. Honestly, from first contact to in the door was less than 10 minutes. THAT is how it should work.

This was no frills. We never got more than 6' inside the door. "Get on your knees", he commanded - and I did.

Like last time, I sucked. I was so in the mood for this. He seemed to have loved it, especially when I used my tongue. Lots of guys use their tongue between sucking, not enough while they are sucking and even less use it effectively.

I don't have the hard data on that, but going by what the feeders tell me, I'm pretty confident in my assumptions.

Reading back through the last blog entry with him, I didn't realize we kissed last time. There was none of that this time. While I would have, he seemed like a man with a mission. I can appreciate that. And his mission was to shoot his load and have me swallow it.

I sucked. I used my tongue. I lightly felt his full nuts. He said he hadn't been sucked in 5 days, but didn't say how big his load was. I'm guessing he probably manipulated a load or two out by hand since that last suck job.  I could be wrong.

I worked that dick as good as I could. He made a comment that I might be out of practice, considering I hadn't sucked dick in a little while. But it's like riding a bicycle - just warmer and wetter. He also called me "faggot" and "cocksucker" and "cum dump".  I take that with pride, not shame.

I went back to sucking and went to feel his nuts, which were considerably tighter. I could hear it in his breath too. This wasn't going to last long. The man was on the edge and then those words escaped his mouth.  "Take it!!!"

And I did. I felt cum hitting my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I won't say it completely filled my mouth, but it was a good amount.

Since I didn't have time to remember all the nuances of our last encounter, I forgot about his post-ejaculation sensitivity. With no warning, while still cumming, he pulled out. I was smart enough and quick enough to cup my hands and catch the last few shots there - and then licked the palms of my hand clean.

He got some on his hand as well and fed them to me. So technically, I did get every drop, just not the way I expected.

He is here for the rest of the week and it's only Monday.  I am hoping for a repeat visit. Or visits.

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gh_lovr said...

hot!! love it when the stars align and you get a totally hot experience out of a chance message.

hope he is back a few times before leaving - let us know!