Friday, August 08, 2014

Black Boned

It was supposed to be a blowjob.

The return of the hot-dicked black man was unexpected, though not unwelcomed. It had to be a blowjob because he gave me almost zero lead time. Not enough to prep for anything more than using my mouth.

I guess, if he'd been on time or accurate as to when he would arrive, I'd have had time. When he was almost 40 minutes late, I had pretty much given up. Still that additional time would have give me a chance know, clean out if needed. But our conversation was about getting head only. Him getting, that is. Me giving.

Unfortunately, by the time he did finally arrive, it impeded on a work call I had to take and told him that we'd have to be quick.

He dropped his pants. I dropped to my knees.

Actually, before I dropped there, I played with his meaty cock. It's bigger soft then most men when they are hard. It is thick. It has heft. I'd take it in one hand and let it drop into the other palm. And it would do so with a least for awhile.

After a few times, it started stiffening and didn't drop as much, since it was on the rise.

And that is when I went to my knees.

It had been a long time, so I had forgotten how big it gets. He says 9"....and it is close for sure, but it is the girth that throws me. I want so badly to get it all down my throat, but as skilled as I am (or think I am), that will be a tough tough one.

I was loving sucking him but never get the sense he enjoys it, other than his hard cock. He is so quiet in his way, that I get no reaction at all - good or bad. But he doesn't pull away or leave, so I'm taking it as a win.

I was sucking him for about 10 minutes when he told me to stand up. I did and he bent me over the desk.

I started to tell him I wasn't prepared for that but it was basically too late. He pushed 3 fat inches into my ass and then kept going, albeit a little slower.  No poppers (I'm trying to wean myself off those), not that I had any handy anyways. Or lube - other than his and my spit.

Breathing is the trick, boys. More than poppers, more than being prepped mentally. It's all about the breathing.

"This is the only way it's going to happen with our short time" and that was all he said. Again, no words, no grunts, groans or moans. He went back to silent running.

Pumping me into the desk. Pumping his shaft into my hole. It went on for only less than 10 minutes. He did have a big exhale and I knew he was coming. Besides the fact that I could feel it.

In two minutes, he was cleaned off, pants on and out the door.

...until next time, that is.

But I'm not sure that was a blowjob.   :-)


S Ranger said...

Damn your adventures are always so hot! Cheers from SpermRanger

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Fucking HOT...that is the best fucks when you wind up taking the cock, prepared completely or not since it is the heat of the moment! Sounds like this guy's cock was just what you needed!

Definitely worth repeat performances! Good job slut!