Friday, October 24, 2014

Double Teamed

I'd seen this guy on Scruff. Rugged....somewhat handsome. Good beard. I had not seen him before. Actually, he 'viewed' me, but he was hundreds of miles away.

Apparently he was headed to town for work and wanted to check out the local 'talent'. Apparently he liked what he saw. 

He was a bigger guy: 6'2", 230 but he had a handsome face and wore a nice leather ball cap in his pic. Some of his other pics were not bad either.

A few days later, he appeared to be local. We touched base and eventually made plans to get together. It was closer to the meet time when he slipped in - 'you can take care of my partner and myself'. 

I'm not adverse to three ways, I just didn't know I'd be doing one. And three ways with a couple are different than three 'strangers'. These can be tricky to navigate, just because they are a couple and if one person likes (or is liked) more than the other, weird vibes and feelings can come into play. But I was on my way and had no intention of turning around. 

The primary (?) guy met me in the lobby immediately and then went to the bar to fetch his husband.

As soon as we were in the room, I was sandwiched between the two. The partner behind me, Scruff guy in front of me.

Scruff guy immediately went to my nipples and let me tell you - he was a master at how to use them. Some guys aren't - but this guy instinctively knew what would make me melt. In a way, it was all for naught, as I knew fucking would not be part of the scene, but a boy can dream.

He pushed me to my knees and I unbuckled his pants and they dropped. I chewed at his briefs and his cock got hard. He was about 5-6", but thick....and thicker at the base. All the while his bf rubbed up against me from behind.

"George" fucked my face with great style. While we had chatted just a while on Scruff, neither of us pulled any punches. Both knew what we were signing up for - and I assume he gave the 4-1-1 to his partner.

My head got pulled back off the cock to the point it was looking up at him. "Open Up" - and I did. My mouth opened and he put a big wad of spit into my own, but in a steady, drooling fashion. While I could have just swallowed it like a good faggot, I made it foam and gurgled it up a little, putting on a show. That got a dirty grin from him.

I was directed to his partner who had the nicer of the two cocks. 7.5", thick shaft, big head, perfectly cut - and yes, there is such a thing as being 'perfectly cut'. He had less finesse at fucking my face. He couldn't get the rhythm right. Or we couldn't. Maybe I should just let a guy do the work and fuck my mouth, but chances are, I'm happy to meet his upstroke with the down one of my head.

It went back and forth between the two dicks........and asses, as I dove into each. George knew I liked to munch hole and he had me get at his fleshy backside. He loved what I did and how I did it. Back to the bf, if he liked it, he didn't quite show it or wasn't as into my work as his partner. To each his own, I suppose. We all have our thing.

All the while, I had my tits played with making me quiver. I'd get my ass fingered by the bf, which was just a fucking tease, as I knew and they knew, I was not going to be cock-fucked.

There was more cocksucking. There was more spit - in my mouth and on my face. I know many guys don't like that, but it seems to put me in my place and I like when it happens without me trying to prompt the act.

Also in here came some backhanding across my the primary guy. The bf seemed too reserved for this. Noticing he didn't get a look or request for 'stop, don't do that', it happened again...and again...and a little bit harder.

When I turned back to suck the bf, my ass was exposed and the slapping of my backside commenced. Again, no sign of protest from me. So it became harder. So did my cock.

I was actually stiff beyond belief during this entire session. Sometimes it goes up and down, but not this time.....I was straining

While I was getting my hole finger-fucked, I was brought back to the primary guy where I went for it. I sucked with conviction. I wanted the load, though would have backed off if he indicated. But there was none of that and all the vocal signs were there that he was on edge.

Then it filled my mouth. Warm. Tasty. Lots of it.

I stayed on the cock, eventually pulling back and swallowing.

But it was at that point, he told me to get back on his cock that he was close to shooting.


I went back down and worked the shaft and head. And he exploded. What I thought was a lot before was nothing compared to the feeding I was getting now. Apparently, he had some kind of bolus of precum just waiting to be released.

When I finally did come off the real ejaculation, I grabbed his hand, like I do to many guys, and placed it on my throat. You could see the glimmer of sexual evil come across his face when he felt me swallow his spunk. He would later comment, in text, several times, how much he fucking loved that and confirmed he'd be doing that at every future cocksucking he gets.

Now it was the bf's turn. He leaned back on the bed and I was between his legs going to town. Such a beautiful cock. He had a decent load too. Not as voluminous and not quite as good tasting, but when has that ever stopped me?

I ended up sitting back, which ended up between the legs of Scruff guy, who was sitting in a chair behind me. He played with my tits while his bf got down to finger me some more. I think he was trying to get me to cum.

I'd look up and back at Scruff guy who told me what a good faggot I was and was glad I wasn't a game player. He spit on me a few more times. Then he asked me, "whose load tasted better?".

I said, well, that was a no-win situation I was in and he laughed. I thought that would deflection and end of it, but he persisted......"tell me, whose was it?"

"Yours, Sir".

"Good answer", was the reply.

The bf got up and went into the bathroom. I heard water running, but thought nothing of it. Scruff guy and I were engaged with nipple play and I was slowly jacking my dick, with no intention of cumming - even telling him I wouldn't, as it was not my predisposition.

And it was about this time that things got weird.

Bf came out of the restroom, came over to me, and lifted me up by my pits and led me to the bathroom.

Mind you, as semi-piggy as we had been, I was expecting them to have me kneel in the tub to get covered with their piss.  Alas, that was not to be.

Bf had filled the tub about 1/3 of the way with scalding hot water and told me to get in. To sit in it, like I was taking a bath. It took me a while to get into the water, as it was so fucking hot, but I did.

Then he took a wash cloth and soap and started bathing me.

Yes. Bathing me........just like I was two years old and in the tub having one of my parents wash me before bedtime. He had me sit up so he could do my back. Then he did my torso, legs and feet. Ending with washing my neck and head, but oddly not touching my face.

Clearly this was a "thing" for him. Clearly Scruff guy knew it, as he never made an appearance in the bathroom, knowing it was going to happen and knowing it was his partner's fetish.

Honestly, I did well. I didn't roll my eyes. I did not laugh. I took it like a champ, even when he had me lay all the way back with my head on the tub floor, though the water only came up about 1/3 of the way up my face.  I even closed my eyes trying to enjoy it, but it was just out of the norm.

Getting slapped around or used by strangers: fine.  Having someone give me a bath: kinky.

When it was over, he made me stand in the tub. And just like a parent, he dried my head, then each appendage, torso and back.....just like I was 2.

After, I just went into the room and got dressed then left.

Scruff guy hasn't mentioned the bath at all. He hasn't mentioned the partner at all. But he did like the way I ate ass, sucked cock and took spit and slaps.

Yet, that wasn't kinky at all. It's all relative. 


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Sounds like a very HOT scene. I especially like them working your nipples and the spit exchanges! Had me on the edge of my seat until the end!

CoolTop said...

Well you're definitely a good sport. The bath thing would have totally made me uptight. But I want to know-- what makes a load taste good to you? Can you describe a particularly delicious load to me?

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. This session just about put me over the edge -- everything I like -- two cocks to suck, spit, two asses to eat. But the bath is just plain weird! A shower, maybe. But a bath? i would have thought you like you did, that maybe some piss was coming. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your piggery!

Paul, NYC

FelchingPisser said...

Just when you think you've seen or heard it all...