Sunday, December 07, 2014


He answered another ad I placed for guys wanting to have their cock worshipped and not just sucked.

Actually, he was the only person to answer the ad. Honestly, sometimes I think the frankness of the ads - and not the usual crap of doing 'the dance' - weirds guys out. But while the reply yield might be less, it weeds out the flakes and delivers the guys I'd rather play with. least in theory.

Married. 38, 6'3", 185 and an 'honest 6.5"'. He lived up to his word. He was handsome to boot. A nice body, though the chest was naturally hairless.

He didn't have much fur down there either, and it looked a little ginger-ish in his pubes too.

I like to think I get a decent, immediate read on most guys I hook up with, but this wasn't quite happening here. He looked comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. His face seem wary of what we were doing, but he stripped all the way naked without being prompted to do so. He was clearly comfortable in his own skin.

Then he stood there.  Looking straight ahead. Not at me. Not at anything, that I could tell.

Guys can be like that. Especially semi-straight married ones. They disassociate what's going on around them, even though the stimuli they're feeling can be good or off the charts good. They are the equivalent of the guy in the video booth who never takes his eyes off the screen.

Perhaps they're picturing something else...or someone else performing the fellatio. I don't know. (if any semi-straight guys are reading this, I'd love your input.)

He didn't even look down and I enveloped his flaccid penis.

Sure it grew. And it grew to the reported 6.5". It took a little bit, but I will attribute that to the chill in the air or first time nerves.

The man was quiet. I should have guessed earlier on, but his emails were so immediate and enthusiastic. One man slightly hiding behind his computer screen. When real life confronts him, he clams up a bit.

I can work with that though.

The trouble with sucking a quiet man is that you never really know if you're doing a good job. Yes, I can gauge that his cock is hard and / or dripping, so everything should be all right. But admittedly, I like to hear the grunts, the groans, the words of encouragement - or better yet, of degradation for being a cocksucker - as I fellate a guy.

If hardness is an indication, he liked my mouth. If getting stiffer was an indication, he liked how I made my tongue dance.

But there would be no head grabbing, there'd be no face fucking. Not with this guy - not at least this first time out. Maybe later, if he got more comfortable, he'd do those kinds of things. But I fear he was just a repressed married guy making a rare venture outside his wife's Laura Ashley decorated bedroom.

I did get him to sit down, as he had just been standing in front of me.

Now, normally, I love a guy standing over me. Above me. But I had an ulterior motive, bastard that I am.

He was sitting, me still on my knees. Yes, I sucked him. But I went to his balls, which he liked, but still remained silent whether I used my tongue or sucked them.

So I went deeper.

To the taint.  Then to the ass.

With the latter, I got a muffled whimper. That became louder. Nothing to rattle the roof beams or anything, but I hit a spot that resonated with his inner core. So naturally I went to town, not only because he liked it, but let's face it, I love eating butthole.

His head was back, so he still wasn't paying me any mind. Lost in his own little fantasy that my pink tongue poking in his rear that somewhat awakened him from. It's good to have that shaken up a little.

He almost had to look my way, when I pulled a chair closer to a desk. He didn't know why until I propped one foot upon it, and seemingly he knew all to well. It gave me greater access to his married ass.........and I went for it. And he never once tried to stop me.

Normally, I'd pull a guy's hand away from his cock if he started stroking when I ate ass, but it was the one manifestation of his excitement, so I let him continue.

And while I alternated between cock and ass, I let him play with his cock too long. Or maybe it was my mouth on his bum that got him overly excited - or a combo of the two. But he was ready and I got my lips around his shaft with a few seconds to spare.

The load was bitter, but that's ok. And it didn't shoot as much as ooze, but that's ok too, as it oozed a lot. A fuck of a lot.

He had a spring in his step as he left and once safely behind his computer terminal, has already reached out to me to thank me and hope we can do this again.

That's the attitude, buddy.


BlkJack said...

Good service always deserves to be rewarded.

CoolTop said...

Oh yeah, those guys… as someone completely inhabiting my sexuality, I so can't relate. One guy in his head, online, in his messages. Another completely in the presence of a sex partner, when it really matters. I always wonder what these guys think when they run into guys like us-- who want more to happen, who aren't satisfied with the rote hookup, the mechanics, but want a reaction, something a bit more, to peel back a layer and really show someone what pleasure there is in their body. I also feel like I scare some dudes off. And so many encounters are one-offs (especially given my promiscuous tastes). But I always wonder what it does to them, what they remember.

FelchingPisser said...

Ah, the secret weapon---a tongue on an ass hole that rarely/never gets rimmed...good work!!

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Hot read stud