Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hotel Bathroom Stall Fuck

It had been 24 days since I last came.

Yes.........let that sink in.

I often mention I rarely jack off. And even when I do, it's usually when I'm getting fucked. But the last time you heard about me ejaculating was when I fucked that 20 year old boy.

We've made plans to fuck again, but they always fall apart. I'm not holding out hope before the school term ends in a few weeks.

But I was at an event and afterward there was a guy less than 2 miles from me in a hotel.  He wanted my cock, but had no place, as his boyfriend was in their room. He suggested a bathroom near the conference area - the last stall.

I agreed. I told him to be there in 10 minutes.

...and damn if he wasn't there on time.

He didn't look anything like his picture, though he wasn't bad. And when he dropped his pants, his dick was fairly small - even with a cockring.

But he wasn't there for me to play with his cock - or suck it.

He went to his knees in the stall and sucked me for a few minutes.

But sucking was not what we were here for. At least it was not what I was here for. So I stood him up and he didn't fight me when I turned him around.

He dug the worst smelling poppers out his pocket and sniffed them, then he bent over, put his head in the corner of the door and the partition and waited. I used more of my spit as lube - adding to what he applied with his own mouth.

Maybe it was the angle, maybe it was him, perhaps it was both - but the hole was tight. Clamped down very tight.  No big worries, as I got it open enough with pressure to get the head and a few inches in.

I told him to keep quiet and thrust a few times, but still not burying my rod up his ass.

At last, I'd say I got about 80% up his hole and gave a good half-dozen ins-and-outs and he seized up and starting to pull off me at the same time. While I could have been hurting him (and kind of hoping I was.....a little), I knew exactly what was happening, even if I couldn't see it. The guy was shooting his load.

I actually fucked the load out of some guy.  Me!

But I knew I was done. I could tell. While cumming, he pulled off me. He positioned his ass just far enough away from my still rock hard dick that I knew I wasn't getting back in there - and with him having cum I'm not sure I wanted back in anyways. I didn't want him just to have to go through the motions - I wanted an engaged bottom.

Some of his sperm had made it to the white tile, but most he caught in his hand. He used that cum to coat my cock, which would have been hot for fucking lube, but he wanted to use it for jacking off lube.

I pulled his hand away and said, "I'm not here for a handjob....sorry. That's not gonna happen. " He understood. pulled up his pants and went into the next stall to get himself together. I hiked up mine and walked out of the restroom and back to my car.

He texted me via the hook-up app "Sorry. I'll make it up to you next time."

So I moved on to day 25 of no ejaculation.

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Anonymous said...

When I go more than a week, cum starts mixing in with my piss. I know that is when I need to jack off. You finding a mix too?