Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mirror Mirror

49. 5'11" 162, hairy, 6.5".   The last two parts of that description are from me. The first three are from his profile.

Handsome (more so in his picture) and thin, he was a nice guy. A seemingly nice guy. I have a feeling with more time and exploring I would find out he might not be darker, but a little more wild than mild. I like that in a guy - - button up by day, but in the confines of four walls where no one can see, he has a dirty side.

At first he was all about the kissing, but I knew that going in. For guys who are all about it, I do expect them to be expert kissers. He was best. He had a ways to go. And while I know it takes two to kiss, I DO know I'm a good kisser when it comes down to it. It's not bragging if it's true.

But slowly, shirts came off. Shoes came off. Zippers undone. I'm pretty much a Levis guy, but he was wearing Lucky Jeans so when I unzipped them, I was shown this:

I looked up to him and said, "yes......lucky me".  And then continued to pull down his jeans past his knees. Then his underwear. There I found his 6.5".....thin at that. But perfectly serviceable.

I should say, when we got into his place (well, not even his place as he was new to town and subletting it for a month until he found his own residence), he went to use the restroom. I wasn't looking to spy - I never am - but I couldn't help noticing information about his job lying around. I wouldn't have really noticed at all, except it was from one of my previous employers.

Knowing what he did - and yes, I know what he does - kind of made it a little more naughty, for me. He was blithely unaware of my new gained knowledge. But this knowledge also helped me gain a little insight into behavior too. Or I'm reading too much into too little.

Opening his pants led to me sucking him. He'd be hard, and then semi and then hard again. I wasn't sure if it was him or me, though I was pinning it on him to a degree.

He came down to my level - literally - and wanted to kiss more. And play with my nipples. He was all about my nipples and while it felt good, it wasn't making my hole twitch the way it normally does. Sure, it was responding, but maybe in general I wasn't feeling "it" with him.

He also put his mouth on my ear. And tongue in it. That is always a turn-on for me too. It makes me weak. He was good this way.

He spit in his hand and stroked my dick and it was ok, but for 4,593 time, I'm not a big jacker-offer, and I had no intention of getting off this way, not that I was in any danger of being close.

But then he looked at my balls and saw how big they were / are. They're always big, but by this time, I had not cum in 22 days. I don't really know that your balls get bigger if you haven't cum or not, but mine have always been more than ample.

He rubbed them, he caressed them. He pulled them. He looked at me when he did it and when I didn't give a negative reaction, he pulled them harder. Then harder. For a joke, I almost did a mock yawn, as if to say, "is that all you got?", but I didn't.

He lightly tapped my sac. Again, looking for any sign of discomfort or pleasure. It wasn't unpleasant, but I'm no fragile flower. He took it up a notch and then maybe five more.

This is where I could see glimmers of a potentially more wild, a more dirty, kind of guy. He went harder, and I encouraged him to. However, I didn't give all my secrets away. I didn't tell him he could be much harder. I wanted him to figure it out for himself now or if there was to be a next time. I could tell he was getting off on being what he thought was rough.

For a minute - tops - he went down on me. He was a good cocksucker, but I know he wasn't going to take anything to completion. I could see that while he liked part of it wild that he had a streak in him that wasn't going to ever put him at any kind of real risk. I also started to think he wasn't going to let me be at any kind of real risk either - which means, I wasn't going to really get the load.

I intuit well - I think - and I wasn't really disappointed this time. I was......just not with my perception skills.

As I was down on my knees, sucking him, he stepped away and started jacking his dick. He said he wanted to spray it on my chest, but I said I wanted it on my tongue.  He started to compromise and say 'face' when he took himself over the edge.

His load hit my face, a little on my tongue, some on my chest and some on my pants. It was hot - yet disappointing.

He looked down at me with a huge shit-eating grin. Then he says, "don't move" and runs off back towards the bathroom and bedrooms. I thought he was being nice and fetching me a towel. However, he comes back with a big mirror - the only one I'm assuming he owns and puts it in front of my face, to show me the amount of his load, clearly of of which he is proud.

He then holds it over my head and says, "this is the angle from which I see you".  I will admit, that he was into that aspect was kind of hot. I tossed him my camera and he was all too willing to take a few pictures of what he had done.

I asked him to scoop it up and feed it to me, but he either didn't hear me (unlikely) or unwilling to participate in an event where one of his body fluids went into me.

So I scooped it up myself and at it.

Maybe we'll do this again. Maybe not. We made zero plans. He wanted me to jack off, but I wasn't about to waste my load in that same way.

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cyberi4a said...

Sounds like a guy who likes to see his load on someone then in someone. And I knew a guy once who after unloading didn't want anything to do with semen. Could barely look at it, let alone touch it. I always thought that as strange since it was his.