Saturday, May 02, 2015

Room 554

"Got a morning craving there, boy.......?" was what popped up on my Recon screen.

I always have a morning craving....and usually and afternoon and evening one too. I was back to work at the leather gathering and while we had not yet opened for the morning, I had to wait a little bit of time before I could head up to see him.

I replied with, "what room #?"

I found it a little odd he was in the same room number, but different floor as my handsome stud, but I'm sure it was coincidence.

One knock and the door opened. He stood there all of 5'7", maybe 170. Stocky. Masculine. Clad in a leather cap and vest and mirrored sunglasses. Fuck I love how some guys can pull those off. He could.

His legs were thick. So was his cock.

Actually, it was thicker than it appeared in the picture he sent to entice me to come upstairs. He pretty much had me at 'boy'.

Immediately, I went to my knees. As thick as I thought the cock was, as he started to grow more, his girth expanded as well. I may have struggled for a few seconds as it got wider, but I made it to the base with little issue.

But then he wanted to lay back in the bed.

While this position might be comfortable for him and some guys might like sucking dick this way - it's not my preferred method. You either have to lay flat on your stomach - which isn't optimal or kneel and hunch over his cock.

Mind you - I don't say a thing, I just do my job. It was nice having his fat cock in my mouth and looking up into the mirrored glasses.

He asked if I kiss - and I did. I don't know why guys ask for it when they're horrible at the task. Of course, maybe they don't know they're bad. And I bet no one tells them - myself included. It's like telling an employee who works for you they have poor hygiene - there is just no good way to do it.

Anyways, it was back to blowing him, filling my mouth with his cock. He muttered things like "boy" and "cocksucker", but for a leather guy, I expected more. He seemed to be worried someone would hear him. I was afraid no one would.

I only worked on him for about 10 minutes before he gave up his load. It was sizable and good. He said it was his first load in four days. Considering this was the last day of the event, I was kind of surprised.

But I had to get back to my work, but I went back with morning protein filling my belly and still with its smell present on my breath.

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cyberi4a said...

Funny how you have a mouth full of cock and a guy will ask if you kiss. Makes you want to say, 'No that's sick' or 'No I don't know where your mouth has been'