Friday, June 12, 2015


He texted me - he was painting a house that was to be flipped or rented (I'd find out later) about 20 minutes from me. He was there alone. He needed head.

Black-Italian (not a usual combination), 6', 190lbs. 9", he said.

It wasn't. maybe 8". Maybe. It was thick as hell, but it was not 9. I don't know why guys exaggerate like that. A. we're gonna find out eventually.  B. you had a really nice cock to begin with. Celebrate that.

I did.

He said to park in the drive and just come in the back door. It was open. The place smelled like fresh pain and menthol cigarettes. I get that most trades folk smoke, but I would also think that smell would ingrain in the paint as it set. Oh well, I was there to give a fucking blowjob, not rent the place.

Before I got there, he messaged me that he wanted to use my phone to watch 'nasty porn' while I blew him. I didn't really want him on my phone, so said it was a work one and that I can't be visiting "those sites" on a work device.

Clearly, he had a phone he was texting from - I don't know why he wanted mine. But he didn't get it. Then he wanted me to bring mags. But I didn't have any with women, so he wasn't interested. At least I still got the invite to come.

He took me back to a smaller bedroom or office. The carpet guys were coming next week, so I was on hard linoleum when I went to my knees. He unbuckled himself, though I would have been honored to do so.

So as I sucked, he might have looked down at me once. He was on his phone the entire time. Sometimes probably watching something, though no volume was present. And a lot of typing. I was just background to him and his cock.

That's cool. I wasn't there to converse or even make friends. My mouth, or whatever he was doing on-line (or the combo) got him and kept him hard.

He told me early on, "no hands" and I didn't. And I could get him down my throat easily. Too easily for such a fat fucking cock, but whatever came in to play worked for me. I sucked. He fucked my face. I licked. He fucked my face.

Eventually he needed his hand for a little bit. I'm not doubting my skills, as much as his time allotted for some cocksucker to be at his worksite, distracting him from his bosses task at hand.

Then as his job required - he painted. He painted my tongue, roof of my mouth and tonsils.

The load was big. The load was super bitter. But I said nothing. I swallowed. I thanked him. I left.


cyberi4a said...

You now have another job experience, painters

Bruce Chang said...

I haven't tasted that many smokers but I get the feeling they tend to be bitter...