Friday, June 05, 2015

the Call Up

It was a simple request.

He's full of simple requests: in theory. All guys are.

In reality, logistics get in the way of simple requests. They make the seemingly easy to-do a difficult if not impossible task. I don't immediately toss aside certain hopes, but I'm a realist when it comes to pulling them off.

The request was to call him the next time I was getting fucked.  He wanted to listen in.

See?  It sounds simple.

But it really isn't always. People are wary of smart phones when you're having sex - and rightfully so. Lord knows I've used mine to record the obscenity of sex. Usually not audio.......just to be clear.

He replied that I had done it before........and while he was fucking me. Which was true. The phone was dialed before I ever went into his apartment. The man on the other end knew to be quiet and just listen. He also knew that he wouldn't have to sit through foreplay or set-up - that it would be a buttfucking right from the get go. And it was.

But it also wasn't a smart phone. This was the days before those. And the only reason the person in question knew about the call was because I told him....or maybe he read it. But I wasn't found out at the time.

Still, I tucked away his request - never tossing it.

As it turns out, the opportunity came up just two days after the request. The guy was allegedly coming for a blowjob, but I know him and 9 times out of 10, it ends up with him fucking me. So, I figured with this guy, knowing his behavior somewhat, I could tip the scales in my (the requestors) favor.

True to form, things played out like I knew they would.  The phone was queued up with the person's contact info, partially placed near my laptop. As I bent over, I hit 'call', and a few seconds later, as I was being impaled, I saw the person pick up on the other end - as the call seconds started to climb.

While I am vocal during sex, I was a little exaggerated even for me. I wanted to make sure he heard what was happening. The guy fucking me isn't loud, so I wasn't even sure he could be heard on the other end of the call - so I was trying to make up for that too.

I was trying to incorporate everything he was doing to me, everything I was feeling - as it happened - up unto and through him creaming my ass.

It wasn't necessarily a long call. Unfortunately, this guy doesn't have necessarily long fucks. Nice cock, huge huge loads, but a trigger to speak.

As he was slipping out and I had to come out of the bend I had over the desk, I terminated the call.

Still, his request was a success and he reported he had an immediate hard on.

So score one for me.

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cyberi4a said...

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Makes you wonder how many people have unknowning been recorded by cell phones while having sex.