Monday, July 13, 2015


I'm sure I'm not the only one, but it is possible I'm in the minority.......

I can't (or very very very rarely) have sex with friends.

If I have sex with someone and we become friends, it's almost a done deal that I won't be going back to that trough to fetch "water".

If I'm already friends with them - that is the super rare occasion that it will happen. I'm zeroing in on about a half-dozen times or less in a few decades of playing where I've slept with a friend or even a semi-decent acquaintance.

I'm not sure what there is about it that is not a turn-on for me. I think if they think I'm a little slutty their opinion of me will change. As it should.

A person I know told me I should let them know exactly the kind of guy I am - you know, the kind of guy you read about here. But to me, that presents potential problems. While I hate denying the kind of guy I can be in the bedroom*, the reality of what that entails might scare them off, and more than just a bit.

And then there is the talk. Because you know they will - and they know people I know. And they know me, but they don't all know me.

Once after college, I slept with a friend. We were so drunk, but I knew it happened and we're still good friends, though it is never ever ever discussed.  Then there was the GDD incident where he snagged a guy I knew from HRC....and the gym. But I did him anyways. Haven't seen him since.

So, fast forward to present day - or earlier this week.

Another gym goer and friend of a friend has been hitting me up on Facebook. Flirting here and there. He was partnered (to an ass) and now single. I mean - flirting for months and without a lot, if any, response that way from me. But clearly, he was interested.

Now, just by somewhat knowing him, I'd have suspected he was more of a 'me' when it came to sex - and I don't mean 'pig', I meant 'bottom'.  But apparently I am wrong. And out of nowhere he sends me this pic:

It was taken real time while we chatted. He said I made him bone up.

I didn't know I was THAT good. Apparently I am.

One thing led to another and against my better judgement, I was at his place at 5p on evening. I figured it would be good or absolutely horrible - and no room for in between. At best it would be awkward.

Again, I couldn't be the verbal pig I usually am. I couldn't expect to be treated by him the way that might turn me on. There was that chance it would go back to friends and gym-goers as "that freak" - which would be totally valid, but I'd hate to find a new gym.

I was wrong - there is an in between. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the way I'm used to.

"Jeff" was all about the kissing. I'm ok with that, but it was a little much. But that said, where does one start when you know them. Pushing them right to their knees?   Good for just a trick, but this is no man's land - at least for me.

I did whisper in his ear: "you've been thinking this was a possibility for the last 2 and one-half years". It wasn't a question. He affirmed my response.

At the point I slipped to my knees.

His dick was nice. About 7" - decent thickness, but a great big fat head.

Since I knew I was going to be doing this to him, I told him he couldn't jack off for the three days from agreement to actual meeting. I think he's a daily masturbator, so this was tough for him.

He is also a moaner, but turns out not much of a dirty talker. His cock was rock hard. No enhanced drugs, just turned on by the situation.

Personally, I like to be on my knees - for multiple reasons. Some of these, he might understand in theory, but I don't think he's the kind to degrade for a guy just being on his knees - where he is supposed to be.

He liked to be on his back or side. Many times, these aren't good angles for me in doing my best job or taking every inch. Lying down doesn't give me the access I need to utilize my tongue on the underside of a shaft. 69 can be tricky and while I didn't want my cock sucked at all, he insisted.

There was kissing between each position change. But eventually he lay back and I got his dick by lying perpendicular to his crotch. Not great, but not awful.

He was worried about coming "too soon" - though we'd been at it for 45 minutes. I don't mind lengthy blowjobs, and I knew this wouldn't be quick because he saw himself as more than a trick. That is a problem with familiarity beforehand.  With established 'relationships' it's harder to treat the guy like a cocksucker, harder for blow and go, harder to be used and kicked out.

And afterwards, you have to make small talk. As if!

For a three day load, I can't even tell you for sure if I felt him cumming. Ok....that's a lie. I couldn't feel him cum. Yes, my mouth eventually at least half-filled up, but there were no jets, nothing more than moans - no announcement of orgasm. At least the sperm didn't taste bad.

He mentioned early on that maybe this could be a FWB thing. So I know they'll be a request for a repeat and that will be the tricky part: do it and muddle through or don't - and risk hurt feelings and a mouth that talks.

Mouths should only be used for a few things - that isn't one of them.

*ok, in any room - or even outdoors!


cyberi4a said...

I had a best friend that we could cuddle and sleep (just sleep) together as 'special friends', but the one time we tried sex together it was not a smart thing to try. We went back to the way we were with no problems, but it was never talked about again.

Also never have sex with a room mate.

Bruce Chang said...

I had a threeway with a couple once that approached tricks in two different ways. One guy likes to be used an abused and degraded. The other, more versatile of the two liked boyfriend sex with a lot of making out and body contact and such. But for both, it was clear that I was just making a special appearance in their bed. So, just because it's not just a get on your knees and blow me type situation doesn't mean he doesn't think of you in those terms. He might just get off better that way.

Yeah, but I don't get it. Not sure why I have to "hide" the fact that I'd rather explore the dark corners of a leather bar than position myself nicely at a dance club to check out the guys that walk by. I mean, excuse me for being honest but isn't both things kinda the same!

BlkJack said...

I've been having a long time affair with a friend. Our husbands know each other on a casual basis and we socialize about 3-5 times a year. The affair has been going on for about 6 years.

We met one day when I was seeking cock to suck at a local bookstore. We saw each other and immediately headed for a booth. We had a great time and figured it would be our only meeting. Fast forward 4 months and were back at the same bookstore hunting for honey. We sucked and sucked till he blew a nice load down my throat.

I told him after, that I have thought about dropping by his office with pretense of doing business together, with hopes of having sex. We laid plans and we have been doing it about once a quarter.

Occasional connections with no expectations from both sides. Hopes this helps.