Sunday, October 25, 2015

Out of Town Repeat #2

Since we hooked up a little over a year ago, and I went out of my way to mark him as a favorite on Scruff, "Scott" and I have exchanged messages here and there.

One being: I was going to be in town this last week.

Once again he had to wait until midnight when his husband was asleep to sneak out of the house to come to my hotel. Never let it be said that I don't like a guy who goes to lengths to cheat.

Before he got there, and after the Weird guy, I was blowing a married guy who snuck out of his house after his wife was asleep, after he was done watching a football game. He had his priorities, I suppose, football first, some cocksucking faggot second. He is team loyal.

He finished and put on his pants right at the stroke of midnight. As I opened the door to let him out, Scott was on the other side, ready to knock. It was probably only awkward for the married guy.

Since I was already stripped down, Scott was out of his clothes fast. Soon on the bed, he on top of me holding my hands over my head, goes, "you are SUCH a fucking whore!".

It was kind of hard to deny or argue, especially after asking if the guy had fucked me, and I told him 'no', but that there were two loads deep in my ass.

He either became better at kissing in the last year, or I lowered my expectations. Either way, lip met lip right away, and it was a heavy make-out session, peppered with him saying filthy things to me and about me.

During this last year, I've reported back to him on the number of asses I've eaten. He normally brings it up first, as he was just a fan of my work. I would keep him apprised if anyone responded with the same energy he did. Some do, most do not. I don't think that is as much of a reflection on my "work" as it is with their expressions.

But he definitely wanted my tongue on and up his ass. I was all too happy to oblige.

Not that I was actually timing it, but I did catch site of the beside clock before diving in. I looked at it again 50 minutes later, as I was finishing up. THAT is how much I love eating ass.......eating his very very hairy ass....and how much he was down with me eating it. And I truly believe him when he says nothing but a tongue goes up there. I tried the piece of ice trick, but he wasn't really having that.

After that he looked at the clock. I'm sure there was only so long he could be out of the house without notice.

He got me back on the bed and on my back. No lube, as he thought the two guys I had taken before him were sufficient enough. I mean - who could argue that point.

He PUNCHED in his cock. All. The. Way.

I fucking moaned like the whore he said I was. Oh, the poor folks in 327 and 331. As if I cared.

The man fucked like a champ. He had a mouth like a sailor. He went on about how much he liked the word 'bareback'. How much it turned him on.

It was turning him on. As much as he liked fucking me, he was turning himself on - and that was ok with me. He was turning me on and I was the beneficiary of his sexual prowess.

He looked at me with such lust when he shot up my ass. I hopefully looked back at him with equal abandon.

Soon enough he was dressing and getting ready to go.

It was after midnight. Technically it was the first time I had sex that day.


cyberi4a said...

Men coming and going at the same time, if only hotel walls could talk everyone who stayed in one would be shocked or turned on.

BlkJack said...

I would loved to have seen the look on the married guy's face. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening IN.