Friday, November 13, 2015


That's how old he is. Twenty fucking seven.

How did that become young? In theory it's not, but he looked so fucking young. At least he didn't call me "daddy" - at least not out loud. Or to my face.

But he hit me up on Grindr: the young man's app.  The one I probably have no business being on, but I am.

While 27 isn't that young, it usually is younger than I opt for. Usually. Clearly there have been a number of exceptions, of which you've read about here.

Toned. 6', 180, buzzed head.  BIG cock.

It's a good thick 8". Big head.

He wanted to swap head.  Normally, the swapping thing isn't my game, but you know I play fast and loose with that stuff. I saw his face. I saw his body. I saw his cock. Why would I even debate saying 'no'?

It was quick. We met at his place in less than 10 minutes. He was all his pics said. He thought I was 'very sexy'.  I mean, he was clearly looking for an older guy, though he never said it. But hey, I was into guys my age when I was his.  Let's just say I'm paying it forward......or backward......or something.

It was freezing out, so neither of us wanted to touch the other one for fear of the cold hands. My dick was already not hard do the bitter cold, but he had a nice lump going. But that's being 27, eh?

Up close, it was a fucking beautiful cock. It filled out oh so nicely. But so did mine, the way he handled it. Soon he was sitting on the side of the bed, mouthing my shaft.

And that's what it was - he was somehow mouthing it, not sucking it exactly. He could take it deep - that he proved a few times, but most of the time, he almost toyed with it. The head of my dick when into the inside of his cheek. He licked it enough, even when in his mouth. And when he did suck, he was very skilled.

He did say somewhere during this that he wanted me to cum on him. I get it.

He wasn't sucking sucking me, for fear I might shoot down his fucking throat - which I totally would have. Because that is what one does when one says they want to suck your cock.

But I could abide by this, I told him - as long as he shot in my mouth.

This, he had no issue with.

They never do.

When it was my turn to 'swap', I didn't sit on the edge of the bed like he did, I got down on my fucking knees, like a cocksucker should. I took his cock in my mouth, like a cocksucker should. And I went to the base like - you guessed it - a cocksucker should.

He loved the way I sucked his cock. He said so - several times. But it's not like he was my first. Though he was my first that day. Honest. Though not for lack of trying.

He played with my tits - as you can see. I went down and ate his fucking butthole.

I mean, I ATE it. He was fucking moaning like a bitch in heat. I don't do it often, but given the chance, I would have fucked that. But considering he wanted me to cum on him and not in his mouth - fucking his ass seemed to be pushing the limits. Exceeding them, actually. So I just ate it. Kissed it. Tongued it. Chewed on it.

It was a fucking beautiful hole to eat. I'd do it again.

Even before we were halfway finished, he asked if I'd come back.

Fuck yeah - I'm coming back.

Since he was on his lunch break, we had limited time. And he wanted me to shoot on him before giving up his load. No problem, I can work with that.

He was surprised at how much I shot. I told him to take off his black ribbed tank top first, but he refused. I can't see how that is ever going to come totally clean again. But that is his issue, I suppose.

After I was done, he didn't think I'd still want to go down on him, but I did. I sucked. I stroked his cock, to show him what a monster it was. Then back to sucking until he blew his wad over my extended tongue, into my mouth and a little into my beard.......but I licked that clean.

He didn't mind the age difference, and he was mature enough that I did not either.

I hope he's serious about revisiting the scene - because I would do it again. And somehow get his cock up my ass too.  That would be awesome!


cyberi4a said...

Sounds like one exciting lunch hour

LP - Hired Stud said...

Delicious lunch, sounds like a place I would want to eat at often!

Bruce Chang said...

I've suddenly become a big hit with the 23 year-olds. For some reason, Fall kicks in and the stats work out that the majority of the guys I've played with are younger than me.