Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dr. Love

That was a KISS song, right?  I'm pretty sure.

The KISS fan has returned. Several times, in fact. At least weekly, sometimes more often. It's almost always the same. Really.

The same outfit. The same black denim shorts - regardless of weather. The same seat-belt buckle made into a belt buckle. The same cut off black t-shirt. Well one of two. One is KISS related, one is not. The same purple glitter nail polish.

And almost always it is the same blowjob.

Though I will give him this - the most he comes over, the more comfortable he is talking dirty to me. Calling me names. Telling me to suck. Telling me how to suck. Fucking my face. And this is all without me saying a word.

Someone asked me if he was gay or not. I'm guessing he is, but who the fuck knows. I know there are straight hairdressers. And I've yet to meet a gay man who is SO into KISS. And by "so into", I mean "at all".

I did "make him" play with my nipples are few times. I guess it's like anything else - either you have the hang of it or you don't. He doesn't exactly, though there are moments that come through that connect with me, but if I were rating this skill over all, he'd at a 2.5 out of 5.

But on those times where the connection happens, I just get weak.

He saw it. He acted on it - mind you, through a little prompting from you know who. But he told me to get on my knees, shoulders down. I did.

The guy (still no idea of a name, nor do I care) got behind me, spit on his cock and SHOVED it in.

He is big enough for me to feel it, but not huge enough that I was in agony or anything. And he went to town and fucked me. And fucked me. And fucked me.

For a guy who says he comes to quickly, I don't know what benchmark he is going against, but he has some stamina. And when he blows a load, no matter when or how, he blows a fuck of a big load.

He gave me everything he had, up the butt. And I milked every fucking drop out and he loved that.

Alas, since then, it's been back to oral, no mention, no inclination of another go-round of "hide the lunch-sized salami".

Maybe he is straight after all.

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cyberi4a said...

I thought everything KISS was black & white so the purple glitter nail polish threw me, unless they wear purple. Now if he had a tongue like Gene Simmons and used it, your hole would be in heaven.