Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bartender Blowjob

Don't exactly go by the title. It' snot exactly what you think.  Or maybe it is.

Yes he was a bartender. Yes, there was a blowjob. No, I did not administer it.

Over two years ago, I blogged here about how this same bartender fucked me in a stall in the bar which in he worked. It turns out, I also fucked him twice when I did threeways at that pretty-boy's house a few months ago (though the situation with the pretty boy ended very badly - so I won't be getting an invite back.......ever).

This guy is also a leather guy with a "Sir" title.

Here is where I fail the title test. If someone is called "Sir", I expect them to be aggressive, assertive and to be the top. If you're keeping score, he fucked me once, I fucked him at least twice and now was about to get a blowjob from him.

He also "keeps" a boy and a.......a.....guy who dresses like a women. I don't think "he" is quite a drag queen, but not quite transgendered either. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm all about clear male-on-male action. There are enough issues with sexual roles in play before the need to bring gender identity roles into the mix.

I just want "top" or "bottom".  Things can still be very heated with those limited roles. Trust me.

Like last time, we flirted on Scruff. I was hoping for a repeat, but he kept mentioning the times I fucked him. It seems that where his head was at - and where he wanted mine to be.  Sigh.

I can't win for losing. And at the time I had a 14 day load.

I wasn't far from the bar, so I stopped in, per his request. He had three customers. Two quickly left. I ducked into the restroom and waited in the stall. I took my cock out and started building up the erection.

Soon, the bartender came into the stall, secured the door and started playing with my cock. Fuck it, I was there, may as well fuck him. But then he demurred a little. Said he wasn't "prepped". I said I was a big boy and could handle it.

Don't get me wrong, squeaky clean butts are nice, but when did we evolve to only fucking super clean asses?  Has porn ruined us?  I can't be the only guy who has spontaneously had sex in a bathroom or woods - right?  It's not like I'm saying I enjoy a muddy fuck, but c'mon, someone is sticking something up an ass...............grow up.  As Amy Schumer sang, "this is where your poop comes out".

He shrugged, turned around - butt facing toward me.

With some spit and some gumption, I eased in to him. All the way in. There was maybe 10-15 pumps of his ass before the bathroom door opened up.  Fuck.

Now, I don't mind an audience, though neither of us knew who this way. But it also wasn't my place of employment. I hoped he locked the register, but who the fuck knows. He pulled off me, and there was a little brown on the head, but not much, though he apologized profusely.  It was nice, but unnecessary.

After the pisser left, so did the bartender. Never to return.

I left the restroom about 10 minutes later - in case he did return - and there were now six folks in the 1:30p.....on a weekday.  What a bunch of barflies. Naturally, they all looked at me - seeing someone exit a bathroom none had seen me enter. So I might have called them 'barflies', but they were calling me 'slut'.

I chatted with the bartender for a few, and made my exit. On the way home from there is when I found someone to help me with my load.  The 27 year old.

A week later, the bartender and I were chatting again. Again, he wasn't prepped, but willing for some oral action. There was something about him I liked, so I agreed. Again, there were a few people in the bar. I hung out for a few before heading to the restroom. He showed up sooner than later.

He asked if I still had 14+ days.  I told him it was seven, but it would be more than enough. I wasn't boasting, but I didn't want to scare him.

He showed. Stall door secured. He sat on toilet and blew me.

I love public and bathroom sex, so I was hard in no time. Him playing with my tits did not hurt the scenario.  Nor did the creek of the bathroom door opening..........again.

He didn't stop, so I didn't stop him. The other guy pissed and in no rush. And he washed his hands and dried them too.  But somewhere in there, I was just turned on knowing he was there. I was thinking about it too much and getting harder. And getting closer.

I didn't want the bartender to choke on my seed, and I wasn't really looking to get him in trouble, but I really didn't want to hold off either. So I came in his mouth.

Pulse after pulse after pulse after pulse of semen exited my cock and into his mouth. All the while the other guy was outside the stall. I might have had deeper breaths, but made no actual noise. Bartender man didn't gag or make any noise. He made my 7 day load disappear. He really had no choice at this point.

Our guest made his exit. I winked at the bartender still sitting there and made mine.

Again, there were a handful more patrons there than when I went in, but I kept walking and left the bar before the bartender emerged from the restroom.

Oh - to hear the bar chatter after I left and the bartender took his station. I can only imagine.

Before I made it home, there was a Scruff message from the bartender.  One word:  "WOW!"

I think he might have liked it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Of the many, many, many (and I do mean, 'many') encounters I've had this year, a potential ex-military guy ranks up in the top 10......maybe top 5.

Responding, via phone, to a craigslist ad I placed, his stats were most impressive - 6'1", 190, short silver hair, 8.5" cock, ex-military - ,but it really was the tone and confidence in his voice that left me asking how soon can he be over. He said 20 minutes.  That was about 19 minutes too long.

Yes, I said he said he was ex-military and earlier I said he was potential ex-military, because you can only believe so much. He had a decent body. But really, it was his attitude that drew me in. I love a strong, aggressive, dirty-minded guy. That is probably all news to you.

If there was on issue - it's that I'm guessing in that 20 minutes to get to me, he smoked a half a pack of cigarettes. Clothes, skin, breath, hair.......everything reeked.

Me - I just sunk to my knees and opened his jeans. While he wasn't hard, he was already large. It didn't take much to get him to full mast.

It was a beautiful cock with a beautiful head. I loved being on my knees in front of him, servicing him.

I looked up and said, "can I be your cocksucker?" and his response was, without missing a beat, "you already are".  Hard to argue with, since I pretty much had his dick in my mouth.

I was hoping he'd think of it as more of an 'in the future' scenario, but that was over thinking it. I should have been happy with the here and now - and I was. But it was the kind of dick : attitude thing you'd want to continue on down the line. We hadn't even really gotten into it and this was something I knew.

His dick felt great in my mouth. I loved having it there, he loved having it there. I wish I had prepped - even a little bit, because he made me want to have it somewhere else. And going by his talk, he will want the same thing. While my mouth was full, I heard a monologue of him wanting to breed my ass; to leave his seed deep up my hole. Who wouldn't be down with that?

He lifted his legs a bit to let me lick his balls. But when I went further back, he pulled his legs further back. Without hesitation, he let me lick his ass. And I went to it. It was one of those sessions that you'd really have to tell me to stop, because I would not. Not just because it felt and tasted great, but I loved the reaction it was getting. He was euphoric.  Kissing. Licking. Tongue fucking. Jabbing. Rimming. Chewing. Sucking. All to his hole.

Then I lay back and told him - I didn't even ask - to sit on my face. It was just fucking perfect. All-in-all I probably spent another 20 minutes with my lips planted to his butt.

He had a deadline, and he took matters into his own hand - and not his cock, but my head, so he could fuck it. It was fast. It was furious. And as I feared, with all that tobacco, the cum was bitter.

Not that I really minded. You tend to over look certain things for a man who is a man.

I'd over look that again, any time he fucking wanted.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


It's a verb. An 'action' word, at that.

I've sucked this guy off a few times. Older, but not old. Silver hair and beard. A cyclist.

The first time he was on crutches, due to a biking accident. Then a cane. Now he just hobbles a bit.

The first few times he had to sit down, due to the leg. I'm ok with guys sitting, but truth be told, I would rather have them stand in front of me. It's the natural cocksucker in me. The somewhat subservient position, I suppose.

He looks very nice. Very upstanding. He's not.

The man has a dark streak running through him, though I am still not sure how dark or how deep that streak runs. I am certainly hoping to find out as time goes on.

The streak of which I speak is how deep into my throat he puts his cock. And how long he holds it there. And how tight he grips the back of my head.

The answers would be:  all the way.  a fuck of a long time. and very very tightly.

All things I like. All things I love.

He does have a large and thick cock. Almost 8". Thick thick shaft. Love of veins.

The second to last time he was over, he causally mentioned (though I don't think it was casual at all, really) that he'd love to see my head hanging over the side of my desk while he fed me. But that was weeks and weeks ago.

I'm certain I am not his only cocksucker, though he likes to call me 'my cocksucker'.  He tells me how good my mouth is. He tells me how much I love his cock - it's never a question, though I answer (meaning: nod) enthusiastically like it is one. And the answer is always affirmative.

But since my memory is like an elephant's, I remembered his 'request'. After I let him in, I said nothing, but got on my back on the desk, with my head hanging over. I could see his sneer / smile. He stepped right up, as I knew he would.

He was all too happy to snake his shaft down into my mouth and down my throat.

And he does love to put it down my throat.................and gag me.

Fuck, the head passes my tonsils and he slips right down into my throat. I love the feeling. But then he grabs my head and holds me in place. My throat spasms around his cock as I gag and cough. I don't know how that actually feels for him, but I know he likes it.

His balls and push press against my fucking lips.

He's good about calling me a 'cocksucking faggot' and asking if "you love my cock".  It's more of a tell than an ask.

He likes the control. The power. He likes the way my eyes tear up just a little, but he loves the fact that it's his big, thick shaft is the thing that makes me choke.

And truth be told, I like it too.

I don't know know him, but enough to trust him with cutting off my air supply. At least temporarily. Hopefully temporarily.

I like the sound of his voice when he speaks filth to me. I like the upward turn of his lips as he sneers - and the gleam in his eye when he knows he's in charge - and knows I know he's in charge.

This could be fun.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bent Over

I've been sucking him fairly regularly for a couple of months. I mentioned him back in July, though we've probably been hooking up since end of May.

He contacts me, comes by and I suck one or two loads out of him. Even when he says he has 'two' lately after one, he's pulling up his pants. I never question him. He never explains. It happens. And the way I see it, at least I got one load from a big black cock.

He always tells me my mouth feels like a pussy. I've said it before - and no doubt will again - I don't know exactly what that feels like. I've never had the "pleasure".  But I can surmise what it's supposed to feel like - I've seen enough straight porn.

So in this 'talk' while getting sucked, he has moved from fucking his girlfriend, to having a friend in Memphis - who isn't a boyfriend - to his boyfriend in Memphis.  Maybe this is typical DL behavior, I don't know. None of it horribly surprised me though. I don't think he was pulling off the band-aid slowly for me, as much as he was himself. Whatever gets you through the day.

Fucking has never been on the menu. Or it has at least never been discussed. He answered an ad for getting sucked and that's what we have stuck to. He is most likely younger than I am, but asks if I like 'sucking daddy's cock'.

I have to say, it's a nice cock. Thick. Long. Dark.  Though on any given day, his cum can be great or bitter. Not that I'd ever tell him - I just suck it down.

During one of these last times, I was sucking and he brought up his 'boyfriend'. He told me how he tells the boyfriend of all these times I suck his cock and what a great job I do. And that when the boyfriend comes to town, they are both going to use me.

Now, the 'boyfriend' might be just as allusive as his 'girlfriend', but it's not like I'm actually going to be meeting either one. Even if he exists and comes to town, I'm guessing the chances of me getting 2-on-1 are about as good as seeing Jeb Bush in the White House.........and not as a visitor.

But as he talked, he mentioned me getting it from both ends by him and his bf. How I would blow him while his bf fucked my ass.

"Innocently" I asked, 'aren't you going to take a turn on my ass too?'

'You want this up your ass?'. I nodded vigorously while his cock was still in my mouth. He pulled away to show it to me. I bent over my home office desk.

With just my spit - though there was a lot of it - on his cock, he pushed into me. It was rough, the way he gave it and the way I took it. He kept forcing that big black cock up my ass until he was all the way in.

I asked him if he'd tell his boyfriend about this? He told me to shut up and started fucking.

For as good as he is at fucking, I'm not sure why we had not been doing this before.  Or all the time. Or since.

It was a quick fuck - maybe 5-8 minutes. He buried his bone and unloaded up my ass. No words. Just continual grunts that matched each throb I felt up my hole.

He slipped out. Took a step back, legs spread.  "Suck me clean, bitch".

And I went right down on my knees and did just that.  I liked how he didn't hesitate to tell me. He didn't even ask - which was fucking hot.

I was hoping to suck him to another load, but it didn't happen.

Nor has it happened since. I've sucked him a few times since, but as much as I try to approach the subject, he tries to avoid it.

I know I'll get it again, just as I'm sure as that I'll never meet his boyfriend.

Friday, November 13, 2015


That's how old he is. Twenty fucking seven.

How did that become young? In theory it's not, but he looked so fucking young. At least he didn't call me "daddy" - at least not out loud. Or to my face.

But he hit me up on Grindr: the young man's app.  The one I probably have no business being on, but I am.

While 27 isn't that young, it usually is younger than I opt for. Usually. Clearly there have been a number of exceptions, of which you've read about here.

Toned. 6', 180, buzzed head.  BIG cock.

It's a good thick 8". Big head.

He wanted to swap head.  Normally, the swapping thing isn't my game, but you know I play fast and loose with that stuff. I saw his face. I saw his body. I saw his cock. Why would I even debate saying 'no'?

It was quick. We met at his place in less than 10 minutes. He was all his pics said. He thought I was 'very sexy'.  I mean, he was clearly looking for an older guy, though he never said it. But hey, I was into guys my age when I was his.  Let's just say I'm paying it forward......or backward......or something.

It was freezing out, so neither of us wanted to touch the other one for fear of the cold hands. My dick was already not hard do the bitter cold, but he had a nice lump going. But that's being 27, eh?

Up close, it was a fucking beautiful cock. It filled out oh so nicely. But so did mine, the way he handled it. Soon he was sitting on the side of the bed, mouthing my shaft.

And that's what it was - he was somehow mouthing it, not sucking it exactly. He could take it deep - that he proved a few times, but most of the time, he almost toyed with it. The head of my dick when into the inside of his cheek. He licked it enough, even when in his mouth. And when he did suck, he was very skilled.

He did say somewhere during this that he wanted me to cum on him. I get it.

He wasn't sucking sucking me, for fear I might shoot down his fucking throat - which I totally would have. Because that is what one does when one says they want to suck your cock.

But I could abide by this, I told him - as long as he shot in my mouth.

This, he had no issue with.

They never do.

When it was my turn to 'swap', I didn't sit on the edge of the bed like he did, I got down on my fucking knees, like a cocksucker should. I took his cock in my mouth, like a cocksucker should. And I went to the base like - you guessed it - a cocksucker should.

He loved the way I sucked his cock. He said so - several times. But it's not like he was my first. Though he was my first that day. Honest. Though not for lack of trying.

He played with my tits - as you can see. I went down and ate his fucking butthole.

I mean, I ATE it. He was fucking moaning like a bitch in heat. I don't do it often, but given the chance, I would have fucked that. But considering he wanted me to cum on him and not in his mouth - fucking his ass seemed to be pushing the limits. Exceeding them, actually. So I just ate it. Kissed it. Tongued it. Chewed on it.

It was a fucking beautiful hole to eat. I'd do it again.

Even before we were halfway finished, he asked if I'd come back.

Fuck yeah - I'm coming back.

Since he was on his lunch break, we had limited time. And he wanted me to shoot on him before giving up his load. No problem, I can work with that.

He was surprised at how much I shot. I told him to take off his black ribbed tank top first, but he refused. I can't see how that is ever going to come totally clean again. But that is his issue, I suppose.

After I was done, he didn't think I'd still want to go down on him, but I did. I sucked. I stroked his cock, to show him what a monster it was. Then back to sucking until he blew his wad over my extended tongue, into my mouth and a little into my beard.......but I licked that clean.

He didn't mind the age difference, and he was mature enough that I did not either.

I hope he's serious about revisiting the scene - because I would do it again. And somehow get his cock up my ass too.  That would be awesome!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dr. Love

That was a KISS song, right?  I'm pretty sure.

The KISS fan has returned. Several times, in fact. At least weekly, sometimes more often. It's almost always the same. Really.

The same outfit. The same black denim shorts - regardless of weather. The same seat-belt buckle made into a belt buckle. The same cut off black t-shirt. Well one of two. One is KISS related, one is not. The same purple glitter nail polish.

And almost always it is the same blowjob.

Though I will give him this - the most he comes over, the more comfortable he is talking dirty to me. Calling me names. Telling me to suck. Telling me how to suck. Fucking my face. And this is all without me saying a word.

Someone asked me if he was gay or not. I'm guessing he is, but who the fuck knows. I know there are straight hairdressers. And I've yet to meet a gay man who is SO into KISS. And by "so into", I mean "at all".

I did "make him" play with my nipples are few times. I guess it's like anything else - either you have the hang of it or you don't. He doesn't exactly, though there are moments that come through that connect with me, but if I were rating this skill over all, he'd at a 2.5 out of 5.

But on those times where the connection happens, I just get weak.

He saw it. He acted on it - mind you, through a little prompting from you know who. But he told me to get on my knees, shoulders down. I did.

The guy (still no idea of a name, nor do I care) got behind me, spit on his cock and SHOVED it in.

He is big enough for me to feel it, but not huge enough that I was in agony or anything. And he went to town and fucked me. And fucked me. And fucked me.

For a guy who says he comes to quickly, I don't know what benchmark he is going against, but he has some stamina. And when he blows a load, no matter when or how, he blows a fuck of a big load.

He gave me everything he had, up the butt. And I milked every fucking drop out and he loved that.

Alas, since then, it's been back to oral, no mention, no inclination of another go-round of "hide the lunch-sized salami".

Maybe he is straight after all.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Handsome Cocksucker

He was. I look at his picture on Scruff after he 'woof'd' at me.

I'm sitting in a Starbucks 0.87 miles away from him. Having a hot beverage on a chilly Saturday morning. I like this Starbucks - as much as anyone can like a place that serves coffee. The manager is hot with his down the middle of his back ponytail. Normally not my style, but Dave makes it work.

But as close as a boystown as this city gets, it is close to the heart of it. So the clientele coming in and out are nice to look at. The gym boys stopping by from the workout they had next door are promising. And the guys on-line are always less than two miles away.

Sure, most of them are flakes. 97.4% of them probably. And I'm too old for most of them, no matter which picture I select for my profile. It's not a 'boys' town without a reason.

Mr. 0.87 miles away from me isn't a boy. He's all man.

45. 6'0" 190. Furry, handsome as fuck face. Truly something to behold. Not the kind of thing you usually see on Scruff - unless they are 7,826 miles away, of course. And he not only wanted to play, but he wanted to play with me.

Who the fuck am I to say 'no'?

For the record I SO want to post his pic for you to see, but that would violate what few ethics and morals I actually still retain.

Anyways, he said he was into making out, cuddling and blowjobs. He also wanted to play in the shower. That last part sounded good because it was so cold.

I should have qualified what he was looking for specifically. Part of me didn't want to know the answer. Part of me thought, if I didn't ask, I could convince him of anything I really wanted to do. This was my logic on a chilly Saturday morning.

He shot me his address and I was over - and he was waiting at the door, opening it as I walked up the steps.

He looked mostly like his picture. Still humpy, but leaner. It worked.

We kissed in the entryway and then went upstairs, disrobing as we went. He turned on the water for the shower and let it heat up. We made out some more.

Shower sex is always good in theory, but in reality it is usually somewhat of a bummer. Either one person is out of the stream of water, and getting chilly, or you're under the direct flow and using your mouth effectively can be challenging.

As it turns out, neither of these things would be an issue for me. It turns out, I wouldn't be the one providing the oral service. And there was no swaying him to even share services.

The extremely handsome man got down on his knees. Water cascaded over me, but then trickled down onto and around him.

Not only was he woofy, but he was a good cocksucker. And make no mistake about it - he WAS a cocksucker.

The thing is, not everyone likes to be called that, or be reminded of that. At least verbally.

But I went into top feeder / verbal mode. I told him to be a good faggot and suck that big cock. I called him names. I told him what to do.

And I'm not sure he appreciated any of it, though he didn't stop what he was doing.

I pulled out of his mouth, leaned down to kiss him again, both of our mouths filling with water. It was then I told him I shoot a lot. He was game.

They're always game - until it fucking happens.

As I got closer, I kept asking if he wanted it and if he'd swallow it.  He nodded enthusiastically. Again, I told him how much I shoot.

And then I did.

I could see the fucking terror in his eyes as the sperm kept coming.

For me it had been at least 12 days. And I can cum good amounts on a two day time frame.

He couldn't take it. He gagged. He coughed. He pulled off. And still I kept shooting. And he shut down.

He had zero interest in playing or interaction at all after that. We dried off and dressed in silence and he hustled me out the door quicker than shit.

He might be handsome as fuck, but he's not getting a second shot at "this".

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Construction Guy Head

I don't make a habit of cruising a park somewhat near me. I certainly won't do anything IN the park either. It crawls with rangers and cops at all times. I won't even show what I got, nor will anyone else.

I will say what I'm looking for, if asked - as that is not a crime. And I keep it vague, though explicit. I can say "I'm good with my mouth" without saying "I want to give you a fucking blowjob".  They can't bust me for saying what I do.

I passed his truck on the first go-round. He looked interesting, but way to straight and it was lunchtime. Many a trades guy will eat in his truck before hoofing it back to the job. I went to another area, where I spent some time looking on-line for guys close by.  Yeah - I know how that sounds.

No luck with in person or on-line, I was heading back through and the truck was still there. I parked 2-3 car widths away. He'd look. I'd look. He'd nod. So would I. But I wasn't 100% sold.

I had a water bottle in the car, and I did something he totally approved of. I ran my tongue from the base of the bottle to the spout. I then took my tongue around the opening, licking it ever so suggestively.

While it was a wider bottle, I then deep throated it as much as I could. Even putting my own hand behind my neck, pushing me down on the bottle for effect. To top it off, I held the bottle a few inches from my mouth, pouring water onto my outstretched tongue.

All of this got an enthusiastic nod from the truck-guy.

He pulled closer. Said he had nowhere we could go. I did, but it was 20 minutes away. He was unfazed. Usually, guys will just say 'no'. He was down to go. We made it in 19.........but who was timing it?

He dropped his sweatshirt and left on his wifebeater.  Fuck I love a guy wearing a wifebeater. Maybe it's the name. Maybe it's the look. Or the combo of.

He grabbed me and pulled me to him. No kiss, but just to be close. I grabbed him too. I knew the wife beater would stay on. He said nothing, but I knew below he had either a pain or insulin pump underneath. I wanted to respect that, even though things like that do not freak me out at all.

His hands went to my shoulders, pressing me down to the floor. My little water bottle display showed him what I was for - what I was offering. I went down willingly. Now kneeling in front of a denim covered mound.

I looked right in his eyes as I pulled down his zipper. I held my gaze as I reached in - no underwear.

He was packing nicely too. Almost 8" solid meat. Nice thickness.....and sporting a wedding band, not that that means much now a days.

His hands went to my head and guided me to his cock. Of course I knew where it was, but I like a guy taking charge that way. It was insistent, but not forceful. His head and shaft filled my mouth. I like that full feeling. The head then started to fill my throat. I like that too. And then the grip got tighter and I was going nowhere. Nowhere he didn't want me to go.

I had set myself up for this, of course. No one to blame for being fed cock to the fullest. I wasn't struggling............yet. But the more it went on, the more I guessed that is exactly what he wanted.

Guys, I find, like to know you're choking on their cock - or load. I think it makes them feel more masculine. Or they like putting a cocksucking faggot in his place this way. Either way, I'm good. I get off on both scenarios.

I slobbered on that cock. It was dripping. I wanted him to play with my tits, but he was remarkably bad at it. I wanted him to fuck me with that weapon, but he seemed totally uninterested in anything but using a cocksucker's mouth.

While down there, he told me he had not cum in four days. That his wife sucked him off in his truck. He got into more detail about how she went down on him after going to a restaurant and stuck at a train crossing.

He went into such things as how bad her knees are so he has to get sucked in the truck, but it also sounded like he instigated and pressured her a bit to do so. Maybe it is his demeanor. I know sexual coercion from women sounds bad, but it kind of made me hot, even though part of me didn't think any of it was based in fact.

I went back to sucking him with vigor. I know I had gotten him close 2-3 times, but backed off. Had he seemed in a rush, I'd have polished him off earlier, but he didn't, so I took my time with that meat.

Lots of guys say they blow big loads. I suppose it is their perspective, but they all do not. Construction Guy got closer, saying he was going to drown me. I was hopeful, of course, but not truly expecting anything.

The man was true to his word. Well.......clearly I didn't drown. I'm still here....writing this. But a lesser faggot would have choked on the load. A good portion went directly down my throat. I pushed him back a bit, not because I couldn't take it that way, but because I wanted to taste it too.

I probably should have let him shoot down my throat. While the volume was plentiful, it was bitter as fuck. Now, bad tasting seed has never stopped me, nor never will, from swallowing or trying again - and he was no different.

I gulped his load down like a pro. He was weak in the knees, which is a nice compliment to what I helped him achieve.

On the way out, he gave me his business card. I suppose we will arrange another meeting. But I really do want to be fucked by that cock.