Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Do I Know You?

It's that awkward moment when the door opens and you've just realized you're about to hook up with someone you kind of / sort of know.

The set-up started out ok. Vague pictures (of him) on-line. But while I love a good face - when I'm in 'the mood', seeing or approving of the face starts to fall down the list. This has worked to my advantage and disadvantage as well. Some times you're pleasantly surprised, sometimes you're turned on, sometimes you say 'ugh' - and not even to yourself.

Usually, it's just 'oh, ok'.

Or when you come face to face you find out it's "David".

Perhaps it is my perception, but there was a millisecond pause on his end too. Did he recognize me? Did he care?

David and I are not friends. You might barely call us acquaintances. I've met him several times at various social events or fundraisers. At the first event, I went out of my way to chat him up. He seemed somewhat engaging, though it was later in the evening, so it was cut short.

Another time was at an event, then 6-8 of us grabbed some grub afterwards. He sat across from me.

Now, I rarely forget anyone. I remember situations and conversations. And I never believe anyone ever remembers or notices me. So when we were at the threshold of the door, I couldn't tell if he knew me or not - or whether this would be weird, or not.

....and then we were both inside.

The on-line chit-chat was for head. Me giving; him getting.

David is 45-ish, 5'11", 170.  His dick is average, but always rock hard. My mouth fit nicely around it.

David likes head-work. Now, when I have oral sex, I like a guy who goes deep and stays deep. And when I give go down on a guy, I play around until I know his triggers. It didn't take long to figure out he liked me focusing on this head and corona.

Many guys do not like that, as it can be the most sensitive part. Too sensitive, in fact. But not to David. It was the place where I truly got his motor going. It's where he'd grab my head and hold me as I did my work.

The thing with having sex with guys you know - and who might remember you - is that the interaction during the act can be weird. Do you talk? Do you talk dirty?  If so, how dirty do you go? This is someone you're going to see at a friend's birthday party.

It's like dipping your toe into a cold lake.

The verbals started off with moans from him.  That got me to provide moans around his cock. He worked his way into "oh yeah".  It eventually got to "it's so fucking hot watching my cock go in and out of your mouth".

After our initial visit, he said, "where have you been hiding?", to which I replied, "I've been here in plain sight". Again, I feel that maybe he really doesn't know who I am after multiple introductions - or maybe he just can't place how he knows me.

During the session, I attempted to bait him into using the word "cocksucker", but so far that hasn't happened. I think I know enough not to try to get him to call me "faggot".

"I love how your mustache and beard go around my dick. It feels great" he say.

This last time - yeah, he's come back twice more.....so far - he kept telling me "you give the fucking best head I've ever had".

Give head.

I love the term, but it seems to have gone by the wayside. Usually it's "suck cock".  But yeah, I give good head.

Each time, he gets close, he tenses. I grab his thighs. He grabs my head. He seems to tell me he's about to cum after I've felt two or three spurts. Delayed reaction on his part, or he doesn't know he's actually ejaculating.

"Fuck - take every drop. Every single one."

Most guys don't truly know what they're asking with that. So many pull out after their initial ejaculation, because they are far too sensitive.

Not David. He lets me swirl my tongue around everywhere afterwards. I squeeze his shaft to make another drop of cum appear. I make a show of it. He seems to like it.

So in the past, perhaps David remembers me or not. What I do know is - he is aware of me now!

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cyberi4a said...

This should make meeting at the next social function interesting....LOL

This reminded me of the time I found an online ad my doctor put in and learned he was into everything he would be telling his patients not to do.