Sunday, June 18, 2017

CLAW 2017 #1

I’m late in getting to what few CLAW stories I have – as I’m about two months behind by now, just in these tales. I am way far behind in others. I actually have a list of the better encounters, and I’m chipping away at them, as you can see.

Like the last few years, I’ve done some work at / with CLAW. Deep down it’s on the hope that I can ‘play’ more. In reality, I end up working most of the entire time and as each year passes, I play less and less. I’d say that’s a shame for me, but those poor guys who don’t have the chance to tap this…..well, that’s just sad for them. {readers to mentally insert smiley face here}

Unlike prior years, I tried to set-up more experiences ahead of time. That turned out to be a colossal waste of energy. Guys either cancelled their entire trip, completely ignored me after arriving, begged off if they did respond – or my favorite: a few (not just one!) who had me call them “Sir” for the entire time up to the start of CLAW now all were “in a bottoming mood”. Seriously!

The reality was – everyone was holding out for something else, or something better, that may or may not have come along. Clearly I wasn’t at the top of their checklist. It was a little humbling and a little humiliating.

That said – I had some opportunities.

This first guy – no name – sent me his image via Scruff well before CLAW. Clearly he was searching by ‘Cleveland’ and came across me………..ummmm….so to speak. He struck up a convo and we were off to the races. He was a top. His pic had him in a leather cap. Handsome enough. Manly enough. Very self- assured. Regardless of what I brought up, he always brought it around to blowjobs.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a HUGE fan of oral sex, as you’ve seen and read. But with CLAW, I dunno, it seems like a place to get fucked. Not just to get fucked………but to get bred. I know that kind of event caters to a lot of different scenes, but for me, a leatherman pumping my cunt is right at the top of the list. Call me old-fashioned.

Sir got blowjobs from others, he said. Even from his boyfriend, he said. But he claims he’s never had a great blowjob. Ok. Now I’m being challenged. I’m basically a sub who is being ‘talked into’ sucking this man’s cock. We mad plans. And technically, it is the only pre-made plan that followed through, though he kind of jacked me around on Day 1. Day 2 we had it goin’ on.

A few messages and I was heading up to his door. Knocking. Knowing he was checking me out through the peephole before actually opening it. I step in and he is dressed in only a yellow jockstrap. Not an ounce of leather on him that I can tell. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care, but it was a leather event and it’s kind of a turn-on for me. But it wasn’t a fucking fashion show.

On my own I went to my knees. Normally there’d be a lot of gnawing through the strap, and I did a little, but not a lot. Not this time. He was the one to pull it off. My lips wrapped around the head of his cock and nice and steadily, I worked my way down to his base. The reaction was immediate – verbal, visceral, physical. His body jolted like maybe he never had a good blowjob before. It’s almost like he’d never had one………ever. I was liking this.

We moved from the entry over to the chair. He sat down and spread his legs. He may have even put one foot up on the ottoman, still with enough access for one on-call cocksucker. And there I was, at his service.

At that angle, it was more fun to use my tongue. It danced on the underside of his shaft – with his cock outside my mouth, and then in. To all the cocksuckers reading this – and all the feeders – accept nothing less than some alternate tongue work, It’s not all about the lips and throat. Of course, I used those too….much to his delight.

After sitting, he was lifting his ass up a little to match my downward impalement as he drove upwards. This lasted for a while until he realized a hand on the back of my head could produce a similar face fucking

Moans, cursing and the compliments all came out of his mouth, while he was filling mine. He expounded that he’s never had such a good mouth before – that his boyfriend was horrible at giving head. Either he really meant all of it, or he should win a fucking Oscar.

One of the things me mentioned was that it was a five day load. He had told me that earlier, but he wanted to send the message home. He had even fucked his boyfriend that morning but didn’t cum knowing he’d be feeding me. Even more surprising that this was day 2 of the even and it was his first ejaculation.

Once or twice I pulled off. He was so verbose, I couldn’t quite tell if that was just his style of if he was getting close. I wanted this to last somewhat of a good time, so I was cautious at my edging. But he was a new guy. I didn’t know his signals. I had gotten him too close and there was no going back.

Realizing where he was in his launch sequence, he grabbed my head and held me down for dear life. I would have thought by our conversations there was no question that I would be swallowing. Of course, he could have just been exerting his dominance or just holding on for dear life during a toe-curling orgasm.

Like a pro, he firmly - actually much more than firmly - grabbed my throat with his hand. It stayed in place until I had ingested every single drop of his semen.

After I gulped down his spunk, and milked and licked up any remaining bits, I sat back on my heels and watched him recover a bit. He was very complimentary and grateful for my services. He did ask me how his load was – and I replied that it tasted great, which it did. He also questioned if it was big enough… know….because I didn’t gag on the amount. I had to laugh. The poor guy had a need to know he had a big load. I assured him he did not lie on the size, and it’s just that I have a lot of experience. And I mean, a LOT.

He was fun. I would have liked it more if he fucked me, but this wasn’t about me. It was about a need he had to fulfill. Weeks later, in brief texts, he said he and his bf broke-up. I told him it was probably because I ruined him for other guys. He laughed, but didn’t deny it. So I’m going with that.

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cyberi4a said...

Maybe his boyfriend broke up with him, tired of getting fucked and getting no 'reward' if you know what I mean :-)