Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Attorney Sex (or Lucky Friday - pt 3)

So you'd think that after my 'interview' and restroom encounter - I'd be sated and happy to go home. .....well you'd be soooooooooooooooooooo wrong.

Through some on-line pimping, my buddy (Patrick) in NC hooked me up w/a local attorney who was looking to get off. We'd been trying to make arrangements for a week or so - and finally Friday was THE day.

He is all of 28 (oy!). Very aggressive. Knew what he wanted. And you can't argue w/that.
What he wanted was some cocksucking, some ass eating and finish off fucking my ass. Our emails were hot - and I found myself really wanting for another one to pop up. He was demanding and almost downright abrasive even in email form. Ok - not for everyone, but really - how hot was that???

I got buzzed into his loft at the appointed time. Both of us coming from work - both of us w/suits on. This was a big thing for both of us actually. I love being naked - but sex w/some form of clothing is so incredibly hot to me. I wanderd the maze of his floor before finding the unlocked door. He was right inside as he said he would. I dropped to my knees unzipping his suit pants. He (we never have exchanged names) already had his underwear off and his 7" upwardly curved dick popped out. Two-thirds hard. As instructed via phone - I put it right in my mouth - and took it right to his zipper. Both his hands grabbed my head and made sure I stayed buried. ...like I was gonna go anywhere! : )

He pulled me up and we fuckin made out. Hands all over each other. Me pressing him against the wall...his head in my hands holding him to really go at it. As hot as fucking can be - a good make out session is just as hot. Of course, there was also tugging on each other's dicks.

Eventually I went back down and got his pants down far enough so I could eat his ass. His hands pressed up against the wall - I lapped at the crack......the across the hole.....before running my tongue around the ring. Of course that all before sliding deep up there. He loved it. He wasn't the only one.

We moved into his living room - lights still off. Only illumination was from the streetlights outside his loft. He got his knees on his sofa - presenting his ass to me again. I had the opportunity to keep going. He really liked it. After a bit he got up and we made out some more before him pushing me over and taking a turn at eating my hole. It felt so nice - and it really does get me in the mood for what is usually the inevitable. After that little butt-eating session we stayed on the couch - him talking dirty in between making out. Something about his voice conveyed such filth - and no acting. Maybe some. It's all a fucking game on some level - isn't it?

I teased him that he was gonna go out w/his friends to dinner w/a smile and that he couldn't say why he had that fuckin grin on his face - b/c he was too respectable. His response was "I don't have a respectable bone in my body". I shuddered internally w/lust at that moment. "I'm gonna tell em exactly what I did to you - now get up and back into the hallway".

He was afraid that he wouldn't get the chance to fuck me when I told him that as hot as it all was - that I could get off just by making-out w/him. It's not exactly what he signed on for. I assured him I'd follow thru on our deal. So back to the hallway it was.

The hall was maybe 18-20" wide. With my hands against the all, he had enough leverage room for what he wanted to do. He wanted my suit pants just below my ass and his dick just out of his fly. Everything else stayed on. He squirted lube from somewhere covering his shaft. Initial placement was a bit too high - but he found the target and pushed in. I could really feel the upward curve - and I'm guessing to a degree, he could too. He had good action and knew what he was doing. We were both so worked up I'm sure it didn't last longer than 10 minutes. But as he was ready - he pulled me back into him - put his ear right at my mouth and growled. More than that - I could feel him throb as he unleashed.

He only stayed in me for a minute afterward. After pulling out he leaned against the other wall. Looking so hot - I went to my knees and took him back in my mouth. I got not reaction. His head was back, eyes partially closed. After a few minutes - I got up. Looked right at him and he said, "I'm done w/you now. Make sure you have all your stuff."

All I had to do was pick up my glasses off his table. The door was shut and locked behind me before I got two steps out the door. PERFECT.

More perfect................there was an email the next day. Of course, he wants it again. He's not the only one.


Anonymous said...

And who wouldn't want it... ur a hot fucker!! really hot!

Anonymous said...

Your descriptive writing is just great! The 3rd installment is my favorite because for me is shows more facets of you.. it shows that although you love the slapping, and the gutter use of your orifaces you also enjoy passion. This story in my opinion is the most grounded and well rounded stories with the stinch of lust and aggression.