Wednesday, September 07, 2011

the Friendly Skies

You might think with all the traveling I do that might have had access to a TSA agent, a gate agent, a male flight attendant or the occasional pilot. Nope.

Once on a 5:50a flight to Newark, I was upgraded to first class. No one in my row, either side of the aisle. The male flight attendant took notice of me - a lot. I flirted back with some crotch grabbing (my own) and it had him making multiple trips to pass by me. But that's the furthest it went.

But recently I was on Grindr to see what there is/was to see. Turns out, there was a pilot staying at a nearby hotel. He was there on a lay over needing some amount of rest before he was allowed back in the air. ....and he was "in need".

"Denny" was about 6'0" and 190. Overall he was ok though he carried a little in the gut.

I got to his hotel and knocked on the door.

I was worried the dick wouldn't be what he claimed: 8.5". See?

It was very short and really bulbous. Almost slightly inflated. It wasn't pretty.

I like uncut dick, but this was really put me to the test on what to do with it. So small, it barely fit in my mouth without falling out. It took a while to get it to grow to a decent length let alone to it However, it did grow to the advertised size.

I was on my knees sucking and then he propped himself up in the bed for me to come at him between his legs. That is never the best position for me, but I wasn't there for me. Denny wanted a long, hot, slow blowjob. He doesn't come quick, he claimed.

I suppose quick is all relative.

I was in and out the door in less than 15 minutes. Either he doesn't know what a long blow job is, or I am just that good!

Anyways, it was a decent sized load, with zero flavor. But I swallowed it all, as I am apt to do.

Then I was on my way, and he took of for friendlier skies.

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