Monday, September 17, 2012

Black & White & White

I was on BBRT and found a hot black man to play with.  Shorter than I would like, but his penis looked formidable.

The plan was to meet up with him after my work-out and our emails etc seemed to be fine with me coming over.  I find his place and pull into the lot.  As I do, I see some other guy go towards the condo to be buzzed in. I hate to say it, but he looked gay and I was wondering, "what are the odds".

I email my new "friend" and say, 'is it just going to be us', he replies yes, but others are coming over later. As I'm getting this, another gay looking dude is trying to get buzzed in.  WTF?

The second guy was larger, but not fat. Not as gay looking but he had a dad-bear thing going. He was having trouble buzzing in - and I thought it was him, but later when i tried to buzz in, it was not that intuitive of a system.

As I was trying to buzz in, guy #1 came down. He looked me up and down and any question of him not being gay was gone - he was totally queer.

But G (I'll call him G) buzzed me in and sure enough the bearish guy was in the condo.  He has an ASL shirt on, so I figured (correctly) that he was deaf.  G was very dark skinned and a lot of informal tatts. Many seem homemade, not prison ones.

He and deaf guy were already naked and all I did was drop my shorts.  Since I assume he met everyone on BBRT, that folks were there for raw sex. And we were. But with a third, I wasn't sure how it was going to play out, since clearly G was the top, everyone else coming over, assuming they didn't know others would be there, were all looking to get fucked.  I was correct.

G went to leave the room and Deaf Guy dropped to his knees and sucked me. I will say, he had a great mouth and knew what he was doing.  G came back and watched. G liked to talk low and dirty - I don't think Deaf Guy heard most of what was said, though he wore a hearing aid.

G went to fuck him, but only two-thirds hard. I asked if that first guy was up here too - he affirmed it. He said the guy just licked his ass - which of course gave me an idea.

With G behind DG, positioning himself, I went under both of them to lick G's nuts and beyond.  G slid into DG and I got a great view of the fuck while I licked. Ebony cock and white ass.

You all know I'm not much of a fucker, but G asked me to fuck DG and I did. It took work and I wasn't horribly stiff, but I got in and fucked. G took his chance with me too - while fucking DG, he got behind me and slid into me - at lest for a while.

G fucking me made me harder, which made DG moan. I actually did ok, fucking for about 10 minutes, but I wanted to cum. I wanted to show off for G and he was telling me I was a filthy white guy he wanted to fuck.

Always nice to hear.

I asked if he was going to fuck DG after I blew a load in him and he nodded.  It was all I needed.

I had a good five day load built up and I shot. ....and shot.   ....and shot.   Then I shot again.

And unlike a lot of guys, I stayed in him for a bit. No quick pull out. I didn't want to drag my seed with my shaft.

As soon as I was out, G pushed in. And he moved in and out, you could see my spunk covering his shaft. It was a sight to be seen. At least I enjoyed it.

It didn't take too much longer for G to use that lube and mix it with his own cum. He buried that dark bone up that guy's ass and just shouted as he was cumming up the ass. It was fun to watch.

While it was happening, I slid on my shorts, and shirt, grabbed my keys and nodded to G as I shut the door.

In and out.

That's what it's all about.