Friday, September 30, 2005

Sex Addict or Whore?

Lately I'm beginning to wonder myself.

Last night I had the opportunity to hook-up with two guys @ the same time. One who has really wanted to hook-up w/me (along w/his boyfriend) and another guy whom I have wanted to snag. There was a confluence of events which led me arrange a 3-way (the bf was not available...or wasn't made aware of the arrangement).

The half a couple had a huge schlong. He said 8", i'm guessing closer to 9. Of course, he was mostly bottom, but I made it clear that I was not looking to get sucked..or to fuck. He said he was cool w/that. The other guy had a 5 day load he needed to lose.

The half a couple guy was the first to show. It seemed the other guy wouldn't so we got busy. I let him start on my dick, he was also fingering my ass - and I knew he was trying to get me off - but then doorbell rang. What appeared at the door was incredible - one of the hottest men I've come across (and that IS saying something).

6'4", 200-220. Solid. Defined. Salt/Pepper hair (what he had on his head) and the same color beard. I was struck by his masculinity and was a complete prick (as we were in the kitchen and the other guy was not), I said - "let's get rid of him soon and have some fun".

We go to the living room and I go back down on the first guy as the new guy disrobes. He then picks up my camera and takes multiple shots of me sucking dick. I swap off for his dick, but I really try to get the first guy that he'll leave. I can tell he's getting close and the 2nd guy starts talking dirty: "feed him! shoot that load in his mouth....he WANTS it!". It sends the guy over the edge...and I capture the load in my mouth. I hold it there for pictures. Oozing it out just so...but not enough to lose a drop of it really.

The first guy has no intention of cumming and going. He stays and we let him - and it turns out for the good. I suck on guy #2 and the first guy starts playing with my ass. Guy #2 can see I really like that. We head upstairs. I herd them off to a bedroom and go get my dildo.

Back in the bedroom, I get on my back and hang my head over so #2 can feed me from above. The first guy greases up the dildo and starts sliding it in. Or trying to. I've never been a fan of cold rubber, when hot flesh is available. And it's big. 8+" and about 6" around. Guy #2 tells me to take a big hit of poppers and try to relax. The dildo slides in my ass. The cock slides down my throat. He pulls out of my mouth to get some pics of that big fake dick up my ass.

This goes on. I get fucked on both ends. Guy #1 is hard again. He starts sliding his cock up and down my crack. I hear guy #2 say 'do it'. And then the head pops in. Flesh feels SO much better than rubber. He starts really fucking me after he knows I can take it. And I can. Guy #2 starts taking some pics of that cock up my cunt, then goes back to feeding me.

Guy #1 is getting close - we can all sense it, even w/out words. I ask the guy if he's gonna cum...and he confirms it. I look up at guy #2 and say, 'decide where you want him to put it!'. Guy #2 looks right at the guy drilling my hole and says: "put it UP him!"...and he does. I can feel him spasm up my ass and he lets loose his scum. This sends guy #2 right over the edge and he dumps his 5 day load on my face and part in my open mouth. I've been jacking the entire time and spurt all over my belly and chest.

I'm a fuckin mess. Covered in cum - crotch to mouth. More pix are taken. I'm a proud addict/whore. Maybe I"m a little of both.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today I am a Feeder.....................NOT!

So, I get out of a work meeting early yesterday - and it was gorgeous. 70, clear blue sky. What do I do - head to the park, of course.

Some good auto activity there, so I figured I'd get something back in the trails. I had only parked the car before the first guy was spotted in his Ford F-150 next to me. He nodded and lifted his hips exposing a nice 7" thick dick. I nodded, got out of the car and headed down the path. Coming the other way was this guy who looked young..tall and skinny. He didn't seem much my type (I pegged him as an eater) and I already had one on the line.

The truck guy followed me into the woods. The jig was up on if he was interested when he waved his cock at me. He was a complete redneck, complete with a t-shirt advertising bait and a hat w/a pistol embroidered on it. He reeked of hard liquor too. Either way - I was on my knees. He made no movement. Didn't talk. Didn't grab my head. Didn't fuck my face. Out of the blue he pulled me up by my armpits. And HE went down on ME. I'm not a feeder - but I thought, 'ok...let's try'. This is a guy no one would suspect as a cocksucker...let alone a good one. I thought I could actually cum in his mouth. But he huffed and I looked down to see him blowing his load on the dirt and his hand. When he got up, I grabbed the hand and licked it clean. I know he didn't know what to think of that.

After that, I left for another part of the park. Once again, I ran into the tall, lanky 'eater'. We eyeballed each other back along the river and the other guy kind of got me in a feeding mood. I thought....'why not?'. But before we made even that move, too many unknown people were milling around. He left...then I did.

Turns out we left for the same place. He followed me back to deep in the woods too. Sunglasses on both of us - we knew we were making contact..but a degree of mystery. Some rubs and I ask what he wants. "I like to watch." So, I gave him something to watch...I unzipped and pulled out my hardening cock. He did the same. A nice STIFF 7.5" that was at a 45 degree angle. We moved closer. I grabbed his prong and stroked. "All you wanna do is watch?". Turns out I was completely wrong about him being an eater. He was a complete feeder. My second chance at feeding someone was thwarted. Clearly, my greater mission of being a cocksucker was intact.

Soon, we came to an understanding that there was more to do than look at each other. I was on my knees and taking him all the way down. In between me sucking, I'd stand and we'd be face to face. So close - as if we were to kiss, but neither of us took that initative. I don't even know how to describe it, but the talk was implied filth. Each of us insinuating what we wanted, but not outright stating it....but eventually it progressed that way. But still - it was w/out emotion and more statement like...and completely hot.

I was really working on him when he said, "we have company". However, he did not pull out of my mouth or tuck himself I never stopped what I was doing. I did ask if the guy was watching...he said yes. I asked if it was a nice cock and he said yes. I started to pull off to look and the new guy said "don't stop, it looks good!". He walked closer and I did look at his prick. Big! Fat! Uncut w/lots of skin! I knew that dick. I kenw that dick from that very part of the park. It was my republican married feeder (see 'Sucking off the Enemy'). I went down on him while beig watched by the lanky guy.

From there I went back and one cock for another. The first guy says, 'more company' and we were joined by a very large man. Wau too overweight for my tastes, but it stopped none of us at that point. The GOP guy grunted and I knew he was there. I took every drop in my mouth and held it there. I pulled off him and went right down on Lanky Guy. The warmth of the other guys load in my mouth - or just the entire scene put him right over the edge and I caught his cream too.

By the time I cleaned him up, the GOP guy was walking down the path, zipping up. Lanky Guy was close behind him - which was a shame, I'd have loved to have gotten his contact info.

I got off my knees and the large man mumbled something about getting me off. But by that time, I had no interest in feeding anyone. It's not my place.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Last Friday ended my almost week-long dry spell...but it doubly made up for it.

Had a married father of 2 (Martin)was looking for some head. The guy from my Empty Apartment entries (Rob) wanted a 3way. Martin seemed into we were to meet @ my place at 6:30. Martin was on time. Rob was not. After 15-20 minutes, Martin and I got down to business.

Nice 7.5" dick. Good for sucking...and I sucked it good. Martin had more on his mind than getting head. He worked my hole w/his fingers good and was sure enough of himself to bring rubbers and lube. I'm not a big rubber fan - but I understand when you're married....blah blah blah.

I take Martin upstairs and he rips open that condom w/this teeth and gets it on...and gets his dick up my hole - easing it all the way up me. He was a nice and steady rhythm guy. Though it felt good, I couldn't help feeling this is how he fucked his wife. But when he'd go all the way deep - he'd flex his dick and MAN did that feel great. About 10 minutes into my cell rings. It's Rob. I answer and he asks if the guy is still there. I said not only was he still there, but was deep up my ass!!! I told him to come over - the door was open and to come upstairs.

By the time Rob arrived, Martin and I had switched positions. Now I was sitting on his dick and riding it. Rob strips and comes close enough for me to stroke him almost to hardness. Martin's mouth gets him the rest of the way there. I notice how much more reserved Rob is w/this guy.

After 5 minutes of this, I'm back on my back...getting fucked and now eating Rob's cock. He is much more verbal w/me. I hear him tell Martin, "we got all his holes plugged!" Then they start to make out like I'm not even there. I loved it.

Martin then pulled out and asks Rob (not me) if he wants to fuck me. Rob was way into it - though he pulled on a condom too. He told me to get my ass to the edge of the bed. I was kneeling....lowered down for Rob to penetrate me from behind. Before he did - he slapped my ass a few times...HARD. I never got to see Martin's reaction to that. Rob is pushing an inch bigger than Martin and just slid in, in one full motion. Whereas Martin fucked me nice and steay - Rob DRILLED me. I like them both, but Martin, I'm sure, got an eyeful of how Rob treated me. He pounded hard and long. Full in and out strokes. Martin got in front of me and fed me his dick...and then they continued to make out again. Enjoying my holes while enjoying each other.

After another 10 minutes, Rob pulled out and I went to alternating on sucking their dicks. I was on my back, on the bed and they continued to make out over me. Rob stroked his dick while I sucked Martin. As always, Rob delieved a massive load which coated mostly the left side of my face. He slapped me HARD across the face - in his own juice - and said, 'you like that, whore??!!'. I can't imagine that Martin wasn't a little freaked by that, but it didn't stop him from pumping off his own load on the right side of my face.

It was a hot scene. Martin wants another turn at my ass...but just one-on-one. I don't think I'll ever have Rob again that doesn't involve a 3way. Both options are ok w/me.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Football Suck

So today I answered an ad on craigslist. A guy in a nearby hotel. After we exchanged emails and phone numbers, we finally made real contact. He was doing nothing but kicking back in his room - drinking beer and watching football. And wanting head.

I was at his hotel in a half-hour since little more excites me than a guy who'll have a remote in one hand, a beer in the other and expects me just to service him between his legs like it's g-ddamn given right!

He had nothing but a t-shirt and boxers on. Immediately I figured I may have gotten him wrong as he started off turning me around and feeling my ass. More than just a passing touch. Full feeling. Fingering thru my jeans. And some slapping. Now, I'm more than just a cocksucker - so I wasn't too put off by this....just a little confused.

Soon though - he plopped himself down in his chair (we all know those hotel chairs that I've never used except for giving head!) and he motioned me to my knees. I went right down

His boner was already poking out of his boxers. It was a nice 6" u/c dick. It was attached to a very masculine man. A little overweight - but not fat. Italian. Inked. Mostly hairless. Of course, I did what i thought was a good job. Everytime I'd look up he'd be swigging his beer and watching the Bengals game.

Now and again, he'd reach down and stroke my dick. I was rock hard and had removed my pants per his request. It was the roughest stroking I'd ever encountered. Not unwelcome - just rough. He'd also step on my dick w/his foot and my ballsack. Not just to provide pressure - but to squish them. None of this detered me from my task at hand (or mouth).

He stood up to face fuck me too, which is something I love. Then he rubbed his wet cock (his precum, my spit) all over my lower face. He loved the roughness of my stubble on his shaft. I loved that he was marking me w/his pre-ball juice. Eventually he was back in his chair and got his foot under my nuts and put his toes at my hole. We were back to this. He pushed me on my back and stroked me again - while his thumb would press firmly into my groin. He knew some nerve in there to really make hurt. I really thought he'd take over and want to fuck me - but it never came to that.

He eventually got up and went to the bed. Him on his back while I got between his legs. I moved down to his nuts and then below them. He wanted my mouth alright - just not only on his cock. So I did what was necessary and lick, lap, eat, chew and fuck his ass w/my tongue. He loved it. All the time - his head was turned toward the tv and the game. I loved that.

Soon enough I went back to his dick. Getting my tongue under his hood. Going all the way down. I kind of gently gnawed on it - using my teeth. Nothing hurtful. We've all done it at one time or another - right??

But he loved it. He mutters - 'that's it...bite it. Bite it!!" I did a few times and was immediately rewarded w/his cum. I should have known the way he was rough w/me that he would have responded in kind. And he did. A nice mouthful of italian semen.

I looked up to see him give me a wink and then turn back to the game.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

2 Fucks - 1 Day

Lately, I have been incredibly horny. Yes! Actually moreso than usual. I cannot keep my mind on anything that is not dick. I guess that's why you're reading the tales of a sex addict. Not a reformed sex addict.

But yesterday was a good day. I had been conversing with a few guys over the last few weeks/months to attempt hook-ups and somehow two fell into place on one day. My original plan had been to hook-up w/Ben, but unfortunately it did not happen. These two guys were ok, but Ben is the one true Cleveland Pig I've met so far.

So, guy #1 I meet in a grocery store parking lot. It was pre-arranged, not like stumbled across him. I had seen cock shots of him, but not the face. That was was the voice, but no one I would have picked-up in a bar. The plan was for a blow-job, which I love to do (as you well know by this point). The man had a great dick. Almost 8", medium thickness and a shaft that curved upwards. I did a really good job sucking him - and that's just not my opinion. He was loving it - even how I took him to the pubes (which is not always easy on a big dick that curves UP!). However, the man did not like his balls touched or licked. What kind of man doesn't like that???

Eventually we kind of 69'd. I sucked. He fingered my ass. It was then I realized this was NOT going to be just a blow-job. Soon enough he got between my legs and positioned himself. He rubbed around my hole, teasing it...and finally suggesting we take it upstairs.

Up there, I did a little more sucking. He did a little more fingering after putting some lube on his fingers. As it would turn out, that's the only lube we'd use. He put enough on that when his dick penetrated me it was enough. As big as he was, it felt great up there. For his lack of good looks, he was a master at fucking. He put it to me and I was loving it. All too soon (though it probably was 20 minutes) he couldn't hold back. He just flooded me! But as usual, when it's over, it's over and he was out the door....which was fine w/me.

About an hour later I got a call from a guy whom I tried to hook-up with last winter. We never got it together but had been in touch for multiple attempts. I was still so fucking randy - so I gave him directions.

He was better looking than his picture led on. Tall. Tan. Fit. All he had said was he wanted fun - and I couldn't get a better answer out of him even when pressed. Fine - I can deal. Immediately he sat on the couch w/his legs spread. I didn't do my normal fall to my knees - but decided to lean over and rub his crotch. I got a little nervous when I found no package at all. I could feel nothing.

Bryan (his name) reached up and played w/my nipples through my t-shirt. Well, those are both 'on' switches for me - and the only 'off' is post-ejaculation. He read my reaction and knew he had me. Of course, it didn't hurt that I told him if he continued that he could do anything he wanted. I'm not so subtle, I guess. I leaned down and kissed him and he kissed back - all the while rubbing my tits.

Eventually I straddled him and sat on his lap. We made out. We played w/each other's chests, but I could also feel his hips move up and down as I sat on him. He wasn't so hard to figure out either.

Our pants came off. I went down on him. I ate his nuts. I ate his ass - which I thought was going to get him to shoot right then and there. He asked 'when was the last time you got fucked'. EEEk. I wasn't sure how he'd take it if I said 'oh...and hour ago'. So I was more coy and said - about 10 minutes from now. He loved that.

Bryan really fingerd my ass - so not sure if he didn't feel the load that was in there, or just not saying anything about it. Though he was about 7.5 and a thinner shaft, it was harder taking him. I'm not sure why, but it was. After a few attempts of him getting it in - I took hold of the shaft and placed it at my entrance and told him to push. He sunk right in.

Better looking than the first guy - but not as adept at the art of pumping butt. More jack-rabbit, but it still felt good and he was really really really enjoying it. He also took a little longer. We were covered in sweat when he started screaming loudly. Thank g-d I have no neighbors close by. But I love a verbal man and woudn't have cared who heard us. I was BEGGING for him to finish. He took my 'hint' and went for the goal. He shot even more than guy #1.

As usual, I didn't get off. Somewhere deep in my make-up, I feel I'm not the person to get off in those situations. I"m there for them. And I am way good with that.

Ironically enough - those two guys did nothing to keep my mind off of sex. So, let's see what today brings.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Empty Apartment II

Another repeat - and I was glad to have it.

Sunday night I recieved an email from the guy I serviced a few weeks back (see post for Aug 29th). He said to come to the apartment I was at last time and just walk in. Lights would be off. As promised the door was ajar and he was in the front room, stripped naked and leaning against the wall.

Unlike last time I didn't even have to do anything to get him aroused. His cock was sticking straight out...already fully lengthened. In no time flat I was on my knees in front of him. In an instant I was to the root of his prick and he started sliding in and out of my mouth.

Last time there was a variation of me sucking vs him face fucking me. This time the scene consisted mostly of him pumping my pussy mouth. He picked up right where he did last time when he figured out he could smack my face. Whereas the last time that happened close to the end - right off the bat he was slapping me HARD.

I guess since he knew I took it last time, it gave him license to do it again while testing my limits. The hits became more frequent and harder. Once I almost pulled off his cock to tell him to go easy. ALMOST.

But I didn't. I took it like a man. He'd grab my ears and really pull me down hard on his dick while thrusting up into my mouth. I took it like a pro - never gagging, though I think his intent was to try to make me.

He was a low talker. I know he was saying dirty things, but couldn't only make out a word or two - and mostly that was 'cocksucker'. But I continued on - eating his ass and licking his nuts, which like last time were non-existent (seriously - not small, I couldn't see or feel *anything*!).

But good things come to an end (or is it 'cum'?) and I knew he was getting close when I did hear him mutter, "you dirty fuckin' whore"! Just then the pulled out of my mouth and sprayed me with big ropes of cum. I'd have loved to take it in my mouth - but I realized that since he did the same thing last time, this was his thing. I'd have to abide.

And the man has a huge load. So microscopic nuts mean nothing. Something in there was still producing a large amount of scum that he can give to guys like me.

I wanted to milk his dick w/my fist and clean him up - but as I reached for it he backed away. While looking down on me he just said, "we're done now."

Taking that que, I stood up and walked out the door, but not before thanking him. He just repeated, "done!". I walked back to my car - his load on my face, which I wore home and let dry, but not w/out tasting some here and there.

I hope he doesn't mean we're done-done.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Icy Hot

So, I met up with the 'kid' from the park from one of my more recent posts. He did call like he said he would!

I went to him house and he was in just as much heat as I was. Barely got in the door before we were both totally erect. I did the old hot action of unbuckling his belt and pulling down his zipper w/my teeth. It's much more difficult than porn stories lead you to believe - and I'm sure my dentist wouldn't be happy!

I blew him good, but was hoping he'd fuck me. While in the kitchen he went down on me too. The kid can suck dick. Took all 8" of me down - and he has a fuckin' mouth like velvet. But his dick in my ass felt so good at the park, I needed/wanted it again. Alas that part was not meant to be, but we still had fun.

He dragged me back to his bedroom - and we got nekkid. I pulled off his shoes and went down on his feet. This had him WILD. I blew each and one of his toes the proceeded to lick all over the bottoms of his feet - further pushing his buttons.

Eventually he did the same to me. I have very sensitive feet, but after a bit, I could relax and really enjoy it. We'd 69 at the combo of dick/feet/ass eating. The kid at my ass - and he at it GOOD. On and off for about an hour. I was begging for something to be put up my cunt.

An idea popped into my head from a buddy of mine in Pittsburgh. I told him to get some ice cubes. He did and I had him put one up my ass. After it popped in - I had him push it deeper with his fingers. The immediate cold goes away soon enough. You can feel the heat take over the cube making it a mere puddle up your hole.

Soon there was a second one and then a third. The kid would put it in his mouth to take off the rough edges - but would also blow me w/the cube in his mouth. Always love that feeling.

I was getting greedy and wanted more cubes up my hole. He told me to get them - so I got the last five from his freezer. He'd put one in his mouth - I'd put one in mine. I'd take it out and rub it on his buzzed head while he blew me w/it in his mouth. Then he'd put one up my ass and immediately put another one up there. ....until all 5 were gone.

I loved the feeling of them up there...melting w/the furnace of my pussy (as he'd call it). But then even he got piggish and insisted I sit on his face and push the melted ice into his mouth. Who am I to argue? I sat on his face and started pushing out what was in my ass. As much as I thought the ice had melted, I was soon to find out it might have, but the water was still ice cold. A new great sensation. And he took it all. A pig after my own heart - if I only had one.

Afterward he just jacked off on my asshole again. Just like the woods, he went and licked it all up and then presented it to me - and pushed it into my mouth. Very hot.

But now it was my turn (and you know I don't get off during sex a lot) - but I had him get on his knees and open his mouth. With great precision - I lobbed off shots and shots of cum - that almost landed in his open orafice 100% time. Then I pushed my cock in his mouth and told him to swallow all the seed. And he did.

He got up enough to collapse on his bed. I just reached for my shorts and walked out the door - and yelled back to call me.

He will. Possibly more whipped than I am.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Into the Woods.........Again

So last Friday, I boogied out of work early (long holiday weekend, ya know) but didn't go home. I went to the park. I needed dick.

The park was actually very low key, maybe b/c of the holiday. Eventually one guy pulled up. Early 20s (which is younger than I normally do). Baseball cap. Jim Thome jersey. Short hair and a patch of hair on his chin.

He gets out of his pick-up truck and heads down the path to the woods w/out giving me a look. I didn't take this as non-interest and just followed. He was waiting - playing pocket pool. I responded doing the same in my suit pants.

I got my hand on his fly and pulled it down. Out came a nice 7" piece of meat. Not too thick. It stiffened up, but remained the same length size. I loved that he was freeballing too. I got down on my knees and took him to the root. His hand found my head and placed it there - but not forced.

After awhile I got off my knees and he went to his. I don't normally feed, but he was good, young and eager. Eventually he moved around to eat my ass - which I love. Soon enough he was standing behind me trying to work his way in. I tried to make it was easy as possible for him. I bent over just so and braced myself on a tree. He got in and we were taking it nice and easy, every once inawhile he popped out of the hole.

At one point he did this as I was seeing someone approaching down the path. We straightened ourselves up before the person got into position to see us. As it turns out, it was a guy I blew a few weeks back. Short, masculine, medium but heavy dick. Quiet too.

I motioned him over and he came. I got his dick out and bent over to work on it. My suit pants were still up, but my ass was jutted out for the kid to see it. He got the hint. He felt it through my pants and stepped up behind me. I got to loosen the pants and he pulled them down just enough to get exposure to what he wanted. The guy I was blowing said the scene or to my talents.

The kid tried to get back into me, but the angle was weird. He rubbed it up and down and all around while the 2nd guy just fed me dick. The feeder was so low key, I had no idea he was as close as he was....but all of the sudden there was one throb and my mouth was rewarded with sperm. Lots of it. The guy squeezed and milked his shaft while it stayed in my mouth. I got every fuckin drop. And held it.

I pulled off and turned to the kid and placed my cum filled mouth onto his shaft - coating it good. But I was smart enough to save some. I stood up and pulled him to me and kissed him - passing the load. I left enough at the lips so when we pulled away there was strings of it joining our mouths. The 2nd guy looked at the scene w/awe and just walked away. I bent over.

The kid new what to do w/his semen slicked dick. He got it up me in no time. A hit of poppers and I felt great. All too soon he was getting to the end. He muttered he wanted to cum on my ass - and I said cum in my hole. He heard 'cum ON my hole'. I had reached around to pull myself open and he saw the target. I could feel the shots just hit the hole, slide over them and drip off. So hot.

Normally, I'm not the aggressive type, but I told him 'go fuckin lick it off!'. And he did. Every fuckin drop. Then it was his turn. He came right up to me, grabbed me, kissed me and fed me his load from his own mouth.

So fucking hot. I purposely did not get off b/c I was hoping for a 3rd or 4th guy. But it was not to happen. I wished he had seem me get off b/c of his actions. He has my number. Hopefully he'll call.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Mike Fleming

May or may not be his real name (but no cities are mentioned here - so try to find him!).

I met him while I was in college. On the 6th floor of the library yet (one of THE cruisiest spots on campus - I kid you not). He kept walking by my desk, but I couldnt' believe he'd be interested in me. He seemed like a grad student to my junior year. Receding hairline, but horribly horribly masculine. He got me to follow him down to the 5th floor which had NO desks - and just stacks. There he had me get on my knees and look at his cock. He wouldn't let me suck it really until I jacked off first. Not quite sure why - but maybe he wanted to see if a guy was still interested in his dick/load after they ejaculated. I was. I popped my nut on the floor and he fed me.

Oddly enough, we went out for a beer afterward. Almost unheard of in anonymous library sex. But then went back to my crappy efficiency where I proceeded to eat his ass for an hour until he popped a 2nd nut. At that point he took off. Never to see him for a few years.

Flash forward to where I was gonig out to gay bars more regularly. After hours, there was a breakfast place where people would eat away their drunkenness. Lo and behold, there was Mike. I had to piss and he was already in there. When I came out - he was waiting in the anteroom and just grabbed me and stuck his tongue down my throat. We made out while guys passed us to get in and out of the bathroom. In my drunken haze I told him my address and told him to meet me there in an hour. We went back to our respective groups (little did I know that one of my tablemates had seen me sucking face!).

I never actually expected him to show - but he was there WAITING for me. I also had no idea if he even remembered who I was (or that he'd had me before). And I never asked. We actually made out on the sidewalk before heading up to my apt. Once there we were all over each other. He had a great beefy body. Not fat. Not defined....but hot to me. Same hairline. Same great tasting ass. He wanted me to fuck it - but I was too drunk. But he wasn't. He got me on my stomach and slid it to me. It was fun - but the alcohol was too much. We barely finished and just passed out. Again next morning - never to be seen again for quite awhile. Well, I'd see him out w/a muscle hussey boyfriend, but if he noticed me (or remembered me) he never acknowledged it.

Flash forward MANY more years. I had moved out of town and had come back for a conference. The hotel was across the street from a leather bar, so I hit it. The place was pretty dead, but there he was. I was leaning against the wall w/my beer. He stood right next to me. He nodded. I nodded (again - did he know/remember me?). He turned and told me he thought I was hot (i don't think he remembered me). I said the same - and that I always thought that. He smirked. I told him I had a hotel room a block away. He said he'd meet me there. At that point he took my hand and placed it on his crotch. The zipper was down and he had me feel inside. I already knew what was there.

15 minutes later he knocked on my door. Without a doubt it was the hottest time of them all. We made out. I sucked. I ate his ass for a LONG time. He fucked me in every imaginable position. He had acquired a filthy fuckin mouth on him - which I loved. I would have loved for him to stay all night - but he didn't.

He did promise to call the next evening and maybe bring a friend. Unfortunately he called earlier than I anticipated and I was still at the conference. He never called back.

But knowing our history - he's still in that town. And somewhere down the road, I WILL run into him again.