Thursday, May 28, 2015


He was probably 55.  Decent looking, all proper in terms of automobile, dress, grooming. He had responded to a craigslist ad for me wanting to suck cock. Or to have my mouth abused, to be more specific.

This dick is ok. Maybe 6". Maybe. But below the head it is VERY thick, until it tapers back to a more normal girth. I can work with this.

He grunts appreciatively as I work on it with my mouth. Like most who answer the ad, he doesn't abuse my mouth - I take the role of active cocksucker, as opposed to someone just using my mouth as a hole and receptacle. He doesn't even talk dirty like a feeding top. It's all too typical.

I remember a time when a top - or what I call a true top (though that's my definition)  - only cared about his feelings, his pleasures. A selfish top, might be a better description. Even the ones who start out that way eventually start asking me, "do you like this?"  

What the fuck do you care?

Or worse:  when they ask me where I want them to cum.

For the 13,872 time - that is not my call. But 9 times out of 10 the "top" follows-up with, "I'm asking YOU". They just don't get it.

They either can't make the decision or don't want the liability. At least the latter I understand.

So, he replied to the ad but was as tight lipped as a clam for the most part. I'd get a moan when working my mouth. I finally asked him what else turned him on. He just silently shook his head, as if to say, " won't get it."  Still I urged. And urged again.

He finally said, without looking at me, "heavy dirty play".

There was a pause....and I asked "scat?"

He nodded, as if he couldn't admit it, let alone say it.

I almost get his reluctance, but if it is his thing he should embrace it, I guess. It is not my thing in the slightest. It is one thing do eat an ass that might be a little funky, but that might be the limit. Muddy fucks sometimes happen - they just do. Lack of prep or a spontaneous to fuck when there is no time or place.

But I kind of draw the line on doing it on purpose. And eating, or defecating on one's chest (or worse - mine!), is just off limits to me. Yes......even I have limits.

Still, I was horny to get fucked. Right then. And no, I didn't plan on it, so I didn't have a chance to clean out. But this kind of would work out, as we'd both get something we wanted. He was into it........and I wanted to be boned.

Well, he seemed to be into the idea.

I greased him up and bent over for the penetration. While he wasn't super hard, he should have been hard enough to get in me. But he wasn't. Or couldn't.

He eventually just asked me to blow him, which I did and got a tasty load from him as well.

As he was getting himself back together, he somewhat apologized for the lack of fucking. He thought it was "disgusting" to fuck bareback.

He's in to heavy scat play and yet, I'm disgusting.

Yeah - that seems about right.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Blowjob I Ever Had

I swear this series of posts wasn't planned - the one almost two weeks ago and the one the other day. It's just a strange and funny coincidence.  I swear.

A few weeks back, an aggressive, verbal, married guy stumbled upon me.

And when I say "aggressive", I mean he likes to use his hands - open palm. I totally get this isn't for everyone. As long as they don't leave a permanent mark, I'm not too bad about it.

At first, he was willing, even wanted to - but he wasn't sure. He started out lighter than we ended up. He kept progressing to the point of the sting and making the ears ring. Still, it was a level at which I was comfortable.

He would also mutter his words, until I think he knew I wasn't being offended.  Calling me a "cocksucker" or "faggot" is not offensive to me. Telling me my shoes don't match my outfit might, but not calling me those things.....or worse.

Our first time was good. The second time, I double-booked, because, well, you know how it goes. Often a guy flakes. So I booked one guy and then this guy calls and asks for the same time. I never mentioned the potential "other" guy. I should have, but figured the chances were slim it would ever come to pass.

Wouldn't you know, they both pulled up at the exact same time. Luckily, neither seemed to matter much. The first guy was into it, but the returning guy almost completely ignored the other. He didn't care he was there, but he never looked at, spoke to, touched or allowed himself to be touched by him either.

When the 'new' guy came out of the restroom, I was already blowing the returning guy. I made his cock grow to the full 7".  I did nothing new or different to this guy than any other guy I blow - and I think that's the important part of this tale.

I'm big on using my tongue. Most guys use it, but they don't USE it. There is a concerted effort on my part to make my tongue dance along the underside of their cock - as they're deep down my throat, or as I move up and down, or if I'm concentrating on the head. It's almost always moving. I have to say, about 85% of the guys really respond to this method. Some don't - they might get pleasure, but they don't exhibit it. Or maybe they don't have those neuro-sensors.

This guy really loved my work on his frenulum. His head would go back and stay there for as long as I'd work on that area. He was in heaven.....and I was there because I knew it was pleasing him.

Now and again, this guy likes to take his open palm and slap me upside the head. I never mind that, though I think it freaked the other guy out a little. Usually the slap would come with a derogatory term - adding to the hotness of the situation.

I would go back and forth between both guys, but would focus most of my energy on the first guy.

At some point, it was all my attention to him. I wanted him to get off.

He loved my attention to detail too. And soon, he was shooting a big wad in my mouth, which I savored and swallowed - naturally.

I knew I had to get back to guy #2, but I walked the first guy out and he just turned to me and said I was an "outstanding cocksucker" and it was the best blowjob he's ever had.

I did nothing too special out of my ordinary routine, so I now know that other guy was just being a dick.

Friday, May 22, 2015


He messaged me via both Scruff and Grindr.

He had messaged me before, strung me along and then deleted his profile.....or blocked me. A typical flake. Still he intrigued me.

His screen name seemed to imply he did construction work. From his profile pic, one could assume this to be true.

39, maybe 5'10", 190. The hat hid the fact he shaved his head, but he had a beard and blue eye. Oh, those fucking blue eyes - but more on that later. With a little laziness on his part, that 190, could have made him soft, but he wasn' least yet. Nice arms, nice chest, nice legs. The middle might expand too easily, but who the fuck doesn't have that problem?

I was a mile away and got the invite over. There was a second guy there too. His profile was questionable, but the pic wasn't horrible. And really - the things we do when it "isn't horrible". But we know pictures lie.

When I got buzzed in and up the apartment two things were obvious:  at least one of the guys was a smoker - a heavy one. The second thing: pictures lie.

The construction guy was better looking that his profile image suggested. The other guy - well.......let's just say someone from Auschwitz is missing a prisoner. Older than his profile states - or at least looks it. Malnourished.........emaciated almost. It wasn't pretty. And it seems he was the smoker.

The building was nice but dated.........the apartment, awful. Cleaning hasn't been on anyone agenda for a while. Nor has painting. Or buying furniture after 1978.........or at least not from a Goodwill. Had it not been for the hunky guy, I'd have turned on my heels and walked.

Sometimes I hate my libido.

At least we went into the bedroom where it didn't smell quite as stale as an ashtray.

The Holocaust victim was barely there.....I think to either of us. Most of the time, he sat playing on his phone. Looking for someone better, I if he could do better, but trust me: touching him was not on my 'to-do' list. Let him be enamored of his apps.....I'm ok with that.

Construction guy had an ok dick. Maybe 5" but thick. It took a while to get it hard, but I got it there. He immediately went into a deep, growling breathing technique. An almost exaggerated ujjayi style.

He was laying back, but lifting himself up, arms behind his neck, to look down at me with those eyes. Piercing and blue - it was was hot.

Then after a few minutes of him doing this, I noticed not once did he blink and I realized: he was fucking tweaked to the max.

For all you tweakers who read me - I don't mind losing your readership when I say that - you're fucked up. I get that getting high might make your sex more pleasurable in your mind, but trust me, to the ones of us who don't party like you do:  we don't get the same thing out of it.  90% of the time you can't maintain and erection and about 99% of the time you can't get off. In your mind you think it's awesome sex.........but in reality it is horrible. Meth is playing tricks on your reality.

And your 20s might be all for experimenting, I know I did. But when you're 40 and deep into addiction - well, it's pathetic.

Anyway, I worked on his cock and balls. I even went down to his ass. I'm not scientist, but clearly someone had been there in the last few hours. As I buried my tongue, he was wet and he kind of admitted that someone had fucked him a while ago.

And that's all he wanted from me - for me to fuck him. Besides just being me and not always the ability to top, he was kind of not in a state of mind where I'd want to. Even when he sucked me, the stiffness I had while sucking him started to diminish.

He kept looking at places in the room that had no mirrors, no movement, nothing. I'm not sure if he was zoned out or seeing things. A few times he got up and went to the window, pried open some of the blinds and just stared out.  And at times while I was sucking, he'd just say "308.......308........308". 308 was the apartment number we were in, but he just kept repeating it over and over.

As I was sucking, he was right on the verge of cumming......but never sure if it was real or in his mind. I eventually got a little squirt but that was it.

I hurried and changed. He was doing the same.

The ick(ier) guy looked up from his phone and followed us to the door. It was an awkward elevator ride....and I noticed he was walking along side me to my car. He was expecting a ride. I asked where he was headed and he wanted to go with me. I told him I couldn't do that, but he pressed. I said I'd text him later and maybe we could meet up.

I'm not sure how he got to where he was going, but that really wasn't my concern.

Next time I'll know better just to cut my losses and get the fuck out of there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bucket List

The sex bucket list.  We all have it. Or them.

One is probably for things you want to do, but haven't done as of yet. I've got mine. Some based in fantasy, some more in reality.

Then there is the one of people you'd like to do. Actual people, not porn stars, or other celebs. But folks you've seen around town that you want to get with.

I have one of both lists, of course.

Oddly, the latter list isn't very extensive. It could be that I've "slept" with so many guys here....or that the pickings aren't really all that. Possibly a combo of.

One gent was just right at the top or top 2 of my list. We had a few discussions a few years back and always he'd back out at the last second. I suspected a drug issue, but I don't know that for sure. Of course, I thought he might be all talk too.

And then he was gone.

I was smart enough - savvy enough - to know his name, because he headed up some community events. So it was easy enough to stalk him on-line, if necessary. And while I didn't do that, it wasn't hard to find he left town.

C'est la vie.

The other guy - who has also somewhat disappeared - is a fucking hot architect. He wouldn't give me the time of day if my life depended on it. I only met him once and I commented on how much I liked his glass frames. Swear to god, he turned around and walked away. Not even a 'thanks'.

But you know - I'd still blow him.

The other day, I 'woof'd' a Scruff profile - blank pic - but who's name had 'GL' and 'Hung' in it. I mean - why NOT click on him?  He either was, or had a confidence to think he was.

He replied soon after and invited me down to his hotel. It is the new 'swanky' hotel in town. I'd been there before, but only to drink, never to a room. I knocked on the door at the appointed time and Tim (I'm not even bothering to change the name this time) opened the door.

He probably caught my double look of surprise:  one being that I didn't know it would be him. secondly that is WAS him. For about two minutes, I was waiting for him to see he made a critical error and send me on my way, but he did not.

Tim is a fucking handsome dude. Beyond gorgeous. Seriously.

6'4", 220, solid - no fat. Strawberry blonde fur on his body, and blonde blonde on top of his head. And a fucking face that would halt traffic - but in a good way. And a deep baritone voice. On top of it all - he's smart too.

And he is a dirty fucking pig.

I recall from our conversations he is just off the charts every way. There are almost no limits, no morals, driving this man's compass. It bones me up to no end. The word "taboo" come to mind.

He remembered "knowing" me and when I gave him specifics, a sneer came over his face and he felt it was comfortable enough that he could slip into his deep dark self. And I went right there with him.

Things were said that should rarely, if ever, be said in public.

He is an expert cocksucker, though not good enough to get me to cum. Not that he couldn't, but my will not to cum was much stronger. Luckily, he had a desire to fill my throat.

But before that, I wanted to eat his ass. "It's not clean", he replied. I dove in anyway.

I'll give him this, it was not clean. It wasn't horrible, but if the story of fecal matter in beards is true, they might want to consider guys like me, who put their face right into some guy's fucking fine ass.

After that, it was down on his dick, while he talked utter filth to me.

He was between a work session and dinner, so time was critical. He was all too happy to flood my mouth with his spunk. I was all too happy to swallow it.

He escorted me to the door, hoping we'd see each other before he left town.

I could have been upset that he blocked me after I left, but I wasn't. The reality was, he was leaving the state. I never thought I'd have the chance with him in the first place. The idea of me getting seconds was slim to none.

If I jacked off - Tim is someone I'd think about while stroking my prong.

Friday, May 15, 2015

2 of His. 1 of Mine.

While I have been back to the big, thick, black cock I have wrote about twice - they were just blowjobs.

And while I clearly love giving head - and especially to him - giving head can make for fairly mundane stories, even when it's great.

But this morning (yes, THIS morning), I got a message from him (I still don't have a name - so I haven't made up a fake one):

"U up for sum dick n yr hole?".

I think my reply was: 'how soon?'.  And I couldn't type it fast enough.

His was: 'now'.  25 minutes later I was knocking on his door, so he could knock on mine - the back one.

The man is seriously hot - and not just because he has a great cock. His body is nice, is face is great. And he seems nice.

I walked in, and like the last times, porn was playing. He was on his couch, stroking his dick. If it were just a blowjob I'd stay dressed. But this was to be an ass fucking, so the pants and boxer briefs hit the floor. He said, "yeah, you won't be needing those".   No, I would not.

I got down on my knees, between his legs and went to work on his cock. As big as it looked, I'm happy to say I made it bigger, thicker and meaner looking. There was a point where I kind of wondered "can I take that up my ass?".

Sure, I did before, but it was later in the evening and I had down a few glasses of wine. This was before 9:30a.  Reality was setting in - though every fiber of my being wanted that dick.

He stood me up and took me over to the arm of his sofa and bent me over.

OMG OMG OMG OMG - he seemed thicker than he had before.

I know this really not to be true, and maybe it was the new angle, but fuck he was big. Mind you, he let me do the line-up and pushing back onto his pole, but let's face it, after they're even part way in, rare is it a guy whose dick does not take over.

Now, I never said 'stop' because that's not who I am. I might have said 'hold it for a second' and he probably did, but a second isn't really a great deal of time. But once he reached around and played with my nipples, I opened up a little more and he kept sinking in.

I can honestly say I felt everything. Like last time, every nerve was on fire. I could have taken his pulse with my ass. I could feel every beat of it as it was in my ass. I know guys (including myself) say they can feel the throb of the dick as he shoots - but this was different. This was every heartbeat he had and it went through his cock into my ass.

When he'd purposefully flex his shaft as it was buried into the hilt, there was truly a pleasure-pain thing going on. It was erotically enticing.

I know it wasn't that long, but it seemed like forever before I was opened enough for him to start doing his "work".  And he did it so expertly. Still bent over the sofa, I also used my talents contracting my muscles to make him feel that ass from his end. He fucking responded positively.

I would say after 10 minutes, he just fucked harder and harder. I reached behind me and grabbed on of his nipples. I had to use my other hand to steady myself at the sofa. But that nip to finger action helped push him over the edge.

He unloaded up my ass. And he actually fucked harder. He wasn't one to just bury the dick and let the cum do its work. No, he fucked his own load into me - trying to get it deeper than it already was - which was about up to my lungs at this point.

With both of us still catching our breath, he asks, "do you want another load?".  I kind of mocked with "when?".  

And he started fucking me. He'd go deep, but he really started just teasing the head with my outer muscle. I would say in another seven minutes he was delivering another load up my butt.

While I can't tell if it was bigger, his reaction was. His vocals, his trembling - all bigger than the first time.

After he slipped out, he asked if I'd cum for him. He's asked before and while I haven't declined, I hadn't produced either. This guy was too hot to keep denying his request. His cock was still hard as we stood in front of each other as I took matters into my own hand.

Within a matter of minutes I was shooting a 19 day load onto his black cock....well....and some onto the floor. That last part couldn't be helped no matter how much I aimed. It was 19 days worth. It had to go somewhere.

And somewhere it did.

With his cock covered in my jizz, he turned me around (again) and slipped his cum covered cock up my ass. I was actually taking my own load up my own ass.

He pumped a few times, enough to clear my seed off his shaft.

I would say, he's pretty much an unflappable man, but even he was fucking turned on by the entire scene. He was in hog heaven, as was I.

Not bad for a Friday morning.....and it wasn't even 10:00a yet.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Worst Blowjob I Ever Had

......that was the text message that came to me after he left my house.

I hesitate telling you how many blowjobs I'd given this year up to this point - but suffice to say, it has been a lot.

I've always borrowed a line from Elvira when someone asked her how her head was (meaning headache), she replied, "no complaints yet".

I guess I can't say that now.

I'll be nice and say, of the few dozen blowjobs (and I'm really low balling that figure) I've given in 2015 no one has least to my face. Most have repeated, so I must be doing something right. And for all the years I've given head, I've never heard an unpleasant word.

Mind you, he was 22. I rarely go that young and I should have trusted my instincts and not extended the invite. But I was horny.

I will give him this: I certainly did not give it my all. He wasn't my first that day.......nor my second. And he was by far the worst. I had another third, but turned him away at the door, as I sucked him weeks ago and it was horrid. Well, he was horrid. I'm guessing 4 packs a day smoker. One bottle per day of cologne. Faux Tommy Bahama shirts and lots of gold chains. Add to that 2" smaller than he claims - and he only claims 6.......and a belly that needs to be tapped to drain 2-3 liters of fluid off it.

But besides that guy, who I didn't let cross the threshold, the 22 yo was the worst.

Let's just say, his dick was nice. 8". Black. But he never fully got hard. I tried. Honest, I tried. But he wasn't into it - wasn't into me.

I won't lie. The text stung a little - and I'm not sure WHY I cared.

Then I'm thinking, he's 22 - how many blowjobs has he really had?  I was willing to let it go, until he sent two more texts:  'can't believe I wasted gas coming over to you'  and 'now I'm stuck in rush hour traffic because of you and your bad blowjob'.

I not proud of it, but I didn't really care - and I went to his level.....and opted to respond.

"Well, I can't say I was turned on by you, so that probably had something to do with it. I totally get why you wouldn't send a pic ahead of time, because who the fuck would ever invite you over?"  and then said....

"And 215lbs?  That passed you by 25-30 lbs ago."   And then I blocked the number.

The next day I had an opportunity to suck a 9" black dick (it was maybe 8).  On the way over, honest to god, I was questioning my skills. That stupid fat fuck shook my confidence.

No need to worry. The 8"er told me before: no hands (I try not to) and wanted me to take it all - every inch when he fucked my face. He didn't want another poser. He didn't want another liar.

He fucked my face hard. I took every inch of it. I let him do what he want and my hands remained at my side.

He said he was impressed that I could do what he wanted, as most cannot.

I felt vindicated.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Hotel Bathroom Stall Suck

CLAW was officially over.

There were a few things going around, but for me, my staff was gone, my area was broken down, I even changed into somewhat presentable street clothes. I don't mind walking out to my car in leather - and a kilt, but I wasn't going directly home and where I was headed, that wasn't the proper attire.

As I sat in my area to catch my breath and look around one more time, I got hit up on Scruff. He was 300 feet away. But that could be all the way across the hotel and up a few flights. There was no use scanning right to left to see who might be who.

I had seen him a number of times over the weekend. If he thought a thing about me, he never seemed to let on. He never acknowledged my presence or anything.I assumed I wasn't his type. But I guess one can't assume that. It might be conditions on whom he was with. Or you know, this could be the pick-up after last call and you just. want. to. get. laid.

50 (though didn't even look 40), 5'10", 200 (didn't look that either), multi-racial (didn't look that either), hairy (he DID look that). Bald (or shaved) and  nice full beard. Handsome as fuck.

I cut to the chase, even though he messaged me. I had limited time since I had somewhere to be. But he couldn't host in his room as his roommates were there. I said they might enjoy watching - he claimed they wouldn't.  I told him I was sitting in a secondary lobby across from a bathroom. He said he'd be down in 5 minutes. He was.

The man was so fucking sweet too. Damn.

He leaned in and kissed me. Actually, we ended up making out for about 5 minutes. I love you can do that there - in a Holiday Inn lobby - and no one cares. Not that there were many around in this area. But still......

I said, I was going into the restroom. He finished up by saying he'd be in in a few minutes.

I had been sitting out in the lobby for 15 before he arrived and no one had gone in or out, so I was surprised to find the last stall occupied. I didn't really care, but....   So I had to take the middle. To take the nearest one would definitely show two sets of feet to anyone entering. I had barely unbuttoned my pants when he entered the bathroom, followed by him pushing open my door, stepping into the stall and locking us in.

Our lips met again. Damn, he is a fine kisser. And while that was fun and all, that is not what one goes into a bathroom stall for.

His pants opened, and so did mine.

This man had it all. A hot face. A nice guy. A good kisser. And easily 8.5 thick inches with a steep upward curve and one of the biggest heads on a cock I have seen. All wrapped up into one package. Fuck.

Unfortunately, fucking is not something we did. Thought it would have been an honor to take him up the ass and claim that I had been able to.

I slid down, sitting on the toilet and taking him into my mouth. He sighed heavily.

Where you think the upward curve would be problematic, however I was sitting on the john made it so much easier to take. I suppose if I were lower and on my knees the angle would be all off, but in this scenario, it all worked to our advantage.

While I won't say I got it all the way down - because, damn he was thick - but I did a more than admirable job. I only left less than an inch, but I wanted it all.

At this point, the guy in the next stall stirred. Allegedly, my suitor didn't seem to notice there was anyone in there. He looked panicked but I gave him a reassuring "it's ok" look and he was fine.

He stood me up and went down on me, but only by bending over. Just like his kissing, he showed his mouth is good at lots of things. I was rock hard anyways, but he did nothing to bring down the swelling. If anything, he made my shaft that much more steel-like in nature.

I did have another obligation, so my time was limited. Back to sitting, back to blowing him.

I wasn't even trying to be quiet about my slurping. If the guy next to us wanted to peek, what the fuck did I care? He was probably stroking anyways.

Then I felt my feeders hands on my head. He gripped strong and guided me faster in up and down motions. His cock was getting harder. We were nearing the end. And fuck if with all his other attributes, he didn't blow a fucking HUGE load into my mouth - and it wasn't even bitter.

Could this guy get any better?

I swallowed (of course) every drop and then cleaned off his cock from excess spit and sperm. Oh, who am I kidding, there was no excess sperm.

He wanted to see me cum. He wasn't willing, it seemed, to go back down on me, but you know how it is with some guys after they unload. They're unwilling to do a lot after that high vanishes.

Normally, I don't jack off, but I was so fucking horny and he had provided me so much in such a short amount of time - and I wanted to please and impress him. It didn't take me long.

As not to make a mess of the floor in the bathroom, I scooted back so I could shoot right into the toilet. I have to sit far back for that, since my dick would extend over the necessary area. Yes, I'm bragging a little.

And then I started to shoot.

I mentioned three posts ago that since I had not cum in so long, it is usually the second load that is greater - and I proved myself correct. I could NOT stop shooting.

Mr. Stud was duly impressed. And when he thought I was done I came more, even overshooting my target, hitting the floor near his shoes. "Oh my god, you're STILL shooting!"

Damn right.

We cleaned up a bit and walked out together. I got one last kiss and then he was gone.

(side note:  afterwards, via text, he tells me that was his first public bathroom encounter.  I know I get around, but how can that be possible?)

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Room 154

Still on the last day of the leather event.

I was back and my post and guys were trickling in from a long night doing fuck knows what. ...or who. Such is the nature of these events, to a degree.

I was in my kilt and well, guys take advantage of that to a degree. And I let them. To a degree. During a break, someone was a level below me and snapped a picture of It's a kilt, not a skirt, so I was going traditional, as I'm told the Scots would say.

So that's floating around there somewhere.

But often men would put their hands under just to check. I rarely stopped them. I chalked it up to a sales technique, but it had more to do with letting guys feel me up.

One "older" man was a little more aggressive about it. It was his first CLAW so he thought it was a great way to get to know guys. Touching them. Kissing them. He felt there were no restrictions - and while I agree there are fewer, I wouldn't say it was a free-for-all.

He touched and kissed. He caressed. He was making me hard. He was making me tent in the kilt. Going by his view, no one really cared. Some watched, others just went about their business - they'd seen it before. They'd see it again.

He wanted me to come to his room where he and his friend would be. I said I could be there in a bit, but after I got new volunteers settled. He took my phone number to text me the info. He sent a pre-emptive text...something to which I could reply.

And I did. He said they were in room 154.

254. 554 and now 154. I am thinking there might be sex gods or something, and this was no longer a coincidence.

The door was open. In the room stood the guy I made out with. I'm sure he told me his name, but I forgot immediately. This wasn't about life long friendships. He was maybe 60, 5'8, 180, grey, where he had hair. 6 fat inches.

His friend, Paul (I remembered that one), was in the chair,. 6'1", 180, a ton of dark hair and glasses. Very cute.

The bed has already been stripped as housekeeping thought they checked out. It's ok, I wasn't going to sleep anyways.

Guy 1 pulls out his cock and tells me to go down on him. Gladly. I suppose before that he felt under my kilt and got me hard again. But then I went down on him.

He sat on the edge of the bed and I bent over to take him to the root. Behind me, Paul lifts up my kilt - exposing myself to the elements and to well....Paul.

He kneels and eats my ass. He is good at it too. Not as good as I am at eating ass, but he's more than admirable. He tells someone (me? the other guy?) how great my ass tastes and what a nice butt it is. Still, I'm blowing the first guy and I hear him ask, "you need a rubber?"  Paul hesitates for a second and says, "nah".

Paul then thrusts in. One shot - all the way in. I never had even seen his dick at this point.But I felt it. Guy 1 holds me in place. Maybe they thought I'd object. I kind of hope they thought I'd object and were just taking advantage of me.

Paul would say how hairy my ass was. He had picked up my phone and started to record his in and out strokes.

It was a nice cock.

I didn't know this yet. At some point he tossed the camera to Guy 1 and he took shots from his angle.

It turns out that Guy 1 was also filming from his camera (I haven't seen his handiwork yet).

What was to be a quick bit of fun was now nearing 30 minutes. I was taking work calls while working on them.

Guy 1 came out of nowhere. I didn't know he was close. I don't think he knew he was close. It was a generous load. Lots of cum. But Paul wasn't there yet. He just kept pumping away - oblivious, or just not caring, of the two times I said, slow up a bit.

Now, I know no one is supposed to really listen to the bottom, but I was feeling a bit....ummm.....uncertain (down there), and usually it passes, but I couldn't gauge how things were. But Paul didn't care....which kind of turned me on.

He kept going until he started cumming. Paul just started shooting his load right up my ass. I was definitely moaning as he did it. Not that he was asking or looking for my approval.

When he pulled out, I slumped off the bed a little and he walked in front of me and presented his cock. I put my mouth around it and his hand went to the back of my head.

What I'm assuming was to Guy 1, were the words, "this fucker has two hot holes".

I'm not sure a higher compliment could have been paid.

As I didn't really have to dress to get out of there. I put the kilt back down, thanked them, told them I hope they enjoyed CLAW and made my way back to the area I was managing.

I never did make it to 354 or 454.  Drats.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Room 554

"Got a morning craving there, boy.......?" was what popped up on my Recon screen.

I always have a morning craving....and usually and afternoon and evening one too. I was back to work at the leather gathering and while we had not yet opened for the morning, I had to wait a little bit of time before I could head up to see him.

I replied with, "what room #?"

I found it a little odd he was in the same room number, but different floor as my handsome stud, but I'm sure it was coincidence.

One knock and the door opened. He stood there all of 5'7", maybe 170. Stocky. Masculine. Clad in a leather cap and vest and mirrored sunglasses. Fuck I love how some guys can pull those off. He could.

His legs were thick. So was his cock.

Actually, it was thicker than it appeared in the picture he sent to entice me to come upstairs. He pretty much had me at 'boy'.

Immediately, I went to my knees. As thick as I thought the cock was, as he started to grow more, his girth expanded as well. I may have struggled for a few seconds as it got wider, but I made it to the base with little issue.

But then he wanted to lay back in the bed.

While this position might be comfortable for him and some guys might like sucking dick this way - it's not my preferred method. You either have to lay flat on your stomach - which isn't optimal or kneel and hunch over his cock.

Mind you - I don't say a thing, I just do my job. It was nice having his fat cock in my mouth and looking up into the mirrored glasses.

He asked if I kiss - and I did. I don't know why guys ask for it when they're horrible at the task. Of course, maybe they don't know they're bad. And I bet no one tells them - myself included. It's like telling an employee who works for you they have poor hygiene - there is just no good way to do it.

Anyways, it was back to blowing him, filling my mouth with his cock. He muttered things like "boy" and "cocksucker", but for a leather guy, I expected more. He seemed to be worried someone would hear him. I was afraid no one would.

I only worked on him for about 10 minutes before he gave up his load. It was sizable and good. He said it was his first load in four days. Considering this was the last day of the event, I was kind of surprised.

But I had to get back to my work, but I went back with morning protein filling my belly and still with its smell present on my breath.