Sunday, March 19, 2017

Load Collector

He had hit me up on Scruff a few times. Nice looking enough. 32, 5’10”, slim build, nice face and beard, ok dick.

He didn’t care about his cock. He cared about mine. He was sub all the way.

For whatever reason, I was intrigued. There was a lot of back and forth – and then periods of nothing, mostly on his end. He was either busy, found someone better or was high. That last part is my assumption. He was so adamant about not getting high – after asking if I did – that I assumed he was trying to convince me of something that was a blatant untruth. I still think it.

Late one afternoon, he mentioned how fucking horny he was. I was too. Horny enough to consider this. However, I was at the office and would be for some time. This did not deter him. Before long, I was throwing caution to the wind and inviting him to my office building.

Now, at first he was all about blowing me. But my take was that if I was going to do this, I wanted his ass. I know he was willing, because he one of the first pictures he shot to me was his butt and butthole. He said he wasn’t prepped for that. I told him to get himself prepped for that. He said he would.

Like all tricks – he was late, but only by 15 minutes or so. Still, it was annoying as I wanted to get off and go home. The later it got, the more likely it would be that security might do rounds on the floor. I couldn’t afford that.

He represented much better in real life than in the pics he sent. It’s a rarity, but dare I say, I think I represent better than in pics too. 5’10”, 175, dark hair and beard. When he exposed his cock, it was ok, and tied up it seemed to make it hard. While I kind of cared, on another level I did not. His cock was not my focus this evening.

Barely in my office, with the door shut and secured, he went for the lights…… turn them off.

By experience, I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist – even if it is in my own office. I have windows. Three of them. Sun had set and the LEED building has motion sensors on them which turn on the lights. Sure, there are building near by – but you’d need a fucking pair of binoculars to see a thing. Still, he was uncomfortable having anyone have the remote possibility of seeing a thing. I was disappointed.

Not only that, it made it harder for me to see. I tried to use the dim light from my computer screen as my guide, but after a minute or three or inactivity, the screens go dark.

The boy was prepared. Boy. Ha! He was 32 – allegedly.

He went to a chair in my office and sat in front of me. I was already taking out my cock. As much as I’d have him do it, there was a timing issue, as in there was only so much I wanted to take to fuck around in a semi-public area.

The guy was a decent cocksucker. More than decent even, but that’s not what either of us were here for. So I got him up off of his knees and directed him to bend over the desk.

I was planning on, and happy to use, my spit as lube. He was a prepared boy and brought some. I noticed he brought no rubber, so that was fine by me. It was one other thing I didn’t have to navigate around.

32 isn’t that young, but this boy had been around. My cock – which isn’t small – easily sunk into his hole. Not a lot of resistance. This guy had clearly seen a lot of action – and I asked him. He immediately went into his first time, being a teen and taking 10”.

I knew from there he liked cock and clearly went on to take many – mine now included.

I cannot compete with 10”, but something told me this guy didn’t care. I went about my job pumping his shitter hard and deep. Knowing he was opened up, I wanted to…, needed to….make him feel it. So I nailed his ass and pinned him between the mid-section and the desk.

Since he was more….shall we say, pliable….and he didn’t really use his ass muscles at all (or maybe they were shot from overuse), I got to fuck for a while. I almost – almost – had to gear myself up mentally to get there physically.

In the end (pun intended!), I shot a nice big hot load deep into his guts. I bottomed out (again, not difficult) and was far in as possible before I jetted my semen up inside of him – that went even farther - just like so many before me had done.

I don’t know if he was satisfied with it at all. I can’t say I was. I like the experienced guys, but this guy was a load collector. I’m not complaining, as I’ve clearly been in his shoes. He wasn’t bad by any mean, but overall he was just ‘meh’.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Young and Hung

He was all of 20.....if that.

Maybe he looked / seemed younger because he was all of 5'5".....with shoes on. I think it was the height thing, more than the age thing, as to why I put him off for weeks on end. While not quite a foot shorter than I, he was approaching it.

But at an opportune time, he messaged me on Grindr and I replied. Yes: I was in the mood to suck some cock.

I did ask for a pic and got this.

Yes, I did mean - but didn't specify - one of his face, but I got one of his nice schlong instead. I was in a for a visit.

And while he pinged me, and while I asked if he wanted head, he did mention, his cock might taste of lube, as he had jacked off two hours before.  Ahhhh youth. Pumps one off and ready to again.

I told him with a cock like his, he could pull it directly out of an ass and I'd go down on it. He seemed to like that statement.

I suppose it was my luck he lived in off-campus housing because going to a dorm would have been too too weird. He apologized in advance that his place was a mess, as he had guests the last few nights. In reality, I was going to a 20 year old college student's place......I would have been more shocked if it had been cleaned or vacuumed.

He let me in and in the center of the room was an air mattress. I guess he did have guests.

There was no fanfare. He just walked back to his bedroom and I followed. He pulled down his pants and kicked back on the unmade bed. With me still in the suit I wore to work, got on my knees, onto his bedroom floor.

Being 20, he was already hard. And he was thick.

The pic you see was taken from the side. If you see it from the underside, you get a different view. And it was not just big looking because of his size. This was a nice cock.  Period.  I'm guessing 7.5", but when combined with the girth......yowza.

It's doubtful he ever propped himself up to even look down at me. He was flat on his back, with legs hanging over the side of the mattress. He had thrown one arm over his eyes. I'm not sure if this was a relaxation technique or an avoidance mechanism.  Either way - I had his cock into my throat.

And it was, and remained hard. I was doing something right.

The flesh indeed have a lube taste to it. It wasn't a show-stopper by any means.

While he had gotten his nut two hours earlier and even though he was 20, I had to work for it. And honestly, I was ok with that. I would have been happy to do this for hours.  That said, I did have to be somewhere and couldn't spend vast amounts of time being the cocksucker to a college kid.

Sure there was verbal, but never enough. I'm a man who loves all verbal - the dirtier the better. But you need some experience for good skills. Not to say someone that age couldn't have a lot of experience - - I certainly did. And I mean a LOT.

But I pushed the envelope a little.

"You wanna cum for daddy?"

It just came out of my mouth all too easily.

It's not that I relish being considered a 'daddy', but the facts are the facts. He was 20, and pinging someone who clearly was not. And while I was his age once, and going after guys who were now my age, I never considered myself chasing a 'daddy'.

Times change though. The term 'daddy' seems more prevalent now than it was way back when. So I made an assumption, said what I said.......eventually two more times.........and didn't get a response telling me I was incorrect.

For a guy who had squirted a few hours before, I will be the first to say the size of the load was way impressive. It had little to no flavor, but that's ok too.  I wasn't there to be a connoisseur of sperm.

I was there to suck a boy and collect his load.

I'm confident he'll invite me back.  I'm confident I'd go when asked.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Lunch Time Snack

"Have you had lunch, or is this it?"

He let that roll off his tongue while he looked down at me.

But it was my lunch - all protein. And that's what I told him when I came off his meat for a second.

He hit me up on Grindr. As it turned out, I was leaving work shortly to head to another meeting off site.  He lived somewhat on the way, he invited, I accepted. And yes, it was right around the lunch hour.

There was no awkwardness when I got to his house. I was shown what was clearly a guest room. There was no pretense either. I rubbed his crotch a few times for good measure and then got to my knees.

While I was happy to unbutton his fly, he did it for me. I had little time to waste, so I pulled down his tightie whities. Ill fitting at that. They didn't show off what he had, which was about 6.5" of dick - decent thickness too.

He let me do all the work.

I don't mind a guy taking control of things - as if you didn't already know that - but this man wasn't like that. He was nice. I think he thought he deserved to be serviced, but he wasn't aggressive about it.

He would stand there, sometimes with his head back, but more often than not, I'd look up to see his head tilted to the side so he could watch his shaft disappear and then reappear. He'd repeatedly say how awesome that looked and how hot it was to watch.

Well fuck - I love to be watched, even if it is from the man I'm servicing. He loved my lips passing back and forth over the ridge of the head of his cock.

"Fuck - you're good at that".

It's nice to hear. I'd be lying if I didn't think I have some exceptional oral skills, but it's good to get that affirmation.  I told him I'd like to be his cocksucker. I don't know why I think it, but I sensed he might be too proper to use a term like that......or see people in that type of context. Yet here I was, on my knees, in the middle of the day, in a guest bedroom, slurping on his boner.

Oh yes, the meat was soaked in my spit and I went up and down on it. Slowly at times, faster at others. While I like the long, drawn out blowjob, there was a time limit here. I had to be at this upcoming meeting. It wasn't optional.

But I was alternating on deep throating and working the head. I did my patent-pending tongue tickle of the shaft. He said it almost like an apology, but I don't think he meant it.

"I'm really making you work for that load".

He was proud of the fact that he was making it so.

I didn't mind, and I said so.  "You could suck me for hours".  I told him I would, given the chance.

I would say I felt his cock get harder after I worked on that rod for a while longer, but I'd be lying. He was solid the entire time. He doesn't have big nuts, so I couldn't quite tell if they were getting tighter. But he made some vocal overtures that told me he was closer.......and he did announce it a few seconds before.

The load was large and had a good consistency, but little taste.

None of that mattered, of course. The ability to make him feel good and empower him while I went about extracting his seed is what it's mostly about. The cum is just the extra something.  Though I know he liked me swallowing it, then squeezing the shaft to make sure all drops were gotten.

As he put on his pants, and me just standing up (as I didn't take my pants down, or even open my zipper),  I adjusted myself and noticed I was leaking.  But he broke my momentary self-reflection by asking if I was ok headed to my afternoon of work.

I smiled and said I was, though I would be going with semen breath.

He shot back, "I have tic-tacs".

I replied, as I got to the door, "I never said I wanted to cover up the taste or smell".   And then I said I hope I'd see him again.

He assured me I would.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Do I Know You?

It's that awkward moment when the door opens and you've just realized you're about to hook up with someone you kind of / sort of know.

The set-up started out ok. Vague pictures (of him) on-line. But while I love a good face - when I'm in 'the mood', seeing or approving of the face starts to fall down the list. This has worked to my advantage and disadvantage as well. Some times you're pleasantly surprised, sometimes you're turned on, sometimes you say 'ugh' - and not even to yourself.

Usually, it's just 'oh, ok'.

Or when you come face to face you find out it's "David".

Perhaps it is my perception, but there was a millisecond pause on his end too. Did he recognize me? Did he care?

David and I are not friends. You might barely call us acquaintances. I've met him several times at various social events or fundraisers. At the first event, I went out of my way to chat him up. He seemed somewhat engaging, though it was later in the evening, so it was cut short.

Another time was at an event, then 6-8 of us grabbed some grub afterwards. He sat across from me.

Now, I rarely forget anyone. I remember situations and conversations. And I never believe anyone ever remembers or notices me. So when we were at the threshold of the door, I couldn't tell if he knew me or not - or whether this would be weird, or not.

....and then we were both inside.

The on-line chit-chat was for head. Me giving; him getting.

David is 45-ish, 5'11", 170.  His dick is average, but always rock hard. My mouth fit nicely around it.

David likes head-work. Now, when I have oral sex, I like a guy who goes deep and stays deep. And when I give go down on a guy, I play around until I know his triggers. It didn't take long to figure out he liked me focusing on this head and corona.

Many guys do not like that, as it can be the most sensitive part. Too sensitive, in fact. But not to David. It was the place where I truly got his motor going. It's where he'd grab my head and hold me as I did my work.

The thing with having sex with guys you know - and who might remember you - is that the interaction during the act can be weird. Do you talk? Do you talk dirty?  If so, how dirty do you go? This is someone you're going to see at a friend's birthday party.

It's like dipping your toe into a cold lake.

The verbals started off with moans from him.  That got me to provide moans around his cock. He worked his way into "oh yeah".  It eventually got to "it's so fucking hot watching my cock go in and out of your mouth".

After our initial visit, he said, "where have you been hiding?", to which I replied, "I've been here in plain sight". Again, I feel that maybe he really doesn't know who I am after multiple introductions - or maybe he just can't place how he knows me.

During the session, I attempted to bait him into using the word "cocksucker", but so far that hasn't happened. I think I know enough not to try to get him to call me "faggot".

"I love how your mustache and beard go around my dick. It feels great" he say.

This last time - yeah, he's come back twice far - he kept telling me "you give the fucking best head I've ever had".

Give head.

I love the term, but it seems to have gone by the wayside. Usually it's "suck cock".  But yeah, I give good head.

Each time, he gets close, he tenses. I grab his thighs. He grabs my head. He seems to tell me he's about to cum after I've felt two or three spurts. Delayed reaction on his part, or he doesn't know he's actually ejaculating.

"Fuck - take every drop. Every single one."

Most guys don't truly know what they're asking with that. So many pull out after their initial ejaculation, because they are far too sensitive.

Not David. He lets me swirl my tongue around everywhere afterwards. I squeeze his shaft to make another drop of cum appear. I make a show of it. He seems to like it.

So in the past, perhaps David remembers me or not. What I do know is - he is aware of me now!

Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 - First Load

I am still woefully behind on posts. And while this one is about my first load for this year, I have adventures going back all the way to last May that are still in queue.  But we'll get there.

So yes - it took for three weeks into the new year before I got my first load of 2017.  What kind of fucked up world is that? It just seems to be the way lately - the job has been getting in the way of the blowjob.

Post-gym last Sunday, I was about to head home when I saw an old "acquaintance" was on Scruff. It had been at least two years since we'd conversed, let alone....."conversed".  I hit him up, he invited me his work.

It was still morning, he was the only one there and could I stop by to suck him?

The answer was 'yes'.  Yes, I  could.

I walked into the local small business. There had been only one car in the lot and I assumed it was his, yet no one was in the place. After 45 seconds - which felt like a long time - he emerged from what was most likely a rest room.

He was still the same - 5'10", thin, thinning hair, handsome-ish face. He led me to the back of the store that had a partition with a makeshift office - or two stools and a higher counter with a laptop on it.

Immediately, he pulled out his cock. Had this been my first time with him I'd have been disappointed. It was small and very thin. But I knew it would grow to almost 8" and it would fill out girth-wise as well.

We stood there for a moment while I fondled it and then I asked, "do you want me to put that in my mouth?" - he leaned back onto the stool and said "suck it".

And I did.

I fucking love his cock. It fits my mouth - and other places - quite nicely.

And "Rick" always does a nice job fucking my face too. A firm hand on top of, or behind, my head and he then just pumps his shaft in and out of my mouth.

Normally, Rick takes a while to cum. But I don't think I was sucking him for 15 minutes before he just uttered, "oh fuck, I'm gonna shoot".

Now, I attribute the quick bj to the environment. It's exciting and scary to be blown at work. Or to blow at work. I think that got him to a quicker climax.

And while he said it was a two day load, it was huge! Just kept spilling seed onto my tongue and some of it slid back into my throat and down to my belly.  But the majority I kept in my mouth, so I could show him.

When he was done convulsing, I opened wide to show him his own white gold. He looked down admiring his bounty. And then there was one word:  "Swallow!"

I placed his had on my throat so he could feel me ingest his semen. He smirked.

I then opened wide to show it him it was all gone. And for good measure, I squeezed his shaft to milk out two more drops. And I licked those clean as well.

He smiled. I stood up, nodded and walked out of the office and out of the store.

I had gotten what I came for.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Outside Video Shoot

Let's just say that my 2017 resolution is to be more consistent as a blogger.  Feel free to call me out on it when that does not happen. 

He answered my CL ad. I was in a mood and wanted a good video of me sucking cock. Normally I take ok video of me doing such a thing, but it’s usually on the fly and usually have to gain permission at the moment. I wanted this a little more set-up if possible.

I have been getting pics or video long enough that I can multitask, and I can almost guarantee that I can suck cock and hold a camera better than a guy that is getting sucked. You’d think these people have never held a phone / camera before. Or seen porn.

Still, in a way, it is nice to have the guy’s buy-in from the get-go and potentially set up some expectations and block the shots.

The guy, “Matt”, sounded into it and decent: 28, 6’0”, 200lbs and 6.5”. It was his suggestion to do it outside. It was his suggestion to do it in a nature preserve – a place where I have previously hiked. I was down for it and after a few scheduling attempts, it finally seemed to work out.

Unfortunately, when I pulled up, the parking lot was crowded. The times I’d been here before there was no one, or almost no one, who would be back there. Now not only was there a bunch of folks, but a ranger-guided tour. FML.

Still we opted to go back into the preserve.

We entered and headed east. It seem the group did too. We dawdled and looked at plants, the lake, etc until the group not only caught us, but passed us. We had to wait for stragglers too who were out and about, but not with the group. As we slowly walked the trails, we were scouting optimal places to steal away.

We found one – high brush, almost cat-tails. It was a huge huge patch of them. Matt was smart and had pants. I had shorts. It was warm out. But when we found our break of people, we went in. While I saw nothing sharp, it felt like a thousand needles were sticking in my shin and calf. But I persevered for my art, my craft and for all of you. You can thank me later.

The space was tricky. Not quite 20 feet off the main trail, but hidden. We could see movement on the trail. We could hear voices. But were 96% certain no one could see us. The sound was potentially the biggest problem. Those cat-tails (or whatever they were) were extremely dry. Stepping on them, or moving on them elicited lots of noise. Now it could have been seen as animals stepping on them, as it was a nature preserve, but we tried not to chance it.

After we got in place, we tried to make it where we had minimal movement. This proved difficult for me – as that stinging in my legs never subsided…..and it was wicked painful. Still, I powered through.

Matt had a decent cock. It was not outstanding, but that’s ok. He knew what he wanted and how to use it. We tried it with him standing there and me working it with my tongue and lips. We tried it with him pumping my mouth too. The problem was the noise level.

Part of making a good video – in my opinion, of course – is the audio. I like dirty talk. I like moans. I like groans. I like sloppy, wet sucking noises. I like people watching the video to experience what happened. The surroundings made that less than possible.

As it is, we’d would have to take breaks as people would stop on the trail – 20 feet from us – to talk about flora and fauna. Any move could expose us – as it were.

I would hold the camera. Matt would hold the camera. We’d get different angles. He’d talk, but never loud enough. The surroundings, while great in planning, just didn’t lend itself in reality. At least that day’s reality. Any other day I’ve been there we could have done it in an open field with no one but the butterflies to see it.

While I wasn’t overly nervous, I was being cautious. I was not going to stay out there for a long period of time to get a stranger off. And I didn’t need to. We were there maybe 15-20 minutes. And at the end of it, he did the prerequisite grunting and groaning, albeit in lesser volume than I believe he would have. But he couldn’t play up to the camera that way.

Naturally, I swallowed every drop, but not before showing the load to the lens. I might have even exaggerated the swallow.

After we got ourselves together, I walked back through the brush, more stinging of the legs (which would sting then for hours and hours!) and we actually walked the rest of the trail and talked. Nothing sexual…..just talk. As we left the preserve, he told me when I edited the film, to make sure I added in slow motion, to add music, and whatever titles should be 15 point Helvetica. It made me laugh.

I still have done nothing with the footage. It’s all ok…..but once again, still not better than me just holding it myself. I think in reality there needs to be a camera man.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Next Day - Tag Teamed

He messaged the next day. He wanted a repeat.

Hell, I wanted one too, but the schedule was tight. Still, I could make it work, though I told him due to the time, the restrooms we had considered would be off-limits. That time of day – early afternoon, would be far too busy for this. As much as I like public sex, I’m not a fan of being arrested.

Now he had a hotel room which we could use. Fine.

I rearranged my work day to be where I needed, and when I needed to be there. He was on time.

I was more prepared this time, in terms of expectations. I reconciled that he wasn’t as described in his profile, but oh – that cock. There was no way I was skipping out on a repeat.

Clothes came off rather quickly, as I wasn’t there to converse or get any political views from him. I did have the opportunity to do something I had not done the first go-round. I went to my knees right there and sucked his cock. It was fairly erect when I started but super hard by the time I really got going.

Seeing it – and not just feeling – that close up was wonderful. Whatever else I thought of the guy, I could not deny the beauty of the prick. And it tasted great. It slid easily into my mouth and into my throat when I took him all the way. Afterward, I do regret not doing more things orally with that cock. Maybe hang my head over the bed so he could feed me and such. But going by the day before, oral, while nice, was not the main event. For either of us.

No. I wanted that cock up my ass.

Soon, I was on the edge of the bed – my upper body on the mattress, my ass right on the end of the mattress. Before me stood the guy. Hard dick before him, pointing my way. With some lube from a small bottle he slicked up, aimed and pushed. My hole gave way to his cock….and it slowly, but steadily slid all the way up into my ass.


From there, it became an assault. At least for a while. For whatever I thought about him otherwise, his skills as a “lover” (hehehe, as if) were exceptional. The man clearly had experience or was instinctively good. Not all know how to make a rough fuck feel good, because it can be both.

The way he moved, the way he fucked, made me realize that yesterday was not a fluke. He was down to fuck, serious about it and good at it. And he never tried to kiss me, which was great – on many levels. He was the pole. I was the hole. It was as simple as that and neither of us wanted to complicate that – not that we actually spoke about it. In fact, we rarely spoke at all.

We moved around the bed, but always with me on my back. One of the few times he did speak was to mention that he’d like to see someone else fuck me. And then said, ‘why don’t you get on your phone and find someone’.

Now, at best, those odds are high that we’d find another, let alone one who didn’t take 142 back and forth messages only to flake. The odds on what happened next were even higher. As it turns out, I probably should have gone out afterward and buy a PowerBall ticket.

As I go to search Scruff an SMS message pops up: “suck my cock”.

No idea who it is, nor do I remotely recognize the number. I ask “who is this” and get this back in response.

…and he says he’s replying to my cragislit ad. The odd thing was, I had not placed one in weeks, which means he was scrolling and trolling through hundreds (thousands?) of ads until he came upon mine (no pun intended). In a way, it was a little creepy.

I told him what I was doing right then, and where. He said he’d be by in 20 minutes. I never asked from where he was coming, so I didn’t know if it was realistic. I probably should have looked for an alternate, but I felt I had done my part.

All the while, the hospital / hotel guy continued to slide in and out of me while I texted. That is commitment. And when I was done, we kept going at it, but harder. We even got up and he fucked me against his hotel window, which was expansive. Still people would have had to look up six floors to see, and with the daylight, I’m guessing no one saw a thing.

Eventually it was back to the bed, this time, I was shoulders down, ass up and at the edge of the mattress. Just then, there is a knock on the door. I stay in position, almost not wanting to see the guy – in case he was f’ugly (he did not send a face pic), but also to keep it as anonymous as possible. I was in the perfect set up for not being able to see him. At this point – I had been fucked steadily for over an hour…..straight (irony!).

The other guy let him in. I heard some mumbling. Then asking if the curtains could be closed. I heard clothes behind dropped to the floor. I did not hear lube squirt out of a bottle or anyone spit into their hands. But I did feel a cock at my hole and since I could the first guy to my left, I knew it was not his at my back door.

For all the things the white guy was, the black guy was not. Granted, he was early 20s and one of these who thinks because he has a big cock that’s all he needs. He doesn’t. He needs more. There was no skill to his fucking. I was all ramming all the time. It was the first time in two sessions I had to say ‘stop’ or ‘wait’, which I hate doing. But he needed education on how to fuck……and I just knew it wasn’t going to be now or from me. Soon, he was back to full throttle with the white guy egging him on.

Being younger (mid-20s?), this could have gone two ways – he would be quick to cum or could last a long time. As it turns out, he lasted quite a while. I put my forehead to the bed, kept my ass up, and took the pounding. I wasn’t exactly passive. I tried using my ass muscles to squeeze his cock and hope it would stimulate him to get off more quickly. But I think any effect of that was mitigated by his jackhammer fuck style. I’m not sure he could feel my talents with the way he was pumping.

He would say he was ‘there’ but then lost it. It took a few times before he was truly at the edge. At that point he started to pull out to cum – one shot landing on my hole as the original guy told him to shove it back up me…..which he did. The rest of the load was deposited in my guts.

Black guy finally snaked his prong out of my used hole. I had been face down on the bed, my legs spread in a frog position, given great access to my hole. I rolled over to finally see the guy. He was ok, but other than his big cock, he was nothing special. The hotel guy complimented him on his dick and fuck, to which the black guy said he was thinking of charging folks. While the statement was meant to be ‘in the future’, the implication was that he would like to be paid for that fuck. I ignored the statement. The hotel guy said, ‘you can probably get away with it, with a cock like that’.

At this point I had been fucked for over 90 minutes in a row. Continually.

The black guy asked if he could shower. As he left to do so, the hotel guy slid his big cock up my stretched hole. Between the cumming and re-entering would probably be the longest I would be without cock up my ass the entire visit.

While the guy showered, I got my ass reamed. The position was better than before. The cock, while smaller, was better than the previous one. The skill set at fucking a hairy ass was so much better. And he had cum / lube to use.

My ass muscles, I thought, might be stretched out at this point – and with good reason. I was worried my manipulation of this guy’s shaft with said muscles would render useless. I needn’t have been concerned.

Each time I purposefully, or involuntarily, clenched my sphincter around this guy, he would close his eyes, tremble and moan. Each. And. Every. Time.

It was like he was having mini semen-less orgasm with every constriction of my hole.

With each pump of my hole, I was loving it. This surprised even me. After the pummeling I just took, I thought I would want this to be over….for him just to shoot and be done, but I enjoyed it going on and on. I think he was thinking the same thing. He slid out of my hole and without word, I slid off the bed and onto my knees and took his slimy cock and put it in my mouth – then into my throat. There are time I just fucking love ass-to- mouth and this was one of them. He was happy to fuck my mouth too, but I was hard at knowing I was tasting my ass, his cock and the other guy’s load.

Just with my slickness – and my now very receptive ass – he pushed me back onto the bed and proceeded to fucked me more. And more. The first push was the only. He went balls deep in the first motion. Then he just pounded the snot out of me. ….and yes, the black guy was still in the shower!

With a little more manipulation from my butthole clenches, I was able to send the guy over the edge. There was no way he could hold out any longer. And while I know he had shot up my ass 24 hours before, I could feel him spasming for quite a while.

Once he caught his breath and his cock slid out of my used hole he wanted to see me cum. Just like the day before. I was down with it, but now on my terms. As he played with my nipples, I stroked. As I was still hard from the fucking, and had been edging on and off now for two hours (!!!). We stood dick to dick, he was still hard too – definitely making me think he had some taken a Viagra like substance.

Even though I had shot 24 hours before, I had a huge load. That’s what 2 hours of edging will do. Clearly I didn’t have perfect aim, so not all went on his shaft and head, but a good enough amount.


Once I had done a slight recovery for such an intense orgasm, I laid back on the bed and told him to fuck me again. He grinned, took the three steps closer to me and punched his cock up my ass.

With udder abandon, he just fucked me for another five minutes (for like a total of 140 minutes of fucking!!!!)  until my own load was securely up my own ass – mixing with his and the guy who was still in the shower!

Upon withdrawing, I again went to my knees to clean him off….with my mouth. I left him more pristine than before I arrived.

As I dressed and put on my shoes, I heard the water turn off in the shower. I said my farewells to my host, walking back to my car with three loads up my ass.

Oddly, while I was sore the next day, it wasn’t my ass….though it should have been. My thighs were sore as fuck from being frog-legged for a long fuck session.

I didn’t regret one minute of it.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Anonymous Bathroom Breeding

He hit me up on Grindr. “He”. I don’t even have a name or a fake name to give you. It’s best he’s not even totally humanized. This is not a humanizing story. And that’s not a bad thing.

Grindr is not my go-to app for hook-ups. Most guys are younger and they seem me as a dad or an old man, neither of which how I normally see myself. I might only be kidding me. But I took the bait.

He wasn’t of age either – at least for Grindr. 49 he said. An ok picture, but nothing at which you’d be salivating. He was a traveler. In town, at a hospital nearby. I had to clarify he wasn’t a patient. He was not. But it’s not like I haven’t been hit on by patients who were nearby.

While he mentioned he was staying a hotel adjacent to the hospital, I assumed he wanted to utilize that room. As you all know, one should never assume. He tells me to meet him in a certain building at a certain time. Being punctual, I’m where I should be. He is not.

Well, he is – he just sent me to the wrong building, one that is at least a 10 minute walk. No biggie – except that it is. The building he is in is much more populous than where I thought we’d be. But at this point, I didn’t know we would not be using the hotel room and that this is just a meet and walk scenario.

I was wrong.

He sees me before I see him. But to be fair, I am not sure I would have recognized him. His pic and his reality are different. If he’s 49, then I’m 19. Maybe he’s had a really hard few days due to his brother’s hospitalization, I don’t know. It’s here he tells me about a family restroom that we can lock and fuck around in. I’m hesitant, as it’s a busy place. Yet I’d be lying if I said my dick wasn’t hardening somewhat. Public – or semi-public – sex is a huge turn on for me. It’s been harder and harder to do as people and establishments have caught on that this happens.

We find the restroom. I’ve had efficiency apartments that had less room. The door locks, but as we get down to it a bit. Regardless of my thoughts were about the guy – much of it melted away when he freed his cock. It was fucking great. Probably about 7.5”, but thick. A nice head and equally nice shaft. All my qualms kind of died down upon seeing this.

He went down and started sucking my cock (not that I was expecting that). Just then, not does someone try the door, but it opens as well. FUCK!

As it turns out we were mostly hidden. There was a main part of the room and a partial partition where the toilet (and us) was. They might have seen the back of me, but not that there was another person in there. And even if there was, those places are for family members who might need assistance getting to the bathroom. Still – it freaked me out.

He played with the lock, but clearly it was not functioning correctly. We left.

As I had been to this place before and now it was past normal business hours, I knew of two potential spots we could go if he was up for it. He was. Clearly I was too, as I was now taking control of the situation. I was now horned for not only his cock, but for the thrill of sex in a public bathroom.

I easily found the spot. For the moment the hallway where it was located was desolate. As it was a unisex bathroom, there was a lock on the door and I made sure it was functional. We got right down to it.

The thing about public sex is there is little to no foreplay. This is not a complaint. Sometimes you only have the opportunity to get to the act. There is no ‘get to know you’ kind of thing – it goes back to the human aspect. Sure, we are flesh and blood in this act, but in a way we are so much less. There is no personal contact. It’s sex. It is primal. It is animalistic. It is necessary.

From his pants pocket, he pulled out a gold-foiled condom and placed it on a nearby surface. While I don’t know all of my condoms, per se, I do know gold usually equals Magnum. I had already seen his cock and knew he qualified to buy that brand. I assume some guys get that type, as they are deluded into thinking they have a bigger cock than they do. Still – a rubber. Ugh.

I won’t lie – I tried to manipulate the situation. I grabbed his crotch and pulled out his cock. I spit into my hand and coated his shaft with a thick amount of saliva. My pants were already loosened and I dropped them and turned around – presenting myself to him. He took the bait.

The rubber remained on the surface where he place it and he reached into his pocket for a small bottle of lube. Spit would have been fine, but he was big and it was public space, so I’m ok with not doing too much moaning due to a tighter than needed entry. I leaned over and grabbed the bathroom sink. He lined up behind me and pushed at the hole until it blossomed and accepted the head…….and immediately after, the entire shaft.

I semi-silently sucked in my breath and took it – not that I had a lot of choice. This wasn’t one of these situations where you tell them to wait, or hold it, or take it out for a moment. Again: Primal. Animalistic. Necessary.

And at this point – those three items were being exhibited by both of us.

I partially think – maybe more – that the rubber was taken out as a token. Letting me know it was there if I requested he wear it, but hoping I’d never say a word about it – which I didn’t.

The man was good at what he did. He knew how to fuck. He knew how to fuck ass in a public space. Take a look!

Anon Bathroom Breeding

While at this point the hallway traffic would be minimal, his moans were still too loud for my liking. It’s a tiled bathroom – sound reverberates. In a way it is totally hot, in a way it is not.

As it turns out, there was an EVS closet right next to this, so since it was after normal business hours – not that a hospital ever closes – the environmental service workers started showing up to get their gear. They tended to congregate outside our door while this complete stranger’s cock was going in and out of me.

I was getting nailed so hard at one point, I had to let go of the sink. It was attached to the wall with little support underneath the basin. It would have been easy to snap it off the wall with the pressure I was putting on it. So I pivoted over to the right and held onto a grab bar used to support people getting onto and off of the toilet.

At this point, I’d been taking it up the ass for over 10 minutes. Now, in non-public restroom time, that isn’t an extremely long time. Getting boned in a risky venue, 10 minutes is an eternity.

Truth be told, I’m not always hard when I get fucked. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it or am not turned on. Physically, I can’t tell you why I’m not always erect, but I’m not. This time, I was. Full fucking hard on. I think it was the situation: public restroom, old workplace, complete stranger, big cock, expert fucking all culminated in me being extremely excited.

It got to the point I was begging –only somewhat silently - for his load. Part of it was I needed to minimize our chances of getting caught. Part of it was: I REALLY wanted him to pump his scum deep up my ass. That was the bigger part.

He jack-rabbited his cock up my cunt, the closer he got. He wasn’t horribly silent when he made it over the edge.

I could feel him pulse up my hole. That’s not always the case with guys, but this time, I could feel this thick cock getting thicker. I could feel it throb. Each throb was met with his own moans, so I knew his cum was coating the lining of my ass. His breath – or lack of it – was another indicator.

Slowly he withdrew from my ass. His cock was shiny from lube, cum and my ass juice. It was still nicely erect, or mostly. “Cum for me”, were his next words.

Normally I won’t cum while or after getting fucked. It’s not that I can’t. It’s not even that I won’t. There is a deeper sense of I’m not worthy to cum…..I was here for your pleasure, not for mine. Most tops don’t ever care that I don’t get off. That is rarely their goal. Going back to the primal aspect of it all – they just need and want to get their rocks off. And I’m more than ok with being the guy to help them do just that.

Still, it wasn’t a question. Nor even a request. It was borderline order.

While I was still excited by the situation, my hard-on had not gone down either. As I grabbed my cock, he grabbed his. As I stroked, he did as well. He was just as into this after seeding me as he was when he first entered the first time.

It can take me a little while to cum, especially when I was not planning on doing it. I was still going at it and so was he. The difference is, his breathing became a little more irregular – it was shorter and quickened. While he had just ejaculated less than five minutes ago all signs were there for another lift- off.

With no words prior to, he took two steps to his left, which put him right behind me again – and he SHOVED his cock all the way in - balls deep. It was like 3 seconds from insertion to bottoming out. He immediately started convulsing – putting a second load into me.

He was muttering he hadn’t cum twice in a row like that for a long time, but I was barely listening. I told him to play with my tits. So while he was still in me, he reached around and found my nips and started fondling them. He wasn’t great at it, but given the circumstances, I might have been more surprised if he was.

Now I was on the verge. He pulled out and came to my side so he could see me pump my load. It went onto the toilet, onto the floor and onto the wall. It was a big load. He was impressed. I was too.

Not one to stand on ceremony, I shook my dick a few times to get rid of the stray strings. I grabbed a paper towel and wiped it quickly, tucked back in and pulled on my pants. As we didn’t know each other, and he was visiting, there was no need for goodbyes or the such. Fuck – there wasn’t even a ‘thanks’ for either of us.

This all goes back to the need, but lack of humanization. We were both tools for each other. Nothing more.

I opened the door, looked around and left first. Worse case would be – he’d come out shortly after and by the time anyone who might be around saw two guys coming from one bathroom and figured it out, I’d be long gone. ….and I was, leaving him and his unused rubber behind.

I’ve written before: truly anonymous sex is extremely difficult to achieve these days. A profile has location, images, screen name, stats, and a host of other information that no longer makes it anonymous. And fuck – you have to navigate through a maze of stipulations from these guys just to get the chance for them to meet…..or stand you up. So, already, I’ve talked more (online) than I ever cared to discuss, just to get laid.

At least here, the bookstore / video booths are rare. Public gloryholes? It’s been eons since I’ve seen one. Even cruising areas are difficult to fine – woods and parks are patrolled. It’s all very tidy.

I don’t mind impersonal or anonymous sex. This guy is the closest I’ve come to it in a long while.

Ironically enough – it would not be my last encounter with him. More to cum.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Project Manager

“Rob” was on Scruff. He was a few hundred feet from me. Masculine, rugged, blond, blue-eyed. Tall. All those good things you like in men, but not in an Aryan kind of way. I just ‘woof’d’ at him and let it go.

As it turns out, he engaged me in conversation. There was a lot of back and forth with no immediate pay-off. Isn’t Scruff about the immediate, or semi-immediate pay-off? It should be, though it is rarely the case.

Also as it turns out he worked in the same organization as myself. Since there are tens of thousands of people in my organization, it’s not usual not to run across someone such as himself. We are in totally different areas of responsibility, our paths would cross once in a blue moon, if ever.

Still, he would text vague sexual things – the kinds where you couldn’t quite tell if he gave, got or was versatile. Of course, I wanted him to be the guy who gave. I love men taller than myself, but it is rare to find, even though I’m only 6’2”.

Then one Friday late afternoon, he messaged me. He was getting ready to leave work, yada yada yada. I said I was still in my office for a bit, though everyone else on my floor was gone. Said if he was interested, he should stop by. And then it went silent.

Figures, I thought.

Fifteen minutes later or so, I look up from my desk to see Rob standing in my doorway. Well, my outer- office door. I have the arrangement of being able to have double notification if someone is trying to see me. For work, there is no issue. For play – at work – it is a huge benefit.

He mentions he’s not up for play at work. I get that. But there are mixed messages. The more we talk, the more he stands there with a hand in his pocket - playing pocket pool. The more I look at that, or mention it, the stiff he clearly gets in his pants.

He’s teasing me and he knows it. So do I. I don’t hold back and mention it. He responds: ‘who says I’m teasing?’. I reply: ‘I do’, but add that if he’s serious, he should go close the outer door. …and he does.

So either the ‘not playing at work’ thing was a test for me, or he had weak resolve, or a high libido, and caved like a house of cards. Either way, it was working in my favor.

He stepped into my office and closed and locked the inner door. We were very alone. There would be, and could be, no disturbances. I knew that. I think he was hoping it would be true. If he had any nerves, his hard cock betrayed them.

He was standing near the door, me still in my office chair. I rolled a little closer and leaned forward. It was the perfect angle / position. As his pants were dark, I had no qualms about gnawing on his crotch through the rough fabric. No stain would really show, and if he had a concern about that, he never stopped me.

Nor did he stop me when I pulled down the tab of his zipper. If anything, he spread his legs a bit to give me better, easier access. I took the opportunity.

It was a struggle to release his very solid 7” cock from its confines, but I’m nothing if not an experienced slut. Soon that rod was free and passing through the open fly – which is always a great look. Rob stood there why licked the underside of that shaft.

Rob involuntarily moaned as my lips wrapped around his cock and I slid my mouth all the way down to the teeth of his zipper. I think he’d have liked to remain silent….just in case. But I have a great mouth, even if I say so myself. All his actions, verified he thought I had a great mouth as well.

At some point, Rob sat down in my visitor chair. I stayed in my desk chair, wheeled over and leaned in, putting my head - my mouth - onto his lap. Swallowing every inch of cock he had. Right to the entrance of my throat. He didn’t even try to stifle a moan.

He did talk some, but mostly to tell me it takes him a long time to cum. That is good and bad.

Good if we were fucking – him fucking me, that is. Bad for a late day blowjob, when both of you – no matter how much you want this – really just want to get out of the office. So, I cheated. I used my hand. My fist.

I hate being “that guy”, but now and then it is necessary. Sometimes for timing….sometimes it is the only way they can get off. Believe it or not, some guys cannot get off orally. This was a little of both.

Rob’s had slunk down into the chair, his head back – close to, or touching the wall – eyes closed, at least most of the time. He was in the moment of the blowjob. So was I. He succumbed to the moment, to the surrounding, to his decision to let his guard down.

Breathing became labored. Moans were not loud, but they were frequent. As they got closer together, I knew the end was near. And then there was cum. Lots of it. But not tasty. Rob was a smoker, a heavy one at that. When he exhaled just during the blowjob I smelled heavy tobacco. I’m no scientist, but I’m guessing that’s why his sperm tasted bad.

Now don’t get me wrong – I swallowed. Every drop. Including what I squeezed out after what most would have considered “finished”. And I’d never tell him his jizz tasted bad. That’s not my place. I’m there to entice the cum to appear and then make it disappear. I’m there to make a man feel good – and for many, there is no better than the afterglow of orgasm. There is a superiority to them at that point and time.

I straightened up. He stood up and pulled himself together. We chit-chatted while he tucked in and zipped up. It was all very amenable. He even joked, “well, I guess now it’s time to block each other” – meaning to have Scruff impede us from communicating again. We both laughed.

….and I haven’t seen him on Scruff since. I guess he wasn’t joking.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Active Bottom

I walked through his unlocked door and climbed the stairs to his apartment. Once in, it was another flight to his bedroom. As I was a few steps from the top, I could see him. He was almost in an egg- shaped position. Head down, back curled, ass at the edge of the bed with his feet tucked under him. He was in position.

I had been at Starbucks when “Dan” hit me up. We volleyed back and forth before he asked me over. However, the discussion was about him providing me head. I know that’s not my norm, but it had been like four weeks since I got off – which is my norm – and I was ok with someone’s mouth sucking the life out of me.

But now here I was, at his place, his ass exposed for my use.

Well, I assume it was for my use. And there was a bottle of lube and a hand towel to the left of him, seemingly for me.

I  had been here before. I had fucked Dan before. So he knew what I was packing.

Months before (a year?) Dan rebuffed me saying he was no longer having casual sex and was now looking for ‘the one’. I knew he’d be back. They all are. This is an urge that doesn’t just dissipate – even if / when you fine “the one”. And now I was getting on my knees to eat his fucking butthole.

His shitter is nice. Meaty enough, but not fat. Hairy enough, but not a forest. Pink enough that makes you just want to make your tongue dance all around and in it. Of course, this might just be me, since I am such a fan of anallingus. I had him moaning into his comforter, as his head never raised up upon my entrance. While I was down there, I smelled the faintest whiff of poppers. Clearly, he picked up his head enough to take a hit of them.

As we had talked about giving head, I thought I’d take him up on that. I told him before I fucked him, he was going to show me how good his mouth was. He hopped off the bed and got to his knees, while I sat on the edge of the mattress.

His skills were good, but not great. Dan utilized his hand far far far too often, considering the entire blowjob lasted all of four minutes before I pulled him off. Actually, the hand felt good, but it’s a blowjob, not a handjob. And now that the table had been set for buttfucking, I wasn’t really any longer in the mood to dump my nut into a mouth that he might not swallow.

I tried to penetrate Dan with just his spit – and mine (on his hole) – but damn if I’m not too thick for that to go in easily. Considering he said he’d been fucked three times (yeah, casual sex is back on his table) two nights before, I thought he’d accommodate me easily. So I squirted some lube on my shaft, rubbed it around with my hand and then slid up his ass with ease.


Dan is a semi-active bottom. He isn’t that vocal. He doesn’t take over the fuck by physically riding the cock or anything. But his inner-muscles. Oh. My. Fucking. God.


Clearly I’ve never fucked myself, but I do like to use my ass muscles on a guy while he his pumping his junk up my chute.

Here I was, fucking Dan and thinking about guys fucking me – as strange as that might sound. My thought and hope was: fuck – I hope guys who fuck me think my ass feels this good when I purposefully milk their dick with my controlled ass muscles.

Everyone who stops by this blog is aware I’m not the best or most proficient top. That’s not necessarily where my skill set lies. I’m ok, but control isn’t always my strong suit. I mean, if I top, I want it to last a bit. And I get that some guys are just load collectors (I’ve had those times myself). But Dan was purposefully trying to get me much closer – or off completely – by working his ass. And the man has talents.

Dan would mock / play along when I’d tell him to stop manipulating my cock. He’d go, “what do you mean??” at the same time he’d pulse around my thick shaft. The bastard.

The ‘fuck’ was more of me staying still trying not to dump my load too quickly. It was more me staving off ejaculating than it was of me pistoning my dick in and out of his hole, which is really what a fuck is all about, no?

When I realized I couldn’t hold off much longer due to my physical make-up and his continually squeezing my pud, I decided to go for broke and just start fucking. #Dan took the cock – and the load – like a champ.

Finishing in the Ass powered by XTube

(last part of video was too big for blogger upload, so I did it via xtube)

The man is beyond experienced, so I don’t think it was a big stretch for him to take the fuck I gave him, but the load was large, so hopefully he was a good boy and didn’t expel it for a number of hours.

Or maybe he used it for lube for the next guy he’d lure over.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Das Schwantz

Let’s just start off with: he was German.

Like just relocated from Germany, German. Born and raised there. Still sporting a heavy Germanic accent.

We had exchanged messages back and forth via Scruff, but neither of us was making the effort – I’m assuming we both assumed that the other would take the lead. Neither of us did. At one point, on one Saturday, things aligned and I was headed to his house.

5’10” or so. Shaved head. Salt & pepper goatee. Wifebeater. A band of ink going around the right bicep. And muscles.

The foreseeable problem was he was more interested in my dick than he was to me helping him out. Still, I went. I was kind of in a mood where I might want to get my cock sucked. I’d rather do other stuff, but if he took it – and if I let him – it would be my first blowjob to completion in 2016.

However, he also sent me a pic of his dick and he had a really really nice schwantz. It was thick and 8 inches. Technically he was uncut, but I wouldn’t say he sported enough skin to make it look that much different than someone who was circumcised.

He liked showing off his dick, but when I’m planning on doing the sucking or taking it up the ass, I try not to advertise my dick. Personally, I think it sends a mixed message. It’s one thing if you discuss versatile status, but that wasn’t done. But now my mind was no longer on him giving me head. My thoughts were geared towards his penis.

He was in the yard, checking on stuff as I pulled up. In his heavy accent, he felt it was ironic that I drove up in a German made car. Coincidence, maybe. Ironic, no. I am of German descent – not that he would know that. I also knew he was waiting on a delivery from Home Depot, so we had an end-time, though he’d get warning when they were close to his house.

We weren’t in the house more than 30 seconds before we reached for each other. Being a hot day, shorts were dropped.  Mine were.  His, were not.  Not yet.

"Lutz” played with my cock, but just with his hands, no mouth. First I was standing, and then I was sitting. He had pure white sofas and chairs. For naked cracks to hit that, while stimulating a potential leaking organ seemed brave, if not downright stupid. But his house – he knows the score…..I assume.

His hands slipped down to my sac. There he touched lightly. Touched roughly. Tugged them while watching my face. I gave no indication that I wasn’t liking any of it. His hand slipped under my nuts to rub on my taint. I scooted a little forward to edge of the sofa and soon his fingers were running over my hole.

Then he slid one up me.

Normally I’m not a fan of fingers. I don’t know why exactly, but they’ve never been horribly comfortable for me. Even for loosening up a hole, I’d rather a guy just do it with his cock. Personally, I think they’re too boney.

But up my bum his middle finger went. And it felt fantastic.  Even I could feel how my membrane grasped around his digit. I can only imagine what he was experiencing.

He was having me get a little short of breath, as he manipulated that finger around. The man knew what he was doing – clearly. I was quickly changing my mind about fingers. He looked me right in the eye as he moved that ‘fuck you’ finger in my ass.

At this point he slipped down his shorts, teasing me with the pubes, the base of the shaft and then slowly but surely the rest of it. They hit the floor and were kicked to the side. The wonderful sausage was in full view.  I slipped off the sofa and wrapped my lips around it – it felt great in my mouth. Going by his moans, he had the same opinion.

He leaked a lot. I lapped up a lot too. It was a good pairing. At this point, he hadn’t tried to suck my dick – though that was the intent of his invite. I was ok with that.  

He got a call he had to take and he stepped back. I got back on the sofa. When he returned, his finger found my hole. And then a second finger joined. It was fucking great. I don’t know how, but it was. Then he did something with his fingers that just made me moan with pleasure. I think he curled his fingers or twisted his wrist – or both. But fuck he knew what to do.

Looking at the pleasure on my face, he either enjoyed me getting off on this, or possibly my ass was doing something to his hand that I could not comprehend.

Before long, he stepped up behind me. Slapping his cock against my crack and hole seemed natural to me. But since he never mentioned fucking me, him pushing a big cock against a small opening. Yet that pink round entrance opened up for him and he insistently pushed his way in. I did nothing to stop his invasion. I needed it. I wanted it to happen.

Halfway through the fuck, his phone rang. By the time he got to it, after a few more pumps up my ass he pulled out but he missed the call. He tried calling Home Depot back, only to find obstacles. While he dealt with those, I wrapped my mouth around the cock that was just up my hole. His cock stayed hard the entire time.

While he was on hold for a long time, he signaled me back to the sofa. I went ass up and he went balls deep. With a few more minutes on hold, he pumped my butt. With no notice, he also pumped a load up my ass.  He put one hand on the small of my back at the time of ejaculation. I milked his cock with my ass and each time I'd clamp, I'd feel him twitch.

Somewhere during his withdraw, his call got dropped. He was not happy.

I was, so while he redialed, I took his cock back into my mouth - and he didn't stop me. He wasn't so sensitive to the touch that he recoiled. After a few minutes, I had him back at rock hard. And he was clean as a whistle. But I didn't stop. I didn't want to and he made no signs telling me to cease and desist. So I didn't.

15 minutes later I was rewarded with a second load. In my mouth. One for each end.

I figured that was it for me. He had been on and off hold with various managers while I sucked him. Still no delivery resolution. But while he traversed the bowels of Home Depots customer service, he got on the ground, on his back and told me to jack off on him.

So I did.

As I hadn't cum in weeks, he wasn't expecting what I was about to give. And what I gave. I coated his chest and neck with my spooge.

I can only hope he got completely cleaned up before Home Depot delivery guys smelled the drying semen on his body. Or maybe he wanted them to. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

No Repeat

It turns out the situation was less than ideal.

He hit me up on Scruff. He was ok at best. But when will I learn that you usually have to downgrade every guy as they present themselves on sites like that – myself included. So if you’re just ‘ok’ there, chances are you’re less than stellar in real time.

But I’m that guy who keeps repeating the process expecting different results.  I believe that makes me insane.

Still, I was horny and yes, sometimes it is about load collection and not necessarily ‘the act’ itself. Though it is difficult to separate one from the other on certain levels.

The texts tell me where to go……and as you can see, he didn’t excel at his schoolin’.

Now, I'm down for doing it at someone's place of employment and had he been remotely attractive, I'd have really suggested the showroom itself. But he was wussy and wouldn't even doing it in a corner or the store where no one could see. 

The place was dead, and it is poorly located. If they sold a mattress there a month I'd have been surprised. 

So as it was, we headed to the bathroom. Now for slow traffic store, there is no reason this bathroom shouldn't have been pristine. But fuck help me, it was a sty. And I'm all good with dirty bathrooms for sex, but you also know the kind of places those exist, and it shouldn't have been here. 

The guy said he was 6’ and 200.  He might have been 200….30 lbs ago. I don’t mind some weight, but don’t fucking lie to me about it. It’s not like it is going to disappear before I show up. But lord, sometimes I just don’t know when to say “sorry….not gonna happen”. So into the bathroom I went, and down to my knees I went. 

His cock wasn’t all he said either. “It’s kind of small now”.  Yes. This is true. And it took a while to get it up to its full four inches. Yeah – you read that right. I say it’s not about the size, and normally it isn’t, but give me something to work with.

And I say it’s about the attitude and if they know how to use it. This is true… a degree. But this dude had neither. Last year – just in a year – I sucked off 292 guys. Or loads. While it was a high volume year for sure, let’s extrapolate that out by let’s even say 25 years (and I’m being conservative….easily).  It’s safe to say I’ve had my share of cocks in my mouth, yes?

The guy has zero moves on how to get sucked. He would not stay still to do my job, which could be ok, if you had any sense of rhythm or pace or anything when it came to feeding my mouth or fucking my face. It was jack-rabbit sex…..and it was horrible.

Previous posts have mentioned I’m better with bigger and thicker cocks. I don’t know why, they don’t make me gag that much. The smaller ones…well they do. It’s like getting a bad strep culture done at the Minute Clinic. I always gag at those too – and yes, I get the irony.

I sucked for what seemed like forever, but was probably 8-9 minutes. The dick wasn't great - but he had to ask, "do you like my cock?  do you like the way I look?"

We are all needing some kind of validation on some level, but why now.....and why these specific questions. He put me in an awkward place.  I tried to mumble something of off the cuff that was noncommittal, but he asked again, wanting to hear an answer. So I lied. 

"Yeah - it's good!". 

So while he wasn't honest about who he was, the truth is, I wasn't either. So I suppose that makes me just as bad. 

While he was asking and I was kind of answering, he was jacking. I'd rather not have a guy use his or my hand, but at this point it was whatever got him close. And he was. 

He suddenly announced he was on the verge, so down on him I went and took his load. 

To his credit, it was sizable and for a smoker (which he claimed he wasn't, but clearly was) the taste of the semen was not bad. 

As he walked me out, he kept asking to see me again, but that will not happen. 

That insanity I mentioned earlier on here?  I'm gonna break the cycle.  At least with this one.