Friday, May 20, 2016

Sling Fuck

Another CLAW story.

I'd say this was a repeat as well, but it really wasn't.

The guy was a repeat, the acts where not.

"Austin" and I hooked up a year ago at CLAW while he volunteered for me. This year, while he volunteered again, it wasn't for me. But we had kept in touch and I knew he would be in town. He's a 'favorite' on Scruff, so I knew when he actually got to town.

I was stalking, but not in a creepy way. This guy is under 30.....he has his choice of guys, though over the 12 months we've chatted some of our perv stuff, and he isn't freaked out by things that are said, nor am I from things he tells me. If anything, it's a turn on.

I was hoping I'd get my chance again this year. The first time I saw him he was with a group of guys - one being his husband. He stepped away to come talk to me. We exchanged pleasantries, but nothing more. What was 'more' was in text. I knew even though it was a leather event and many people played - it's not always out in the open or above board. I wasn't really looking to cause waves in his relationship.

Ok - that's kind of a lie.

I wanted to rock this guy's world a bit and have him look at his husband differently. Or indifferently.

Yes, it's wrong, but who ever said I was 'right'?  And on some level, I think Austin wanted me to walk that high wire.

As I was wrapping up my day, I texted him. He was kind of ready, but asked if I'd mind his roommates being there.  I did. And I didn't.

I like being watched. But by men. His roommates were of the twink variety and that did nothing for me. And given our discussions on perverted talk and deeds, I could open this guy's like to a whole bunch of scrutiny that he probably didn't want. And sure I could have kept my trap shut, but that's not my style....not at CLAW.

I made it to his hotel, and he said to wait while those guys left. While waiting, I let some hot fucking man put his hand under my kilt and play with me until it was unsafe to be standing in such a public area with said kilt tenting out to a point where I was exposed.

Not a problem for many - but the hotel frowns against that much skin.

Then Austin was ready.

He opened the door, harness on, jock on, smile on.  That's it.

The room was much neater this year. And this year, besides the two beds, there was a sling all set up, with the appropriate plastic tarp underneath so not to make any stains on the carpet should body fluids not stay where they're intended.

Anyways - this is why this visit was not like last year.  Austin and I made a deal that I'd at least get his DNA this year. Sure, I'd get around to fucking him, but he got mine, it only seemed fair to swap. Right?

He asked where I wanted it. Beds are easy and predictable, and this was CLAW, so into the sling I went.

And see? Kilts are great. I didn't even take anything off - just hiked it up.

The thing with sling play is there is little foreplay. You get in and you do the deed. And we did.

While he took my cock like a champ in 2015, he fucked like a pro in 2016.

Legs up. Greased up. He went right in. The man knows what he's doing, though by all accounts, he might be sneaking around on the side and giving it to his husband only now and then. He's doing it other places, with a variety of guys. I have to appreciate that.

But I loved the way he fucked. Nice, but with a vengeance too.

Our talk during was filthy and I know that was getting him harder in me. I could feel it. It also helped him get close. It had been a good 15 minutes of pumping and pulling the chains into him. The rocking of the sling helped the entire fuck.

He fucking exploded in me. I could feel him throb. I could see his face contort. I could imagine folks in the hall heard it all too. I hope they did.

Austin stayed up my ass for a while.  A long while, which I like. But as is inevitable, he slid out, slowly. I'm not sure a slow withdraw is worse or not.

He stayed standing, I stayed in the sling, letting his DNA soak into me. We talked, about each other and sex. And dirty sex. Enough so, that he became hard again.

In no time, he pushed balls deep in one movement and I got another 15 minute fuck.

And I got another load. I wasn't expecting this....nor was he. Even afterwards he said it had been years since he produced two loads so quickly together.

I'm not sure if I ever have. I know you hear stories about those crazy late teens who can recharge their balls and get off another round. I was never that guy. But getting off isn't always my thing, is it?

The plan was for me to return another time to give Austin my load. But our schedules never quite meshed after that. I'd see him around the hotel(s), but never alone.....and never ALONE.

But if we keep this up - I'll be fucking him next year. Assuming we are taking turns.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


First - sorry about my absence. I've mentioned it before, but writing the blog can be difficult. I like doing it, but needs motivation. Secondly, work has been off the charts busy. So, what little free time I have is probably looking for cock (not always succeeding) and not really committing the experiences to the 'page'. 

I will get better about that. 

I have a few CLAW experiences, and I will tell them, but not doubt they'll be out of order - and will have other non-leather conference stories mixed in.  

Thanks for sticking with me. 

He wasn't my first for this year's CLAW.  Hell, he wasn't in the top 5. And he wasn't even the first day.

Still, he sent me a message weeks before the event, wanting to use me again. Yes....again. He used me last year at CLAW as well. I guess it's nice to be wanted and in demand. I won't lie.

I got a Recon message saying he was in full leather, waiting for me in 528.  Up I went.

Leather cop shirt. Chaps. Boots. Gloves. Cock hard.

It is longer than the picture makes it out to be. It is thicker too - and it's plenty thick in that pic.

Immediately I was down on my knees. That was the plan. That was his expectation. No messing around - and truth be told, other than take his cock or load, there wasn't anything I really wanted to do with him.

I worked that cock like an expert. I mean, with the mass majority of guys, I always do. Sure, sometimes I go through the motions, but even for the lesser guys, they think it's the full service. If they only knew!

But I love thick cock. And this guy had one.

I'm not saying he was over ready or over anxious, but I had to back off more than once. I mean, I don't mind getting guys off quick and moving on  to the next one - and it was CLAW - so, at the third edge when he said he was close, I didn't back off.

I went for it.

Swirled the tongue. Tightened the lips. Added more saliva.

He burst into my mouth.

I mean, I know he said he got off the day before, but I was amazed at the amount of cum. Either he shoots big all the time (I don't remember his load per se last year) or he fibbed about getting off. Not that it mattered.  I let it sit in my mouth until I let the scum slide down my throat - where it belongs.

I cleaned off the cock, though he was sensitive, which made me laugh to myself. A "tough" leatherman who was too sensitive for a post blowjob clean-up.

He'd never survive the dungeon.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Return of the 22 Year Old Volunteer

I revisited the 22 year old volunteer.

This time, he wasn’t actually volunteering at work, but nearby at a review class for an upcoming test / final. I’ll assume this was college and not that he was held back in high school for four years. You just never know though.

I’m sure it’s just me being me, but when he arrived, I felt the new-boy shine about him had worn dull. He was no longer fresh, and now just slightly used. I know it’s just the now somewhat familiarity I’m finding with him, but he’s not coming across as cute or attractive as I once remembered.

I mean, until he pulls down his pants and exposes his big, thick prong, that is.

But when he arrived, he said he wanted to suck me off first. UGH.

I hate that shit. Even by a 22 year old college kid, I don’t want to be sucked that badly. I mean, I have a decent sized cock and his makes mine feel like a micro-penis.  Ok – that might be a little bit of an

I agreed, thinking I’d get a chance to swing on his cock, as he said he wanted to suck me off ‘first’, which implied that there’d be a ‘second’.

He walked in – slightly nervous, slightly cocky, the way a young man can. Not carrying himself with confidence – or maybe with slight regret he’s even doing someone my age, but still with enough bravado of knowing his own skill set.

Overall, he has a really good mouth for a 22 year old. I mentioned before he has experience, and I’d
probably really get off knowing what that experience might be – who he started with, when and how.
Yes, I’m a pervert that way. But, that is kind of why you read me here, isn’t it?

With the door shut, he looked a little sheepish, but rubbed the front of my suit pants. I hauled out my
meat. He played with it a little but got to his knees. As he took me in his mouth, he pulled down the
front of his black sweat pants. It is a fucking gorgeous rod. I felt how guys sometimes express their
dismay when I service them, but refuse access to my dick. They like mine – which I think is just ok – but now I was on their end with lust in my heart. ….and in my mind…..and pants.

He jacked me as he sucked. I don’t care for that, so I pulled his hand away. That would last a minute
and he’d put it back. I wasn’t having that shit. I get he was looking to get me off quickly and go, but that wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t going to let it.

On his own initiative, he moved over so he was slumped down, head against a wall and a curved body that lay mostly on the floor.

I admire a guy who likes to get pinned between wall and strong pair of thighs – this leaves little to no
leverage for the cocksucker and puts most, if not all, of the control into the ‘hands’ of the feeder.

It was an odd fucking angle for me to feed at though. I had to bend at the knees far too much for my
liking. And due to the positioning, his teeth scraped way more than they should have, even after telling him to “watch the fucking teeth”.

But in for a penny, in for a pound as they say. I was too far in to stop - though I suppose I could have.

When I was at my best, he could bottom out in his throat and he had nowhere to go. I'll give him this, he didn't gag.......much. And because he was young and in a vulnerable position didn't make me go easier on him. I mean - I've been face fucked hundreds of times (thousands?) so I have learned a lot over the years. This was a teaching moment for him - - even without words. Just actions.

In some ways I was into this scene, in others, I wasn't. I actually found myself fantasizing about other encounters I had with other men. That was going to get me off more than this kid. But the kid was into it, he was hard and jacking that big cock.

Whatever I was thinking got me to the edge. I didn't ease up because I was about to spew a huge load into his throat. He'd be prepared or learn real fucking quickly.

As it turned out, it was the latter. He kept up with my load, which just kept pulsing. I didn't pull back for him to get it all or taste it. I buried it so it would go down this fucking throat.

The little fucker started convulsing right then and there, and came all over himself.

That, 'second' never happened. I wasn't going to be getting his least this time around. Stupid motherfucker. Though deep down, I knew when I agreed to it, I probably wouldn't. I should trust my instincts more.

I had nothing for him with which to clean up. I got him out of my office and directed him to a restroom down the hall.

I couldn't do everything for him you know.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Storage Closet

His screen name was ‘Need Serviced’ and he was all of 283 feet away. I mean, what could be more convenient – and straightforward – as that?

Of course, that distance is as the crow flies. If I were in a 28 story tower, he could have been 28 stories below me. But I was on the 6th floor, so it took some back and forth to figure out where he was, as he wasn’t sure how to describe it all.

As it turns out, he was in a sub-basement of an attached building. He was a vendor for the company and had access to a locked area. He was normally here a few days per week, but I had never seen him. But it’s a big place. I mean, we have sub-basements. Plural.

Married, on the DL, 42, 5’10” 170, average body, shaved head. Well….bald. I’m not sure he can grow hair. I am not 100% sure, but at some point in life he might have survived a fire. I think that was scar tissue over his face and head. I’m not sure he’d have been very attractive without that possible accident, but if I’m honest, it was uncomfortable to look directly at him for a lengthy period of time. The good thing was, I’d be on my knees and not looking at that bald head, but his other bald head.

The cock is about 7”. Thicker, but not really thick. A really nice head on it.

After some back and forth, he told me the place he was working was secure and the door locked. I headed his way immediately. I knocked once, the door open and he let me in. Why wouldn’t he? He ‘need serviced’ and who better than to assist?

As soon as the door was shut, he pleaded that he was nervous. His cock betrayed him. It was tenting out his khakis. I barely rubbed it twice and he pushed my hand away to pull down the zipper. #He wasn’t THAT nervous.

Though I had navy suit pants on, I didn’t hesitate to go to my knees. I didn’t even check the condition of the cement floor. I didn’t care.

He pulled his cock out of the unzipped pants, but not his balls. That’s ok. I was happy he wasn’t one of these unfasten my pants and have them fall to the floor kind of guys. I always love a guy who just hauls it out of the open fly. And really, I’m not sure we were in a position to drop his drawers. It’s not like I ever unzipped or pulled my cock out. That’s not what we were here for.

I immediately took him into my mouth and immediately one of his hands went to my head. He was a natural at doing this. DL, Married, or not. This wasn’t his first time. Possibly not even the first time in this locked.

He had good verbal skills too. While he kept his voice low and soft, that actually worked to my advantage too. Not just about not getting caught, but there is a certain depravity / sexiness to a man who talks like that during sex.

Yeah – treat my cock good” was one of those things. “Your mouth feels great on my cock” was another. It didn’t’ slip past me that he never said ‘dick’. It was always ‘cock’. There is a certain sleaziness about that word instead of ‘dick’ – at least I think so.

His cock was super hard. It would flex against my tongue. I would use that tongue with each insert and exit. Lips, mouth and especially tongue. His shaft responded to that.

A second hand went to my head. The grip from both became tighter. His insistence greater. His thrusts harder. His legs got shakier. But he wasn’t quite ready. He sped up. But he still wasn’t ready. The breathing got heavier and I thought he was there, but not just yet he wasn’t. He was speaking, but not really saying words…nothing fully formed anyways.

The legs got a bit shakier and then I felt warmth. And heard a heavy sigh. It was relief on all ends for him. Somewhere in that release was a mention of 4-5 days. The warmth kept coming…and cumming. I let it gather in my mouth, on my tongue before letting it slide down my throat into my stomach. I wanted to feel it, smell it, taste it.

And then I ate it. Every drop.

He wasn’t sensitive, so he didn’t pull away. He let me milk it a little.

When I did pull away, he was quick to tuck himself together. I noticed stains on the cement. They weren’t his cum, but part of my saliva that dripped from my mouth as he used it over and over and over again.

I thanked him and left the locked room. I wasn’t too far out of it when he left too. There was a message later that he’d be back on Wednesday. I’m not sure if that was an invitation or not, but we’ll see. He also said, “that was fucking hot!”

And it was. And maybe it will be again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I know it is probably wrong for me to hook up with an impressionable 22 year old. I definitely know it is wrong for me to hook up with someone who is a volunteer where I work, even if he does not volunteer in my area.

But you know, there he is – 22 years old, strapping, big dicked and all of 425 feet from me. At least according to Scruff.

And for the record, it’s not like I reached out to him, he contacted me. And I get that for a 22 year old to do that, there are most likely daddy-issues involved. But I’m a man and susceptible to hard-ons just because the wind blows, let alone the attention of a college-aged lad.

The first time – oh yes, there has been more than once – he only wanted to suck me. Not my ideal, but I had to gain his trust. So down to his knees he went – in my office, after hours. Well mostly after hours. Some folks were still around, but they were sparse. We had to be quiet and I told him so. I knew I could keep my mouth shut, and though his would be full, I didn’t know his moaning situation.

The kid might have been 22 (I say ’22’ a lot here, don’t I?) but he was no novice. No sir. He had some very experienced lips and throat. In the back of my mind, I thought maybe his daddy-issues stemmed from daddy himself. Or maybe that was my hope. And by ‘maybe’ I mean ‘definitely’….my hope, that is, not necessarily the reality. While he was working on my rod, he pulled out his own. Impressive doesn’t begin to cover it. Big, meaty, thick. While he was barely a man, he had a man’s cock to be sure. I’m sure some in his high school and college gyms gave second looks in awe or envy. Or lust. Or all three.

“Ben” tugged on his meat while he expertly sucked mine.

The thrill of having him there, along with where were doing it spurred me on faster than I would have normally taken. I told him it would be a big load and to be prepared. I also confirmed that he would swallow. He took it all like a champ. Like I said, he was no novice – not by a long shot. Even experienced cocksuckers will gag or eventually pull off my cock before I’m done shooting. Not Ben. Every single drop was ingested. He was good.

Immediately when he was done, he showed signs of being right at the edge of his own orgasm and I do mean RIGHT at the edge. I swooped down as fast as I could and I technically I got it, but there wasn’t much to get. I think the orgasm was mostly internal – and being 22, you know this wasn’t even the first time he had gotten off today, so the volume was minimal.

The second time, we traded sequences. I was the one on my knees first.

The cock was fucking beautiful. And he had big, swinging nuts.

Here is where Mr. 22 Year Old lacked. He was a clumsy feeder. Ben didn’t quite have the movements down most of the time. He could not time his thrusting to my bobbing, no matter how many times I tried to readjust things on my end. I realize that I couldn’t educate him right then, so I took the initiative to change the pace, but to no avail. No matter what I did, his movements were awkward and inexperienced. Clearly, the experience he had was on his knees, not in the feeding category. But this is what your 20s are for………or teens for some of us………to learn how to feed and eat. I considered this part of his education.

I will give him this, he knew how to grab a head and fuck a face. Or he knew the idea to do it, even if the mechanics weren’t all that fluid. This is a skill he will refine over time, no doubt. And I’m happy to help him practice said skill.

His load was ok. Nothing great, but again, I’ll defer that being younger, and remembering what it was like to be that age, the act of getting off was a frequent occurrence, every single day. Still, I took every drop like he had done to me and showed I could do as well as he. I wouldn’t say he was impressed, but guys that age rarely are, or rarely show it.

The third time, it was just me on my knees. No reciprocation. The clumsiness was still there. The face fucking took center stage more often than not, though he allowed me to basically worship his phallus. My tongue would run along the underside of his shaft, then the side, then around the head, all before swallowing him down to his pubes. Then the face fucking would begin again.

Again, the load was ok, but for me, at least with him, it was about showing him what a good mouth can do on a great cock.

He wanted to watch me jack off and shoot after he was done, but you know me, jacking off isn’t really my thing. I played along for a bit knowing I would never shoot. And eventually he had to get back to his volunteering duties. Though if I could sign-off on his learning abilities in this position, I would. I just don’t think whomever he reported to would appreciate as much as some of you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cold As Ice

It's been a while.   Miss me???

I've been bad - - at least when it comes to writing. On the other hand, I've been ok, just not bad enough......if you know what I mean.

Sorry about the unexcused absence.

Yes, the KISS guy has already returned.

...and he brought this.....

I gotta say, I'm not a dildo guy. I find them awkward for the most part. Granted, I haven't played with them that much, but my dexterity to reaching between my legs and fucking myself with one has never been great. Nor was reaching behind me to impale myself on one the easiest thing either.

And even more rare, was someone using one on me.

That said, I'm up for new adventures. The more the day wore on - as I knew he would be bringing a balled, glass dildo - the more I found myself getting a chub.

So he showed - and in his pocket I saw something wrapped in protective gear. I guess that stands to reason, as one wouldn't want cracked or chipped glass anywhere. I know I wouldn't.

The session started with a little frottage....on both our parts. Then I was down on my knees sucking his cock. That did not last that long.

He actually teased my nipples, though a little harder than the previous time. I'm not complaining - just a statement of fact. Then his hand rubbed my 'taint and beyond, grazing my asshole to the point I shivered.

He told me to lay back on the home office desk. The heat had mostly been off up there, so I lay my shirt down on the desk to lessen the shock that would be the cold. I waited for the glass to emerge, but all I got was a painted finger - then two - put up my hole.

I've said it before - I'm not a fan of fingers. I find them too boney. Rarely have they ever made me feel good. This was no exception, though I think I put on a good show of pretending that I enjoyed them.

Finally he reached for the covered object. In the protective fabric, it also contained lube and poppers. He came prepared.

The moment he pressed the "head" of the dildo to my ass I shivered. Literally.

He must have had the thing in his car for a while. It was freezing.  .....and yet it felt so incredibly good.

I've mentioned before that I have had guys put ice cubes up my ass.....or had me put them up my ass while they watched. And I have inserted cubes up other guys too...and then licked out the melting water.

But this was freezing cold - in a good way. And iciness combined the ridges - for lack of a better word - sent me over the edge. Well, not literally, as you know I don't cum that easily.

Still, his actions made me quiver and shiver, all in good ways.

He was slow with it - methodical even. Gauging his actions based on my reaction. And then he'd switch it up, whether it be slower, faster, deeper or teasing. The joke is - it was all good.

At some point, he sat in a chair and had me suck his cock while I fucked myself with his glass dildo. That worked too, though he did it better than I did it to myself. Isn't that always the way - I mean, unless it's masturbation.

Soon enough, he substituted cold glass for warm flesh.

With my back on the desk he just rode me, all the while pushing his dyed mane out of his face time and again. Oh - and playing with my nipples.

It didn't take him that long. We were both primed.

He made the inside of my ass warmer when he shot his huge load into my guts.

As soon as he was done, he was dressed and gone.

......until next time he's horny.

I guess my big question is:  do I need one of these glass things?  Or was it just a situational high?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

KISS and a Fuck

It had been a while - not a long long while, but a while - but the KISS guy returned.

Save one time, everything has been oral. And while my ass twitches for cock, I know not to expect it from him. For the most part, it's an oral thing. He likes getting sucked, and I'm a cocksucker, so it pretty much works out.

It was morning. I had a late meeting off-site, so I didn't have to leave home at an early hour. He texted as he sometimes does, and asked if I was free. I was, but gave him a time limit. I assumed it would be no issue - a quick blow and go. I mean, when I want to, I cam make the head last, or if I'm in a hurry - regardless of their schedule - I can get a guy off in no time.

Sometimes it is not about the process. Sometimes it is just about lightening a guy's nuts. Guys are not really that complicated.

KISS guy came in his usual black garb - including shorts and flip flops, even though it was in the 20s. His long mane was out of control - clearly, he had just gotten up.

The guy knows about my nipples. Some guys know how to work them, most do not. He has learned over time just how to manipulate them. The problem is, he never really follows through even though he knows to what they are actually wired:  my butthole.

While I did go to my knees, I didn't stay there long, but it was by his insistence.....not that I was putting up a fight.

I was on my knees and he reached down to play with my tits. I'm sure I visibly quaked, though I don't know I notice these things much in my own self. He hauled me up by my armpits. Well.....'haul' is a strong word. He started to get me up, I helped matters along.

KISS turned me around. I dropped my pants. He added his own spit to his cock. I was bent over the kitchen counter, took a hit of poppers and he buried himself up my poop chute.

It was fucking heaven.

It wasn't a long fuck - maybe 5 minutes. But he was skilled at what he was doing. He made me ask for it - the dick, the fuck and eventually, the load.

Oh, I asked. And by asked, I mean, begged.

It's a good thing my neighbors moved, and their house is empty. I'm sure they might have heard, even though the residence is hundreds of feet away.....and the doors and windows were shut.

I told him to send me to a meeting with his huge load shot up my ass.

He always has huge fucking loads, so I knew this would be no different. From the throbbing I suspected I was right. Honestly, I think the idea of me sitting in a three hour meeting with his jizz in me actually made him squirt.

I like how he stays in. I get to milk the shaft with my muscles. He groans, but stays put. I'm sure I got every drop.

I was still rock hard when he pulled out. I offered to jack off and let him watch me shoot, but he had no interest. He got what he came for...and you know me well enough to know I was ok with that.

I could have easily shot after he left, but I didn't. I straightened up, zipped up and left for my meeting - where I sat for over three hours with his fucking spunk coating my guts.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


I should know to stay away from 25 year olds on Grindr. Nothing much good comes from them.

If they're not complete meth whores, they are then usually totally inexperienced. I mean, I do have one semi-repeat that is hotter than fuck, huge cock and somewhat together, though I sense he might be doing more PnP activities when he's not working  - but we all know that's a slippery slope.

But a week or so ago, I got a message on the app. In a weak-ish moment I headed over to him, as he was less than a mile away.

It's amazing what distance will and won't do. When does 3 miles become too far?? Is distance more an obstacle if they're average looking or just a 'he'll do' scenario? It's not like it is 3 miles trekking over the Rockies with the Donner party or anything. I'm not even taking public transportation - I have my own car and everything!

Still, a mile seemed to be as far as I'd venture out for this post-millennial. His selfie was just ok- maybe 5'8", 145, brown hair, clean shaven. But it's me we are talking about here - it was his cock pic that tipped the scales in his favor.

It's nice, right?

So you see why I acquiesced and went after he assured me he wasn't into getting high.

It was an old apartment building. He told me to use the back staircase. He never bothered to fucking mention there were four of them. When he answered in text later that it was the one 'near the laundry room' I tersely remarked - 'as if I fucking know where that is!'.

I was already in danger of people reporting me for going up and down two other external staircases, checking out apartments, ones that only one out of every three actually had apartment numbers on them. How the fuck was I to know where #20 was?

BikeGuy was annoyed - and he wasn't even at the door, let alone in it.

I knocked, he answered in his underwear. It was like 19 out and not that much warmer in his space - one similar to something I lived in back in college. It was a flood of questionable memories for me. I felt for him - or what I assume was him - struggling, on his own, but at least had his own space, such as it was. For me, it was far from glamorous and it was a weigh station to where I'd end up. I wasn't that thrilled to relive it even for 20 minutes.

When he opened the door and I walked in, he had the weirdest behavior and laugh. For a few minutes I assumed he had lied about the getting high - as he seemingly just randomly chuckled.

The best way to describe him and his behavior is in this clip - especially at the 0:45 mark.

The "laughs" are identical. It kind of freaked me out.

I think I figured out a few minutes in that maybe he wasn't high, but was somewhere on the Tourette's spectrum or possibly the Autism one.........or both.

If so, I didn't feel so bad about where he was living, especially with the 62" plasma screen tv box in his room. He wasn't hurting for things - and if he was somewhat special needs if he could live on his own, mores the better.

Camera angles and shots can be funny. He had a decent dick, but the picture was nicer.

He wanted to suck mine, which I was afraid was always his motive, but he didn't. I didn't allow it. I didn't even take mine out.

I kept my slush covered boots on and we went to his room. I got on my knees and took his briefs down. He was already hard.

In my own mind, I'd like to think he'd never had a blowjob like the one I gave him. It was wet, it was deep, there was lots of tongue action. He trembled. He had that laugh - nerves, perhaps. But you could sense the inexperience.

I know some guys get off on that newbie vibe. I'm not that guy. I like guys with a few notches on their headboard. I like experience and a man who knows what he is doing. This wasn't that guy.

Still, it wouldn't take long. For the young guys - it rarely does. For the new to the scene, even less so.

The load was mediocre - in size and taste.  The size was probably due to the fact he was 25 (though he looked 18) and probably still jacks off four times a day. And it was 11a, so he'd probably gotten off twice that morning.

Doubtful I'd go back......but I've been known to repeat shit like this.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Little Sad

He was a repeat technically. It's been over a decade since I'd seen him - and even wrote about it. And this time it was a few months ago, though I'm just getting around to posting about it now.

While his profile pics still looked nice, in reality he had changed. But it had been a decade plus, so none of us are the same. Though I'd argue that the years had been less kind to him.

The blue eyes he once, and still, touted in his screen name were not nearly as vibrant. The crows feet around them were more abundant. The weight gain, more than abundant. And that made his wang look even smaller than it was.

The setting wasn't the majesty of nature either. No - it was just as sad.

It was a Red Roof - and not from a main exit, but one of the secondary ones...which have hotels with outdoor room entrances. I suppose this was a motel. A motor lodge, if you will. It was the kind of exit where the nicest restaurant was probably Subway.

I suppose the saddest part of this whole thing was: I still went. And stayed.

Part of me figured: "I came all this way....."   It's not enough reason to stay, but it is the one I'm going with.

The sex I so fondly remembered was probably just that - a memory. It probably wasn't as good as I thought, though this time there'd be no mistaking it.

Perhaps he hid it better last time, or maybe he's taken up smoking in the last 10 years. Ashtrays were filled in his room. Multiple open packs of Marlboro reds were on either a dresser, bedside table or on top of the tv. The room reeked of smoke. I didn't even know there were chain hotels that allowed this anymore. Or maybe he was just resigned to the fact he would lose a $250 deposit.

Kissing was off the table. Actually, facing him soon became off the table.

The best way to describe what next happened was spooning jack rabbit sex.  I have to believe, it was was unpleasant for all - including him. I mean, he couldn't have thought it was good, right?

I'd like to give you detail - I think - but there is nothing memorable about the actual sex. Or I've wiped it as much as possible from my memory.

Lessons are learned ....usually.  But I don't think there will be a third encounter......a decade from now, or anytime.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


He took a step into my house and exhaled.

Not as in a sigh, but as in, he had just taken a last huge drag of his cigarette before I opened the door, and wasn't nice or courteous enough to just finish outside.

I'm not thrilled with smokers anyways, let alone heavy ones - like, judging by the smell of his clothes, skin and the taste of his jizz (oops - spoiler alert), he was. But really, who the fuck thinks its ok to basically smoke in someone's house without asking? And I had the added bonus of the butt just tossed on my walk.

This guy and I have been playing Scruff-tag for years. I just assumed with him it was a game. Let's Tease the Faggot kind of thing. Or he was just all talk. But he was meeting someone at a bar and needed head badly he said. I told him, I don't give bad head. He headed over.

His leaving "right now" for a three mile drive took him 40 fucking minutes. Seriously. Maybe he had to stop for and smoke an entire pack of cigarettes before he pulled up. It sure smelled that way.

On Scruff, I was to address him as "Sir". I'm good with that. When he gets here, it's "Hi, I'm Jim". Well THAT was a mood killer. Sorry dude, I wasn't really interested in your name.

He was there, so you know I would follow through - or a pretty good chance I would. If you read this blog regularly, I rarely turn folks away. I power through the mediocre ones.....and sometimes even the bad ones.

"Jim" seemed nice enough, but I was ignoring the red flags. The tardiness, the smoking, the small cock.....  Yes, I never ask their size because hopefully it doesn't matter. He wasn't teeny or anything, but I thought with all his bravado he might be bigger. I know there is no correlation, but a cocksucker can dream - right?

Still, there I was on my knees, working it like I treat every cock. I mean, I DO love to suck cock and I love the ability I have to draw a man's load out of his nut and into my mouth. There is a certain power there....even for a lowly bottom.

If I'm totally being honest - I was getting no read from the guy if I was doing a good job or a bad one. My other assumption was that if he needed this so badly, why wasn't I getting any feedback. I am totally fine with a guy telling me what not to do, as much as when another expounds positively upon my skills.

At some point, he wanted to fuck and I was ok with that. But after taking a hit of poppers, the man lost his hard on. Almost not amount of trying could get him hard again.

Then he was staying the herniated disk in his back was killing him and he couldn't stand. I didn't have the heart to tell him he put his dead down into the dog bed, but at that point, who really cared?

As he winced in pain, he jacked his cock. The jacking egasserbated his back, I'm sure.

He eventually sat in a chair to do it getting himself to the edge.  The huge load no guy could handle was not a challenge. If anything, it was a little chunky. Not a thick load - well, it was - but actually chunky.

I gulped it down. What else was I gonna do?

He apologized profusely for not being able to perform correctly. He was hoping this wouldn't sully any future encounters. I promised him it wouldn't, though I wondered how I would put him off. As it would turn out, it might not be a concern.

I've never heard from him again.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Throughout the year, I've alluded to having some sort of goal last year, in terms of the nunber of "encounters" I was shooting for.  Pun fully intended.

I would say halfway through the year, my goal slightly altered. And with the holidays and things, I was coming perilously close to not achieving an arbitrary goal that mattered little to anyone.

Rest assured, I met my goal....with a week to spare - though had the holiday and work obligations not gotten in the way, I would have surpassed it.

I could easily tell you the number, but then any suspicions of you all thinking I was a whore are kind of solidified......and that's something you can't quite erase from your brain.

The goal was for a certain load count.....if I'm being frank. If I got fucked or sucked a cock that didn't cum, they didn't count. And yes, I counted......on a spreadsheet.  Sorry Bruce - I didn't build a pivot table.

And by loads, I also meant my own. Did I give? If so, where?  Did I jack off?

That last category number is surprisingly low. Nine times did I jack off in 2015. That is what most of you do in a week. And I never jacked off alone. Ok - maybe once.  It was because I was asked by certain partners to do so. Sometimes I complied - because I believe they deserved it. Sometimes I did not.

As you know - me getting off isn't my thing. It's nice, but not always necessary. Rarely, actually.

So, the list included things like - delivery methods.....

No huge shock that me sucking guys off was the majority of the load consumption. I'd have liked the red pie to have been bigger, but not everyone is worthy.  Not even to a guy like me. 

Then I broke it down by if they were a new person or a repeat. For a long time it was 50 / 50, but the more new guys I got, they often turned into stands to reason. Only 3% of the loads achieved were mine.  That sounds about right, no? 

Right or wrong, I also broke it down by race.  Is it possible I didn't have sex with one Asian man? The numbers don't lie. Though honestly, it seemed that I had a bigger black population than actually showed up in the numbers. Sure, their cocks were bigger, but I didn't make the count based on length or girth. Somehow, I remember them more though. 

....maybe you can't go back, after all. 

Not for nothing, but I broke it down by where we connected.  Those numbers get a little skewed - as the initial contact might have been craigslist, but then it was by phone or email for return visits. Still, craigslist gets a bigger slice of the pie....barely. 

And I broke it down where we did it too. House, Apartment, Hotel, home Office, etc. 

I don't know I will continue this self-reporting, but I probably will. I don't expect to have a goal like I just completed. My work schedule now will no longer support these kinds of numbers.

Not that you know what those actual numbers are.     :@)

Friday, January 01, 2016

Toilet Pig

I apologize for falling off the blogging bandwagon. Work and holidays got the better of me - not just with writing, but with the ability to do anything to write about (i.e. sex!).

I once told the Breeder that if I didn't blog for a week, he should just assume I'm dead. I guess I should amend that statement a little.

Anyways............let's do a brand new fresh story. One of today. Yes. Not exactly real time, but a few hours later.....................

Let's just start out that it was with the guy I had sex with last New Year's Day. He was my first load of 2015 and 2016. I believe we now have a tradition to keep up.

"PJ" had no qualms about saying he wasn't after head with me. Not again. He wanted something else. My ass.

Who the fuck am I to argue with that?

He comes to town over the holidays and that is great, though he isn't free as he is here to visit folks. And depending on my work / holiday schedule, I'm not always free to make it or to host - hence the giving head at a train station in a car during sub-zero weather.

We had texted a few times during 2015 - so it was no surprise he was coming to town, though we didn't talk particulars. Still, it was of little surprise when he texted me yesterday that he wanted time with me. All our mild weather had taken a turn for frigid weather, just like last year. Balls.

But he made it clear, it was not my mouth he was after. He was even specific with this text message:

I suppose, when reading this you could take it a few ways. I only took it one. 

To me, he wasn't just asking for me to provide the rubber. ...but I should backtrack. 

During our chats during the year, there has been implied, but not outright stated, fantasy on stealthing. He liked reading about it. He would never actually do it - allegedly. But going by this text, if that situation were taken out of his hands and made my responsibility he'd be ok with it? 

When I replied "I understand"....I did.......but in my own way, knowing it best not to ask any questions. Perhaps I made assumptions. Perhaps not. 

Since I made assumptions, I took the initiative.  The expiration date was pure coincidence. Honest. The little hole around Lot Exp - not so much. 

As neither of us could host, I thought of the train station again, as they are doing some work there and there is a port-a-john in a remote area of the parking lot. As long as neither of us pulled up next to it, I thought we could be good. It would be cold, but not in the biting wind. And outside, there was no place with cover to do "it" anyways. 

Since it was in an affluent neighborhood and the workers were minimum, the port-a-pot was clean and had not smells. It stopped the howling wind, but not the cold. And since it wasn't one of the handicap ones, there was not tons of room. Quite the opposite. 

I went in first to check the setting. Also so no one would notice two guys walking into a portable crapper. I texted him the coast was clear. He joined. 

First there was a great kiss, followed closely with a heavy handed slap across the face. Slightly unexpected on one hand, completely not on another. It had been in prior conversations how he think I might be all talk on how I like to be treated (yes, he reads this blog) and one of my statements that kissing is more intimate than fucking. It all made sense to me......and no doubt to him. 

I pulled down my sweat pants, and lubed my hole. I pulled out the condom and gave it to him. He had me bend down to lube up his cock with my spit. That didn't last long, as I knew my mouth was not his hole of choice. 

I turned around, took a hit of poppers. He lined his now covered cock up with my hole and pushed in. It felt good. It felt right. It had been a month since I had a cock up my ass - not a piece of information he cared about, as he let me know in no uncertain terms. 

He was good - really good - at fucking. Probably better if we weren't in such a confined space. But you have to make due, right?

As he bottoms out and starts to pump, he let me know "you're a fucking toilet pig".

It was hard to deny. Freezing temps. In a portable toilet. Pants around my ankles. And an almost stranger's cock up my ass.  It was kind of hard to deny. I answered somewhat in the affirmative, though now I'm not quite sure exactly how that came out.

We were making the toilet move, so I did worry that someone might notice that. The normal folks walking their dogs would never notice - a cop might. But I've been in that area hundreds of times and can't think of ever seeing police around....especially on a frigid New Year's Day.  I think that's how I got to blow this same guy a year before.

When he pulled out, I found that unexpected. I was hoping he wasn't done. He sat down, and readjusted the rubber - pulling it tight down his shaft and to make it snug against the head of his penis, almost - almost ! - like he knew I had fiddled with prophylactic beforehand. Can you imagine??  He thought I was distrustful???  The nerve!

Then he told me to sit down.....on it. And I did.

It would have been so much easier had I removed my pants, but that meant shoes and places to put all this clothing, and there were really no options. So with his hands firmly on my hips, I rode his cock, with his assistance. This position didn't stop the facility from moving any less, by the way  (the more you know folks................the more you know!  I am like a public service announcement for you all.)

This seemed to go on for a while until he pulled me fully down into his lap. His shaking and moans - but no words - let me know he was finishing in me.  Or in the rubber.  Yeah..............the rubber.

We stayed in that position as I used my muscles to milk the still rigid shaft planted in my ass. He made no moves to get me off him.

When I did, I very innocently mentioned I though the rubber failed. He took it off quickly and discarded it saying 'no - everything was fine'.

I stood turned fully around and he mentioned I was hard.

I was more than hard. The man. The set-up. The setting. Everything about it was wrong - but in a right way. Hot and sleazy, on such a Winter's day.

He wanted to see me jack off. I asked if he was sure. He was. I was close anyways and asked where. He pulled open his shirt and pulled up his white t-shirt.  "On the belly", he said. So I did. Or tried.

I'm a big shooter. And I had not cum for a week. And with the excitement and the enclosure, keeping the ejaculation controlled wasn't really easy. Sure, some went on his belly. Some in his bush and on or near his cock. Some covered his pure white t-shirt. Some maybe hit his shirt. My semen was fucking everywhere.  It took him quite a while to even slightly clean up.

I made my exit first.  Got in my car and texted him that the coast was clear.

Afterwards, he fled the state. Later I had to use the restroom....and nothing but cum escaped from my ass.

Sure, I might have played loose with the truth on the condom condition, but so did he.

Everything was beautifully least in my mind. A good way to start the year.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Two at Once

It almost never happens that the stars align and you get two guys at once......semi on purpose.

The Nerd and I had a planned meeting and some guy messaged me and asked me to suck his cock. As it would have it, earlier the Nerd lamented that he wished he could see me suck another dick and take another load.


I invited the second guy over and he immediately agreed. Good.

He had a decent body / dick. I mean, almost no cock is as good as the Nerd's, but it wouldn't be small by any means.

Both of them said they were running late, and oddly, both showed up at the exact same time. I mean really - WHEN does that happen?  Never, I tell ya.

I always expect guys to initially feel weird around each other that they don't know. Especially the Nerd. He seems so nice and so reserved. But he led the way into the house, basically showing the other guy where we play. He was the first to start undoing his pants, though the new guy followed right behind. There was not a moment's hesitation from either. Good.

At first we formed a triangle. I had one hand on each of their cocks and both of them had a hand on mine.

But we weren't there for jacking off, so I got on my knees. Knowing the Nerd can reach orgasm quickly, I stayed away from him at first. And I was sucking the other guy so the Nerd could watch him blow in my mouth. The new guy seemed nice enough, but this was a gift for my blowjob buddy.

The new guy got to a nice 7". It was on the thinner side, but with a nice arched curve. I got them together so I could suck them both.....which is always harder than it seems. Body placement makes it difficult to get between them where they are close enough to both fit into my mouth. And it doesn't help that that Nerd has such a big cock. I'm not complaining about that last part.

I would switch off between the two. The Nerd loved watching me blow the other guy. The other guy wanted to blow the Nerd. It is why I hate three ways. Like I want to be edged out of my own sexual coordinated meeting.  Fuck that.

As much as Nerd is a fast cummer, it wasn't too difficult to get the new guy off.  He sprayed my mouth with his jizz. For show, for the Nerd, I let it linger on my tongue. I held it there as he was jacking and on edge.

In no time, he added his huge load (always a huge load!) onto the first. The pool of cream was so big, it had no choice but to start leaking down my throat off the back of my tongue. Still, I held it as long as I could for all to see.

And then I swallowed like a good boy.

Everyone got themselves together afterwards - with me not getting off, as usual - and then the new guy asked the Nerd for a ride home.

Fuck. I don't see this ending well for me.

I did send the Nerd an email apologizing for that - I told him I didn't know he didn't drive over and would never expected him to give him a ride. He said it was no big deal, but I think we all know that the new guy hit on the Nerd for the entire ride - right?

Wednesday, December 09, 2015


I had been to a party that evening. To say that it was predominantly bears would be an understatement.

We've been through this before on this blog - I might be a bear from the 70s or 80s - meaning full and hairy. Now I don't know what I am. Bears today are just fat. Let's just call it what it is. I'm 6'2" and about 190. I'm not thin, I'm not fat. I'm like the fucking third bear in 'Goldilocks'.  I'm just fucking right!

Actually, maybe one-third were the nowadays bear type. Maybe another third the old bear definition. And then there were a spattering of others. There wasn't really a twink in sight.

You could probably count the men without facial hair on two hands - maybe one - and there were a good 130 folks at this party. Off the top of my head, I can only remember four with no beard, goatee or mustache.

Many of the men were handsome. One, I had a slight crush on, but he was watching the football game and ignoring me.....and most everyone else. I'd catch him giving me a sideways glance, mostly because two guys I was conversing with mentioned my liking of this guy.

Normally, I'm not a shy guy....unless I like someone. Then I'm 13 and don't know how to interact. If it were just fucking.....I'm golden. And of these 130 folks, I knew a dozen or so, all who were around me......watching.....waiting......judging. Like I need that shit.

I was completely thrown off guard when he stopped by to say, "it was nice to meet you" - and in my clumsy, moronic comeback of "we didn't actually meet.....", and he was gone.

And while that guy was handsome, he was, dare I say it, oddly goodlooking to me. I would suspect others might not see him through my eyes.

However about another guy there, it is doubtful anyone would have discounted he was in the top 5 of great looking guys at the party.

Taller than myself. Masculine looking. Dark blonde hair. NO facial hair. Well dressed. Wedding ring. And alone.  ......not that I noticed!

Ok I did - but so did everyone else. I saw no one talk to him. I'm not sure if he didn't know anyone, wasn't well liked or my third guess which is more accurate:  he was a little shy and his stellar looks ironically made him unapproachable.

He left the party maybe an hour before I did. And by the time I did, I was sporting a good buzz.

I was back safely and logged onto Scruff and boom - there he was, 3 miles away. So I shot a non-threatening message, though a little stalker-ish:  "have fun at the party?"

He did, though he said no one talked to him. I theorized with him as to why and he was stunned that anyone would think he was goodlooking.  Either he is totally unaware (I said, "do you own a mirror?"), he's modest or just lying. Either way, it was endearing.

He said he was at home, naked playing Wii tennis.

That's quite an admission for just a Scruff conversation, but I pictured it in my head immediately. Which was maybe his end game. Then he shot me a few pictures of himself.....all his ass.


A fucking gorgeous bottom.  Who the fuck needs that???

Still, by this time I was drunk and horny. And we had engaged in banter. He wanted to get together, and I thought I'd quash it by saying I was too drunk to drive. He goes: "I'll be there in 5".   Fuck. I had to get my 'top act' together.

He was right on time. He stripped right down.

Here is a great thing for us folks who are sensitive by our looks. The guy had a great face and dressed well, but all that hid a very very average body. Hairless. Pale. Small nips. Average cock.

He kissed, but not well. He ate ass, but not well. He sucked cock ok though.

All of this you could say was disappointing. To me, it was kind of reaffirming. Looks don't give you everything.

Nothing was wrong with him at all. But it's that bar haze (even though I wasn't at a bar) being lifted and reality is just that: reality.  He was human and flawed like all of us.

Soon enough he was bent over the bed. I had lube, I used it. He didn't ask for a condom, I didn't offer. He said in his Scruff chat something about being bred. I assumed he knew what that meant. Innocent, he wasn't.

He cringed and pulled away at my entry. I wasn't delicate about it, but he wasn't new to this either. And yes, I can be large, but he seemed to be that incognito slut. The guy no one would suspect would show up at your place at 3am.

I went in easier on next try. He opened up nicely. The rug in the room gave for shitting grip and the fuck was awkward. I mean, I was trying to be a top, so awkward would be the best case scenario.

We changed positions to him on his back, center of the bed.

He was talking about how he had fucked someone earlier in the day. He didn't know who it was. Never asked. They never talked. But I knew it might just be talk, since his legs were at my shoulders ever so easily. I'm not sure he was any more of a top than I was. If at all.

Being drunk didn't help me, but it might have assisted him. When I got to going, I was really putting it to him. But it was a clumsy fuck, I felt on my side. If he did, he said nothing.

And yes, I bred him. 7 days of cum into his tiny hairless hole.

As he dressed, he yammered on about Wii Tennis. How he plays, who he plays, etc.  I mean, I was starting to think it was at least one reason why no one might have chatted him up at the party.

While I was still a little drunk, I was seeing more clearly. Facially he was still handsome, though dare I say, not as much so as when a group of us spotted him at the party. Beer Goggles and all. But the sheen had worn off him too. He was no longer on a pedestal,  this unobtainable man.

He was just a regular guy who like semi-anonymous sex.

...and that works for me.

Monday, December 07, 2015


Some days my craigslist ads are better received than others. I cannot for the life of me, figure out what the trigger is that either keeps people away or draws them in. I'd like to say I'm extremely clever in my ad writing, but when it comes down to it - it's just the basics.

Maybe it's just availability of others that are in near proximity. That seems too easy.

So I kind of forgot about the ad since I got almost no responses all day. I went about my day working, do errands, walking the dog - you name it. Then I got a call from a blocked number. He said he replied via email, but didn't hear anything. I was honest, saying since no one had taken interest, I hadn't checked email in a bit.

His stats were impressive and he had a great sounding voice: Married. Italian. Hairy. 5'9". Muscular. Full Beard.

With all this - I kind of gay-swooned. In my would-be sex haze, I neglected to ask the one stat he forgot. But married and Italian, his schlong had to be ok, right?  Right???


First, he was fairly handsome. He seemed shorter than 5'9", but it couldn't have been by much. As it was cold out he had layers on, so he looked ok, but not muscular. Until he took off his shirt. Since it was supposed to be a blowjob, and it was cold, I never expected the shirt to come off.

The man's arms were nice, but just nice. His chest was nice. His abs were incredible. And the fur on them......wooof. The ass was nice and firm too.

The cock? ehhhhh...maybe 5" fully hard.  MAYBE.

I think the rest of the package of man was enough to overlook that.

He stated he was happy when I came to the door. I looked like my picture - though the ad pic was a close up of my mouth wrapped around a penis or two. But it's true not all pics posted are of the actual guys. As he talked, he got close and closer. He was testing me - and I was passing....or failing.

It's a 50/50 shot if I'd ever kiss someone, but I did with him. He had great lips. Soft but experienced. No darting tongue. Sensual. Sexual. Intimate. He got me hard.

I had peeled off my shirt at this point and my pants were around my thighs - jeans and underwear. He felt my ass and groaned. I also got a hearty smack on one of the cheeks. This ass-attention was unexpected as it was to be a blowjob. I am not complaining though.

As it would turn out, my lips would never touch his cock.

We stood there. I fondled him while making out. His hands would hold my butt cheeks. And at some point, he said he wanted to see my ass and turned me around. Soon enough he was pressed against me. Poking, but not prodding.

I didn't stop him when he slid a finger up my ass. Nor when he slid a second one. And he didn't even use spit.

Deftly, he guided me to my office desk. I sat on it, legs spread. He nestled his penis between my legs and under my nuts. He wasn't aggressive as you'd think he might. Confident, sure.  I took the initiative to lay back a bit. What he did surprised me.

He knelt down and licked my taint. And then my ass. If he wasn't experienced at this task, he was more than skilled. My fucking god he was more than skilled. He made me quiver. It is what I suspect I do to guys when I eat their hole.

I think he was ready to fuck me with no lube. He isn't that big, but it's been a little while. I spit on my hand and lubed him a little. With my legs back, he slipped inside of me. I'd say a little at a time, but it didn't take that long to take all of him. He's not that big.

The size made it a little problematic completing a partial withdraw. It also made it impossible for me to use my ass muscle to squeeze his shaft, as it would immediately expel him from my ass.

Laying back on the desk wasn't the best position - for him. I did want to see his face while he fucked me, but he really couldn't fuck me that way. Bending over the desk was just as problematic.

We ended up, me on the floor, balancing on my forearms and elbows, ass in the air.

He fucked me so hard that I had rug burns on those forearms and elbows.

He warned me he was a loud cummer, and I suppose it's all relative, as I didn't think he was all that loud. But he did deliver a great line.

"There's your fucking lube" he shot into me, four days worth.

The encounter wasn't perfect......but it was kind of fun. I'd be up for a rematch if he requests.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Open Wide

He's been over - maybe twice before. I never remember his email when he contacts me and the description he sends is just so vague, that until he pulls up do I remember him at all.

This last time - this last week - he was pussyfooting around to show up or not. He didn't like that I took video the time before. I said it wasn't needed, but here he was thinking someone could identify him from his cock. And it is a nice cock, but out of the millions on the internet, no one is picking his out of a line up.  No offense to him.

He is Italian. If he didn't tell you before - which he did - that horn that Italian men seem to wear around their neck would have been a clue. Along with his Italian flag pendant on the same chain.

He is also one of these guys who insists on stripping down completely for a blowjob. It's nice and all, but really, just whip out your cock and let me work it. The time it takes them to find where they flung their clothes and get redressed can just be awkward.

Last time, I swore the guy was high as a kite too. From his emails I was wondering the same thing, but he seemed pretty normal upon arrival, so that was a plus.

He let me gnaw on his cock through his tight jeans. But those came off, then he let me gnaw on and rub my face over the lump in his briefs.

I'll give it up for his moaning verbal skills once I pulled the cock out the side and wrapped my lips around the head.

The man received an excellent blowjob from me. Before he arrived, he offered to take video on my phone - which I didn't get, as he didn't want video at all. But instead of rocking the boat, I never brought it up upon his arrival. It was a single focused case of giving head.

While I prefer guys standing in front of me, he likes to sit. Who am I to disagree?  So he sat while I gave him expert head.

Swirling my tongue. Going deep. Head licks. Shaft licks. Bobbing up and down ever so well.

But then he got this idea:  he wanted to stand, have me open my mouth so he could watch himself ejaculate into it....but at his control, which pretty much meant finishing himself off.

Who was I to say 'no'?

The way he stood, I had to twist my neck to the side. I opened wide. I waited. I waited. And then he came.............and came.........and came.

He watched it pool in my mouth, as I purposefully held it there for him to see. Sure I could have let it just slide down my throat, but clearly he wanted a visual, and I helped him with that.

He was exhausted and I just let that semen slip into my gullet and then my stomach.

As he dressed, all I could think of is: "fuck I wish I had that on video!"

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Return and the Disappearance

There has not been tons of activity since a little before Thanksgiving.  Stupid friends and family getting in my way - and in the way of newbies and regulars. Wasn't I supposed to be giving them thanks - the only way I know how?

So the re-start of people's post-holiday schedules hasn't been all it could be - at least where I am concerned.  Ads have been placed and mostly ignored.  "Woofs" have been sent on hook-up apps and mostly ignored. What is a fucking faggot to do?

In general, I don't reach out to my "regulars" and especially not to my "semi-regulars". I know many are attached - to a man or woman - so I try to respect their privacy. At least until my horniness gets the best of me, like this week.

So, while trying to be discreet as possible, I emailed or texted - never called. That's not my style.

One text brought the KISS guy over. A nice big load was delivered by him, though truth be told, I would have rather he planted it up my ass. He rubbed the hole, but didn't do the deed. I'm beginning to think he might never do that again.

There were two new black guys. One watched straight porn on his phone while he pretended I wasn't there. The other guy literally came in a minute's time. Not a minute of sucking, but a minute from me going to my knees, even before I had a chance to get lips to penis.

And there was the return of the guy who likes to gag me. It's a beautiful cock, for sure, but I'm not that big into guys who get high - and if they do, I'm really not fond of guys who reek of it. My mouth and nose are already taking in a bunch of smells - that is not one I want. And it was the overwhelming one. Still, I finished the job, because I'm an unpaid professional. I want him back again, but there will be a slight discussion about how he returns.

I did the real stretch and contact the ex-military guy.  He had only called, so I had to send a text message from my recent call list. Though I questioned how local he was, he assured me he was, though he had a Florida area code. That means nothing now a days, as numbers are portable. But I sent a message to get a reply that it was a 'non working number'.

Perhaps it is a trac phone that gets no messages, but I'm trying reallllllly hard not to just call him. I want a repeat.............badly. Because the repeat was supposed to be a deep drill fucking.

I also send an email to the Nerd.

Our schedules had not been compatible as of late, but this evening, for a short period of time, we had a window. He had somewhere to be at 6:15p. He said he'd arrive at 5:20p, though with the crappy weather and rush hour, I knew he wouldn't - and he didn't. He got there, but late.

There was little time for my normal admiration of him. He is blithely unaware of how "cute" he is and how gorgeous his cock is. I'm not sure I want him to know at this point. The unawareness is endearing. It almost makes me want to kiss him, but I think that could freak him out. So for the moment, I use my mouth for one thing - and one thing only.

I can edge him and love doing so. Or I can get him off in two minutes. I love doing that as well. Both have their moments. Tonight, it was somewhere in between, though it skewed a bit to the getting him off quicker. He arrived late and I don't want him to be late for his next meeting. I want him to think I respected his time enough that he won't resent me down the road - that he had to make up excuses for his tardiness.

I do love the way he trembles when he ejaculates. The orgasm comes from the center of his body and resonates from his toe to his head and back again - and several times, at that.

The load is always more than respectful in size. I show it to him each time, as I know he likes to see how productive he was. I like that about him. And to be honest, I like to show off at the reward of my skills.

We still talk about him fucking me....again. I hope that happens sooner than later. That is one I'd love to take while doing poppers, but he's not a fan - doing them or being around them. Since I vocalized issues here about the pot smoking, the least I can do is be respectful of his liked / dislikes.

I am zeroing in on my 2015 goal. I'm sure I'll share with you when I reach the goal or at the end of the year. I'm fairly pleased, but if the December holidays are anything like Thanksgiving, I might be close...........but no cigar.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bartender Blowjob

Don't exactly go by the title. It' snot exactly what you think.  Or maybe it is.

Yes he was a bartender. Yes, there was a blowjob. No, I did not administer it.

Over two years ago, I blogged here about how this same bartender fucked me in a stall in the bar which in he worked. It turns out, I also fucked him twice when I did threeways at that pretty-boy's house a few months ago (though the situation with the pretty boy ended very badly - so I won't be getting an invite back.......ever).

This guy is also a leather guy with a "Sir" title.

Here is where I fail the title test. If someone is called "Sir", I expect them to be aggressive, assertive and to be the top. If you're keeping score, he fucked me once, I fucked him at least twice and now was about to get a blowjob from him.

He also "keeps" a boy and a.......a.....guy who dresses like a women. I don't think "he" is quite a drag queen, but not quite transgendered either. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm all about clear male-on-male action. There are enough issues with sexual roles in play before the need to bring gender identity roles into the mix.

I just want "top" or "bottom".  Things can still be very heated with those limited roles. Trust me.

Like last time, we flirted on Scruff. I was hoping for a repeat, but he kept mentioning the times I fucked him. It seems that where his head was at - and where he wanted mine to be.  Sigh.

I can't win for losing. And at the time I had a 14 day load.

I wasn't far from the bar, so I stopped in, per his request. He had three customers. Two quickly left. I ducked into the restroom and waited in the stall. I took my cock out and started building up the erection.

Soon, the bartender came into the stall, secured the door and started playing with my cock. Fuck it, I was there, may as well fuck him. But then he demurred a little. Said he wasn't "prepped". I said I was a big boy and could handle it.

Don't get me wrong, squeaky clean butts are nice, but when did we evolve to only fucking super clean asses?  Has porn ruined us?  I can't be the only guy who has spontaneously had sex in a bathroom or woods - right?  It's not like I'm saying I enjoy a muddy fuck, but c'mon, someone is sticking something up an ass...............grow up.  As Amy Schumer sang, "this is where your poop comes out".

He shrugged, turned around - butt facing toward me.

With some spit and some gumption, I eased in to him. All the way in. There was maybe 10-15 pumps of his ass before the bathroom door opened up.  Fuck.

Now, I don't mind an audience, though neither of us knew who this way. But it also wasn't my place of employment. I hoped he locked the register, but who the fuck knows. He pulled off me, and there was a little brown on the head, but not much, though he apologized profusely.  It was nice, but unnecessary.

After the pisser left, so did the bartender. Never to return.

I left the restroom about 10 minutes later - in case he did return - and there were now six folks in the 1:30p.....on a weekday.  What a bunch of barflies. Naturally, they all looked at me - seeing someone exit a bathroom none had seen me enter. So I might have called them 'barflies', but they were calling me 'slut'.

I chatted with the bartender for a few, and made my exit. On the way home from there is when I found someone to help me with my load.  The 27 year old.

A week later, the bartender and I were chatting again. Again, he wasn't prepped, but willing for some oral action. There was something about him I liked, so I agreed. Again, there were a few people in the bar. I hung out for a few before heading to the restroom. He showed up sooner than later.

He asked if I still had 14+ days.  I told him it was seven, but it would be more than enough. I wasn't boasting, but I didn't want to scare him.

He showed. Stall door secured. He sat on toilet and blew me.

I love public and bathroom sex, so I was hard in no time. Him playing with my tits did not hurt the scenario.  Nor did the creek of the bathroom door opening..........again.

He didn't stop, so I didn't stop him. The other guy pissed and in no rush. And he washed his hands and dried them too.  But somewhere in there, I was just turned on knowing he was there. I was thinking about it too much and getting harder. And getting closer.

I didn't want the bartender to choke on my seed, and I wasn't really looking to get him in trouble, but I really didn't want to hold off either. So I came in his mouth.

Pulse after pulse after pulse after pulse of semen exited my cock and into his mouth. All the while the other guy was outside the stall. I might have had deeper breaths, but made no actual noise. Bartender man didn't gag or make any noise. He made my 7 day load disappear. He really had no choice at this point.

Our guest made his exit. I winked at the bartender still sitting there and made mine.

Again, there were a handful more patrons there than when I went in, but I kept walking and left the bar before the bartender emerged from the restroom.

Oh - to hear the bar chatter after I left and the bartender took his station. I can only imagine.

Before I made it home, there was a Scruff message from the bartender.  One word:  "WOW!"

I think he might have liked it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Of the many, many, many (and I do mean, 'many') encounters I've had this year, a potential ex-military guy ranks up in the top 10......maybe top 5.

Responding, via phone, to a craigslist ad I placed, his stats were most impressive - 6'1", 190, short silver hair, 8.5" cock, ex-military - ,but it really was the tone and confidence in his voice that left me asking how soon can he be over. He said 20 minutes.  That was about 19 minutes too long.

Yes, I said he said he was ex-military and earlier I said he was potential ex-military, because you can only believe so much. He had a decent body. But really, it was his attitude that drew me in. I love a strong, aggressive, dirty-minded guy. That is probably all news to you.

If there was on issue - it's that I'm guessing in that 20 minutes to get to me, he smoked a half a pack of cigarettes. Clothes, skin, breath, hair.......everything reeked.

Me - I just sunk to my knees and opened his jeans. While he wasn't hard, he was already large. It didn't take much to get him to full mast.

It was a beautiful cock with a beautiful head. I loved being on my knees in front of him, servicing him.

I looked up and said, "can I be your cocksucker?" and his response was, without missing a beat, "you already are".  Hard to argue with, since I pretty much had his dick in my mouth.

I was hoping he'd think of it as more of an 'in the future' scenario, but that was over thinking it. I should have been happy with the here and now - and I was. But it was the kind of dick : attitude thing you'd want to continue on down the line. We hadn't even really gotten into it and this was something I knew.

His dick felt great in my mouth. I loved having it there, he loved having it there. I wish I had prepped - even a little bit, because he made me want to have it somewhere else. And going by his talk, he will want the same thing. While my mouth was full, I heard a monologue of him wanting to breed my ass; to leave his seed deep up my hole. Who wouldn't be down with that?

He lifted his legs a bit to let me lick his balls. But when I went further back, he pulled his legs further back. Without hesitation, he let me lick his ass. And I went to it. It was one of those sessions that you'd really have to tell me to stop, because I would not. Not just because it felt and tasted great, but I loved the reaction it was getting. He was euphoric.  Kissing. Licking. Tongue fucking. Jabbing. Rimming. Chewing. Sucking. All to his hole.

Then I lay back and told him - I didn't even ask - to sit on my face. It was just fucking perfect. All-in-all I probably spent another 20 minutes with my lips planted to his butt.

He had a deadline, and he took matters into his own hand - and not his cock, but my head, so he could fuck it. It was fast. It was furious. And as I feared, with all that tobacco, the cum was bitter.

Not that I really minded. You tend to over look certain things for a man who is a man.

I'd over look that again, any time he fucking wanted.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


It's a verb. An 'action' word, at that.

I've sucked this guy off a few times. Older, but not old. Silver hair and beard. A cyclist.

The first time he was on crutches, due to a biking accident. Then a cane. Now he just hobbles a bit.

The first few times he had to sit down, due to the leg. I'm ok with guys sitting, but truth be told, I would rather have them stand in front of me. It's the natural cocksucker in me. The somewhat subservient position, I suppose.

He looks very nice. Very upstanding. He's not.

The man has a dark streak running through him, though I am still not sure how dark or how deep that streak runs. I am certainly hoping to find out as time goes on.

The streak of which I speak is how deep into my throat he puts his cock. And how long he holds it there. And how tight he grips the back of my head.

The answers would be:  all the way.  a fuck of a long time. and very very tightly.

All things I like. All things I love.

He does have a large and thick cock. Almost 8". Thick thick shaft. Love of veins.

The second to last time he was over, he causally mentioned (though I don't think it was casual at all, really) that he'd love to see my head hanging over the side of my desk while he fed me. But that was weeks and weeks ago.

I'm certain I am not his only cocksucker, though he likes to call me 'my cocksucker'.  He tells me how good my mouth is. He tells me how much I love his cock - it's never a question, though I answer (meaning: nod) enthusiastically like it is one. And the answer is always affirmative.

But since my memory is like an elephant's, I remembered his 'request'. After I let him in, I said nothing, but got on my back on the desk, with my head hanging over. I could see his sneer / smile. He stepped right up, as I knew he would.

He was all too happy to snake his shaft down into my mouth and down my throat.

And he does love to put it down my throat.................and gag me.

Fuck, the head passes my tonsils and he slips right down into my throat. I love the feeling. But then he grabs my head and holds me in place. My throat spasms around his cock as I gag and cough. I don't know how that actually feels for him, but I know he likes it.

His balls and push press against my fucking lips.

He's good about calling me a 'cocksucking faggot' and asking if "you love my cock".  It's more of a tell than an ask.

He likes the control. The power. He likes the way my eyes tear up just a little, but he loves the fact that it's his big, thick shaft is the thing that makes me choke.

And truth be told, I like it too.

I don't know know him, but enough to trust him with cutting off my air supply. At least temporarily. Hopefully temporarily.

I like the sound of his voice when he speaks filth to me. I like the upward turn of his lips as he sneers - and the gleam in his eye when he knows he's in charge - and knows I know he's in charge.

This could be fun.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bent Over

I've been sucking him fairly regularly for a couple of months. I mentioned him back in July, though we've probably been hooking up since end of May.

He contacts me, comes by and I suck one or two loads out of him. Even when he says he has 'two' lately after one, he's pulling up his pants. I never question him. He never explains. It happens. And the way I see it, at least I got one load from a big black cock.

He always tells me my mouth feels like a pussy. I've said it before - and no doubt will again - I don't know exactly what that feels like. I've never had the "pleasure".  But I can surmise what it's supposed to feel like - I've seen enough straight porn.

So in this 'talk' while getting sucked, he has moved from fucking his girlfriend, to having a friend in Memphis - who isn't a boyfriend - to his boyfriend in Memphis.  Maybe this is typical DL behavior, I don't know. None of it horribly surprised me though. I don't think he was pulling off the band-aid slowly for me, as much as he was himself. Whatever gets you through the day.

Fucking has never been on the menu. Or it has at least never been discussed. He answered an ad for getting sucked and that's what we have stuck to. He is most likely younger than I am, but asks if I like 'sucking daddy's cock'.

I have to say, it's a nice cock. Thick. Long. Dark.  Though on any given day, his cum can be great or bitter. Not that I'd ever tell him - I just suck it down.

During one of these last times, I was sucking and he brought up his 'boyfriend'. He told me how he tells the boyfriend of all these times I suck his cock and what a great job I do. And that when the boyfriend comes to town, they are both going to use me.

Now, the 'boyfriend' might be just as allusive as his 'girlfriend', but it's not like I'm actually going to be meeting either one. Even if he exists and comes to town, I'm guessing the chances of me getting 2-on-1 are about as good as seeing Jeb Bush in the White House.........and not as a visitor.

But as he talked, he mentioned me getting it from both ends by him and his bf. How I would blow him while his bf fucked my ass.

"Innocently" I asked, 'aren't you going to take a turn on my ass too?'

'You want this up your ass?'. I nodded vigorously while his cock was still in my mouth. He pulled away to show it to me. I bent over my home office desk.

With just my spit - though there was a lot of it - on his cock, he pushed into me. It was rough, the way he gave it and the way I took it. He kept forcing that big black cock up my ass until he was all the way in.

I asked him if he'd tell his boyfriend about this? He told me to shut up and started fucking.

For as good as he is at fucking, I'm not sure why we had not been doing this before.  Or all the time. Or since.

It was a quick fuck - maybe 5-8 minutes. He buried his bone and unloaded up my ass. No words. Just continual grunts that matched each throb I felt up my hole.

He slipped out. Took a step back, legs spread.  "Suck me clean, bitch".

And I went right down on my knees and did just that.  I liked how he didn't hesitate to tell me. He didn't even ask - which was fucking hot.

I was hoping to suck him to another load, but it didn't happen.

Nor has it happened since. I've sucked him a few times since, but as much as I try to approach the subject, he tries to avoid it.

I know I'll get it again, just as I'm sure as that I'll never meet his boyfriend.

Friday, November 13, 2015


That's how old he is. Twenty fucking seven.

How did that become young? In theory it's not, but he looked so fucking young. At least he didn't call me "daddy" - at least not out loud. Or to my face.

But he hit me up on Grindr: the young man's app.  The one I probably have no business being on, but I am.

While 27 isn't that young, it usually is younger than I opt for. Usually. Clearly there have been a number of exceptions, of which you've read about here.

Toned. 6', 180, buzzed head.  BIG cock.

It's a good thick 8". Big head.

He wanted to swap head.  Normally, the swapping thing isn't my game, but you know I play fast and loose with that stuff. I saw his face. I saw his body. I saw his cock. Why would I even debate saying 'no'?

It was quick. We met at his place in less than 10 minutes. He was all his pics said. He thought I was 'very sexy'.  I mean, he was clearly looking for an older guy, though he never said it. But hey, I was into guys my age when I was his.  Let's just say I'm paying it forward......or backward......or something.

It was freezing out, so neither of us wanted to touch the other one for fear of the cold hands. My dick was already not hard do the bitter cold, but he had a nice lump going. But that's being 27, eh?

Up close, it was a fucking beautiful cock. It filled out oh so nicely. But so did mine, the way he handled it. Soon he was sitting on the side of the bed, mouthing my shaft.

And that's what it was - he was somehow mouthing it, not sucking it exactly. He could take it deep - that he proved a few times, but most of the time, he almost toyed with it. The head of my dick when into the inside of his cheek. He licked it enough, even when in his mouth. And when he did suck, he was very skilled.

He did say somewhere during this that he wanted me to cum on him. I get it.

He wasn't sucking sucking me, for fear I might shoot down his fucking throat - which I totally would have. Because that is what one does when one says they want to suck your cock.

But I could abide by this, I told him - as long as he shot in my mouth.

This, he had no issue with.

They never do.

When it was my turn to 'swap', I didn't sit on the edge of the bed like he did, I got down on my fucking knees, like a cocksucker should. I took his cock in my mouth, like a cocksucker should. And I went to the base like - you guessed it - a cocksucker should.

He loved the way I sucked his cock. He said so - several times. But it's not like he was my first. Though he was my first that day. Honest. Though not for lack of trying.

He played with my tits - as you can see. I went down and ate his fucking butthole.

I mean, I ATE it. He was fucking moaning like a bitch in heat. I don't do it often, but given the chance, I would have fucked that. But considering he wanted me to cum on him and not in his mouth - fucking his ass seemed to be pushing the limits. Exceeding them, actually. So I just ate it. Kissed it. Tongued it. Chewed on it.

It was a fucking beautiful hole to eat. I'd do it again.

Even before we were halfway finished, he asked if I'd come back.

Fuck yeah - I'm coming back.

Since he was on his lunch break, we had limited time. And he wanted me to shoot on him before giving up his load. No problem, I can work with that.

He was surprised at how much I shot. I told him to take off his black ribbed tank top first, but he refused. I can't see how that is ever going to come totally clean again. But that is his issue, I suppose.

After I was done, he didn't think I'd still want to go down on him, but I did. I sucked. I stroked his cock, to show him what a monster it was. Then back to sucking until he blew his wad over my extended tongue, into my mouth and a little into my beard.......but I licked that clean.

He didn't mind the age difference, and he was mature enough that I did not either.

I hope he's serious about revisiting the scene - because I would do it again. And somehow get his cock up my ass too.  That would be awesome!