Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vaseline and Cum

His cock was big and curved.  Like 8.5" big. And with the beginning of the St. Louis arch kind of curve - though in ratio to what was hanging between his legs. 

It was thick too. 

In theory, it was everything you'd want in a cock.  But theories are just unproven hypotheses. They are good, but never conclusive at to what it will be or actually is. 

It is my fault for not asking for a picture of him. Or a better picture of him. Something with mirrored sunglasses makes me throw logic right out the window. They are bad boy shades. They leave room for hotness and disconnect. They hide a plethora of sins. 

No such glasses were on when he opened the door. I could see his face for what it was - and while i'm not here to bash his looks, let's just say, I considered asking him to put the glasses on. But that would be rude. 

I also never asked about the size of his dick. No - that's a lie. He just never answered, so I wasn't expecting much. I wasn't expecting that! ^^^^^^^^^^ up there. 

He peeled down his gym shorts and "it" sprung out. I never had to look up his face again.  : )

...except that I did. He kept putting it in mine. And he was a horrible kisser. 

It was hard not to notice the lube or condoms on his bedside table. It was hard to notice that one of his lubes was vaseline, which while slick, doesn't really mesh with rubber(s). But more on that soon. 

He sat on my chest, feeding me his cock. Or trying to. It's a difficult angle at best and that is with a cock that doesn't arch up. But I'm a consummate pro, and I did a good job. Not a great one. 

I will say he wanted to sit on my cock too, but deep down, I wasn't feeling it. Neither was Bikeguy Jr., who wasn't fully rising to the occasion. I know I've fucked a few times this year, but I have to want it - I wasn't there at this time, or with this guy. It wasn't going to happen. But I had to be delicate about that, because I still wanted his cock. I didn't want to offend and be tossed out. 

He offered me lube and tossed me vaseline. I hadn't used that for decades and it oddly felt familiar and good. There really is nothing like it. 

He put on a condom and pretty sure he lubed up with the same stuff. I was going to say something, but honestly, I wanted to see how fast (or if) the rubber would deteriorate. But we never got that far. 

Maybe there was too much pressure. Maybe he wasn't into me either. Maybe he didn't have enough blood in his body to fill up that hardening cock. He was more erect than I, but not enough to do the deed. 

It was then I just went to my knees. The rubber was off by this point and I sucked like my life depended on it. His cock responded. He liked it. My lips were coated lightly, but completely. Add to that my spit as I went up and down on the shaft. 

It was all going so well when he pulled away at the last second, some cum landed in my mouth, some on my lips / face, one went to the floor my legs. I got back on it and took it all. I'm not sure why he pulled away, but I was not to be thwarted in my goal of his load. 

As I walked out of his apartment, my lips were now tasting of petroleum jelly, spit and cum. 

By the time I got to my car, he had blocked his profile from me. 

....and I totally get that. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Thick 2

I was back. But this time a little tipsy and the texts were not anything about oral.

I was at a bar with friends and got a message if I'd like to come over. Back to the big dicked man in my last post.

He greeted me at the front door and this time, I was directed upstairs. There was no play downstairs with a subsequent a trip up. This was strictly in the bedroom goings on.

All clothes were dropped as soon as we entered the bedroom. Me palming his thick fucking already hard cock and him toying with my balls for all of 45 seconds was the only foreplay there was to be.

He invited me onto his bed and I accepted.

I noticed at the bedside table there was lube. I knew where this was going. I kind of suspected anyways, so while I haven't really used poppers in the last few months, I knew that with his girth, I might need some assistance.

With the only light coming from the porn playing on the tv, I took in his beauty - and he is very handsome with a good body. The plus-sized dick is just a bonus.

I had equal amounts of excitement and apprehension about having that big, thick cock up me. Ok, maybe it was more 60/40, if I broke it down respectively.  Possibly 75/25.  

I won't lie, the booze I had just before arriving helped. I was receptive to almost anything.

There was no real foreplay other than the fondling of each other's junk. He reached for the lube. I reached for the poppers. As he was finishing coating his rod, the poppers took effect.

With him pressing his blunt head against my hole, I felt it open. I could actually feel the muscle of my hole gripping his shaft and covering it, clinging to it as he made his way in deeper. I could feel the lining of the inside of my ass grasp his cock.

I felt full, but good. And I knew he wasn't all the way in.

You know I like to have my tits played with. Some guys are better at it than others. Some really have zero skill and even if told what to do, are clumsy at best. Not this guy. Without a word, he knew exactly how to handle them.

Whatever he did to them, made my hole twitch enough and open just enough that he sunk the last thick 3" into my butt all at once.

I gasped and he stopped...for a second. I didn't gasp in pain. It was pure ecstasy. What could have been a painful fuck, was nothing short of great.

The man knows how to work an ass. While I loved sucking him, his real skill is at boning a guy's ass. Or at least mine.....which is all I really care about.

There isn't a good way to describe how great his cock felt and how good the fuck was, so I won't really try. I can't do it justice, I don' think.

At some point he pulled out and he wanted me on my knees. His cock went in much easier then, though not all the way. He did reach around to play with my nips and again, that just paved the way for the rest of him.

Granted, this way, he had a little more leverage and lot more strength in his moves. He could go deep and make me feel it. And FUCK did I feel it. Every nerve ending was on fire.  ...again, in a good way. Luckily it was a freestanding house, or his neighbors would have been on to us. They still might have been.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it this way, but this was a rougher fuck. I was still just as full.

He kept commenting on how tight I was. I (kind of) laughingly told him, his cock was so thick, everyone was tight to him. He chuckled back that this was not true. But it's safe to say I'm far from being a virgin (honest!), but there is no way he wasn't feeling tightness when buried up my ass.

For the home stretch - and we were at about the 20 minute mark now - I was back on my back. He was playing with my nipples and I reached for his. Had I known he was wired like me, I might have played with them earlier - or maybe not.

That really got him going. It also got him closer. So you can see why I wouldn't want to play with them too soon. I didn't want the fuck to end.

I know some guys love the shorter fucks, getting the load and moving on. I have those times too. But I really like taking it up the ass. And he gave it to me. But he was nearing the point of no return and I wasn't about to stop him.

He just buried in me - his dick into my ass, and his face into my neck. Breathing heavily, making non-sensical verbal noises.

It wasn't hard to milk his cock with my ass muscles. While he loosened them, he was still fairly hard and and I was still grasping every inch of his shaft.

It was more awkward pulling out of me - truly leaving me empty, except for a load he shot deep in me.

Without a doubt, it ranked up in the top 5 fucks I've ever had.

...and that's saying something.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Thick 1

We had a few failed attempts at hooking up. One where I even got a few hundred feet from his house before he cancelled, but I could see a bunch of contract workers pulling up to his house. When is a contractor ever on tine - let alone early?

Weeks later we finally made it work. He said he was good now - and I said I needed 20 minutes to get to his place. I made it right on time.

Once into his place, he seemed familiar, but not.

5'10" maybe 180, but muscle. Black. Big dick. ....and I mean, BIG dick. I'd say 8.5", which is impressive in its own right. But it had to be at least 7" around. Not just at the base or mid - but solidly all the way down.

As I went to my knees and took it in my mouth, I had flashes of memory. I think I had done this before, but at my place. Not the act - of course, I've done "the act" thousands of times with just as many men (not even an exaggeration in numbers).

No, I'm now 97% sure I did this guy about four years ago.

Anyways, I got to his house and he was there in a t-shirt and flimsy shorts. Those came off about five feet inside the door.

Normally, I would have gone to my knees immediately, but honestly, I was just there in awe of this ebony piece of meat. It weighed so heavy in my hands. It had such heft.

But as in the job description, "some kneeling may be required for undetermined amounts of time", so to my knees I went.

I'm proud of my cocksucking skills, but I felt on this job I would be getting a 'satisfactory' not much much more. Maybe a fewer high marks for effort, but to say I struggled a bit with the size would be accurate. It was long, but it was the thickness that made it difficult to take as much (read: all) as I'd like.

Mind you, he was not complaining - quite the opposite. It's more that I thought I let myself down. However, upon further review of the evidence, I don't think I did as poorly as I imagined.

Yeah, there is still a half inch to go, but I thought I was off by closer to 2". So maybe there was a reason for his moans.

But that cock tested me. My lips were stretched. My mouth was full. It had a hard time making access to the throat. Still, I love thick. I love long, but thick is better than long usually. Long and Thick are probably the best combo. But that just sounds like I'm greedy.   .....which I totally am.

The load was good sized. A little bitter, but I don't mind that. It's the act of extraction that excites me. The cum is just - so to speak - gravy.

And I did well enough to get a callback.

But that is for a separate entry.

Monday, April 06, 2015


I am sure when it comes to sex, I've exhibited guilt afterwards in the past.

The long ago past.

Now, I might not be thrilled with some of the exploits I've had, or the men I've had them with - maybe even ashamed, but guilt? I think that part is long past.

He was here this morning, answering an ad he saw on the way into work - which makes me wonder how his driving skills are, but that's for another story, I assume.

35, married (to a woman), 6'4", 240, in shape, some scruff on his face, suit & tie guy is what he said. 8", is what he said. He got an immediate invite over.

On the way, I think he called twice to talk dirty. I was afraid he'd blow his load in his car and never actually arrive, but he did show, load intact. Actually, I saw him adjusting himself as he stepped out of the driver's door.

What he failed to mention was how incredibly fucking handsome he was.

Now, I know that is relative, but I don't see many looking at him and going, "ewwwwww". I would assume more would do double takes and follow them with their eyes, if they were to pass on the street or in a mall. Yes - THAT good looking.

And he knew how to wear a suit. So, he gets bonus points for that too.

Immediately he kicked off his shoes, took off his suit coat and pants and carefully draped them over a chair. Still wearing his purple dress shirt and a nice tie, he sat down in a chair other than the ones his clothes resided.

I went to reach for his cock, but out of nowhere - at least nothing discussed - he wanted to suck mine. Fudge!

I complied, only because I knew he wasn't going to be able to get me off and the entire talk (and ad) had been about me getting his load.

Let's just say, he is an awful cocksucker. Just horrid. I've had guys fuck me jack rabbit style in bed. I've had guys jack rabbit fuck my face before. I've never had a guy jack rabbit suck me.

I'm thinking nobody has.

Maybe his wife is really bad at it but she thinks she is really good. Maybe he thinks this is the way it is done, but that would mean he's never seen a porn movie. So, I have to believe he knew this isn't THE way.

I didn't even get all the way hard. After a few minutes he gave up and had me go down on him.

Let's start off, as handsome as he was, 6.5" does not equal 8 - even on the moon. He should be proud of what he has, because it was actually a nice cock.

I tried to show off my talents, but I should have known better. He tried to direct me with his hands to my head, and it as the jack rabbit motion I felt as he attempted to suck me. In no world can I imagine this feels good, but it was his thing. And it is always about the feeder.

He pushed me down to lick his balls, but he kept pushing.

He wanted me to go further, even scooting to the edge of the chair. This was not a guy who was going to actually ask for a tongue up his hole, but that's what I did and that's what got a delightful moan. I asked if that's what he wanted and he hissed "yessssss"  - in a purely lustful way.  So I kept at it for a few minutes.

But he was on the edge of something more than his chair. He was ready and I went down on him one more time before he shot his load.

It was a nice load. Tasty. Lots of it.

And as soon as he was done ejaculating, he literally jumped out of the chair with not a word. His pants and coat went on in record time. As he walked across the room, I swear his feet made it inside his shoes in mid-stride.

There was no eye contact or even remotely looking my way. There were no words as I let him out the door. I thanked him, of course - but there was no reply.

I'm kind of surprised there aren't tire marks on my driveway as he fled.

I've encountered post cum guilt before. Usually it is in bookstores and almost always from married guys.

Getting off is not shameful. You should be more ashamed if you can't or don't get it off.

I doubt I'll be seeing him anytime soon - if ever.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Ass Full

The ad was for a blowjob. Me giving, naturally.

Honestly, I don't know the last time I have been given head, let alone to completion. Not in 2015, that is for sure. I also have yet to jack off this year too. For long time readers, that last part should come as no shock to you.

The guy answered my ad and he was unable to travel, but I was. So to him I went.

40, 5'11", 190.  While he didn't state cock size he sent a pic.

While it looks bigger than 7.5" in the pic, it is about 7. 5". At least, that is what I would come to find out.

We went to his semi-below ground apartment, where the Price is Right was on. It was almost like visiting my grandmother - well, when she was alive. I'm not sure I've seen that show since she was alive.

But we got right down to work. Well - play.

He sat back on his sofa and I got on my knees, between his legs and went to down on him. He had a really nice cock.

It was a mouthful. And it turns out - an ass full too.

As I was blowing him, he reached down and played with my nipples.  Fuck - you know how that gets to me. But he didn' least until then.  Then he reached behind and started rubbing my ass....then down to my hole. ....and he found it.

In a matter of a minute, he was behind me, expertly eating my man hole. He was so great at it. Truly did a great job.

I never asked for it. He never asked if it was ok....and then just positioned himself and went in with his cock. I suppose me not saying a word other than "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" was kind of an indicator I was ok with just taking his cock up my ass.

He'd fuck for a while and then pull out and go back down on me, tonguing my crack and hole. It was kind of brave of him, as I didn't really prep, as the only thing we discussed was me giving head.

Normally, I would like to prepare - and usually do, on the off chance - but time was limited and it wasn't even talked about. But he'd have had to know, and he did it. Taking several breaks from fucking, actually, to munch down there.

I was appreciative.

It was back to fucking though - and he pounded the last round. It was time to do it - and he wanted it. So did I. I clawed at the couch cushions as I braced myself for the onslaught. He gave it like a man, and I took like one.

I could feel him twitch, which coincided with every moan he gave.

I walked out of there with my guts filled. He stayed behind, with lighter nuts.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dad and Son

Rarely - and very rarely at that - I take the 'daddy' role.

You heard that 25 year old call me that a few posts ago. But I keep reminding myself why I dumped Grindr almost two years ago:  everyone is so fucking young.  Well that, and "guys" hitting me from 8000 miles away (read: bots). Both are equally annoying. Both get blocked. 

But not that long ago, a 20 year old hit me up. The pics were nice, though nothing full of his face. He had a slight build, but defined, as kids with no body fat, though no real athletic prowess behind them, seem to have. 

He was in his dorm room, killing time before his 7p class. Did I want to play? 


Of course I wanted to, but probably not like he wanted. But I put it out there, that I was looking to give head and he sent me a pic of his more than ample cock. I took that as a signal that he was ok with it all. 

He had to walk over from his dorm to my place. Of course he did - he's 20 and living off-campus of a university. It was cold, he was bundled up and looking to get warm. I gave that to him. 

Something about him being there - be it the age difference, or our height or body size, but I had this paternal feeling, in a way.  Sure, it was a dirty fatherly figure kind of thing, but I think we're all ok with that here, no? 

I grabbed him and drew him to me. With my hand behind his head, I brought him in for the kiss. It was deep, it was wet, it was powerful. 

Just like some cheesy woman's romance novel, I felt him go weak in my arm. I held him up, kept him pulled into me, not that he was trying to remotely get away. This lasted several minutes. But in that time, from the time he contacted me, to the time he walked in the door, to that kiss. The plan was off the table. 

The words, 'boy', 'son', 'dad', were uttered......possibly all by me. 

With hands on his shoulders, I guided him to his knees. To say I pushed would be to imply he wasn't willing. He was oh so fucking willing. 

I helped with the belt, he did the rest. 

For being 20, he was very very good with his mouth. He could not quite get the last inch in his mouth, but the first seven, his mouth was golden. I even placed him up against the wall, pinned between that an my thighs. He took a slow, but deliberate face fucking, but not matter how hard I pushed, that last inch wasn't going. And yes, I know I could have pushed harder. Forced more. Hurt him, even until he complied. But I didn't. 

And during this time, looking down at him, I knew exactly what I had to do.  And you know it too. 

I reached down, without a word, and eased him up from his pits. Sometime during our play, his pants were down. I had already cupped his very small but firm ass. And it was to be mine. 

He didn't fight me or protest as I turned him around at the wall. His hands went up, without me even having to say a word. And he said nothing. 

He was silent when I spit in my hands and rubbed those on my cock. He was silent when I pressed against his hole, bare as the day I was born. He said nothing when I reached for my camera. 

While he claimed to only have started getting fucked in the last year, the kid was a natural. That hole opened up for Daddy with such ease. 

It was everything you'd think of a boy hole. Tight. Warm. Willing. And just like his mouth - he knew what he was doing. He never asked me to go slower, or stop. If he didn't like anything I was doing, he never said a word. But I think he loved what I was doing. 

20 yo powered by XTube

As it turns out, I did not need to give him a ride to school, which must be a passage for every dad and son. He's big enough to walk there on his own.

Possibly my favorite part of the event was the text I got from him later, saying "I didn't want to interrupt your video, but you are clean, right?"

That is the sign of a good boy - rather not spoil the video I was making to ask a very important question. He knows his place.

...and he wants it again.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Return of the IT Guy

He's had me back.  Twice. 

The IT guy, that is. To me, he is incredibly hot and built. Nice arms and chest. Great legs and ass. Good ink. 

And a perfect dick. 

It doesn't hurt that he's handsome as fuck - very masculine. It is not what I'd call a pretty face, but masculine, serious and just hot. 

The first time back, his office was conducting a meeting. I'm not sure how he got out of it, but he did. And while we could not use that, he took me to the server room. 

It seemed apropos. I would be serving him there. 

Behind two sets of locked doors, the room was noisy. Tons of servers. A number of internal and external fans. I was oddly more anxious about servicing him here than in his office. There you'd hear someone approach. Here, the white noise was so loud - it wasn't really white. You'd never hear a thing until it was far too late. 

But I'm assuming it's a smaller work place and he might be the only holder of the keys, other than a security person. 

He wasn't as worried. Clearly. Not only was it his place of employment, but he had not hesitation taking off his pants completely. 

Like last time, it was me on my knees. Like last time, it was me sucking cock. Like last time, it was me munching on his butthole. 

All of it good. Great, in fact. 

There was no talking this time - not there was much last - because to have any kind of exchange would mean to raise the voice as loud as the interior noise and that just seemed risky.  But of course, I did get the load. And it was just as great as the first time. 

A week later, I was asked back. It should be noted that while I try not to contact him, the lust I feel for the man makes me break that pact. Usually he ignores me and will contact me days later if in need. I rearrange things to get there in the allotted time frame. 

This last time was back in his office. His door cracked open for me to walk in. Him closing it behind me, then to his inner office where again, his pants came off. Immediately, he was in his chair / stool, leaning back having me worship his cock. 

It's a happy place to be. 

The man is quiet. Very quiet. The only time he really says a thing is when I'm eating his ass. Or "rimming" it. 

At the first encounter, he asked if I "rim". Well of course I do, but that word  was the only thing that made me think he's not straight. Do straight man use the word "rim"?   Seriously, I'm asking? 

I've heard them tell me to eat or lick their ass, but never to rim. Of course, he's younger, so maybe the 30 year olds are more in touch with that language. 

I've tried to get him to play with my nipples, but he doesn't know what to do with them, so he does nothing. Or maybe he doesn't want to do anything with them. He's a little awkward here, so I don't know if he is straight (I kind of hope he is), inexperienced (doubtful), or shy (possible). 

I also tried to get him to talk - even a little. Asked when he came last.  He said three days prior, when he came in a girl's face, as she wouldn't take it in her mouth. 

Is it a story? The truth?  Do I care?  Should I? 

It would be very hot if it were and he just used me to get what he's not getting at home, or when he goes out to a club. 

Of course, I also got the load that time. 

.....some of which you can see above. Sorry, it's not a great shot. 

He tossed me a kleenex in case I wanted to clean up. I wasn't messy, but there was no way I was wiping any of him away. 

I walked out proudly. 

I'm hoping for a few repeats in the near future. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Doubletree Kid


That is how old he was. Twenty-fucking-five.

But he was cute. And he was in a hotel not a mile from where I was.

Deep down, I knew what he wanted. He wouldn't say, but I've been 25 before. Many of that age like older men, and rarely are they looking to fuck a guy from a generation ahead of them.

No, I went in knowing what my role would most likely be.

He texted me to let me know when I got to the hotel. But the text came as one hand was raised to knock on the door. Fuck the texting back shit. I knocked. He opened, standing behind the door, with nary a stitch on.

His pictures were true, a rarity it seems these days.

He immediately used the 'D' word:  'daddy'.

I should have slapped him then and there.

As it is, I pulled him close to me, his naked backside to my fully clothed body. We happened to be facing the full length hotel mirror - and it looked like a good sight.

I have to say, he had the firmest and possibly highest ass I've have ever encountered. I'm not sure how many squats he's doing per day, but it works to his advantage. Being 25 helps. Genetics too, no doubt.

I bent him over his bed and got on my knees. I fucking ate that hole for all it was worth. The kid must have a line of guys waiting to fuck him. No doubt anyone would take the chance. Clearly, even I was taking opportunity this cold night.

I chuckled to myself, as his tv was on, playing one of the few 'SouthPark' episodes I've probably watched. It entailed people being abducted by aliens and being probed anally.  Which is exactly what I was going to do to this kid.

While you know he had to be a slut, he was relatively tight. And I know I'm thick, but I'm not least I don't think.

Though I didn't fuck him THAT long.


I think he was hoping for a quick pump and dump and while sometimes I work that way, sometimes I don't........or can't.  This time it was a mixture of both.

Truthfully, I would have rather had his boy cock up my ass, but I knew that was not meant to be. He was all about being the bottom.

I won't lie, I needed some of my hand to give me assistance to get me to the edge, but I punched my cock in him when I unloaded, giving him every drop I had in my balls, which was substantial.

I would have filmed that for you, but I ran out of space on my camera when I was filming the above. No worries, I cleared off my camera weeks ago to make mucho space for pics and video.

He said he wanted another go-round but never responded to me. I guess he didn't necessarily want it from me.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Almost There

The catch-phrase of many a trick.

Usually it is in reference to texting when they are on the way to a sex event. No matter how far out they are, it's always 'almost there'.

It's the "I'll be there in 5 minutes" and 22 minutes later you're still waiting. Assuming they've never read Emily Post or Ms. Manners, learning how to tell time seems to be a struggle for them. These are usually the ones who also say they have 6.5" and actually have 4".

I blame the education system.

Age has a something to do with it, but learning to tell time and good manners span all age ranges. I've had guys who are two minutes away - to never show. I secretly hope they've been in a fatal car accident. Not that they're dead, but caused it and will spend years in prison  - and that's why I wasn't getting laid. Of course the irony in that is that they're someone's prison bitch and getting it way more often now.


He was 26. 6'2", 190, black, 8".

26 is on the young side for me, but he was a mile away and the 45 yo guy who said he'd be here wasn't. Oddly enough that guy did show when the black guy was supposed to, but since he wasn't there either, I sucked his 6.5".....ummmm.....4" dick off. Yeah, he's a contractor. I hope he measures twice and cuts once.

I made haste with the contractor. And the black kid showed up 25 minutes late. A mile away. And he drove. Slowest. Car. Ever.

His pic was more handsome than his actual being. His body not seemingly as tight. He talked about liking the age difference (great?). The interracial difference.  The top / bottom difference.

When his pants were opened, I was more than worried that he'd never make it to 6", let alone 8". But with some time and my velvet mouth, he got to 8".

And he was thick. I liked wrapping my mouth around his thick shaft.

Though we never discussed what he wanted (or myself, for that matter), he brought poppers and lube. Before long, I was willingly bending over my home office desk.

I'd say he eased up me, but he didn't. Being 26 doesn't mean his style trumps his horniness. It was a solid push to the hilt, but I took it.

Fuck did I take it.  For like 25 minutes.

He didn't really have great skills. Nothing bad, but just the basics. And for a younger guy, who can usually get off at the drop of a hat, let me point you back to that 25 minutes.

There were no slow downs. No breaks. No pulling out. Well....he did pull out only to plunge right back in - to the balls.

For the last 10 of those minutes, he was all about the "almost there".  Maybe he was edging himself and lost the mojo. Maybe he was as confused to how close he was in orgasm to how close he was to arriving at my house.

I don't mind a 25 minute fuck (honest!), but mentally you get skewed when you almost thing it is over and gearing up for his load................and it doesn't show.

But eventually, if you say it enough, it will happen. And he delivered a huge load to my guts. I was happy to take it. I could feel the warmth spreading - and that doesn't always happen.

When he pulled out, it was difficult to not notice he was still hard. And I pointed it out.

That's when he told me he had another load for me if I wanted it.

Without words, I bent over the desk again and he went in. All the way in.

It was another 10 minutes of pounding And yes, another 10 minutes of 'almost there'. Then a second load, added to the first.

No plans for another get together, but you know how guys in their '20s are.

Monday, March 16, 2015


I was running errands and was near a fairly cruisy park.

Now, I'll look, but won't touch in these places. At least anymore. The sting operations are too heavy and there's too much to lose - so it's look, maybe talk, perhaps follow someone back to their place or exchange info for a later time.

It was a grey day and more traffic than one would suspect, though it was finally above 40 degrees. I think guys had pre-Spring fever. And while it was busy, there was not much to "look" at - save one. And he came around a few times before parking not far from me.

His hair was trimmed short, to the same size length of his beard, but you could tell in a few years he'd be as follically challenged as I am now. But it would work for him. It was working for him now.

After polite chit-chat, it came down to what each other was looking for. He, for the most part, was a voyeur. He liked to watch. Well, I do like to be watched, but the park and in the cars was not the place for it. And just seeing each other's dicks is so middle school (not that I ever turn down a chance to look).

Even the talk about what we like to do wasn't salacious, just a chat from two automobiles. But if he was a hot looking voyeur, I wanted something to show him. So with his email in my possession, I sent him a shot or two - as I can be something of an exhibitionist.

Against better judgment, I let him walk over to the car and see "it" in real time, of course, I asked prior to if he was a cop. He claimed not to be. He liked what he saw, but he was a voyeur and not a toucher.

Back in his car, he mentioned that his dick was not as big as mine. He also said that his ass was his best part and guys liked to see that. And of course, he had a partner. Not that that ever stops anyone. It wasn't stopping him from cruising the park and looking at a stranger's cock.

Anyway, he lived close to me, though neither of us lived close to this park. I was running errands, he was killing time before meeting friends for dinner. We eventually parted ways, me heading home, him still having more time to "look around" before his meal.

About five minutes from home he messages me, his dinner date canceled on him. While he didn't say it, he was open to meeting for watching me jack off. Not my favorite thing to do, but I DO like to be watched. And I was hoping he might cave on more. So he came over.

With just his track pants pulled down, he sported a nice hard-on under his very very very wet briefs. He was a major major leaker. The light grey had turned mostly dark in the pouch - and the surrounding area. It was kind of hot. This is a man, if he fucked, wouldn't need lube. He WAS lube.

We stood in my kitchen, and he watched me grow. "Nice" was his word of choice. If he said it once, he said it 178 times. He didn't have an expansive vocabulary, but I wasn't looking for him to improve my SAT verbal scores either.

I had forgotten about his comment on his own ass, until he brought it up again and pulled down his trackies enough to show me it.

He was not lying. It was extremely nice. Bubble, but muscle. Meaty yet firm. I could dig my face in there for two or three hours. And I said so.

He responded that his most favorite things was to be rimmed. I said mine was to rim. I offered.....he refused.  ....because he has a boyfriend.

{go ahead, roll your eyes......I'm guessing I did}

But then he turned around and showed me again. Even spreading his cheeks so I could his his very very lightly hair covered hole.

Then he said, "see.......when I bend over....." and he did, right over the counter.

I got down on one knee to take a closer look {wink!} and he jumped back.

"I really can't.........I said I had a boyfriend".


A big fucking tease.

Yet he still stroked his dick, though just barely. He reached over and grabbed a paper towel and immediately squirted a load onto it.

I had told him before that I didn't have to suck it and he could come on my outstretched tongue - never actually touching each other.

But you know......he had a boyfriend.........and couldn't.

I guess he can text a guy and show up at his house. I guess he can cruise the parks and see exposed cocks. I guess he can flaunt his ass, knowing the reaction.

The guy's a tease.  Plain and simple.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Things Take a Turn

After a few back and forth on Grindr (oh yes, I reactivated that app). He was a new face, so that intrigued me. Usually you see the same two dozen folks time and again - and they see me.

It was a relatively short back and forth and all of the sudden I was parking in front of his loft building downtown. I texted to say I was there and he headed down to meet me at the front door. He could have easily just buzzed me in, but this way he could see me at the glass door and turn around if he didn't like what he saw.

Of course, that was my take, it is nothing he said - at least out loud.

48 he was. 6'2", 198, muscular.  - so his profile state.

We had discussed blowjobs. Me blowing him. And possibly me eating his ass, as he seemed to really enjoy having that done.   ....and I don't have to tell you my proclivity to eating butthole.

I must have passed muster, as he let me in and we went to his apartment.

There was no tango, I went to my knees right there and undid his pants. And he let me. He moaned immediately as I took him into my mouth.

I didn't have much of a chance to suck him before he guided me off my knees and into the bedroom. There he sat on the edge of the bed.

I just went to my knees there and sucked his cock. He was appreciative. He was vocal. He was rock hard.

He got harder when I went down further, pulling him from behind the knees and moving his body to the edge of the bed. I think he knew what was coming then, but you never know. I dove for his ass. I did all those things I like - which turns out he loved.

Kissing. Lapping. Licking, Chewing. Drilling. I assaulted his ass - but with my soft warm tongue. He was writhing. I think I did a good job.

Well, I know I did. He mentioned to me as he was walking me out after we were through. He said he'd never had his ass eaten like that.

Maybe this is rhetorical but, do guys not like to eat ass as much as I do? Do guy who eat ass, do it just on a high level to say they've completed the task, as opposed to spending some quality time down there and really go for it?

And this is where things took a turn. Not a bad one. A little unexpected, but to be honest, I don't even know how we went from point A to point B.

Before I realized it, I was on the bed, on my back with him between my legs.

Now, I love to get fucked, but since we had limited time from contact to being there, I didn't have time to prep - as we had never discussed this as an option. Maybe he didn't care. I kind of did, but not enough to stop him........or me.

He wasn't prepared either. No lube. No rubber. Just raw hot cock and spit. You know that's not a deal-breaker for me.

Within 30 seconds, he was buried balls-deep up my ass. He just fucked and fucked. And was good at it (something no one has ever told him, according to him - again part of our convo as he showed me out.

I don't think the fuck lasted much more than five minutes. Honestly - and can I be honest here? - I worked my ass muscles with fervor to get him off quicker.

It's not that I don't like a long, hard fuck, but it kept coming back into my mind of me not being prepped and all the ick that could possibly bring.  But my technique worked and soon he was nearing his climax.

He asked if I wanted the load and I said "give me your fucking load".  He slammed more and was really vocal - but the walls had to be four feel thick so no one was hearing a thing. He was talking filth about fucking my ass and him wanting to shoot and then he just released, along with saying, "that's it, taking my filthy load.......take my fucking dirty load.".

I was so incredibly hard, you couldn't believe it. But I wasn't close. Nor did he expect me to get off it seems. The initial talk was about sucking him, getting him off. It wasn't about me.......and even though things had changed, that part he seemed to stick with.

I drove home erect for the entire 20 minute drive.

I haven't heard from him since.

Monday, March 09, 2015

IT Department

30yo professional here 8in cut tool and muscular build. Your [sic] a dirty little cum whore who needs put in his place, on your knees in front of my cock either send me your address or get your ass over to the corner of 1st and Main (streets made up to protect the location), I'm gonna fill your throat up nice and deep.

That was his reply to a craigslist ad I posted maybe 30 minutes prior. Yes, in the ad I put 'verbal and aggressive are a plus', but almost no one either reads for content or attempts to pull off those qualities.

He kind of hit the mark on the first outing.

I said I would be there at 12:00N and he said fine. He was at work, but had his own office where we could do this. Fuck yes.

Some might find that situation and setting daunting. I'm not one of those people. I mean, no longer will I meet anyone purposefully at a Home Depot restroom - as those are patrolled and I have desire to be busted.

A work office, to me, is different.

I got to his building and texted. He told me where to go and I did. After a little confusion on his direction, I made it there and I was not disappointed.

While he looked older than 30, he was certainly muscular and didn't quite fit the bill of the stereotypical IT guy.

This guy had dark curly hair, and almost a Mediterranean or Mid Eastern look about him. He was very sexy.

He had zero trepidation about doing this in his office. As soon as the second door was closed, his hands reached for his belt and zipper and his pants were down around his ankles. He was confident and sexy. It's like I had hit the fucking jackpot.

I also had no reservation about doing it there. So as soon as his belt was open, I was on my knees.

To say the meat was hefty would be an understatement. It was wide and thick and close to 8" - so he pretty much delivered what he promised.

We did start with him standing. His hands eventually finding my shoulders....and then my head. Both hands, actually, as he used my mouth for his pleasure.....his pace. He had excellent skills at face fucking - and we were both loving it.

I think he'd probably be a loud guy, but was unable to here. Actually, I think we could have been much louder and no one could have heard us, but then again, I don't have to work there.

He sat back on a high chair (but not quite a stool) and leaned back. There I licked the underside of the shaft and his balls.

The shaft really filled my mouth, though at that angle and with the upward curve of his dick, it was a little harder to get all the way to the base  - though I gave it my all.

As I worked lower, I heard him ask, "do you rim?".

My response was to tell him to move closer to the edge of the chair, which he gladly did. There, I took about 5-6 minutes to eat his fucking hot pucker. I made it and him feel fucking great. And let's face it, I LOVE eating a guy's shitter, so I was in heaven myself.

But I did have to get back to the cock. That was the ad. That was his response. That was his need. (though deep down I wanted him to pick me up, bend me over the desk and ram it home....but maybe another time.)

With him still reclined in the chair, I worked and worked at it. He was fucking my face too, which was admirable considering how we were positioned.

His load started to fill my mouth, but unlike most guys who let it throb and shoot, he fucked the entire time. He just used my mouth. I was swallowing one load and he kept fucking even after he was done.  Or I thought he was done.

He kept fucking for maybe 45 more seconds and goes, "here comes the second load" and there it was. Thicker and more plentiful than the first.

At least I think.

The first one he fucked down my throat in a way. This one, he finally stopped moving and blew his spunk into my open mouth. I felt it. I tasted it - and both were great.

He told me he'd be using me again, as we got put back together.

I hope he's not fucking with me.....because I want him to fuck with me.

Thursday, March 05, 2015


He pulled up to the house in a pick-up. In the back where his tools. He was coming from some job site on the other side of town.

He had to come to this side so he'd be fairly sure no one would know him - or see him. Especially his wife - and what I was later to find out, nor his girlfriend.

I could see why he'd have both - along with a cocksucker. He oozed masculinity. He wasn't muscular, per se, but he was put together nicely.

5'9", 165 or so. Buzzed head, clean shaven and a 6.5" cock.  And the face was cute as hell.

Like a lot of trades guys, he smoked. His clothes and finger didn't smell it, but it coated me each and every time he exhaled, as he was looking down on me and breathing that way also. It was distracting at best. He wasn't a light smoker, apparently.

Still, there is something hot about blowing a real working man - and I won't lie, that he had a wife and girlfriend and still virile enough to needing more on the side a was plus.

He immediately sat down. I like for them to stand too, but he'd probably been standing all day long. His pants went to his ankles and there they stayed. I went to my knees, and there I stayed.

His cock started off way too small. Sure it was freezing out. Sure it could have been nerves too. But I still don't believe a cock is as advertised until it is fully hard.

Soon enough he came up to his advertised size. And the head was just great - one of those extremely smooth ones that my lips and tongue just love passing over time and time again. It's amazing how different those can feel - how each dick can feel and it is up to the cocksucker (me) to trace each one, to get to know it and gauge reactions to where I am on each guy.

And that is what I did for him.

While he liked my tongue work when I was down on his shaft, he really liked it more right under the head. He responded to that time and again.

Overall, he was fairly quiet. Now and then he'd compare what I was doing to his girlfriend (this is how I knew he had one). He said she sucked and swallowed, but not like me. She said she was good, but thought I did better.

Though I had my jeans on, I did reach down to grab my cock through the denim now and again. He told me not to do that, as that wasn't something he ever wanted to see.

I kind of chuckled to myself at this. I get he was uncomfortable at the possibility of seeing another man's cock, while he was having one suck his. But i get it.

After about 20 minutes, I finally asked if he wanted me to work him up and off or just wanted me to keep sucking. I was good either way, but I was deliberately keeping him from getting too close, as I was enjoying it too much.

He said he was good for a while. So I figured I could take my time.

And for a little while longer I did, but I must have gone past that tipping point without realizing it.

Rarely have I had my head gripped so tight. He was a powerful man who held me on his spasming cock - making sure I wasn't going to go anywhere, or at least anywhere that he didn't say so.

The load was massive and tasted good. As you know, that is not always the case. But I stayed on the cock - not that I had a choice - and took every drop, even though he was a bit sensitive. I wanted to have it all.

As he was getting dressed - or pants on - he asked if I got enough. I told him how big his load was and he told me he had gotten off the night before, fucking his girlfriend.

I'd like to try him when he hasn't gotten off for a few days.

But the deal was, I would not contact him again - and if he wanted a repeat, he would get a hold of me.

Let's hope.

Monday, March 02, 2015


He answered my ad, asking guys to spray my throat, with this opener:

 "that mouth looks like a good little fuck hole. gotta warn you, I'm not into sitting back and getting my dick sucked. I'm gonna take full control of ur mouth, face and head. Slap my heavy dick down on ur face and tongue. Wipe my precum on your face and beard".

Ok ok, already - enough of the sweet talk. You had me at 'take full control of ur mouth'.

He gave me his address and I was on my way. Well, he gave me 'an' address - accidentally on purpose.

While he claims he mistyped it, the address he gave was miraculously right across the street, so he could see me and send me a message to 'turn around'. so he could wave me over. Let's face it - he was checking me out to see if I was acceptable. It was a dick move, but I was already there. Yeah - I know - I'm weak when it come to (not) getting cock.

33, 5'11", 180, 7.5". He said he was hairy, but it was so cold out, no clothes really came off - save my Carhartt coat.

The 'hood was questionable, the streets completely untouched for snow removal, but his house wasn't nearly as beat up inside as it looked from the exterior. And it had heat. Looking at some of these places, you'd wonder if they had anything but kerosene heaters.

As you'd imagine with his email intro, there was no fooling around. Immediately I was on my knees. He presented his lump under his sweats by making it bulge from the grip around his cock and balls. I nuzzled them. I licked the cotton. I completely worshipped the package in front of me.

Then it was just his briefs guarding his junk. He called me a 'pathetic cocksucker' as I paid attention to nothing but his encased dick.

Soon enough, it came out. It was nice.  7 - 7.5" Nice sized heft to it.

But when it came to degrading me - demeaning me, even - he had it down. He was a fucking natural at the way the words fell from his mouth and with the right inflection.

I was doing a great job on his cock - if I say so myself. But his talking didn't hurt matters at all.

"Choke on that dick......choke on that fucking dick"  

He took his tool and slapped me in the face with it, including on my eyes. He even commented on it: "right in your eye, dude.   you're a nasty bitch, a nasty motherfucker.  you love sucking dick"

When you're right, you're right.

I went down to lick his balls, which he loved, but at that time he started to stroke his cock to keep the momentum up. "That's your spit I'm jacking off with.The spit of a cocksucker." He reveled in saying shit like that.

He purposefully stuffed his cock head into the side of my mouth so he could see it bulging through the skin of my cheek. He fucking loved seeing that and made a few comments on that as well. He talked constantly, which turned me on constantly.

After a while, he got me off of my knees and sat me on his couch. Though that was too low for him, so he stood on the couch and had me lean back. He fucked my face and beat it with his slimy cock.

Then it was back to my knees. I knew he was holding off a bit. Edging himself and I was trying to help him with that, not really wanting this to end, but knowing it's a fine line of staying around too long.

He put me on my back, on the floor and did push-ups onto my mouth. I like those - and I don't. I like the aggression, but some guys don't know their own ability - or lack of - and there is nowhere for the cocksucker to go except into the floorboards.

He teetered on the edge of choking me with his cock for a while. Then he stood up directly over me.

With two strokes of his shaft, his load started to shoot - and pour - out.

Massive amounts of jizz.

At least half went directly in my open, waiting mouth. So what you see on my face is the rest. So I am not fibbing about how massive his load was.

Now, I took the pic, but you know I wasn't about to waste it. As I lay there, trying to reach his spooge with my tongue, and eventually trying to scoop it up with my fingers to feed myself - he told me it was time for me to go - NOW!.

I walked to my car with his cum on my face. No neighbors around to see that kind of detail, but the possibility existed, I suppose.

In the car, I wiped up the rest and ate it all, even as the subzero degree temps started to freeze it in place.  I got it all.

By the time I got home, he had sent and email:

"I will let u know if u can be of anymore use to me"

Not even signed off 'xoxo'.

Can you believe it?  

Friday, February 27, 2015

One Last (?) Blogger Update - - Hopefully

Ok - this is getting old. 

Hopefully this is the last update on the Blogger / Google / "Porn" situation. 

Allegedly, Blogger / Google has reversed their decision on banning adult content. 

Oddly (though not really), unlike the email I got from Blogger telling me about their decision, I have yet to get one on the reversal - nor do I expect one to be forthcoming. 

Part of me thinks some people will go and move their content off - of the site, or off of Blogger - and there will be no eating crow, at least in public....or at least kept to a minimum. 

It would be nice to get the official word and not just from Engadget (well and from The Breeder, who sent me the above link). 

So I have held off on removing any more content. IF I opt to, I will restore it....but oddly that is a lot more work than removing it. I'm glad I started with the latest years. But I will also wait to see what the "official" word might be. I'd kind of like to hear it from the horse's mouth. 

Now.....back to our regularly scheduled dirty adventure tales. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blog Update

I know I still have almost a month to "decide" what to do about this blog.

I've chatted with other bloggers on their intentions, and they are all over the place. Some are going to WordPress, which has a similar policy that Google / Blogger and implementing.

Some are doing dual on Blogger and Tumblr till it all shakes out.

One is just deleting the pictures on Blogger and staying there.

Me?  I'm torn.

First off - let me touch on how hypocritical Google is with this policy.....and I'm not even talking about 1st Amendment stuff - though I'm not really sure it applies in this instance, though a case could be made for it.

Go to Google and search 'barebacking' or 'blowjob'.  Then hit the images link. You'll get an eyeful (not that I'm complaining about seeing that). But you see these hardcore images with out any warning. There is not one age verification thing to click. You see it without any filter. You see it without one disclaimer. Hundreds of very very graphic pictures.

What are the chances Google will divest themselves of the images, graphics and videos in which they will prohibit us to use?  Zilch, is my guess.

Now, on my blog (currently), you already have to click on 'adult content' with a disclaimer. It is a concious decision to enter my blog. If anything, my writing is much more graphic than the pictures of videos I post.

And I do appreciate the feedback I have gotten by many saying that my entries need no images and that you like the tales themselves. That gives me hope to keep going in some capacity.

So it seems moving to WordPress is a non-starter. Why move content only to have to still remove images? I can do that here.

I'm not sure I'm feeling it with Tumblr either. I could mirror for a while and see how it plays out. At least with the folks I follow on Tumblr, most are images exclusively. It doesn't seem like it's built for the written word - and I don't think there is great indexing to find something you wrote, or when.

Getting my own URL is fairly cheap - but still a cost. Getting someone to host it is not always that inexpensive. And then there is the whole conversion thing.

So, I've gone though three years of posts 2005-2008 (so far) and removed most images. But so I don't have to edit text too much, or lose site of what is happening here, I've replaced each and every removed image with this note:


I suspect this will get me banned from Blogger before any of my images would.

I did leave some images - like this one.   Take a look - do you think it's considered 'graphic'?

Since it seems I DON'T have ton of images attached to my blog posts (it took me less than an hour to go through three years of posts), going through the rest of the years will take me a day. But I'm still not 100% sure I'll stay with blogger. I feel like a schmuck staying here and kowtowing to their new rules - especially when those rules don't apply to themselves.

I appreciate any feedback (or suggestion) you all might have on where to take this next.

I'll probably give one or two more updates before March 23rd, but I'm not trying to use this blog as a public forum for censorship. That's not exactly why most folks visit daily. But you'll know what I'm doing well before the deadline, so you can continue to follow me, if you all so choose. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thrice Topping

Well over a year ago, I wrote about a pretty boy.

While I don't think I did subsequent posts on him, I have been invited back two or three additional times to suck him. And then he just dropped off the map.

I'd say he wasn't my type, yet I was attracted to his look. I'd have liked his cock to be a bit fatter, but eh, whatta gonna do? Then there was the everything in its place thing that threw me. I'm not a slob by any means, but I do like lived-in looks, not show pieces.

So the other week, out of the blue, he messages me via an on-line app. While that was a little surprising, it wasn't nearly as much as his content:

"do you want to come over and breed some pig while he sucks my cock? He'll have a full hood on with only the mouth cut out - so he won't see you."

While I'd say topping isn't my thing, lately, I might be proven wrong - at least a little bit.

And while I didn't ask for a pic of the guy, he went it my way anyways.

Eh. I knew him. Kind of.

Eons ago (ok, maybe 20 yrs ago), he worked at a company in which a guy I was dating also worked. Complaints were rampant about this guy - "Gary". Heavy drug use. Along with bad tatts and heavy piercings - visible ones. It didn't bode well for the company nor their clients. But I think it was the drug use - and the dyed platinum hair - that got him shit canned.

Now and again, I see him around town (though he doesn't know me at all - nor ever heard of me) and he's always a big fucking mess.

I hemmed. I hawed. But it was the host guy - the ones I have the sort-of hots for - that I kept coming back to.

The pig would suck "Jay" while I fucked from the other end.

Interesting, for sure. But again, I was more taken by Jay.

This is a man who insists you shower right before you come over. This is a man who had a towel for me spit his load into (as if!). This is a man who carefully picks out every piece of everything in his house - always clean, always in place.

This is not a man who one would think would have pig sex. Or pig-like sex. I wouldn't even think he'd think about stuff like this. You'd assume if he fucked anyone, he would wear two rubbers....just in case.

But according to Jay, he's fucked his pig raw a few times. He's had others come over at different times to fuck this guy in this same scenario. Nice, handsome, put-together Jay had a dark side, and I was digging it. So yes, I agreed.

I parked a street or two away, as the pig had not arrived. I got a text saying he was there and for me to lock the door behind me (which I actually forgot to do). My shoes and coat came off right in the entry and I made my way back.

There they were. Jay laying back on the bed getting head, while Gary had his add up. Chaps on, jock on. Hood firmly on.

I dropped my pants and underwear. I approached - that white ass just right in front of me. I smacked it so fucking hard, my hand hurt. I got a grunt from him, I got a "fuck yeah" from Jay. His was the only person I cared about here.

I asked if I was the first one today and Jay said yes. I asked when'd the last time "it" got fucked and it answered. That got him a fucking hard smack upside the head. I don't care if he didn't like it, but I'm not sure Jay approved of that. I dialed it back - slightly - from there.

I'd pull out and lay on the bed next to Jay. We'd make out while Gary sucked us. Jay kissed hard and bit lips, hard. He seemingly likes to do it roughly and watch someone being rough. So I put on a show.

Back up and fucking, he told me to give it to him hard and I did. Slapping, fucking - the whole nine yards. And I shot up his hole.

The best part of the day though was watching Gary bump out of the room - still hooded, not seeing anything and running into walls and doors. He changed in the outer room and left. I left shortly thereafter.

Two days later, I got another invite.

Honestly, I wasn't feeling it. But...then Jay said he wanted to breed the hole and have me go in afterwards. It was too intriguing to pass up.

I was told I was not allowed to slap or hit this time, as I gave the guy ringing ears for a day. Fucking pussy.

I went. I did it.

It was great to watch Jay fuck. He took off his shirt for the first time to reveal a really nice chest. And he has the perfect armpits with solid black hair. I could have spent all day with my face buried in there - but he wanted this to be about fucking this guy.


Jay did come first and I was having trouble performing. But he got behind me and played with my tits which helped immensely....and I added a huge load up this guy. I can't really say I felt Jay's load up there though.

Cut to a week later, and I get another invite.

It's a new guy. A better guy - at least on paper. Bad tatts for sure, but thinner, more handsome but no hood.

And he had a better ass, though he could not take my cock with just spit as lube.  Bummer. And believe me, I tried.

I walked in and he was bent over eating Jay's dick. I went right down and ate his ass, something I would not have done to the other guy. Then I stuck my cock in. With only spit.

Well, half my cock. He couldn't take it. Had to use the lube. Then it sunk right in.

I didn't care about the guy. Jay and eye made eye contact as I fucked him hard. REALLY hard. His were not necessarily grunts of pleasure, but he had a mouthful of cock. But it didn't stop me and he could have said 'no' which he did not.

I did take a break to make out with Jay - just wondering how dark he truly was, as he was good with raw fucking and pimping guys out.

Jay got up and fucked this guy. He was a beauty to watch. I was enamored. The handsome look of his face, the lusty look of the way he carried that face as he slammed into him. It was really something to see.

He asked if I wanted to see him breed the guy and then dumped a load deep in him when I said to do it. I got up immediately and shoved in. This time, I kind of felt the wet and warmth of the hole and load. Jay again, played with my tits and got me off in two minutes time......oh, along with that ass.

But like each time, the second I came, Jay hops on his mobile device and does not say another word. As engaged with me as he is before and during the act, he is the polar opposite least for a little while - then comes the texts for validation of what we just did.

It's all a little odd.

I'd be happy to be the bottom at this house, but Jay only wants me for my cock size....and only on others.

I kind of feel cheap. Even for me.

Oh - and I do have some video of the act(s), but you know, Google and their shitty new content rule. I might post the video to Tumblr soon though.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Content Policy Chage

Hey folks. See Blogger's email to me - and I'm sure many of you who blog or who read these types of blogs:

Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

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I don't know where this will leave this blog.

I have been posting more 'adult' imaged or videos. I suppose I could change my writing style to present my activities in terms of 'educational'.....maybe even 'scientific', but I'm not sure what - if anything - will get past their review board.

I can stick with just text.....but it is common knowledge that I get higher traffic when a picture of video is attached.

I don't know what 'restricted access' means. They won't delete my content, but only people expressly share my blog with will be able to see the content?

Does anyone know what that means?

I have 620+ entries here. Since I don't know the threshold of 'explicit', I'm not going to start amending previous posts. But if anyone has words of wisdom on what this actually means, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

From what I can tell is that I will have to make my blog private by March 23rd.

I wasn't planning on buying my own url to support this endeavor, but if I went private - would you guys be ok with that?

I've got a month to figure this all out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I answered an ad to give head - as I am apt to do.

He wanted pics, and I was ok with giving them. When he saw the body hair I sport, he mentioned something about wanting to shave it down.

Now, I like body hair. Sure, we can all do without it coming out the ears, and some people don't like it on the back. I'm ok (to a degree) if it is on someone else's back, but I'm not a fan of it sprouting on my shoulders.

But he was talking about my balls....and my crotch. The place where grown men grow it.

Now, there is something to licking a guys cleaned nuts (or maybe he's just hairless). The smooth texture sometimes makes them quiver more than fighting through the fur to touch tongue to flesh.

For full disclosure, I've had my privates shaved before, but all in the name of a few abdominal surgeries. I wasn't even conscious when they did it - so I got no erotic benefit from the event. What I did get were ingrown hairs and lots of itchy feeling three or four days later when stuff started to grown back.

But the guy intrigued me, so......I didn't say no.

He had his own razor. He had his own set of clippers. He even stripped down to a scrub top and the tightest, smallest pair of black briefs I have ever seen on a man. At first I thought he was wearing his wife's undies, but no. No he was not.

Oh yes, he was married. And bi.

And claims never to have shaved a man before but always wanting to. And clearly his looks and attitude convinced me enough to acquiesce.

While he had seen some pics of me and determined I wasn't "that hairy", I think he changed his mind when the real thing presented itself in front of him.

Laying on his bed, he took off my boxer briefs, as I had already discarded my jeans. I was soft and somewhat skeptical, if not downright cautious.

He started up the clippers. He said he'd be careful, but the length of my pubes would tug a bit as he got them down to a manageable size for the actual shaving.

He did the sides of my shaft and around my balls. He was trying to contemplate how much of the bush to take when I directed him to almost none of it. He could trim right around the top part of my shaft, but not really deplete me of my bizarre love triangle.

"Jeff" then moved over my sac again. And again and then down to my 'taint.

At this point, he told me to turn over. There I thought he'd do the other side of the 'taint but actually trimmed around the hole itself. While I was skeptical, the feeling of the humming clippers felt good down there. Still I stopped him from going further into my Fangorn Forest.

From there, we left the pile of hear now on his sheets to go to the bathroom. There he had a double bladed razor and some shaving cream.

With me somewhat perched on the counter, he got on his knees and and applied the shaving cream. He also had a warm wash cloth and left the water running in the sink next to me. And he took off his shirt, but left his brief briefs on.

And then he went to work.

He was nice and tried making small talk without making this sexual. He mentioned he was married (to a woman) and she knew he was bi. He asked what I did. I gave him a vague answer about my career - and automatically, I asked what he did.

I'm more surprised the told me than the actual answer, but it's just another thing off my imaginary bucket list.

He is a fireman.

Now - you could chalk it up to just talk, but a tattoo on his arm and back were fire fighter related. And yes, anyone could get those, but I don't see why they would. So I'm taking him at his word.

I won't lie - I liked the idea he was one. And while I had a semi while he shaved me anyways, that info made me stiffen even a little more. He semi-stroked me while he shaved or at least while he was rinsing the razor.

When he was done, he used the wash cloth to rinse me off and clean me up a bit.

He did run his tongue over my nuts too.

Maybe it was to see if they were smooth enough or not - as he knew the payment in exchange for this was for me to blow him, not the other way around.

When he stood up to drop his briefs is when it hit me. The burning pain. My balls were on fire - and not in a good way. JFC, they hurt.

Maybe this is why I never shaved them. He went down to look, but there were no nicks or cuts and the pain was to diffused to be a cut anyway. I took the wash cloth and rinsed my sac again, but it did little to subside the burning.

Does this happen to everyone who shaves their nuts?  (no really, I'm asking.)

I tried to ignore it - and eventually it did go away in 5-10 minutes - by going to my knees and taking care of him.

He was about 6", but with a massive head on top of his shaft. He liked my sucking. He liked my ball licking on his smooth nuts too.

It certainly didn't take him long to get off and with little warning. And what a fucking load. HUGE.

He apologized for the size of the load. Who the fuck apologizes for that? He said he forgot to tell me he shoots a lot. That's ok, as I'm well equipped to handle massive loads. I didn't miss a drop.

We were done, we went our separate ways without any promises of trying this again.

That said - whenever I shower or touch myself, I get a little surprise in not feeling any hair down there and an entirely new feeling altogether.

With every shower, I have touched up a bit. As I took a closer look, he didn't do an exemplary job as there were stray hairs on my sac and shaft. I'm not adept enough to probably do too far back in the 'taint, but we'll see.

I'm not sure I'll keep up the maintenance or let it all grown back. I'm sure I will eventually, but maybe just not yet.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

On the DL

He hit me up from an ad I placed on Craigslist (which for all its flaws - and they are many - still yields the best success rates for me).

5'8" 170, BBC, 8 cut - was his message back to me.

...and I had to come to him.

After some trouble finding the place - as oddly, the building complex he lived in, the addresses were not sequential, he said he'd be in apartment 8 and the door would be open. It wasn't, so I went back out and checked the address, since it had been so confusing.

But I went back up, a little wary, as I didn't walk into a bad situation.

This time, the door was ajar. I pushed open and there he was, already nude. Exactly as described, along with some tatts and the markings of a week old beard.

Once I was in, he told me I had to lose his number, as he had texted me earlier. This was to be a one time thing. I was ok with that. Most of my "things' are one timers. And it wasn't a horribly convenient location.

I also noticed a shoe rack in the middle of the living area. Lots of 4-6" heels. Leopard print. Shocking pink ones. Glitter ones.

I went more with he was entirely on the DL than he was a drag queen at night. The beard would have thrown off the 'illusion', though I've seen odder things. But put together with his 'one time thing' comment, I'm going more for the down low scenario. I'm assuming he lived there with his girl.

The guy walked over to the sofa and plopped down. While I appreciate an 8" cock - this was closer to 9.5".

Maybe he was modest. Maybe he can't measure. Maybe saying 9.5" scared guys or girls off. And he was thick. Very very thick.

And one hates to complain about a cock like this - and it's not really a complaint - but.......honestly the cock was so big, I'm not sure this 5'8" guy had enough blood in his body to fill a dick like this.

I'd say at best he got 75% hard. Maybe 80.  At first I took it as a failure on my skills, but I think it would take a lot to make this massive meat stiff as a board.

The entire cock was very squishy, which was nice in a way - as I could get it all the way in my mouth, which he seemed to enjoy. But then I knew I would have trouble getting him off with only mouth. While some guys need and like a hand to be used, I feel it's cheating.

But this guy, like it or not was going to have a hand. And it worked. It took a while but he loved the feeling of the hand / mouth combo.

And when he shot, he really let loose.

Not to worry - I got it all. Every drop.

He thanked me. I thanked him. I was out the door and I deleted his number per his instructions.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fucking a Probable Meth Addict

By all means you Meth heads - do what you need to do, what you want to do. Just don't fucking lie about it so you can snag a guy so you can get laid.

You're about as appealing as the fat guy who says he's not. You're about as truthful as the 60 year old who says he's 45. You are as predictable as the profile with images from 10 years ago. And you're as disingenuous as the positive guy who bills himself as "neg - safe only".

The difference with the first three of those listed above is that while annoying, they aren't really detrimental to the other person you hook up with, or try to.

Yes, I get that meth addiction is a disease. Boo-fucking-hoo. But you kind of knew that before you first snorted, smoked or injected it, assuming you have a 6th grade education or higher - so I have very little (read; no) sympathy for you.

I knew all this before I started doing drugs. I know of addiction and cross-addiction, and it is no accident my blog is titled the way it is.

While I usually attempt to hook up with guys 35 and above, it's not only for the reason because that they are to whom I'm attracted, but the chance of drug use lessens. Sure it's not a perfect system, but you get the 24 yo who are up at 5:00a when I'm going to the gym, the chances are they just haven't even been to bed.

Last week, it was just a plethora of fucked up guys on-line. If they weren't advertising to parTy, they had been up all night or looking for anyone right now...........and then go silent because....well they saw something shiny. Or shot up. Or passed out.

Never mind that my profiles usually say I'm "PnP hostile". They either don't read it (probable) or as one guy thought that it meant I got rough when I was slamming.  Yeahhhhhhh.....I think that was just wishful thinking on his part and that I could help him score.

The most attractive man on-line  - hotter than hot - at least admitted to me he'd been up all night. I asked if he'd been using and he admitted he was. That's his call, but I appreciated him telling me up front. I told him I couldn't be around it - and he was cool with it. Though he did come back with that he almost never ever does drugs there were no longer any drugs in his body - even though he said he was just using. poor poor diluted man. Pretty.....but c'mon.

Maybe guys now and days start off with meth. Me? I had to build myself up to that level after doing every other drug on the planet - and even then meth was only once and the results were so disturbing, I didn't need to try them a second time to see if they got better.

I almost decided to go to his place when he said he couldn't host because his apartment was completely wrecked. When I said, it didn't care if it were messy, he went on in detail to describe what a pig sty it was. And not cleaned in months.

Dude - that is a classic trait of a guy who cares so little about himself or his lack of reality in drug use that you can't even straighten let alone clean. So that handsome man in the pic? Well, he probably didn't look like that at all.

I did make the mistake of meeting a 27 year old for fun. I was in that mood and he wanted to be fucked. I asked him outright - he said drugs aren't his scene.

I just should have left, because clearly he was fucked up to a degree. Coming down but still..... And all he wanted was for me to find him a gangbang. It is all he talked about....all he wanted....just unending.

I did him (and myself) zero favors by staying and doing what we set out to do.

And the pics on his profile and that he sent me?

It's sad that someone peaks before he's 27. Maybe he lied about his age, but the deterioration in his face, the grey pall of his skin, the hallow eyes - he looked 27, but an old 27. He has not looked as good as his for a while, I'm guessing. This was not the body I saw.

However, it was all little sad that I had to see this at his bedside

Maybe he wasn't even 27. Or maybe that inevitable tooth loss from meth was getting to him already.

I feel bad for his dog who will one day be left to starve because he forgot to feed it, can't afford to feed it or will have OD's somewhere else and the dog goes hungry. But he wasn't the guy in the pics. He was - but not longer.

Yet I stayed (like a moron) and fucked his he talked about his cousin and uncle fucking him at eight years old.....and that hope for me getting him a gangbang.

BikeGuy Tops a Bottom powered by XTube

As I left this place, I got hit up by another guy. Again, I'm just as bad for contemplating it, but, my fucking god, look at that cock.

But the first words on his message to me were asking if I got high and had any parTy favors.

Dude - you're doing major drugs, shouldn't you be thinner??  ...was what I wanted to write back to him, but I just ended up blocking him.

I've come up with a new method for guys who hit me up: I ask, "you get high, man?"  I hope for the 'no fucking way', but now you just usually get 'sure do'.

Sure there's a flaw to this system. The guys who really don't use now think I do and that I am looking for that scene. But really it is all about weeding out. I try to time my follow-up with '...because I don't' as they are typing and sending their messages, but that doesn't always work out.

Still, I'm no one's mother. You want to use - that's cool. Just tell me. Tired of tired / used-up guys who are filthy, looking for a score - and hopefully one that might not rob me to get their next fix.