Sunday, June 23, 2019

Columbus 7

The next morning was a bust for the most part. No one really on line who was interested in me, or vice versa. …..and as you know, I’m not that picky. Part was the time limit while I still had my hotel, though I was willing to travel. One guy wanted to film me sucking his cock. I think he was surprised when I agreed, but then the timing didn’t work out.

I hit Starbucks for morning caffeine when I got hit up by a bi-married guy. He was looking to be blown only. I can deal with that. I love giving head and I probably should give my ass a rest for a bit anyway, though I wouldn’t have turned down a fuck.

He said he was 5’10” and 200lbs. Doable. He said 7”. Doable. As it turns out, he’d lie about weight and length. So many do. As we got closer to getting together, me hustling back to the hotel, he became more erratic and even paranoid. “There had better not be anyone else in the room other than you!”. Kind of makes you wonder what situations he’s walked into in the past.

I left the door open, which was now a potential issue with housekeeping right next door. For all his weirdness, he breezed right past them, pushed open the door and secured it. In the light of day, he clearly wasn’t the physical being his profile described. But he was confident, and I kind of like that.

He disrobed and I got on my knees. His cock was maybe 5.5”. Thick, yes. 7”, no. This always baffles me, but here we were, him lying got him in the door, me not saying anything, he still getting what he wants. What’s the downside for him?

He is forceful. No finesse. This isn’t really satisfying for me, and I’m wondering if it is for him. I think it is, in an odd way. It might be the only way he knows, or the only way he can get through this with another dude.

The guy has me get on the bed, on my back with my head hanging over. I’m down with that. He feed me his cock for all of about 90 seconds. Then it’s, “lick my balls”. I lean my head back. He takes a half-step forward. Balls above my mouth. I lean up and let my tongue glad across his nuts. He strokes his dick. I lick more. I suck.

”Do you eat ass?” I lie and mumble, with a mouth full of sac, “no”. Clearly you all know this is a lie. He does not. But his ass, while smelling freshly washed , seems clean, his extra weight is making his ass less appealing. I continue to eat balls. He takes another step forward, forcing his balls to move with him and placing his ass over my mouth.

He told me to “fucking eat it”. With tongue extended, it hit his crack, then hole. Then into the hole. All the while I kept up with a weak protest of ‘no’. I don’t know if I sold it or if he didn’t care. Upon retelling this tale to Mr. Steed, shortly after the actual act, he goes, “that made me hard”.

Folks – I do what I can to keep you all erect and dripping. This is what I live for.

Clearly, it turned on the guy over me. “Where do you want the load? WHERE??” I immediately reply “my mouth” as I can tell my tongue in his shitter took him to the edge. I didn’t want to lose it, as he said it was a massive load.

He takes a step back, my tongue now extended. He doesn’t even try to aim for my mouth. He starts to shoot. Fire. Explode. The load is massive. Sure, some hits my tongue. Some hits my chin, my eyes, my cheek, my chest, the bedspread and I’m sure other places.

My best efforts dashed, I’m lying there with my head hanging off the bed, being unsuccessful at keeping semen out of my eye(s). First, he ended up shooting there, secondly, what didn’t was not being taken by gravity to my sockets. I’m going to have red and sore eyes in about 20 minutes.

While I even remotely try to gain my composure, he is out the door in a flash and without a word. He blocks his Scruff profile from me before he hits his car.

....and yes, I scooped up the load and ate it.  I'm not a monster.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Columbus 5 & 6

So, with 4 loads in my ass, I still had an itch I needed scratched. I think many of you would understand that just because you get laid doesn’t mean it sates your desire, want or need. Sometimes, like this evening, it just fueled it.

At this point it was well past midnight, but I kept toggling between BBRT, Scruff, Grindr, Recon, A4A like a maniac. I was afraid I’d miss an opportunity. Before you think me being too manic, please refer to the full title of this blog. It all stands to reason.

A really cute, bearded man was less than a mile away. In his profile he said he didn’t mind unsolicited nudes. So I sent one. Well, one of another guy’s cock which was in my mouth. Then one of my ass. I got a ‘thumbs up’ emoji back. We had a little back and forth when he asked how late I’d be up. My reply was: “as late as you need me to be”. His response? “Good Answer”. '

Trust me. I know my place. But I know the right answers too.

I assumed he would be much later, but within he was on the way. As I did the usual prep, I missed his message asking me to be ass up, face down. Of course, that’s what I already was, which is why I missed his message. Dark room, door cracked. Lube right there for him, along with a towel….just in case he wanted one.

I heard the door shut, obviously. But he was silent about disrobing. I’m guessing gym shorts dropping and that’s about it. Soon enough, I felt him. His chest on my back, his dick between my legs. His mouth at my ear. “Right where I wanted you”, he whispered.

There was a squirt of lube, but truth be told, I’m not sure he’d need it. My insides were slick, granted a lot of that was deeper than the entrance. I’m willing to take it anyway they want to give it. But I’m telling you nothing new, unless you’re just hitting this blog up for the first time.

He was right at my backdoor and pushed his head in. There was a sigh / gasp from both of us. And he kept sinking in steadily, not fast but not slow. When he bottomed out, his mouth was right at my ear, “so…….how many loads do you have up there?”. I eked out saying “four”. This is a tricky thing to do, believe it or not. Guys are weird. Slutty but you don’t always know where the line is. Knowing he is the fifth could be a huge turn on, or a complete turn off. Luckily, he was totally into it.

The guy knew how to fuck and used my hole good. I fucked back too – pushing myself back onto him on his in-stroke and using my ass muscles like a champ. I begged him to fuck me harder. It’s not that I wanted him to shoot sooner, I just wanted this handsome man’s power. I wanted him to feel he was free to let go. He was in a hotel room, with a stranger. All bets were off………………well, you know, kind of. He had great verbal skills – telling me how the hole felt, how his cock felt and how he wanted to add the fifth load into my ass. My cock was hard and pressing into the mattress.

The problem with late night and probably edging himself during the evening hours and now fucking a guy who was fully loaded with semen, and giving me his dick harder and harder, well…… does end up being a shorter fuck than I would have wanted. He stiffened up, head to toe, almost going into a rigid plank position as he fired his gun up my ass, swearing the entire time. I fucking loved it.

He was the one guy who didn’t pull out too soon. He stayed deep in me while I used my muscles telling him I was going to take every drop out of his cock. He didn’t protest, not that I thought he would. When he did slip out, he didn’t rush to get his clothes on. He didn’t even get off the bed immediately. I took that opportunity to slip off the bed and to my knees. Kneeling on the bed facing me, he didn’t stop me from wrapping my lips around his slimy cock while I looked up at him (fucking handsome!). Slimy from lube, slimy from sweat, slimy from cum – his and four others. He did wince a little, as I think he was a little sensitive, but he never deterred me from my task at hand…..or mouth as it was.

He thanked me and left. Only after did I see his profile on another app. This time he listed his age: 24. Fuck. While I wouldn’t have turned him down at any age, his attitude, verbal skills and fuck skills were well above what one usually sees for his age.

While we were fucking, I got a BBRT message that I missed. 6’ black guy, nicely built with no cock pic, but his profile said ‘large’. Don’t they all? We went back and forth for a bit. While he said he’d come to me, I noticed his distance doubling then tripling. I’d kind of given up on him when he messaged, ‘almost there’. Sure enough, he was now less than a half mile from me. I gave him the room number, told him the door was open and to just push in.

He did just that. As with most of the others, I was face down, ass up. And he wasted no time.

The guy started snaking his cock into me. And it kept going and going and going.

While I know in theory it wasn’t a long time, but it felt like it. My ass was getting full. It already was, but now we were having a displacement issue. All that cum in me, was getting squeezed around, then down his cock. The ass nerves aren’t tell me if this cum or not, just that, well, something feels it is being pushed out.

Clearly this is my 6 th of the evening. I underestimated how tender my ass was at this point and how swollen the tissue was inside. While my hole was more open, ironically, insides it was a little closed up due to that swelling. As he still had not yet bottomed out, I asked him how big he was, “9…..maybe 9 and a half”. Without having seen it or even felt it, I don’t think he was even exaggerating a little.

When he finally hit bottom, I asked him to stay put for a minute so I could adjust, “what’s wrong, can’t take it?”.

This is a loaded question – one with no right answer. If you say ‘no’, well chances are the session is over. If you say ‘yes’, there can be little to no room for compromise. You need to read the room on this last part. For him, it could easily turn into a ‘no’ if it is not at the speed, depth, intensity he demands.

I said I could take it.

While I wouldn’t live to regret that answer, there were a number of times during the fuck that I gritted my teeth to stop myself from asking him to slow down, readjust or stop. Doing any of that can be like throwing cold water on the guy.

He was a fuck machine. There is no other way to say it. While I talk in this blog about the love of being just a hole, there are times when I feel like one and rarer times when a guy truly makes me one. This would be the latter.

At some point, while I didn’t say anything about his assault, my body must have told him the tale. He wants to readjust me, so soon I’m on my back – for the first time I see him. The man is a tank. He’s dark as can be in terms of skin color. He is big, but muscly. He has a wide face, a wide but flat nose. He is intense. He is a tank! And acts like it, when it comes to ploughing his cock into and out of my ass.

There is little talk at this point, though at one point in my head I’m wondering what kind of load I’ll get, so ask him when he came last. I was surprised at the answer: “an hour ago”, he grunted between thrusts.

FUCK. But not necessarily in a good way.

Now in the back of my mind I’m thinking this guy isn’t going to cum anytime soon and he’s down for the long haul. I reset my expectations and doubled down knowing I have got a while to go before this is over. And it did.

The man just drilled my ass. That hole going into the second ring thing – it’s a real thing. He was hitting places few guys had gotten to. Part was due to his size, but a lot was due to his fierceness at nailing some white guy’s ass. The bigger problem with the second ring? No matter how good you think you clean out then you’re getting pummeled like this, the chances of stirring up shit (literally and figuratively) is high.

As he fucks me, his eyes are closed. He is picturing someone else, some other scene. He just wants to empty his nuts into a hole. Any hole. It just happens to be mine. I’m under no illusions he wants to fuck me specifically.

With no warning, he roars as he shoots his load into me, adding it to all the others. Whatever scene is playing in his head finally got him to his ending.

He slips out, way faster than he put it in initially.

I had to – since I had for the last number of cocks. So I got on my knees and ate his cock before he fled. Due to that second ring thing: while his cock wasn’t clean clean at this point, it wasn’t dirty either. Mind you, he was super clean by the time I was finished.

With no thank you (phew!) and no pretense, he just dressed and walked out the door.

While my need still ran high, my body wasn’t quite where it was hours before. That said, I did one more perusal through the apps just in case. There wasn’t anything viable, so at 2:44a, I shut down my phone, locked the door and went to bed for a few hours. Full, but mostly satisfied.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Columbus 3 & 4

The first two departed and the next two would be separate, but in close succession of each other. Unlike the first two – one would be decent, one would be not as much. One would be white. One would be black. One would have a good sized cock, one would not……and based on the previous two sentences, you’d be wrong about which one was larger.

The white dude was probably older, smaller stature and decent hang. His BBRT account was dick pic. He never sent an actual pic. But it wasn’t about that. Door was to be ajar, lights off, ass greased and up. I’d never see him. He even called me from a block number to say he was near so I could get ready.

He knew who I was (well, kind of), but this would be as anonymous as one can get these days with everyone attached to everything electronic.

Face down, I heard the door open, close and the latch be secured. I heard the belt open, the pants drop, the struggle to get the shoes off. If a shirt came off, I have no idea. I didn’t pay attention to that. What we both wanted existed below the belt.

Even with the lights out, I think the bottle of lube was in sight against the white bedspread. Either way, he found it. With his dick slick, he lined up and systematically pushed his 7” cock up my ass. Now his ass…….at least temporarily. His to use. His to fuck. His to mark.

He did an admirable job with almost no verbal. A few “oh yeahhhh”s as he’d bottom out. He moved me around the bed a few times, me always face down. He did it nonverbally. I know the drill, so I don’t need aural direction.

He knew how to fuck, but he did it for him, not for his partner. I get that a lot. I’m used to it. Conditioned to it even. Rarely do guys ask “does that feel good”. Often I’ll ask if they like my ass, but I know that is my need for validation.

No real lead up to the end. But when it came (ha – pun!) rooms 201 and 100 probably knew it happened, should they have been occupied. Very deep and loud growl. He did come to the end of the bed after he pulled out and told me to clean him off. I knew not to look at anything but his thighs and cock. I didn’t look up. I did as he needed and I wanted. I turned back around, he dressed and was gone.

Not longer, the door opened again. I was still face down. But from the word ‘go’ this guy was substandard. First off, did you know they had black people in Sweden? I mean, I guess it stands to reason, but that place seems SO white. Yet he was a PhD candidate from Sweden. And black. Black as night.

He was maybe 5”. Sigh. I get I buy into the stereotype, but I try not to be a size queen. But with black dudes, I want bigger. There. I said it. And remember this two segments from now.

For a guy getting his PhD, you’d assume he was smart. But no one said he was getting it in anatomy. If he were straight, no woman would claim he ever found their clit. He couldn’t find my asshole without me reaching around and guiding him in. He never tried to find it with his hands before lining up – even after multiple failed tries. Maybe hand to ass is icky for him.

His fucking style was lame. I’m not a load collector – well eventually I am – but I just wanted it to be over, but selfishly I didn’t want to kick him out without getting his white gold. And I did, but his climax was anticlimactic.

He wasn’t happy with me either, let’s be honest. I gave him nothing for him to like me. I hate being a bossy bottom, but c’mon dude – you have to be a functional top.

At least the weekend would be saved by the next two visitors.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Columbus 1 & 2

I was in Columbus for a meeting.  I went down the evening before, knowing I'd have a good chance at getting laid. Hopefully more than once.  My last trip there resulted in 7 guys and 9 loads in 12 hours or less.  Not too shabby.

While I could afford better, I stayed at the same hotel - two stories, doors to rooms on the outside, so no desk to get past at all times of the night, no keycard for the elevator.  This isn't my first time at being a whore.

My "problem" is, I started too early in the evening. I thought I'd get some right after work dick, but that didn't pan out. Nothing would until close to 10p.  Sure I had some stops and starts, but no one would show until that time.

He messaged me on BBRT and said, "young, hung and full of cum".  He was 30, 5'10, 180lbs.  He looked younger when he showed up. His baby-ish  face was full, almost cherubic, right down to the red in his cheeks.

As I waited for him to arrive, a guy who delivered two loads to me on my last visit wanted to stop by. I told him there might be someone there, and he was ok with it. I'd leave the door open. Also, it was only a chance the first guy would show. We all know how guys flake.

But as you know by now, guy 1 did arrive. He was shy looking but not shy. I sucked him first, at his request, and he had a cock that grew nicely. Pushing 7.5", good thickness. I was afraid he was going to shoot while I did that, and neither of us wanted that.

As he just lay back while I blew him, I took control for the moment. With my spit as lube, I climbed up and straddled him. I grabbed his shaft, found my own hole (easy enough), and started sinking down onto him. His eyes closed instinctively and his mouth opened just enough for a small moan. We got into a good rhythm and he was seemingly well versed in using his hips from this position to put his prick into me.

After a bit, he wanted me on the side of the bed. That mean him behind me, my ass up, shoulders down. His cock felt good from this angle and I thought it was working for both of us, but it turns out, he wasn't a fan, so onto my back I was.

Legs up, he speared me with his man-boy cock. This worked better for both of us. His red cheeks were getting more and more red. I was asking him to fuck me harder. He complied.

We changed positions and I was on my back. He looked like he was trying to finish. My legs were up and he was going to town.

Just then I saw movement outside my cracked door. As I was at the end of the building, there'd be no reason for anyone to come that far down unless they were looking for my room. He was. He showed. He pushed open the door and shut it behind him, and stripped down.

I remembered him well from the last time. Middle eastern leanings, 40-ish, 6', 200, about 7.5 straight inches,

He stood there stroking while "the kid" continued to fuck. Guy 2 encouraged him to keep going, to fuck me, to fuck me harder, to cum. 

The kid was working hard to get over the edge, he was having to concentrate. But when he came, he came big. It was one of those when the hole sounded wet and sloppy as he continued to fuck. He deposited a 4-5 day load up there.

As soon as he pulled out, Guy 2 moved over and immediately went down on him, licking him clean - no questions asked.  As soon as he did that, he stepped over and pushed in - period. Right in. All the way.  You could hear the wetness.  I could feel it

And then he fucked.

I had forgotten his style, or lack thereof.  He is kind of jack-rabbit sex. No doubt what he's doing makes him feel good - or he wouldn't do it, right?  His partner is a tertiary thought at best. That said, I wasn't really there for great sex. I knew this night would be about taking cock......taking cum.  I don't say quantity over quality.....but I won't not say it either.

We were probably 10 minutes into the fuck before young guy started getting ready to go.  He had been watching. He had been hard. I was hoping he'd go another round after #2 was done.

After he did leave, we fucked in every position. I thought I'd milk it out of him by sitting and riding. He was more about turning me over and pounding the fuck out of me.

I got my second load of the night with a groan to let all know what we were doing.

This time, he let me clean him off.  I tasted his load and the other guys. My ass was sparkling clean, so I got none of that taste.

He left hoping for a second go round in the morning before work. Alas it never happened, but now my butt and libido were primed.

There was more to cum.  As there will be with the stories.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Blogger Breeding - CLAW 2019

I am SO far behind in my blogging, but I'm skipping ahead a dozen stories (give or take) in various drafts to jump ahead to the here and now.

This week was the 2019 CLAW. While I have volunteered my time and effort for that organization for 6-7 years, this year I opted to just participate.  A "friend" asked me if I had ever hooked up with Felching Pisser - over at From My Side of the Sling.  I admitted we had not, but had discussed the possibility here and there. He suggested I reach out and make it happen.  So I did.

A few back and forth emails - after him telling me, he wanted me in his sling - and poof, I was at his hotel, riding up to the 4th floor and knocking on his door.

With CLAW, there is little pretense about what is to go on. With two sex bloggers who have read each other for years, there is no pretense whatsoever.  There is no chatting. There is no 'get to know you'. There is no kissing or needing to making nice.

He tells me to show him the oral skills I've been bragging about.  Externally, of course, I gladly comply. In a few milliseconds, I internalize: "do I really brag? I don't think I do.......I just relay in my blog what the feeder tells me when I'm down on his cock".   I let that all go.

I cop a squat on a bench and gnaw at his denim covered mound. I undo his belt - and momentarily sniff the black leather - before I pop open the top button. The reset seem pre-unbuttoned for my ease. I expose a bright yellow Nasty Pig jock.  Ahhh yes, I think, "pisser" is in his name. Duh.  I gnaw on that as well.

I don't really fuss too much before I pull down the jock exposing the cock.

His fucking. beautiful. cock.

(even this pic doesn't do it justice)

I'm not sure his blog accurately portrayed the beauty of his dick - in print or pictures. It was long. It was thick. It was cut.  The perfect cock for sucking, though I admittedly could only think of it up my ass.  I'm actually getting hard as I write about it.

I didn't spend tons of time on it with my mouth. Enough to show off my skills.

I was cocky enough to ask if my skills lived up to what I bragged about. He affirmed that they did.  Victory!!!

It was really time for the sling. As he took off his pants and put on his boots, I asked him how he'd like me. While he didn't seem to care, I pushed by asking what HE wanted. It was my leather vest, and that's it.

With that, I climbed into the sling, feet in the straps. Hole to the to speak. With his screen name as it is, there's no surprise he went down to his knees to meet that hole. Some of the ass eating was ok, but when he'd use his tongue IN the hole.......JFC, it was great.

As much of a pro as I think I am at getting fucked, I'm consistently and constantly amazed at how I can tighten up. I don't know why - it's certainly not that I don't like cock up my butt.  Maybe it's just the anticipation of it?  I'm never great at getting the breathing down before insertion starts. It throws off the entire game, I think. So we had a start and stop.  FP was very accommodating that way.

It took a bit to get him up there, but loved it when he bottomed out. Really loved it when he started fucking. I did have to have him stop for a few, as I not only was adjusting to this thickness, but had to tell him I wasn't sure if I was truly opening up or if I was feeling a "little unsure of myself".  It turned out to be the latter.

For those who truly fuck, even the best laid plans can have some glitches. While I had cleaned out and had been fucked earlier that day, I feel his big dick stirred up some things.  Nothing major and nothing that a quick douche did not solve. We've all been there - so no real cause for embarrassment. It happens.   ...then it was back to the sling.

Then it was back to eating my ass.

Re-enty was fucking great. We really synched. He had a great motion and a great rhythm.  There was a time where he not so gradually picked up the force. Not so much the pace, but the fucking force of pummeling my ass. It wasn't just the intensity of the pounding, it was the unflinching look he gave me and that I gave right back.  It was a fucking turn on - and I said so.

He would pull out and go back to eating my ass. Then he'd go back to fucking my hole. The third time, I was open for him. Wide open. It was one shove to the hilt. We both loved it - if he doesn't mind me speaking for him.  This is the way it should be.

As he knew the pound part was a turn on to me (and maybe to him too), he repeated that effort, more than twice. For those times, it's what it feels like to be used.  He was gracious enough to let me film a certain part of this.

He also liked I wasn't a passive fuck. I mean, there is only so much I can do laying back in a sling. I could egg him on to fuck me - and I did. But I could actively use my ass muscles to make him feel my hole more than he was.  And when he was buried deep, I'd ask him to flex that cock.......and he did. And I could really feel it.

During the previous fuck (before the last ass eating, that is) we finally let the sling to do the work. The swaying of the sling back onto his cock and back off it......and repeat.  While the chains could have been oiled to be smoother, you wanted / needed the sound of the squeak to be there.

The last ass eating, he kept commenting how wet my ass was, how it was self-lubricating to protect itself from the fuck he was giving me.  It was all a turn-on, for all senses.

One more push in and he mentioned, this time he wouldn't hold back on the ejaculation. I assumed he had been near that edge the times he'd pull out to go eat my ass. He admitted as much.  As he got nearer, I told him, in so many words, I wanted his load.  He made me ask for it.

I did. Then told him he was "off the hook".   I know this, because I do the same thing when I top.

Then he shot. While he self-admitted he's not a talker, I tried to make him tell me what he was doing as it happened.  "I'm cumming up your ass!".

He was indeed.  And deep up it too, as he was fully in me.

As he started to gain a new sense of normal, I do what I do to all who fuck me:  I used those ass muscles to grab his cock. This elicited a shock to his core - in a good way.  I'd do it a good half dozen more times, all with the same reaction. I told him, I was taking every drop of his seed.

Sometimes I feel I have very little to bring to the (sex) table. I do think I have good oral skills - but again, that is what I've been told. I've heard the same of my ass, but I can never truly be sure.

When you have the cock the size of Felching Pisser's, there is no good way extract your cock. Too big just to slip out.  But when he did, he went to his knees - at first I thought to eat my ass. I mean, the word 'felch' is right in his name.  He looks at the hole and tells me I'll be keep it, he's put his load too far up there to get out.

But he stayed on his knees. Something about the fuck really took it out of him. I'd like to think it was the intensity of our fuck - of my ass.  But that last part probably isn't true.

I thanked him for allowing me to come over and be fucked. I told him anytime he's back in town, I'd be glad to have him fuck me again.

It was a great fuck.

Oh - and you can read his take of the fuck here.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Tying and Topping

I was in a mood.

Let me correct that. I became in a mood.

I was sitting at my local friendly Starbucks looking through A4A, Scruff, Grindr, Recon….you name it, because I wanted to suck cock….or maybe take it up the pooper. But the sex gods were not with me this day. At least the top ones.

The ones who wanted me to top were working overtime. The more frustrated I became with not getting any for me, the more I started to think I should go fuck someone else. Things weren’t looking good when I got rejected by 2-3 people who could have done a LOT worse than myself. Fuck You Very Much.

One I wasn’t really targeting hit me up. The pic was intriguing and he had on mirrored sunglasses which always makes a man look hotter. He said he’s there to serve real men – nothing off limits and he’d do whatever I said. I have found this to be untrue, time and time again. It’s not that I ever go to extremes, but hell, many times you can’t find a guy who can, or will, actually swallow every inch and every drop.

And at this point, I didn’t want my white gold going in a mouth.

He also asked if I was rough. I told him I could hold my own. He said he’d be ready in 30 minutes. I said, make it 20. And he was – like a good faggot.

He was older, and less attractive than his picture. His body was sub-par, but it’s not like I was going to fucking date him. Or even get to know his name. The apartment was……..unfortunate. Four rooms with many many many displayed action figures. I get that people collect them. I do. But………when your grown-man bedspread is Batman symbols…….it’s a little sad, unless you’re Sheldon Cooper….which you’re not.

And it must have been 90 degrees in the apartment. Mind you it was 20 out, but with coat and sweatshirt on, I immediately broke a sweat. He was only in briefs – neon green ones that I could see he had roped off his balls and cock. He led me back to his bedroom and I immediately got him on his knees. He was begging for my cock, but I wasn’t there yet. I made him gnaw through my jeans. I slapped the side of his face – HARD. It got a groan, albeit a happy one. You could tell he loved it. That was a shame for me. I didn’t want him to like it at all.

Like I said – I was in a mood.

I did release my cock. I wasn’t letting him touch it or access it just yet, though I wouldn’t hold out too long. He was a decent cocksucker. He could take it. He could take it all. He didn’t struggle too too much as I held him down on it for extended periods of time, never easing up on my grip.

He had bad knees (amateur) and was soon on his bed, head hanging over it, while I deep-dicked him from above. Again, very good skills. He whimpered like a faggot in need. I know the sound all too well. And I face fucked him good and hard too. I was kind of amazed at the power at which I was providing my cock.

I had already spied an open box on a chair across the room. A small toy chest if you will. So when pulling my cock out of his throat, I walked over to it. I owned the room. He said he’d do whatever I said – right?

In the box was some rope, a number of dildos and a few other things like cockrings, etc. I grabbed the rope.

Now, I was never a boy scout and short of tying my own shoe/boot laces and a neck tie, I’m not trained in the art of the knot. But what the fuck – I’d give it a try. He was faced down on the bed, I walked around and bound his hands. The rope went around both wrists multiple times. I wrapped them tight. I triple knotted them.

I made the rookie mistake of binding his hands in front of him – but more on that in a bit.

I went back and secured one leg to his bedframe – underneath the box springs. Then I turned my attention back to his box of tricks. Both dildos were black. One was big. One was basically the size of a 12 year old’s arm. I started with that one.

The stupid fucker had no lube. I mean, WTF? He is on-line wanting to bottom, needs lube other than spit (or so he said) and has none? Since he was tied up, I went into his kitchen and found his olive oil. When I came back, the asshole was snorting poppers. This meant, he got out of one restraint. He said the rope was cutting into him. I reminded him that he was the one who said he’d do ‘whatever I wanted’. I wanted him bound, but I’m not a complete asshole. You ask to be untied or have it adjusted.

So now I WAS in a mood.

The idea had been to start with the smaller (but still large) dildo. Now I opted for the extra large one. And I could have been nice about it. I poured the olive oil on it generously. But I did it over the bed. Like I gave a fuck at this point if a mess was to be made. Then I rammed it in.

Well, I rammed it about 4” in. That mother was fucking thick. As accepting as his hole was, or wanted to be, the thickness of that fucking dildo was a little much. And since I’m not a complete asshole (no, really, It’s true!), I switched back to the smaller one. Since his hole was olive-oiled up, I didn’t do anything with this one….and just pushed it up his cunt. And dildo-fucked it for a bit. Then I just withdrew and slammed in the big one. It didn’t go all in, but a fuck of a lot more than 4”.

He groaned like a little bitch.

It didn’t stop me. I didn’t slow to assess if it was a good or bad groan. I didn’t care. I was in a mood. I used that arm-sized dildo on his hole for a bit. He muffled any complaints he may have had.

Truth be told, I grew bored with the toy play. I extracted the dildo and shoved my cock up there. As big as I think my cock is, between the dildo play and his well-used ass, there wasn’t tons of traction, but it was a warm hole. It didn’t take me long to get off.

I hadn’t shot for a while, so I provided a big deposit. I made little noise. I wasn’t giving him the satisfaction if it felt good to me. I was providing my own pleasure more than he was giving it to me.

As he lay there, I got dressed. I told him to stay put. I zipped up, buttoned up and walked out. Never to return.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Nerd Fuck(s)

I can surely drag stories of the big-dicked Nerd out to any number of posts. There would be little variation usually. Mostly it is still just me giving head to his incredible dick. So I thought I’d comprise a few of the non-sucking stories here.

The Nerd has fucked me maybe 4-5 times. It has always been the same, more or less. We touch each other, I go to my knees for him, we touch some more….his hands grazing my nuts, then my taint, then the hole.

The fuck has almost always been the same – me bent over the counter, him hastily shoving his cock in me, cramming it as it were. While I like the man, I fear he had no true technique when it came to the art of the fuck. It was almost jackhammer and then quickly cum. Saying that – it’s a great cock and always a superior load, so I was happy to take whatever he’d give.

Between these times where we are having butt sex, I’ve been happy to suck that beautiful cock. There is an erotic tension between us, which is palpable….and nice. I’m never sure how far I can push him. He seems innocent enough – though that’s relative, I suppose – and I fear that I might freak him out if I’m too forward or push for more “fun”.

This time in question, we were not in the kitchen, as people were working in it. We went through the same routine of touching, sucking and getting ready to fuck. As we stood facing each other, him running his finger over my butthole, there was little space between us. At this point, he leaned in and kissed me, something he’s never done. If I had to wager on this beforehand, I’d have ventured he was a mediocre kisser. I would have lost that bet.

The lip action didn’t last long, but it was intense. This time, he nicely asked that I get on my back on the desk. He wanted to fuck me face-to-face. I was so down for it.

As it would turn out, this would be a great position for both of us, well, once he figured out where the hole was. I’m only joking a little. The new angle had us thrown off a bit. But once he found it, that big fucking thick cock sunk deep into my hole. No poppers. Just breathing.

I gotta say, the Nerd was in his element. The change of position changed how he fucked. While still insistent and hard, it wasn’t a jackrabbit fuck. The man DOES know how to drill an ass. He lasted way longer than the kitchen counter encounters. Still, I could hear it in his voice and his breathing that he wasn’t far from dumping his seed in my butt.

Like he does when I suck him, he has orgasmic reactions during and after shooting his load. I actually love watching and hearing it.

I was hoping for a lean in kiss as he came, but it wasn’t meant to be. Nor has it been since. I don’t know if the kiss freaked him out or not, but it’s never been approached since.

He slowly withdrew from me, both of us shaking at the intensity for the fuck…..and of the load.

It was one of the few times I jacked off this year. He asked to see it…………..and he got his wish.

The last two times we played it was outside. The second to last time it was oral, with some ass play. I won’t say there was actual fucking. I wouldn’t even say there were true attempts. By the time we seriously considered it, his internal count had already started. I have been with him enough to know that once that countdown starts, the rockets will blast no matter what.

While I like to take the load (obviously!), I’m up for new fun. He was already between my legs, me being on my back. I reached down and spread my cheeks. “Spray that load all over my asshole. Not my ass, but right on the fucking hole”. He seemed confused, but complies.

He is never as vocal as I’d like. His moans of pleasure and moans of ejaculation are one and the same. So until I started feeling warm jets hit my exposed hole and flesh, only then did I know he was cumming.

The last time he fucked me was just near end of Fall. We played outside, in my front yard which is greened in, so no one can truly see. Sure, there’s a road next to my house, and with leaves falling,  if the drives can see through the green while going 30 mph, then more power to them, I hope they catch a glimpse. But they’d never be able to pick me out of a line-up.

The idea was for a blowjob. Yes, I wanted more. Yes, I know he wanted more. But out meet ups are usually after work, where he has to get home to his wife or husband. I’m not sure which, as we have never truly discussed it, as in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.

I wasn’t “prepared” to get fucked, if you know what I mean. There is never enough time from leaving work to getting home to him showing up. It’s a ballet and douching is rarely a part of that dance.

Yet, here we were. I was wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts (going commando) as it was in the mid-60s. He figured out my underwearless situation early on as my boner was more like a tent pole. He reached under to play, but I just pulled them off like a third rate stripper.

This time he didn't really ask permission and I didn't really protest. He just turned me around.

I faced the house and placed my hands on the windowsill.   He was behind me but with the help of the windows, I could see his reflection in the glass.

It was nice to see the ecstasy in his eyes, as they'd squint a little as he got past my ring.  I watched his head go back a little as he hit bottom.  I could see him look at me as I looked back.

While I'd love to say it was a long fuck, it was not. But I loved being able to see his face as he came in my guts.

We are so down for more play -and while I have blown him here and there, our lives and some unfortunate instances have sidelined either him or myself or both. 

We will get back on track - and you'll get more stories.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019


I was over in Paris. It’s a hard town to get laid in if you’re a bottom. EVERYONE on the sex apps are bottoms. I would say I had my work cut out for me, but early on, I knew, even being the new guy in town, I was fighting a tidal wave.

That’s not to say I didn’t try. Lots and lots of flakes.

Yet here I was with a two plus week load in my nuts. I had little free time and I wasn’t about to waste it in the shower drain.

A few hundred feet away from me was - for lack of better terms – a twink.

Totally not my style, but there he was, and presenting me in pics with a nice cock and nice ass. The ass was hairless, I don’t think shaven, which is again, something that isn’t my thing. That said, there is something to be said to trying something different, and if I’m gonna fuck, maybe it’s best that it’s a guy who isn’t a man. If he were more masculine, I’d want to be the guy taking pipe.

He texts me his address. I knew it was at the store at which he worked. And lo and behold, a few blocks later I was there. High end. Floor to ceiling windows on both the first and second floor. I was a little suspicious, but as you’ve figured out here long ago, I’m game for most things.

He locked the door behind me and lowered the lights. He told me to wait upstairs, which I did. Sitting on a chair near the windows, slouched a little, legs spread wide and rubbing my crotch. He came up and motioned me to the back of the store.

We ended up in a large changing room. It has one small bench and the entire room was mirrored. I was kind of digging this.

Without a word, he dropped his clothes. All of them. He encouraged me to, but he got my shirt off, my pants undone and dropped, but not off. Not in a store I didn’t know, in a town that wasn’t mine.

I sat on the bench while he knelt and took my cock into his mouth. He did an ok job, but I’m guessing sucking wasn’t his main skill. Soon he turned around, still on his knees, exposing that ass and hole to me.

You know I love eating ass, so I dove in. There is something to be said for tonguing a hairless hole. I could tell he made an effort to clean it, but it still had funk to it. No so much that it made me pull back or stop. Trust me, it was cleaned when I finished eating it than when I started.

But I was under a time constraint.

At first, my cock was rock hard. I spit onto it and smeared that saliva around. There’d be no bottled lube here. I lined up and pushed. His ass resisted more than I think it should have. But maybe it was a natural reaction to having something shoved up your shitter.

Of course, it opened up and gave way. I loved watching that thick shaft just start to sink into this hole, disappearing inch by inch – and not at a snail’s pace. He took it well. He was not a novice.

Admittedly, the pants around the ankles, boots on, were kind of a limitation in my movements. And as always, mid fuck, my bottom-wired brain started encroaching on my top-like cock. Fuck! I hate that, but I am who I am.

I was able to keep up the fuck for a while, but we had to change positions.

I sat on the bench and told him to lick my nuts and play with my tits. He did so for both, the ball licking was fine, he has no skills with playing with nipples. It was enough, however, to get me harder. 

We went again. This time on his back, lets up. My cock in his hole.

He was on his back, so I finally got it when he semi rolled to his right, somewhat straining his neck, so he could look into the mirrors, watching himself getting fucked.

I have no illusions that he was watching me fuck him. He was watching HIM getting fucked. There is a distinction. I was fine with it. My ego as top isn’t that big, so it wasn’t an issue.

Actually, I took page from his playbook on this. I didn’t care about him in the slightest. I mean, at all. And I’m usually an exhibitionist, so why not spin it a little. I watched myself fuck. I watched my technique, my body language, my facial expressions. Now and then I’d look down to see my dick disappear, then reappear, inch by inch.

So I MIGHT have a slight ego when I’m topping, as I was kind of getting off on myself a little. I was, at the very least, getting off on the act, the location, the anonymity of it all. I was going to get off in him, but not really because of him.

As I had like 16 days of sperm in me, I kind of spurred myself on to finish off and get going. I was meeting folks for dinner and I knew how hard it was to get laid in Paris, so I somewhat, mentally, spurred myself to finish. We’ve all done that, right? It can’t just be me.

Don’t ask for specifics, because I don’t have them. It’s just a thing I do, trying to will the rest of my body to get to a point where I ejaculate.

And ejaculate I did. I creamed his fuck hole. I unloaded U.S. sperm into his Parisian guts. No apologies.

The fucker used his muscles to force me out way sooner than I would have liked, as I was not 100% cumming. Because he did this, it forced cum to ooze out of him and as I was still dripping, my DNA got on that precious high-end carpeting in the dressing room. To be honest, I don’t’ think any of the patrons or shop owners would have even noticed, but he started freaking. Using cheap toilet paper to blot it up, which made the TP to stick to the carpeting.

I hate scenes like this, as I was now locked in the store, and was dressing while he ran around trying to erase any existence of my being here and he still needed to get changed so he could let me out.

I left the store and joined friends for dinner. And honestly, until writing this for you, I gave him no second thought at all.

I wonder if that’s what tops experience with me.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Jeff - the Garage

“Jeff” wanted to fuck.

He pinged me as he was driving home from work. By chance, I was home a little early and available. He wanted me naked when he arrived. Like any guy, they assume that is when the door is open or left open for them, that they will find me without a stitch of clothes on.

I could do that………………or……………………

He texted saying he’d be there in 2 minutes. I went out to the garage, and opened the door for his arrival. The full garage door. With me standing in the bay – naked. Not quite naked. I had a knee brace on due to an injury.

It was cold out. Not winter cold yet, but not standing outside naked warm either. That wasn’t the point. The point was to elicit a reaction and I did. The point was to show my compliance and I did. The point was to take it one step further than his request, and I did.

I would see the grin / sneer as he pulled up. While later he would tell me he didn’t believe I had done it, there didn’t look like an ounce of surprise on his face as he parked his truck and got out.

There he was in suspender and a bow tie, right from work. He had to get home. I know that. He knew it. Yet here he was, following me inside.

The time for coyness was over – since there was none to begin with. Obvi.

I left nothing to the imagination, except for my right knee, but he didn’t look like he was into that. There would be no foreplay. At all. No cocksucking. No kissing. No touching of his beard. I’d say, clothes wouldn’t even come off…………….but of him. Me? Well………..too late for that.

I had the lube out. He took his cock out. His suit, suspenders and all, stayed on. His suit was lighter gray. He was old enough, smart enough to know, lube on the cock and on my hole could make for a stain in the crotch region. He didn’t need me to remind him. Anyways, he was running on hormones and endorphins, what I said wouldn’t have mattered anyways.

Bent over my office desk at home, he pushed into me. Hard. He is thick. He is always amazed at my tightness. Actually, I kind of am too. For all the fucks I’ve taken, for all the years, I snap back amazingly well. Too well sometimes. Some guys just struggle to get in.

Once I open though, I open. He felt that hole blossom and took full advantage of it.

This was a ‘from the behind’ FUCK. There were to be no niceties. I was there to be used to get off into. He knew it. I knew it. And he knew I knew it. I was a utility. That’s it.

The rough was fuck. No denying that. I was expecting it though. I was loving it. Even with a lot of tops, the distant fuck sometimes isn’t distant enough. There are times you want (or, I want anyways) to feel just not good enough – less than human. But damn if most tops make some kind of connection anyways. They’re good guys – but sometimes you don’t want them to be. Right now, Jeff was not there to make a connection, unless you include having his DNA coursing through your body.

With just over 5 minutes of pounding, I was receiving seed. He was losing it.

5 minutes later, he was dressed and gone, though his DNA would linger in for half a day - if not forever.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Pimped Lite

Shortly after receiving the co-worker / black load, I “happened to” chat with friend and fellow blogger, Mr. Steed. He is always great to relay some real-time tales to, and he’s always sage with his advice, even if no one asked for it. He sees me for me – there is no pretense, and no shame.

 He liked the idea of a guy fucking me in an office in the middle of the work day. Of course, if you’ve read him, that is old hat to him. He’s much more adventurous that I can ever dream of being.

Yet, while we were chatting, I got hit up by another guy. Close by. Not “at work” close, but nothing short of a 10 minute walk.

The limited stats weren’t my style: 5’6”, 125lbs. That is just so tiny for me. And I don’t want to cast dispersions, but you see stats like that and you think small dick too. We all do – don’t lie. We hope for more, of course, but those instances are rare.

 His texting style was odd and disjointed. And btw, I’m relaying all of this somewhat real time to Mr. Steed. The would-be hook-up is ignoring my requests for cock description and a pic. Normally, I don’t care about a face pic but I’m getting partial information and well, you just never know.

As he writes more and more, it is becoming clear that English is not his first language. As we abut a university, I’m thinking more and more Chinese, or at least Asian.

I’m an equal opportunity fuckee, but for the most part Asian men are not attracted to me, and to a degree, they fall farther down on my list as preferences. Yes, I get that makes me a HORRIBLE man, but it is a preference, nothing set in stone. There are exceptions to every rule and like/dislike. Clearly. You’ve read my shit. You know what I’ll do, when, who and where too.

Still, the lack of 4-1-1 was more of a determining factor than race. And to be honest, I’m not really good with lack of language skills. I’m not one of those, you’re here so assimilate, kind of guys, but when you can’t even get a basic question understood, I worry about in person as well.

Since I already had one load in me, I was ready to pass, as I’d have to slip out of work. I told Mr. Steed as well. His response: “do it for me”. Followed up with a “….and then tell me about it”.

This would not be the first time I’ve been directed to take a cock for him. Once he had me go out on his birthday and take a load. Stranger’s cum in a bad area of town. My taking a stranger’s load would be my gift to him, said he. This new day was not his birthday, but precedence had been set.

When I said I’d go, Mr. Steed writes back, “My dick is hard”.

If you haven’t caught on yet, at this point I’m not going to get fucked by the probable Chinese guy. I’m going to get fucked FOR Mr. Steed. At this point the fucker barely even matters. This is quite a turn of the tables for me. Usually, as the bottom, I’m the one that doesn’t matter, I’m just a vessel for the top. Now the top is just a vessel for both Mr. Steed and myself.

I get there and the guy comes out. He’s older than I thought. Maybe 40. He is indeed Asian, and I’m correct in guessing Chinese – and yes, you can usually tell by looking at a person. I tower over him as we go up to his walk-up. The place is messy-ish and smells of a bad gas stove. I’ve had places like this…………in my 20s!

There are no words.

We go back to the bedroom which is immaculate. White everything. I toss my coat on a chair and then sit there. He smiles nervously and stands near me. I reach out to his crotch and there is nothing there of note. I play with my own nipples until he takes a hint and plays with them himself. He does pretty well, actually.

I unzip his pants, but still feel nothing. I find out it’s because he has at least two more layers beneath his jeans. Slightly odd, but ok. Don’t get excited, there is still not a lot there. As it will turn out, 4” or so, hard. Uncut. I remind myself, internally, this is not for me.

He grabs my head and pulls it to his cock. To be honest, this is a move I did not anticipate. I fall into the stereotype, that unless they’re in a Bond movie, Asian men are more docile, more reserved. Quiet, even.

His hand petted my head like I was a dog. And I mean, I’m in a strangers place sucking his dick on close to a moment’s notice. I am kind of a dog. Not that he knew that. But let’s say, deep ‘throating’ him wasn’t a problem. Getting to my throat was. It was never gonna reach.

Abruptly, he pulled out and pointed to the edge of the bed. Again, no words. I pulled down my pants and bent over. He got lube out (he really wasn’t gonna need it), and pushed in.

This is where I’ll give the guy credit. He was never going to be a formidable fuck. Our size difference in height and his in cock, wasn’t going to be a forever memorable fuck. But he did do a thing where he’d pause – kind of for effect – and then SLAM into me. It kind of worked.

I’d egg him on, but I got a broken English, “pardon?”. He wasn’t getting anything I was saying. At all. Hence the no talking at all. The language barrier was probably impenetrable.

He stopped the slam fucked and moved an ottoman out and have me bend over that. Lower for him, I guess. He just pumped. If I’m being 100% honest here – and why not? - while he fucked, I was drafting this blog post in my head. How to incorporate elements of Steed into my own breeding. This will give him a big head.

Nothing to know he was getting close, and then his breathing almost turned to almost a slight whimper. And then an immediate feeling of getting my second load of the day. Before 11am.

Without words, we both get dressed and he escorts me out.

Walking back, I tell Steed I got the load – and that I was drafting the post in my head during. “Good or Bad”, Steed asked. When I asked for clarification on the post or the fuck, he replied for the latter. And then how quickly did he shoot – and I tell him.

”Good Boy!”. Followed up with, “I know faggots crave approval”.

How fucking he right he is.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Work Fuck

He’d been hitting me up on Grindr and disappearing just as fast. Clearly he works near me – and I mean so much so, that he is somewhere in the same organization. He’d as a question, get an answer and then there’d be no follow-up. Normally I’d block someone like that, but he works here, so could be convenient at times and secondly – he was black. And now and again, I fucking love dark dick.

And his was dark. Not light or even medium skinned.

My bigger problem with him was his changing profiles – deleting and reestablishing – and reconnecting with me, like he didn’t think I would know it was him. Yet I didn’t completely block him because of, well, dick. Or potential dick. I love dick. And cum.

This time, right after the holidays when it was still slow, he reached out and said his office was available. He gave me a rough idea where, but no way I’d find it on my own and when you get into the bowels of this place (no pun intended), you lose cell service. So he met me at a determined location and I’d follow at a respectable distance so no one would know we were together.

He was thinner than his pics let on – and his stats were almost non-existent. His beard that he sports in his pic wasn’t nearly as long or full. He had no showable bulge to gauge his size. Previous pics showed a thick dick with a huge head. Those pics would be misleading.

His office was hidden, but not necessarily enough. The door was shut and locked. He took off his shoes and pants, but left the black patterned silky underwear on. I went to my knees and gnawed on it. At first there was no visible change to what was underneath, but when I looked up to make eye contact – with him looking down on me, and at me – that he started to grown.

I pulled them down past the balls. The nuts were teeny. The cock rose to about 7” and thinner than expected, but still decent. See?

The guy was all business, so to speak. No words – or almost so. No lube. Made it clear early on I’d lube up my own ass with my spit and one of the few words he did speak was after deciding my short-lived bj session was going into fuck mode, “get it wet”.

I slobbered and spit all over that black shaft, turned around – pants around my ankles – and braced myself against the desk top. Again – all business. The dick was positioned too high, so after I reached back and put him on target, that was it. One fell swoop and he was buried up my ass. No waiting. No easing in. To the balls in one push. I took it well. He didn’t notice, or didn’t care.

The fucking started right away. He had good technique, but nothing outstanding. This was clearly not for my pleasure. He wasn’t saying he liked it or not. I hope he did, of course. I asked a few times, but he said nothing. I kind of knew he wouldn’t utter a word.

He just kept pumping my ass. He never varied the speed, intensity or depth, though he was all in each down stroke.

Now he spoke up. Giving no other indication he was close, as breathing rate stayed the same, he kept the same fuck rhythm, he finally said something but softly. “Can I shoot in your ass?”

He was already fucking me raw without a question to that. It was his office, so I knew he wasn’t gonna shoot it on the ground. I saw no trashcan here he could dump it. I just replied, “pump that seed up my ass”.

And he did. He shot a long fucking time. Almost silently. He said in text before, that he had a big load, but all guys think that. He kept it up my ass too, because I think he was still shooting. Naturally, started grasping his shaft with my muscles. He didn’t react the way most guys do. So he either wasn’t feeling it, or he was guarded. As I do with all guys, I aim to get every drop.

He pulled out and went back to put on his pants. I reached down and got mine from around my ankles. He opened the door and I left with no promise or discussion to return.

After getting back to my office, for some reason I felt………uncertain. I reached behind and used the camera to confirm: leakage. Semen leakage.

He must have cum a fuck of a lot, because I have never leaked, even with multiple fucks. Good for him. Good for me.

At least until the suit pants dried.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Chicago 9 - Black & Final Fuck

It wasn't immediately after the Polish guy, but he couldn't have been out of the building that long before my final fuck of this trip showed up.

Black. Built. Tall(ish). Masculine. Hung.......well about as hung as the last guy.

This time, my door was unlocked but I was face down on the edge of the bed - ass would be the first thing he'd see.  I had my legs wide too. There would - or should - be no misinterpretation about the nature of his visit.

"Motherfucker" - was the word out of his mouth, after the door was shut and he'd walked the few steps in until he could see his prey.

I heard the coat unzip and it hit the ground. I heard pants being taken off - and I'm assuming a shirt. While I love sucking cock, I was hoping not to have to.  I wanted this to be an unadulterated fuck. A pounding to knock me up and leave. Black on white aggression.  Use me and leave.

But he wanted sucked. He wanted me to make him hard. He wanted me to get him wet.  I TOTALLY get all that - and in reality this was his scene; not mine. I wanted it to be the same scene, but he's the one with the dick and load, so - and pun fully intended - he calls the shots.

The man knew how to fuck face. Yet, I am a man who knows how to take it. I even welcome it.

Like the Polish fellow, this guy knew how to fuck and I realized early on, it wasn't going to be a pump and dump.

We started off with me face down, but there really was not a position in which I wasn't porked.  Kneeling.  Standing, bent over. On my back on the bed. Bent over the sofa.  On the sofa. In the bathroom, him behind me, both of us looking in the mirror.

The session was well over an hour. Save for the face fucking, there were no breaks. Sure, he pulled out and stuck his black cock  back in my mouth, but no - it was like 75 minutes of continual fucking.

Had it just been him, I might have been sore. But considering the last 36 hours, I was well broken in. 

I totally get that I do some of what I do for immediate and fleeting validation, but I won't lie that it felt good to hear what a great ass I had. He mentioned it a number of times while deep dicking me. He didn't have to, I mean, he was getting what he wanted.

The poor floor. Everyone knew what was going on in my room. Him moaning. The slap of skin on skin as he pumped my ass. My begging for his cum.  Him telling me - and everyone - he was shooting.

It was hot.

He made a hasty retreat, after pulling his now clean cock out of my mouth. That was fine. I wasn't looking to make friends or anything. And I had an early plane to catch. I got three hours of sleep before Uber'ing to O'Hare with two loads still firmly up my ass.

It was a great conference.  I hear.

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Final:  12

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Chicago 8 - Polish Fuck

I had been out at a party, though I came back to my hotel rather late. While I had been drinking, I wasn't drunk. Uber is great for that - and for sitting in the back of a car while looking at Scruff trying to find guys.

I knew I had to be up very early to hit the airport, but I was still horny - believe it or not.

While in the Uber, a guy hit me up. I had seen him before on-line but figured he'd never be interested in me. But that's the beauty of late night hookups.  Barriers start to fall away the later it gets and the hornier one becomes.

5'10", 185, 45. Handsome, but somehow looking like he had an edge. Maybe that would be wishful thinking on my part. He's is kind of a minor perp on episode of 'Law & Order'  But the ride to the hotel gave him time to get there as well.  I still beat him there by a good 15 minutes. Time to semi-prep, though he was seemingly interested in head. I could deal with that.

I left the door open and told him so. I was propped up in the bed when he arrived. Naked. He stood next to the bed looking me up and down. I was doing the same to him.

His black clothes and brown pleather jacket - and the way he wore them - make a statement. Confidence, authority, eastern European.  I didn't know he was Polish at the time, but you could tell how he carried himself he wasn't from Chicago originally. Oh - and he had an accent I couldn't place.

He walked up to the bed, wrapped a hand around my head and pulled me into this crotch. I didn't even have time to really gnaw at it. My forehead was pressed into his belt buckle, my nose was being chaffed by denim. And I was in heaven.

He pushed me far enough away and had one hand pull down his zipper. I love doing that for a man, but it was really hot he was in full charge of the entire situation.  Polish guy fishes out a nice semi-hard 6" dick.  His hand goes back to my head and guides me to his.........the dickhead, that is.

I like his cock. It seems to like my mouth. It grew from the 6 to an 8. It filled out nicely girth-wise too. It wasn't really wide, but it was beefy. The grip got tighter and now he opted to fuck my face. That turned into skull-fucking.  All the while, he was telling me to take it all. ALL of it, he'd command. There was no hiding how stiff my cock was.

Normally, if I'm manipulating the situation - and yes, I DO that from time to time. I have needs! - I'll mention if they play with my tits, I'll do whatever they want. I did not do that this time. (Un)Fortunately, he found my nips anyway.  While I was sucking, he made me squirm with my whole body. Something else I couldn't hide.  Because I did so, he played with them harder.

Now, for me, nip play is variable. I like it hard, but not super hard. And oddly, a lighter than hard approach can be way more erotic. But I know more dominant guys like to show their strength literally so harder is what they do. I'm also enough of a pleaser to not say 'no'  - unless it really passes a threshold. His was rough, but it was never a 'no'.  I also didn't want him to stop what might be the next level.

So this part MIGHT be a bit manipulative - in a break from sucking while he was tit-playing - I might have mentioned that what he was doing makes my butthole twitch. He raised an eyebrow and said nothing. When I went back to his cock, his hand traveled under my taint and grazed my asshole.

"You want to get fucked?", was the first real time I heard his voice - and accent. I nodded / shrugged, saying "that would be up to you, not me".  Yes, I was kind of making the decisions, but making it sound like it would all be his idea.

His hand stayed down there while I went back to sucking. An index finger (well, I'm assuming), made its way to my hole....and in.  Dry. Determined.

He yanked the finger out. Nothing subtle about this man.  Off came the coat. Off came the pants. Off came the shirt. And the briefs. It was now just skin and skin. As it had been all weekend, the bottle of lube was at the bedside table.  This would be used later, but not now.  Not yet.

First I was turned around with my head hanging over the bed. It was back to skull-fucking, but this time when I couldn't manipulate the situation. Deep dicking. Gagging. Him not caring. His dick glistening with my spit, which now was also over my chin and in my beard.

After a while I was told to move up onto the bed. While we assumed the classic 69 position there was to be no exchange of anything......exactly. He presented his cock back to me. It slid down my throat. He had me pinned. He could go as fast or slow as he wanted. Sometimes choking me, sometimes not. I did 'break free' to catch my breath, but I multi-task.  I lick his balls. I lick his taint. I work my way to his shitter.

I know I do a great job in this regards - with most any guy. He fucking loves it. He pushes back, When he does, it naturally parts his cheeks even more, giving me better access. And he knows this. I dive in. I fucking love it. He tells me to eat his ass, but this is my terrain. I'm 90% sure nothing other than a tongue has ever gone up there - except maybe during his prostate checks from his PCP.  He's commanding the situation, but I have no doubt, being it is my tongue, that I'm the one in charge.

His hole is pretty clean. It's much cleaner by the time I'm done. Or by the time he's done with me {wink}.  As I eat his ass, he plays with mine. He can think his fingers are warming me up to take dick - and I'm sure it helped, but let's face it.....I've had a number of dicks up there in the last 30 hours. I'm good to go. Normally I'm not a 'finger' guy, but I'm enjoying what he's doing. Or maybe it's because he's the one doing it.

He slaps my ass and tells me, 'up on all fours'.  I comply. While there is lube on the side of the bed, he doesn't reach for it. There is spit into his hand, then hand to cock. Then cock to ass.  Maybe he's figured out I'm not a virgin, or maybe he doesn't care (hoping it's the latter) and he just pushes in all at once.  While I can take it, I'm still taken off guard. I make the sounds of a guy who wasn't expecting 8" at once. Guys like this love those fucking sounds.

The man knew how to fuck.

The strokes were deep. The strokes were powerful. The strokes felt good and hurt a little at the same time.......but it's a good hurt. If I'm getting fucked, I love knowing a man has been IN me. I was going to remember this one.

He knew how to manhandle - including slapping my ass, enough so that if anyone was walking down the hallway, they'd know the sound. He was good at tossing me around however he wanted. I was moved all over the bed and he pumped my ass. His ass now. He was owning it.

He got me on my back and we fucked face to face. He started with the names, 'cum slut' being one of them. This kept my dick up, which doesn't always happen when I'm getting fucked.  I got a few smacks across the face as well.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

We are now into the second half-hour and he flips me face down. He kicks my legs wider and climbs back in. He knows it and I pick up on it, but he's going for the finale. I'm holding on to the edge of the mattress in front of me while he wails on my hole with his cock. There is no stopping him - not that I wanted to.

At this point, the expletives are just coming out of his mouth - about my ass, about me, about his cock. He roars when he comes.  He calls me a 'fucking faggot' as he unloads up my ass. He responds verbally and non when I start to use my muscles to milk his shaft. He loves it and says so. He's sensitive but not so much that he pulls out.  "Get every drop, boy", says he.  That was my intention all along.

He pulls out and walks in front of me.  "Open up".  I do. "Clean it off".  I do. Gladly. His hand holds my head . I'm going nowhere and he knows it, but the grip is symbolic at this point, even if subconscious.

He dresses in silence. I don't get off the bed. He has a slight grin when he says this was the best $15 he's spent in a long time.  No - I didn't charge him, that was what it cost to park his car at the hotel.

Had he asked, I would have reimbursed him the money.

And he was the best fuck I had on this trip.

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Chicago 7 - Married Dad Head

After the Funny Guy bj, I headed out to drinks and dinner with friends. It lasted way too late into the night, not that I wasn't up for another round of fucking or sucking, but it seems no one on line was.

I mean, they were, until they found out they had to pay for parking at the hotel. JFC, folks, it's still cheaper than a hooker...........I mean, I assume.  So I went to bed.

I'm an early riser, so it was well before dawn. I saw a man less than a mile away who claimed to be bi, was in a hotel, and needing someone's mouth.  I felt I qualified.  So did he.

He was one hotel away, but that was still over half a mile. Still, I trekked over in the dark and up to his 9th floor room.  I knocked and he opened.

Now I was knocked out.  The man was gorgeous. Handsome as fuck.  Fit. Tall. Salt and Pepper hair, maybe a little heavier on the salt. He was fresh out of the shower and clothed in a loose white terrycloth robe. He was also on his cell with what could only be his wife.

His finger to his lips silently told me not to make a sound. I complied. He told her of his flight and his arrival and how he was looking forward to seeing her and the children.   Then the phone went on the hotel room desk.

Standing before me, and without a word, I sank to my knees.

My plan was to reach up and untie his robe, but he was looking down at me, his hands going to the sash, though his eyes didn't leave me.  The robe fell open and there it stayed.  He'd never be fully naked during our time - which I found incredibly hot.

His cock was semi-flaccid.  I started by running my tongue along the underside of his dick. He twitched - well his cock did, and he started to grow. Before he got fully up, I made sure to envelope his dick with my entire mouth. I wanted to feel it stiffen fully in my orifice.  ....and it did.

The man had a solid 7. I'm sure it made his wife happy. It was making me happy. And my mouth was making him happy.

He stood there in the middle of the room, with some stranger on his knees, pre-dawn, sucking his married cock. Making it feel better than his wife ever could - and hopefully any other cocksucker ever has.

I'd love to say it lasted a long time. I'm not just a cocksucker, but a cock worshipper. I paid such detail to not only his cock, but to every response he had, the involuntary ones, the verbal ones and the non-verbals as well.

I'm not bragging - not really - but I dare say I was doing too good of a job. The blowjob lasted for maybe 8 minutes.

He started to grunt and his hands gripped my head - tight. I wasn't going anywhere, but in his defense he didn't know that and clearly he didn't want me going anywhere.

He shot a man-sized load out of his 7".  I swallowed it all.

He remained standing in his room, robe opened, as I stood, walked to the door and left the building.

The guy was nice enough to send me a message later in the day telling me he'd been thinking about that sucking since the early a.m.

So was I.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Chicago 6 - Funny Guy

Actually, he wasn't funny, but he wasn't meant to be.

His Scruff profile said he was a stand-up comedian. Lord help us all. No one needs that - least of all in a NSA hook-up. He was staying with friends and taking an Uber over. My lord, 20 minutes to go 2 miles. Dude, you could have walked faster - and cheaper.

It's a good thing he didn't.

He was taller than I expected. Taller than I - and I'm 6'2". He was heavier than I expected. Not fat, but not fit. His cock became much larger than anticipated.

The pics he sent me were nice. The one he revealed after in the door (the one time I didn't leave it open) was ok too.  But working on it a little, JFC - the man was a GROWER.  Easily 8" and a very nice thickness.

He wanted to kiss at first. He was handsome enough to make me want to. His gingivitis / halitosis at first kiss told me I wanted to no longer. It's the little things, really.

So I went to the task at hand. Well, to mouth. And knees. This man wanted head, nothing more. That would end up being a shame, as the more I mouthed that cock, and the more comfortable he was being there, the more he grew and the harder he got.

But the man had funk. Like Paris in summertime funk. Like Paris in summertime and hadn't showered for four days funk.  Normally with something like that, I'd breathe through my mouth, but it was currently occupied. Still, I'm a trooper and I worked that fucking cock.

He sat on the edge of the bed. He lay back. He stood up. He was looking for a blowjob, not just to get off. I can respect and admire that. After all, I AM a cocksucker.

The guy made me work for it - not that I really minded (except for the occasional whiff I had to endure).

When he came though - fuck did he cum. Heavy torrents of thick juice.

I'm not sure why he - or any other guy - was surprised when I took every drop without a gag. Clearly, you just saw the work I was doing on your dick - I'm not an amateur.

He liked that I did take it. He thanked me for my service and was out the door.  Hopefully to go shower.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Chicago 4 & 5 - Bottoming for a Bottom / Triple Load Score

Just to move this tale along, I'm combining two parts.  I hope that's ok with you. I'm pretty sure you won't mind.

Pt 4

My conference had a few hours before kick off and I was, well, horny.  A guy who looked decent was a few hundred feet away, but looked ok.  A little under my target height, perhaps 5'6".  Dark hair and beard were a big plus and a handsome-ish face - though it would turn out to be a better picture than reality

The dick turned out to be decent once we got past the formalities and me just grabbing his crotch. A little over 6", but fuck was it thick. I wanted it in more than my mouth.

As it would turn out he was a bottom. He thought I would be fucking him, or at least he'd be blowing me.  He was wrong.

To my testament, I had him rock hard with my mouth and my hand.  Within minutes, he was on the bed, pants still on but down to his thighs. Mine were off and I climbed on top of him, straddling his dick.

With spit from my hand to his dick for lube I eased myself back onto him and took him to the root.

He might have been a bottom, but his dick betrayed some aspects of topping. Yes, I did most of the work, but he wasn't complaining.  I just started riding that cock.

His idea wasn't to cum too soon.  Mine was to get the load faster than I'd normally want. I like the fuck. I like the process. With him, I just wanted to the load. Once I knew he was a bottom, I kind of lost interest in him as a partner. I wanted the TOP experience. Basically I was the pushy / aggressive bottom who acted like a top to get the dick and seed.

His idea was not to cum too soon, but again, his body betrayed him.  I could see it in his face. I could feel it in his cock. I could hear it in his breathing. He was there.  I took him over the finish line, adding yet another load to my ass.

He lay there as I put my pants and shoes back on.  He said he was in town for a conference, right here in this very hotel, he said.

Fuck.  I'd have to see hi again.

Pt 5

During said conference,  my phone was kind of blowing up. The apps showed a new guy in town. I think we all know how that can be. The one no on has had (ok, you know differently, but they don't!) and the one they'll never have to see again.

Sure there were lots of flakes, as I sat their answering things in text while someone at the podium droned on about something or other. The subject of the conference wasn't nearly as drawing as sex.

One guy had me going back and forth. His pics were vague. His stats were good: blond, 5'10, 175, 7". He was a few miles away but wanted to come by. I told him what time I would be free, but he needed to be by sooner.   During a break, I stole away from the conference and back to my room.

Again, the door was slightly open. I was on my knees on the bed, shoulders down, ass up, lubed up. He wanted me in a jock. I didn't have one to be in.  The door creaked. I heard "wow!".

I heard the pants drop.

Unlike the early morning guy who was hard to start with, I had to drop to my knees and get the guy all the way up. Once I did, he went in. Oddly, I was still tight to start with - but he still went all the way in.  He loved it. So did I.

And the man could fuck. And he did. Me. In ever position.

The first load - oh yes, there were more than one - was just the way you saw it above. From behind and deep. Me on my knees.  He growled loud enough for anyone in the hall to hear, should they be passing by.

There was no rest for me.  When he pulled out, I went back down to my knees and took him in my mouth to clean him off, which I did. But he never lost his hardness.  After a minute or two he simply said, "up!".  I stood up.

He had me on my back on the bed. Face up. Legs up.  His dick ass.  I took another pounding.  I didn't get the second load then.  We did it on my side. We stood and I had hands pressed against the window for anyone to see, should they be on the 5th floor of the adjoining parking garage. It was there he dump his scum into me for the second time.

My hole was starting to really feel it by this point. I was open. I was lubed internally.  And he was still hard.  But I went back down on him, because I do like ass-to-mouth, and want the guy to feel me clean him off so he can pack away knowing I got it all.

This was not that time. Not yet.

He walked over to the sofa, something I almost never use ever in any hotel. He sat down and patted his leg.  The inference was clear:  sit on his lap.

This time I rode him. First cowboy style, and then facing him.  That went on for a good 10 minutes.  My legs were cramped but I kept going.  So did he. Pushing up when I slid down, I'd say we were a well oiled machine, but it wasn't "oil", per se.

I know it couldn't have been huge, but he announce his third impending orgasm.  This one I didn't feel, but I'm not sure who could have. Besides his two other loads, I had the conference guy's still in me too. 

I'm not one of these guys where cum leaks out of his ass and runs down the legs.  I keep that seed in me.

There was one more ass-to-mouth and I was done. Well he was done. He said he had another load in him, but he had to go.  I would have taken a fourth, just because I never have from one guy.  But it wasn't to be.

By this time, I missed most of the afternoon conference.  I didn't even bother going back.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Chicago 3 - In the Dark

I forgot to set my 'do not disturb' feature on my iPhone, so at 5:00 am, I got a ding that I had an email from BBRT.

The profile was ok, but unremarkable.  But he was on his way to work and needed to get off.  Anonymously.

- Dark room.  No problem, It was 5:00a. 
- No words.  No problem. I was wiped and really didn't need to converse.
- Door open.  Can do.
- Face down.   I know the drill.

He messaged from the lobby.  The door was unlocked and ajar. A pillow was under my abdomen. I was face down, ass up. I left lube at the bedside, but with no illumination and no talking, he'd have to fucking find it by himself.

This guy didn't mess around. I appreciate that.

The door closed behind him, but unlike most, he didn't bolt the door. I heard the pants behind undone, but unsure if they came off.

Most of these "anon" dudes eventually need sucked to get up. Not him. He was rock hard. He ran it up and down my crack. He either had lube or spit onto the cock (or he used my pre-lubed hole from a few hours before), but he lined up at the hole and pushed in.  One push. Balls deep.

I mean - he wasn't massively hung, or hugely thick. But he was insistent.

There was no, 'wait to adjust to it'.  It was shove in and start fucking.

I will give him this. He knew how to fuck. Maybe he was skilled or married. Or both. I do find married guys really know how to fuck. Maybe that was all the DL stuff - but truthfully, I find it hot as hell too.

He was true to his words. Not one word. Not a grunt. Not a growl. Not a peep.

What he didn't have was stamina.  Seven minutes. Tops. After he was in me, that is.

I'm not complaining. I do love to be fucked. ....but I think you know that.  But this was a before sunrise breeding. This wasn't a commitment. It was a pump and dump.  A cum and go.

And I remained in place when I heard the door shut behind him.  Like a good boy.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Chicago 2 - 3 Way

This guy had been jacking me around for a few hours.........and not in a good way.

I think you can see why I allowed him to. Even on the off-chance I had the opportunity, I wasn't closing that window.  But it was a lot of stop and start; then "I'm on the way" when he wasn't. He was listed at 2 miles away, so even in Chicago that shouldn't take 90 minutes. ....even if crawling.

And he started with wanting to suck me. I declined saying I was a cocksucker. As much as I wanted that body - since I never get bodies like that - I wasn't giving up my load on day 1 of this work conference where I was the new guy in town.

So I kept looking - now expanding my search to BBRT. I'm never sure why I just don't start there, but I don't.  Soon enough I get hit up.

I kind of almost immediately groaned. It doesn't take a MENSA member to match up my screen name to my blog name. I do hesitate for guys who read me and connect. It can go either way on their like or dislike of me.  And hook-ups are even more precarious. I assume - and maybe they don't - they know I'm going to write about it. And if they read for content they know I can be pretty frank regarding the sex.

We went back and forth and he was a dom top. He mentioned he'd read everything I've written - which can be good.....and maybe not. But if true, then I do hold no surprises.  He said he was going to get to the hotel at a certain time. And he did.

As I would do throughout the entire weekend, save for once, I'd crack the door and be face down / ass up for their arrival. Sometimes clothed, sometimes partially.

I totally know I'm stereotyping here, but when he spoke, he sounded more like a power bottom than a dom top.  It was easy enough to put aside and how we are is so out of our control anyways.

I did eventually turn around, because deep down I knew this wouldn't be just a breed n' go. So like the guy in 429 from a few hours before, I went to the jeans and gnawed on them, then the underwear. He stiffened up nicely. Very nicely. This was shaping up very well.

The pants came off. He stood next to the bed while I told his cock into my mouth. At first it looked nice. I don't think I had truly caught on to how thick the base was. While obviously cocks differ in styles, his continued to get thicker the farther down you went, and it didn't let up when it hit his pubes.

I commented on how thick that shaft was.  "That's why I liked experienced guys", was the reply. I knew what he meant.

He liked ball play, and I tried. Admittedly, I got distracted by cock. I always do. But as I lay back, he hovered over me so I could lick his sac. And taint.

While doing this I swore I heard the faintest one-tap at the door. I almost didn't get up to look, but did. And there was guy #1.  I told him I had someone else in there and he was welcome to join. I hadn't asked "Kyle", but I had a good enough read on him that he wouldn't mind.  He entered.

Sure he was nice looking, but not quite like his pic. The was good, but less firm. It all worked.

As I assumed, chest-guy really wanted cock, not to get off. Not really. He went down on my cock, then Kyle's.  Kyle had me suck the chest-guy.  I'm thinking 4.5" and thin at most. But he was hard and seemed to enjoy it.

Kyle talked about fucking. The guy's eyes lit up. He wanted to get fucked. This was not my plan. But Kyle was savvy. He got the guy to fuck me.  I was on my knees on the bed, bent forward. Chest guy fucking me from behind.

He wasn't vocal but I knew he was coming after only a few minutes. I'd love to tell you that it all went up my ass, but it didn't. But some went on my balls and some onto the bed.  I'm not quite sure if he started to pull out on purpose or from the other thing.

It seems when I was getting fucked, Kyle walked behind chest guy and shoved his cock up his ass. That might have had something to do with the early ending and the partial withdraw.

Kyle and I hung out on the bed while the other guy got ready to leave. I'm all one to show off, but I was now not in the mood with this guy. But as he dressed, he said I should sit on Kyle's cock. I had every intention, but just wanted him to scoot first.

As soon as he was gone, I climbed aboard.

The cock felt so good in my ass. I sunk down onto it, feeling every inch of girth. That cock was exactly where it was meant to be.

I did remember to reach behind me and squeeze his nuts.  Kyle liked that. But it wasn't enough for him. Soon, I was on my belly, on the bed. Kyle knows how to deep dick a fucking bottom. There was total withdrawl. And total (re) penetration.

He had already pushed that other guy's load up my hole, so there was a nice suction-y / squishy noise that went alone with that fucking.

Kyle got me open good. That thick dick has many purposes. But he knew what to do with the meat that is between his legs.

It's safe to say Kyle made that hole wetter. He picked up steam....he picked up the pace. He fucked. He fucked hard.  ......and yes, he came.

A big load. A few days worth.

After he slipped out, and was cleaning up, we chatted about other bloggers. Kyle is familiar with them all -  Big Dicked Vers Guy.  Another Cheater.  He was all about The Breeder.......but really, who isn't?

As he left, I felt good and used. It got planted up my ass. Deep. And there it stayed all night. Until..........

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