Thursday, January 22, 2015

Daddy 2

Two days later, I was back in the hotel lobby. We had chatted via text - and he told me how much he liked me being in his room. That of all the men who had visited there, I was the best.

It was not surprising or hurtful that he had others there - at least three others - as he was a highly desirable man. Clearly a very sexual man. I was happy to be part of his stay. And I was the only guy to be asked for a return visit - according to him.

During our chat, he asked if I minded the slaps and hits. I said I did not. I asked him if he had held back some and he admitted he had. I told him that might not be necessary and we both left it at that.

Earlier he had sent me a pic of his body.

But I commented on his jeans. He told me he brought those with him and sure enough that day he was wearing them. The only difference was the 2" wide black leather belt is not pictured.

Again I followed him to his room at a respectable distance, so not to have co-workers seem like things were up. This time upon entering, he went directly into the bathroom to piss. While he didn't invite me in verbally, he didn't shut the door either.

I went him behind him and felt his body. I then sat on the edge of the tub to watch his golden stream go from his head to the bowl. Part of me thinks I was waiting for him to turn and shoot it on or in me. Or to grab my head. An amateur shrink would have said that was exactly what I wanted. Maybe.

After he finished, he leaned back against the wall and I went to my knees. There I sucked his thick thick thick cock, tasting some lingering urine a the head. Like last time, he instructed me very carefully when to go deep, when to just take the head, when to lick, etc.

Luckily for me, I follow directions very carefully.

But soon, we were back out to the living area. Back to his chair. Back to me on my knees. And back to fellatio (well, he was Italian!) and giving and taking direction (him and me, respectively).

And like last time, I took it upside the head by the palm of his hand. Since we had slightly discussed the severity - or possible lack thereof - of the smacks, this time, they were undoubtedly harsher and more frequent.

The cock inside my pants was also harder.  Surprise!!!!!

Instead of loosening his belt like last time, he took it off. As I leaned into him, to suck dick, his belt went across my back. Not with little taps, but with as much of a full-on swing as he could muster while sitting back in the chair.

Yes, it stung. But the words "no" or "stop" or "don't" never passed my lips. I don't think that went unnoticed.

I also don't think it was unnoticed that after the first half dozen, as I would see his arm go back and I knew what was coming, I involuntarily cringed. My body language said it, but my mouth did not. So another smack was delivered.

Upon coming off of his cock, I was presented with the belt leather to lick. Then he started feeding the belt into my mouth and to the back of my throat. He knows what he's doing, that man.

I was taken back to the bedroom where his pants came down somewhat. There I went back to orally servicing. And happy to do it.

But I worked my way down too. Since had really taken nothing off, nor was going to, I wanted to enjoy it all. That included his Italian Army Boots.

They were handsome and rugged, just like their owner.

The leather and color was as pristine as they are in the picture. The soles seemed clean too, but they were covered in some grime and road salt.

How do I know this?  Because I licked every inch of both boots - top and bottom. I was told to spit shine and that was what I did. I was in fucking heaven. He seemed more amused than turned on.

Before I was allowed to go back to his cock, I was ordered to go rinse out my mouth. You might be a little disgusted to know how much spit came out black and brown. I guess it stands to reason.

Of course there was more belt / back work as well after I went back down on him. And it was only a matter of minutes before I got his load.

Knowing he had someone over the night before, and here I was now at 9:45a getting a sizable spunk load from him was impressive to say the least. And like the last time, he went from mouth to ass.

After I ingested his semen, he got me on my back, pulled up my legs and fucked me. He was a little harder this time, probably because he knew he could be. Probably because, as he stated last time, he didn't care how I felt. And probably, because he had another load and something to prove.

It was all good.

I knew we had a time limit and it didn't take long for the second load, which he deposited right up my hole.  ....though he was owning that hole right about then. Stretching it out, with his girth.

He was quick to withdraw, which was a shame. And he went back into the restroom to piss. I sat again to watch and he changed his mind and told me to get in the tub. There he pissed all over me. Chest, arms, cock and then up to my face and head. Covered me in his fluid.

I was happy to dress and leave as is, but he would not have it. I guess the risk of me coming out of his room and seeing a colleague of his while wearing and smelling of his piss was too much. I was ordered to shower, which I did.

I knew it would be our last time, even though he was in town the next morning. We made no promises to meet again.

But I got a nice message via my phone and I thanked him for the time. He reminded me not to put things in the past, as he would be back again and he would be using me again.

A boy can dream.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Daddy 1

His Scruff profile said he was Middle Eastern. In person, he told me he was Italian. He lived in San Francisco. But he definitely had an Italian accent.

His cock was Italian. 6.5" long....maybe 7. He had to be 6" around. I don't have small hands - though not super huge - and I couldn't get my hand around it.

Oh sure, you hear things like that in porn magazines, but I'm not sure I've experienced that kind of girth in real life. But there it was, fingertips not touching a thumb.

He was a hairy fucker. Head, Beard. Chest. Balls. Bush. Ass. I spent as much time pulling hair off my tongue as I did sucking him or licking him. Trust me, I'm not complaining.

From our early messaging, we carefully felt each other out. As it turns out, he was all top - and had a predisposition for liking it rough. He was hoping not to scare me off. I was hoping not to do the same by telling him all the things I wanted him to do to me.

We met in his hotel lobby, though I trailed him from a distance so co-workers would be none the wiser.

Once in room 202, he moved directly to the hotel chair. Fully clothed, he sat. He pointed to the floor and I got on my knees between his legs. Even through heavy denim he didn't want me gnawing....just licking. The same when I got to open his pants and work on his European briefs.

Eventually, but not quickly, I got to release his cock from his pants. See what I mean about my fingers barely meeting?

He sat there and provided me instruction. More instruction than I think I've gotten since I was a teenager.

He was very specific about when to take it all the way down. He was very specific on telling me how long to keep it there and not to move. He was very specific to tell me to go and do 'just the head'. And then when to suck and how fast.

Sure, he let me do these things on my own, but now and again, he'd take matters (i.e. my head) into his hands and have me do as he please - not just in words, but in deed too.

Also during this time came the first slap. Open palm on the side of my head. Then the side of my face. At times then they'd be at the back of my head or on my shoulders.....but mostly on the side of my face.

I get that many of you guys don't like that. Oddly, I do.

Normally, I would say I'm a pacifist , but during sexual encounters, with the right (or wrong) guy, I get turned on by a certain amount of hitting. I can't explain it. I'm sure someone who took a mid-level psych course could.....just not me.

And while his jeans did become unbuttoned and his belt loosened, it never came off. Though he'd use the end of the belt to smack me in the face as well. Oddly enough, while the slaps with hand and belt had a sting to them, I don't know that I would call them hard blows. But I know that's all relative.

During this time, he'd call himself 'Daddy'. He'd call me 'boy' or 'son'. It was non-role playing role play. I was good with it, even if we were probably close in age. 'Son' was a state of mine. The minor role....and not in age, but in sexual to speak.

This was not a quick session. I'd say 30 minutes into this, he blew a sizable load into my throat. I made sure to take every drop.

As we had not really discussed our agenda, I wasn't sure if we were done or not. But we were not.

He had me move into his bedroom - as he had a suite.

He (I never got a name) had me hang my head over the bed. There he fucked my face. Or buried his cock and held it in my mouth / throat. He never lost hardness after cumming the first time. Impressive - or Glaxo Smith Kline. Either was working for me.

He had me turn around so my legs were now off the bed. At this point, it was clear, he was going to attempt to fuck me.

Now I love getting fucked, but this man was THICK. But the word 'no' or 'careful' never came out of my mouth. He leaned to his night stand and pulled over one of those little packets of lube pillows. You know the ones. I watched him squeeze out the tiniest amount and apply it to my hole. The same amount made it to his cock.

Then he reached over for a rubber. He put it in his mouth to rip open the foil and spit the corner of the torn package at me. Without a word, he tossed the rubber back on the night stand and applied very little additional lube.

And then he went for it. Pushing. Pushing Pushing. Telling me to breathe. Even giving me examples of how I should be inhaling and exhaling. Oddly, it helped. As he pushed in more, stretching my hairy hole, he told me to slow the breathing down. I did. And sooner than I ever thought, he had bottomed out.

He moved at his own pace - my own needs were not on the table. Not that he asked what they were. But the face had to tell him everything. Pride for taking it. Grimacing for the stretching. And a little bit of ecstasy in a very happy hole.

He would mention after the session, via text, that he liked fucking me.  "I was loving your ass. I need to pound you again". And he did pound. He found a rhythm suitable for him.

We moved to me being face down. Then on my side with him still standing doing a scissor thing with my legs as he plunged deep.

He's also ask later if I liked it.....and if it hurt at all. I admitted it did a bit. His response?  "I didn't care".

I was sitting in my office at that point, and reading that got boned up immediately. Someone who truly TRULY was in it for their own pleasure. Many tops say that, but then worry they're hurting or doing it wrong and start with the apologies. It ruins the mood.....believe it or not.

Another 20 minutes and load two gets shot up my ass.

I'm somewhat worn out. But apparently we are not done.

Again, my head hangs over the bed. It is ass-to-mouth and his still hard cock goes in. I clean him off, though I was pretty fucking clean, so no biggie. But the lube...the ass....residual cum....all goes in my mouth. Over my lips. Even in my beard.

I suck. He alternately jacks his cock. We go back and forth. And he's ready for load three. He tells me to open my mouth, but more of it hits my face than gets in my mouth.

This is kind of ok with me. One for my mouth. One for my ass. One to mark my face.

I'm his.

Right now, for that moment in time, I'm his son.

He shows me the door, cum drying on my face, with the promise of another get together before he leaves town.

I believe this not to just be talk. I'm not proven wrong.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Merit Badge

When you write a real-life "porn" blog, it might be hard to believe, but it gets boring.

2014 had me posting 78 adventures and you got a fraction of my activity, as you really don't want to hear about the weekly head I give to two married guys (separately). They're great guys, with nice cocks and flavorful loads, but it is all very standard stuff.

And as I've said before here, the mechanics of sex don't switch up too much, so it's hard to make a non-exciting fuck or suck sound interesting - to me as a writer or to you as a reader. It's hard to get excited to sit down in front of the keyboard to tap out a story you might like.

So, I'm going out on a limb to say this one might hit a few good marks. It certainly did for me.

Anyway, I'm sitting in Starbucks on a very cold day having a hot beverage.........and cruising - not necessarily in that order. Well, cruising 21st century style. Yes, I'm looking at the nice men coming into get coffee while also looking at Recon, Scruff and A4A via my phone. I'm a multi-tasker.

So I got 'woof'd' at by a guy: 38, 6'2", 185 and hairy.  His pic also shows him having a mohawk. Not a semi one. But one strip of hair on an otherwise shaved noggin.

I reply back, "very nice!!!"

And then I get a picture back.

To which I reply back that what he was showing was VERY nice, though I doubted this was news to him.

I "may have" also sent back a shot or two of me showing him in which ways I have some skills, therefore insinuating what I could be doing with that member of his.

He asked if I was free after 6p and unfortunately I was not. He then told me he was working, but maybe we'd find time at a later date.  Bummer.

About 10 minutes later, I get pinged by him again. He was still working, but I could come to where he was on a job site and take care of him there.

Ok, now my curiosity is piqued.

In past jobs, I have had men by my office so I could assist them in relieving their nut sac. Now I was being offered to come to a site. Although this was not his office, but a third-party place where he was doing work.

As it turns out, he works in HVAC and was on-site fixing a furnace. He claimed we could use the boiler room or a small closet off the boiler room. He even sent me a pic.

I hemmed and hawed on whether to do this or not, until he told me it was at the Boy Scouts of America's regional office.

Oh fuck that. I was in.

Hot tradesman. Big cock. Semi-public sex. And at an organization I loathe, as they loathe men like me.

So the address was given. He told me where to park and to text him when I go there.  GPS told me 14 minutes to get there. I think I made it in eight. I text him, he comes out and has a little sigh of relief. As it was frigid out, I had on jeans, Wolverine boots (very very well worn) and a Carhartt jacket. In other words, I looked the part of potentially needing to be down in a boiler room.

He himself had on work boots a sweatshirt and Carhartt overalls. And as it turns out, nothing on under those.

After scoping out the closet, we determined it would be much too cramped for anything. So we opted for the boiler room and though no one had come to check on him all day, he was cautious, and I get that.

He even propped open the door so we could hear if anyone was coming down. As they'd have to get through another door at the top of the steps, we should be able to hear them in time. And he leaned against the cinder block wall right next to the door for optimal hearing. It was a boiler room after all, and it can be noisy. I get it.

He undid his zipper and out came that beautiful meat. Clearly he was commando but that made it easier for me...and him. Nothing for him had to be unsnapped. I went right to my knees.

His cock slid beautifully, and effortlessly, down my throat. I loved it. He loved it. His hands went to my head and he skull fucked me for a little bit, but then would let me do my thing, and then back to skull fucking.

He kept listening for anyone approaching. But he pulled me up by my pits and pushed my back against the wall. I undid my pants - not just my zipper - and let him go down on my dick. While he was a great sucker of cock, his mind wasn't quite in the game, as I know he was multi-tasking by listening. I was too, but maybe I projected more confidence than he. Also, it wasn't my work reputation on the line, his was.

While my dick was exposed, his hand went under my carriage and his finger(s) found my backdoor pucker. My knees weakened just slightly, but enough for him to notice.

Oddly, during our on-line convo, nothing was discussed of likes, dislikes or expectations. The word 'into?' never were exchanged. Not as odd, was, that after zippers went down, not another word was exchanged as well. Nor a moan. Or a groan.

He (I never did get a name), pulled down my pants farther, stood up and spun me towards the cinder block wall. While he was sucking me, he furiously was stroking his big, fat, fucking cock. I knew I was about to be the recipient of that fuck and that cock.

Kind of.

There was no lube other than whatever precum he had. At one point, I'm sure my spit was on that cock, but that had been five minutes ago. He had to have stroked it all off by now, right?

In one SHOVE he was buried in me. All of him. All of "it".

Yes, I wanted his cock. Yes, I wanted it in that dirty boiler room, no doubt where scout masters had already sodomized their future Eagle Scouts.....the ones they wouldn't let in for decades had they known from the start they took it up the ass outside the confines of the organization.

But the body is a funny thing - that kind of violation, no matter how much you want it, you crave it, the body reacts. I had nowhere to go, but I involuntarily tried to crawl off the shaft that impaled me. I didn't want to be off it, but that kind of invasion does not go unnoticed by every nerve ending in your butthole.

He held me down on him. Between his workman's hands and the unforgiving wall, I was there, going nowhere.

It was the only time words were uttered: "I'm shooting".

It was low. Sotto voce, actually.

Since my ass was on fire anyway, I could feel every throb and pulse of that missile. He just kept shooting in me.

I'd tell you I got fucked, but I don't really think I was fucked at all. Sure his cock was in me. Sure his baby batter was now in me, but I'm not 100% sure there was any fucking - or any time for fucking.

And that's what it came down to: efficiencies. He had to get off. He had limited time and an excitable, though limited, environment in which to perform.

Still, the deed was done.

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, as it were.

He seemed to think about going back down on me, but he just put his junk away and waited for me to do the same and escorted me out of the building.

As a boy, I never made it past Cub Scouts - not that I wanted to - but it's nice to know that somewhere I earned some kind of merit badge for doing something for which would never be rewarded.

I drove home with an ass full of cum with the hope that we'd get together again. I'm not sure that excitement level can be recreated or obtained again, so we'll see if we try again in the comfort of where either of us live, or if we just go on with the masturbatory memory that is the BSA Boiler Room.

Monday, January 12, 2015

All Talk

"When are you going to drop to your knees and treat my cock like it is the only thing in the world you care about other than my balls and hole, that is?"

That was his opening remark to me, via email, while replying to a CL ad where I said I needed a load to start of my weekend. Apparently, I put something in that ad about being verbal and aggressive. It is something I would and have done, I just don't remember putting it in this particular post.

This opening remark made my pulse quicken and my cock harden. I tried not to be like a school girl, rushing back too fast to answer, as he'd sense my desperation.

It seems he got a whiff of it anyways.

6'4", I'm guessing 230, 6"cut, thick, said he was good looking, big balls and a huge load.

Who am I to say 'no'?

He showed. Indeed he was tall and handsome, he was also coming from work, very blue collar - not that I am complaining. Like many trades folks, he smoked - and apparently a lot. Clothes, hands, breath smelled of cigarettes. It's' not my favorite, but it is not like I was living with him or going to make out with him.

"Dan" was rough. His first response to me was cocky. His stature said 'cocky'.  So did his attitude.

He was imposing, even for me. He was taller than myself and well outweighed me. But he was a right in your face kind of guy. I could smell his pheromones and cigarettes at the same time.

He put his mouth on my neck. He put his peach fingers on my nipples - almost as if he knew. He was me weak right then and there - and I kind of hate myself for giving up the ghost within a minutes time.

While he took off his down vest - the rest of his unclothing was left up to me. And while they were work clothes - in every sense of the words - I carefully folded them as needed, if nothing else but to show my respect.

Dan's idea of 'treating his cock' and mine were two different things.

First thing he did was flip me around so I was no longer facing him but facing the wall. He was right behind me, "threatening" penetration.

He asked if I liked that. I nodded. But his own agenda was, "you say you don't like it, but deep down you know you do".


I let him have it. I kept quiet and did most of my communication non-verbally. At this point his cock wasn't even out of this briefs.

He turned me back around and insisted on kissing me. His hands held my face tight as he not only kissed, but stuck his tongue in my mouth - letting me taste every cigarette he'd had of the day. That is not my ideal.

When I did get his cock out, I was on my knees but looking at him right in the eye. I love doing that, so they know that while their cock is important, I'm not there for the penis, but for the man. That I can delay the viewing if it means making a mental connection with the top.

That's my take anyways - I'm not sure if they see it that way.  (tops can weigh in on this, if they'd like.)

His 6" was 5. Decent head. But the balls - and I'm seeing this now and again - were tight and hard. Like dried out leather, hard. Ridged and ribbed and no give to them at all. Is this a thing? Is it a reaction to something they are doing or not doing, that they should?

So when he told me to run my tongue over them, it was like - and I'm guessing since I've never actually done it - licking a medicine ball that had been left out in the desert for 4 weeks. Deflated. hard and almost calloused.

I didn't really get to suck him that much - so I don't know what he considered 'treating his cock'. I got a few swipes, sure, but less than a dozen.

Again, he stood me up and pressed me face against the wall. I was anticipating a fuck that never came. He said he would. He said he'd cum multiple times. He said he'd HAVE to cum multiple times.

Soon though, he had me on my knees and without a word or knowing he was close - he unloaded on my face.

Well my face, the top of my head, the back of my shoulders and as it turns out, the wall behind me.

I will give him this, he shot a lot, he shot with force and distance. But none of it was what I was expecting. Normally, you get the question of 'where do you want the load?' and this time I didn't. But my ad was clear of where I wanted it. His response, in retrospect, didn't say he would. Of course, that is in retrospect - but as I read it the first time, assumed it read differently.

Live and learn.

As for multiple loads?  He was done with his last jet and he was pulling on his briefs.

He was done.

I think he liked talking about all the things we could have done more than he liked doing them - or was able to do them.

It is one for the books, but I don't see a need to revisit that, if the opportunity ever came around again.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

a Town Too Small

Some cities are just not big enough. Especially when one gets around.

A few months ago, I visited a gloryhole, to which I wrote about here. I went back a few more times, each one worth a post of their own, but I've been behind in drafting and publishing those. But for a quick part of one, when I went back there were two guys on the other side of the gloryhole. They took turns blowing me.

Now, while I know I shouldn't know who was on the other side - just as a courtesy - I happened to be finishing a call in my car before going inside and saw what I'm assuming was guy #2 go in first before he took his place behind the door.

I wasn't really snooping but it wasn't hard to figure out which car was his either with the unique color and he had to have a vanity plate, so that was unique too.

Skip forward a few months later (last month, actually) and I'm in the park, cruising, but not cruising -as I've said, it is a very dangerous place due to cops.

Yet lo and behold, who pulls up next to me? The guy with the noticeable colored car along with the plate that stands out as well.

He's interested. I'm interested - though I tell him in no uncertain terms, I'm not looking to get sucked, just to get on my knees, as he's already told me he doesn't fuck guys.

Oh yeah - he's married with kids. He seems a little too gay to be married to a women, but that's his story.....four earrings in each ear and all. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

As he didn't have a place to go, and allegedly had promised his load to another guy he was waiting to meet, we exchanged emails and he said he'd be in touch - which he was. Almost obsessively so. Still I tried to keep him at arm's length, not for lack of interest, but to help manage his expectations.

But he has come over. Maybe 3-4 times now. I don't let him suck me, though I know he sucks. And he's sucked me, but doesn't know it.

Yet it was after his second visit that he said something that made me flash back about 10 years. I'd blow him before.

He's a doctor and I've sucked him in his call room a decade ago. Several times.

He doesn't seem to know this either - and I've opted not to say a thing to him.

Yet the other day, he let me go down on him. Super super super hard cock that is at a 45 degree angle. I like to pull it down while in my mouth and release, watching it spring up in an almost violent way, as he is so erect.

He claims not be to be able to get off from just sucking, but I have done it. But as he likes to direct his load onto my extended tongue - and sometimes face - now and then he'll use his hand to finish the job. But he does claim I'm his best cocksucker.

This last time, he had a two day load. He stood above me, liking to look down on me in every way, while I would feast on his penis.

As I was taking pics, he was hoping to be able to capture the cum going on my tongue. Camera angles were off, but I got some of the cum that missed my mouth and hit my beard.

My tongue is long and talented, but even I could not reach that far down on my chin to lap up the leftovers. Luckily, he scooped it up and fed it to me.

Then he pulled up his pants and was about on his way.

As we reached the front door, a guy who I had made plans with was there, about to knock.

I wasn't not expecting guy #2 yet. When I asked when he would be at my place, his response was '5'.

I took it to mean 5p. I should have clarified. He meant he'd be there in 5 minutes. Who'd have thought that. When do hook-ups happen that quickly? When are they ever truly on time anyways?

I was going to try to pass it off as an appointment I had for something else, but no such luck. These two not only work together, but the doc has been blowing the second guy in his call room.  Sound familiar?

See - small town behavior.

Neither of them seemed phased. Guy #2 - a nice hung, very dark skinned black man - walked in. Doc walked out.

I was asked one question about the doc and gave a high level answer.

Then I went to my knees and sucked off the man in front of me, taking his big fucking load into my mouth.....and swallowing it all.

Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year's Day Suck

He comes to town during the holidays every year. Or at least the last three. Sometimes with his seemingly hotter partner, sometimes by himself.

I've chatted with both of them on one of the pick-up apps (because, they're not dating apps - no matter how much stupid folks try to convince themselves). But as time went on, I'd only end up chatting with one of them. Him.

39, 5'10" 190 ish. 6.5" with a PA (sometimes). Lives out of town, clearly.

As it turns out, I think he is probably the hotter one of the group. Not the bf. But some of it is looks, and some attitude.

The talk had always been hot, but timing never matched up, or maybe they didn't want it to. I was willing, but I'm not the normal barometer, am I? This last New Year's Day, it was a little different.

My gym was open and I was planning to be there. But got a message from this guy asking what I was up to. He was headed back east - driving and wanted a blowjob before heading out.

Well, I was game, but I still had some holiday guests, so I suggested meeting somewhere. He was game for that. If it had not been so frickin' cold, I'd have been happy to do it in some woods near by, but the temps didn't allow for that - at least where one could maintain a hard-on easily.

As it was a holiday, I knew a few public places that would not be crowded and suggested on to him: the parking lot of a commuter rail station. He didn't say 'no', so I said I'd be there in 15 minutes.

His reply: "I don't wait around for faggots".  Fair enough.

I made excuses to my guests saying I was off to the gym earlier than expected and sped to get to my destination on time. He was waiting in a parking area that had a little traffic, but he followed me to a completely empty area. This could have had its drawbacks, as our two cars stood out like sore thumbs, but it also had a good viewing area of anyone even remotely approaching from far away.

No worries, we had no unintended "visitors".

I got into his rented Yaris - which is a crappy car, but it has not center console, which makes it easy for leaning over and giving head. Luxury automobiles have made road head much more uncomfortable.   ....I've heard.

He had on sweat pants, a zip-up sweat jacket and a wife beater below that. When I got into the car, the jacket was already unzipped and he had pulled his soft cock out of his pants. It was still soft when I bent over and took it into my mouth - as we had not verbal play after my door shutting. It was all business.

I know he pulled out his phone and videoed me from the top of my head down on his cock.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't video it from another angle - as you can see. He and I were the only recipients of such video exchange. But it gave nice perspective.

He was rock hard in seconds, by the way.

"Nice way to wake up", he said to me as I bobbed on his cock.

He asked how it tasted, I told it him tasted fucking great, because it did. But I love all cock in my mouth.

He had great precum - in volume and taste.....and I told him so. Then I told him I bet his protein shake tasted better.  It was a reference to him telling me earlier in text that he had one for me.

As one point a train went by and he pushed me down and held me there, "stay down" he said. It was doubtful there was anyone on a train that time of day, or on a holiday, but I complied. I liked being down in his crotch anyways.

While I could have nursed the cock all day, I actually picked up the pace quite quickly. I sucked. I bobbed. I used my lips and tongue. And he responded. He even reached behind me and down my sweat pants to feel my hole. If only I had a place to go where he could have fucked it.

Then his hand kept going back to my head and pushing me deep.  Deep enough to make me gag.  "Gag on it.....c'mon....gag on it.  Oh fuck, I'm gonna fuckin' fill your throat."

Then there was lots and lots of grunts and moaning and catching his breath.

Six days of cum went into my mouth....though much of it directly into my throat. I didn't get to taste much, but it felt warm as the slime slid down my gullet.

I cleaned him up. We said our goodbyes with no more to say. He headed to home somewhere back east and I went to the gym.  He wait lighter nuts. Me with a belly full of jizz.

Good way to start 2015.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Two In. One Out.

It was a cold Sunday. I had already taken five loads - four in my ass, one in my mouth.

You heard about three of them in the last post. The first two in my ass in the wee hours of morning counted of course, but the stories are too mundane to bother to write, let alone have you go through the motions of reading.

Still, five loads in a 10 hour period is still admirable, if I say so myself. But it is always easier being the out-of-towner with the hotel room that will bring the folks out who'd never come your way if you resided within city limits.

It's a fact.

But heading back home - surprise !!!! - I was still horny. And a little devil on my shoulder (or texting me on my phone) told me to "I think you need more cum". Who am I to argue?

So I ended up here.

$12 later, I was back wandering the darkened booths, hoping my eyesight would adjust so I could see what dregs of society were walking around near me. Or, I mean, the one hopeful treasure that might be watching a movie who was in need of relief.

There was one. But he was that asshole guy who didn't understand that if you pull out a nice 8" dick and stroke it within a booth that has no doors, that some fucking homo is going to watch you. stop being so offended when one does. This cannot be news to you.

He zipped up and walked away. Dude. Whatever.

I did stumble across a mild-mannered guy. One of those men who you'd never ever think would venture into one of these places. Yet, there he was. You think he'd be more comfortable at home watching a golf match while his wife cooked dinner than here, but then you realize he's the guy who is seemingly comfortable everywhere.

He doesn't react when I look in his booth. He actually smiles. And while he reaches out to cup my groin, he is just as happy when you do it back......and then pull down his zipper......then move him to where you hand been standing so you're at mouth to crotch level.

He could have come here to suck or be sucked. Since you've taken the lead, he's just following. A totally affable chap who isn't meek, but is just as happy that you took the lead.

His dick wasn't big, but it was ok. I liked it more that he liked what I was doing. A number of times, he would pushed me off, as he was getting too close. I attribute that to he was on edge anyways, which is how he ended up at a dump like this. I attribute part of it to that I have excellent oral skills.

It's not bragging if it's true.

He pushed back a little saying he didn't want to get off just yet, as he just got here. I nicely told him - again not bragging - that I had walked around and he wasn't going to find better. He chuckled enough to let me know that he'd been here before and knew that quality and quantity here are not equal. He let me continue.

Most amazing was that he positioned himself so that others looking in could easily see. In a way you could see him as a more private kind of a guy, but clearly he had a streak of an exhibitionist in him. I admired that. It's always the quiet unassuming ones.

It didn't take much longer to get him off. I was rewarded nicely with a mouthful of hot husband cream. He didn't pull out afterward, stroking the side of my face as I nursed him. But when he was done he was done........and gone.  Just how I like 'em.

Guy #2 was in a darkened room that had couches and chairs. Late 30s, bearded, stroking his 7" dick while a less stellar man sat across from him. I touched his cock and he didn't flinch. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth and he didn't stop me.

I could have asked to go to a booth, but he was here for a reason. I suspect for the bigger audience. I wasn't from here. I didn't care. And I certainly don't mind being watched.

I knew guys were walking by. I knew guys were stopping. But none stayed. And better yet, none tried to break into the action, which is always an issue. Maybe bearded man waved them off, as my face was always in his crotch.

He tried to push me off twice, but I kept going. Yes, I get he wanted to save his load, but I wanted it more. And I received it. Plentiful and a little bitter............but I fucking got it. And I took every drop.

As I got off my knees and wandered back out to the booths, I saw a late 20 something, again with a full beard. He was hot and handsome. I wanted his cock.

Unfortunately, what he wanted was cock. He told me he saw me sucking and he was looking for another load himself.....up his ass.

Mind you, I just took load #7 and was rock hard. And he was hot.

He started to walk away, but I grabbed his ass.

"So you're looking to take seed up here?", I said to him.  He told me yeah. We went to a booth.

He had an excellent mouth but I didn't want that. What I wanted, I wasn't getting, so if I was going to get off, it wasn't going to be in his mouth. That's what he wanted too.

His pants were around his ankles soon enough. He was bent over in front of me, hands bracing himself against the opposite wall. I went in with no problem.

He might have been late 20s but he's been around. And I could feel the just deposited load that was in his hole. I even asked him how bad the guy was - and was his need that great. But he told me it was a really hot guy. So it was probably that guy who took offense to me watching. Maybe I was his troll. What would be painful to know, if true.

The guy had a talented ass. Let's just start there.

As always, I work it into the sex convo and get how long he's been getting fucked. 13 he was by a 15 year old. A 30 year old by the time he was 15. I called him a "whore", as I slipped him 8 thick inches.

I could feel the other guy's load in him. Hell, I could HEAR it, as I started to pump. This kid was wet.

Guys came and went, oddly only looking in for a second or two. Usually they linger. Usually they don't see fucking. I'm glad they left, though it didn't slow me down when they did peek in. I kept pumping away.

Since you've been reading this year, clearly, I've fucked more than most years combined. My stamina is better. I don't pop off within three minutes anymore.

I'm finding guys like that 3 minute fuck. They want the load more than they want the cock. I get that. Kind of.

As a fuckee.......quickies can be just fine. Or if the guy isn't that desirable...but you want to do the deed anyways. But normally, I like to know I've been fucked. I want the guy to feel my guts with the nerve endings on his shaft. I want him to feel good as long as he can before blasting his jizz into me.

And as a that I have a little more control, I like to do that too. The problem sometimes lies with the guy who wants it over quickly. I can't always cum on command, nor do I want to. And truth be told, some of these little snots need to know how to be better bottoms, to realize it's not about their needs.

I mean, I kind of live by that as a mostly-bottom. I worship the man. The cock. And the load. Let us both know our place, whichever it may be.

I fucked this guy for 15 minutes easily. He was pretty good about - just now and then mentioning how much he'd like the load. I told him to be patient. And he was.

But what a grip. I'm just saying, he seems like a natural whore, and just took a ride before me, yet his grip on my shaft was like a fist. He had me on edge a few times, but I slowed up. And then I'd plunge. I extract 95% of the way and then go in fully. He flinched, but in a good way. This wasn't his first rodeo......even for the day.

Truth be told, I had to be somewhere, so looking at my watch, I said, "let's finish this up, shall we?". He actually got excited by that. The prospect of getting the load sooner than later, that is. He told me to cum in him.

Another 60-90 seconds of pumping and I was unloading 5-6 days of semen into his already coated guts. Again, with the milking, he was making sure he got every drop.

It's horrible of me, but while I was coming off my euphoric orgasm, I was now thinking, 'crap, I have to get to a bathroom to clean up a little before heading out'.

But then as I slipped out, he went to his knees and carefully, and fully, cleaned me off with his mouth.

I told him he was a 'good boy'.....and to make sure he got everything all tidy.  And he did.

Then he was gone. Looking for load #3 I suspect.

I thought for a second of looking to see who he snatched, but then opted to just get the fuck out of there.

It was a good weekend.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Back to Black

He answered an ad I placed while I was out of town. Many men answered, very few weren't total flakes.

39, 6' 200, 7" - says he. Black too. He didn't say that, but his attached picture kind of spelled it out.

It's probably safe to say that this year, I experienced more black cock than I have in most of my adult sex life. And while I have gone back, I've returned to black as well. It is not a one or the other situation with me.

I just like cock.

He also failed to say it was a thick cock. Or a big head. Not that I'm complaining. It was a nice surprise and anyways, it is all relative. What one guy thinks is big (or small) another guy thinks differently.

While the ad was for me helping drain a guy's nuts, without being too specific as to how, he replied he needed oral relief.

He deferred the late night hotel visit until the next morning. True to his word, he emailed at 6:30a saying he'd be there in 10 minutes. I got out of bed and propped open the door hoping he wouldn't be freaked and just push in.  Into the room, that is.  :@)

I went back to bed.

Sure enough, I heard him push the door open and secure it shut. It was still pitch black in the room, so I barely even saw shadows. Then I heard buckles being unfastened, clothes hitting the floor, then the sound of a man walking towards the side of the bed.

His cock was out - pointing right at me.  He leaned in enough for me to envelop the head with my mouth. That is when I noticed how big the head was. Then as I went down further, how thick the shaft. ...and he wasn't all the way up. The cock was meaty.

I eventually slunk off the bed and to my knees on the questionable hotel carpet. I fed on his cock like it was my last meal. It was such a fucking great piece of meat. Then after a while he fell back in the bed, spreading his legs wide for me to gain access to that black tower.

While he was clearly hard, there seemed like there could be room for further stiffness. But it was fine the way it was. So I sucked for quite a while - he even laid back, completely getting comfy as I did my work, though he seemed impervious to my tongue action. The nerve!

He would tell me how much he liked having a 'white cocksucker'. So there is that.

Somewhere during the blowjob, he started implying that his cock would feel good lots of places. I greed it would, but trying to be as non-committal as he. I kind of wanted to hear him say it. Eventually he would.

He wanted his thick black cock up my hairy white ass.

He slinked down from the bed, now with both of us on the floor between the bed and the wall. He started chewing lightly on my nipples. I reached up and scooped up some lube and rubbed it on my own hole. If he noticed, he gave no indication that this was happening, but soon he positioned himself.

"Go in easy" meant nothing to him. I suppose it is all relative too. He was built like bull and acted like one too. Some deep breathing let me take him easier than expected. And then he went about to fucking. I went about to accepting it.

For his size and entry, he was actually a very skilled top. He knew how to make me feel good, though I don't know that was his intent. I don't mean to say he tried to hurt me, but like many tops, it was about his pleasure - as it should be.

We started on my back, him above me. He actually fucked hard enough to push me into the nightstand table. A pillow later, I was fine. But then he moved me to my right side, with my left leg lifted up against the bed. With him behind me he went in deep. To me, the angle seemed off, but he liked it. But then it was up on to my knees, still on the floor.

Here, he plowed deed. He plowed fast. The pace was such, that made you think he was going to cum. For the bottoms here - and even the tops - you know how the pace quickens as you start to reach the finish line. The deep, hard pounding you get / give as you see that blinding light at the end of your journey.

But he wasn't quite there. That pace went on for quite a while. And it felt fucking fantastic.

Soon enough he was there though. He buried his dick, and his load. With a few moans, but not big production, he emptied his balls into my ass - coating my guts along the way.

He stayed in for a bit, but slid out, got off his knees and fell back into the bed. As he relaxed, I got between his legs and took him back into my mouth. I cleaned off his left over load and felt the weight of his cock fall against my tongue. He smelled like sweat and set......though tasted fairly the left over sperm that coated his junk.

For a man approaching 40, he rebounded quickly. Or his cock did. As it began to stiffen more - though it never really deflated - I heard his breathing shallow and then the start of light snoring.

The beached post-coitus whale had arrived.

Men - they're creatures of habit. A 30 minute fuck and orgasm saps every ounce of energy out of them.

I didn't wake him immediately, I enjoyed his dick. It was all mine, no strings. But I purposefully made some movements to stir him. It was then he noticed his hard cock again.

He told me to sit on it.   Nice!!!!!

So I did.

By this time, the rising sun was squeaking through the sheer hotel curtains. I got to see that he was more handsome than his picture portrayed. He was also much darker than he looked in his image.

I like riding a cock - maybe especially a big black one - but I have issues with it too. I get way too excited and could easily end the session by getting my nut off - which is not my job or place. And I can do it without touching myself.

Luckily for me, he told me to 'getting on your fucking back', so I did.

This time, knowing he'd lubed up the hole on the inside and opened up that ass, he went right in, deep and hard. The fuck was hard, it was fast.

You always expect the second fucks to last longer, since they need to build up their load again, but I've found that only to be true maybe 30% of the time (though I haven't really done the math). It seems that the second load is quicker and more animistic.

Sooner than soon, he depositing a second load up my ass. This time I could see his contorted face as he spewed his juice inside of me. It seemed to go on as long as the first one.

Again, he pulled out and lay back. .....and fell asleep.

Now, I kind of wanted him gone. I did have the possibility of another guy coming over. He finally stirred...and kind of got ready to go, but decided to tell me about the guy he had been seeing TWO YEARS AGO....and just started seeing again.....and why they broke up and why they got back together.

It was all I could do to not say: "dude, I don't really give a flying fuck". But I was a nice guy and held my tongue.

He did get a little full of himself.....telling me that I would remember these fucks for a long long time and that they had to be some of the best I've ever had.

They were good. They weren't the best. And for the most part - good or bad (and without this blog), I still remember 90% of all the situations I've got myself into. So yeah, I'll remember......but not because he was off the charts good.

It was a not-so-quick hotel fuck in another city. That's all. Don't make it out to be more than it was, for either of us. It was a nice 90 minutes.

By the way, that other guy did come by shortly after and put me on my knees. I sucked a fucking nice load out of him in less than 10 minutes and he was on his fucking way.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Loft Fuck

He hit me up on BBRT.

For what should be very straight forwardness for that site, there are more 'ask me's than at one which can shake a stick.

Is it possible they don't know if they smoke, take drugs, are positive, what their cock size is or if they do or don't take loads in the ass? Don't make me jump through hoops for a site that literally asks you to spell it out.

I suppose my favorite part are the negative guy who only want negative holes.  ....on a site that straddles the line on promoting unsafe sex.  You know, because, guys are sooooooo trustworthy.

Here he was, hitting me up: 33, 5'9", 165, 7 - 7.5" nice cock. And black. Buzzed head, close to the bone, but still some hair. He had me come to his place and it was a great new renovated loft. Huge. Just moved in.

His profile said he took loads oral, though he never even attempted to suck me. He didn't take them up the ass. No on drugs (a big one for me).

He buzzed me up and opened the door in nothing but gym shorts. I could tell from him tent that he had boxers on or nothing at all. No way briefs could make something exposed so much.

What I love about BBRT is there is, or should be, no pretense. It's about raw fucking. Get in, get out.

With Scruff, while * I * think it should be about the same thing, I laugh at the guys who list 'networking' as their goal. Uh-huh. Or better yet, are from out of town and looking for 'friendships'. I was not born yesterday. You can try to fool yourself, but......

Anyways, in a matter of a minute, I had tugged down his shorts and was on my knees sucking his beautiful black cock. He was so into it, I was afraid he was going to shoot there - and while I love sucking cock (no, really - it's true!), that was not the plan for the day, or why I cleaned out or drove 20 minutes.

I stood up and dropped my jeans. I spit into the palm of my hand slathered his shaft with that slimy kind of spit that makes for good fucking. He asked if I liked spit as lube. I said I did. He liked that.

He was impressed enough with my cock, but told me to turn around and brace myself on the exposed cement pillar that was next to me.

There was no easing in. He pushed past the ring and kept sliding until he hit bottom.

I'll say this - the man knew how to throw a fuck. He gave it to me good. I felt every inch of his dick.

While I liked the idea of the bracing on the pillar, but with him being about 5" shorter than myself, the angle wasn't quite working that well.

I think the original idea was to bend me over his couch, as that is where he had lube, poppers and a towel. And because he directed me over to the couch and bent me over.

There was another good 15 minutes of a total ass fucking. I'm not complaining when I say it was all about him (as it should be) with no regards to if it was good for me. It was, but trust me, I'm not sure he cared. He certainly did not ask.

He kept asking if I liked his black cock. He kept telling me how he like fucking white hairy ass. I told him I loved big black cock up my ass. I gave him all the platitudes he wanted. I told him I wanted his black babies shooting inside me too.

Unannounced to me, he did just that. He made no big production out of it. No verbal warnings or throes of 'passion'.  He just ended up softening a little and sliding out.  Truth be told, I was hoping for some filthy talk as he put his load in me.

While he was softening, he was still a nice size.

I'm not too proud to say that I slipped to my knees and took his cock - the one that had just been up my ass - and put it in my mouth. He didn't stop me either.

I worked my mouth. I worked him into another hard on. I sucked him clean. I sucked him hard - at least to the point he wanted to get off again.

He was honest, he liked the mouth but said that my mouth wouldn't do it for the second time, but just started stroking. I would have gladly bent over again, but he made it clear, this time he wanted it in my mouth or on my beard.

While he stroked, he spit in my face........on my face. And a few times in my mouth.

Honestly, i think that is what got him off. The sub side of me, or better yet, the dom side of him.

Even though my mouth was open and tongue extended, most of the second load went into my beard. Some went into me too.

He started to get me a towel to clean up and then just said - I want you to leave here.....just like you are now.

I needed no encouragement on this. I even stretched my tshirt collar a bit as I was putting it back on, so none of his body fluids would wipe off.

I like both dry on my face, as I went out into the biting cold. I could smell him on me....for hours to come.

Fuck I hope I can another invite.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Where There's Smoke.....

I can still smell his cigar. I can still smell what little cologne he had on as well.

They linger here, even the next day, in my office. Even a week later. It gets me hard.

The cigar did not have an overpowering aroma to begin with, and I like that. I'm sure a better man could identify the cigar brand by the band.

For those who follow my Tumblr, you will notice a plethora of cigar men that permeate a number of the images I post. I find the right cigar pic, the right cigar man, exudes masculinity. I have stated before that Freud was wrong - and that a cigar is never just a cigar.

However, porn, as ruined the reality of so many things, including cigarmen.

They're not all butch. They are not all masculine. They are rarely in shape - and usually I mean horribly horribly out of shape. And in real life they can never really wear a suit or leather (or even a t-shirt) like the men of whom I post.

Such as it is. my actual experience with being with a cigar man is negligible. Still I always remained hopeful.

As it turns out, he found me - by searching out an ad I had placed months ago with the word "cigar" in it. He travels through town and looks for men who are into men with cigars - and an email was sent my way. I responded promptly.

41. Professional. 5'10" 205lb. 6" cut, hairy chest and abs.

While a non-smoker typically, "Mike" enjoys a cigar. And he really really enjoys a cigar and a blowjob. And possibly fucking while smoking.

In my mind, I have always had certain expectations on how I like a cigar scene to go. Without prompting Mike, or telling him any of my thoughts, this came off next to flawlessly.

Mike entered into my office with just a little swagger. Handsome. Professional. Slightly overweight, but he carried it well. He had a dress shirt, pants and shoes on. Immediately, he pulled out his cigar, took it out of the wrapper and clipped the end.

As he held it out a little, he singed the end so when he'd do a fuller light in a minute, the flame would take to the tobacco. I took this opportunity to rub his crotch. He was already hard.

I asked him if he was hard before he got here. He said he was semi, but the scene and that just lighting a cigar makes him hard. And just walking into a cigar shop makes him erect.  NICE! I have heard that from many other cigar men.

As he lit up, I went to my knees and pulled down his zipper.  There I was met with flesh and pubes. Commando - another nice touch. He'd later tell me he likes to go commando because it makes him tent up and he notices men and women taking a second look.  He's in sales, so I have a feeling that helps grab folks' attention.

He was 6", but with a beautiful thickness and a nice head.

While the cigar was in his mouth, his hands went right to my head after I took his cock past my lips. Soon I was down at this zipper, my lips meeting those metal teeth.

The aroma of the cigar was nice and not strong, like some tend to be.

After a while, we asked to sit down, his pants off, his loafers and socks remaining on. This way, he was able to spread his legs, allowing me better access.

I was so happy to finally be in this place, I can't even convey it in this blog where you'd completely understand. That he was a handsome, masculine guy made it all the better.  That he instinctively knew how to guide me up and down his cock was spectacular.

He'd take the cigar from him mouth and hold it to his shaft. He liked the sight. He liked the heat. It was good to look at from my perspective too.

Now and then, I'd look up from his cock (ok, I did this a lot) to see him either looking down at me, letting smoke go, or leaning his head back, cigar between his lips, but sticking straight up.

Again - a cigar is never just a cigar.

He would say the right things. An actual nice professional guy who had needs. He isn't - I think - a pig of any kind. A slight cigar fetish, but clearly I do too, just on the other end of his.

Mike was also very natural at putting the cigar between his fingers, then putting that same hand behind my head to guide me onto his cock.

While he let me got at my own pace most of the time, other times he'd take matters into both hands and either guide me or face fuck me, all the while clenching the cigar in his mouth, or on the back of my head. 

The room filled with smoke, but not obnoxiously so. 

He was also not obnoxious when he'd talk of loving a 'faggot' or 'cocksucker' to give him head while he smoked. And if he could, he'd do it everyday - preferably with a scotch, so he could savor that too. 

Being the good host, I offered some Maker's Mark, but he said, 9:00a was probably too early to do that. It still would have been hot to see it next to him, on the desk. 

Mike also asked if I liked swallowing it or having it shot on my face. I said, that was never up to me. That it was his decision. He appreciated that, but pressed me for an answer. Of course, I wanted it in my mouth - and that was fine with him. 

He did mention that sometimes he liked to shoot it on a cocksucker's face, as he put it, nicely, but clearly and matter of factly: 'to let a bitch know his place'. 

I think I could have shot my load right then and there. 

Of course, I licked his balls. I licked his shaft. He really really really liked the head worked. That was great, though I find many guys find it too sensitive. He did not. So I went to work on that. A lot. 

Many blowjob sessions are quick - or blow n go- as they are known. This was not. He smoked almost the entire cigar as I took my time worshipping that cock. I wanted it to last. He wanted it to last. 

My entire planned fantasy was to make it last too. So this was awesome. 

He wanted me to work his head and I did. I didn't want it to end really, though I know he had to get on with his day and he'd been here for quite a while. 

The sperm flooded my mouth. Either he had not cum for a while or the entire set-up excited him. Or maybe he always cums a lot.  I don't know............yet. 

I captured every drop. I held it there - taking it all in: the smells, the taste, the consistency. All the way looking at him looking down at me. 

Of course, I nursed it afterwards. And he let me. Guys can be too sensitive for that many times. 

I did lick is balls during our session, but not his ass.....though I did get to his taint.  He seemed to like that but didn't open up for me to go further, so I took my non-verbal cues from him. As it turns out, we were both off a bit. 

After I swallowed, he mentioned that sometime he'd like to feel my beard on his asshole. So I lay back and told him to sit on my face. By this point, the crack and the hole were sweaty. And he was still working what little was left of his cigar. He and I played that right down to the very fucking end. 

He was still mostly hard when he got ready to leave. 

Mike seems to be sincere about wanting to get together when he's back in town, which is twice per month. He says finding a guy to suck his dick is easy (and I bet it is for him too), but he can't find anyone to do the cigar scene. 

He just found one. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I've sporadically been doing this webcam shit on Chaturbate.

You read about me getting my 50 tokens, and even with another show, that is where I remain. More would be nice to have, but it's not why I'm doing it. I'm just an exhibitionist.

The last show I did - without a doubt, the best show I've done - was slightly different.

Oh, the mechanics were still the same: me sucking a guy for all to see. Or potentially all to see.

Once again, I placed a CL ad stating my intentions. It was also the intention that the other person not be seen unless they wanted to be. Face, that is. It's kind of imperative that their cock show.

Lo and behold, a few guys answered, though only one came through. But let me tell you, it was the right one.

6'4", 215. Solid body. Middle eastern descent (though probably a generation ago from not being U.S. naturalized citizens), a nice 7" cock.  Oh...........and he was 25.

Twenty-fucking-five years old.

30 is usually my lower end of the age of guys I like to be with, but he was into it and 25 year olds can deliver. Their cocks stay way harder and way easier. And they haven't lived in a world where selfies, social media and generally being ok with on-line nudity didn't exist. They're comfortable with it.

He had a request though: could he bring his laptop and broadcast as well.

What the fuck - why not?  It's not like I was being shy. I was the one in front of the camera. Sucking. Cock.

I know there are many sites out there for webcaming shit like this. He didn't ask what I was using, nor did I ask him. As it turns out we are both using Chaturbate.

So with our laptops basically side by side, his viewership and mine basically saw the same show.

Here's another difference with handsome, well built 25 year olds: they build a viewership much easier, much faster and much larger than someone my age.

On my first broadcast, I had about 120 folks. On my second, I had 320+.  This time I only had 120+. He had 800+.

I should not feel bad.....they were all watching me, but those seemed like impressive numbers. So between us we had about 1,000 folks watch me go down on him and watch me eat his ass.

Like the last time, since it is a webcam show - it seems the viewers like to see that money shot. I get it. I hate hate hate wasting the load like that, or even some of it, but I get it.

The other thing about 25 year olds:  they can shoot.

This was the first jet, but hardly the last.

As you can see it went up and over my head and some of it actually landed on my fucking back. What you don't see it most of the rest went onto my face, into my beard and into my mouth.

Well some of you don't see that. Some of my readers and Twitter followers did catch the show. So they saw.

I have no great plan on how to broadcast plans for these shows. They are all very quickly arranged - as you know how guys are fickle and can flake. So while I'm not necessarily shilling for followers on Twitter, that is the most immediate way to get word out to the 5,218 guys who follow me there.

Feel free to follow me there if you want a notification maybe an hour or two before a show starts. Right now it's been only once every two weeks or so.

But Mr. 25 YO wants to come back. So he says. It's probably more for his own vanity than my talent, but he might have found it hard to find another guy to broadcast with.  I'm happy to fill that to speak.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fucked Hard

He had advertised for a white guy to come to his house, posing as someone who knocked at the wrong residence. Then I was to ask to use the restroom where he'd come in to show me his big black dick.

I was up for it. As you saw, I'm not adverse to role play.

But that all changed when I contacted him. Then he wanted to come to me. No fuss. No muss. Just him fuck me.

He described himself as average height, clean, masculine and 7".

While I waited for him on a cold day, I turned on my office heater and to keep more heat in, I put up a barrier I had that kept the inner office warmer.

The problem with this barrier is, that it is just an old flannel sheet. And in a makeshift setting a few months ago, I cut a hole in it, large enough for a cock. I created it not that long ago for another black guy who insisted on using a gloryhole, since he was totally on the DL.

This time, honestly, I was just trying to heat the room more quickly as I waited for this guy to show, as I know our most private parts would be exposed. And most likely I'd be bent over my desk.

And he did show. As instructed, the door was unlocked for him, but I didn't really hear him pull in or come on. I heard rattling around beyond the sheet and soon, I saw a black shaft slide through the hole I had created.

It was 7" as promised and fairly thick.  With just a slight downward curve.

As you can see, he had a nice head on top of that veiny shaft. 

This wasn't the plan, but I dropped to my knees and enveloped his big black cock with my pink lips and mouth. He pressed into the flimsy sheet. It is not a professional gloryhole. It was not meant to bare weight. 

I only used my oral skills for a few minutes. After that, I peeled back the sheet and in he walked. Dressed up. Too dressy - too flashy - for a workday afternoon. Well, I mean, if he didn't have a hard cock leading the way. That made it a little more casual. 

There was no ceremony at this point. I grabbed the lube and stroked his cock until it was slick. My pants were already undone, so dropping them to the ground took no time. And then I bent over the desk. 

Wasting no time at all, he pushed right into me. I could truly feel every inch as he snaked all the way down to the root. 

And then it started. He had talent. He had skill. But he fucked like a beast. And I mean that in the very best way possible.

He pounded. He was good. He made it feel good. I think the muscle work I was providing his shaft made him feel good. 

Since my hands still had lube on them from getting him all slick, I touched my own dick while getting fucked. I did not jack. Or I did at the beginning, but stopped. It's not my place to get off- and I don't really ever want to shoot before the guy using my hole does. I don't want to risk the loss of desire and not give him the ability to shoot. 

Sometimes while getting fucked, I don't get or remain stiff. That is not to be a gauge of how good it feels or how much I'm enjoying it. It just happens. And, I've also been blessed with being able to shoot while totally soft. This is a huge turn on to one guy I play with now and again. 

This time was rock hard. I stopped touching myself because I didn't want to become too excited. I had no idea how long his pounding would last. 

...and it lasted a while. Maybe 20-25 minutes. 

But it was about 15-18 minutes into it before I just lost it. He fucked me so hard, or so erotically, and while not touching myself, he made me shoot a 12 day load. 

Since I was bent over, but still over a really nice carpet, I had the wherewithal to cup my hands over the head and catch the majority of it into my palm. Of course, some of it leaked out - there was no way around that. 

If this were a porn movie or a better porn story, the spasming of my ass muscles would have sent him over the edge right then and there. But it's not. And he continued on for another 6-8 minutes before spilling his seed into my guts. 

That is not to say he didn't comment on my ass muscles. That is not to say he didn't or couldn't figure out I was coming - as I never actually said I was. 

I'm not patting myself on the back, but I do like that I took the fuck even though my rocks had gotten off. 

He claimed, as he was getting ready to go, we'd do this again, though now it's been two weeks and I have yet to hear from him. But I'm guessing he has lots and lots of options. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Security Check

Going back a month or so on this one........but I'm out of order and still have many adventures to hang with me.

I've played with this guy a number of times, and all have been good. You've read about him fucking my hole for 60, 70 and 90 minutes. He can be a dynamo. He's left me sore but sated, and me saying I'm sore is not a complaint.

But now he has a BF. One who moved here from out of town and in theory knows of me, but doesn't know me and hasn't ever seen me. Maybe some video........but nothing of my face. So "John" concocted an idea where I would came over and get fucked.

It was kind of a shell of an idea - that I'd be a guy checking security system and would get seduced into the bedroom. I haven't done role play to this extent, but I was game. I mean - why not?

First off, I thought it would fall apart in the first two minutes and we'd just do our fun little fuck after that. But when I commit to a bit, I COMMIT.

I dressed professionally. John gave me the name of his security company and his landlord, so I could reference each of these upon knocking. I even took an old work ID badge on a laniard turned backwards, so no one could see it wasn't the security company, and wore it around my neck. For good measure, I had a notebook to take information down. Even John wasn't expecting that level of detail.

I rang the bell at the appointed time. John said his landlord texted saying I would be by and he was expecting me. His new bf was sitting across the table from him, both working on their laptops.

I actually pretend to check the window sensors and the box where the unit is housed. I'm wearing tight trousers too. In the kitchen, I see something on their refrig that says something to the tune of: "I'm Gay; Get Over It". John sees me glancing on it and comments.

As I bend over to check a lower sensor, he says, "nice ass"....making sure his bf can hear. I wish I could have caught the look on his face.

"Excuse me?", I say.   "You have a nice ass".

He reaches to cup my crotch. I feigned reluctance, but admitted it felt good. All the while the bf was looking on not sure what to do or how to act. Neither of the two of us let up that this was a game.

Of course, he moved me to the bedroom where he took out my cock and went down on me. What security worker is going to pass up a mouth on a cock?  But soon my pants were around my ankles and he was making more aggressive advances towards me.

As he played with my ass, I said I wasn't sure about this. But then a finger went up and then two.

The bf was handed poppers to hand them to me. I played dumb. "What are these?"  "How you use them?" And I was given a brief tutorial. I kept making them assure me they wouldn't cause me any harm.

Before long, my original guy was trying to work his way up m ass. Of course, I "resisted" but ultimately he was successful. The bf kept feeding me poppers and I just got fucked.

Depending on what position I was in, the bf either sucked my cock or fed me his. But in the end, I was ass up, supported by elbows when the main instigator blew his load up my ass.

I opted not to do the "what are you doing?" kind of scenario and take it as fact that I was just receiving his seed up my hole.

After he got off of me, he noticed I was hard and told me to fuck his bf.

The hard-on kind of lasted, kind of didn't. I got it in but had to fuck his hole with also using my hand as a stimulator. Finally, I was able to get off, but only because the main guy was playing with my tits. Still, it was a big load for his ass.

Afterwards, I asked to use the shower, as I had other appointments I had to get to. Normally, if it were just the two of us, I'd have left there smelling of sex, but I was trying to keep up the act.

I dressed and grabbed my notes and badge and told them when the new system was in, someone would be by to install it, but if they had questions, they should check with the landlord.

It was my understanding that the bf was told of my actual persona a few hours after I left, but that he bought the scenario - hook, line and sinker.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


He answered another ad I placed for guys wanting to have their cock worshipped and not just sucked.

Actually, he was the only person to answer the ad. Honestly, sometimes I think the frankness of the ads - and not the usual crap of doing 'the dance' - weirds guys out. But while the reply yield might be less, it weeds out the flakes and delivers the guys I'd rather play with. least in theory.

Married. 38, 6'3", 185 and an 'honest 6.5"'. He lived up to his word. He was handsome to boot. A nice body, though the chest was naturally hairless.

He didn't have much fur down there either, and it looked a little ginger-ish in his pubes too.

I like to think I get a decent, immediate read on most guys I hook up with, but this wasn't quite happening here. He looked comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. His face seem wary of what we were doing, but he stripped all the way naked without being prompted to do so. He was clearly comfortable in his own skin.

Then he stood there.  Looking straight ahead. Not at me. Not at anything, that I could tell.

Guys can be like that. Especially semi-straight married ones. They disassociate what's going on around them, even though the stimuli they're feeling can be good or off the charts good. They are the equivalent of the guy in the video booth who never takes his eyes off the screen.

Perhaps they're picturing something else...or someone else performing the fellatio. I don't know. (if any semi-straight guys are reading this, I'd love your input.)

He didn't even look down and I enveloped his flaccid penis.

Sure it grew. And it grew to the reported 6.5". It took a little bit, but I will attribute that to the chill in the air or first time nerves.

The man was quiet. I should have guessed earlier on, but his emails were so immediate and enthusiastic. One man slightly hiding behind his computer screen. When real life confronts him, he clams up a bit.

I can work with that though.

The trouble with sucking a quiet man is that you never really know if you're doing a good job. Yes, I can gauge that his cock is hard and / or dripping, so everything should be all right. But admittedly, I like to hear the grunts, the groans, the words of encouragement - or better yet, of degradation for being a cocksucker - as I fellate a guy.

If hardness is an indication, he liked my mouth. If getting stiffer was an indication, he liked how I made my tongue dance.

But there would be no head grabbing, there'd be no face fucking. Not with this guy - not at least this first time out. Maybe later, if he got more comfortable, he'd do those kinds of things. But I fear he was just a repressed married guy making a rare venture outside his wife's Laura Ashley decorated bedroom.

I did get him to sit down, as he had just been standing in front of me.

Now, normally, I love a guy standing over me. Above me. But I had an ulterior motive, bastard that I am.

He was sitting, me still on my knees. Yes, I sucked him. But I went to his balls, which he liked, but still remained silent whether I used my tongue or sucked them.

So I went deeper.

To the taint.  Then to the ass.

With the latter, I got a muffled whimper. That became louder. Nothing to rattle the roof beams or anything, but I hit a spot that resonated with his inner core. So naturally I went to town, not only because he liked it, but let's face it, I love eating butthole.

His head was back, so he still wasn't paying me any mind. Lost in his own little fantasy that my pink tongue poking in his rear that somewhat awakened him from. It's good to have that shaken up a little.

He almost had to look my way, when I pulled a chair closer to a desk. He didn't know why until I propped one foot upon it, and seemingly he knew all to well. It gave me greater access to his married ass.........and I went for it. And he never once tried to stop me.

Normally, I'd pull a guy's hand away from his cock if he started stroking when I ate ass, but it was the one manifestation of his excitement, so I let him continue.

And while I alternated between cock and ass, I let him play with his cock too long. Or maybe it was my mouth on his bum that got him overly excited - or a combo of the two. But he was ready and I got my lips around his shaft with a few seconds to spare.

The load was bitter, but that's ok. And it didn't shoot as much as ooze, but that's ok too, as it oozed a lot. A fuck of a lot.

He had a spring in his step as he left and once safely behind his computer terminal, has already reached out to me to thank me and hope we can do this again.

That's the attitude, buddy.

Thursday, December 04, 2014


We met in the parking lot of a park.

I learned long ago, no matter how tempted, not to expose myself in a place like this. Even the conversation is usually veiled with innuendo so not to be entrapped by a law enforcement officer.

Those scenarios are only fun adult entertainment venues.

It was cold and trying to snow. I was just sitting in my car, looking at apps like A4A or Scruff, just to see who was around. Picking up (or getting picked up) at the park never seemingly happens - not for years now.

But noon on a crappy day like this didn't even bring out the folks who sometimes take a break from the office and eat their lunch in their car. There were a few people who drove through constantly looking for someone.......or someone better. They weren't apt to find it this day. The other ones were the men who probably still had driving privileges but lived at a senior center. The ones who'd take out their teeth to give you a gum job - should that be your thing.

Then a red pick-up truck pulled up next to me. It had seen better days. It has a WVU sticker on the side right above an HRC one. I was facing out, he was facing in. He rolled down a window, and then so did I.

The conversation was brief:  "want to follow me?"  I nodded, though I don't know what I was following him for.

He looked as if he buzzed his hair and was on the chubby side, though not fat - though it was hard to tell.

The drive was all of five minutes back to an apartment building. He did a U-turn and parked in front. I did the same. I followed him into the building, and into the elevator - no words were spoken. It wasn't awkward, oddly enough.

He opened his door, we walked in and took off our shoes. As I did, I noticed a few books on his shelf about dealing with repressed sexual abuse. I took away that he had, in the past, some kind of experience where someone took advantage of him. Of course, that was my take.

Deeper into the apartment, he dropped his clothes. He was chubbier than anticipated, but not really fat. His cock however, was thick. And thicker as it got to the base. He was about 7"long, but it was a lot of girth.

He sat on his sofa, legs spread. I knew what to do. I knelt.

Then I sucked.

Soon, he had his his legs around my head, in a lock, holding me down on all the way on his cock. Again, I gave no indication of my deviated septum, so he had no way of knowing I couldn't really breathe. Nor do I think he would have given a fuck if he had known.

"Take it all".........were his words. I did my fucking best.

"Stand up", he commanded.  I did. And then I stripped as he told me too. I was rock hard.

"Stroke it".  I did.

"Turn around".

His hands ran over my hairy ass. I heard him mutter, "nice".

"Bend over, show me that hole".  I did just that.

With legs spread wide, I bent over, knowing I wouldn't even have to spread my cheeks and that he'd get the view for which he was looking.  Then I felt a thumb at my hole.

"Yeah, that looks good to fuck", he said - probably more to himself than to me. "I want to come in there".

I asked him, 'what did you say?', but all he repeated back was that he wanted to fuck me. But I know I heard more.

"I don't have a lot of time, get in the bedroom".

There was a presumption of me getting fucked. There was no asking if I was into it, or wanted it. I suppose following a stranger back to his place, getting naked and bending over could give one the idea of receptivity.

I was up front and told him I was relatively clean, but wasn't really planning on this, so I wasn't whistle clean. He said that's what towels are for and put one on the bed. He told me to lie on it. When I got on my back, he said, "no, the other way" and soon I was face down.

What I couldn't see - what I couldn't anticipate - was that between the pillows and the headboard, he had attachments that had fallen past the mattress.  Wrist restraints.  He was on top of me when he pulled one out and secured it faster than fast. As I was starting to protest, the second one went on.

I protested of course.

I mean, I tried to be reasonable, saying that I didn't know him and needed to be comfortable with the situation. He ignored me, as he made sure they were secure.

I thought - much later, after the fact - that at what point would I have screamed if something happened. Or would I have screamed at all? In my mind, there is a certain complicity to the situation I was in - and possibly embarrassing. And would being ashamed and found out overrule having something potentially fatally done to me?

Clearly - I'm alive, as I am writing this.

Don't get me wrong. I did protest, but on other levels, there was something highly erotic about this entire event. I even flashed on the books he had on his shelf.

Were they dealing with shit he had as a child, or was it about the scenario we were now in - and one that he had clearly done before to have the equipment at the ready.

I tried to tell him it had been over a month since I've been fucked - which wasn't exactly true - but hoping with that thick cock he'd enter a little easier than what I expected would be coming.

He might have been easier than he intended, but it wasn't an 'ease in' situation.

While I've been trying to go without poppers, right then, they would have been a welcome friend. So I relied solely on breathing. I could feel my hole stretch as he tried to bottom out. As thick as his base looked, and even felt in my mouth, it seemed much larger as he was parting my ass.

Soon enough, his pubes were pressed against my skin.

There was no getting used to his rod in my butt. The fucking began immediately.

I was face down in a stranger's bed, shackled to it as well. He had me where he wanted me. In ways, I had me where I wanted me.

I'd say the fucking was all about him, but so was the park pick-up, the blowing him and showing my hole.

He might have talked himself into that these are things I wanted as well, but this was all for his satisfaction. If I benefited from it, he was probably ok with that, but probably didn't give it much of a second thought. His scene. His pleasure.

He fucked me for maybe 10 minutes.

He asked if I wanted it up my hole. At this point, I was a little stand-offish and said, "would it matter if I didn't?"

Then the very next sound was "UHHHNNNNNNNNNN"

I felt every tremor of his body. I felt every throb and every squirt.

As he had his full weight on me, I felt every aftershock too.

It was the one time I took a little control too. I used my ass muscles to squeeze his shaft, so that he'd tremble with hypersensitivity.

It was a big load. I felt it. I now owned it. It was mine.

We both dressed quickly. The ride down the elevator was a little more awkward, but we parted ways without exchanging names, emails or thank yous.

There was no reason. There should never be another meet-up because this was a spontaneous and fluid event (pun intended). It couldn't be replicated and if it were, it would just seem forced (another pun?)

In a way, everyone got what they wanted.