Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Black Cop

He was visiting from out of town and on A4A. He was African American, but at least where I am that’s not a surprise. I’ve said it before here, here, A4A is predominantly people of color. I don’t think that’s the same in all places, but if you’re looking for black cock in Cleveland, it’s a start. I wasn’t looking for any certain color dick…………just dick. He just happened to be black. And from out of town. And in a hotel.

He worked during the day, consulting he said. He was free in the evenings….until he wasn’t. Until the last night of his stay. It was freezing out, but I made the trek, douche in pocket. He was clear about wanting to fuck me. I was clear about wanting to be fucked.

I got to the hotel lobby and used the restroom to do my final clean-out. I wanted to be prepared, as I like to be a good, clean bottom. When I got to the room he let me in. His pics didn’t do him justice. He was handsome. Dark. Built. I told him so too.

He wanted to make out. I wasn’t about to say no. It was easier for him to bring me in lip to lip. He was taller than I, he was larger than I, and more powerful. I succumbed, as you might expect. He pulled me to him and held me there. This would have been great, had he been a good kisser, but alas, he was not. Story of my life.

It’s ok though. He didn’t want me there long. He pushed me to my knees. I had been fondling his cock through his briefs while getting kissed. He was plumping up nicely, but not fully erect. Just the way I like it. Personally, I like to know I had a little something to do with getting him all the way up. And I did.

After wrapping my pink lips around his dark meat, I purposefully sank down on his shaft as I watched it disappear the closer to I got to his groin. Soon, it was all gone, only to reappear a few moments later on the backing off of it…………….and then I repeated. Often. And faster. His skin glistened with my spit, making his meat look even darker than it was.

Sucking cock was nice, but that’s not what I was there for and we both knew it. He hoisted me up by my armpits and pushed me toward the bed. I fell onto it gladly. He was right behind, so to speak. In actuality he was between my legs…..crawling up between them towards me. With his cock erect, he just played with me. He slid the cock against mine. Then under my balls, toward my hole, but not in it. It was teasing. It was frottage. He was gauging. I was ready.

He was too. But out of nowhere he pulled out a small tube of lube and a rubber. He saw my face and said if he knew me better, he’d go without. He was a pro and snapping it on. It took seconds, tops. And a second later he was positioned at my hole. Since he was pushing eight inches, I took a nice long hit of poppers and waited five seconds to relax. Then he pushed in. Just the head and then steadily the rest of it. I bit my lip.

He was a pro at fucking too. The man was big, but knew how to use it. It was bliss. He kept mentioning he’d be coming back to town often and how he’d like to fuck me each and every time. Here I was with a black pole up my cunt – so who was I to say ‘no’? Not that I wanted to.

The guy was a talker. But it was easy. Nothing forced. Asking me questions and such while he slowly but deliberately plugged away at my hole. Even I responded asking what kind of work brought him to town. He hesitated but eventually answered. He was collaborating with the police department. I was more than intrigued. This was a first for me, should it be true – so I asked if he was a law enforcement officer………….he replied in the affirmative. I was raging hard at this point. He fucked harder. A fucking cop was boning my ass. Sure, he wasn’t in uniform, but I can’t have everything I want, right?

He kept up with the ‘next time’ stuff. “Next time, I’ll fuck you without the rubber”. I tried to casually bring it up now and then too. I won’t be as subtle here as I was then, but basically asking him why would next time be different – as he wouldn’t know me any better than now, not really. This was all between moans of how good his big black cock felt. I could tell he loved me telling him how big it was. I think he liked the race stuff too. He made it clear he liked white hole. I made it clear, I liked black cock.

He was close. Too close. He pulled out. Mostly to cool himself down. To not shoot….not yet. We had agreed that after he came, he’d feed me the cum from his rubber. But now he was lightly stroking his cock….the rubber getting bunched up a bit as it tends to do in fucking, let along stroking. He kept saying about how next time……next time…..next time. He watched as I reached down and fingered my hole. I watched him watch me. He was mesmerized it seemed. I told him how good his cock felt in my ass.

By this time, the rubber was almost all the way off. Then all the way off. He still stroked….slowly, but steadily. I felt the tides had turned on his thinking, but I can be manipulative. I played the part he wanted me to play – or that I think he did. Knowing there was not one at least within arm’s reach, I told him to get another rubber and fuck me. He did half of what I said.

He leaned in and pushed his now raw cock into me. The rubber he had on was next to us in plain sight. His cock was nowhere I could see it, since it was buried in my hairy ass.

It took him all of two minutes to finish what he was doing. He said nothing. He groaned a bit before, but not during. Maybe acknowledging it would make it too real. Too wrong.  I could feel the warmth in my guts.

His breathing steadied. He slipped out of me. It was still a dark piece of meat. I slid down and took him in my mouth. He didn’t stop me. I licked him clean. Clean of me. Clean of himself.

I dressed in my layers as he put on his shorts. He thanked me. I thanked him effusively. In the lobby I went to message him a ‘thank you’. By that time his profile was nowhere to be seen. I was cop blocked.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sucking Today?

"Sucking Today?"

That was the start of his Grindr message to me.  Actually, it was the entire initial message to me.

I do like a guy - for the most part - who gets to the point. I mean, once a guy started with "have you taking your morning shit yet?".  While I wasn't into it, in an odd way, I was glad he got that fetish out of the way so we could both move on.  Immediately.

The odd thing about message - in a way - was that in my Grindr profile it has almost no information other than my stats. I never says I'm prefer to be a cocksucking bottom.  Maybe it's something about my face that just says it.

Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on his part and he hit up the right guy.  For me, he was the right guy - for right then.

27, 6'2", 195, brown hair, an ok dick in his pics, but nothing stellar. He eventually sent a face pic which clinched the deal - though to be fair, he was in anyways. He was less than a mile away and had no qualms about stopping by my office near the end of the day.

He was dressed appropriately. Shirt, tie, dress slacks. I work in a professional environment, so having a guy from the streets just show up is suspect. He looked the part of someone who might be having a meeting with me should we run into anyone.

When he showed, he sported a wedding ring. While it could be with a woman, he carried himself in a certain way that told me it was a man.  Or to a woman he'd be divorcing in a few years when he finally came out. I'm still guessing he is married to a dude.   And he didn't care either way - and neither did I.  I was planning on sucking his dick if he were single or married and either way, I'm getting the cock.

During our electronic get-to-know-you, I had sent some action pics, so he got the idea of what I did, though he already seemed to know.

Getting to my office is tricky, so I met him after he parked and took him to my place of work. I asked for a first name in case we ran into anyone that we could play it off.  He told me his name was "Chris".  We passed a few folks and ended up going to my office and closing the door - which automatically locks. A secretary sat not 10 feet outside my closed door.

Once in "Chris" asked if I had any videos he could watch while I sucked him.  I wasn't really sure about that, but showed him one. His cock was rock hard in his pants as he watched. It felt nice. I unzipped him.  The cock came out.  It was much nicer than pics portrayed it.

While probably only 6.5", it was thick. THICK.  It had a great head and it probably had a 45 degree upward angle. But it was the hardness that I was loving. It was like steel.

He moaned slightly as my tongue ran along the underside of his shaft. I then wrapped my lips around the head and started taking him to the root. He had a few very prominent veins, as you can see.  And ones I could feel.  I fucking love that.

I was hyper aware that as I sucked, he was just swiping left or right and finding video after video on that phone. Ironically, his Grindr screen name was 'Discreet', but here he was happy to see other guys fuck my face, or ass, or me worshipping their cock. Discretion was only on his terms.

He must have gotten to one of me taking it up the ass, because he whispered, "do you have a condom?"  I didn't quite hear him, so he repeated it. I told him I did not, which was a lie. It's not that I was trying to take his cock raw - though I would have played that hand - but I was sooooooo not prepped to take it up the ass. Had he given me time, or some notice that is what he wanted, I would have been good to go.

I'd have loved to feel that thick married rod up my cunt.

As it was, I took the phone from him and said, "let's make our own movie".  I half expected him to say 'no', but he didn't. I hit 'record' and we were off. I made a show of it, using my tongue and lips, before his shaft disappeared, then reappeared.  Over and over.

I'd like to say he was watching me suck his dick, but I know he was watching the screen, watching himself. In its own way, that it hot too.

He knew the score of what we were doing and where, so he was good about keeping quiet. I'm not sure how vocal he'd be otherwise.

Normally I can gauge when a guy is getting closer due to his voice or his cock getting harder. But he was quiet and there was no possible way I think his dick could have been stiffer. Both hands went to my head, and I figured out we might be nearing the home stretch.

His hips picked up speed too. He started really fucking my face - not that I couldn't keep up. And I think after almost 800 entries (I know, can you fucking believe it?) that I'm not a gagger. I'm an expert cocksucker. 

But as Chris started to shoot.........and shoot...........and shoot............and shoot.....I started to get worried. I was held tight on his cock. Even if I backed up two or three inches I'd be ok. That wasn't going to be allowed.

My biggest fear was me doing the gagging noise. As thick as door is, I couldn't guarantee it wouldn't be heard by my secretary.  ....and it is brand new carpet, so I didn't want any semen on there either. I mean, I wanted it all in my mouth.

No worries gents - I didn't miss a drop and I didn't gag. I still have a great record.  And for the record, it was a lot of cum and it was great tasting.

If he noticed the near gag or my commitment to the effort, he didn't let on. Or didn't care, now that he got his.

He pulled up his pants and was ready to go. I walked him to the elevator, passing a few co-workers along the way, and then headed back to my office to finish some work.  One colleague popped her head into my office, wondering who I was interviewing and if he was 16.  She was surprised when I said he was pushing 30 and was at a certain point in his career.

While we were chatting, all I could think about was the load I was still tasting in my mouth - and when I might get it again.

Monday, April 02, 2018

A Semi-Calculated Plan

I was in DC minding my own business - well, kind of - when I got a message on Scruff.

Actually, I was cruising there for a while, getting lots of false leads of guys who pretended to be interested until you push to meet. Then they're like fucking Casper.

I finally just plopped my hairy ass at a Peet's coffee shop. Free wi-fi and caffeine, so why not?.  I don't think I was being too too obvious looking at A4A, Recon, Grinr and Scruff.  Yes, I was horny - could you tell? 

The guy next to might have, as he grabbed his coffee and found another chair somewhere else.

But then the Scruff 'woof' came. I click on it and it seems we had been chatting two years past. Possibly when I was last in town. He was 700 ft from me. I made no bones about being horny. He did too. My problem was - he was a bigger bottom than I am. 

I know - right?

But he was handsome as fuck. 6'0", 200, bearded. Nice big cock....which was a tease, since he wanted to suck mine or take it up the ass. 

At this point, I had not gotten off for over two weeks. And I was horny, so my head wasn't on straight. I'd have fucked him. Or let him blow me. But part of me hoped he'd let me blow him.

This was last Friday. "Holiday" weekend for some. He was leaving work and going to the shore with his husband in a few. I didn't have a place to take him, as I traveled with others. But I told him I was 700 feet away - which he knew - and to stop by to say 'hi' if he wanted. He said he'd be there in 15.

He was there in 10.

I had already scoped the place out and had a plan, if it came to that. A multi-tiered plan.

He entered, saw me and came and sat next to me. Maybe it was just my libido, but he was hotter than fuck right then. We exchanged names, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember it, so we can call him "Larry", I suppose.

This is when he's telling me about his travel plans. I had travel plans too.......my hand, as it slowly and purposefully made it from the arm of my chair to my crotch. Larry watched every movement. He saw my right hand pass over and land on my denim covered crotch. He saw it slowly, but deliberately, grip the mound that was there. To the unsuspecting, I'm not sure anyone would have caught this. Larry was suspecting.

He looked up, his eyes meeting mine like in a bad porn movie.

This was tier 1 and 2 of my plan. Get him to Peet's.  Get him to want. Get him to want it bad enough he makes bad judgments. Going by the look in his eyes, I achieved Level 2.  Yay me!

I didn't really need to confirm, but I thought it important he hear it come out of his own mouth. I asked him if he wanted 'this', while I lightly squeezed. He said 'yes'.  I made him say it. "I want your cock", loud enough for me to hear, though luckily, someone was grinding beans right at that moment. No one else could hear.

I said, "good boy".

I told him there were two bathrooms behind him. I didn't ask if he would be comfortable doing it there. Giving options is giving opportunity for rejection. I wasn't in the mood for that. The last 90 minutes had been constant rejection.

The bathrooms were down a side hall. The hall was visible to about two-thirds of the shop, but no one behind the counter. Unlike most public places in DC, there was no code to punch in to gain access. I had to ask no one, leaving less people to be any the wiser.

Without hesitation or even prompting, he said, "I'll follow you in". 

I got up, and went to the first door. As I opened it, someone was right behind me, but not Larry. Honest to fucking god, it was a priest. A ginger priest. He paid me no never mind. He must have come in the side door close to the bathrooms. He put whatever he was carrying down on a shelf and went into the restroom right beside the one I was taking. I let the door close.

30 seconds later, the door opened. Larry secured the lock and immediately his hands were undoing my belt and pawing at me jeans. Who was I to stop him?

Level 3: achieved.

He went right to his knees. The man had an amazing mouth. Clearly very very very experienced.  Sad but true, I could be quick on the trigger this day. I know it was public and we should be quick, but I didn't want to just blow and go THAT easily.

I made him slow down. He took out his own cock and balls. That was a gorgeous cock he has. Maybe 8", filled out and fleshy.  I was in awe of it.  I pulled out of his mouth to cool down. But asked if I could suck his cock for a few.  He agreed.

It filled up my mouth so nicely. I felt his hand go to the back of my head like it was the most natural thing in the world for both of us. I could have sucked it all day - even in a public restroom. But I also knew that's not why we were there.

Sometimes I'd squelch on this type of deal and be a manipulative cocksucker. But for some unknown reason, I liked this guy - though we didn't even know each other. Fuck - I don't even know his name.

He pulled out of my mouth, as I suspected he would. He got down on my level (as if!). I stayed there for a moment as well.

Oh. Did I mention he had no issue with video or photography?  Clearly he didn't.  And his lips weren't just good on the head of my cock. He was an excellent kisser.

Then it was his turn to go back down on me.

He was working my dick like mad - mouth only. It's all he needed. I was so wired as it was. Before we even started he knew I had a two week load, yet I felt the need to remind him.

I was ready. I asked him if he was. He nodded slightly, as his mouth was full. And then I started shooting. And shooting. And shooting.

Here he is keeping up with the volume.

"Keep going", I told him,  "I'm not done.........not yet. Not for a bit.  You said you could take it." He mumbled and gulped at the same time.

I can be a vocal cummer, but it was a public place with tiled walls. It was potentially risky, though I could easily just walk out the side door and disappear into the crowd if needed. Still, I made a concerted effort to keep it all in check.

My groans were low. My voice was too. It was the aftershocks I get at the end of the ejaculation that throw me. It's almost - if not completely - involuntary. I made sounds along with the quaking of the body.

I knew upon cumming that it was it for us. There'd be no negotiating his release. I was done and he stood up and started fastening his pants. I did the same. He thanked me for the warning about the size of the load - he said without it he might not have been able to keep up. I think he would have.

He mentioned this was a first for him.  I said it was for me too...........if he meant, doing it in a Peet's.  Because, let's face it - I've done it in places like this a lot. Just not recently. He laughed.

He thanked me, and I him. We left the bathroom together, no one around, no one to see. No one to cast dispersions.

Not even a red-haired / bearded priest.


Monday, March 26, 2018

15 Hours of Whoring - pt 5

The anon guy let the door close hard. I picked myself up and saw he left his used underwear behind. At first I thought it an accident until later I saw the video of him fucking me. He was wearing it while plunging in and out of my ass. He purposefully took them off before dressing and leaving.

Naturally, I kept them. Kept them unwashed too.

But it was about two hours from check-out, and people can be fickle, so I got back on-line.  Again, BBRT seemed the place to be. But now, I was the one who was low on messages. There weren't tons of tops or versatile tops on at this hour of the morning. So a very average one was, he asked "what's up".  I was to the point. "Looking to get bred.  Varsity Inn. 204".   His reply, "on the way".   Perfect.

There was no anon.  He was ok - but nothing to write home about.

It was - like the others - a no pretense fuck. I was bent over the bed, he just took out his 6.5" dick and stuck it in. It was a BBRT fuck - he wanted hole.  I wanted cock. He wanted to cum. I wanted his cum. Not his specifically - but he was there, so.......I was gonna get it.

Like the last few fucks, you could feel, hear and smell the wetness of my cunt. The squish was audible, visual and had an olfactory aspect.  I don't know if he noticed or not, but how could you not? He had to notice the ooze of jizz surrounding his cock. He had to notice that some just slipped out of my ass, down my taint and then onto the bedspread - right?

Maybe he just didn't care. Maybe it turned him on and he wanted to add to it. I was down with that - clearly.

He said nice things about my hole - how he liked it, and being in it. He pumped while he complimented it. I did the same for his cock.  I squeezed the cock too, as he was pulling out. I'd open up when he'd push back in - giving him both a loose and tight experience, teasing the fuck out of that dick.

The man lasted maybe 10 minutes before he unloaded up my ass.  #8.  I surpassed my totally made-up goal.  I win!

This guy is also the only one who really wanted to sit around yammering after the fact.  Fuck. Time was limited and yes, I was still horny. And no, I had not cum - but that was never (and rarely is) the objective. But it was a hotel room and one never knows. I finally got rid of him, but put out some feelers on BBRT and jumped in the shower.

Yes, shower. I was meeting friends for lunch and as much as it would have been fun, arriving smelling like cum, sweat and poppers isn't always appropriate. And it was now like 10a and I was starving. I barely ate the night before and now I was caffeine deprived, had a bit of a popper headache and we were nearing check-out time.

I went down the street to Starbucks. They had breakfast sandwiches and caffeine....and comfy chairs and an outlet. Yes, being the addict I am, I booted up the phone. I had a BBRT message - it was a 'text me at 614-555-1212 message.  I texted.

It was last guy from the night before, the one who just showed up. The one with 8" who pummeled me with his dick.  He wanted another go-round. I said if he could get to the hotel immediately, we could fuck before I lost the room. Technically I hadn't checked out and still had the key.  He hemmed and hawed.

Was there some other place we could fuck, he asked.  I countered, it's your town, you tell me. He had nowhere. He suggested the bathroom at Starbucks. Normally, I'd be SO down with that, but this ones had restrooms right in front of the counter and the 4-5 baristas. There was no way one wouldn't notice two guys going into a bathroom.

He had a 'roommate' so his place was off-limits. I don't know why I kept engaging, but I did.

Bossy - he was.  I was in my car in less than 60 seconds.  Oddly, he lived on the same street in which I did many moons ago. Parking was a bitch, so I ended up three blocks away. He was at the door when I walked up.

There was chatter. We never even made it more than 7' in the house. My pants went down, his shorts came off. I got on my knees and sucked him for all of a minute.....he was fully up at 8 again. I bent over his and his "roommates" piano.

Again - no finesse. It was a brutal fuck- but partially on purpose I believe. There was a clear view from the backdoor to where we were. He said his "roommate" could come in at any time. If true, there was no way he couldn't or wouldn't see us. It was probably more of a turn on for me. I don't think I'd have been threatened as I didn't my dick up his ass.

Of course, I would have liked a tag-team three way and said so. The guy boning me said it wouldn't be cool. I was really being pounded into the piano. He fucked hard. He fucked furious. I was not complaining. It was just what I wanted.

We were probably in the 5-7 minute mark before he just gut punched that cock up my hole and held it as deep as it would go. He delivered another load, about 10-11 hours after his last one.

Honestly, as I got back to my car, I looked at Grindr, Scruff et al, figuring, maybe, just maybe, I could make it to double digits if the stars aligned.  As it turns out - I had some quick conversations, but could see they weren't going anywhere. I called it.

While my hotel shower probably helped, in reality, I was going to pick-up friends with a fresh load up my ass, and me smelling of sex.  But with a smile on my face.

Total Load Count: 9
Final Load Count: 9

Sunday, March 18, 2018

15 Hours of Whoring - pt 4

I envision this as a series of three or four part entries (there will be five). There is too much to get into one cleanly and concisely.  And I will try to publish these in quicker succession than one per week or so. As these encounters just happened, I want to commit them to 'paper' and let you appreciate them....or not. 

My little snooze lasted about 5.5 hours. I awoke around 5:30am, kind of lay there reveling in the night before - as an overall feeling of accomplishment. There were some decent guys. There were some good fucks. There were no great guys, but one borderline great fuck.  And yes, there was the dud, and the flakes, but all are to be expected, especially when you "market" yourself in such a manner that I had done.

In reality, it's about the experience not the quality. Quantity is part of that. Honestly, I don't know how Dawson did 30 loads, except that the production team put in the leg work to get the guys. He just had to take the dick, which oddly enough was the easy part.

But it was dark out - and in, as the curtains were drawn. I reached for my fully charged phone to see what, if anything, I missed in those snoozing hours. It turns out, not much. My second placed CL ad garnered no viable leads. The iPhone apps were the same people who were there hours ago, none of them looking any better, or any more available, than before.

BBRT is where I found some activity. He was less than a mile away. The pictures were shitty, but the stats seemed ok, but nothing fantastic. Tall, thin, decent dick. Again, I'm not a paying member, so I can't enlarge the images - and BBRT's images are small as fuck.

Like Guy #2 in the first installment, he wanted it anon. The door was left open, he texted he was in the parking lot.  Lube was laid out. My shoulders were down, my ass up. The door creaked open, closed and locked. Shoes came off, pants were dropped - from what I could tell.

I heard the squirt of lube and I felt the flesh at my back door.

One Push.

That's all he took. That was my only option. There was no real getting used to it, though I had kind of been prepped by five other guys. I'm guessing he was a good 7 or 7.5" - and he knew how to fuck.

Unlike the another anonymous guy, while I never saw him, this fucker did talk...........as you can see when he used my camera to shoot some footage.

During the pounding, he asked how many loads I had taken. I told him he would be #6, but my self-created goal was 7.   He said he'd make sure I got #7 too.

At that point, he unloaded up my butt with a growl that could have awakened the folks in the hotel next door.  Not the room next door, but the hotel.

I was a good boy. I remained faced down. He was still there, I don't know what he did in the interim, but he was close by.  When he stepped back up seven or eight minutes later, his dick had  gotten back to full erection.

The next fuck was hard, unrelenting and much more non-verbal. And it was quicker. The first one lasted a good 10 minutes.  This one lasted less than five.  He buried himself in me and in his own previous load. He added to it.  His and theirs. 

Yes, theirs. I had yet to expel any of the previous folks' semen. I was keeping it as long as I could.

Load Count:  7

Thursday, March 15, 2018

15 Hours of Whoring - pt 3

I envision this as a series of three or four part entries. There is too much to get into one cleanly and concisely.  And I will try to publish these in quicker succession than one per week or so. As these encounters just happened, I want to commit them to 'paper' and let you appreciate them....or not. 

Short after the endurance fucker had left I got a BBRT message:   "text me. I'm out of messages".

He left no number in which to text   Groan!  And I groan, because it was a good profile.

For those who don't use BBRT, if you're a non-paying member you only get x amount of messages. As you use one, you have to wait 24 hours for it to replenish. I think you get 35 total, so if you're on the hunt like I was, use those wisely.  I myself was down to 10-12 remaining messages.

I'm not sure if he had no messages left or few, so I took it on myself and just wrote:  Varsity Inn Room 204.   Then went about looking at emails, other BBRT profiles and Grinr, Scruff, A4A and Recon. The apps were the worst. I got little traction from conversation there and it would turn out - zero "meetings".

About 15 minutes later, there was a knock at the door.  Oddly enough, it could have been anyone. By this time at least a half dozen guys had the room number, as they had planned to come over before they flaked. And honestly, I kind of forgot the last message I wrote.

It was the guy from BBRT. "I took chance and came over since you sent me your room. I could read messages, just not send any out.".   He hoped it was ok. And it was.

The man was good looking. Late 30s. 6' and maybe 190-200. Dark brown hair, and looking a little swarthy. All his BBRT categories were "Ask Me".  JFC - just answer the questions, already.

But here there were no questions to be answered. He saw for what I was advertising and he showed up at my door pseudo-unannounced.  Oh - and he had 8".

When it got hard - and it was like steel - it was possible the straightest shaft I have ever seen. ...and let's face it, I've seen one or two dicks in my life.

As you'd expect from a guy who kind of shows up unannounced, there was little or not fanfare. No foreplay - though he wanted to kiss. You know I'm down with that, but he was a heavy smoker, which was ironic for his medical background.  He had come right from work, so I knew exactly where he worked and in what specific.

I avoided that as much as I could. He pushed me over - me still standing, but hands on the bed, hairy ass pushed out, full access. 

I never saw him use the lube so maybe he used spit. Had he known, he might not have needed any kind of lube at all.

The man was not subtle. He did one push into my gut. If I wanted to slow him down or extract him, I wouldn't be able. He hammered my ass.  Jackhammered actually. He was rough, but not quite brutal. It was all for his own pleasure - which I'm not opposed to.

Somehow I made it down to the bed. Not quite laying flat, but close to. With each thrust in, with each pull out, I could feel semen escaping. Not tons, but enough that I knew that it was rolling off my balls and onto the poor put upon bedspread.

And yes, there were the cum squishy sounds....again.  Still.

Through his grunts and groans, he did say, "nice fucking ass".  I won't lie - it was good to hear.

Since he was so insistent about coming over, I assumed he'd be a pump and dump. But the man had stamina. Not as long as the guy before him, but it was a good 15 minute

He yelled that he was cumming so loud, the kids next door got their final sex-ed lesson for the night.

The guy pulsed over and over. His grunts corresponded to the throbs. I worked my ass muscles around his cock as and after he came. I love making a guy shake from head to toe after he's climaxed. Some guys like the feeling, others are too sensitive.

I don't think he was the latter, but unceremoniously, he pulled his cock from my ass. While I hate that, sometimes it is better than the old - get soft and slip out method.

But this guy was all business - if the business were fucking a stranger and going.

And really - isn't what this whole hotel set-up was in the first place?

The answer you're looking for is: "yes".

It was now after midnight. I looked some more - and was ready to stay up all night taking dick, but I  was getting no bites.  I thought it best to get some sleep and wake up early finding the fuckers who like early morning sex.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

15 Hours of Whoring - pt 2

I envision this as a series of three or four part entries. There is too much to get into one cleanly and concisely.  And I will try to publish these in quicker succession than one per week or so. As these encounters just happened, I want to commit them to 'paper' and let you appreciate them....or not. 

It wasn't long before the next guy contacted me via BBRT.

In theory, BBRT should be the easiest of all hook-up sites. It's a little more straightforward of who is looking for what. Sure, it has the folks I'm never going to be good enough for, but this site would prove the better for this 15 hours.

"Jeff" unlocked his photos. His profile said top. Ironically, I wasn't fucking around:  my reply was: Hotel Name, 204.  His instant reply: "on my way".   That folks, is what I'm talkin' about.

10 minutes later there is a knock on my door. Jeff is there, handsome as hell. The body was just fine, but oy, the face! Jet black hair, slightly longer than a flat top. Intense dark eyes. 5'8" 180, mid 40s.

I answered the door in just a pair of nylon gym shorts. I like having something of which to disrobe.

Jeff entered, grabbed and kissed me. Good kisser, though I wasn't expecting it. His hand on my nylon make BikeGuy Jr start to grow. I could feel he was already stiff in his tightly packed jeans.

I dropped my shorts. His fingers found my cock....my balls....and then behind them. "How many loads so far" he queried as his finger slipped into my cumhole. He liked the answer of two.

He surprised me again by bending over and taking my cock into his mouth. It was a good mouth - and I told him so, but reminded him that's not what we were there for. He wasn't offended, he got it.  He then played with my tits. "See? I read for content", he says. I had forgotten it was even in my BBRT profile.

Jeff was a little chatty - but not in a bad way. It wasn't quite dirty talk, but it kind of what. The 'what ifs'.  He was hoping to walk on me already taking it up the ass. I concurred, telling him how much I like to be watched.

I sat on the edge of the bed while he completely disrobed.  He pushes my legs back until I grab them, exposing my cunt. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do it, so it's hotter that he does - he spits on my hole.  You'd think he'd be lube all the way, and he spits on the hole with great accuracy.   FUCK.

Jeff moved up and pushed his 6" dick into my slicked up ass. He fucked that hole for a few minutes before pulling out and having me / us move back on the bed. Once again, he spit on the hole and worked his way in.  We were close - face to face and I said, "that thing you just did with my ass? do it to my face!".

He got the idea. I mean, I spelled it out for him. It loses something when it has to be so prompted.

All that said, he had a great fucking style. And the face. OMG. It was great staring back it, as he stared at me, neither of us breaking eye contact. His black eyes were so expressive, so intense, especially has he got closer. You could see it.  You could sense it. You could feel it.  And all through the eyes...and his brow.

That in itself was oddly erotic.

And then I did feel it. His cock shooting up my hole.

He wanted to cuddle for a bit afterwards. That is so not my style, but, when you have a handsome dude like that whole will spit on your pucker, you do what you can for him. I told him he could stay to watch the next guy.  He expertly fingered my hole, like was a 16 year old girl in the backseat with the quarterback (what? too much?).

We talked goals. My sex goals. I kind of came with the number of 7.  I wanted 7 loads. He said he'd like to come by in the morning and give me another one.

He never did.  But I never truly expected him to.

The following guy, I actually turned away. I left the door open for him, and it was more of a "hey! you're 100lbs heavier than you said and those pictures were not of you" kind of thing. What I actually said was, "I'm not feeling this". He agreed and left on his own.

But another guy was literally waiting in the wings....or the parking lot. He was ready when the other guy showed, but guy 1 (who I sent away) at the last minute said he wasn't into 3-ways.

Guy 4 (5, if you include the guy who went on his way) arrives.  Maybe 25. Cocky. Self assured.  5'11", 195, 7".  Mixed race, but mostly black.

There was brief cocksucking on my part. Then I had my ass at the edge of the bed. He was all about the frottage. His cock slid between my legs. Under my nuts, against my hole. He was a master at the tease. Then he goes and says, "good thing I brought a rubber".   I can only imagine the look on my face - not that he was looking at it.

He got the rubber from his jeans and threw it next to us on the bed. I asked him to keep rubbing his cock because it felt so good. He did. I told him it would feel better with lube on it. He used it. ...and yes, I had ulterior motive.  Is it really deceit when the intentions are pretty much crystal clear?

He rubbed it up and down the crack and right at the opening. With no forewarning - not really - he punched and pushed all 7 inches in. Bare.  He looked right at me as he fucked my ass for two minutes. Then he pulled out and opened the rubber.    FUCK.

He greased up the rubber and we went back to fucking. A LOT of fucking. 45 minutes of fucking - almost continuously. And in every position.  Bent over - head down (check).  Bent over - flat to the mattress (check). On my back (check). Sitting on it (check). Him lifting me up and letting gravity make me plunge onto his pole (check).

Of that 45 minutes, 5 minutes might have been a few breaks. You know that time when you have three loads up your ass, plus lube and you have that moment of 'uh-ho', but yet you can't be sure? I had a few of those.

I needed him to stay still or slow down or take a minute. Most of which he ignored. Even though I knew I had been clean as a whistle, I just had a doubt or two, but those can kill a mood, so I had to power through it.

He loved the sound my ass made when he fucked it. It was wet. It wasn't sloppy - at least yet. There were definitely some suction noises upon withdraw and wet squishy noises upon pushing in.

There was one point that he did pull out. His cock was still rock hard, so I stroked it. And yes, I was being calculating. With each tug, I pulled the condom slightly higher on his shaft. Maybe he noticed. Maybe he didn't. But we didn't do that long enough for me to get it off.

At this point, he was back in me. He hammered my hole. The poor people in 203 - the adults had some explaining to do to their kids. I saw it as an educational opportunity moment. I'm guessing they didn't think the same.

Maybe it was the heat of the moment, maybe it was the uncomfortableness of a bunched up baggie, but the guy pulled out, yanked the rubber off and pushed back up my ass raw as hell. I won't say it was rage, but maybe unleashed lust. While I was mostly on my back, he had me bent in half. My diaphragm was crushed. Breathing was difficult, but he just pummeled.  Now 203 was having another difficult conversation.

He kept saying he was close.....but that seemed to go on for a while. I wasn't complaining, but it was a weird sensation of ass feeling great, but the lungs not so much.

He let out a roar as his jizz squirted up my bowels, joining the loads of three other guys.  The warmth in my guts felt great.

There was no easing out with this guy.  Like the rubber ripped off, he was out of my ass and getting this things.

I have to say, for being 25-ish, he had this down. He was no amateur.

Besides his DNA in me, the only thing proving he had been there was the semi-used rubber he left behind.

It wasn't quite 11p yet, so I still had time for more, I thought. But you'll read about that next time, no? 

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

15 Hours of Whoring - pt 1

I envision this as a series of three or four part entries. There is too much to get into one cleanly and concisely.  And I will try to publish these in quicker succession than one per week or so. As these encounters just happened, I want to commit them to 'paper' and let you appreciate them....or not. 

To set it up:  I was going out of town for a lunch, but left the afternoon before so I could stay overnight in a questionable motel location. A few craigslist ads, and backed with some on-line apps and the sometimes handy BBRT, I was pretty much ready to go. 

I got to the hotel just after 3:30p. I booted up the laptop, crafted a quick CL ad and then started the prep process of cleaning out. Just because of my schedule, I had a very light breakfast and zero lunch. Prep would be a breeze - and it was.

The CL ad brought lots of attention. Immediately a decent African-American wanted to come over RIGHT NOW.  Ok dude.  Room 204  "On My Way" was his response.  Long story short - I'm still waiting for him to show up.

Others wanted later that night, which was fine. I was prepared for possibly not sleeping at all if guys were willing to stop by and unload. I was afraid on some of the CL responses, there was already too much back and forth. Too much negotiating, but it comes with the territory.

One guy though, was so turned on, he opted not to come later, but now. I said "sure", and if I'm being totally honest, I got mixed up on who was who in the responses to who said they were coming. For some reason I still have Yahoo set up as my email for CL - and their mail system sucks!  Just horrible.

So, soon there is knock on the door.  Hmmmm.

Immediately, I knew where this guy worked and his name - as both were stitched onto his shirt. This guys seemingly had a hard life....or hadn't slept in seven years. Or did copious amounts of drugs. Or all of the above. He was not my ideal, but he was right in front of me.  Literally.

Either he was inexperienced or shy. He did nothing. Made no move - sexually or in terms of walking. He stood there. Lifeless. I had to reach for his belt. I had to do everything. When I walked closer to the bed, I had to tell him to come over. It's like there wasn't an intuitive thought in his head.

His 7" wasn't.

Fully hard it was almost six. I sucked him to get him hard. I lubed him up (because he wasn't going to) and I bent over.  He got in with not much trouble. And it was over in less than four minutes. He jolted and sighed. I had taken my first load.

Again, he just stood there. Pants off. Making no moves to go. I finally started gathering my clothes saying I needed to find dinner. He didn't take the hint. I finally told him he'd have to dress and go.

While this all transpired, I had a few more CL responses, plus my BBRT said I had a few emails.  Bonus!

One guy on BBRT wanted head.  A blowjob - from Bareback Real Time?  DUDE!  Oh and he wanted to get high so I'd have to come to him.  Delete!

Next guy's profile looked promising. It said he was 6' and 200 lbs with 7 inches.

I'd never know.

His ad read he likes anon bottoms who like the mystery of getting bred by a stranger.  I asked if he wanted the lights low (yes), the door cracked open (yes) and me with my ass up and face down away from the door (yes) and for me to never turn around to see him (yes!). 

He said he'd be there in five minutes and I was in place. The heating unit turned on and was quite loud. Enough so that I never did hear the door open and shut. I did hear pants being dropped. I did hear the squirt of the lube bottle, but I think it was his own, as mine was near me and I never felt him reach for it.

There was no talking. There wouldn't be. From either of us.

He lined up and pushed in. If he figured there was already a load in there from 20 minutes ago, he never said a thing - obviously.

There wasn't a groan from him. There was from me. I felt every inch of that cock slip in and the inevitable push up into my bowels. Since it was anonymous (for me), there was no connection to sway one from the task at hand.

His task was to pump butt and unload in it. It was just a bonus that it wasn't to be deterred by inane social conversation for which neither party cared.  And that is what he did.

The fuck went on for a good 20 minutes. Sometimes my head was down in a pillow, others it looked ahead at the headboard or wall. Never once did it even cross my mind to look over my shoulder. He could be anything I wanted him to be - in theory. Though that never crossed my mind to pretend to give him a face or a personality.

As much as he was using me right now, I was using him. Let's face it, I wasn't completely altruistic in my motives here.

He picked up speed. His fucking style got rougher - though I was loving it - and his breathing were the only indicators of near the finish line.  There were to be no grunts, no groans, no verbiage to his impending or real-time orgasm.

He shot up my ass and unceremoniously pulled his cock out of my butt.

I did put my head down. He pulled on his pants, opened the door and was gone. The only evidence he had been there was his fresh DNA up my hole.

Load Counts: 2

Monday, March 05, 2018

Demanding to Begging

“Is that as much as you can get in?” he asked matter-of- factly.

I had most of cock in my mouth by this point, but not all of it. It was not that I was incapable of taking it all, but I was working my way down…..deliberately. He must have known that with the amount of time I spent on the head and right below it. But he was chiding me. Testing me. Borderline degrading me.

I spent another 20 seconds where I was, on purpose, and then sunk my lips and nose right to his pubes.

”Oh fuck yeah – that is what I’m talking about”.

The entire scene started out as a Scruff message to me that was totally on-point: “Want Some Cum?” My reply? “I assume the question was rhetorical”. “Cum suck it out” came his response. The location was given and I was there in less than 15 minutes.

”Get on your knees”. I complied.

He was wearing a t-shirt painters pants – splattered at that – and a wedding ring. Of course, I knew he was married. He said as much. Clearly the place wasn’t his. Maybe nobodies at this point. It looked in the process of remodel / renovation / repainting. I’m making assumptions he was doing the work, but doubtful he was a painter by trade. Probably a landlord too cheap to contract it out. I wasn’t there to speculate or judge. Just to suck.

I chewed on the mount in his pants, through his pants. They were already semi-tented and before I was ready to free the beast, it was engorged with blood. I unbuttoned the pants and started to pull down the tab of the zipper. Halfway there, I was pleasantly surprised to find he was going commando. I slowed the motion, as I liked to watch the exposure of pubes, then base, then the hardened inches, until gravity takes over and the penis pops out its confines. All of that is horribly erotic to me.

That is when I kissed its head. That is when I licked its head. Then the head went in my mouth, my tongue dancing around the coronal. The tongue running along the bottom of the head. I took maybe another inch or so – slowly, as I savored the cock and how it felt in my mouth.

There is a science to all of this, I might add. Every guy is different. You have to feel / know how that cock feels in your mouth before you can just go at it – at least effectively. Yes, there are the blow-and- go guys. They have no nuance. They suck dick. They don’t give blowjob. They don’t worship. They are load gatherers. There is a place and time for that, I admit, but this is about service.

Yet it was at this time when I got the “Is that as much as you can get in” comment. Some men don’t understand the art of subtlety. So I took that 20 seconds then took him to the root, with an “I’ll show him….” attitude in my head. And show him I did.

I picked up the pace, but lost none of the skill. I am programmed after the thousands of blowjobs I’ve given, to pick up on every reaction. I quickly figure out what and how much my mouth can accommodate on each man. I hone in on their responses or lack of them, and adjust my method as needed. He was no different.

I liked he was verbal. Nothing degrading. Or at least, not degrading enough. He didn’t really call me a cocksucker, but asked if I liked being his cocksucker. I nodded that I did. I got the “my cock fits your mouth perfectly”. It did, but again, with my skills, I made it fit perfectly. “You like that cock, don’t you?” I pulled off long enough to say, “no”. And with the appropriate lengthy pause finished with, “I LOVE it”. Feed the ego!

There were the appropriate moans and groans, of course. I know some guys are silent at this point, but it is a good indicator that I was doing my job correctly. I expected him to hold my head, but he barely touched it let alone gripped it and guide my actions. Some guys don’t like to touch faggots.

He took a seat in a chair. Leaning far enough back to relax, but close enough to the edge to provide access to his cock. I stayed on the cock, him getting a good view of each inch disappearing. I have to believe guys love watching someone swallow their cock. I know I do. But I came off the dick, and went down to his nuts which were now easy access. I licked them. He liked it but not a lot of reaction. Not what I was hoping anyways. I also went below and tongued his taint. He did like that. I tried for deeper, but he wasn’t going to give me access to that hole. Damn!

At this point I was going for shaft-length and back, repeatedly. I used my tongue too – both under the shaft and around the entire head, depending on where I was in the up and down motion. It’s all very quick. It’s all very fluid – pun fully intended.

He had the kind of cock that made me salivate. Not because it was so nice – it was average, though a decent head – but just how it fit in my mouth, the displacement of my own spit didn’t necessarily go backwards down my throat, but it covered his dick and some would come out of my mouth, and pool at the base of his dick or trickle down to his balls. If he noticed, he didn’t mind. I noticed, if nothing else that if he came at that moment, my mouth would be so full of spit that the cum would be competing for space. And you know I’m not about to lose semen. I was able to find a way, without breaking stride, to take in enough of my spit to keep that from happening. And I had to do it every so often.

Now he was telling me, but in a whiny way (almost), “keep doing what you’re doing……..don’t stop”. Every so often he’d repeat that. Once he interjected, “yeah……you want that reward”. I did. And a “fuck – no one gives head like you”. I hope that is true, but he didn’t seem one to doll out compliments and he wasn’t in need of talking me into anything at this point with faux flattery.

I could have ignored him. I could have paused and just licked the underside of his dick. I could have gone back to licking his cum-packed nuts, but I didn’t. I kept doing what I was doing.

Mr. Confident from the word go, became Mr. At-My-Mercy. Many do. So now focused on the orgasm, they writhe, they moan, they curse, they lose their ‘top’ power and now need me – I dare say more than I need them, though this can easily be argued.

Now it was a constant stream of “don’t stop…..don’t stop……don’t stop”. He needed this. Badly.

While I’m 99.99% sure he knew I wasn’t going to stop, that 0.01% chance was too real for him to not plead his case. Plead as in beg. Begging to a cocksucker…….which in one way is kind of pathetic. But in other ways, it’s totally hot, though probably not to him if you brought it to his attention.

”You’re gonna swallow my cum?” Now he was asking. He was so confident on Scruff that I would. But I’m sure he’s had his faction of losers who pull off and don’t take the load. I wasn’t that guy. He had to make certain.

His dick got harder. His “don’t stops” became like machine gun fire. His breathing extremely shallow. He did manage to say, “keep bobbing on it, no matter what”. Good note. You’d have to be a moron to not know this was about to explode.

And explode he did. The man packed a load. Volume was heavy. The consistency was medium-thick. And it tasted great.

The continual sucking orgasm was different for me. Normally, I hold still to not only capture everything, but I find so many guys are so sensitive at and after cumming. I hate the risk of being pushed off it – which has happened. In its own way it was hot.

The saliva which I mentioned earlier was still present, but not as much. The cum that had already squirted into my mouth was already there and he was adding more with each pulse. But depending where I was on the shaft, that jizz landed different places inside my mouth or his cock. Sure I tightened my mouth, as I was determined not to lose any.

But his cock was now slick with my spit and his spunk. It was a sheen, assuming I pulled off. It wasn’t gobs of either, but a coating. That had to be taken care of – whether he knew it or not. I swallowed, of course, and then went back to the cock to make sure the shaft was squeaky clean. And then to the balls, to make sure that mixed body fluids were to disappear. And they did.

During this entire time, my cock never came out. I don’t know if I ever touched it. I know he didn’t. He had zero interest in that, which I actually relish. So leaving was easy. I stood up, reclaimed my glasses from a nearby table. By that time he was fastening his pants. I walked to the door and with not even a good-bye, I was gone.

I am almost certain he will reach out to me before I ever do to him. I’ve secured my place in his mind as a serviceable cocksucker.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I was just sitting there, minding my own business and working on a report when my phone buzzed. Someone on an app had summoned me.

Being a slave to my device, I picked it up and saw a man named "Robin" had hit me up.  He was 75 feet away. And if we've learned anything from these apps, it's more about who is close by than how they look. Sometimes immediacy is more important that how attractive they might be.

C'mon - I know that ain't just me.

He was 5'7" and 165.  Oh - and he was black.  Oh - and he was fucking 22 years old.

We chatted for a few, neither committing to anything, so I could either get back to work or to tease the trigger. So I sent him a pic of me swinging on a black cock.  It got his attention - not just that I was a cocksucker, but that I dug dark meat.

He got points for picking up on the clues so easily.

I couldn't have him up to my office, but I knew of a secure bathroom on the floor of the building in which he was visiting. I met him five minutes later.  He texted me that he wouldn't have much of a load.

Since I didn't really pay attention to his profile stats, he was shorter than the pictures he sent me seemed. And yes, he was and looked young.

I won't lie, I was a little nervous about blowing a guy at work. Sure, you've read it - I've done it before, but those were a little more contained venues and times.  This was a public restroom - granted a stall of one where the door locked, but on a busy hallway. People potentially could see coming and going and two guys going into a one person john.

Luck would have it - it was free and no one in the hall.....at all.  In we went. Door was locked. I sat on the crapper, while all 5'7" of him stood in front of me. He pulled out his dick......and it was ok.  But just ok.

Let's be honest here:  we all hope for stereotypes when it comes to black cock. Usually it doesn't disappoint. This guys cock was nice and all, but very very average.

Of course, I sucked it.

I loved taking it all the way in my mouth. He was enjoying it too. We were both semi-quiet, considering the circumstances. My lips hit his wiry pubes. And then I went back up again to the head.

The guy ended up holding my head and fucking my mouth. I loved it. He really put it to me too. Bring it!

This went on for longer than I expected. I thought for sure he'd be a blow and go. He was not. He was 22 but not quick on the trigger. Since I had postponed my meeting by 30 minutes, I knew I'd have time to finish the job.

And I did.

Even with the onslaught that was his hips, hands and cock, I knew he was approaching climax. The pace changed just a bit. The hardness got just a little harder. He also so, "I'm gonna fucking cum".

Maybe he was off on his assertion that he wouldn't have much of a load. Maybe he didn't realize how big it would be. Compared to other guys, maybe he didn't know how big big was. It may have been a smaller load for him, but it was a fucking big load.

I captured it all. I swallowed it all.

I started to get myself together. As I was pulling up my pants, he opened the door and left. 

He did send a Grindr message later thanking me for my mouth. I reciprocated about his cock.

I went back to work with semen on my breath.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

One Push

When on Scruff - one should really pay more attention.

I was chatting with a 'traveler' to the city.  Then another guy was messaging me. I had a better feeling about him. He was slightly younger, but not young. He was slightly in better shape. It was that feeling you get when see a guy on-line that you feel you might have a vibe with - whether it's valid or not.

It didn't take me too too long to figure out they were messaging me from the same hotel room. But by that time I had committed to the first guy. But the second guy chimed in to say he wanted to see me fuck his "boy".

I shouldn't get so hung up on age, but the boy was the older guy. He said he was 49, but looked a little older  6'0", 210, bald with a grey beard. Still, he looked sexy as fuck. But I kind of assumed he was going to fuck me. You know, I backstory all this shit when I see their pics, hoping, usually against hope, that they'll turn out the way I want them to be.

The dom in this relationship was younger - maybe by 10 years. About the same height and maybe around 185. His hair was brown - on his head and in his beard. He was just so much sexier.

I agreed thinking one of them would fuck me. I figured if #2 could get me hot enough, I'd stay hard enough to fuck #1 and then #2 would pork my ass.  A boy can dream.

Shortly after arriving at their hotel, we were down to skin. The cuter, younger guy came up to me and we made out a little. His husband got on his knees and sucked me.  The more dominant one pulled off my lips and said right to me, "I want you to go into him in one push".

Admittedly, that made me even harder.

Soon, the guy meant to be fucked was on his knees at the edge of the bed.  Soon, I was in him. I lined up - and remembering my instructions, with his partner right beside me, went in.

One Push.

It was easy to do. There was very little resistance. This wasn't his first time, possibly not his first time that day - though it was early, so maybe.  He could take my dick with no issue. To be fair, I was probably performing more for the husband than I was for the guy I was actively boning.

But when it comes down to it, I like to be watched.  Sure, I like to watch, but I seemingly love an audience, even if it is just of one.

I did pull out and have the guy lick my dick clean. He was ok with that. His bf played with my tits. We made out a little. Then he gets in front of me kneels on the bed. He doesn't ask for it, but he doesn't protest when I place my cock at his hole.

I push. Once. To the base. I assumed the 'one push' rule applied to both of them.

This guy was tighter. He knew how how to work his hole.  I told him so.  According to someone to whom I've relayed this story, I was told I made a faux pas by telling the guy his hole was much nicer.

Granted, it might not be the most gracious thing to say, but all buttholes are not created equally. When you play with a couple, the odds are, one is going to be favored over the other.

He knew I was fucking him with abandon too. He was into it and yet not. He verbally made it clear I was not to cum in his ass and that it was go into his lovers.  Drats!

I thought about defying him / them. Sometimes one can loose control unexpectedly of their impending orgasm. Right?

But I am - or can be - a good guy. They swapped places and I went for the finish line

I'm not sure I could have done it without the audience......the one guy. Sure, I used the other guy, but he was not the one for whom I was performing.

I think we were all good with that.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

When Subs Dominate

I was out of town on a day trip. I had done what I needed to do and got on the ‘dating’ apps before I left the city limits. Guys were nice and hot……and chatty. Dude! I didn’t want to talk about why I was in town, where was I from and shit like that. I wanted to hook-up. I know they want it too, but feel the need for the ‘get to know each other’ shit. I was frustrated.

I ran one last errand that delayed me getting out of town. From there I got a message from a wickedly handsome guy – “can I touch it”. I shot him a pic of my big hard cock and said, “is THIS what you want to touch?”. As you can see, I wasn’t into playing games or delaying the conversation. Not at this point.

He said “yes”.

But then he started being every other faggot on Grindr. Peppering me with stupid-ass questions. Kept asking how far away I was, when he could clearly tell if he looked at the distance thing. Asking me to send another face pic to prove I was who I was. Sigh. I’d answer, but only at stoplights, which frustrated him because of course he wanted immediate answers. The address he gave versus his complex was nearly impossible to find and he couldn’t seem to answer any direct questions I was asking. I figured the guy was a flake and liked fucking with tricks. Eventually, just when I was about to head north, he was clearer and came out to meet me. I was already suspecting drug use. Or basic stupidity. Or both.

He was 6’0”, 160 with a face and especially chin that was just so fucking attractive. That was the draw, believe it or not. Yes, his profile said ‘bottom’ but it also said ‘single’ and he told me something about his husband, so….you can only believe so much. I also had a two week load in my nuts, so topping wasn’t completely out of the questions. It must not have been, since I never asked to see his cock. But normally I don’t care – I just like getting men off. Anyway, he had a certain look to him, but the profile pic was better than reality, not that he was heinous or anything. The chin and its cleft were not as pronounced as the pic showed. Damn shadows and light!

I will say, once in, there was no dance. He rubbed his tightly packed crotch. He had jeans on, but underneath, I would find he had gym pants, almost compression or scuba like. They were kind of hot in their own way. I followed suit and opened my jeans and pulling my member out. Both were still soft, though even flaccid, his looked formidable. I would not be proven wrong.

With some rubbing, his grew. Both of ours did. His grew more. He was at least 8.5” and with a nice head. I was having thoughts about the hell of having a big dicked bottom. I was beginning to understand why some guys pressured me into giving them my dick. I was now in that position. Or thinking about it. I’m not above it. I’m a pig.

He kind of wanted to kiss. I kind of did, but mostly didn’t. I kept having thoughts of meth and meth mouth. Anymore when I think guys are high and exhibit that behavior, I just assume they’re doing meth. I am rarely proven wrong. So no kissing was involved, but not for his lack of trying. I’m just a master of deflection when needed.

The guy went down on his knees. He was a pretty good cocksucker, I’ll give him that. Sometimes there was a hint of teeth, but I’d correct him when I’d feel any enamel on flesh. He didn’t struggle too much when dealing with my meat.

He stood up, moaned, he’d writhe, but he was very non-verbal when I’d ask what he wanted. I could have just decided, but I love to hear guys verbalize their desires. He’d immediately shoot back, “what do you want”. At that point I kind of wanted his ass. His mouth said ‘fuck me’, but his body language said anything but. He’d resist when I tried to turn him around to bend him over his sofa, though I was able to get those scuba-y like pants down a little further. Or he’d rub up against my rock hard dick but would pull back some if I got it at his crack. Deep down, I knew I wouldn’t be going deep. Or in....at all.

The guy would check his phone every so often. I wondered if he was looking for another, or someone better. He claimed he was seeing where his husband was, as he was cheating and the hubby didn’t know. I’m all for cheaters, but it’s always weird when you get walked in on. I was hoping that would not happen. (spoiler: it didn’t)

He asked me to blow him. Honestly, with a cock like he had, how could I not? It was a beautiful penis. I loved every inch of it. I asked if I could take a pic of it in my mouth, which he was good with. I took video instead. He didn’t stop me.

As it turns out, he took out his phone to video it from his angle. We were both into it. I’d have LOVED him to bend me over, but I was sooooo not prepped for that, and I think he was too bottom for that.

After I came off him, he was telling me how much he wanted my load. I asked “where?”. He said, “spray it all over me!”. UGH. Boner killer. I get the money shot. I do. There is a time and place for that, but this wasn’t it. I said, I’ll do your face if you stick out your tongue and eat some. He agreed.

I had been close on and off a few times. Macro-edging, I guess I’d call it. I liked seeing him down on his knees looking up at me, in a worship fashion. At least a subservient one. A cocksucker position. I’ve been there so many fucking times, it’s kind of nice to see what they see.

This whole time I was bordering on that being nice and asking what he wanted edge and the just taking over edge. While I can’t and won’t say I’m a top or a dom, I have qualities. I’ve been around enough to know what is good and bad – and I know it’s all relative, but this is my version, my truth.

In that moment of standing over him, looking down on him, looking down at him, with my cock in his mouth, as he tried to get me closer so I could blow my load all over his face, internally, I just said, “fuck it”. There would be no money shot. There would be no bukkake party of one.

I guided his head. Honestly, I hadn’t felt close, until I decided to take control. I think I fucking got turned on by my own dominance. That’s weird, right? Tops – can you answer that for me, is that a turn on for you when you are that in control? To the point of getting you to orgasm?

My hand tightened on his head. I was there. I didn’t tell him ahead of time, which for some reason I’m apt to do. I usually tell them to start swallowing, as my load is so large, they will need forewarning and direction to keep up. I didn’t know if this guy swallowed or not, and I didn’t care. Today he was GOING to swallow.

I unleashed. It had to be close or over two weeks of cum flowing from my balls. My grip was steady and strong. He wasn’t going anywhere, but it didn’t seem he was trying. If he was upset about the change of plans he didn’t show it, but then on the other hand, he couldn’t. The seed was coming fast and there was a lot of it.

For fear of him not ingesting the load, I reached down and started stroking his throat. This will almost involuntarily get someone to swallow. He did. He was. But to be safe I kept holding his head so he had nowhere to go. If he wanted to breathe normally soon, he’d be taking every drop.

He did. Whether he wanted it or not.

I think he wanted it. Maybe he wanted a strong man to make the decision for him. Or maybe he manipulated the situation to get exactly what he wanted. I’m not cynical (well, I am, but…….), because I’ve done similar things. I mean, he took the entire dick and the entire (huge!) load without  even a slight gag.

When he pulled off, he raised an eyebrow and then winked. He stood up, as I buttoned my pants. He didn’t say a word, nor did I. I walked to the door, he stayed put, I unlocked and left. His neighbors were using way too much curry.

Monday, January 15, 2018


It was a confluence I did not see coming.

Opting to work from home one day, I got hit up by the KISS guy, from which you’ve seen / read some escapades. He happened to be off as well. While he is not my ideal, he’s consistent, knows how to fuck, fucks raw and always had a huge load.

As I am finalizing plans with him, another semi-semi- semi regular pings me. He’s married – to a dude – and cheats. I’m good with that. Actually, it makes me harder. He has a nicer cock than KISS guy, by about 2-3 inches. Thicker too. Bigger head. Both guys can be unrelenting when giving me their cock.

I ask “Rick” if he can wait 45 minutes, as I have something else set up. He tells me he cannot and asks for details on the other ‘set-up’. I tell him and he correctly picks out the KISS profile as the guy. Rick would be up for a 3-way if KISS is. I tell him to come over now, before even checking it out with KISS guy. I know he’s driving but shoot a message, hoping he’ll see it at a stoplight. He does. He’s fine.

Both guys show up at the exact same time. Both walk up the driveway together. They didn’t seem to say a word to each other, which seems about right. Had I planned it at all, I couldn’t have done any better.

KISS whips out his tatt’d cock first. “Suck it”, said he. I got on my knees and did. Rick walks over and watches more closely. His cock is already out, but not completely hard. He steps closer. I pull off, turn my head, and ingest his penis. I slide all the way down to a nice heavy sigh from Rick and an “oh fuck yeah” from KISS.

They move even closer together, getting their cocks so near each others, that I just take them both into my mouth. I don’t care what anyone says – this is not an easy feat. Body dynamics, geometry, cock length and oral capacity all play factors. And of course, the willingness for two strangers to be that proximate to each other in personal space. It wasn’t perfect, but for the moments in time when I was fellating them both, it worked!

But I knew (and they knew) that neither of them were there for my mouth. KISS was first to go. He played with my chest and lubed my hole and his cock. I bent over the desk and took it like a faggot. His cock bottomed out nicely. He knows how to fuck and did a good job. I think he was putting on a show for the third person, and I’m ok with that. I think we all were.

Rick took his place near my head and I dutifully went down on his cock, taking flesh tubes from both ends. It was meant to be.

Still, KISS fucked, but he didn’t finish.

KISS withdrew from my ass and motioned for Rick to take his place. Which he did. But just with his spit. That’s ok. The hole was lubed by this point.

The entry was tougher than the first. Rough and on purpose. As mentioned, the head was bigger and while I don’t know he wanted to make me feel it, I did. He was not displeased with this. His fuck style was rough too – but in a good way. Those of you who get fucked and like to get fucked will understand. He had good motion, but pumped my ass in a determined way. A man with a mission, if you will.

Like KISS, he stopped, as he was getting close and didn’t want to be…..not yet. Without hesitation or direction, KISS stepped back up to the plate. He went in easily enough by this point. I was opened up, as you might suspect. There was no edging at this point. There was a goal in mind. He slid in and out of my ass knowing he was being watched, knowing he had a load and an ass that was going to take it.

KISS isn’t horribly verbal when it comes to cumming. He asked me to ask for the load. I begged for it. While I knew he was shooting, there were not knowing grunts, no ‘take my load’ indicators. But I knew he was shooting. I make sure Rick knows too.  "Oh yeah - pump that hot load right up my ass".  KISS responds with a "yeahhhh". 

I tell him to stay up my ass and I use my muscles to milk out every drop.  Rick is in the perimeter methodically stroking his dong while he intently watches, silently.

But as things must go, KISS slid out of my ass and had barely stepped away when Rick started sliding his prick up my well lubed cunt.

And he fucked me.

And kept fucking me.

He was a silent top, he was more vocal about his impending ejaculation. All three of us knew it was on the cusp.............and then in my guts.

There were a few "nice!" exchanges, but other than that, no talking amongst the other two participants.  Rick pulled out and put on his pants. KISS had his shorts back on.  I slithered back into my mine - to help secure the loads that would end up remaining there for hours.

With no exchange, just like when they came in, they left together and all went their separate ways.....except for the DNA which was combined........and in me.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


I've written about him before. Here and Here.

I used to say that he was distant. Aloof maybe. I might reassess though. He might just be a dick.

After the fuck (the second hyperlink), I never heard from him again. We are talking almost four full years ago. I have seen him around town here and there, but to say I got the cold shoulder would be saying the iceberg that took down the Titanic was just a cube.

I think I could have made him go into a mad dash had I attempted more than a nod - a nod that would never be returned. I don't think it possible for him to acknowledge my presence....or existence.

Years had passed until an acquaintance brought up his name in another context. Yes, I knew his name, but accidentally.  This friend asked if I thought he was "a bit off". I said from my little experience he was - but then I got a detailed version of an encounter he had - a non-sexual one.  Then this friend asked why I thought he was 'off'.

I hesitated for a second before deciding to get into detail I usually only write about here. But since this friend doesn't know about the blog (I don't think), I have him a slightly more sanitized version. He was fascinated. As he should be.

Maybe like saying 'Voldemort' out loud, talking about him summons him, as not a week later that he pings me on Grindr or all apps. His profile image was a super duper close up of his chest. No face pic. Nothing to distinguish it was him. Then he sent me a face pic- and a cock pic.

My guess is, he sent them to me before he realized he'd done the nasty with me a number of times before. But unlike Outlook, there is no retracting a message that easily.

What was done was done. And since he continued with me, I would say he was more horny than anything. One of those times he thought he could overlook history to get his dick off. And you've all read enough of me that I've dealt with a lot worse to get a load.

I got home about 10 minutes before he came over. He literally pushed his way in and past me, remembering the place we had done the nasty in the past. Not a word was said.  You could just feel his sense of loathing. I could. I'm guessing, given the chance, Helen Keller could have.

He was all business, which is fine. I think somewhere in his mind he thought I wanted more from him. I never had. I never will. Or, now as I type this, maybe that's what pisses him off - that I really don't have feelings for him one way or the other. Clearly, I'm triple guessing myself.

By the time I got into the room, he already had his pants unhooked and pants partially down. His shirt was pushed up showing his very clipped chest. This reminded me how he liked to have his chest played with......but I got it wrong.

I went at it with my hands, but he wanted mouth only on his chest. A mouth on a chest keeps it off his cock. That seems unfair.

As it turns out, he was more into using his hand to get himself started while I worked his chest. You could feel the uncomfortableness of his situation. He was here, but was hating me for it - or himself. Or both.

I shouldn't have been surprised that I was only on his dick - as beautiful as it is - for less than a minute when he dumped his load.

What I also forgot was his sensitivity. He barely got two rounds off and pushed me off. More cum went onto the floor and my cupped hand (hey, I didn't want to stain the berber) than into my mouth.

I swear to you - he didn't even finish cumming when he started walking out, and pulling up his pants as he went opened the door and went down the stair. His shirt was still pushed up as he made it into the freezing temps - not even bothering to shut my front door.

In certain ways, I laughed at his behavior. In other ways, I was more offended by it.  Let's face it, I've had some guys say some nasty things to me while I'm taking care of their needs. I've had straight guys in video booths ignore my existence while down on my knees.

I think Jim (no quotes) just hated me. Loathed my existence and what I did for him. Maybe he loathes himself too - for what he does, allows others to do or who they are.

I've never truly felt bad about sex before - and while it was only a fleeting feeling, it kind of pissed me off.

Now I just want to fuck with him (not literally) the next time I see him.   Maybe I will.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Safe / Unsafe

A guy, a bear, I had seen on Grindr a number of times reached out to me…..finally. I had complimented him in the past with no interaction. So either he just realized I was alive or had finally gotten to the bottom of the barrel. I can live with either, I suppose.

In his previous profile it was just him. Now his profile picture had him and another man – another bearish kind of guy – next to him. It would turn out to be his husband.

He reached out to me and wondered if I was interested in a 3-way. Well, DUH! Then he said he really wanted to watch as I fucked his husband.


I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted them to tag team me, but that wasn’t in the cards. But I was intrigued by him pimping out his husband to a stranger. And one who gets off on watching said husband get used and seeded by that stranger. If I had a guy egging me on, topping could be better, right? You already know I agreed to go, or there wouldn’t be this entry.

Texts were exchanged. Some detailed discussion. And after a few days then the pimp guy say, “we play safe only, so you’ll need a rubber”. Fuck. Still, I agreed to go.

After much back and forth, one Sunday morning I was knocking on their door. Both guys were as advertised. Actually, in some regards they looked alike. One had a rounder face and slightly less hair, but overall, they kind of resembled each other. 5’7” ish, dark hair, a little bearish. The pimp daddy greeted me while the other finished prepping. Squeaking clean was what I was told.

He appeared and upstairs we went. Pants were dropped, shirts came off. The sub-husband went to his knees and started sucking me. Dom-husband came over and kissed me. I was hardening nicely. The sucking went on for a while, but I was in no danger of unloading. I suppose it is important to mention that it had been 4+ weeks since I had ejaculated. This was something of which both were informed.

When time came to bone the boy, he stood up. I took this opportunity to drop to my knees and take his nice, but average cock into my mouth.  His partner moved closer, and for a short while I took them both into my mouth while they kissed.

Soon, the boy bent over the bed and waited. The dom-husband provided me the rubber. I accepted that I would be wearing it and it was an ok fit at first. I never thinking any of them fit that well. They always wrinkle and bunch up – and that can before you even start the in-and- out motion.

It’s me – and you’ve read about me topping – so while I was pretty hard, I wasn’t solid hard. So it took some work to get it in his hole. It was a nice hole too. Warm. Inviting. Tight but clearly not virgin. After I was in, I was fine, at least for a while.

Dom husband went from my side to going in front of his better half and presenting his cock to him. The guy on all fours took it eagerly. I egged on for him to fuck his face….and he did, but not nearly as much as I think he might had he not known him, let alone been married to him. Still, it was kind of hot.

As for egging on, I was hoping the dom guy would really want his hubby used. And maybe he did, but I never quite got the green light for that. He wasn’t nearly as verbal as I had hoped. I suppose I had expectations that if one is going to pimp out a guy, you want to see another guy just take him. Maybe that part is on me.

It was at this point, my cock slipped out of his hole. I was only semi hard and the rubber just was all bunched up. The husband offered me a new baggie, but I declined saying I’d make this work. I asked him to play with my nipples and he came behind me to do it. That always gets me to stiffen, and I did. The rubber got tighter for sure, but still creased. I tried to stretch it out as much as possible while also getting more lube. The bottom stayed in place, like a good boy. I could also feel the dom husband’s dick behind me as he leaned in to play with my nips. That helped my hard-on too.

With my left hand holding the small of his back, and the right on my dick, I guided myself back into the boy. His head went to the mattress. At first I thought it was my imagination, but in fact the dom was closer to me while still feeling my chest. I pumped, I kept feeling his cock against my crack.

"Fuck him”, said the dom. "He can never get enough cock."  Nice. Just what I wanted to hear. The bottom moaned, loudly. The dom leaned in more, his mouth right to my left ear, “shhhhhhhhhh”, in a way that no one else could have possibly heard other than me. Then I felt it.

Slicked up and raw, dom hubby slid his medium sized cock up my ass. I said nothing. I breathed no differently. I didn’t yelp. I stopped my fucking motion for about 10 seconds and then started, pulling out while backing up onto the pole behind me. It wasn’t elegant and he couldn't pound away. Honestly I could not tell if the bottom in front of me knew what was going on, or if this had been planned.

I started peppering the sex talk with vague comment that could go to either party: “how does that fucking feel?” “you like that?!”. “fuck that feels amazing”. I think everyone was getting out of this what they wanted.

While he hadn’t fucked as long as I, and no words were spoken, I could feel that cock pulse in my ass. I felt the throbs, though not the cum. At this point, he was telling me to pump that ass. He was finishing and I think he either wanted me to do the same or possibly cover up what was literally going on behind his husband’s back.

I started to make my getting close sounds. He slipped out of me and stood by my side, “stroking” his dick. “Pull out and cum all over him!” I slid out and the rubber just kind of stayed clenched in his ass, that’s how loosely it remained. The bottom flipped over, showing his treasure trail and chest hair. Two strokes later, I was unloading 4+ weeks of sperm all over the guy. The top loved it. The bottom said nothing. He stroked but did not cum.

The sub husband immediately got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I didn’t even bother wiping my dick. I reached for my shirt and jeans. The bottom was never to make another appearance. The top winked at me and said softly, “our little secret”.

He escorted me downstairs and let me out. I haven’t heard from them since, nor do I expect another invite.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Turd Ferguson

Before committing this to the blog, or if I was even going to, I was telling a trusted friend this tale. I told him of my hesitancy and he insisted that I had to write it. I’m doing it, yet I am not so sure. Yet, here we go…….

I was walking the beach on a beautiful sunny day when I got pinged on Scruff. He was 0.23 miles away, which in theory isn’t far, but that is as the crow flies. It is much longer when you are walking and there are side roads and long winding driveways.

Normally I don’t show who I have hooked up with here (save a flash of a body part now and then), but for one thing, I’m never ever ever gonna see this guy again. And secondly, it will put into context why I agreed to leave the sandy shore and go to see him.

I don't normally attract guys who look like this.  Maybe it should have been my first clue.

The usual on-line exchange happened – nothing out of the ordinary other than he really liked to eat ass. I mentioned it was one of my fave things to do. He liked to munch ass before he fucked. I’m down with that. He mentioned he even had a rim seat. I’m down with that too. But as it was a beach town, I did think ‘who the fuck travels with a rim seat?’

The crow and my feet are two different thing: that .23 miles is like a 25 minute walk. The house was secluded…..up winding side streets and up longer driveways…..or mud paths, as the case may be. I felt the need to be covered in Deep Woods Off. It was also a good place for a body to disappear. Yet….here I was….and I kept going.

Mr. Muscle was exactly has he advertised, in the looks department. Handsome. Good body. His dick wasn’t hard yet, but……….at this point, I could live with whatever it turned out to be. We went inside, but hell, no one could see us where we were and I do love outdoor sex. But no. Into the house/cabin we went. He was wearing thin, threadbare tighty whities.

I find out he doesn’t just have a rim seat but a sling too. Ok. I’m into that.

The guy seemed a little manic. I wondered if he was on anything, and he might have been. He wasn’t so off the charts that I felt I needed to go. He was fooling with something on the bed and bent over just so. I ran my hand over his cotton-covered ass, knelt down and pulled them down just so. He remained still and waiting at this point. I parted his cheeks and licked his crack. Then I dug in. He moaned. He wiggled his ass in my face, pushing back so I could be engulfed by his butt.

If you rim, you realize the risks. Or you should. Sometimes you find about them the hard way, like a parasite you might pick up and leaves you and your GI tract useless for days. Or you taste unclean hole, despite all their efforts……………IF they make efforts, that is. But it’s like scaling Everest, you know the risks, yet you persist for a greater purpose. Or maybe I’m just kidding myself.

So I’m tongue fucking this guy and he’s moaning. But I’d find out he’s not moaning for exactly the same reason I am.

My tongue is about to make another run up into his lower colon when I right before I dive in, I see that while I’m going in, he’s coming out. The turtle head.

My reactions are lightning fast. I jump back. “NOOOOO dude, I am SO NOT into that!!!!!”

He kind of apologized and didn’t go use the restroom, so I guess he just pulled it back in? So he leads me over to the rim seat……

At this point the friend to whom I’m telling this story laughs and screams, “YOU STAYED??????”

It was only then I realized how perverted this all sounded. And it led to my decision almost not to tell the tale.

But stay I did. And when we went to the rim seat it was I who sat and he who scooted under. And I’ll give him this, he ate hole like a champ. He was getting it wet and sloppy for fucking. Aces!

I’d like to say I should have known better, but I wasn’t quite thinking in this regards either….or just blocking it out. He started moaning, asking me to take a dump in his mouth. Involuntarily, my ass clenched, keeping anything I had in my bowels firmly in place.

Still (!), I stayed. Still he ate. And every few minutes would beg. I felt my defenses being chipped away. I’d think to myself, “what is the harm?” I wasn’t the one who was going to eat it. If I didn’t have to see it, should I care? Would just knowing it happened completely freak me out?

I tried to talk myself into by saying in my head, “it’s one of the few things I have NOT yet done, and wouldn’t I regret a missed opportunity, no matter how disgusting I found it.” Part of me truly knew that answer. Part of me – a small part – thought “eh….why not?”.

Mind you, I’m the kind of guy who would is a bit private about my bathroom routine. Sure, I’ll have sex in a bathroom stall, but for anything else in there, I’d just prefer no one was in the room at all – should it be public. Even at home alone, the door is closed during.

See? I can be shy and demure.

Yet here I was, in a rim seat with a hot guy below me making my ass feel great with his mouth. Silently, without verbalizing a thing, I attempted. ….and attempted. …..and attempted. I’m assuming that he was right under me, he had to see some physical manifestation of my trying to give him what he wanted.

I’m still not 100% sure if it was my body or mind that couldn’t produce a thing for him. Probably a combo. While my conscious self seemed to be open to the idea, the subconscious side of me wasn’t allowing it. Mr. Muscle Shit Eater was not thrilled with this. Of course, I’m thinking: c’mon – how many time do your hook-up actually get into this, let alone do the deed?

So soon it was onto the bed. While he wasn’t nice about it and it was a rough fuck, he did come through with his part of the bargain. He pumped my hole in a harsh and fast manner. I think it took him all of two minutes to come and it didn’t seem all that pleasurable for him. If I’m being honest, I think he just did it to get me the fuck out of there.

.......and that is why I stayed.