Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Light & Dark

GDD made what is possibly his first appearance in 2014 not long ago.

If you remember, he likes bringing his "new friends" along with him, and watching me suck them as well. What I think he really likes is being watched as I suck him.

Either way it works for me, as I normally get two dicks and two loads.

Of course, when I say "new friends", it is rare, if ever, that he has met them before they meet up to feed me. He contacts them through some on-line sites and sells them on my services. What info on me is exchanged is unknown. It's never offered to me and i don't ask.

This time the guy was Indian. Not woo-woo, but call center Indian. Granted, he may have been Pakistani or such - I don't know. These aren't really exchange of personal information sessions. Just body fluids.

Fluid. Singular.


GDD met his new guy somewhere and the new guy followed him to my place. GDD, as always, pushes past me and went to the designated area. I think he does this to show his alpha-ness not just to me, but to his protégé as well. I see it as a teaching moment for those guys who might want to learn how to treat a cocksucker.

Immediately, I was down in front of GDD. This is the norm. The new guy takes in how I'm being handled and it normally gets them somewhat excited. At least their crotch region. I don't know about their brain region, as I don't really have interaction with them after this encounter. I think their mind is trying to process a lot at once so they let it all soak in, more so than joining-in in the same manner.

So the Indian guy watched GDD wrap his hand behind my head an pull me down on his curve, thick, fucking piece of meat. It was just as ugly and beautiful as it always was. For a white collar guy, it's a working man's cock - or what one would think that would be.

As is also the norm, GDD pulls me off his dick and pushes me on to his new pal.

Indian guy was a 6.5" cock....slightly over medium thickness. As is usual with this kind of scenario, he was quiet. GDD tried to engage him in dirty discussions, but it was usually responded with monosyllabic answers. He was hard though - rock hard, so he was enjoying the entire scene, or at least my mouth. I could handle either one.

GDD did seem in a hurry to get his nut. Normally he takes his time, but he wanted the focus on him this time. So I gave it to him. He claimed to have a 12 day nut. He always blows a large load anyways, so I was really really really looking forward to this.

GDD has a thing about wanting my mouth to feel like his wife's pussy. His words. He wants it super wet. he wants it loose then tight then super tight. It's a lot of work, especially since his thick shaft stretches my lips.

But get him off I did. Possibly in the shortest time in all our meet-ups. Of course, maybe I am THAT good, or maybe he was on a tight schedule or perhaps it was that he had not gotten off in almost two weeks. Possibly a combination of the two.

There was a LOT of cum. Of course, I did not miss a drop, and while it had an ok taste, there was a lot of bleach smell. Those of you who regularly blow guys will know what I'm talking about. This kind of put a little damper on what I was eating. It overwhelmed the taste, possibly even compromised it.

Neither here nor there - I mean, I ate every single drop, just like I was expected to.

I went back to the darker meat and went to town. He was a little more engaging, but didn't really explore his verbal side until GDD when to go use the restroom.  "Cocksucker" came out of his mouth, like he'd been waiting to use it forever - and with enough conviction that he made me twitch.

He told me I was a good fucking sucker and knew what I was doing.

Maybe he had verbal performance anxiety in front of GDD, but he came into his own. And then he came into my mouth. All out of sight of his host.

It was a good sized nut and very fucking tasty. He liked that I cleaned him up.

Both were gone shortly after - but hopefully I showed the new guy how good a cocksucker should be.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Double Teamed

I'd seen this guy on Scruff. Rugged....somewhat handsome. Good beard. I had not seen him before. Actually, he 'viewed' me, but he was hundreds of miles away.

Apparently he was headed to town for work and wanted to check out the local 'talent'. Apparently he liked what he saw. 

He was a bigger guy: 6'2", 230 but he had a handsome face and wore a nice leather ball cap in his pic. Some of his other pics were not bad either.

A few days later, he appeared to be local. We touched base and eventually made plans to get together. It was closer to the meet time when he slipped in - 'you can take care of my partner and myself'. 

I'm not adverse to three ways, I just didn't know I'd be doing one. And three ways with a couple are different than three 'strangers'. These can be tricky to navigate, just because they are a couple and if one person likes (or is liked) more than the other, weird vibes and feelings can come into play. But I was on my way and had no intention of turning around. 

The primary (?) guy met me in the lobby immediately and then went to the bar to fetch his husband.

As soon as we were in the room, I was sandwiched between the two. The partner behind me, Scruff guy in front of me.

Scruff guy immediately went to my nipples and let me tell you - he was a master at how to use them. Some guys aren't - but this guy instinctively knew what would make me melt. In a way, it was all for naught, as I knew fucking would not be part of the scene, but a boy can dream.

He pushed me to my knees and I unbuckled his pants and they dropped. I chewed at his briefs and his cock got hard. He was about 5-6", but thick....and thicker at the base. All the while his bf rubbed up against me from behind.

"George" fucked my face with great style. While we had chatted just a while on Scruff, neither of us pulled any punches. Both knew what we were signing up for - and I assume he gave the 4-1-1 to his partner.

My head got pulled back off the cock to the point it was looking up at him. "Open Up" - and I did. My mouth opened and he put a big wad of spit into my own, but in a steady, drooling fashion. While I could have just swallowed it like a good faggot, I made it foam and gurgled it up a little, putting on a show. That got a dirty grin from him.

I was directed to his partner who had the nicer of the two cocks. 7.5", thick shaft, big head, perfectly cut - and yes, there is such a thing as being 'perfectly cut'. He had less finesse at fucking my face. He couldn't get the rhythm right. Or we couldn't. Maybe I should just let a guy do the work and fuck my mouth, but chances are, I'm happy to meet his upstroke with the down one of my head.

It went back and forth between the two dicks........and asses, as I dove into each. George knew I liked to munch hole and he had me get at his fleshy backside. He loved what I did and how I did it. Back to the bf, if he liked it, he didn't quite show it or wasn't as into my work as his partner. To each his own, I suppose. We all have our thing.

All the while, I had my tits played with making me quiver. I'd get my ass fingered by the bf, which was just a fucking tease, as I knew and they knew, I was not going to be cock-fucked.

There was more cocksucking. There was more spit - in my mouth and on my face. I know many guys don't like that, but it seems to put me in my place and I like when it happens without me trying to prompt the act.

Also in here came some backhanding across my the primary guy. The bf seemed too reserved for this. Noticing he didn't get a look or request for 'stop, don't do that', it happened again...and again...and a little bit harder.

When I turned back to suck the bf, my ass was exposed and the slapping of my backside commenced. Again, no sign of protest from me. So it became harder. So did my cock.

I was actually stiff beyond belief during this entire session. Sometimes it goes up and down, but not this time.....I was straining

While I was getting my hole finger-fucked, I was brought back to the primary guy where I went for it. I sucked with conviction. I wanted the load, though would have backed off if he indicated. But there was none of that and all the vocal signs were there that he was on edge.

Then it filled my mouth. Warm. Tasty. Lots of it.

I stayed on the cock, eventually pulling back and swallowing.

But it was at that point, he told me to get back on his cock that he was close to shooting.


I went back down and worked the shaft and head. And he exploded. What I thought was a lot before was nothing compared to the feeding I was getting now. Apparently, he had some kind of bolus of precum just waiting to be released.

When I finally did come off the real ejaculation, I grabbed his hand, like I do to many guys, and placed it on my throat. You could see the glimmer of sexual evil come across his face when he felt me swallow his spunk. He would later comment, in text, several times, how much he fucking loved that and confirmed he'd be doing that at every future cocksucking he gets.

Now it was the bf's turn. He leaned back on the bed and I was between his legs going to town. Such a beautiful cock. He had a decent load too. Not as voluminous and not quite as good tasting, but when has that ever stopped me?

I ended up sitting back, which ended up between the legs of Scruff guy, who was sitting in a chair behind me. He played with my tits while his bf got down to finger me some more. I think he was trying to get me to cum.

I'd look up and back at Scruff guy who told me what a good faggot I was and was glad I wasn't a game player. He spit on me a few more times. Then he asked me, "whose load tasted better?".

I said, well, that was a no-win situation I was in and he laughed. I thought that would deflection and end of it, but he persisted......"tell me, whose was it?"

"Yours, Sir".

"Good answer", was the reply.

The bf got up and went into the bathroom. I heard water running, but thought nothing of it. Scruff guy and I were engaged with nipple play and I was slowly jacking my dick, with no intention of cumming - even telling him I wouldn't, as it was not my predisposition.

And it was about this time that things got weird.

Bf came out of the restroom, came over to me, and lifted me up by my pits and led me to the bathroom.

Mind you, as semi-piggy as we had been, I was expecting them to have me kneel in the tub to get covered with their piss.  Alas, that was not to be.

Bf had filled the tub about 1/3 of the way with scalding hot water and told me to get in. To sit in it, like I was taking a bath. It took me a while to get into the water, as it was so fucking hot, but I did.

Then he took a wash cloth and soap and started bathing me.

Yes. Bathing me........just like I was two years old and in the tub having one of my parents wash me before bedtime. He had me sit up so he could do my back. Then he did my torso, legs and feet. Ending with washing my neck and head, but oddly not touching my face.

Clearly this was a "thing" for him. Clearly Scruff guy knew it, as he never made an appearance in the bathroom, knowing it was going to happen and knowing it was his partner's fetish.

Honestly, I did well. I didn't roll my eyes. I did not laugh. I took it like a champ, even when he had me lay all the way back with my head on the tub floor, though the water only came up about 1/3 of the way up my face.  I even closed my eyes trying to enjoy it, but it was just out of the norm.

Getting slapped around or used by strangers: fine.  Having someone give me a bath: kinky.

When it was over, he made me stand in the tub. And just like a parent, he dried my head, then each appendage, torso and back.....just like I was 2.

After, I just went into the room and got dressed then left.

Scruff guy hasn't mentioned the bath at all. He hasn't mentioned the partner at all. But he did like the way I ate ass, sucked cock and took spit and slaps.

Yet, that wasn't kinky at all. It's all relative. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bookstore Feeder

There he was, sitting in his bookstore booth watching a straight flick.

He wasn't as ugly as all the other guys in the place. Actually, he was quite handsome. Shorter, but that wouldn't matter today. I was going to be on my knees anyways.

I'm guessing he had a Hispanic background but light-haired, something you don't see much. It looked like a decent body under his shirt. His dick was nice - I could see that since his pants were down and he was barely fooling with his penis.

He had to know I was standing in his doorway, but he never looked from the screen. He didn't glance over when I took one or two steps in. His eyes closed when I reached down to envelop his cock with my left palm.

I love this. The "straight" guys who watch the screen and never truly acknowledging the faggot who is servicing them.

To do that would make them a willing participant. Culpable, even.

It's better when they end up saying nothing at all. But that wasn't this time.

He said nothing at this point, so I took it as "go for it". Down on one knee I went, grasping his dick and taking it into my mouth.

He was a good 6", but thick. And he wasn't hard. He was fleshy and solid all at the same time - the dick that is, not he himself.

I took him well into my mouth and he started to grow. The few times I looked up his eyes were fixed on the screen. I could hear a woman (or women) making porn sex noises. The ones I'm guessing are never made in the bedroom of real men.

And he did grow  - to a little over 8", still nice and thick.  At this point the second knee hit the floor and I was a committed cocksucker.

I'm a master at using my tongue when I suck. The way I do it usually makes a man moan with pleasure. I'll be honest, I hate when I do it to no reaction, but not every guy has the same zones that make him feel good.

But I'd pull of to lick his shaft, underside, top side , left and right. And I also went down to his almost non-existent balls and licked those too. He liked that - not just the balls, but the attention to detail.

That is when he spoke....barely, but breaking protocol.

"Fuck yeah - lick it all over. You're good".

Yeah - I know. But it's nice to hear it.

Then I went back to sucking. The ball licking, unlike some, made his cock deflate a little. I had to get it back to erect status. That did not take long.

Then I went down on him. Yes, I did it before but this was much more deliberate. Going to his base and holding his cock in my throat. He fucking loved that.

I'd every so slowly withdraw his shaft from my mouth and again, deliberately put him back in my throat. He'd jump. His body and his cock.

I did this a half dozen more times and with no other warning he whimpered and said 'cumming'....and shot off a fuck of a lot of volleys of sperm which started to go directly into my throat.

I pulled back a little, as I did want to taste it and fuck if he didn't fill my orifice too. For having little nuts, he was pumping that spunk from somewhere....and I took it. And I swallowed.

I know, you're shocked, but I did. I swallowed every fucking drop of it.

Being the good cocksucker, I thanked him, stood up and walked out knowing there had been guys watching. I didn't give a flying fuck - I got the cock. I got the load. They didn't.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Boning the Neighbor

To be clear, it was not my neighbor, but one of a guy who usually pokes my hole.

I was on Scruff and he hit me up. He had hit me up before, and I had hit him up before......up the ass, that is.

While it is still not my usual style, I topped again. I think I have topped more this year than in the last 10 combined. It's just not my style, though recent activity might prove otherwise. And while it's an ok thing to do, when you compare taking it versus giving it.....well, I'd rather take every single time.

That's not to say I can't be a good sport about it.

But he hit me up, I was in a mood and I responded and was on my way to his house. Like the other times, the door was unlocked. I locked after entering, as I don't need any surprises, and found my way to his bedroom / office.

Last time he was in his chair watching porn. This time there wasn't even that pretense. He was on the bed, on his knees, waiting for cock. My cock.

And I gave it to him.

The lube was out. The rubbers were not.

I squirted a bit onto my already hard cock and place it at his hole. Well, it was my hole for the next 15 minutes. I owned that pucker while I was there.

He never looked up or behind. He didn't really care who I was. I didn't really care who he was either. We'd both individually played the role he was doing so often I knew how it goes. Yes, the cock is attached to the man, but all he wanted was the cock. And the fucking load.

I totally got where he was coming from.

I pushed in with ease.

Sure there was some resistance, but not a lot. I could feel the tread, but he knew how to open his hole - or others had done that for him over the years - to accommodate my thick piece of meat.

For the most part, I was fairly comfortable in my role as top. I made no true contact with the guy / hole below me. The one time he tried to pick up his head, well..............

I didn't want him to move. I didn't want to see his face. I didn't want to make a connection.

Granted, I know I'm projecting how I like to be treated in how I treat others the few times I'm the aggressor. Or the top. I can be an aggressive bottom, which I'm trying to fix......kind of.

I kept him in place like that as I screwed his hole.

He seemed to take it all really well. He was no stranger to being fucked, but I tried to make him feel it. I mean, if they don't, what's the point. Well, I mean, except for the load.

With little warning, I did give him that too.

He deserved to know I was going to cum up his ass and it's not like he didn't want it anyways. He loved it last time, so I'm sure he'd want it this time.

I'm not one of these guys who keeps fucking as he's coming. Since honestly, I don't cum that often, the entire process makes me quake. So I bury the bone and just let it shudder through me and I spew semen into his guts.

But he knows what to do with his ass. He milked my shaft, sending tremors throughout my body. And he was knowingly squeezing every drop out of my rod. But I do that too when I'm on the bottom, so I totally respect his efforts.

Since then, he's tried to engage me a few times, but with no luck. I'm not always in this mood, clearly. Perhaps I will be again.....and perhaps he'll be around.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 of 5

The final installment of my less than nine hours in a hotel room. This one is short and sweet. Or at least short.

44, 6'2", 38" waist, 7" thick.

I missed the 38" waist in his original description. The face was handsome in the pic he sent and I probably focused on the thick seven inch cock.

My ad was fairly clear about what I wanted, as you can see by the other guys who showed up. But to be fair, some of those guys came from Scruff or BBRT. Still, my CL ad was clear.

I didn't think it would happen as he kind of dicked me around for a day. He must have changed times 6-7 times and always had lame excuses. I don't know why I kept conversing with him. ...except for dick. I wanted dick.

This guy came over and he was all about the eating my ass. I like my ass eaten - but he wanted to perform oral more than anything. He'd go ass to balls to cock.   ....and I wanted dick.

This guy was smarter than the last three. He figured out early on that I had another load up my ass. Maybe that is the difference between the dick and the tongue. The last guy had left his seed up there less than 45 minutes before.

He asked how many loads there were up there and I told him the truth. He dove back in like a starving man.

In a way it was hot, but I've never been big on guys who eat loads out of asses. Not because I think it's disgusting either. No, I want to keep the load up there. All of it. Or as much as possible. I don't need to be felched out. Or want to be.

But there he was, between my cheeks, going to town and jacking the entire time.

He was so turned on, he got himself too close.

So he just lifted himself up and pushed his cock between my legs.  Two or three pumps was all it took and he unloaded his jizz up my ass.....repopulating what he had just extracted.

He wanted to see me cum, but I wasn't that interested in jacking off. So he got the hint and got his clothes together and went on his way.

I showered and met friends for breakfast with at least some remnants of five different guys semen up shot into my guts.

Friday, October 10, 2014

4 of 5

Oddly, I couldn't sleep. I was up at 7:00a and hopped on line.....looking. Always looking.

The next guy was actually 3.5....not #4.

He was a well built black man with one of the fattest cocks I've ever had the pleasure of pleasuring. Or trying to. I was happy to be able to suck him off, but he wanted to fuck.

Clearly, I'm not adverse to that, but he insisted on wrapping it. I get it. It's not my style, but I get it. The thing was, after he put it on, he couldn't stay hard. But he wouldn't remove it either. After about 15 minutes, he went out his way, as he didn't want oral service. His loss. Mine too.

Actual #4 was black as well. Younger. Maybe late 20s. His profile pic showed a well-built man. Great chest. Handsome face. He claimed an 8" dick, but he didn't show it. Still he was 3 miles from me and was over in a few.

Again, the door was open and in he walked handsome as fuck.

At first, I thought it would just be a blowjob, which was fine. He took off his pants and eventually his shirt and sat at the edge of the other bed. His cock was indeed a very solid, medium thickness 8" with a slight upward curve. When on my knees, which I was, between his legs, the black rod easily slid in my mouth and down my throat. I loved it. He seemed to love it.

He had a beautiful cock for worship and service. I'd have been happy to suck him until check-out time.

He did make the "mistake" of reaching down to play with my nipples.

As many of you have read here: that is my weakness. My nips are hardwired.....more to my ass than my cock (though it does make me stiff too). A guy playing with my tits just right can do just about anything to me and just about anywhere. I'd even let guys I'm really not attracted to do those things to me, if they know how to handle my chest just right.

Now, I could have kept my mouth shut - so to speak - and just enjoyed the feeling of his dark hands on my white chest, but I'll be honest to say I tried to manipulate the situation. So I said, "you shouldn't do'll get me into trouble".

Invariably, the guy will either ask what kind of trouble or intuit well and figure it out. I had to tell him it gets me into trouble.

Yet he wouldn't stop.   :-)

Finally, he said, "oh fuck it".....and pushed me back then lifted me up from the pits and put me on my bed. I asked what he was doing (yes, I was manipulating) and he said he was gonna fuck me.

He got lubed up and pushed in. It was fucking great. He totally took control of the situation - or at least he thought so.

In a way he did because the fucking was all his. Raw - in every way. Masculine. Primal.

He hammered me for a good 20 minutes, pushing my legs far back for full access. He knew exactly what he was doing. It felt fucking fantastic.

But with that 20 minute mark there was no holding back. There was no discussion. There was just the emptying of his sac into my hole. He shuddered with each squeeze I'd put down on his shaft when he was in the after-affects of orgasm. He was sensitive, but not enough to immediately pull out.

It was perfect.

He left and I fingered my hole a pit, making sure the load was well secured. And it was. Deep up there too.

Still, it was only 08:00 or so. I was supposed to meet friends for breakfast, but I still had an itch.

Breakfast would wait.

Monday, October 06, 2014

3 of 5

At 4:30 my phone rang.  WTF.

But the guy on the other end reminded me that much earlier the day before, I had given it to him for when he got off work.

We 'met' on BBRT. He was all top. All dom. But was headed into work. Maybe when he got off, which I thought was around midnight, we'd do the nasty. Perhaps he worked in a bar. I didn't ask.

All he wanted to do was fuck. I was ok with that. He said he'd be at the hotel in 10 minutes. I was ok with that too. I told him the door would be open. Just to lock it behind him.

I made sure the door was open and settled back into bed. I must have dozed off in those few minutes, still tipsy.

The next thing I remember is feeling the sheet being pulled down past my ass.

Clearly, not only had he arrived, but I'd find out in a few seconds that he had time to disrobe while in my hotel room as I slept.

I heard the flip cap of a bottle of lube go up. I heard the squirt into his hand, or maybe directly onto his cock. The lights were out. I was on my belly with my head to the side. I'm not sure I even opened my eyes. I'm not sure I needed to.

He was smooth. I could feel that.  While his profile said non-smoker, his breath reeked of tobacco. While it was annoying, it wasn't a deal breaker and I had no intention of kissing this guy.

He slid his alleged 7" dick (advertised, never seen) between my cheeks. He held a bottle of poppers under my nose. I inhaled. He pushed in.

As he was #3 in five hours, there wasn't a lot of resistance. He wanted it. So did I. And he knew it.

He pumped my ass for a good 20 minutes. No talking. Just breathing. Breathing the smell of cigarette smoke on the side of my face.

I'll be honest, I kept clenching my muscles in hopes of getting him off sooner. I wanted the experience, but I needed to sleep as well. But still he drilled my ass, his full body weight on top of me as he got his pleasure. All he wanted to do was fuck ass and spread his seed. A dark hotel room with a stranger he'd never truly see was optimal. Possibly for both of us.

Since I now had two loads in me - no I never lost a drop of either - if he realized there was other jizz in me, like guy #2, he never said a word. Of course, it had a been a few hours, so maybe it had worked its way into my tissue by now.

While there was little to no talking, when he got to that place and time, a loud grunt came from his mouth. Grunts, actually. One for each volley of sperm he was shooting into my hole.

I lay there with my hands under the pillow, kind of giving it a little lift to rest my head on, never picking it up, though I know my ass went back to meet his cock while he seeded me. I also gave it some extra squeezes to milk it all.

Still dark, he dressed and headed to the door. At the last minute he came back, grabbed his bottle of poppers off the night stand and was out the door.

I got in two more hours of sleep.

Friday, October 03, 2014

2 of 5

So I'm online - Scruff - and got hit up by a guy only 4 miles away.  I was afraid he was all talk. He liked to chat.

But to be fair, I was giving him that because, well, he was 5'11", 175, hairy, bearded, handsome as fuck, a nice cock and going by what he said, like it dirty and sordid.  What's not to like?

Of course, I was giving him some room for chatting and delay.

As it turns out, he was waiting for his partner to fall asleep. After he does, I guess he is just out of it and would never notice this guy being gone. So, he was all about cheating too....hence the sordid. Makes my cock hard.

By this time it is pouring rain out. But he texted he was there and I left the door ajar for him.

He got a good view when he walked in, as I was on the far bed. The closer one is more hidden by the wall, so he walked in on no surprises. He didn't turn around and flee, so I took it as a good sign.

As he stripped, he seemingly had more fur on him than his pic showed.....which was a lot.

He also would have had as much hair on his back, had it not been at least clipped. Normally, back hair is a non-starter for me (I won't go as so far to say 'turn-off'), but this guy could wear it well. He was a beast to look at, to talk to and soon - to have sex with.

He crawled up on the bed and onto me. No easing into introductions or such. We got down to it.

He wanted to make out and I was ok with that. That was my only disappointment. Not only was he fair at it, but I think the thinks he was good.

Ok, that's not my ONLY disappointment.

The power of the angle.

The dick looks nice and a lot bigger than it was. It was probably a good 5. 5" and he certainly knew what to do with it, but maybe it was my drunken haze, but it looked bigger in the picture than when  it was in my mouth......or ass.

But before we got to my ass, I got to his. With my tongue.

He fucking loved my tongue. He called me an 'artist' the way I used it. And I used it for a good 30 minutes. He had a hairy ass (duh!), but it was a sweet hole. I loved eating it and would have gone longer given the opportunity.

But at some point, I was on my back and he was slipping me his cock.  Yes, it was the same squeaky bed as the time before, but at this point, I didn't care. After guy #1 left, I had another beer or two while waiting for this guy.

I purposefully neglected to mention that he was fucking into another guy's load, but if he noticed, he said nothing.

There was nothing spectacular about the fuck itself. He was hot. He was saying all the right nasty things - about the act, or about me. He was saying how much he wanted to see me cum. They all say that - until they do first. Then they normally don't care as much....if at all.

But he was strained, in his body and his face, he was close. And soon he added his load to the one I had already acquired. It felt good. It felt right.

Soon, he was slipping on his clothes, telling me if I'm in the area again, that I had better contact him, and that he doesn't want to see me on-line at a later date when I neglected to reach out to him. I'll take that as a good sign on my abilities.

Especially my ass-eating ones. He kept commenting on those.

He had to sneak back home and back into bed, as it was now almost 2:30a.  I had to get a little shut eye as well.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1 of 5

I had been with him before. Just once. And it was good then.

Now here it was, a Saturday night in a hotel. He was not far from where I was staying, so it was an easy trip for him. I'd been drinking, though not drunk. I was relaxed.

Relaxed is fine, since the man sports a FAT 8.5" cock.  ...and I had no poppers. Truth be told, I'm rarely using poppers now. Regular breathing relaxes me and I don't get limp dick or a headache.

He was right on time. On one level, I felt the need to kiss him, but it didn't quite work. Kissing is more intimate than fucking and let's face it: this was a fuck.

I was already stripped when he arrived. He quickly did the same. With my jar of Albolene near the bedside, I rubbed some generously on his cock.

It's a little bit of a blur now, but I think we started with me on my back. To be fair, we ended up in most positions, other than me riding his cock.

Ok, I know I've been "active" lately, but I was pretty surprised how well I dilated that hole and how he sunk that big, fat cock into me with greater ease than I imagined. The beer probably did not hurt matters.

The hotel room had two beds. Sometimes I have sex in one and sleep in the other when I get a set-up like that. I was on my back when the squeaking started. That sound you hear in hotel rooms where, even if there is no verbal sound, you know someone is doing the nasty.

There was no headboard banging, just the mattress on a make-shift platform squeaking to the movement of the guy plowing my hole. All for anyone in room 148 to hear....or 246 or 250. Assuming people occupied those rooms.

I'm not a shy person, but I felt a little self conscious about the noise. I tried kneeling on the bed and the same thing happened. We went to the chair, where I knelt in it, with him tapping my ass from behind. That was ok, but still the chair moved with each thrust.

We even tried the floor, but the room was limited and the carpet was not comfortable. We opted to go back to the bed, the squeaking be damned.

At this point, we just went for it. Or he did. I was the recipient - as I should be - and just took the drilling like a good boy. I did my job by using my ass muscle to grip this thick shaft - and it seemed to resonate with him.

Before I knew it, he was flooding my hole with hot cum. And I took it like a champ.

And even though we were familiar with each other, it was just a different kind of parting of the ways. It was sex and nothing else and we both knew it. Still.....while not bad, it just seemed odd.

So be it. It was now past midnight and he had to get going.

And I was finding out I was still not sated. I went online to look for another opportunity.

Friday, September 26, 2014

I've Got a Great Tongue

I'm not bragging about my tongue. The short trick told me so.

I had, in fact, placed a CL ad that basically stated: "anyone can suck a cock.....but don't YOU deserve better??"

And honestly, it's the truth.

At least where I am, it's a fight to get to your knees or to the bottom. And it's all the same fucking ad(s) that are just 'renewed' daily. No imagination. No marketing. I thought I'd change that.

I've mentioned here before that I've written clever ads....and got almost zero response. People on CL M4M ads are not looking for clever. Or don't understand it. Or both. I was just trying to set myself apart from the hundreds of ads that are asking for cock.

So somewhere in the title, the word "WORSHIP" came into play.

That word actually weeded out a few of the wackos. And while it only got a two true people responding, they were indeed real contenders. I ended up meeting both of them. This is one of their tales.

"Tony" was about 5'6", slim build, married, Italian man, but not very hairy. 7", nice sized thickness. Honestly, it wasn't bad that he had to schedule out days in advance. "Worship" was not necessarily about immediacy, or shouldn't be. It showed we were both serious about the meet-up.

He arrived right on time and ready.

He dropped his pants and took his shirt back over his head, though it remained on hanging on his shoulder blades. I went to my knees and lightly rubbed my face against his still-briefed crotch. Immediately, he started to stiffen and grow within that cotton prison. He started to pull them down and I pushed his hands away. That was for me to take care of.

I gnawed a little on the pouch, but didn't soak it, as I knew someone at home might see it. I'm a thoughtful cocksucker. Soon enough, my thumbs were in there, pull them down.

I purposefully made eye contact as I did this, as part of the worship. The cock would be serviced either way - small or large. It was about making the connection that I was on my knees looking up at him and more importantly, he was looking down at me: literally and figuratively.

Nor was I going right to sucking his cock. Anyone can do that. Most everyone does do that.

No, I took the tip of my tongue and gingerly made it dance along the underside of his shaft - gong from base to tip. It made his rod twitch and jump.

I slowly licked the sides of his cock too and even the top before lightly touching the head with my tongue. He was moaning in pleasure and possibly a little frustration. But he wanted worship. He had had blowjobs. Still, the mindset, of most guys (I think), is that a cocksucker is to get right to the job.

Of course, I eventually enveloped the head of his cock. But just the head. I let both of us savor the feeling from two very different perspectives.  Slowly, but surely, I sank my lips down to his crotch - skin touching skin.......and pubes.

I let that sit back at the edge of my throat for at least a minute.....letting him know I had him all in me. Letting me adjust to the cock, as it did get thicker as you headed toward the base. But I liked to feel the weight of the shaft, the feel of the cock, filling up my mouth. I wanted him to know realize where it was and what was truly going on.  ....and yes, of course, I looked up at him, while he looked down.

All the while I'm using the tips of my fingers to barely touch his legs.....all the way up and down. It's a very sensual move that most guys do not experience and it heightens the blowjob experience. Try it. Trust me.

As I moved slowly and deliberately up and down his cock, I made my tongue move on the underside of his shaft. You could feel his appreciation in the throb of his dick. You could hear it in his moans as well.

Since he was sitting in a chair at this point, I went lower. To his balls. Licking them, not sucking. He loved that too. But not as much as when I went to flick my tongue on his 'taint.  It is a highly sensitive area on most guys - and underutilized by eaters.

I'm not sure if he expected me to go further south, but I did. I tongue worshipped his hole too. Licking. Eating. Flicking. Tickling. You name it. He was in fucking heaven.

Somewhere during all this is when he told me I had a great tongue.

At this point, he stood up, placed me between his thighs and the wall and fucked my face. I'd been working on him for almost 50 minutes. He liked the worship, but now he wanted his reward.

Trust me, I wanted it too. I'm not exactly doing this for charity. I wanted the white gold. He was all too happy to give it to me.

I don't know when he came last, but it was a fucking huge load. Thankfully, he wasn't sensitive after he came and let me nurse that dick for a while. I made sure to milk out every drop, squeezing it gently with my mouth and jaw.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We're pushing 600 blog posts here and sad (?) to say, this isn't even scratching the surface of the amount of guys I've been with, let alone the number of loads.

But for all those guys, even if we stayed in that 600 number, very few, if any, have been red-haired.

Yes, I know they are of a more rare breed in general, but when you narrow it to gay tops or feeders, the subset is quite quite small.

You'd think I'd remember if I ever have had the pleasure of a ginger, but I honestly do not remember. And there is always a chance that some guy on the other side of a gloryhole had hair like Bozo the Clown, but that is the beauty and curse of truly anonymous sex.

But I have definitely bagged one.  Just the other day, in fact.

35. 6 foot. Maybe 210. Hairy. Full red beard. From his Scruff pic, I knew he had a green start inked on the side of his neck. As it would turn out, he had a lot more ink as well.

Generally, I assume ginger's to have less body hair. This guy had a shaved head, but a fairly hairy chest and shoulders. The rest of him had hair too, but not as much.

It was to be a blow n go. It was his day off and he had things to do. So did I.

I arrived at his suburban house. He took me into a basement bedroom, which made me wondering if he still lived with his parents and they were out.

He was shirtless but had on casual cotton.....not pajama bottoms, but you know what I mean. Nothing on under those, as he untied them and let them drop to the floor. His 6.5" cock, thick was hard. Standing straight out. He was as ready to receive this blowjob as I was ready to give it.

While I was going to my knees anyways, he placed his hands on my shoulders ensuring I'd make the journey safely. In seconds, I was on his basement bedroom floor, my mouth an inch from his cock.

Being the tease I can be - or the tantalizing cocksucker, depending on how you view it - I didn't go right to enveloping the shaft. No. I took my tongue and lightly traced alone the underside of his rod, making it quiver and pulse.

Only upon going back up to the head did I part my lips to take in the head....and then below.....and then below.....until I hit his thick red bush.

He took one hand and placed it on the back of my head. He wasn't quite guiding me nor restraining me. It was there to do either of those two things should he think I wasn't doing my job correctly or if he didn't want me to stop doing what I was doing.

Fair enough. He didn't know me from Adam. I could easily be one of those guys who pulls back at the last minute. Or I could be a newbie cocksucker who didn't figure out what he liked or what he didn't, and needed some kind of oral education.

He cooed his praise, or something similar. He didn't say I was doing a great job, but talked dirty to me. Talked down to me.

With both hands on my shoulders, he told me there were some men who were born to be on their knees, and some who were born to stand in front of them. I'm not too proud to admit, that I unbuttoned my jeans to feel my now rock hard cock at that statement.

Now and then, the hand on the head would tighten. I would notice the slow acceleration of his hips as he eased me into what would become a full-on face fucking.

"You like to be face fucked".   It wasn't a question.

It would have been rhetorical anyways. I didn't respond anyways. I kept doing my job.

Once or twice he pushed me back to lick his nuts. Not because he wanted his nuts lapped at (though he didn't mind it) as he was getting closer than he wanted to. He was getting closer than I wanted him too. Anticipation of a guy getting his nut is just as important as actually getting it.  At least from where I kneel.

But I knew this was a blow and go, though I had temporarily forgotten about that. So did he, it seemed. We were both drawing out the inevitable.

I went back to being face fucked....or alternately doing my lip and tongue dance on his cock while he lorded above me.

But he went back to taking over and my beard was being pummeled by his short hairs.

"You're gonna take it".

I love he didn't ask me if I wanted to.

I don't know how long it had been since he came, but it was a lot of fucking cum. Not that I missed a drop, mind you.  There was minimal taste, but it was the capturing of the load, his load, that was important - to him and to me.

I licked my lips. I licked him clean. I stood, buttoned myself up and found my way to the door....after thanking him, of course.

I'm nothing if not a gracious cocksucker.

Friday, September 19, 2014


He was tall by anyone's standards:  6'11"

Yes - let that sink in for a moment.

He towered over me by 9". That's a lot. But in reality, he towered over me by like 5 feet. As soon as he arrived, he pointed to the ground. I knew that was where he wanted me anyways. On my fucking knees.

Yes, 6'11". 300 lbs.

The weight seems outrageous, but he potentially had the frame to carry it off. I think at one point, he probably did. No doubt a football star in high school....maybe college. He had let some of that 300 pounds go. It was probably never super tight, but it was less so at this point.

And yes, he was black. Black as the dead of night.  And claims of a thick 8.5" cock.

As the post title says: Imposing.

Let's get this right off the table. He was maybe 7". Not 8.5". He was thick, so I'll give him that. He started off small so as he started to grow, I was hopeful. Alas, 7. Not 8.5.

He leaned right up against the wall and tilted his head back. While now and again he looked down to see his solid black rod passing my pink lips and and white mouth, much of the time his head was back and eyes were closed.

I don't know if this was a DL kind of guy, but I assumed he was. He like the oral stimulation, but perhaps not as much the visual one. It's one thing to feel the warm, wet mouth clamping around your cock - it's another knowing a dude is the one providing that service.

Of course, this is my own interpretation.

However, just as easily, the work 'cocksucker' would roll off his tongue. He was clearly ok to do that, thus acknowledging some guy was on his knees in front of him.

But making a guy feel dirty for sucking your own dick probably makes some feel better. I hope it does. It totally makes me hard to hear it.

I didn't do anything special. Tongue. Lips. Mouth. Throat. The usual, though I know I have experience to work a rod.

He blew in my mouth - and just like his cock size, the load was not nearly as big as he thought. It was ok. It tasted ok.

I was just hoping for more of....well.....everything.....from a guy that size.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tennis 3

Tennis players are iffy "lovers" at best.

At least that's my experience in the last month. This is the last of my tennis series, for sure.

#3 was staying in a flea-bag hotel. I've lived here a long time and didn't know this place existed. I felt like I was getting bed bugs just pulling into the parking lot and not convinced my car would be there upon my return.

He was 5'7", blonde, smooth, maybe 6.5". Claimed to be masculine. I had to ask after the softball player. He claimed to be very much so.  So off I went to scary hotel-land.

I knocked three times before he answered. Actually, I would end up saying most thing three times as it turns out he was deaf and his hearing aid was on the bedside table - which I saw as I was leaving.

Tennis players are iffy at being in-shape too.  Two of the three didn't look like they could run around a court for an hour - let alone longer - at a time, in the scorching heat. He was one of the two.

He was fine and all, but nothing outstanding. A little short for me, but what the hell.

He said little, which was fine, but couldn't hear when telling him to go harder, or deeper or you're missing the hole by an inch. He claimed to be into verbal, but that is really difficult when you can't hear your partner.

Like I said, his 6.5" was fine. He knew how to thrust, but I wouldn't have minded if he had been a little more aggressive. I know since he was shorter, he had a difficult time with angle and thrust.

It took longer to drive there then it did to fuck me. And it wasn't even that long of a drive.

He had me on my back and then ass up on the side of the bed. It was there he drove it home and grunted a little as he unloaded up my ass.

I know this post is uninspired, but so was the meet-up. As I tell you, they're not all winners.  You know how it is with me, you get the winners and the losers.

Keep the faith though - I think I have some winner stories coming up soon. I'm just behind in posting.

Monday, September 08, 2014


He was in town to play softball.

Everything about him was butch.

His pics. Dressed up in and out of leather.

His stats.  6'2", 190, furry, salt and pepper beard, shaved head, good body, 7".

His Scruff exchanges were both coy and direct. Playful and dirty.

...but then he stepped out of the elevator. "Stepped" might be too masculine a term. "Flitted" might be too feminine of one....but just slightly. And then he opened his mouth to speak. UGH.

Hot to look at, but any posturing of being butch went out the door when the gums flapped.

Ok, I know that sounds judgmental and I know I set myself up for this, making assumptions of what a softball player who just won a gold medal should be like. Or what I thought he should be like.

His pics had him in a tight tshirt and chaps. Of course, while I think chaps are the sign of a hot top man, chances are they are just a form of drag and that could have, or should have, been my first clue. But lust overtook logic and I met him at his hotel.

Still, I was there, so I figured, 'why not'.

I went up to his room, with his roommate gone, I dropped my shorts and pulled off my shirt. For the moment he remained clothed. Slowly things were removed to show his 7".

Oddly, there was little foreplay - at least on my part. He did get me back on the bed and pushed my legs back to eat my ass. I love eating ass and having my ass eaten, but this guy was only ok at it. To be fair, he was fine - but I've had such great ass-eatings in the past, I want everyone to be that good.

It was then that he reached for the lube.........and a condom.  Damn.

Not my style but I let him do it.

We fucked that way for a while, but it was hard to be excited about it. I mentioned that it wasn't feeling that good and he tried more lube, but when I said we might have to stop because of a little irritation, he didn't hesitate much to pull it off and push back in me.

He was good at fucking, but insisted on talking - which, truth be told, took the eroticism out of taking it up the ass by an athlete in a hotel room. I kept waiting and hoping for his roommate to show up. He never did.

I didn't see or expect him to be getting close, but he did. He was. And while he didn't pull out to cum, he pulled back so his head was just in my hole. I'm not sure what that was about, but I was ok with it. I had to be.

I jacked off too - just because it had been forever since I came.

You can see part of my load closer to my balls, as it leaked down.

You can see his seeping out of my hole. This pic was almost worth the entire scenario.


As soon as we were done, I was pretty much dressed and gone from there. Nothing great, but nothing terrible. I just need to level my expectations.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tennis 2

Tennis player #2 was much more athletic looking than the first.

He was 36, 6'4", maybe 190, but furry, solid muscle, bearded. He also had twisted his ankle enough that it took him out of competition and he was lonely in a hotel room south of the city with no transport.

It didn't hurt his screen name was something like HungHairyItalian. I kind of focused on the 'hung' part.

He was younger, but not young. He should have been old enough to know that 11 miles away doesn't mean around the corner. Old enough to know that he reaches out to fuck 'now', but also wants you clean - so that doesn't mean you're necessarily ready now. And should me mature enough not to pout about it.

His impatience was not appreciated, though I tried to accommodate him on every level with realistic times and expectations.

At first he turned me down - from his own request, Maybe he couldn't find anything better, or anyone willing to travel to his more remote location, so I got hit up again. And away I went.

He never told me how hung he was, nor did he show me via pics. I also did not ask.

It might sound weird, but I rarely ask how big it is. I'm always hopeful, but I don't take stock in their answers or even the pics they show. I've been mislead more than a time or two.

I was nicely surprised when I got to his hotel. His face was much more handsome than his pic. I certainly liked that he was taller than me. He only had on boxer shorts and those were soon off.

His cock grew to almost 8.5, which is way more than admirable. But it was his girth that was so impressive. Thick from head to base, but there was even a thicker inch or so maybe an inch below the bulbous cock head.

Thick head. Slightly thinner shaft. THICKER shaft. Slightly thinner after that...all the way down to the base.

I'll be honest, I would have loved foreplay, but this guy wasn't about that - in his texts or in person, plus he had a check-out time in less than an hour and it looked liked his luggage had exploded.

During our brief on-line exchange, all he wanted was to bend someone over, or possibly doggie-style fuck. That's it. Nothing else.

His boxers were off, my shorts dropped to my ankles, only taking off one leg to make sure I could spread the way he needed, but not even committing to staying long enough to drop them completely off.

He lubed up as I bent over, putting my palms on the second bed which was still made-up.

Since I've really tried cutting out (or at least back on) poppers, I had none with me, focusing solely on my breathing. It worked well enough for him to pop in and I had to really concentrate as he went in over that second, thicker, ridge.

Once he made it past that, sinking in was all there was left to do. And he sunk until I could feel his chest on my back and the front of his thighs pressed against the back of mine.

For a man who supplied that much cock, his talent could have been better. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but maybe he had lack of trial and error due to the fact that maybe a few guys couldn't quite take him all the way.

Maybe he was new to topping. I don't know.

I've always said, just because you have a big cock doesn't mean you shouldn't know how to fuck. However, I kind of left that at the door when he put it up my back one.

As unfortunate as it sounds - and was - my one-way drive time was three times longer than his fuck.

But he said it had been six days, and I tended to believe him. He buried it and just let it throb. I could feel each pulse of his rod on my nerve endings. He awakened them all. It felt good. It felt right. It felt necessary.

He wasn't one for keeping his cock in me, unfortunately. Because, that was one dick I would have liked to feel in me for a while before gravity took over. But again, he got what he wanted and had a check-out time.

It was easy enough to pull up my shorts, still around at least one ankle, and take three flights down to the lobby - and I was gone.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tennis 1

He was in town for a tennis tournament. But he was also on Manhunt.

I think all those rules about not having sex before a big game / tournament are a load of crap, but I'm not a seasoned athlete, so what do I know.

I do know that men have needs, and he was clearly in need, as he was actively on Manhunt looking at my profile. And then contacting me.

52, 6'3", maybe 7", athletic build, but not as much as you'd think for a tennis guy entering national and international tourneys. And "safer only" was also in his profile.

Clearly, his intentions were to breed me. He made that clear. So I'm never sure if the 'safer only' is just to lure more guys in or expand possibilities. It's not like he asked me if I would take it bare. He assumed, he planned, he expected.

The guy was decent. He immediately stripped down to bright orange Under Armor compression shorts. Somehow, they worked for him. I wanted to gnaw on them, making them wet. Hell, I wanted to gnaw THROUGH them, as he was sporting full wood. But I also knew he was leaving when we were done to play a match and I know how much Under Armor costs. So I was nice.

He was 7", like I said, so taking him down to his short hairs was no real problem. He seemed to like my mouth. He made the appropriate noises and said the correct dirty words, muttering them just over his breath instead out loud.

But we weren't there for my mouth.

Soon, I had lubed up his cock, stroking him nice and sensually. It made him even more rigid.

I bent over and he slid it in - all the way home. But he wasn't comfortable with that position for long. Soon I was on my back, holding my own legs while he found the target.

And find it he did. No easing in, he just went balls-deep. He fucked ok, but nothing spectacular. His dirty mouth talked a good game, before and even during. Without that constant pseudo-filth, I'm not sure it would have been hot at all, but he made it work.

You could see him starting to tense up, knowing he was getting close. And then he was there.

There was nothing earth-shattering about his style or cock. He was just a man from out of town, and in need.  I was there to help.

He talked about returning the next day before his doubles match, but I never heard back from him.

That wasn't a problem. Turns out there were other tennis guys who needed assistance too.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


He was in town to compete. He was on Scruff. Many of the athletes were. That's ok - new town. New guys. One's they'd never see again, or want to, most likely.

He was attentive to me. Lots of messages. The pics looked nice. 5'8", 190. Seemed heavy for someone that short, and he was, to a degree. Not sure how he did his routines, but this wasn't professional sports. Nor did I really care all that much. 

Cropped hair, and what he had was turning grey, though not completely there. This is what he looked liked soft.

He asked me to stop by his hotel room and I knock at the appointed time. Several times. I finally gave up and want outside and texted him a few times to no avail. On a chance, I go up once more, knock a few times again - nothing. So I leave.

I should just leave in the first place, no only out of some sort of self-respect, but as soon as you make up your mind and leave, the flake or pseudo-flake will get back with you. It's like they know you're leaving and try to reel you back in.

I was about 7 blocks away when I turned around and went back because he messaged me saying he fell asleep.  Ugh!  I'm not sure if that excuse was lame, or me turning around and going back that was more pathetic. Yet, back I went.

It was clear, I liked his dick more than him. He clearly had time to get high after he "work up" but before I got back there. Because, pot-breath is SO attractive on a guy.  Not.

Since I wasn't really wanting time to know him, my hands went to his nylon shorts and felt his hardening dick through them. I wasted little time getting those down too, as I went to my knees for a little foreplay.

But sucking cock was not what this visit was about. It wasn't said in our text interactions, but the subtext was ass-fucking. Him to me.

We started with me on the edge of the bed, facing away from him, my head and shoulders to the mattress. He pushed that rod against me and my hole opened accordingly. Soon - very soon - he was balls deep. I could feel every inch of black dick inside of me.

He ended up having a good rhythm and eventually fucked me nice and hard - but in that good way. I'd say he went a good 20 minutes just pumping my hole before getting me on my back.

He told me how the people on his gymnastics / cheering team were hoping he'd get laid, as he was getting cranky and pressing them too hard on things and that he needed to relax. He said he really needed this fuck.

There was only about five minutes of time, on my back, when his respirations shallowed and his eyes glazed over and not just from the pot. With a groan, his eyes closed and he shot off deep into me.

This guy was not one for pulling out either. He liked to "dangle", as he called it. Leaving his cock in there. I was ok with that in theory.

While dangling, I could feel him soften, but remain in. He also was asking questions about what else sexually I liked or things that turned me on. While we just chatted about that, he no longer softened, but began to stiffen again.

Before I knew it, I was on my side with him behind me and he pummeled my ass. In another 10 minutes, I was getting an additional load shot into my gut.

I have not had a two-fer in a while and it felt good. He might have needed to unleash, but I needed what he gave just as much. He might not have been the ideal guy, but it was a necessary evil.

He was hoping to see me again during the week he was here, but many others were in town and I rather explore my options, unless nothing else panned out.

I slipped on my nylon shorts and t-shirt and was heading back down to the lobby in just a few minutes. Loads firmly intact. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Knock at the Door

I had a repeat encounter, plus one.

The repeat guy was in town for the Gay Games. I knew he was coming, but I knew he'd be busy doing things associated with the Games (though he's not actually working for them).

The repeat guy is rough. If you read here, you'll see how he manhandled me last time. He tried pimping me out from afar, but it never worked. It almost never does. If ever.

But between both our work times, family conflicts, our separate times at the Games, and his limited time in town, the plan of getting together was narrowed down to a one hour timeframe. 60 minutes. That was it.

Honestly, that was enough for me. I knew what that hour would bring - spit on my face (check), punches to the chest and abs (check and check), pulling my balls hard (check), slapping my ass (check), force feeding me his cock until I choked and gagged (check!).  I don't mind any of that at all, but prolonged exposure can make a man sore.

I knocked on room 1202 and was let in quickly. Him in a wife-beater and black briefs, he immediately pulled to me to my knees and told me to strip. Off came my clothing.

I was smacked across the face promptly. He was re-establishing his dominance and it was the right thing to do. While we had not had an encounter in 10 months he asserted his alpha-behavior. He followed that with a number of chest and gut punches and yes, even some rough nipple play.

While you know I like my nips played with, doing anything severe to them doesn't excite me - it just make my nipples bigger, which honestly, I don't care for. I don't like the look or feel, but it's kind of the price one gets for having your tits manipulated.

During this, he mentioned something about not playing at all since he was in town because he doesn't like to mix work-life with sex-life but since I was a known entity and not really part of the Games, he felt it was ok.

Stripping off his briefs, he shoved me down on his cock. It wasn't hard when we started, but it didn't take much to get him fully erect. And soon, I was gasping for air as he repeatedly rammed it down my throat, making my eyes water a bit, and spit come out the sides of my mouth.

I am a skilled oralist, but his style made me feel not just out of control, but lesser of a talent than I am with my mouth. He wasn't looking for skill. He wanted me to gag. He wanted me to cough up spit - he got his wish.

He turned around and presented me his ass. It was an ass as smooth as a child....I'm assuming. The hole was clean. Almost too clean. This guy presents as a nice, clean individual, but it's always the affable looking guys who are the nastiest, aren't they? I was skilled here, not that he'd ever tell me. During - he never makes a peep...or barely. Why won't guys be vocal?

I ate for a good 10 minutes and he turned around. I didn't mean harm in starting to protest 'no', as I wanted to continue. That almost protest cost me.

I got a slap upside the head and then a foot down on the face. He pinned my face under his foot and grabbed his camera. He claims to only have joked about taking a pic, but there is a good chance he has that image on his phone.

He picked me up and threw me against the wall. One hand at the back of my neck, his body pressing into me. I knew he wouldn't fuck me. I would have gladly taken it, but that is not his style. He really likes to "know" someone before he penetrates them. Two times in 10 months is not knowing me. But while there, he told me never to talk back to him.

And then he let me eat his hole again.  So, I kind of won.

He had me crawl on all fours over to a chair. While there and sucking his cock, he assembled his electronics on my back and got them ready for packing, as he was to check out as soon as we were done.

....and then there was a knock at the door.

He got up to check the door.  I kind of hid next to the bed, assuming since he had not hooked up on this trip that it was a work colleague. And no, I wasn't really thinking, as he went and opened the door with no pants on and a 7" erection leading the way.

He led guy #2 into the room. Handsome, hairy as fuck, he quickly shed his clothes and I went back to sucking the first guy's cock. Soon I was pushed on to the new guy's dick.

Another 7", but fat. Beautifully straight shaft, I went down on him and this guy did let me use my skill. And he was fucking vocal about it too. I may have fell in love a little bit right there. I worked on him for 2-3 minutes when he pushed me off. I think I got him too close.

I was taken back to #1, who was slapping me in the face as I sucked. I don't know if this turned on or weirded-out guy #2, but I had to figure they had a conversation about me and the new guy knew I was going to be there and for what.

As it turns out, he was a player for a water polo team that was playing in the games.

When I went back to him, sucking expertly, my original guy went behind me and started smacking my ass hard. I can't say for sure what got guy #2 off, but he held my head and pumped a load into my mouth. Thick, but not a lot of cum. I didn't care that much.  I showed him the load, then took his hand to my throat and made him grip it. I swallowed...he felt me swallow. Then I showed him my empty mouth.

I was told to nurse it and I did for almost as long as the blowjob itself, as I got smacked around. Finally the water polo guy pulled back and dressed thanking guy #1, but not me.

Guy 1 said, "he's here to welcome all athletes this week. contact him and he'll do anything you want - won't you fag?". I looked at the new guy and said 'anything you want'.

He nodded and left.

My original visitor pulled me back to the bed. My ass was still on the floor and my head tilted back onto the bed. He straddled my torso and held my throat tight.

I know he could have really choked me like that with little recourse from me, but I trusted him enough.

Instead he let go and went through my pockets and took my phone. Came back...and inserted his cock into my throat.

It only took a few more minutes, but then he finally made a little noise as his cock erupted into my mouth. This sperm was thick and plentiful. At the angle he had me, the spooge hit the roof of my mouth and congregated right behind the head of his dick....trapped almost.

No worries, I swallowed all of it. I tried to milk more out, but unlike most guys who has a drop or two left when you squeeze the shaft, this man was dry. I had gotten it all on the first take.

I dressed, he packed. He showed me to the door. One good palm across the cheek for good measure and I was out the door.

....but here is hoping that water polo guy (and his whole team) contact me.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Black Boned

It was supposed to be a blowjob.

The return of the hot-dicked black man was unexpected, though not unwelcomed. It had to be a blowjob because he gave me almost zero lead time. Not enough to prep for anything more than using my mouth.

I guess, if he'd been on time or accurate as to when he would arrive, I'd have had time. When he was almost 40 minutes late, I had pretty much given up. Still that additional time would have give me a chance know, clean out if needed. But our conversation was about getting head only. Him getting, that is. Me giving.

Unfortunately, by the time he did finally arrive, it impeded on a work call I had to take and told him that we'd have to be quick.

He dropped his pants. I dropped to my knees.

Actually, before I dropped there, I played with his meaty cock. It's bigger soft then most men when they are hard. It is thick. It has heft. I'd take it in one hand and let it drop into the other palm. And it would do so with a least for awhile.

After a few times, it started stiffening and didn't drop as much, since it was on the rise.

And that is when I went to my knees.

It had been a long time, so I had forgotten how big it gets. He says 9"....and it is close for sure, but it is the girth that throws me. I want so badly to get it all down my throat, but as skilled as I am (or think I am), that will be a tough tough one.

I was loving sucking him but never get the sense he enjoys it, other than his hard cock. He is so quiet in his way, that I get no reaction at all - good or bad. But he doesn't pull away or leave, so I'm taking it as a win.

I was sucking him for about 10 minutes when he told me to stand up. I did and he bent me over the desk.

I started to tell him I wasn't prepared for that but it was basically too late. He pushed 3 fat inches into my ass and then kept going, albeit a little slower.  No poppers (I'm trying to wean myself off those), not that I had any handy anyways. Or lube - other than his and my spit.

Breathing is the trick, boys. More than poppers, more than being prepped mentally. It's all about the breathing.

"This is the only way it's going to happen with our short time" and that was all he said. Again, no words, no grunts, groans or moans. He went back to silent running.

Pumping me into the desk. Pumping his shaft into my hole. It went on for only less than 10 minutes. He did have a big exhale and I knew he was coming. Besides the fact that I could feel it.

In two minutes, he was cleaned off, pants on and out the door.

...until next time, that is.

But I'm not sure that was a blowjob.   :-)

Monday, August 04, 2014

Piss & Moan

"Open your mouth, but don't suck".  Those were his first words to me.

I returned to the house where 'FAG' was scrawled on my cock. The house of nudists. Three gay, one straight - somehow living in harmony.

This time, I knew I wouldn't be in the house, but on the front porch - in broad daylight. The set-up is deceiving. From the porch, it looks like everyone can see everything. Even from the street it looks that way, until you've been on the porch and in retrospect so much is not visible you could do many things out there.

Still, I was ordered to strip at the door - outside - where someone passing by might get a quick glimpse of me, but that is it. Timing would have to be just right for that, let alone looking in my very specific direction.

He was in a light robe, sitting at a table with a pitcher of water, his glass and laptop, working outside on a sunny day. And he needed head.

I was stripped, on my knees on the cement, with my mouth open and not sucking. I kind of knew what was going to happen.

The piss came slowly at first and I thought to myself, "I can do this".  But that's the problem: I thought. I thought too much about the act. About what is going on. About what "it" is.

I don't get it. I am happy - no, elated - to drink a man's scum and to lick his ass, but I have a hang-up about piss?

While clearly not a connoisseur, I knew enough that he had been drinking water enough of the day that there wasn't tons of taste to it, and that it was probably running very clear with little yellow in the stream.

I will pride myself on that I got a full mouthful and a gulp and another mouthful before I non-verbally communicated that I was at my limit. Not that we had ever really talked about me taking (or not taking) his piss. He respected my wishes and discontinued the act.

He offered me a glass of water several times, with me declining each time. If I couldn't take the entire piss-load, I wanted him to know I wasn't washing his taste out too. I wanted to be respectful as well. And like in that last post where he said he wanted to push my limits, this was another step.

He went inside to finish dumping his bladder in the traditional way (at least I assumed it was that way) and he came back out, robe still open, me still on my knees. Ready to serve.

And like last time, I did.

Is it bragging if it's true?  I mean, I did an exceptional job with my mouth. Part to make him feel good. Part to make him eventually get off. Part to make-up for the fact that I fear I failed in not taking all his piss. And even though I know I couldn't be seen, I was hyper-excited to be doing this outdoors.

I could tell by his level of engagement and the stiffness of his cock that I was doing all the right things for him. I was sucking, and edging him. I wanted to build up that load. I wanted to make him really want to cum. Sure, he always had the ability to shoot when he wanted, but I had to get him to a place where he was past the point of rescue and total lust took over.

It was about then I heard the front door open and close. I knew enough not to look up and kept working on the cock in front of me. Clearly it was one of his roommates and I was being talked about - like how good of a job I was doing and how he could use me anytime he wanted......and insinuated that it could be now.  I heard the word "thanks", but didn't hear the rest. The door opened and closed again without me ever seeing the gent.

My feeder told me before that the two gay nudists will use his cocksuckers, but the straight one only uses them as urinals. Now to me, that just sounded a little odd. Not just that a straight dude would live with three gay nude dudes, but that of all the 'sex' acts, that a straight guy would be less into getting head than pissing in a guy's mouth.

To each his own, I guess.

I was pushed off the cock for the guy to show me his iPhone. On it he had a spreadsheet of eight cocksuckers who were servicing him. Each with a number of times the eater had serviced him. I was tied in 4th place, including that current blowjob. In theory, it wouldn't take much to put me at number one (I'd have to get up to 9 head-jobs in), but coordinating our schedules is more difficult than I'd like. So it might take me a while.

I probably stepped over a line when saying, 'well that rates quantity, not quality....', figuring I might have the upper hand there.  It was then he pulled out his pen, again, and wrote 'FAG', on my cock...again.

....and then I went back to sucking.

When he did cum, he shot a lot and of course I took it. I took it without an issue, unlike his piss. I happily and greedily swallowed it all. Is that weird?

I was satisfied. He was satisfied. He said I would be back.

Here's hoping I am. Soon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Have you ever fucked a twin?

I don't mean one of two siblings - fraternal or identical. I mean, more someone who looks like you - though not exactly a doppelganger.

He was my height. He shaved his head. He had a beard. A biggish nose and a decent body. He even had a nice cock, though honestly, mine was nicer - if I say so myself.

He was in town. He claims to be a top, but was in the mood for getting fucked - and though he never fucks skin to skin, that was also his mood.

He was at a downtown hotel. I was in a mood, and I thought, why not. Of course, deep down, I was hoping I'd get him to change his mind and be the one to fuck me.

The guy provided me his room number and said his door would be unlocked. In reality, he left a piece of paper in the door so it couldn't lock. The lights were dimmed, but not off, the blinds drawn even at 3p. He was face down, ass up.

One difference between the two of us was his mostly hairless ass. I dove into it like a starving man.

It was a fucking great ass to eat. I mean, I love doing that deed anyways, but something about the buns, the crack and the hole just drove me wild. I did all my usual trick of licking, kissing, tonguing and munching inside and out. He truly appreciated the attention - almost like no one has taken care of him like that before. Though that seems hard to believe.

He was good at dirty talk too - which is a huge plus for me. He ever told me about the first time he got fucked, which was too close to my own story. But he mentioned how the guy clasped a hand over his mouth while he fucked him to keep the noise down.  Smart man.

After the ass eating, it was time to fuck. Me to fuck him, that is. I knew early on there would be no swaying this guy to take me.

He wanted face to face and I was ok with that.

Like eating it, sliding into him was determination that he had a nice hole. But while he claims to rarely get fucked, I bottomed out all too easily. His hole wrapped my shaft nicely, but not tightly. Velvet to skin.

Granted, I'm a little on the big side, and thick - so when I did bottom out, I gave a little extra shove to see if there wasn't a way to get a quarter-inch deeper. I did, and his eye shot open. But the words, 'stop', 'don't', 'slower', never passed his lips.

I'm not sure I would have cared if they did. But they didn't.

So, I fucked. I fucked hard. Like I said - I was in a mood.

I liked seeing his face as I penetrated him. I wondered if that was what I looked like when, oh so many guys, fucked my ass. It was that fine line of pleasure / pain / need / want / stop / don't stop.

Unlike the other guys I've fucked this year, this wasn't over in a few minutes. Maybe I was turned on by fucking myself, I don't know. But I stayed hard, I paced myself and a few times, even pulled out.

I got on my back and lay there, spread eagled, and made him lick my dick, clean himself off of me and then lick my nuts and ass.  Then I had him sit on me and ride.

This was harder for me to control and I wasn't liking it, as much as I like when I'm riding in the saddle. I pushed him off and it was time for him to get back to the position I found him in - face down; ass up.

He was all too accommodating.

I plowed him from behind, fucking him as hard as I could without getting too close to the edge. I was wanting this to last. I mean, I put an hour on the meter, I wanted it to get my $0.75 worth!

That rough fucking without going over the edge, at least for a seldom top such as myself, is a delicate balance. It's why I usually go over the edge 4-5 minutes into my fucks.

But I rode him for a good 15 minutes in this position. I'd hear noises being muffled by the bed, none of them actually words. Nor was he struggling to get away.

We both wanted face to face for the end. I pulled out and flipped him over, pushed his legs back and re-entered.....with ease, I might add.

This time, there wasn't much tease and control. I was going for it. I had 10 days of spunk backed up in my nuts and I wasn't going to waste it. So I pounded. I've learned a thing or two and I pounded.

As I got closer, I did what this first guy did to him. I took my hand and clasped it over his mouth. Deep down, I think he told me that story for a reason, and I took the parts needed for this encounter and incorporated them.

It's not like he was making much noise - nothing to alert the housekeeping staff in the hall, but I didn't cover it for that. It was to take him back. To relive the past while taking the present.

And I came. After about 45 minutes of fucking (a record for me), I shot a huge huge huge fucking load. He never protested. He never asked me not to, so he got it.

And then I got on my way. I made it back to the meter with three minutes to spare.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flip Fuck

It seems that gloryhole I went to a few times goes both ways.

The owner of the hole invited me over to fuck him again. I wavered, since I wasn't sure that was what I wanted to do, but my cock got the better of me.

I opened the door and walked up the steps as it started to pour outside. Good timing. With no pretense, I dropped my shorts and stripped off my shirt too. All that remained were my cross-training shoes and the footies that were on my feet.

He wasn't waiting for me, but I just presented my cock through the hole and waited. It didn't take that long before I felt a wet, warm mouth envelop my shaft, which was only a semi-chub by that time.

The guy has a good mouth, even though if he is so heavy of a smoker, you can smell his breath from behind a door through a gloryhole. It's not all the pleasant. Still, he's an expert cocksucker. He has not issues deep-throating me and keeping me lodged down there for quite a bit of time.

He licked and sucked my nuts too.  I love having my sac lightly licked. Sometimes it is better than the cock. But the feeling never stays. The more they work on it, the less sensation it holds. Why is that?

"Let me lick your ass", says he.  Who am I to argue?

I turn around and present my ass to the hole. It's a little hard to balance and the opposite wall is just out of reach to use my hands easily. He's ok at the task, but I won't go on record to say he's going to win any awards at knowing how to successfully eat mancunt from a hole in a door.

He took a breather as I tried to reposition myself for more stability and that's when I felt it. The head of his cock going right into me.

No asking. No permission. No knowledge of if I did this kind of thing or if I was prepared - on any level.

It was hard to feign being new to this, as I allowed my ass to open up and take the first 4" of his thick 7" dick.  Soon, he was POUNDING his body weight against that door he put up. If his downstairs neighbors were home, there was no hiding what was going on at the upper level. I didn't really give a fuck what they'd think anyway.

If I had a hard time getting balance for an ass eating, imagine how hard it was to really accept his thrusts. But I did.

Twice he pulled out - possibly to give me a chance to extricate myself from the situation, but I didn't and both other times, he went back in with abandon. He muttered something about taking a long time to cum. I said I didn't care.

It's all relative anyways. It took him about 15 minutes to cum. It's a more than reasonable amount of time, but I've had it go much longer.  With a grunt and groan, he unloaded up my hole. Again, no asking. Just presuming. But let's be honest, I was at a fucking home gloryhole with my ass up to the opening taking a stranger's cock. Was there really a need to ask?

I was sweating. He must have been too.

But like a champ he pulled out, turned around and took my dick. I lasted a very short time. 4, maybe 5 minutes and blew up his ass.

No talking after. I pulled up my pants and walked out the door.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Well I had a first a week or so ago.

I gave head on a live streaming session. I'd say it was interesting, but I'm not sure it was much different than giving head without a camera.

I was feeling like an exhibitionist and had been viewing some guys whore themselves out for tokens and amazon gift cards at Chaurbate.

Seriously, guys cam themselves, mostly just jacking off, in return viewers give them "tokens". I honestly don't know what what a token is worth or what can do with it.

Some of the guys have these fucking sob stories about being in debt after getting their truck stolen and losing their jobs....blah blah blah. And of course, like a heroin dealer giving out a free sample before you pay for more, these guys will tease you with a look, but not jack until they get X amount of tokens. And many of them do have an amazon wish list that they want people to buy shit for them - like $3000 computers.

Bitch, it's streamed jacking off, not a weekend in Cabo.

And some of these guys are slick. Not just looking, but in they've made it their primary source of income. They have the patter down, the tease, the responses. I love that in their profiles, all the best looking ones say they're into women.

Uh-huh. You're into women, but shoving a dildo or vibrator up your ass for a roomful of men to see? And you're taking it with ease?  ....and that's because so many straight guys are so into anal play?

I'd love to know what kind of shut-ins are the ones giving 100s of tokens per day to these guys. I'm guessing they're a sad lot.

I will say, and to be fair, there are a number of guys who don't have wish lists and do not accept tokens. They are there to give a show, or at least to show off. That's all I was looking to do.

A quick CL ad later, I had a few responses, but only one seemed legit and oddly enough he was three minutes away working on a house.

Yes, he was a 28 year old laborer with a 7.5 - 8" dick.

I mean, fuck, that's perfect for anytime, let alone for doing a first streaming session (and so far, only streaming session, I might add).

So I had my session opened up before he arrived. With little activity, I tried to tell what few viewers I had what would be going on. But since most viewers don't tune in until they see something going on, or see someone interesting, on the main screen, I knew I wouldn't have many - and I had no long-time followers at this point who would know when I signed on.

This guy was into it. Silent, but not skittish.

Soft to start, he grew quickly and so did my viewer list.

I think I only got up to 23 viewers, but they got a good 8-10 minute show. They seemed to like it. I seemed to like it.

The guy pulled out near the end and jacked off on my out-stretched tongue, as he wanted to give the show to the viewers. Way to commit.  Naturally, much of the big load didn't go into my mouth - initially - and one big gob hit me in the eye.

Fuck that hurts. It's like someone punched me there for hours. Cum: so great, so dangerous.

I'm not much of a jacker-offer, so I don't suspect I'll have any of those shows. And I don't suspect many guys will be into the exhibitionism of it all. But if they are, I'm game. There's just no way to give many people a good heads-up (no pun intended) time to log on and watch.

I'm also not finding a way to screen-capture the show, but if there is, that could be fun for other reasons.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I don't think I'm unlike many other American cocksuckers.  Well - in certain ways I am, but I'm talking about in terms of ratio of cut to uncut dicks one might service.

For as many - and yes, there have been many - that I have taken care of, a surprisingly few have been uncircumcised. Mind you, percentage-wise. To the normal guy, it's still a LOT of cocks.

I could blame it on my religion, but I won't. It's not like I'm sucking tons of Jewish men. Being cut is just more the norm in the U.S. I think.

Still, to a degree, the uncut cock intrigues me and repels me. The same could be said in terms of a cut one, but conversely, the percentage is higher with uncut.

In my mind, I have my own perfect uncut cock. Big. Meaty. Just enough skin to stretch over most of the head when it is erect but easy to peel back with your fingers or even your tongue.

Those are u/c porn cocks. They rarely appear in real life.

So not long ago, I had a guy come over. Medium build, but confident. Big-assed pick-up truck carrying him where he needed to go.

He dropped his pants and for as many cocks as I've seen in my life (again, that is a LOT), this one was new.

6.5" and uncut. So uncut that I wasn't sure there was an opening.

He was 80% erect when he freed it, but the skin was all the way over the head. Tight, over his head. There was the smallest of openings. At the time I thought to myself, how can he even piss out of that?

Of course, I figured, once we got going, the skin would retract, exposing a shiny slick head - the way foreskins somehow make those heads like that, more so than ones exposed to the daily elements.

But the skin did not retract. If anything, it became tighter, the hole became smaller. It wasn't even my dick, and I was worried for him.

Yet here he was, a man of 40 years or so of age. This can't be his first erection or his first blowjob, right? He made it this far without the skin breaking like a worn rubber band.

Honestly, I was a little disgusted. I just couldn't fathom this as being physically appealing or stimulating to him, but he seemed to like what I was doing. In the back of my mind, I kept wondering about the ending of this session.  How would this even happen? The skin didn't give a millimeter and the opening even looked smaller.

Soon enough I'd find out. He made all the warnings of impending cumming.

I can't say if it was because of his cock or not, but his cum was like liquid.  Yes, I know cum IS liquid. I mean very little heft to it. Cum is usually heavier than, say, water. But this was like something that would flow out of a pitcher.

It was plentiful and tasted good.

I'm not sure what was with the guy, but he couldn't get out of there fast enough. Lord knows what I did to freak him out. Or maybe it was just post-orgasm guilt.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Months ago I told you of my photo shoot for a nudist magazine. The entire piece could have been better, but I got a note here and there from readers who reached out. I suppose it is like hearing your voice on a tape recorder - you're never going to be thrilled.

Since then, the photographer / publisher has texted me on and off. At the shoot, he kind of figured out what kind of guy I am and has played upon that. He's the opposite of a sub-like cocksucker. He's more of a dom-like feeder. And not so much dom "like" but pretty much dom.

He has slaves, faggots and cocksuckers who answer to him. Even via text, I could tell he was testing me on how far I might go with him.

I've stated here before, I have sub tendencies (like you couldn't tell that from my entries), but I'm not a slave. I don't even know if I could be a full-on sub. My backbone is too rigid and I can be a horribly stubborn guy - not what a dom really likes - at least for any length of time.

Still he'd push me - via text. Wouldn't I do x, y or z for  him?  Most of the times it was yes, but with a caveat. Being owned isn't really my thing. And he kept coming around to chastity.

You've read here, I don't jack off much and I don't cum that often. I can go weeks or months without ejaculating. I know people think that is twisted, but it is not. It is also not meant to be used as some kind of self-inflicted torture either.

On my worst days, I cum a fuck of a lot. I've waited period in between where it is actually painful to cum when I choose to do so.

Anyways - chastity is not my thing. Yes, I'm selfish that when I do actually want to play with my cock, I want to be able to. Yes, I think about what TSA and the guys in the locker room would say. And yes, I don't like ever not having the key to unlock it - and it is possible that key would be hundreds or thousands of miles away. And considering I've seen this guy twice in seven months, getting the key would be next to impossible, even if he agreed.

Oh, and there is that other thing:  I've seen the guy twice in seven months. Nothing about us warrants me wanting to be chained to him. Texting is not the way. I don't know him enough to trust or distrust him. But I don't have any kind of relationship or physical / emotional investment for wanting this certain guy to cage me.

That said, he's still sexy as fuck and I know he wants to push my limits. I'm all about having my limits pushed.

Anyway time #2 was just the other day. A text. He was in town, he needed a blowjob before he took a nap. I was on my way.

As he is a nudist, I knew to shed all my clothing at the door way. I walked in to find him sitting on the couch in the living area. He pointed to the floor and I took off my glasses and knelt.

While I know I needed to see nothing, the transition from glasses to none make me fairly blind.

But down I went.

It's a great cock. About 7". Medium width at the head, gets much wider in the middle of the shaft and then tapers down near the base. I loved sucking it.

While his hand was on my head, it was more for balance or something. He didn't have to force me down or guide my actions - I was doing quite well on my own.

Since he was all about putting a cage on my cock, I certainly knew not to touch my own cock during this session. I do like stroking myself when I suck someone else - and not cumming - but I knew this time touching myself would not be tolerated. I kept my hands on the couch cushion on either side of his legs. But I was incredibly hard while I was working his cock.

Now and then, he would mutter the word, "FAG" as I blew him. He likes calling me a 'fag' even in text. And I'm not offended because, well, I am one.

At one point his phone buzzed and he reached for it. I had kind of seen it on the table next to the couch, but without my glasses, I really couldn't identify a thing. When he leaned back from the table he had something else I had not seen - an indelible magic marker. A Sharpie.

He leaned down, grabbed my hard dick, and said, "since you won't be caged......"  and then did this.

I guess I could have stopped him after the first or second letter, but I didn't. I actually thanked him after he finished.

I'll admit I was conflicted about this. Not for reasons any of you would think or understand. It came down to that if anyone were to mark me this way - it wouldn't have been him. There was a weird palpable sense of loss or disloyalty for having an almost stranger mark me so knowingly.

And then I went back to sucking. He went back to muttering 'FAG' to me...or about me.

I used my lips, my tongue, my throat - all the standards. I did not use my hands.

I actually try never to use my hands, as that is just jacking off. But in reality, some guys ask for, or eventually need, that assistance. I get the load, but I'm not always proud of how I achieve that goal. But this time, the hands never left the sofa.

He claims to have cum two days ago, but it was a huge huge huge load. Most guys don't cum that much. Before I swallowed, I took his hand to my throat, so he could feel me gulp his jizz. Honestly, I do that a lot to guys, but I would love to know how many of them take it to their normal feeder practice.

He had a wicked smile on his face upon me finishing and milking out every drop. He mentioned the no hands feat. He says he normally has to have a guy help him along - and I told him my feelings on that, but he reassured me that at some point I would use my hands on him.

I'm hoping to prove him wrong.

He did compliment me on my 'exceptional' talent.

I'm hoping for another try.