Wednesday, October 07, 2015


He was from foreign descent.  Arab and Black. He seemed naturalized, possibly born here to parents who found there way. We really didn't get into it. I didn't really care - truth be told.

What intrigued me about him was his screen name: WellHung.

To make a long story short, I suppose that name gets you a lot more attention than AveragelyHung. Which is all he was.

Though I suppose that is all relative. Maybe compared to others he has seen, he is big.

To all that I have seen - which is, ummmm, innumerable - it is not.

It was fine. He was fine. But he talked a much better game than he delivered. I'm all for a guy with bravado, but damn - have something to back it up when you actually show up.

I have an attraction to mid-eastern or Arab men. Not all, of course, but it's there. I was hoping. If I did my guessing correctly, he had some Arab in him (so did I!), but I would guess he was predominately black.

He was maybe 7", which is nothing to sneeze at, but I don't know that would be "well hung". And for all his talk, he stood there taking my blowjob like a deaf-mute.

I like a little interaction when I blow. I've even had silent interaction that is hot. This was just like a guy who wanted to be into it, but just wasn't or one who could muster up the energy. Maybe he wasn't into me. I get that.

If true, I'd say "then just walk away", but how many times have I not been into it and still went through and blew the guy?

I don't think he'll be coming back. That's ok. Now I'm not sure I could muster up the enthusiasm to service him properly.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Thug Life

"Don't be scared of it" he muttered.

He muttered everything - and if he only knew how unafraid I was of cock, he might never have shown up in the first place.

In standard hook up parameters - he was 25 minutes late and 2" short. On his cock, that is.

Would it be rude for me to tell them to measure their junk against the length of a dollar bill? That is only 6" long. And even while he'd have surpassed that currency by an inch or so, he wasn't 3" longer than a sawbuck.....or a single.

The 25 minutes? Anymore, that is just common. No one, besides myself it seems, is ever remotely on-time.

He was black. Maybe 5'9"....180 or so. Full thug appearance. Sweat pants. Grey hoodie, which stayed on and up and much of face covered for entire time he was with me. While my ad said I "preferred" non-smokers, he was clearly a heavy smoker. Skin. Clothes. Aura. All reeked of cigarettes. His breath of weed. Lord. It was 11a.

I have to say, after he pulled down his sweats, I was worried he wouldn't even make it to six let alone nine. He is not a show-er at all. He's a grower.

After I got down on my knees to suck him, he grew. Slowly for sure, but it happened. And at the base, he was pretty fucking thick. It was somewhat of a challenge to wrap my lips around that base, but trust me, it happened.

He encouraged me to take him all. I appreciated the talking to, but I wasn't about to not try. I wanted it all. I always do. Or usually. He held my head down, making me gag a little - but that had more to do with the time spent with air cut off than the thickness.

"Can I fuck your face?".

I suppose the question was rhetorical. I mean, by the time the last syllable left his mouth he was pumping my throat. His hands were on my head. I would have nodded 'yes' anyways, but by this point, the action was in motion.

That was when he said, "don't be scared of it".

I wasn't.

His stamina was ok, but nothing off the charts. The head lasted maybe 15 minutes.

I asked as I was on my knees if he had a big load.  "You'll find out soon enough" was the reply.

It wasn't big. If he didn't tighten his grip, I'm not sure I would have known he was shooting. I think the semen just drooled out into my mouth. But I made a show of it, before I swallowed. Not that he was interested. After he came, he was looking to put himself together to get the fuck out.

I love when post-orgasmic guilt hits some guys.

He'll be back. I can almost guarantee he'll ask for another go-round.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nerd 2

We are two months in - that is to say, me sucking off "the Nerd".

Most weeks, it is every week. Though due to his work schedule and mine, we missed a week. He seemed to think we didn't, but I had to school him on that.

I had mentioned, two weeks was too long between giving him head.

I said this while massaging his cock through his work trousers. "Trousers" seems to fit here, and not just pants. They are dress slacks (what an odd word) but not suit pants. Either way, I was feeling him bone up. I was feeling how fucking heavy that cock really is.

Saying that is one of the nicest cocks I've ever serviced is no stretch. I've had bigger. I've had thicker. But this fits in both. The right length and circumference. The right heft - and heft IS the right word. It's heavy and meaty with a big head. It's a straight shaft and has always been at the ready.

His head had made it past my lips and I was about half way down on his phallus when he shuddered and said, through his moan, "oh fuck - two weeks IS too long!".

Nice.  I kind of got him right where I wanted him. Though let's be honest, he had me where he wanted me: on my knees.

These blowjobs are never long. He stops me or slows me down, but usually only once. I know he has to get home to his husband or wife. I am always polite. I ask him if he wants me to cool him down or if he wants me to go for it.

It is almost always "finish me off".

When he comes, you think he'd be standing at the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge earthquake. He shudders uncontrollably and for a good length of time.

I know some of that is physical make-up, but I know some of it is my ability. I like making him unstable, weak, and pleasured, all at the same time.

Now we're coming up on a week. Time to see him again.

Monday, September 28, 2015


The other day I was "required" to fast.

Don't ask. Deep down you don't really care.

But I was horny. VERY horny.

I've had some good encounters this month, most of which you've already read about. But overall, September has been a shitty month for me, in terms of getting laid. My numbers are down (and yes, I'm keeping a detailed count for 2015). So yeah, I was fucking horny. Yet I was trying to be true to my 25 hour fast.

I thought I could suck cock, since I"m not really "eating" it and then get a facial. I'd try my hardest not to let any dribble into my mouth {wink}.

It was what I thought would be the perfect loophole.

The only problem was, trying to find someone who would be willing just to give you a one-person bukkake.

Oh, i advertised for it. I even put in a part about me fasting and having a loophole, hoping that it would entice someone. Maybe it scared them off. Maybe they didn't want their load going to waste dripping down someone's cheeks or caught in some random guy's beard.

I can't blame them for that, if that be the case. I don't think any load should go wasted. I think the money shot is important for pictures here and there, but that's about all. Semen should be ingested or absorbed.

Maybe everyone else was thinking this too.

I got two responses.

One told me "it's not cheating".  He gave me stats, I expressed interest. He suddenly died. Or that's how I back-storied it.

The second guy, with a good 11" black cock asked if I was "free now!". I answered within 60 seconds of getting the email, but unfortunately, he succumbed to the same illness or accident as the first guy.

Alas, the fates had other plans for me. I would be completing my fast - loophole or no loophole. But at least for a few hours, I was distracted by the possibility of finding an out.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gloryhole Service II

This story goes back a bit. Maybe a year.

Yeah - it's not timely, but all the truly interesting encounters I've had recently you've already read. Sure, I've had the standard blowjob scenes. I drop to my knees. They shoot. They leave.

I love doing them, but they're not always interesting to write about.

Anyways, you might remember me going to a gloryhole about a year and a half ago.  A month or so after that, I returned. Twice, actually.

The first time, there were two guys on the other side of the hole.

They switched off sucking me. One was clearly better than the other and the host was he. I endured the tag team sucking for a bit. Then the host stuck his ass up to the hole and I fucked it.

Yes me.

I could hear muffled conversation through the thick door. Both seemed to really like my cock - one from a feeling perspective, the other from a visual one.

I had been primed from getting blown, but you know the gloryhole is a huge turn on for me, so I blew up the guy's ass without asking, not that he could have easily heard me. But I was boning him raw, so he knew the score - I assume.

On my next trip there, the host was on the other side of the door and two other guys. Either they got together regularly, or word about my cock and me coming over spread like wildfire. Personally, I like to think it was the latter and that guys needed to see it to believe it. It's probably not true, and they were probably there to get high or something, but still.......

Once again, I got tag teamed sucked. Now by three. And one was intent on stroking me. No thank you. IF I ever wanted to jack off, I'll do it. I'm not letting some putz choke my chicken to get me off when there is at least one willing hole to take my cock and seed.

Then two of the guys took turns riding my pole with their hole. For the life of me, I cannot find the video I took of it.

In the video, which I showed to 1 or 2 folks, I mention that I wanted the other guy's ass because it felt better. It was insinuated by one person who saw the video that I was rude to say that.


I don't fuck much and I sure as hell wasn't going to be browbeaten into giving an undeserving ass my load. The deserving one, I believe, was the host's butt, though I can't be sure.  The third guy didn't take cock up the ass, he only sucked. So he was out of luck here. At least with me. Who knows how many other guys they had coming over.

I could hear talking on the other side, but not making out many words. Though they switched asses here and there, I knew which was the better hole. I've gone months without cumming, I could certainly hold off a few minutes to deliver it to the correct portal.

Finally, the one guy slid off my cock. I could almost feel the breeze, as no mouth or ass enveloped it.

Then I felt it.  Warm warm warm goo hitting my shaft.

The guy I was fucking only pulled off because he was close - not because I was.

The jizz wasn't wasted. It became lube for the host.

He bent over and in went my cock - into the better hole. So not only was he getting my cock and eventually my load, but he was getting another load as well. That one wasn't be shot deep into him, as much as being smeared on the walls of his rectum. Either way, he was taking it. And willingly.

I pounded the ass, but all you could hear was me banging against the wooden door. That thing is secure as fuck. It buckled here and there, but it is never going to give way.

I lasted maybe another 5 minutes before I emptied into his bowels. He was good about not pulling off or milking it too much. He let me expel all my babies and slip out naturally.

I bent over, pulled my pants up and walked down the stairs. It was a hot scene that would never be repeated. At least, so it seems.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moving Day

Via email, we agreed to meet up the following morning.  This morning, actually. Today. An almost real-time post.

It turns out, I'd been "with" him before. But in the past it was via a smart phone app, this time it was a CL ad and an email address I didn't recognize. Nor did I recognize the address. I knew the road, but there are a dozen and a half apartment buildings in a 3/4 mile stretch. Chances are I've been in most of them for  - well, you know.

Only pulling up to it this morning did I realize I've been here before. The last time maybe six months ago. I hesitated, but I drove 20 minutes in morning rush-hour traffic. Fuck it, I was going in.

I was buzzed in and then knocked at his door. The dishwasher was running - loudly at that. He also had porn and music playing. Porn with volume. The noises made it all seem disjointed.

I also noticed, save some big pieces of furniture, the apartment was bare. He was moving, he told me. I didn't ask where. I didn't really care where.

He was already naked. I dropped my clothes. I walked in, dropped to my knees and sucked his cock. Italian, he is. Decent cock, but not great. He's a fur monster. Hair everywhere. Not tons on top of the head, but everywhere else - back, chest, balls, legs, ass.

Ass. Yes. A hairy ass.

Before you knew it, I was on my back and he was sitting on my face. My tongue was buried up his fuck hole - though it's doubtful he ever gets fucked. I don't think he's the bottoming kind.

He loved the way I munched on that hole. He LOVED the way I got it sopping wet and then blew air on to it. He shivered. He moaned. He said 'fuck!'.....a lot.

I was doing my job. And well.

Then his cell rang. And it was one of those fucking obnoxious rings like it was music from a battle scene in 'Braveheart' or something. Something you'd roll your eyes at if you heard it go off in Starbucks.

"No....the movers are coming. I'll have to catch up with you later, some faggot is eating my ass right now.    .....yeah."

And then he hangs up.

The conversation wasn't even extended to, "no, there really is.....".  They must know each other enough to take the other's word as gospel and not expound upon it.

While I ate, he was so excited he jacked. But he over-excited himself. I wasn't technically going to be sucking him off completely.

He backed up. I extended my tongue. He shot with pretty good precision. Save for one drop, it all landed in my mouth.

I'm glad it didn't get in my eye. I didn't want a red sore eye all morning - and I was going to have do drive due east - right into the morning sun. That would have been a double pain.

As I dressed, he casually mentioned: "this is the last load in this apartment".

Let's hope the new owners clean up really well.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Cigars, Whiskey and Baseball

I was out of town and had a few free hours.

There wasn't time to go through the rig-a-marole of CL. Scruff, Grindr or A4A would have to do.

But NYC is a sucky town in which to get laid. In some cities, the closest person to you is 4 miles - and the last if your feed is 20 miles. In NYC, your entire feed (100 folks for non-paying members, like me) can be within less than a mile. The island if filled with fudge packers or packees.

And the problem is, everyone thinks there is someone better out there than those 100 - and it almost stands to reason. Because if you move 1200 feet you'll get another 50 new folks in your feed who are closer. So no one settles on anyone....just in case.

At least that's what I tell myself when out of those 100, no one shows interest. Or no real interest. They might engage, but they rarely follow through.

One responded. He was 3 blocks away. I told him I could be there in 10.

He said he was about to go to the Eagle, but having me come over so he could light a cigar and be serviced seemed an easier thing to do.

I made it in less than 10 minutes and had the doorman announce me.

The man was as advertised:  50-ish, masculine, 6' and 200lbs. He was solid, wearing a grey t-, jeans, cowboy boots and a baseball cap.

On his coffee table were an unlit cigar, his cutter, a glass of whiskey and a remote. The Yankees game was already on and the only light emanating in the apartment.

As I got to my knees, he cut the cigar. He sat down after his cock was out and I went to work. He went to work on lighting the cigar.

Even though my head was in his crotch, with peripheral vision, I could see the light from the torch and the flames that he would make, as he got this stogie going. Soon, the smell would come. It was strong - stronger than most cigars I have smelled. It was a little intoxicating and a little nauseating at the same time.

His strong hands were at my head, not letting me up, not letting me skillfully suck his cock. No, this would be a manhandle job. His movements, his body, his cock, his pleasure. He didn't care that I had excellent cocksucking skills to make him quiver. That wasn't what this was about. It was about exerting his dominance.

I can live with that.

I worked the cock the best I could with my tongue between getting clammed down to his zipper and belt and bush. I could feel the saliva - mine - rolling down his shaft and gathering at the base of his cock.

I could feel the heat of his ash, his cigar, when he would take it out of his mouth and hold it in his hands - either atop of my head or next to my face.

Now and then I'd reach over to the table to get his whiskey for him ("that's a good faggot". He'd take some and then set the glass back. The game was always on in the background - though I never picked up on how the Yankees were doing. My mind was elsewhere.

He was demanding. He was verbal. "cocksucker", "faggot", "bitch", "piece of shit" regularly came out of his mouth. None of it forced - all very natural for him, for me and for our encounter. The hand came out too - which I loved, as I never ever had to prompt that action.

He put the cigar near my nipples. I could feel the heat there too.

I was told I was as good as a pussy. That faggots know how to suck better than women and it was the only reason I was there. He had a wedding ring on, but his profile said 'open relationship'. Who knows.

He did make a point WHILE I was blowing him that as soon as he got off, I was to get out. He wasn't overt about it. He didn't have to be. I was there for one purpose and then was to leave. No fuss. No muss. No strings.

I was told to lick his boots and I did. He wanted to FEEL the tongue. No small feat (no pun intended) to do through heavy leather. But I made those boots wet with my fucking spit. I had to - it was my job.

He (never got a name) played with my nipples like an expert. The plan was never to fuck and I never "prepped" myself for one.  But he did ask to see my hole.

Since I was down on my knees, I didn't feel right about standing up and bending over.  So I lay back, lifted my legs and spread my cheeks. His boot went to the hole. He pressed this tip into my pucker. He stepped on my hole. He stepped on my balls and cock. I said "thank you Sir!".

He kept muttering how good his cock would feel up there, breeding my hole. I never said 'no'. It wasn't my place. I never told him I didn't prep. I might have been fine, actually, just no way of really knowing. Still he never made the move to put cock to hole.

Too bad. His thick uncut cock would have stretched me out a bit. But he booted my ass while he jacked.

Soon I was back to sucking and soon he was delivering his load into my mouth.

He made me clean him up. But as soon as I was done, I was up and out the door, even securing my shorts and putting on my shirt in his hallway.

I made it down 16 flights, nodded to the doorman and headed back into the night air.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fucked Across My Desk

It's happened before. It'll happen again.

My home office is ripe for taking cock. Bent over the desk, or on my back - legs up. It seems to work. It's a decent height for most guys.

I don't mind either way, but I would say percentage-wise I get bent over more. There is a certain anonymity to it all. That way, you're just a hole, not a human. There is something beautiful in that.

He's been over many times. Even written about. There is no game playing, no awkward intros. Any more, I might just leave my door unlocked for him and I'm stripped down and bent over by the time he walks in.

This last time, I was on my back. Last time we started with me bent over, but ended up on my back and it seemed to work much better on multiple levels.

Together, we play the race card / thing. I don't know how it came up, but it did and we've run with it. I don't feel nearly as odd doing it with him as I might with others. But it's been a rapport to which we've had to build up. It's not for everyone.

Still, he fucks really well. He knows how to make himself feel good while making me feel good. Not to say he's purposefully making me feel good, that's just a benefit. When he gets going, it can all be about him. But honestly, that's true of a lot of fuckers. They'll be in it for the mutual pleasure until a certain point - and then it's about them, it's about their cock, it's about unloading.

I love watching that threshold, as you never know where in the fuck it will happen - but it DOES happen.

The editing of the video could be a little better, but I only had the clips I had to work with, so you get what you get.


Black Breeding powered by XTube

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Friendly Skies

He contacted me on BBRT - always a good sign.

He was flying in around and to his hotel around 3p. The choice of hotel meant he was flying in more likely as part of a flight crew than someone coming to town for business or pleasure.

At 6'3", 220, beefy and not fat, he seemed to big to be a flight attendant, but you never know. By the time I got there, uniforms were hung up and he was out of the shower, door propped open. He had briefs on, but nothing else.

It was a gorgeous presentation. Shaved head. Goatee. Nice lump in his shorts.

The profile said "Huge" under cock size. I suppose it is all relative. It was nice, don't get me wrong. It was thick as fuck with a good sized head on it. But maybe about 7" long. It was formidable for sure, but I don't know I'd be bold enough to say "huge".

I dropped my shorts immediately. He dropped to his knees. This was a disappointment in a way. BBRT kind of mentioned what we were both into and him being a cocksucker wasn't one of those. But I went with it. He was good, he got me semi stiff, but we both know that wasn't what I was there for.

Him standing up and playing with my nipples got me the rest of the way up - and he noticed.

I hooked my fingers in his shorts and yanked them off. It was a nice site. Already you'd know that even as hard as the cock would get, the head would remain big and spongy. It is a nice combo.

I brought poppers, thinking I would need them just to relax from the size of him. But really it was nothing just some deep breathing couldn't handle. I used them, sure - but not to the extent I thought might be needed. They were mostly for "pleasure" than necessity.

He pushed me back on one of the beds. He ate my ass. Loved that. He did a good job. Not great, but good. We both knew it was time for the main event.

He had me on my back, but twisted a little to my left, my right leg way up in the air. Any protests of me claiming not to be able to take it vanished about 30 seconds after that. He was halfway in, looked right at me and sank the rest of his pole to the hilt.  We both groaned deeply.

Then the fucking started - and he. was. great. at it.

The man is a seasoned pro. He knew how to move his hips, move his cock - the entire works. My ass felt it - all of it - but in a good way. I was full, I was on the border of pleasure and pain, which is a good zip code to reside. At least for me.

He pulled out, had me get on all fours for better leverage for him. Of course I complied.

He was rough going in - but I didn't complain. I didn't want or need to. He was boss right then and knew it. He fucked like a stud in heat. I loved it.

We took a break where I went back to his cock. He kept telling me how much he loved my ass, as he rubbed it. I have to say, that made me way to self-conscious. I know people have hang-ups about their own bodies, and I have mine. My arms aren't big enough. My chest isn't defined enough. And I don't think I have a great ass.

Many a men have told me they like it, but I automatically dismiss them as loons. But this is a guy who knows asses and bodies. He had a really good one. So I tried to take the compliment all the while trying to reevaluate how I think of my ass.

For a while we fucked with me laying flat on the bed. But then it was back on all fours.

I will give him this. He fucked hard and long. He wanted to go longer, but he got too close to the edge and couldn't pull back from the impending orgasm.

He buried himself in me and I just felt twitch after twitch. He just kept unloading into me, saying shit like, "take my fucking DNA".  As if I had a choice. As if I wanted one.

What I loved is that he had no desire to pull out - again, talking about my ass. So many guys pull out so quickly afterward. But he let me milk his shaft with my muscles and didn't squirm about it like some girl.

He eventually slid out and then wanted me to cum. Drats. That was never MY plan.

He started playing with my nipples, which is a sure way to talk me into anything. So I stroked. And he talked. Dirtier than he had when he was fucking me.

He said how he'd like to see another guy fuck me. Maybe his husband. Going ass to mouth -and that his husband has a much bigger dick than he does and how he'd make me squirm, but I wouldn't be able to get away.

Again, he told me how nice my ass was and smacked it a little. I told him he could do better than that - and he picked up the strength. He leaned me over so he could have access to at least one cheek - and then he let me have it.  I rolled over all the way, and he took turns on both of them.

After sitting up, he tested the waters by lightly smacking my face. I smirked a little and he hit much harder. He could have hauled off and really gone at it, but he wasn't sure and I wasn't giving him direction, as I wanted him to make the decisions.

Yes, these things were getting me hard. And they were getting HIM hard. Again.

He pushed me back. I was at the edge of the bed, my legs were up and he just buried his cock back in me. He fucked. But he smacked and he played with my tits. He told me how he'd like to see a few guys just take turns giving me their loads - that I'd go home with them........forever.

I jacked.

He grabbed my jaw and shook my head a little - and then played with my tits one last time.

I couldn't hold off. I didn't want to at this point. I started shooting. He was impressed, until he figured out I had just started shooting and then I came a fuck of a lot more and a fuck of a lot further.

He then slid out of my ass. Two fucks, but only one load.

That's ok.

I cleaned up in his hotel shower, as I was a fucking mess - though I'd have gladly left as is. He walked me down, as he wanted to grab something from the quick stop next door.

On the way down, he said, "you should have told me you were fucking nasty earlier".  My reply was, "you found me on BBRT!".

He laughed. Asked my name and put me in his phone......for his next trip.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

All Man

We had tried hooking up before. I was looking for a dom man, he claimed to be one. But then timing just never worked out - lots of excuses, even after he said he'd be free. I assumed I was just jo material for some guy. And that was frustrating, because he presented himself where he'd be jo material for me!

He's a dad. He's ex-military. Nice, but not great body, as I'm sure he's been out of the service for 15 yrs or so. 45. About 6.5".  Not sure what service he was in, but has the proverbial mouth of a sailor.

He started his text conversation off with:

"My dick would look good in your mouth".

Long story did.

Felt good too.

It was a nice cock - not an off the charts great one. But you know with me, it's more about attitude than size. Don't get me wrong, size is nice, but this guy knew what he was doing. He was a fucking expert.

He met me at a park near his house. I suppose he wanted to check me out to see I'm not a total psycho. Still, looks can be deceiving. He barely gave me the once over before motioning me to follow him to his house, which turned out to be three doors down from the park.  9 wooded acres. I was hoping we'd play outside, but we went into the entryway to his house.

He told me to get on my knees. I didn't need to be told twice, mostly because that is what I came to do. Secondly, because he told me - not ask me.

The guy was all man about it. The perfect amount of letting me do my thing, forcing me to suck it, fucking my face and letting me take it deep. The verbal was better than good. Totally unscripted, nothing forced - he knew all the right words and his timing was impeccable.

He was a natural.

Oh, and he wanted me to lick his balls, which was fine, but I traveled south and ate his butthole. He loved that. It seems I haven't done that a lot lately, so I went at it with gusto.

He got me on my back, where he then fed me his cock, with my head to the floor. Loved that.

He threw me a little when he goes, "can I shoot on your face?"

Of course he could, but he had led up so much that he wanted to shoot it in my throat, not even let me taste his jizz, it took me by surprise. I barely had a chance to confirm he could when he shot all over my face.

It hit the beard, the cheeks, the head, the neck and yes, my eyes. And even my lips and open mouth. But I could feel it spray everywhere.

When he calmed down, he goes, "there's a dollop on the rug".  I looked and behind me, past my head was a big glob of cum. I don't know what he thought - but I turned over and licked it right off the rug. Tongue extended, lapping his still warm sperm off his Oriental rug.

That made him retain his hard-on. This time, I got a second load out of him, just by sucking, though it didn't go right down my throat - I did get to taste it.

As I was getting myself back together again, he went to look at the rug. "Hey faggot, you did a nice job on the carpet - I don't even need to touch it up.".

We're scheduling a repeat.

Thursday, September 03, 2015


I swear, the things I'll do for cock. It's almost shameful. Maybe you can even scratch the word 'almost' out of that last sentence.

He hit me up on Grindr.  That probably should have been my first red flag. But he was decent looking - even good looking, but you know, it's a profile pic, so I took it with a grain of salt.

6'2" 180, black, nice body, and a really nice looking cock.

I mean, c'mon - that is a nice piece of meat.

It didn't hurt when he started off the conversation with "I'm a top".  Well, that works for me, because I'm not.  And he was a little more than a mile away.

Unfortunately, he wasn't from this part of the area and didn't know his way around. And the area which I live isn't that easy to get around, so it complicated matters. So the second red flag should have been me agreeing to go pick him up.

I'm never a taxi service for dick. This was literally a first. Hopefully a last.

He looked a little older than his pic when I swung by to get him. I don't think we were in the car for 30 seconds (of a 2 minute ride) when he brought up that he doesn't drive, he's in recovery and living in a half-way house for recovering addicts.

.....and that was the third flag.

Still, I figured, it would be a quick romp and he'd be gone. But it wasn't.

The man knows how to fuck. I mean, really knows how to fuck.

I will admit, sometimes I am in it for the quick scene - the load collection, if you will. This one I had to earn. Though I don't know how much earning I actually did, other than be pinned between him and a desk or the floor. That black slab putting it to me - for an hour. A continual hour. No breaks.

Well, one break. To get from the desk to the floor.

Quickly cumming was not in his wheelhouse. He liked to work for it. He'd hold off - even though I begged him to cum. And I begged. Especially after 30 minutes. The cock was not really tearing me apart - though I might have told him that. Guys like to hear that, no matter how big or small they are.

I've always been pretty honest in this blog, but let's face, it, there is a time in a long long long fuck, where you start to feel unsure of that is going on down there. I felt like he was about to strike oil - or had already done so.

He hadn't, but I didn't know that and wasn't sure of that. But there wasn't any stopping him.

I suppose I could have. At one point he even gave up - but due to my telling him he was tearing me apart. But he noticed that not only did I not move from my face-down position on the floor, but that my ass even raised up a bit.

I was the guy who said 'no' but didn't mean it. I'm probably bad for all the guys who say it and actually mean it - but leave the tops thinking, "yeah - he wants it".

Another 10 minutes and he was planting his seed up my ass.

Another 5 minutes and we were not only back in the car, but I was dropping him off where I picked him up.

He messaged me on Grindr with his email address.  I erased it then blocked him.

Monday, August 31, 2015

B&W Three Way

I've been blowing 'the nerd' fairly regularly for a few weeks now. He's still nerdy, but not nearly as inexperienced as he led me to believe - or to be more accurate, that I assumed him to be.

This isn't a bad thing. I'm rarely in the mood to teach anyone anything. It is why I like men more than boys: experience. Don't get me wrong, 20-somethings are fine now and then - as you've seen here now and again.

But during these blowjob sessions, the Nerd has been dropping hints of wanting a third person with us. He has been dropping hints about tag-teaming me. Or at least spit roasting me. Or at the very least, watching me suck another guy and him.

Yeah - he might be inexperienced and just a healthy fantasy life, or he might know exactly what he's doing and up for. Still, neither of us had really acted on it, or actively looked for a third. I mean, I've only been blowing him for a month or so.

Then a three-way situation fell into our laps. Nerd was expected at 5:45p and a 36 yo black man  I was chatting with had to delay our meet-up time from 2:30p to 5:30p. I proposed to both we combine meetings. Everyone was fine with the situation. No getting pre-approval from everyone, they just all trust me. A rarity.

The Nerd showed up first. The other guy 25 minutes late. We actually did no pre-play ahead of time. He said he had to make a stop first. As it turns out, it was for condoms.

The guy had a really really nice cock.

Oddly, I don't think it was a big or as nice as the Nerd's. Still, it was a beauty.  The guy had a great body too. Just almost flawless.

I went to my knees and started sucking the Nerd. Then the new guy. Each guy inched closer to me, until both cocks were reachable.

Sure, they both went in my mouth at once, but that is only sustainable for a little bit. To make them both feel really good, I had to alternate cocks.

The Nerd had me bend over the desk and the other guy got a rubber on and tried to fuck me. Tried. As in: unsuccessful.

Like most guys I find who put rubbers on - and we've been through this - could not maintain an erection to save his life. The second the rubber came off, I got him rock hard. He put on a second rubber and - boom ! - deflated enough not to be able to work it up my hole.

I got on the desk and laid back. He walked around, placed one foot up on the desk, to position himself to be able to plunder the depths of my mouth, and he did. And I let him.

Nerd guy was between my legs, rubbing his cock, but not much more than that. I assume he was taking in the oral sights, but I couldn't see what he was looking at.

By now, the black guy was big and hard again - and there was one more rubber to try.  "Get on the floor", he instructed. He pushed my head and shoulders down, my ass was up, presenting to him. He got behind me and..................pffffffffffft.  

Flat tire. again.

I was still in position when I heard sounds of two guys doing something, but I stayed put. Still, soon, Nerd was behind me and SHOVED his big, fat cock into my ass...........and to the hilt at that. I moaned, big time, but he kept going. Not that I was moaning for him to stop, mind you. Quite the opposite.

Either he picked up on that, or just didn't care. Of course, I hope it was the latter.

What I also hoped was that the new guy was paying attention: raw riding on Nerd's part. I think he was feeling Nerd up while I got fucked, and it only took 5-6 minutes before Nerd tensed and groaned, sending his load deep up my ass.

He pulled out way way way too quickly, but I know he can be sensitive after cumming. But the black guy never took his place.  He came up to my mouth and rolled me on my back. I sucked. He'd pull out and jack. Then I'd suck. He'd jack - and we repeated.

Eventually - and not in too long of a time - he just shoved in my mouth and fed me his load.

I'm not sure he could have gotten out of their any quicker, but Nerd guy stuck for a few. He had to anyways, as his car was blocked in. We didn't really talk if it was a good or bad scene. It was kind of in between. I'm not sure any of us were fully satisfied with it - but to be honest, I think that is how 3-ways go most of the time.

I don't expect a re-grouping of these guys with me.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Double Breeding

I was all dressed up and at a meeting when I got a 'woof' on Scruff.

He was four miles away, decent body, nicely tatt'd. But by the time I had a chance to 'woof' back, he said he had someone on their way over to his hotel - and perhaps we could get together later. I figure it would never happen, so I headed home after my meeting. Of course, right before I made it home, he reached out to me. The guy he met up with got off almost immediately, leaving the woofer high and dry in terms of ejaculation - and was I free?

I told him I could meet him in an hour - and he was good with that. And an hour later, I was knocking on his hotel room door.

He answered in just a pair of briefs. I was still in my suit - minus the tie.

After a 'hello', his first words to me were 'deep kiss'.  It wasn't quite a question, as right after he grabbed the back of my head and drew me into him. The man was a good kisser. And deep. He was all in with this act.

Soon, trousers were dropped. Shirts were in a pile on the floor and the briefs kicked across the room. While we continued to make-out, his hands felt my tits (damn!) and then they found their way back to my ass. First just on the cheeks, and then, in between.

I dragged him over to the king sized bed and pulled him down while still making out. Soon enough, he was sitting on my chest, feeding me his cock.

He was a solid 7 with a curve to his left. Nice sized head. Even hard, the cock also curved down - this would be nice for the 69 we would do, or the sitting on my chest when he tried - and succeeded in - choking me with his penis.

The man liked to make me gag.  To be fair, I think he probably likes to make all his partners gag. And while his cock wasn't extra large, the curve made it easy to go past deep throating and really get lodged in your esophagus. His tight grip on my head didn't help matters - for me. It was perfect for him.

And gag I did. My deviated septum on my left nostril doesn't help matters, but this was his show - not mine. I was a just a bit player - to a degree. My eyes would water, I'd have spittle coming from the sides of my mouth, my face was flushed. It was all perfect in its own way.

He pushed me down, face down, and went back and ate my ass. It was good, but truth be told, I've had better. Still I liked his enthusiasm.

But my mouth wasn't the only place he wanted to bury his cock. "Get up on your knees".....and so I did. With just some spit on his cock, and what he left on my hole, he was soon balls deep up my ass. The man was a good fucker.  He knew how to pump. He knew how to treat a guy who'd show up in his hotel room, after being rejected shortly before. He knew what I was - and what I was there for.

I'm down with that. But you know that. You've read other entries here, right?

I'm afraid to say, he didn't last long. He tried slowing down to keep himself from cumming, but he was too far gone. He had started to withdraw and had to plunge deep to make sure I took the seeding he was wanting to give.

We lay there afterward, him almost spent. But then he went between my legs and started lightly lapping at my 'taint. Then went down to taste his own jizz in my hole.  Then he came up and kissed me so I could taste his jizz and my ass.

He started talking about his first times - which always gets me going anyways - and how now his experience would be considered taboo. I had already asked for a second go-round, but he said he wouldn't be able to get it up. Still he came to the edge of the bed and had my head bent over it - and he wanted me to clean off his cock - to really taste the cock that had just been in my ass. And I did.

The combo of the ass eating, the stories and the ass-to-mouth got him hard as hell again. He spun me around, him still standing next to the bed, my legs went up and he gave me a rough 5 minute fuck until he spewed a second load deep into my hole.

I fell right to my knees after he pulled out and he buried his cock again down my throat - a tight hold so I couldn't escape his freshly fucked dick.

It was a great meeting. I was ok to call it a day then, but he wanted me to cum.  Drats. I was hard and all, but I always want to save it - or at least not get off. It's just my place in life most of the time.

Still he wanted it and I kind of figured he had earned it - right?

I asked where he wanted it, because I was ready to do mouth or ass at that moment. But he wanted it in his face.


He didn't know what he was asking for, because he wasn't aware of how much I cum, when I allow myself to cum. And I had a good 10 day load in my nuts. I didn't tell him that either.

He played with my tits from below, his head now hanging off the bed, the same place I had been. And I didn't hold back.

Each time he thought it was the last shot, it kept coming. Or cumming. He was impressed and not even a little upset that so much had gotten in his eyes, though the majority was in his beard.

He stood up, grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me. My own cum was in my mouth, but more of it was on my beard, transferred from his very own.

I dressed, did a quick towel pass over my face, though not thoroughly cleaning it, walked to the lobby and drove away.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I've written about him before - though for the life of me, I can't find the previous posts to link, so sorry about that.

He is gorgeous. Handsome with borderline being pretty. I'd call him "a kid", but he's 31 now. I've been hooking up with him for a few years, started at just giving him head. Now he wants me to partner with him to fuck others.

And that's all he wants me for. So there is no more giving him blowjobs or eating his hole. It's just getting head while he fucks, then switching positions.

Truth be told, I LOVE watching him fuck.

Clearly, I'm there because he likes to be watched. I'm there because I like to watch him. He has a great fuck face. The bottom never sees it because he is always behind them. But J is distant even in his fucking. He has no ability - it seems - to connect to anyone. He can't even make eye contact with me while he's pumping some guy's hole.

And I think I mentioned, when he's done, he's done. He'll wander away, or lay back on the bed to check his iphone messages. Him watching me fuck is almost never going to happen. His interest just goes to nil.

It's why I fake the orgasm more often than not when I'm there.

While you've all seen a few good fucks I've provided, overall, I'm still a bottom at heart. I don't go there to fuck, per se, but to see this guy, to watch him. I can't quite explain my fascination with him. It's not love. I'm not even sure it's lust.

It's like watching moving art. Sometimes the best part is during mid-fuck, he'll take off his shirt. 50/50 it remains on. I'm sure he's not the best top either, but his fluid body in motion, along with this face - eyes usually closed - is just something to see.

Lord, I sound like a schoolgirl with a crush.

He's never asked my name, and I only know his through some sleuthing - because I'm not entirely stupid.

He keeps me at arm's distance - and that is the closest I'd ever get. But now and again, he'll engage in conversation (via text) that makes him out to be much more experienced, and much much more filthy (not that there's anything wrong with that) than he'd ever come off to be. I know the guys with whom he associates (well I kind of know them), and I'm not talking just about me.

He has mentioned (and had over) guys whom I know to be utter pigs. Dirty pigs  -  in every sense of the word. Yet J, by all outward appearances

This last time, the guy he had over was ok. Better than most, in terms of body, but lord - what an open ass.

I hear guys talk of sloppy asses, but since I don't fuck that much, I don't know I've ever experienced such a thing. Until last week. You could drive a Yugo into this hole.

To be fair, I didn't really feel a load up in his ass, but since he was so loose, so sloppy, still I said: "you've already been fucked today".

He was a little shocked at my claim, but admitted he had been fucked by 'a daddy' earlier in the day and asked if I could still feel his load. I claimed I could - but I really don't think that the case. I was just hitting lubed up and stretched out lining of his colon.

J and I switched off a few times, but he went for it on round 4. He just unloaded his seed into this guy's ass. I got up and slipped right back in. Even in my semi-flaccid state, I could fit into the Chunnel.

J immediately lay back and started scrolling through messages on his phone, or looking for someone else / better.

I pretended to ejaculate, with the bottom telling both of us how he could feel me shooting up his ass. If he really couldn't - then he was a better actor than myself.  J never even looked up or even acknowledged any of this was still happening.

I pulled out, pulled on my shorts, and hit J's leg and said 'see ya'.  He responded with the same message and I left.

As much as I like seeing him and seeing him in action, it's a little soul crushing to keep going back. Again, I'm not sure why.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The Russian returned - and in less than a week.

I kind of knew he would, but I'm not as enamored of the situation, actually, the man, as I was last time.

He still looked ok. Still had a nice cock.

First off - he wanted to come by at 2p. Fine. 2p turned 4p, which turned to 5p, then 6p then 6:45p. Work, he said. I get that. The man's gotta eat, so he takes the jobs he's given when he's given them.

Between the long day of work with the possible addition of his nationality, and his what is likely chain smoking unfiltered cigarettes all day - his stench was...............unique. And pungent.

I like a degree. But something was off about this and it was not pleasant, but he was, I continued. Still, each deep throating brought me closer to his crotch and overall being. When things smell really bad, I normally breathe through my mouth, but one can't do that when it is filled with cock.

The last time he kept repeating "only women", but that seal had been broken, and probably well before me. He stepped away from my mouth and fished a rubber out of his pants.

"Fuck?" he does know more words than he's letting on.

Truth be told, I didn't really want the rubber, but truth be told, I knew it wasn't really my call. I had lube, but it wasn't really compatible with condoms. I'm guessing he didn't know that.

He expertly put the rubber on, and I expertly covered it with the lube I had. And then I bent over.

Granted, I get that condom-porn also deals with guys who take ED drugs to get and keep hard, but the majority of the time I play with a guy who puts on a rubber (or if I do), the stiffness goes away. This can't just be me - right?

Well, it was no surprise when his limper (but not fully limp) noodle just couldn't get into the hole. He kept thinking he was there, I assume, the way he humped the outside of my ass. But even then, his cock would "fall out" of the non-existent hole he was "fucking".

He was frustrated, and so was I. In my annoyance, I just muttered, "just take off the damned rubber".

He either has a better grasp on the English language than I thought, and was very quick, or he had already tossed the rubber off.

I reached around with more lube and stroked his cock - and it took almost nothing to get him back to full hardness.

Then, it was me back over the desk and him pushing past my outer muscle and deep into my guts.

It surprised me very little when he was more of a jack-rabbit fucker. Fast and Furious (there already has to be a porn version of those movies - right?). Super fast, actually.  Maybe - MAYBE - four minutes and he was screaming something in his native tongue, that had to be "I'M CUMMING".

Of course, it's just my guess. He may have been saying something vile about me.

I can live with that.

I'm not sure he could have been out of there any faster - and trust me, I was ok with that.

I got his cock. I got his load. I'm not sure there will be any repeats, but you just never know.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Not really a sex post - just a post about sex......or lack of, due to flakes.

I know we all deal with them and I really try NOT to be one. If I'm uninterested I say so, or if I see the email / text exchange going down a bad or wrong path, I quash it. The temporary sting of rejection is certainly better than the dull ache of waiting............always waiting.

I'd say for on-line hook-ups, at least for me, there is only a 15% success rate. So if you're doing the math on my blog entries, you know how many lines must be cast to actually hook something. Even the bad ones.

I have no reason for it, exactly, but I hit a breaking point the other day. I've looked back and really tried to figure out why now / why him. Nothing in his profile was so outstanding that I felt cheated out of a hot man or time. Even his second to last email had me thinking he was trying a bait and switch when he asked if I got my cock sucked, when my ad clearly said 'no reciprocation'.

Still, he said he was on his way over. 10 minutes it would take him to be here.

I think that was my breaking point though. WHY put a time table to your bullshit if it is jut that - bullshit? It's like the guys who say they're leaving and never get off their couch.

Earlier in the week a guy was 30 minutes late and I said - so you're not coming?  He said,  "I couldn't find the place."

I called him on his bullshit. I said you had a phone. You've been texting me - you couldn't have asked? You couldn't have called?  And since he had a blue text box, he was on an Apple product, and since he had my address, I knew he could Apple Map it or Google Map it.

Not surprisingly, he never replied.  Stupid gets caught in stupid.

So maybe he was also my breaking point.  So when Mr. Average (probably) who (probably) really wanted to suck my cock as opposed to getting sucked failed to show, I just dropped this email on him:

A little common courtesy goes a long way. Lack of it goes farther - just not in a good direction. 

I'll assume now that you're a half hour late that.....

1. You had a horrible horrible accident on he way over, and are pinned beneath your car w your phone just inches out of reach.  

2. You changed your mind but think only YOUR time is valuable and you're still waiting for that spine to arrive via FedEx. 

3.  All you really wanted was to suck my cock and when I said that wasn't what I was after (nor did my ad imply I was ) you decided to bail.  Again too gutless to say so.  

4. Your wife, girl / boy friend showed up and you lost internet connectivity to let me know.  

Part of me is hoping it is #1

And in reality, I REALLY hoped it was #1

Yes, it is petty, but it really came down to #2. Don't fucking waste my time and I won't waste yours. But that time is not just yours, so be a fucking human about it.

Of course, I never ever ever expected a reply. I'm not sure I wanted one. And if I did, I assumed it would be him calling me a "dick" or "asshole" - which I may or may not have coming. But hours later he actually had the balls to shoot me a message, so I'll give him that:

Yep, you are right and I am sorry. No excuse.  Inconsiderate of me and truthfully maybe a little pathological. I think I want it until I find it and then I leave people feeling helpless.  So again, I apologize 

While I don't accept the apology - and I don't - is this what it comes down to with all flakes? A pathological fear of finding what they want?

I did shoot off a message, probably too quickly, bust still meant every word of it about how he and his ilk are what's wrong with hook-up sites. Too big of pussies to put up and get off on chatting with guys but not being able to be honest about that.

There are sites if you just want to jack off to fantasies. Pay your $1 / minute, spray your seed, hang up and wipe yourself clean.

But leave me the fuck out of it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Не говорю по английски

Allegedly that means 'no speak English in Russian. At least according to the internet.

Not unlike the Hispanic dude I let fuck me a few months ago, this dude knew little to no English.

He pulled up in a work van / truck of some type, the likes of which I have never seen. I have zero idea what kind of business for which it could be used. Not that I care - it's not like we were doing it in his truck.

When he came in, it was a lot of nodding and very little talk. I didn't realize it at first that he was Russian. Probably emigrated here not that long ago. He looked liked he was a hard worker, and he reeked of cigarettes - clothes and skin.

And while he might have only been 37, but the smoking had taken a toll on his skin. He was pre-wrinkled where he shouldn't be. He carried himself well, but when he relaxed with his shirt off, he had a little paunch - but not fat. Still he didn't look like the same guy who walked up the drive.

He had a few words of English down - 'bathroom' as he pointed to it, making me think he had to use it. I obliged.

'Only Women' where the other two he kept repeating. I wasn't sure it was a question or a statement. Either way - it was incorrect. I was there to put his cock in my mouth - so not 'only women' for me. Well, no women at all. Ever.  And he was coming to get his cock sucked, so no 'only women' for him either.

And since he was looking at craigslist M4M, it was highly doubtful I was his first. Possible, I suppose, just not probable.

The cock was nice.....and uncut.

Not just uncut but with plenty of foreskin. And veiny foreskin at that.

I am not sure I've seen such prominent veins in the actual foreskin before.

And look how tightly that skin wraps around the head, truly exposing the rim. It was so fucking hot.

I know many guys like cut or uncut - for the most part, I don't care one way or the other. I suppose it is fun to play with one like this, getting my tongue underneath the skin, tasting the trapped precum.

Language barriers or not - it seems all men understand Fellatio.

I got his body language. I understood his moans. I understood the grip on my head. I knew what he meant when he started spewing cum into my mouth.

He knew what I mean when I groaned and swallowed.

There were no need for niceties on his way out - he couldn't convey them and I couldn't understand them.

It was a blowjob. Not a United Nations meeting .

Monday, August 10, 2015

It Broke

I was looking for a fuck - and I got one.

I wish I had asked for a pic, but I rarely do - for multiple reasons. Sometimes it pays off handsomely, sometimes it just is, and sometimes you go 'ummmmmmmm' - sometimes following through, sometimes not.

The pic would have possibly reminded me I had had sex with him a decade ago. If I wrote about it then, I can't find the blog post now. But his ad said, 6' 220, muscular powerlifter.

Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't - a powerlifter. He hit 220 20 or 30 lbs ago. All of it in his gut. He might be able to dead lift 430, but chances of him lifting a box of thin mints seemed to be more likely.  7" was more like 5.

Sometimes you can't win for losing. And I didn't know this until he got to the door, so, I guess I could have sent him away.

But he had a scene he wanted to play out. He asked if I wanted it raw or wrapped. I said it was up to him. He wanted the best of both worlds. Fucking me until the rubber broke - and then still finishing.

While stealthing is definitely a turn-on, as mostly a bottom, I find it difficult to do. And many tops won't really step up to that plate. So a "role play" was the next best thing, I guess.

He said he would bring the condom and that he was on his way - then sent me this picture.

I even planned to webcast this live, but that was another plan with a hole in it.

So he gets to the door, and if he remembers me or our last time, he doesn't show it, but i know and i remember it being ok because there were some firsts for me - but overall, it wasn't satisfying and he really didn't register with me on an erotic scale.  Still the door opened for him and upstairs we went.

The laptop was set-up and the web page was open. I had already put out an alert and link to the show / page via Twitter.

I dropped to my knees and sucked him through his lime green gym shorts. Then when those dropped his stupid ass jock strap / thong. I'd have shaken my head in sadness had I ever seen that in my gym locker room.

Like reverse magic, his 7" became 5. Stubby, especially seemed small when added in the gut. I'd say I don't know why I let him stay, but I probably do know why:  load collection.

I had come up off my knees for the fuck and reached into my counter drawer, "insisting" he put on a rubber. And he did. Well, technically, I did. I opened the package and rolled it on him. I turned around, he was ready to insert and BOOM - the Chaturbate screen had gone into 'warning' mode.

While the site had my documentation on file, they actually saw two people on screen (they audit? who knew??) and demanded documentation for the other person or no show.

Well - while doing the documentation isn't too too difficult, in the middle of sex, it is inconvenient at best. Still pics would have to be taken and emails sent - plus waiting time on the other side to verify and approve. I wasn't wanting this guy in my place for that long - so we opted to continue without.

I bent over for him, but had to talk him through penetration. Maybe it is my height, but guys are almost always 1-2" above entry. But with some assistance, he was in - and in to the balls.

I won't say I 'faked it', but I "ooh'd and ahh'd" at all the places I should have....and at the right times. But I can't say I was really into it. I wanted it to happen, but I wanted it to be done.

I did give him my phone (really - why is is so hard to self-film fucking?) and this is what he got.

Torn powered by XTube

The video is here for all of 2 seconds of visual. The ripped condom.

In theory, the broken rubber his hotter than fuck. It isn't really real, but in certain ways it is. The guys back storying it when they see it and not read this will spring a boner and jack their dicks off to a darker encounter that they'd probably never follow through on.

That's ok. Most sex is fantasy. I often wonder what guys are thinking about when I'm blowing them and they close their eyes. I'm almost sure they are not thinking about me - and that's ok. I'm just a curious sort.

Thursday, August 06, 2015


I was sent a message: a guy was dying for some head. He was headed out to do an estimate on a job in an affluent area of town and could I meet him out at the house he was performing said estimate.

This is not my normal routine - but I wasn't far from him, as I was coming from getting off my knees at another semi-regular's house. I'm not sure why I keep going over to that guy - decent enough load, but disappointing cock - and he's just a popper pig. He takes in as much oxygen as he does "video head cleaner".

The good thing about this last visit was he had a guy working in his garage. The guy I was sucking said he could walk in at any moment and see us. I hoped he would. I told him to tell the guy he had a cocksucker, but his response was, "I don't need trouble with the police".   That I didn't get.

The guy did knock (wish he had just walked in) and they conversed out of site of me, though I sat on the sofa stroking my cock in case he did peer in. No such luck.

Anyways, so, guy #2 leaves a message as I'm blowing guy #1. I said I can be there in 15 minutes. I figure, worse case scenario is I just leave.

The neighborhood is nice, but more populated than you'd think considering the wealth and the way most of the area is - which is acres and acres per property. Somehow I arrive first, and just drive around until he tells me he is there.

Naturally, in my pea brain, I figured (hoped?) that he'd be a hot laborer, or at least a very masculine one. Once again, porn has lied to us about how these guys look and how it all plays out. Yet I fall for it every time.  B.T. Barnum was right.

He pulled up in an ancient beat-up Volvo. He looked like Sam Elliott if Sam Elliott grew his hair to his shoulders and hadn't washed it for a week.  Or as a friend said to me, "in other words....Sam Elliott".

The guy was probably close to my age but with his - I'm guessing 4 pack a day habit - he looked 15-20 years older. And since it was noon, he was well into his 2nd pack of the day. Every breath he'd take - especially the exhale - would be like me sticking my nose directly into an ashtray, even though I'm on my knees three feet below him.

So, I get there and he goes "maybe we can find a place to do this....or do it in your car."

I'm like - you don't know a place?  I thought that is why I'm here. But he'd never been to the place. He said the owners were in Vegas and he was to do some work for them. Houses were not really close, but had views over to the one we were at.

For someone who had never been there he knew his way around. We went into a gated area - he knew exactly where the latch was and how it operated. He walked over to a pool area and grabbed a float and carried it over, depositing it in front of me so I could be on my knees in comfort.

What this guy lacked in looks, hygiene and professionalism, he made up for in his cock.

When fully erect, it was a very plump 7". Nice head too.

He really enjoyed my work, but that excitement led to breathing heavy, which led to that ashtray smell.

Still, the shaft had a good angle which made it nice for deep throating and then tickling the underside with my tongue as I extracted the cock - before repeating the process.

As he said it had been "forever" since he had head, I knew he wouldn't or couldn't last long. And he didn't. Maybe 10 minutes tops.

I could feel every pulse of this shaft as he shot streams of cum into my mouth. I milked it with my jaw, but then afterwards, milked it with my hand until every last drop was out.

I thanked him, got off my knees and drove away.

Monday, August 03, 2015

A Thing

Let it be said - not every feeder can treat a guy like a cocksucker.

I've touched on this before - even the "tough" ones, the domineering Sir types, turn into some kind of high school girl after the orgasm. Or sometimes before the sex even starts.

"Lived here long?"  "What do you do?"

Great questions for a date. Shitty repartee for when one is being a hole.

There are times when guys (tops and bottoms) are almost not human. You hear someone telling you that you are "just a hole" and sometimes you need to be only that. You're a receptacle.

He came over for head. At least that's what he said. I'm not bragging (and it's not bragging if it's true), but once a guy sees my cock they usually want to play with it or suck it. I don't want them to. If I did, I'd have advertised for that or answered an ad for that activity.

The easy solution would be to keep my shorts on, I know. But there is something vulnerable about being on your knees naked servicing a guy. It puts you, and keeps you, in your place.

He made a grab for my cock, but I literally cock-blocked him. He got the message, took the hint and then took over.

He put my on my knees. He took his cock in hand and guided it to my mouth. Then his hands were on my head.

We were both there, but I was more utilitarian than human. Receptacle more than mouth. There was no conversation. There wasn't even moaning - from either of us. He was laser focused on what he came here for and what he was to accomplish.

His hips didn't necessarily move fast, but forceful and with determination. This went on for a good 15 minutes.

While he made no overtures near the end, the hardening of his cock was enough for me to know ejaculation was imminent.

And he came. Globs of sperm filled my mouth. He pulled out too and shot on my face as well. He had good accuracy, which most guys don't. It didn't hit the floor - just my face.

I leaned back to savor the sperm in my mouth and to lick around my lips, capturing some of his spewed seed.

He stood over me, shook his cock two or three times - depositing any additional strands he had left. Without saying a word, fastened his pants and zipped them up as he walked to the door and departed.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two Times

I met him on craigslist.

On that site, I am more often bait for black guys than anywhere else. Mind you, I'm not complaining. And I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'll post images of me - usually one servicing white cock and one servicing black.

I do this to let guys know I'm open to both without having to spell it out for them. I tend to notice that guys on hook-up sites don't really read the written component and tend to go toward the graphic portion. I can be the same way. The hottest guy out there could be a total bottom and I'll miss that part well........because he's the hottest guy out there.

He (I have no name to even make a fake name off of) is most likely straight. I get that many guys say that, and mostly I don't believe them. This one I do. And seemingly on the DL big time. But I can work with that. I actually fucking dig it too. A lot.

You know me - guys who cheat or do it on the side somehow kick it up a notch for me. And that they come to me to relieve them? Even better! I like being that chosen one.

For the last month or so - I've been helping this dude out once a week. He wants me to be "his" cocksucker - and in a way I am. I'm not only his. But I'm his only. Though he would like to see me suck others - but no one black. Just white dudes. He wants to be the only dark skinned man in the room.

He's probably 35. 5'10" 200. He is just slightly doughy. Ever so slightly. I believe that until recently he wasn't that way, but just let it slide.

His 7.5" dick makes up for it. He says it's 8.5", but it's not. He might be 7.75". It's still a very respectable cock. And it is thick.

And he always has a five o'clock shadow. Maybe a little heavier but not a full beard.

I would like for him to stand for his blowjobs, and he might start out that way, but he insists on sitting. Of course, I can work with that, but it doesn't make me feel as subservient.

The man appreciates a good blowjob. Yes, I'm talking myself up here. He says it's the best head he's ever had, so who am I to say he's wrong?

To him - I'm his "white, cocksucking faggot".  To him - "he's a got a great big nigger dick"  His words - not mine.

His cock fits nicely in my mouth. I love how it fills up the empty cavity. I can suck it for a long long period of time, but now and then, he loves it when I make a small ring of my index finger and thumb and ever ever ever so barely touch his shaft when my mouth is going up and down on that BBC. That slight touch makes him tremble even more than my mouth alone can do.

I hate having to use my hand, and it's not a full on jack-off / suck thing. It's just something for additional stimulation. And it always makes him cream - and he has huge loads.

The first time with me, I taught him to grab my throat so he can feel me swallow. I've never had to reeducate him on this. I kind of wish he'd grab tighter, but that's ok. I can deal with it as is.

The thing is - every time he cums, he remains hard. And he doesn't mind me, or stop me, going back down on him.

Actually, every time he has been with me, I've been able to milk two loads out of him and usually the second is as just as productive as the first. And oddly, the second is so much easier to obtain. This stumps me.

And oddly enough, his cock isn't sensitive after the first load, but I can't even touch it after the second.

But hey - he's mid-30s, so maybe his rebound time is good. Very good.

As of right now, I'm his white cocksucker.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


There was no other way to describe him: Nerd.

Doughy, but not overly so - still he has never seen a gym since mandatory P.E. class. He was short the slide rule and pocket protector, but everything else about him said: Dwight Schrute's brother!

And he was nervous too. I get that. A stranger's place, doing something you've probably done a half-dozen times in your life?  Everything about the guy said 'newbie' or 'inexperienced'. While I'm not a fan of virgins (I like experienced guys), I figured I could work with this. His profile said he had a great cock - but don't they all?

He was a little bowlegged and while he could get up the stairs, to the trained eye, he struggled just a bit. He was shaking a little - maybe nerves, maybe something else.

A quick feel of his crotch yielded less than stellar hopes for what he advertised. But I know guys can be growers, so I'm trying to learn not to judge too quickly. And again - the nerves!  He unbuttoned his trousers and massaged his cock through his striped briefs. I got down on my knees and gnawed just a little through the cotton. Then I pulled them down.

Well fuck!

THAT is a nice hang.  He grew to a nice 7.5" and he was thick. Beefy, if you will. And a nice big head on the end of that shaft - as you can see.

It was growing. He was getting over his nerves.  ....and then my mouth went around it.

He started shaking, but this time for a whole new reason.

He loved the feeling of my mouth on him. And yeah, I could have probably done some fast sucking job that would have gotten him off with ease, I didn't. I was slow, methodical, thoughtful and reading every sign he could provide.

I did the head. I did the shaft. I made my tongue dance all over, seeing what he'd respond to. I used my lips to caress the head and shaft too. He was in fucking heaven. While I had to believe someone had serviced his cock before, I doubt it's been often and I'm almost sure it wasn't with such intent.

I also talked to him. Making sure he felt good. Letting him participate. I know I'm totally backstorying his sex life, but I felt like no one ever had done any of these things. He got more and more comfortable with what I was doing - even putting his hand on my head - more to steady himself than to guide me, but that's ok. Being comfortable to do just that can be big. But his legs never truly stopped shaking.

I was taking the tremors as a good sign. Twice he pulled back. I asked if he was ok, but he commented he didn't want to cum. I took that as a very good sign - of what I was doing to him and his stepping up to the plate to let me know he was (somewhat) controlling his orgasm.

He told me he loved the pics I had in my CL ad, showing other guy's cum in my mouth. While I'm glad that turned him on, I was happier that he was expressing his likes.

I told him I wanted his cum in my mouth. He said he would and said he wanted me to swallow it. I assured him I would. And he said he had already cum once that day because he didn't think something like this would actually happen.

I wasn't too worried. He was in high gear - trembling and trying to hold back. He would cum - the question was how much would he have?

As it turns out, the second time of the day was more than plentiful. Well........maybe not more than - as I didn't miss anything. I got it. I held it in my mouth. And since he liked seeing the pictures of it, I opened my mouth nice and wide to show him his jizz before I let it slide down the back of my mouth and into my belly.

I told him if that's what his second load was like, the first load of the day would have been amazing.

...and yes, I would do him again in a second, nerd, or not

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I will admit, this story isn't too much different than one I posted two plus months ago.

It still stars the 8-9" thick thick thick cocked black man, who is becoming one of my all time favorites. He's subdued. Calm. Intense. Sexy. All at the same time. And he has a big cock, and knows how to use it.

You'd think it wouldn't matter, as long as he has a big cock, but not all large men can utilize their penis the right way.

The situation was the same as well. Let me rephrase - it turned out to be the same. I don't think there was any intention on our parts for it to play out in a similar fashion.

He asked me to meet him at his place at 3p. I got there on time, but he wasn't there. It turns out he wouldn't be showing for another 35 minutes, but I hung around the neighborhood, well, because I wanted his cock. Plain and simple.

He greeted me at the door with a t-shirt, shoes and socks. His shorts were off, his cock was rock hard - right there, at the door, in broad daylight. What is not to love about this man?

I walked in and wrapped my hand around it well before shutting the door. I even tugged at it, making it even more stiff than before. Off came my shoes, then my shorts and boxers. And then I was on my knees.

For some reason, he likes to sit while he gets sucked. I'd rather he stand, but clearly it is not my call - nor should it be.

At first we started the fucking part of this story with me sitting on the sofa, with my ass at the edge. This worked for a few minutes and actually felt really good for me, but I knew it was an awkward position for him, so it was back to being bent over the couch.

I'm adapting much better to him just taking my ass. Yes, I feel every part of it - and I should mention this was a day after the trucker and the two guys in the hotel room. So my ass was a little open and a little sore. Not that I told him that. Not that I care. Not that he would have either.

He went hard. He fucked like a champ - but he always does. He wasn't asking me how I felt and you know I'm ok with that. I was worried that he like it. And he did - or so he says. Hell, his cock was like steel, he was liking something.

We'd only been at it for about 10 minutes when he said he was going to cum. The words were barely out of his mouth when he buried deep and squirted his load into my guts.

He never even pulled out afterwards. His first words to me were - "want another load". It was rhetorical of course, but I answered in the affirmative.

Even with the second go-round, he only took about 6-7 minutes, commenting on his own load as lube.

Here's a quick video of him putting it to me.


I love having the second load as much as the first.

But pull out he did. And I knew what he wanted. I don't need to cum, but he really really really likes me doing it. So I did. All over his cock and his floor. I tried to aim, but's an unruly beast. I'd say 70% went on his still hard dick.

Then he just bent me over again and pushed in. He only did enough strokes to rid himself of my load - up MY ass, but when it was done, we were done.

Six loads in two days. One of them mine.

Yes, for sure, now my ass was sore.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That Moment When......

After I finished with the hotel gang, I was about to head back to my place when I got hit up by a guy from A4A.

I've said before here, that at least in my area, A4A skews to the black population. I'm not sure why, but it does. And you've also seen here, that I'm not adverse to having "relations" with that community.

His pics did him no justice. His profile was only just ok too. If I'm being honest, it was the description of his cock being a 'hole stretcher' and him at a Pilots resting in his semi rig for a few hours before going back on the road that got my attention.

It intrigued me enough to travel 10 miles in the wrong direction.

He presented much better in person. He met me out front and we walked back to his rig.

This would be only my second encounter in an 18-wheeler. Sure, as a teen, I * might * have orally serviced a few truckers at a rest area - at once - but inside a truck is porn material. Not that sucking off three truckers isn't.

Like the last cab, it was more than a little messy, but these guys live here almost 24 hours per day. Maps (who uses those anymore?), food wrappers, half-filled bottles of water or soda. You get the idea.

Unlike the last one, he seemed to have more room behind the seats. The "bed" seemed wider. He stood in front of me for a moment and I slipped off the bed to my knees. His cock wasn't exceptionally long, maybe 5.5", but he was true to the hole stretcher thing. The shaft was wide, the head was wider. HUGE head.

He appreciated my oral skills, but that's not why he got me into his truck. And my jaw was not the hole I wanted stretched.

Of course, I lied, saying I hadn't been fucked for a while. But then, maybe 25 minutes is "a while" to some people. It's all relative, right?

The man was wide. I felt it. But I had also just been opened up pretty well by two different guys. Still, he bottomed out and still ground into me - for good measure.

We would do it in just about every position - save me sitting on his cock. There was quite a bit of room - more than you'd think - in that sleeper compartment. I was on my back at the edge of the bunk. I was on all fours. I was face down. I was on my side, with him lying behind me. All the while taking dick.

Between positions, he wanted to kiss. And like I was a 15 year old girl on a car date, he'd reach down between my legs and finger my hole. I don't how he was doing it, but I probably felt like a 15 year old girl on a car date - getting turned on and wet "down there".

And he was a talker. He tried to engage me, and to a degree he did. At one point he very lightly smacked my ass. I might have raised an eyebrow, indicating "is that all you got?".

He hit harder. And then harder. I told him I wasn't a fragile kind of guy. That was the moment just clicked for him.

He hit harder. He fucked MUCH harder. He knew I wouldn't break. He knew I wouldn't say 'no'.

He flipped me on my stomach and really put it to me. I took it like a champ......until he flooded my guts. I took all of that too.

I won't say he became apologetic after he shot his wad, but he softened......and wanted to talk some more. I get it. Being a trucker, you talk all day but on a radio. Not to humans.

I indulged him for a few, but had to get on my way. And he had to sleep. He said he'd drop me a line if he came back through this way.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hotel Group Encounter

I had been chatting on Scruff with a handsome-ish black man. Some pictures he was very handsome, and some he was not so much. I wasn't sure how he actually looked by the images he was providing.

Even his cock pics looked a little different, but one thing was for certain was that it looked thick.

"Matt" had a nice body an wanted to get together right then, but my schedule didn't allow it. The next morning he wanted me to come by his hotel, but wanted to fuck me in the lobby restroom. I'm all for a public display like that, as you know, but then he changed his mind and told me to come up to his room.

As I pulled into the parking lot, he messages me: "there are two other guys here with me - is that ok?" Of course, I said it was.

When I knocked, he came to the door wrapped in a towel. Facially, he looked different than any other pic he sent, but still handsome. I started to walk into the room - for a second I spotted two white guys pairing off in the corner, but my guy brought me back to the bathroom area for himself to start.

He dropped his towel and he produced a nice cock for me to get on my knees for. Which I did.

We played for about 10 minutes, but I think hearing the command about "get your ass up on the bed" got the better for both of us. By the time we emerged, one guy had his cock all the way up the other guy's ass.

I finally got a look at the two. The fucker, "Brian" was HOT. Hotter than hot. The face was European - Greek ancestry perhaps? - the body was a little above average and he was sporting a wedding ring - which I love. He pulled his cock out and it was fucking nice. 8", but it was the thickness that gave me pause along with the dip downward at the base of the shaft, that went on to curve upward at the head. This could do some damage to this guy.

The fuckee, "Mark" was average. Less than. Reddish blonde hair, but chunky. His face, when I got to see it was very full. But he was face down taking the dick, and I wasn't. While we watched him fuck, I got down on my knees and stuck my tongue up the fucker's ass. He fucking moaned - I think from my tongue, but maybe from the ass he was plowing.

I went over to the sofa and blew Matt. Eventually, he got me to the bed too, perpendicular to the other couple. I had knees up on the bed, my head near the other bottom and waited to take that black cock up my ass. I didn't have to wait too long either. Soon he was balls deep.

I will totally admit to being fucked, but watching Brian do his deed - and hoping I'd get that chance. I was trying not to do a grass is greener thing, but his cock was so fucking hot and he was such a brute, it was difficult not to want it.

As it turns out, Matt slipped out of me. Semi-hard, he had already admitted to having two guys the night before (when I couldn't make it) and was a little worn out.  Brian pulled out of the other guy and walked my way.  Internally, I was going "yayyyyyyyy!" to myself.

He rubbed my ass. He squatted down to actually inspect it. I thought for a second he would lick it, but he didn't. He rubbed his thumb against my hole. Fingers were inserted. But soon he was standing behind me. And in he went. No ceremony - no easing it in. He knew what he had between his legs and he knew how to use it. He knew his skills, or he didn't care about my well being - though I think it skewed more to the former. He also had seen a big black cock just pound me so he knew I was somewhat open.

My lord that man knew how to fuck. I felt every inch of his cock and he knew it.

A few times he pulled out. At least twice just to plunge back in, but at least once to cool down. Matt said, "yeah, he's ready to shoot".  And he probably was, but he wasn't ready to just yet. That was ok, I could take a little more.

While I was getting fucked, Matt went over to fuck the other bottom. He was taking that black dick well.

But then the tops decided to switch places.  Fuck.  With Brian so close to coming at least once, I didn't want to not be the receiver or his fluid. He dove right back in, while my guy slowly inserted himself back up my hole. I think he was struggling a little with trying to stay rigid.

As it turns out, Brian fucked the load right out of the other bottom. The guy had a towel to shoot onto, but sprayed his seed all over the sheets. Somehow I was no longer being fucked and we stood along side the other top. I scooped up the spilled seed and rubbed it on the white top's dick. He just pushed me over - me taking the place and space of the former bottom.

With some cum as lube, he went in and he went in hard. Matt was now laying on the bed - perpendicular - and Brian told me to lick his balls, which I did. And I moved farther south to eat his hole too. That got both of them worked up.

It didn't take the top more than a two dozen strokes after that before I heard Matt say, "he's getting ready to shoot".  There was heavy breathing, but not announcement. Brian popped out of my ass for one stroke and one squirt then back in - this time taking me flat on the bed, his full body weight on top of me.

"Fuck boy, I'm going to push it all the way up you!".

Matt was now standing in front of me and I thought I felt something but wasn't sure. I asked what he was doing and the guy fucking me said - "he's cumming on your fucking skull!"

We all got ourselves together. This is when I finally figured out that the two tops were partners. Of course he knew when he was going to cum, they knew each other's signs.

The other bottom left first. The other two talked about how they were from Alabama and could never have a four way - that they'd just never find one especially due to one of them being black. It still amazes me people think this way.

I admitted to them that I was worried the other guy would get the loads. They both laughed and said there was no danger in that. That the other top misrepresented himself and they weren't going to reward that.

They asked if I wanted to shower or clean up. I just needed to clean drying jizz off the top of my scalp. But when I turned down the offer so clean up the ass, Brian goes - "Good - you fucking keep that load in your ass all day".

And I did - for about 11 hours.

They said they'd be back - and here's hoping. I'd love another go-round.