Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The ad read that he was looking for a massage. That the person who'd come over would massage, then tease his cock. Then get said cock shoved down the throat. Somewhere in the text was the implication that if done right, the masseur would get bent over.

I focused more on the 'shoved down the throat' perspective, but prepped accordingly when I got the green light to come by at lunchtime.

Pouring rain, I waited for the ok to come up to the apartment entrance. What I didn't know was that he was in another car waiting to join me. Looking at the prospective goods to see whether he should join me or drive away.

For full disclosure, I've never given nor received a massage. He knew this going in, but I was willing to try. I thought it would be a two minute massage and right to the blowjob, but riding up in the elevator with him, something felt different.

Not bad different, just a change in expectations. But that we'd be playing this out. Not exactly role play, but sticking with and through the original intent of the ad.  There might have been some slight role play, but nothing forced.

He seemed nerdier than I anticipated, and a bit heftier.  Not fat at all. And to be honest, he never said what he was like exactly, so how I came up with that thought was out of thin air.

"Dave" opened the door and I took off my wet shoes. I'm a gracious trick.

Walking in, I saw he actually had a massage table and it was all set up. I was not expecting that. He got ready, I took off my jacket and shirt, leaving on a t-shirt and jeans. He pointed to the lotions and oils and got on the table, face down.

I started with his back. I worked it with light touches and deep tissue movements, up and down this spine and to the sides as well. As I moved close to his head and neck I stepped forward as well. His dangling arms were there, but the only thing they touched were my jeans, holding onto my calf.

I asked if he wanted me to lose my jeans - he said yes.  I kicked them off and went back to the massage. While his dangling arms were there and touched my calf, he made no attempt at touching anything else. This was like - to this point - a real massage.

His back, neck and scalp were worked.  I massaged his arms. I massaged his legs. I toyed with massaging his ass cheeks, but at this point was keeping it "professional".

I really worked his legs - thighs and calves - and then his feet: the heel, the ball, the arch and each toe. But this time we'd been into it for 20 minutes and it was still a 'massage'.  I kicked it up a little here by licking the bottom of his foot.  He moaned. I rubbed while I licked - depending on where on the foot I was.

With his toes near my mouth, I inserted each toe individually, like mini-blowjobs. Then I got all five toes into that mouth of mine. I repeated my actions with the other foot.

Again, I moved up his legs, massaging as I went.  Barely visible was the head of his cock between his legs and mostly pressed down onto the table, as he was lying on it. Still, I nestled my head there and licked, flicked really, my tongue at the head.  Again there was a moan.

Now I was massaging his ass cheeks. And then I was probing between them......with my tongue. He fucking loved that.

And while it's a little more standard for you guys to read about it here, it's still not a big thing elsewhere: I asked him if I could get a cube of ice from his freezer. He allowed it as he stayed put. He didn't know what I was going to do with it, but he soon found out.

He writhed. He moaned. He groaned - loudly, at that. But as that cube was slowly and deliberately slid into his asshole, he never once tired to stop me.  Like the others, he loved the cold of the cube and the warmth of his ass.....how one immediately melted the other. That and my hot tongue then pushing it in - the sensations are incredible.  (try it!)

Soon, I had him lie on his back. I massaged his chest, his arms, head (again) - still no touching. I did the front side of his legs and then dove on his hard cock - which was about 7" medium thickness.  He loved that too.

But like his ad had said, he shoved me down on that cock as his hand wrapped around my neck. This would be the only touching he'd do of me, other than that light touching of my calf. His hips lifted off the table slightly, but mostly it was pushing me down on his rod.

It didn't last as long as I thought it would, when he said, climb on and sit on me.

My boxer briefs hit the floor and I climbed up. I wasn't sure the table could support two grown men, but he assured me it would. And it did.

With him on his back, I straddled him, reached behind with spit in my hand, coated his cock, held it firm and in place and lowered myself backwards.

He popped in nicely and I slid all the way back. Or what I thought was all the way back. He had me lean further back and even that last 1/16th of an inch made a fucking difference.

And then I rode.  I fucked myself on that dick. Oh, he helped. He moved enough to make me feel it.

I take it back, he did touch me again, holding my hips. He bucked. I bucked. We bucked. We made it last a good 20-25 minutes. Even in that position, he was a skilled fucker. You'd never know it by looking at him, but he knew his shit.

Few words between us, but neighbors might have figured out what was going on at this point. I didn't care. I didn't live there.

Since there were no words, it was only a look of his eyes and the catch of sound at the back of his throat before he made a 'cumming noise'.  It's hard to describe, but we've all been there, hearing one or making one.

I felt him throb up my ass.

And he wasn't quick to let it go, which is good.  I now had a chance to really use my muscles to mile his just spent shaft.  He appreciated the work. His cock was not that sensitive after ejaculation that he couldn't or wouldn't take it.

Eventually, he just kind of slid out.  I slid off the table and stood next to it.

Then I massaged his dick for a bit.  But massaging made him stiff..........again.

I never assume anyone will get hard immediately. He wasn't as solid as before, but close.

He got off the table and got behind me, bending me slightly over the table.  Back in he went.  And this time he had more leverage and more lube. His own lube.

Dave was rough. He totally used that hole. I positioned myself against the table, bracing myself for a hard fuck - and I was getting one.

After about 10 minutes he yanked out and said - "down on your knees, now!"

I dropped - opened my mouth, with one shove he pushed his cock with my ass juices on it, into my mouth and dropped his second load.

Then he made me clean him off, which as the client, I was going to do anyways.

He thanked me for my services and led me to the door so he could hit the showers.  But he did say he'd made another massage appointment.

Let's hope I did well enough for that to happen.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Aesthetics. Pleasure. Power.

He had a great cock.  Potentially one of the best dicks I'd ever had the pleasure to know.

Thick. Almost 8" long. A droop from the base and a slight curve upward when you got close to the head.  This pic does not do it justice.

It didn't hurt that it was attached to a man who was fucking gorgeous.

A great face, bearded, dark hair on his head, great glasses. Standing 6'5" and clearly someone who takes physical activity seriously.  And married.

I had answered his CL ad. He got back to me right away, but we played email tag for weeks. Literally.

I'm not saying he was a flake or even a tease, but time management wasn't great. I would go out of my way to make myself available only to get a cancellation. But he was always engaged. I'm not sure how he wrote his ad, but there were no images, nor did I ask for any. But I was intrigued to say the least.

We finally nailed down a time as he texted me where he was in his approach. He seemed invested.

He even drove up the drive with determination. Nothing timid about him.

As he walked up to the door he was grabbing his own crotch, aggressively, through his well tailored suit.  He was ready. I was too.

He just stood there, waiting. I was happy to help him out.  I rubbed his cock through his suit pants, feeling them fill out even more.  A man in a suit is so extraordinarily hot to me, I can't really accurately describe it.

But I think his aggressive nature, his suits, even how he drove spoke a lot about him. Aesthetics is important to him. Pleasure is important to him. Power is important to him.  And he needs to see those things.

Me on my knees, unzipping his fly brings all those into alignment. My mouth enveloping his fucking rock hard cock does too.

He was verbal too. More compliments than dirty talk, but it was our first time. I could totally see (or at least wish) that he'd get down and dirty in his verbal skills. I know he has it in him.

I loved feeling his hand on the back of my head, guiding me. I feel I need no assistance, but I love when a guy is in control.  I loved feeling his pubes on my lips, knowing, even with the curve, I took him to the root.  I liked hear him telling me to 'deepthroat me'.  And of course, I did.

During the blowjob, he kept reiterating how he'd be back - how he wanted more.

Men of power, aesthetics and pleasure are that way.  They know what they want, and go after it. When they get it, they keep control of it until they find better.

We discussed before he arrived what he was looking for. He asked where I wanted the load, and even though I wanted it in my mouth, I am smart enough not to say that to a man like this.

"That is not my decision" was my reply.  "It's wherever you want it".

I'm not being flip or smug - it's the fucking truth. When you are the one to go to your knees (or on your back) for a dominant guy, he calls the shots, including what he does with his load.

"Near the end, I want you to stroke my cock so I can shoot on your face".

It's about power.  It's about control. It's about the pleasure of him seeing his manhood shoot the seed of life - his seed.  He gets the pleasure of feeling the orgasm. He gets the pleasure of seeing the control he has over me - me doing what he requests.  He gets to see the power - his actual babymakers, as they coat my face.

The first jet was powerful. His moan was too. It went up my left cheek.

A few weaker shots hit my tongue, my beard and between my lip and nose.

Unexpectedly at that point, the most powerful jet shot out. Over my nose, up my right cheek and even into my eye.  I knew that eye part was eventually going to hurt (and it did).

But afterwards, he let me worship that cock. He let me clean it off.  He let me take it and roll it in his own cum on my face - both sides - and then let me stick it back in my mouth. I wasted barely a drop.

Then he had me clean him up so he could leave.  He'd gotten what he came for.

I have no doubt I will see him again.

Monday, April 14, 2014


He had a great cock.

"Dick" replied to my ad asking guy to 'flood my mouth'. It took a while for him to get it together, but would later come to find he was a working man - with his hands - and probably not all that tech savvy on navigating email. Especially CL ad responses / replies that always seem to end up in my junk mail.

When he arrived it was chilly but not cold, though he may have been working in conditions with little to no heat. He apologized for not being 'big' at the moment he walked in the door. I told him it was my job to get it big. He liked that.

Dick was tall - maybe 6'5". Slim, but not skinny. Grey hair and facial hair that made him look like a younger Col. Sanders. It worked on him somehow.

I rubbed his denim covered crotch to get him to grow.  Then I dropped those and rubbed his boxer briefs. He was responding.  Soon my mouth was down there, putting warm breath through the cotton blend.

Pulling down his boxers, it was nice to look at.  7.5", but like the rest of him, slim, but not skinny. Big fucking head and it seemed to weigh down the shaft, but in reality he just had a hefty downward curve.

He had a great cock.

So I went to work.

He wasn't sure what to make of the blowjob. I mean, he liked it - clearly - but he claims that I was only his third blow job and first from a guy.

Maybe this was true, but I always assume it is not. He was 55. How does a man get to that age with only 2 other blowjobs under his belt?

I decided to show him what a great one felt like - so he'd have it as a frame of reference.

Being that it was his first real one (I'm saying that - not him), I thought he might lose his load sooner than later, but he didn't. I worshipped and treated his cock like a pro for well over a half hour.

Sometimes his eyes would be closed.  At times his head would be thrown back.

My favorite times is when he'd be watching his cock disappear into my mouth. He enjoyed that too.

"That looks fucking good".  He later confirmed he liked watching his cock go into my mouth or rub on my beard.  Truth be told - I like being watched by them.

I like seeing lust in their eyes, more at what they're doing than who is doing it. I like them relating, even for a second, that there is a guy on his fucking knees giving them pleasure.  I like them knowing a guy is sucking their fucking cock.

Truth be told, the curve was impeding my ability to give him great head. I was doing a good job and even a great one from his perspective, but I knew I could do SO much better.

He was game for me lying back with my head hanging back. It left for a good angle for his cock to slide right down my fucking throat.

And for a guy who hasn't gotten head much, he knew how to pound face - at least in that position. Of course porn movies have taught us a lot, I suppose. But he seemed super skilled at how to feed.

He teetered on the word "cocksucker", but couldn't quite get it out of his mouth. If he was a newbie, then I get that - he is not sure where the line is, though I tried to show him how far he could go with me verbally.

I'd say we were about 30 minutes in before he lost his load - and with very little warning to me. Not that I cared.

It was a decent sized, but not huge. It was ok tasting but had hints of bitterness - but that wasn't important either.

He claims he'll come back. I'd be happy to have him return.  I'll get it right so he understand what he's been missing.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Black Breeding

He came back - a few times.  The 9+" black man who was looking for a guy like me.

Still no name, still no email, still no phone number.  But when I got "No Caller ID" on my phone, it was almost always him.

Once he had me suck him.  Once he had me eat his ass out while he slowly jacked then shot in my mouth.

Still claiming to be safe, this time, he had me show off for him. Rub my ass hole, show him my legs. He did not want to see my dick.

I should mention that he has never mentioned it - let alone touched it. This isn't his deal.

When he says he fucks women, he does and not one of those lame guys trying to pass as straight getting off on some fantasy or trying to help you get off on that fantasy. I was (and am?) all about convenience to this guy.

Maybe it's three calls in as many days. Maybe it's a week or two until he needs the outlet.

Sure, I had taken his cock in my mouth this time. I even just touched the tip of my tongue on his head as it peaked out of his boxer briefs that could not contain its size.  I sucked him, and I sucked him good - but not great.  That is my evaluation, not his.

"Roll over", he calmly commanded.

I was on the bed, on my belly.

Once again he used his rock hard dick to slap my ass.

"You want this".  Again - calmly said, but not in question form.

More cock / ass slapping. Then the lean in.  Then the touching of the cock head to my crack.....and then more localized pressure.

Pressure gave way to blossoming.  Two inches or so had gained entrance.  There would be more - we both knew it. But timing wasn't up to me.

I was on my belly, him over me, but not quite 'on top' of me. He still had 7" to work with that was outside my ass.  He made quicker work of getting it in there - and up there - than I might have liked, but I'm adaptable. I have to be. Not that there was a choice.

There were more grunts and moans from my end then words. There were almost no words from his end, except maybe, "put your legs together".

I suspect that was to not only keep him in me, but to treat me like a random fuck - probably a girl - that he could just pump without worrying about who was there.

He ignored my strong groans, the ones you could tell bordered on discomfort. I knew enough not to say anything, because from previous experience, be it my mouth or ass, he wasn't at all concerned.

This went on for another 10 minutes and I heard a catch at the back of his throat.

"What is going on?" I asked.   "You know exactly what's going on" was the reply.

For a guy last time who wanted to be nothing but "safe", here he was unloading. All bets were off now. This would define what I was to him.  Or clarify it.  It was unsaid, but we both knew.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Go & Cum & Go

A while a go, a friend of mine told me, after I slept with one or two black guys, that a signal has gone up and now only black guys will be contacting me.  Honestly, he called it the 'black stink' - but not in a bad way.

While white guys have not disappeared, there does seem to be an increase in the number of black men interested in hooking up with me. Maybe they have a listserve that gets the word out about the white cocksuckers who like black dick.

So a guy emailed me from a long ago placed ad wanting to know if I was free. I would be, I said - which corresponded with him finishing his gym work out.

His stats were nice.  His body was nicer

He said he'd be by after he showered. I told him not to bother - as I liked the smell and taste of a guy who had just worked out.  He said he would really really need to shower as he was rank, so I caved. 

But a few minutes later he said he was on his way and skipped his shower.  Fuckin' A. 

It was freezing out but there he was in shorts and a t shirt. We got right down to it. 

Unfortunately it was all oral. Don't get me wrong, I love sucking cock - LOVE IT - but this guy I'd have loved to have up my ass. But at this time, it was not what he was looking for. 

The man's shorts and shirt were soaked with sweat. His workout had gone well as he had soaked through his t-shirt and his underwear and his shorts. Before him taking them off, I made sure to smell them.....sniff deep.  Lick them too.  

I don't know what he thought of me doing this - or if he knew what to make of it all. I didn't really care. 

I was down on my knees, sniffing his crotch and slowly pulling down his shorts and briefs. His cock was nice and hard and very dark. Don't ask me why, but on black guys, I do prefer darker skin. His balls were shaved or at least smooth. 

The cock went into my mouth and I fucking savored it. Tasting the flesh. Tasting the musk. Getting it wet, making the dark skin darker with my saliva. It's a good test marker for the feeder to see how far an eater like myself is getting down on his disk. 

I took it all the way. 

After a bit, he sat in a chair and directed my head up and down at the pace he desired. I like to think I know what I'm doing, but each guy is different on what he likes and how he approaches an encounter like this. If he felt more in control this way - let him have it. He's the boss. 

Soon he was sitting back on a bed and I was still on my knees. I went to his balls, which he spread his legs for me to get to. They were smaller than you'd think, but tasted of a gym workout. I tested the waters and went further south. He was receptive for a minute but then didn't want his hole eaten. 

I SO wanted to dive into that and clean it out, especially since he hadn't showered after the gym. It's the taste of a real man. 

As I went back to his cock for some deep throat action, him laying back, he talked about how he'd like to fuck me sometime. That got my cocksucking skills a little more excited. I milked his cock with my mouth and throat. 

He held my head tight. He pumped and I dove and bobbed. We had a good synchronization of feeder and eater skills going on. 

He then held my head real tight and said, "you're gonna make me piss".   

I thought, "huh?"  I had never really experienced this while in the middle of giving head. Sometimes at the end - even a time or two right at the beginning, but not in the high point of a blowjob.  

But piss he did. Not a lot, but not a little either. His cock was far into my mouth and you know, we were in a nice room where I didn't want piss all over, so I took it. Every drop. 

He went back to pumping my throat after that and I'd say within 90 seconds he was now unloading another bodily fluid into my mouth.  Sweet. Hot. Semen. 

I took every drop of that too. 

He was kind of turned on and a little freaked out at what he had just done - or what I had just done. Mainly the piss thing. I'm not sure he was expecting to need to piss or that a white cocksucker would drink it. But I did. 

He got back into his damp, smelly clothes and I followed him to the door. With me right behind him, I reached around and played with his crotch. He wasn't soft. He didn't stop me. 

I told him how great his cock was and I swear it got harder.  Guys love hearing how great their cock is. 

He said if I keep that up, I'm getting a second round. I told him he could bend me right over the kitchen counter and give it to me. 

"You'll do anything I say".  

I said. That didn't sound like a question. He replied that it wasn't one.  But he had to go. I had to let him. 

He said I would hear from him. I hope I do. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Been A While

He'd been out of town for a bit, and I'd been traveling too.

It had been months since I've played at his place - either in his bed or in his sling.  I think September was our last opportunity.

We have a deep bond, that goes beyond mere trick, but not quite deep enough to be more than that at the same time. We chat - in person and text -, we kiss, we joke, we fuck.

More importantly, HE fucks. Me.

When it comes down to it, he slides his 7" dick up my ass and fucks me in all kinds of positions.

The man knows what to do with his cock like few others I've experienced. Maybe it's because he flip fucks. I mean, not so much with me, but he does take what he gives. That's admirable in a guy.

I'm not as admirable, if those are the rules of engagement.

I went by his place and his door was open of me. I secured it shut. While guys walking in and joining in could be hot, it would not be - at least in this neighborhood.

He greeted me with a great mouth lock, and his hand taking me immediately back to his bedroom. Little foreplay, some chatter as we both took off our clothes. No pretense as to what I was here for. Or what he wanted from me. Or me from him, for that matter.

I sucked him a little. He ate my hole a little. But that 7" had somewhere to be - and I wanted it.

The guy can fuck. Nice and easy, hard and rough and all in between. He can pummel my ass where it actually feels good for both of us. Though something might be said about my ass being able to take dick after all this time without the look of being on the verge of pain.

I welcomed the face down  on the bed position. That was after I was on my back, on all fours at the edge of the bed and bent over the bed. It is me being face down he does his best work - and that's saying something.

The feel of him popping into my hole and the immediate sinking all the way in. Bottoming out.

With him there is not 'wait....let me get used to it' scenario.  He's there to fuck. But I know that going in (though he's the one going in).  I want him to feel the pleasure. He wants to feel it too. He might want me to feel pleasure to - not that he asks. But he knows, he almost has to.

I kind of make noise. Lots of sounds. Grunts. Groans. Half-words, even.....and none of them are 'no' or 'stop' or 'hold on a minute'.  So he keeps plugging away.

As I've said in other posts, this is not a fuck for the novice. While there might be breaks here and there, mostly for position changes, these are generally 60-90 minute sessions. This was no different.

We ended up with me riding his dick. With my stroking mine.

You've read here most of the time I don't come during sex. Most of the times I don't want to. Most of the times they don't want me to.

He does. And even if I had a thing against it, this guy earns it. The fuck he delivers, if he wants me to see me shoot my load on him, it's the fucking least I can do.  Literally.

He likes the way I shoot - in volume, in velocity, in intensity.  Of course, he made me laugh right when I was at the edge and he said, "don't get ANY on my sheets".

With his orgasm and mine and my laughing  - and jerking motion - well, the first shot went over his head onto his pillow case. Most went on him, and a few went off to the side on to his sheet.

But to be fair, none of his cum got on his sheets. I don't know what happened to it. It all disappeared.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bearded Top

He had one of those beards you'd see on Duck Dynasty.  Long. Scraggly. Unkempt.

You don't expect it to be soft as it is. You don't expect it to be soft at all.

The guy was handsome and dare I say, would be extremely so, if he trimmed the beard. But I get he digs it and the growth certainly wasn't a turn-off for me. I mean, here I was, at his loft. After dark. Both of us with impure thoughts and aspirations.

He opened the door and I smelled pot breath immediately. No worries - while it's not my thing, it was not overdone and it didn't seem like it would get in the way of anything we'd be doing.

There was no playing around and little getting to know each other. We got right down to it.

We both stripped and I was put on my knees. Sucking cock was about our only foreplay.

"Mike" is more versatile than I would have thought - or wanted, but we both knew why I was there that evening.

My sucking him was merely a brief introduction. In a minute I wast bent over the back of the couch that was right near the entryway.  With a hit of poppers for both of us, he pushed his way up my ass.  His dick wasn't large, about 6.5", but he knew how to use it, as he was very skilled.

Mike wasn't going to be one of these fast in and outs and then show me the door. We played for almost two hours. Within the main room of his loft, I was on just about ever surface.

Over a chair. Over that couch. On the couch.  Bent over the couch from the front - kneeling on it hanging over the back.  My back on the ottoman.  My stomach on the same ottoman, and then kneeling on it.

It shouldn't be overlooked that we used the floor too - on my knees, on my stomach, on his back with me riding him. Though I also rode that pole of flesh while sitting on his lap in that chair and on the couch.

His 6.5" never lost too much hardness, though there were times we took a few minutes to recover between positions. I would eat his ass, or he would eat mine. I sucked him a few times, but he was more ass focused than wanting oral attention on his pole.

Near the end we were slightly on a time line, as he did want me out of there before his partner came home. Whether the partner knew I was there or not was unclear - nor did I care (unless he did come home and would be super upset - and bigger than me).

We did end the meeting with me over the ottoman, just being hammered.  I've said it before, will say it now and no doubt will say it again:  I love that line the fuck where the guy on top crosses where he doesn't know (or care) who is under him. We cease to be a person and more of a destination.  Maybe it even goes past being a hole.

Yes, the hole will take the cock.  Yes, the hole will take the load.  But the brain snaps a bit and all it can see it white light at the end where all they want to do is shoot.

...and I'm fucking ok with that.

Afterwards, he was appreciative and even wanted to see me get off, though I declined. It's a nice gesture, but we both knew why I was there and there is no need to feel the need to do 'something' for me - even if it's watching me jack.

Hopefully I'll get another invite.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Black For More

The big black cock came back the next day.  Just like I said - he called the next day, asked if I knew who it was and wanted another meet-up.

He has 9+", who the fuck was I to say "no"?

This time I was ready with the lube, the poppers and the plug. I wasn't assuming we'd do the same thing, but better to be ready than scramble at the last minute.

He walked in like he owned the place. He was familiar now. With me. With the space. Though in reality he wasn't that familiar, he had the confidence to act like he did.  That's just as important.

All his clothes came off this time, except his hat, glasses and chains around his neck. Don't ask me why, but I hope he never takes off those - they make him look hot and confident in that way.

That big black stick was shaking in the wind. Hanging there so long, so heavy. Waiting to fill up with blood so it could become rigid.

Of course I helped him along.

I knelt and took that massive pole in my hand. Even soft, he was bigger than most guys are when erect - in length and girth.  He responded to the touch - as he started thickening and straightening. He grew to full size as it went into my mouth.

"Girls find it easier to take if their heads hang off the bed", he said. The implication was clear.

Soon, I was taking it all the way down, but not without a struggle. Not without my air being cut off by that massive black rod. My eyes watering. Me wanting to gasp for breath.  You could see the twinkle in his eyes when he'd get that reaction.

"You like it rough".

It wasn't a question.

He plugged my face for several more minutes, always allowing me to catch my breath at what was seemingly the last possible second.

He had me scoot back on the bed and then knelt next to me. More feeding. And like last time, the creep of his body until his ass was over my face.  I ate it. No words. No question.

The guy (still no name) told me to insert the butt plug again. I did. He stood there between my legs, again, and watched.

"You want fucked.  Got a rubber?", he said and asked.  I did want and did not have.  "I only fuck safe.".   Fair enough.

He still had me push that plug in and pull it out.

"Roll over".   I did.  On my belly.

He didn't put it in me, but started rubbing that dark meat at my hole.  Then he slapped my hole with it. I could feel the heat emanating from his flesh.  He'd stroke his dick between hitting me with it. Touching me with it.

He also, I found out, was applying some lube to it as well, for his stroking. And slapping.

And apparently, inserting. As with one thrust, he buried his bare black cock halfway up my ass.  So much for "only safe".

No lies - it hurt. He's big He is HUGE.  It hurt.

I caught my breath. I grimaced, not that he could see my face. I'm sure the tension in my body said it all.

"You said you liked it rough".  Whether I did nor did not, his statement before wasn't a question, so I didn't reply with a yes or no. I guess my lack of response was a yes.

I did not ask for 'slow down' or 'easy', as I knew that would be futile on my part. This wasn't a man for compromise or negotiation.  I've learned a few things over my years.

His hands were on either side of my torso, supporting himself for his fuck.

HIS fuck.  Not mine.  Not ours.  This was his and his alone. It is doubtful this was the first fuck he'd delivered like that - to man or woman.  He was too skilled at what he was doing.

"Reach back and pull your cheeks apart".  I did. No questions.

He pulled out saying he couldn't cum in me. Then proceeded to squirt his load onto my hole. After that he pushed it in with his cock.

This is a hot movie technique for sure, but for his 'safe' issues and not wanting to cum in me, I'm not sure of the purpose. He still had his raw cock in me, he still delivered his load.  Either way, I got it all.

No words exchanged as he went to clean up.  A few words exchanged on the way out the door and that was it.

He called two days later.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Have the Lambs Stopped Crying Clarice?

Now and again, one might get themselves into situations they'd rather be free from - literally and figuratively.

The guys on-line who are flaky, scary, annoying and just dicks are one thing. There is usually a block feature for those. It is the seemingly normal ones you don't know are freaks until you're with them.

I had been chatting with a guy on Recon. I mention the site because that site does tend to have an edgier client base.  I'm ok with that. Edgy is fine. Perverted is fine. Psychotic, is not.

His profile seemed normal. Our chat seemed normal. Though he told me if there was anything I wanted to party with, I had to bring it.  I clarified I do NOT party and if he did that was fine, but it's not my scene. He claimed he does not party - or not during work days.  That should have been my red flag, but I ignored it.

He wanted to be worshipped. I can deal with that in a masculine man too. His pictures looked more than decent. I opted to travel.

The house he claims was "a nice one" might have been after Jeffrey Dahmer had fallen on hard times. On the outside it was fine, on the inside, well...........it was dark. It was cold. He certainly rarely picked up after himself.

Mind you - what I'm writing is all in retrospect, so my thoughts going in versus while there versus after the fact won't be consistent. My final memories are going to prevail. So when you think of why I was there, try to think of the before.  ..even the during.

He greeted me at the door, in what would be an elaborate wearing of several pairs of underwear.  Tight boxer briefs, compression shorts, a wrestler singlet and a thong. He told me of his fetish, but I never imagined multiple pairs at a time.

"Grab my bulge". I did. It felt nice and firm. Of course at this point I still don't know about the padding of multiple layers.

It was a series of stand up, kneel, touch this, touch that.  Yes Sir. No Sir. Thank you Sir kind of things.

Done right, this can be a hot scenario. Done wrong, it can be icky.  Done creepy, it can be threatening - at least on some levels.  It was a combination of the last two.

Curtains were drawn, I was stripped down.  Soon, I had shackles on my wrist. And while I think he thought they were secure, a blind, deaf and mute Houdini could have gotten out of them if needed.

The man liked to be close. But the man was not like his pictures - maybe at one time. But for his not being a drug user (at least on weekends), something about him reeked of meth - and not just his complex chronic halitosis.  ...there was nothing simple about that.

He was hoping at some point that I would be his 'boy'.  His 'slave'.  He even walked me through his kitchen and said, 'when'  (not if) you are my boy, you'll be doing my dishes.  Dishes that clearly had not been done for weeks. Tons of them, stacked -  and he allegedly lived alone. I half expected to see cockroaches.

I might be a sub guy, but I'm not slave material. My backbone is far too strong to bend that way. Clearly he thought otherwise.

He talked about how he'd like to shave every hair off my body. He tried to talk down to me - and I let him think he was, but he didn't have the skill for it. Not like the think he did.

This man was all about ill conceived notions of himself - that he was smarter, better looking and more dominant than he was.

IF he could have gotten hard, he would have had a beautiful cock. But he couldn't get hard - or keep hard. Maybe I wasn't a turn on to him (I hope I wasn't). But I'm going back to that he was a meth user and those fuckers just can't do anything with their dicks when they're high.

But back to the talking down to - a good dom man can do it and cut to the quick. He can make you feel degraded while giving you a hard-on at the same time.

He said he was tough as nails and nothing I could say or do would ever bother him.

And while this guy's words were mean - to and about me - they weren't resonating within me.  "You're a loser - no one will ever love you".   Then he asked me if I ever had suicidal thoughts - and if so, how he'd like to show me how to cut myself with a razor blade so there'd be no saving me.  ...and how messy it would be....and how he'd want to see the mess.

It was then I planned my departure / escape. I'd been thinking about it anyways, but now I had to enact it.

I slipped into the conversation that a "good boy" always leaves notes where he is going, especially if he doesn't know his host.  I also mentioned having to be somewhere at a certain time, which was coming up just about......now.

This threw him off guard enough to start to look for his phone in the mess that was his house. I offered to help. That got me out of the restraints by him, so I could let him feel in control.  I said I'd get my phone to call his so it'd ring.  But instead I got my pants and shirt on and slipped on my shoes without tying them.

With my phone in my back pocket, I told him I left it in the car...and I had to be going anyways.

The man still had MY underwear - don't ask - and I told him to keep it. He said he planned to anyways.

I made a beeline for the car and got the fuck out of there.

I wasn't three miles away when he messaged me on Recon when I'd be coming back.  I was driving, but thought about spelling out NEVER. I just kept driving.

Telling this story to a sex-like buddy, he confirmed I put myself in harms way. And going forward, we would use each other for providing locations of where we are going.....you  know......in case.

To get one jab in to this loser - I did message him back, since he said nothing I could say or do would hurt him. I told him he needed to stop doing met and see a dentist and periodontist immediately, as his breath was like death.

Oddly, I didn't get a response.

So, this is my cautionary tale.  Or as it was put to me, my 'cautionary tail'.   ...though this guy didn't get near my tail.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Repeat Offender

"Let me look at the pussy that I'm going to eat".

So said the man with the magic tongue.

Another cold night. Another itch at my hole that I needed licked.  And scratched.  Of course by 'scratched', I mean fucked.  Hard.

But for now, I was on the back of his bed, my legs spread and pulled back. Exposing my hairy pucker for the man who was just standing there - looking. Admiring. Waiting. Contemplating.

Then he went to his knees, his face in front of that hole. My hole. His hole....at and for the moment.

His magic was still apparent. The second go-around was just as intense as that first time. That tongue - and maybe just a light brushing of fingers?  - was fucking beautiful to my ass.  His ass - for the moment. He was the maestro. I was his instrument.   ....though he would use his baton on me shortly.

I think he was down there for 10 minutes. I would have been happy if I didn't get fucked (ok - that might be a lie) and he just stayed down there for my entire visit.

I have never known such oral pleasure as this. At least on the receiving end.

But we both know I liked that eating out, but that's not what I was there for. That's not what he invited me over for.

He had 7.5" that needed taken care of, and not with my mouth.

No - he wanted hole. My hole. My ass.

While he lubed himself up, he slowly and deliberately stroked his cock hard.

"Play with yourself for me".  I went to reach for my dick and he said. "no........down there....."

Like a 16 yo girl in the back seat of the quarterback's car, I took two fingers and rubber them over my asshole. I teased the hole, the lips. I rubbed it as if I had a clit.  All the while looking right at him as he looked right at my hand / ass action.

He was bone hard now.

He stepped closer.  No words, I moved my hand. He pushed in....one deep hard push, right to the bottom.

I groaned, naturally. I mean, I was being filled up with a decent sized cock - and all at once. But it was a good groan. It was a good way to be filled - a right way. He'd been here before, he knew what he could do, or better yet, what he thought he could do.

He went right away to pumping. There was no rest for me. No acclimation period. He wanted to fuck and he was going to.  But I wanted to be fucked, so it worked out for both of us.

The guy is good with his dick. Not quite as good as he is with his tongue, but those are two very different instruments.  Yet, he's skilled - whether he cared if I liked it or not.

He seems to care about if I'm enjoying myself, until, well you know, he gets closer to cumming. Then just like every other guy in the history of man, it is all about himself.  And I am TOTALLY on board with that.

I'd say the fuck lasted 15 minutes. Me on my back the entire time as he sawed in and out of me. I loved seeing his face as he got close.  There was that look for fighting the impending orgasm or just letting it go and finishing.

The finishing won out.  He buried his bone and let loose his hot load up my ass.

It was a good go-round. I just need go get over there again.  He has me won over with that tongue of his.

...and his cock.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fattest Cock Ever.

I'll give him this - it was possibly the fattest cock I've ever had the 'pleasure" to meet.

Maybe not beer can thick - is any cock really beer can thick?  But maybe slightly bigger around than a Red Bull.

His Manhunt ad was too vague and I was to enthralled with the 8.5" x 7" description to ask more questions.

52 years of age isn't archaic. Hell, that whole myth of men peaking sexually at 19 is so fucked up. I find the 50 year olds really know what they're doing, really want it and have great cocks.

But if this guy was 52, then I was 22. I'm guessing closer to 65 he was. Where others lie about the inches on their cock, he fibbed about how tall he was, being at least 4-6" shorter than he said. No big deal if his weight had been accurate too. '

I should have known. He was too eager to drive 45 minutes to me to get sucked.

When will I ever fucking learn?

But he was here, so I let him in.

Another guy who insists on completely stripping down for a fucking blowjob. Your shirts can stay on people. Especially if you haven't seen the gym or sun in three decades.

That all said, it was possibly the fattest cock I've ever been presented with.  And it was way bigger in person than in this pic.

The cock was advertised as 8.5", but probably closer to 8.  It didn't matter - the thing was so fat, head to base, I wasn't getting it all in my mouth anyways (though I can usually deep throat 8.5").

In actuality, I didn't get more than a little than half-way down his shaft.  My lips were stretched to capacity.  I worked it. I worked that shaft hard - really trying not to look anywhere but the cock, because, well........he was less than desirable.

It is the problem with being driven by sex - the rest of your choices can be compromised. Like now.

Oddly, I don't know how he felt. Or what it takes to get him off. Maybe years of folks trying you find ways to get to the finish line.

I didn't think I was even doing an admirable job let along a good one, and certainly not a long one - maybe 10 minutes - and he shot a decent, but not great load. No flavor.

I hustled the man out the door.  A day later, I got a message, "did you enjoy that?".

I'm thinking my silence spoke volumes.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hung. Black. Anonymous.

I don't know his name.  I don't have his email.  I don't know his phone number.  I know what kind of car he drives, only because I've seen it pull up and park on the street outside the house.

But he answered a CL ad I placed. He called me,  but through a blocked line. We've never exchanged introductions.  Just body fluids.  And to clarify - he's exchanged those into me, not the other way around.

He's not ugly, but not handsome either. He's about 5'9", 180 with a slight belly. I like it when he keeps his slightly tinted glasses on and his hat. When I asked on the phone what his cock was like, he laughed a bit and said, "it's nice enough".

But he's hung. Massively hung.  And thick.

That is him after he had already cum.....and went soft.

He showed up on time, which you wouldn't think is such a big deal, but to me it is. I hate waiting around for guys who claim they're "on the way".   He comes in takes off his shoes and strips off his coat and pants, and nothing more.  Well, his underwear.

He wasn't this "small" when he took off his pants, as he was  - or his cock was - in the stages of being excited. As was I.

As it would turn out he has this way of being nice, but being dirty at the same time.  It's hard to explain. Perhaps it's they way he'd lightly chuckle at things he'd say or that I'd say or do. He say things nicely, but if you thought about it, they were not questions but more of commands or statement of facts. Cutting to your core in certain ways.  It was kind of hot.

"You like to suck cock".

Normally, I'd answer with a "yes Sir", but this didn't warrant an answer. He was telling me. He knew.

Of course, I had a 9.5" fat fucking black cock almost all the way down my throat - he could have just been stating the obvious. He wasn't going out on any limbs exactly, and it was clear this wasn't my first time with a dick in my mouth.

But when I'd come up for air, it was hard not to just handle it, look at it, admire it.  The penis really is a great work of art - and some are clearly better than others.

I told him he undersold himself with the "nice enough" comment - and he replied, "did I lie?"  He did not.

But he wanted to see me stick something in my ass.  I had to find a butt plug, which then I greased it up and slid it in as he watched from behind.  He had me do it while I was on my knees facing away from him. I think he liked the show.

It was a plug and not a dildo, so it was harder to fuck myself with it, though I did....because he wanted me to.

I was to keep that plug in while I sucked him too.  On my knees.  And then laying back on the bed with him kneeling over me.

As you might expect, he move up a little...so soon his balls were at my nose....than at my mouth.  And then it was his ass.

He didn't ask. He's not the kind to ask. He expects.  Silent assumptions.

I dove in.  To me, it was clear he had just come from work, but his ass was fresh. I ate it like a pro...not just because I wanted him to like it, but because I love eating ass.

He isn't one to moan or tell you it feels good what you're doing. But he was rock hard and stroking, so I took that as a sign I was doing my job well.

He back up again and shoved his cock down my throat and gave it a dozen pumps before I felt the hot seed sliding over my tongue and down my throat.  At that angle, it was impossible not to go down into my belly, but it is not like it wasn't going to end up there anyways.

He pulled out, stood up and looked back at me, admiring his work, I suppose.

He put on his pants, and shoes and headed to the door.

"When I call and say 'you know who this is', you'll know who it is, right?"    I confirmed.

He called the next day.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Man Possessed

After I did that photo shoot a few weeks back, I had only made it to my car before getting hit up by a fuzzy bearish guy three miles away.

I'd seen him on certain apps and he was ok. He gave me the address and I paused for a few.

I had been fucking with his next door neighbor for a while and I was just like - wow - I'm racking them up, right in a row. Literally. But I knew the neighbor was out of town and off I went.

He had left the door open for me and I found him upstairs at a desk watching porn on his laptop. Naked.

Not a word said as I went to my knees, sucked his ok 6.5" thin cock and swallowed his load. That was that. Three loads in an hours time.

But now it's weeks later. I'm getting into my car at the park after just having sucked off that sub guy. Lo and behold who is hitting me up but Fuzzy.

I was still in the mood for more cum, so why not?  Actually, I still had a raging hard-on from the park suck. I think I actually turned myself on by all the nasty things I was saying to him and how I treated him. I'm not patting myself on the back, but I have learned a thing (or a thousand) from the men I've serviced. Some more than others.

Once again, the door was unlocked.  Once again, he was upstairs watching porn on his laptop. Naked.

I took a nice hit of poppers then hit my knees and started sucking him.

He was way more into the porn than was seemingly into me. But if you've been around, you get a few of those. It's ok - I wasn't looking for stimulating conversation or a date.  I kind of would like the guy to notice my skills and what I'm doing, but maybe it's the porn that gets them off and that the mouth is just a place to dump the load.

On the vid, the top was fucking his office "intern" with a dildo nice and hard.  I asked the guy if he liked that.  ....but meaning that he'd like to be fucking the guy - not getting fucked.

"Eat my ass" was his response.

So he got on his chair, bent over the desk, exposing his tight little pink pucker to me. I dove in.

He was pretty much shower fresh - outside and in.  Oh yes, I said 'in'.  My tongue went deep....deep... and deeper. I ate that hole like I was fucking starving. He responded in kind.

The guy pushed back against my face, forcing my tongue deeper.  The way his hole accepted my tongue, I knew this wasn't his first time.  Or 101st time. His ass had seen more than tongue in its day.

Maybe it was the park encounter - and my pseudo dominant display. Maybe it was his ass.  Maybe it was the video playing, which now had the stud pulling the dildo out and replacing it with his raw cock. But I was rock solid hard.  I just kind of lost control.  No idea what came over me.

While taking mini-second breaks for ass eating, I kept spitting into my hand and slicking my cock up. Five, six, seven times.

He never asked for it. I never asked if he did.

I stood up and pushed my cock into his asshole.  It went in willingly. Oh so willingly.

Now - you know topping is really not my thing, but here I was with my bare cock buried in his ass. And he was now pushing back.

And I'm not a top for many reasons. The main one is mentally I'm not one - and even when I try, my brain and the neurons to my cock are not hooked up in that capacity. So staying hard is always a challenge.  That day?  Not so much.

Another reason is, I have little control.  When bottoming, I don't care if I ever cum. As a rule, I don't jack off for weeks at a time. I just don't care about cumming.  But when fucking, I don't know how to pace myself.

I'm sure with experience I could control the latter, but the former is the bigger issue. I can never seal the deal usually - nor do want to most of the time.

He did ask me to pull out and I complied. But he only wanted to move to the bed, so he knelt on the edge - a softer place than a desk chair.  He positioned himself like he had taken it this way numerous times. Numerous, numerous times.

I slicked myself up and went back in.  He took it like a pro.

My cock is not small, nor thin, so that he took it with ease meant he had as many visitors as his next door neighbor....just on the receiving end.

I was vocal about my being close - on a few times.  I stopped moving, but then he'd start fucking himself on my rod. And fuck, this boy could use his ass muscles to squeeze a shaft.  It was clear, he didn't want me to hold off. He wanted the prize. The load. My load.

The fucker was teasing my cock and knew I wasn't going to be able to hold off. He never asked for it directly, but he didn't tell me to stop. He didn't ask a lot of things, now that I come to think of it. But that's the way sex is, isn't it?  

It's all about the moment.

I really couldn't hold off, even though I was only about eight minutes into the fuck. I was at the finish line whether I liked it or not.

No big announcement from me, but somehow he knew.

I'm not like the porn guys who continue to fuck through their orgasm. I bury deep and unload.

Maybe he figured that out. Maybe he felt it throb.  Maybe he felt it shooting.  I don't know. I didn't ask. I didn't give a fuck.

But he knew. And that motherfucker continued to milk me with his professional ass muscles. He was going to get every drop regardless of what I thought or wanted.  But I'm not that sensitive after shooting, so I don't have to pull right out.  I let him do his job.

The aftermath is what you'd expect. A swipe of the towel on my cock - though he was remarkably clean, like he was planning on someone fucking him. Anyone.

Me pulling up my jeans, which never actually came off. A thanks and a trip down the stairs by myself.

I bet a large amount of money, he went back on-line looking for his next conquest, as he never stroked or got off.  He was looking for another dick - I just know it.

Of course, the next day, I got a message from him asking when I'd like to 'eat his ass' again.  But we all know that not what he was wanting from me.

Monday, February 24, 2014

the Park

The risk of getting caught - in the act, or in a sting - at a park has increased exponentially in the last decade or two.

Yet here I was, not only cruising a park, but getting into a guy's utility vehicle at a lesser traveled part of the park, that had full view of anyone approaching.  Still......it seemed risky.

Yet here I was. In a passenger seat of a stranger.

Do you know how when you look at some guys, you just know their the sub?

It's the way they carry themselves, react or a facial look that just lets you know they want to be controlled.  Of course, I like to think I'm above that. And often guys mistake me for (or hope that I am) a top.

If you read this blog for content, clearly I'm not.

This guy, while claiming versatility, was a sub. A bottom. Whatever you wanna call it.

Now, before ever getting into his truck, I told him what I was looking for. But like many other manipulative bottoms, I think he was hoping IF he got me there, I'd change my mind.

Clearly, he's never met me.

But I can be a manipulative bottom too, when need be. And sitting in that car, I needed to be, if I was going to get anything out of this encounter.

The guy (I'm sure he told me his name, which I immediately forgot), made some comment after asking if he was a cop. He asked if I was, and then made a mention that he liked the aggressiveness of a cop - and the uniform.

I don't have one, but I can cop (ha!) and attitude. So I just became an assertive "top" who was going to suck his cock.

So I sat there and told him of what I'd like to do to him - if I were in a full cop's uniform...or leather. How I'd fuck him. How I'd let others watch.  He was stroking himself - oh, so hard in his fist.

Of course I'd never do those things to him, but he doesn't need to know that. It was all talk. But it got him going - and that's when you let the assertive personality get you what you want.

That's when I told him what I was going to do to him right then - which was to suck his cock.

It's not my usual asking / begging scenario. It was a demand. A command, if you will.  He made a vain attempt to say that he wanted to suck me afterwards. I had no intention of letting that happen, but I played along and said, "only after I'm through with you".

...and then I went down on him. And I sucked him like an expert.  He had a nice 7" dick, not thin, but not thick.

He was so worked up from the public display and the dirty talk I provided, that he lasted maybe five minutes. But it was a nice sized load and tasted good.  So there's that.

Naturally, I got every drop - as I always try to do.

But now it was time for me to potentially get sucked. I was thinking of my way out when he provided it:  "that was great, but I don't swallow or let a guy cum in my mouth".


"Sorry boy - that's all I want. I don't want to cum on me or in your car.  It's your mouth and you swallow or nothing at all.".

It was nothing at all.

I exited, got in my car and drove away.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I was running late. So fucking late.

My day long meetings went way longer than expected, some even bailing on me, only to be forced to reschedule those into conference calls on the four hour drive home.

...and I was going to be late for a dinner because of this.  ...and then needing to stop for gas while in route.

While pumping the gas, I get a message from a guy on Scruff.  7 miles away.  With a message asking: "Do you want to suck my cock?"

45, 6'0", 190. Handsome face.  Solid hairless chest.

And then this is attached to him too.


YES!  Of course, I wanted to suck his cock. But why now?  Why, when I'm running so fucking far behind?  But saying "no" wasn't an option. Not really.  I said I'd be there in 15 - as he was in a nearby hotel. Room 344.

I knocked. He answered. True to his pic, at least facially, as he was wearing nylon workout shorts and a t-shirt. But you could tell that chest was solid as hell and you knew it'd be beautiful.

For whatever reasons, I do love a nice chest on a guy. That an a face. I know here and blogs like this we talk about the cock, but a good face and chest can let you get away with a lot lesser body parts.

The door shuts and our hands go to each other. As if he knows me, his hands to right for my nipples over my dress and t shirts. I quiver, as you might expect.

Reaching to cup his cock through the shorts, he was solid there too. I had no worries. But he kept playing with my chest, which was hot, but it always makes me want to get fucked. Of course, this guy made me want to get fucked. Period.

That wasn't meant to be - for a number of reasons - so we just touched, we played. He tried to kiss.

I would have kissed him, but he wasn't very good at it, or very committed, even though he initiated it.

He also wasn't very good at sucking cock.

He liked my cock - and it is a nice cock, even if I rarely use it - and made a few half-hearted attempts to suck it, but I don't think it is really what he wanted to do. I think he just thought it was the admirable thing to do, but as you all know, I don't care about reciprocation.

So it came down to me on his dick.

We started with me on my knees and him standing.  Then he sat on the edge of his hotel bed.  Both ways I would take him to the root.

When he'd stand, he would pump my face, but I won't go as far as to say he fucked it. Neither of us were big on talking. I mean, my mouth was full, and he'd moan a little, but gave little words of encouragement.

He seemed like a nice, decent man - getting his pleasure by moving his cock in and out of my mouth, past the ridge of my lips and pushing back in again.....and again.

Naturally, I wasn't completely passive about this. I would use those lips. I would use my tongue.  I would meet and match his pushing into my mouth by moving my head down his shaft. We worked in unison.

Like I said, he seemed like a nice guy.

But as he stood above me and I was working his dick, the signs were there of him getting closer to orgasm.  This thick hefty tool became even more rigid. His breath became just a bit shallower.

All of the sudden his arm goes around my neck and I'm in a headlock.

His fat cock is now lodged down my throat. And he hisses:  "Is THIS what you wanted?   Is the load big enough for you???"

I could feel the pulses of his shaft. There was a faint odor of semen and an even more faint taste of bitter jizz.  But in reality, it all went directly down my throat, bypassing my tastebuds as he held me in that tight grip.

Not swallowing wasn't an option - not that I would have opted differently. Maybe he didn't know that. Maybe he didn't care.

I tried to nurse it a bit, but he yanked the cock out of my mouth and a glob of cum fell to my inner thigh. Hardly the shy one, I scooped it up with my index finger and ate it while he watched.

He grabbed his shorts and pulled them back on.  He didn't say it, but he was done. Done with the act. Done with his load.  Done with me.

He did mentioned he gets back here every few months and would keep me in mind.

Let's hope he does.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Magic Tongue

It had been a while.  For me. For us.

I'm not 100% sure he remembers ever fucking me - as it had been years before. I've seen him on-line since, and I'm sure he's seen me too, on any number of sites or apps.

I remembered him, but I remember the sex being fair. Not horrible, but not great.

Since it had been a while for me - to get fucked, that is - I reached out with a 'wink' of some kind. You know - the non-committal acknowledgement that you're checking out his profile and kind of waiting for him to make the actual first move.

Some guys hate "winks". I don't mind them - getting or giving. It's a litmus test. It's extremely passive-aggressive and with some guys you kind of want that. You want them to be into you, because you're not sure you're into them, at all.

It sucks being rejected by someone you aren't even sure you're really that interested in the first place.

That said, he replied back and was looking to fuck - at some point. We went through the dance of our schedules for weeks. Honestly, I was looking forward to it because he wanted to fuck. Not flip-fuck. Not versatile.

He. Wanted. To. Fuck.

On a cold, dark night, I found his place. Though I remembered the general area, just not the specific house. I had also forgotten about the plethora of female religious iconography.  I'm assuming Virgin Mary stuff - but not being from that religious persuasion, it's hard to be sure.  I mean, there was a LOT of it. Everywhere.

But up we went to a bedroom. Clothes were discarded. Bodies were touched.

Before long I went to my knees to show him my skills as a cocksucker. He seemed to be appreciative. But we both knew that wasn't the end-game for either of us.

Soon, I was on the edge of his bed. My legs hanging over the edge, him between. For sure I thought he was going to suck me, as he told me after I got his load, he wanted to suck mine. So I know he thought himself a cocksucker.

But he pushed my legs back. His tongue went for my ass.

It is safe to say, that in my lifetime, I've had my ass eaten countless times.

Now the definition of 'countless' is: "too many to count". Where that might be a slight exaggeration, no one has been keeping tally over the years, but suffice to say it's been a fuck of a lot of times.

And it's also safe to say, I have never ever ever ever ever had such a talented tongue touch my pucker.

Whatever he was doing to me down there, is what I'm guessing was equivalent of getting a woman to cum by eating her out. The tremors that shook my body to the core and then head to toe and back again were amazing.

Now and again, when a guy licks (not sucks) my balls just right, for the first minute or two, I get similar feelings, but usually I desensitize quickly. Same with most ass-eatings.

NOT with this guy.  I was having non-ejaculating butt orgasms one after the other. It was fucking heaven.

I think he went on doing that for 10 minutes. I'm not sure if he enjoyed doing it as much as I was enjoying having it done, but I hope so. I hope my groans and swearing  - and writhing - were motivators for him.

Of course, maybe he was just prepping the entrance for himself.

Without any big set-up, he stood.  He had 7.5" with a big fucking head. He put one a little lube, but not much. My hole was prepped - he had seen to that. Even more important, my head was now in a place of needing penetration and it was attached to my ass that was still reeling in joy over that eating.

That fat head parted through my hole like a hot knife into butter.  He just sank into me. First the head - then the rest of the shaft. Bottoming out in one full, complete stroke.

The man knew how to fuck. I had forgotten that - or he got better over the years. He put me through my paces, really fucking me, hard and not, fast then slow.

Granted, I goaded him a little. Even asking him if he was going to pull out before coming.

He almost sneered, telling me how he had no intention of ever pulling out - that's not what his cock is for, that is not what his load was for.

And while I knew that, it was how he said it that boned me up even more.

The guy fucked me for a good 30 minutes. And it was a GOOD half hour.  Oddly, there wasn't a big finish. No vocal warm-ups or announcements.

Yes, there was a look in his eyes. And then the squeezed eyes as he popped off up my ass. A big load. You know the ones you can just tell?

Eventually he slipped out, as I wouldn't let him just pull out. You know me - I like to keep it there.

We said we'd do it again. Soon. But it's been weeks now. Though we keep trying to find time in our schedules.

He never did blow me.  They never do - no matter what they say.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Red Hot Photo Shoot

A short while back, I was asked if I would be interested in posing for a nudist magazine. It was an interesting request.

I have no issues being nude, but I wound never call myself a nudist. At home, in the best of weather, you're likely to find me in shorts and a t-shirt, even if I am going commando. I wasn't sure how it would work.

I won't get too specific into what I was wearing and how it came off. I won't get into some of the accessories that were there, except one: whipped cream was a prop. It wasn't well used and possibly won't make any final pictures - again, if they happen at all.

But this was a nudist magazine, not a sex magazine. So if you're expecting sexual activity, there isn't any. Sorry in advance. At least not on film. Hell, being erect on camera wasn't even required....and for the most part I am not.

I felt I could have been - even should have been, but I'm never fully erect.

This wasn't a truly amateur shoot. There were back drops. There was professional lighting. The camera was a fucking pricey one. There were reflective screens that would make my palate look whiter or more gold - and these were held by an assistant.  I say not professional, as no one got paid and this was neither of their real careers.

Both men were handsome and similar in stature. 6'-ish. Athletic and muscular builds. A nice amount of chest hair, but not overly done. Both bald...of shaved head.  I had actually seen the assistant on-line years ago and lusted after him greatly, but he disappeared. I also assumed he wouldn't know me from Adam. But when I arrived he said, "we've chatted before in the past".  I'm not sure if that was a good impression or not, but he remembered.

The studio was smallish and the lights made it warm - even in various stages of undress. Over 400 pictures were taken - so let's hope SOME of them were decent.

Near the end of the shoot, the photographer came up to adjust me and leaned in to kiss me. He did it well. Enough to get me a little harder for the rest of the shoot. Now and again, he'd come back to kiss me as his assistant looked on.

At the end of the shoot, I was completely naked. He put the camera down, killed the lights, walked up to me and kissed me again, while also unfastening his pants and letting them drop. I wasted little time going to my knees and helping him out.

He let out an appreciative moan as his 7" cock disappeared down my throat. He towered above me, a hand going to my head while I sucked his dick.

At some point the photographer motioned for his assistant to come over and join - and he did, stripping his clothes off as he approached. He too had about 7".

I went back and forth between the two guys and their meat, as they stood side by side.

Off to the side was the can of whipped cream. With a reach of my arms, I was filling my mouth with a hefty dose of canned cream. Within a few seconds, the photographer was plunging his dick into a pile of cream and a warm mouth. He moaned more than he had before.

He took the can and sprayed a line down the top of the shaft of the assistant. I then went down on him.

The mouthful of cream felt weird. It felt good. It seems they liked the sensation too. Truth be told, it was a little too sweet for me to continue much longer, but I cleaned them both up until it was just my mouth and just their cocks.

I went back to sucking.

The assistant stepped back, knelt and went down on my cock while I was still on my knees sucking the photog.

As hot as that was, you know I don't need, or even want, to get sucked most of the time. It feels nice and all - and he was doing a great job - but that's not exactly what gets me off. So I pulled off the photog's cock and got below the guy who was below me.

While we kind of ended up in a 69 position, I was under him so I could get to his ass. His perfectly formed hairless ass.

While I was loving it, I couldn't tell for sure if he was into that, though he didn't try to stop me. But it proved to be a huge turn-on the photographer. He jacked a bit while he watched and it started sending him over the edge.

Due to my being under another guy, it was hard to maneuver out in a timely manner. I missed the first few shots of his load - and while it landed on me, I didn't swallow all.  A hot scene, but you know I hate to lose the load.

With some of his cum on my face, arms and chest (and some in my mouth), I went back to the assistant's balls and ass. He asked when I wanted the load. I said I can take it whenever he was ready. The assistant informed me he was known for being able to "cum on command".

The photographer told him to cum now. And he did. While hovering an inch or two above my mouth, he let loose with a great load of jizz.  Yeah, some went in my beard, but most went into my mouth and slid down my throat.

Then I cleaned them both off.

Before I could get ready to go, they did want to see me cum. Since I was kind of their guest star, I felt a little obliged. So I jacked my cock as the photog just fingered my ass. I blew a huge load that hit my chin and of course trailed down from there.

They let me shower before I dressed to go home. Normally I wouldn't, but I was pretty messy and sweaty from the lights. The assistant showered too and I just regret not stepping in with him.

Maybe next time.

I've been invited back for another shoot in April.

Friday, January 31, 2014


"I'm going to cum!!!!!"

No!  It was way too early. WAY too early.

We had played back and forth for only a short time. He was one of these guys who didn't need a million emails to identify and confirm getting off. It was a great change.

We agreed upon a time and that was the last communication until the doorbell rang. I brought him in with the intent of giving him a blowjob. That's what the ad was, that is what I was ok with doing - but as a former boy scout - albeit for a very short time - I try to be prepared.

He was mid 40s. 6'3" and around 180. Nice looking guy, but average. His cock was a solid 7" and cut. It had a nice thickness to it.

As I sidled up next to him, to rub his denim covered crotch, his hand immediately went to my ass. Hmmm.  This wasn't what was discussed. But like I said, I was prepared.....in case.

I didn't discourage the behavior. Hell, even when I went to go down on him, I didn't kneel immediately - I bent over just so, that way he could still rub his manly palm over my ass. I even dropped my jeans so he could get a better feel over my Under Armor boxer briefs.  I mean, c'mon, you kind of want them to be able to unwrap something if needed. You just can't give it away immediately.

But I did go to my knees. I sucked him like an expert and he liked it. But even he reached over my back so his hand could go back to my ass.

I'm not sure who we were trying to fool at this point, so I just gave up the ghost.

I stood up. I dropped those boxer briefs, took two long hits of poppers and bent over.

With minimal spit - and fuck, it WAS minimal - he entered me.

I don't mind saying it had been 15 days since I got any cock - either end. With pun fully intended, I was now ending a dry spell. I didn't care how wet his cock was at that point. I'm not a fragile guy, I can take whatever I need to, however it is given.

Due to lack of lubrication, the friction was plentiful. I felt every thrust. I never had the discussion, but assume he did as well.

We were only 4-5 minutes into it when he made his announcement.  "I'm going to cum".  

And he did.

Based on the moans and shudders he had / made, he had a lot in his balls he had to empty. I won't lie - I didn't feel the warmth. I did not feel the throbs.

My ass felt full when he slid out - so I know he had done what he needed to do.  And what I needed - even though he didn't really know that.

We both won.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Ex Marine

Somethings on paper are better than reality.

6'6", 230, hairy, muscular, bald, ex-marine.  What's not to like?

From the get-go, he called me "pup". Granted he was a little older but presented nice in pics. He was a self-professed dominant male. Again - what's not to like here?

He was a little into raunch - but I say that nicely. He wanted to wear a sweaty jock. That's ok with me, though I wouldn't say it was 'raunch'. I have a few myself - and I'm not raunchy......right????

The guy shows up to my hotel and he's a big guy. Solid. He doesn't look 4" taller than I am. He might be 6'4". Maybe. But he's solid.

He brought a harness for me to wear because he likes to yank faggots closer to them when he's feeding them his cock. My only problem with this is that it was out in the freezing car for ever so the leather and metal were chilling to my body.

Oh sure, slap me around. Face fuck me. Power drill my ass. No problem.   Put cold metal and leather to me and I'm a fucking pussy.

As it turns out he was a little more raunchy than he said. Or even suspected himself. And it went back to that jock. Maybe he doesn't know what sweat-stained is. This was not.  This was piss stained. No.  No, it wasn't even that.  This was something that looked, and worse, smelled, as if it had been residing in the bottom of a urinal for 4-5 months.

I'm good with bad smells, but this went beyond that. Way beyond bad. It was rancid.

Yet, I said nothing and he kept it on for the entire duration of his stay.

Yes, all was good on paper, until I found out his 4" cock wasn't going to grow anymore than 4". It was that size flaccid and only stiffened, but did not lengthen. 4" was all I was getting from a big beefy ex-marine who was still wearing his dog tags.  Fuck.

And fuck is what we did. My mouth and my ass.

I suppose I could have ended it, as I was mentally disappointed from what was to be. He wasn't that verbally demanding. "Pup" was the only thing he called me.

I sucked his cock. He pulled on the straps. His strength showing as the harness would dig into my shoulder blades painfully. He didn't care, not that I told him it hurt or to stop. I'm a faggot, but I'm a man.

He shot a load in my mouth. Nice, but not overly substantial. Like with most guys, I thought it would end there. But not so.

He said he could cum two more times, but I wasn't sure I was ready for 8" of cock. 2x4=8.  But he wanted to fuck me. That seemed like a better solution to me. He knew I liked the feeling of things on my ass, as he'd been toying with it while I sucked him originally.

He had me get on my back and lift my legs. I hate to be cliche about it, but the term "is it in yet" came to mind. I knew he was in, or around. but honestly, his two fingers were more fulfilling to me.

There was a look on his face as he fucked and eventually came in me. He was happy. I was feigning it. I know it sounds selfish, but I wanted more. If I get fucked, I want to FEEL fucked. But perhaps that is not my place. I'm there for them, not me.

Again, I thought that might be it. But he said he had another load and stuck his cock back up me almost immediately. My first thought was, I can't believe he's still hard.  My second thought was, I don't know that he is still hard. I'm not a size queen - honest - but I could barely feel him. And I wasn't sure if he was performing most of those feeling inside or outside of my hole.

I will say, when he came, I felt it. Warmth. Heat. To the point of, I figured he ejaculated on the outside of my hole, but when I felt for it there, the load did not exist in that place.

He wanted me to cum and normally that is not my place, but this time, I don't think I could have if I had wanted to. I was so not in the mood and it was pushing close to check-out time and I had to be on the road.

He washed up. I pre-packed. Got him on his way, then got myself together and out the door.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bi Top Visitor

Going by his screen name, he was bi top from another state of which I won't name - so you won't all go searching for a like minded screen name.  I know how you are!

He was here for work and actually headed to the airport after he finished with me. Or after I finished with him, as the case may be.

39, 5'10" 170.  He reached out to me - and from my profile that mentions I like verbal and aggressive men, he took that info and ran. There was no 'nice; how do you do' kind of shit. His opening line was, "I want a good no recip bj".

I told him I'd have to dial back my skills to make it "only" a good one.

He knew I was a cocksucker and treated me like one - in data exchange and in person.

In person, he looked manly, but less masculine than his pictures. He came across as a non-gay Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

He had 7" that curved slightly upward, a nice big head and a ridge that went completely around the shaft about halfway down. It was interesting and odd. More odd because I couldn't get a great rhythm going due to its nature - both on down and up oral strokes. It was like a speed bump.

Maybe it was just a bad circumcision or not having one at all. I don't know.

Oh, no fears, I was still making him feel good. I was still making him talk filthy - not that he probably needed m help in that regard at all.

Bi was in his name. A wedding ring on his finger. He talked about fucking women. Fucking men. Getting sucked. There was no talk or perception that he ever touched a cock in his life. That was perfect for me.

I started on my knees, him on sitting on the edge of a bed. At one point he got on the bed and spread his legs. I think he liked that position more than I. Laying between legs isn't always the best angle to suck dick efficiently. At least for me.

I want to do what he likes, but if the end result doesn't let me do a good job, he's only getting the position and not the benefit of my mouth. Isn't that the goal?  I mean, I know it is an amalgamation of things that brings a guy off, so you want them all to work, but that isn't always realistic.

He wanted me back on my knees, but before we got there, I had another idea.

I lay on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed, him standing beside me. Then in front of me. Then him in me.

This position is either golden or failure - and little in between. With Mr. Bi, it was great. He angle worked. His height worked. His thrusts into my mouth and throat worked.

"Cocksucker". "Whore". "Cumdump". "Faggot".  all spewed from his mouth. I couldn't say a word. I wouldn't have anyways. My hard cock gave all the response he needed - if he noticed it at all.

In the end (no pun intended), it was me on my knees - him standing in front of me, like a worshipper at the altar. And in a way - isn't that what I am a lot of the time?

I would have thought for all his vocals and the words he used before even meeting, that he'd be a loud and boisterous cummer. He was not.

He gave no verbal signs he was even there - on the edge. Or over the edge. The semen just came. And came. And came.

He was a heavy shooter. I could see why, if half of his told exploits were true, he was so popular. A nice dick. A nasty attitude. And a load aplenty.

Maybe he'll be back for work again. Perhaps he won't. Perhaps he'll let me know, but maybe he won't.

Monday, January 13, 2014


His body was better than his face. Hit attitude was better than his body.

I should probably go on record that his attitude to any number of guys would be considered rude or selfish. Self-centered at best. Sexually self-centered.

I'm not most guys. To me, this is an endearing quality.....or at least a fucking huge plus.

50, 6'2", 190, hairy (no kidding!).  'recently into some rough stuff and dom play'.

If it was recent, he was a quick learner.

There was no pretense. No foreplay. He walked in and dropped his pants and stripped off his shirt. He was ready to go. He had the same amount of hair on his back as he had oh his chest, just no treasure trail.

There was some quick oral - me to him - but it was for slobbering purposes only. Just get his cock wet enough to travel up my rear entrance.

We started with me bent over the desk - it seemed to be going well for thrust and leverage. For only having a little over 6", he knew how to use it. To the untrained eye, it was all slam and bam, but internally there seemed to be a finesse to it - or as I am apt to do, I was blinded a bit by his attitude.

I've said it before - name-calling and dirty talk with get you far with me. He had it down to an art. His execution might have been recent, but his education had clearly been going on for a few years.

We ended up on the floor - my shoulders down, my ass up as he pummeled my butt. Yeah, the strokes were kind of jack-rabbit like, but it kept me in my place and he in his. He wasn't big enough to hurt me, so as long as what he was doing felt good to him, that was ok with me.

Within 10 minutes of that position, he unloaded. He groaned and his entire body twitched as he shot into my gut.

"You liked that, didn't you, faggot?"

The question was, at least in part, rhetorical. But I couldn't let it go and answered with a simple, "yes Sir".

He pulled out but maybe only lost 25% of his hardness. He got it back to full erection when I put my mouth on it, not only to resurrect him but to clean him off too. His verbal assault lessened a bit telling me what a good job I was doing, as opposed to just telling me to take care of him.

"Get on your back - on the desk!". I did as instructed and without any ceremony he pushed his six inches back into me. This was a much faster fuck. Maybe 5-7 minutes and he added more come to the hole he'd already lubed up.

With the same amount of fanfare, he pulled out and grabbed his pants and dressed.

As he sat down to put on his shoes, he looked at me and said, "I hope you didn't think near the end there that I was being nice to you - because you know, I don't give a fuck about you at all."

...and he walked to the door and left.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Desk Fucked

I placed a CL ad, never expecting a thing. I never do anymore.

For a while I had some good luck, then just flake after flake after flake. Guys who can't read. Guys who don't show. You know the drill.

For whatever reason, I find many responses to go spam from those ads, so I have to be diligent on checking that folder. I also have to check days later too. For whatever reason, some guys do read ads from days or weeks ago - even though there are 100s posted per day - and sometimes one will get to me late.

Such as this guy.

His email started off: "You ready for this?"   DUH!

He included a face picture too, and of course, I recognized him from previous encounters. Since our second or third get together he kind of ignored me. I wasn't sure if he found a boyfriend or didn't like me.

I also didn't know from my ad if he recognized me and if he knew to whom he was replying.  I opted not to say, taking a risk that he either knew and wanted to play or that he didn't know and I wasn't possibly scaring him off by revealing myself.

I'd find out later he knew from the ad who it was and that he did want to fuck me.

From my previous encounter with him, it was mostly sucking though there were fucking components to at least one time. But every time ended up with him busting a nut in my mouth.

This time, my ad had been exclusively about taking it up the ass. It's what I wanted; what I was craving. He was on board, even if a few days late. The need was still there to get boned, so why not?

Like the other times, there was no chit-chat, it was right down to business. Granted, we didn't start fucking, I did get on my knees and work his cock up and slobbered all over it. That was all the lube we were planning on using - which is fine by me.

Knowing the issues we had on positioning last time, I didn't even both bending over for him. This time it was on my back, across my home office desk. My ass; my hole, lined up perfectly for his height. He would have no problems just sliding in.

...and he didn't.

Now parts of me wonders where a guy like this goes as he's fucking. Sure, sometimes he's looking down at me, but a lot of the time his eyes were closed and off in his own world.

Was he enjoying my hole and the act?  Was he thinking of someone else? Was he concentrating on coming - or not, or at least not yet? Keeping it hard?

Now, I wasn't thinking these things during the fuck. I was thinking on how I could make it feel good for him. That's my job.

I think I was performing fine as he was lost in his bliss - whatever it may be. I figured he was into it on some levels as his cock was rock hard and he was pounding away.

There was no variation of fucking today. Not with him. It was single focused breeding.  When I say he pounded, he did. POUNDED.

It was for his own pleasure, mine wasn't even a factor. But don't get me wrong, I was loving it - the feeling, the act, the response from him. You know me, I get off on getting guys off. It is a natural high for me. There is a power to it, in certain ways. Yet it's all about the top.

I won't say the fuck went on forever - though he could have kept going. Still 15-20 minutes isn't a bad bang.

He built up to it even more - in thrust, in intensity, in vocals. I knew what was coming. He was. Right up my ass, where he wanted it so many months ago, before he changed his mind.

Yes, I would say it was about him, but we both got what we wanted.

I haven't heard from him since.