Friday, November 28, 2014

Being a Feeder

I was in a mood.

It had been a shitty week. I was on my way back from a funeral. And I had not shot a load in almost a month.

That last part is not really a problem for me. I go longer periods of time without getting off at all - including jacking myself off. It's just that talking about it with a certain Sir had got me thinking about it. Normally, I don't pay that much attention.

...and then there he was.

51, 5'10", 190 and smooth was the description. Bald head, said the pic. The face was semi-handsome. Of course, I was hoping he was reaching out to me because he had a load to drop, but no.....he was looking to suck a cock.

Here I was 2 miles away, all dressed up in my funeral duds and with an overactive mind.

In his first message saying he wanted to give head, he also put his hotel name and room number. Ballsy. I liked it.

I parked. I took the elevator up to the 10th floor and found room 1014. I started to stiffen a little in my pants as I waited for the door to open - and knowing he was checking me out through the peep hole. I mean - c'mon, we all do it. Well, all of us who have hotel sex.

"Bryan" looked like his picture though he or the rooms had a less than faint odor of bad booze. He had a t-shirt on and no pants or underwear. While i looked to see what he was carrying, it wasn't that impressive and in my mind, I moved on from wanting to suck him to wanting to be sucked.

I stood there and did nothing.

Bryan rubbed my crotch. He felt it rise a little more, but not fully hard. He got on his knees. He unzipped me. He eventually unbuckled me. He dropped my black suit pants. He encountered my boxer briefs and unlike what I'd normally do, he just pulled those down too.

Personally, I'd savor every moment. Every fabric. Every smell. But I wasn't there to teach.

Bryan had a more than decent mouth, but as I grew, he started to use his hand. I couldn't have that. I reached down and pulled it away while his mouth continued to slide up and down my shaft. This would happen a few other times as well during my stay in room 1014.

He asked me to come over to the bed to lie down. I wasn't in the mood to be told what to do - or even asked.  I also wasn't looking to take off my pants or fold them up (or wrinkle them) so I could lie on an already slept in bed.

The hotel was a newer hip one with European style fixtures like dressers - lower and more modular. I was standing about 4" away from it and I just took a step back and leaned against it, my pants around my ankles.

I was comfortable leaning, my ass resting on the countertop He might not have been as comfortable on his knees, hence his request. I didn't care.

I guided his head up and down my dick and the pace I wanted. He seemed ok with that. I asked him, rhetorically, if he liked my cock - but I got the answer I wanted and expected. He looked up at me with admiration in his eyes.

The word 'cocksucker' came out of my mouth more than once. Low in tone, but cutting to the core, especially if he didn't like being called such a thing.

See - I've said it before and I'll say it again - I've learned a fuck of a lot from the thousands of men I've "helped out". I know how to read them on many levels, but I've learned to channel them too. And I know which level to channel depending on who is in front of me. I intuit well and can figure out their desire and possibly even their limits without discussion.

If I were to top (regularly or even semi-regularly), I'd be one of those strong silent kind of guys. I get the need for verbal domination and fuck knows I love when a guy does that to me. But I am more of a low energy, determined motherfucking kind of of feeder / top.

I get my point across in looks, gestures and a few words, but only a few.

One thing I will say aloud is the willingness to take my load. I don't get off a lot - and the last fucking thing I need to have them do is spit out my seed in a hotel washcloth. I'd rather just go to week 5 of not ejaculating than have that happen.

As he sucked me, I gripped his head with both hands. But I also smacked him upside the head a few times.

Nothing to leave a mark - not that that would be a show stopper - but firm, assertive, making the appropriate contact with palm to side of the face. He'd feel it. I wanted him to. I wanted him to know there was a slight element of danger to letting a stranger into his hotel room.

I didn't do the three or four hits in quick succession. Spaced out to where he wouldn't know they were actually coming - especially the first one.

I'd say I was there 15 minutes before I opted to nut.

Yes, opted to. Since you know I don't get off, clearly you can understand that normally I can control my orgasm. Not as much when I fuck - though I'm getting better at that. But once I make my mind up that I want to come, I can help navigate the seed to come to it's place.

He had confirmed he would eat my load. And I told him, as I do many of the feeder I use, that it would be a big load. They always are, but this would be a four week one - though I didn't tell him that detail. Don't want to scare the guy.

So he was working me and I was ready. With a steady hand, I stopped his bobbing and told him to start swallowing.

Oddly, normally I quake with that kind of load. Actually, with most kind of loads. This time I didn't.

Most loads I can feel the jets and how many. This time they didn't seem that prevalent. I couldn't tell whether is a great big load or not.

He did a good job of swallowing. I could tell near the end, like a lot of guys do, they want to pull back or off. I get that, when it's a big load. But I held him still.

"No're not going anywhere. Swallow it all."

He obeyed.

As he nursed it a little, I gave him one whack on the face for good measure.

There was zero small talk. I could tell he wanted to engage a little, but clearly he read me too. I was all about getting my pants up and grabbing my suit coat.

....and 1014 door was closing behind me.

The next day, I got a nice little note from him via Scruff messenger.

Thank you for stopping yesterday. I enjoyed your subdued domination and control and the slaps were awesome.

Fuck right they were.

Monday, November 24, 2014


He was much more handsome than the picture he sent me. He was thinner and hairier too - facially at least.

His ad was for a face in his lap. A nice blow job where he could eventually fuck my face. He was looking for 'now' because he had a workman coming at 1p. It was noon already - so I made a quick drive to his area and knocked on the door.

I kicked off my shoes, well, because I'm not rude. His place looked nice, even though a bit fussy for my tastes. Victorian interior design is not for me. But I'm guessing you're not reading this to hear about his decorating style. He had a fire going, as it was in the low double-digit temps.

There were no niceties, which was fine - it was right down to business.

He had on sweat pants and underwear. The pants came down to his knees, and I went to mine. I nuzzled his brief covered crotch briefly. Soon enough his 6.5" upwardly curved cock was out and passing my lips.

This wasn't even my first cock of the day, but second (eventually, there would be four).

While eventually we did get to the face in his lap business, it was more about the slowly fucking my face.

Slow and deliberate.

Slow did not mean he didn't go deep. Slow does not mean he did not go forceful.

In earlier posts, I've lamented on the average sized cock being much harder to suck (for me) than a larger one. I don't normally gag on larger ones - for whatever reason. Average ones seem to be a struggle for me - to take all the way. To take as they like. And to feel like I'm doing a good job.

"John" would lodge his cock to my tonsils and then try to push some more. The cock would pop into the beginning of my throat and there it would make me gag a bit.

But there was no break. It was repeated pushing, shoving, fucking into my throat. It was holding my head. It was a struggle to breathe.

It does not help that I have a deviated septum and almost no airflow from one nostril. But even if I did, the pacing was difficult to establish a good, let alone regular, breathing pattern.

None of this deterred me, by the way.

With his hands clasped behind my head, he ignored my veiled struggles to get free so I could catch some air. This in turn produced tears. Not tear of joy nor tears of pain. I think it was a trigger to catching breath - or lack there of - and they started slowly from the outside corners of my eyes. Both my eyes.

John would stop for a nano-second to ask 'are you all right?' with almost no break in feeding me his cock at his pace and his insistence. Never once in those nano-second breaks did I say the word(s) 'no', 'stop', 'slower'.

I did not feel I was providing him a good blowjob, but he wasn't stopping. Now and then, he'd say things like "I've been looking for a cocksucker - do you want to be him?".  Invariably I always said 'yes'.

The internal joke with myself was: maybe if I was his on-going cocksucker, he'd change. I could get him to relax and enjoy a GREAT blowjob instead of a marginally good one. But men don't change. He advertised for a certain kind of service, and I replied.

That's what he likes. That's what he wants. That's what he was getting.....or taking. Men don't change. And I knew this, but was still saying 'yes' to his potential / in the heat of the moment offer.

But it wasn't 'in heat'. He was very calm. Very calculated. He knew what he was doing - he was getting the exact response out of me that he wanted.

Gagging, though I didn't make a sound. Choking, though I never showed my throat convulsions. Water from the eyes, so he knew he was the one in control and I was the cocksucker.

He'd ask a few times, 'are you all right?' but it was cursory and rhetorical. He was saying the right thing, but in truth, he didn't care - and he didn't stop.

I'd hear the saying "good cocksucker" and of course, that made me want to continue and I never felt it was my place to complain or say 'no' 'stop' or 'slower'.  I'd say I didn't want to say those words either, but it probably flashed on my mind.

I think once when I had a chance I just said I don't have the ability to breathe out one side of my nose, but if you're not a fucking cocksucker - and I doubt he ever was - you don't really understand what I was trying to say.

On another level, I didn't want him to care. I didn't care if he cared.

Somewhere in the middle of this, his contractor showed up. I sat patiently while he showed him upstairs to work and then came back down and we resumed what we started.

While I know you're all thinking there's a repairman 3-way fantasy coming your way, I'll save you the time right now. That didn't happen.  : )

John sat on the couch an face fucked me.  John had me sit on the couch and he stood on it and face fucked me. I was on my knees. I was on my back. I was every which way so he could pump his piece into my throat.

Not once did I wipe any of the tears away from my face. Somewhere, I assumed, he wanted to see that. I think guys like seeing manifestations of their virility - be it struggling, crying, pleading, gagging.

I won't really make up a gagging noise to make a guy feel good. It insults my ability as a faggot. But more than once guys have made me actually gag to the point I cough or make that non-productive retching sound.

We were at least 40 minutes into this when he blew his load. I didn't even know he was close. He gave no verbal indication. It's not like the process was any different of the in-out-in-out-in-out that he'd been performing on me......and I on him.

The load was plentiful but not pleasant tasting. That has never bothered me in the past and didn't this time either. I've never spit out a load or pulled off a cock because of foul tasting semen. It's part of the job. It's part of their expectation. And it should be.

For whatever part I played in this visit - and it probably differs from his perspective versus mine - it is my ability to get him excited, keep him that way and extract the load that is important. There is power in being able to do that.

Now this time, he had the true control. I'm not so sure he didn't get himself off with me being a dumpster. That's fine too. More than fine.

After I nursed a few drops off post the big ejaculation, he pushed me away, as he was too sensitive for me to touch. The irony was not lost on me.

He once again asked if it was all right and I assured him it was, though I feel my eyes were probably still glassy from left over tears.

He said I was a great cocksucker and hopes he could use me again. Of course I agreed. I live for being called something like that - and regardless of the reservations that might have shot through my brain now and then, that compliment made me want to return and repeat.

For him I might not be a great cocksucker (even though he said it) as opposed to, I was one of the few who might have put up with that treatment.

And that is fucking fine by me.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

50 Tokens

It was my second webcast.  Sexcast. Sexual webcast.

Back in July I wrote about my first streaming sex show. I finally had my second a few weeks ago (I know, I'm way behind on posting and actually have quite a back-up of stories to dispense, some that are now months old).

Like the last time, I threw an ad out on CL letting guys who might be into showing off what my plan was. The venue, like last time, was still Chaurbate. My feelings about the guys asking for donations have / had not changed.

I got a few lame responses. I got one real one.

A big dicked black man.

He might be leaning a little into that sink top and measuring tape, but we'll give him the 8" for good measure. It was a decent size thickness and a nice vein or two that was visible from space.

This time, I gave a little head's up on Twitter that I would be doing this - along with a tentative start time and the Chaturbate channel. I don't know how much it helped or not.

The guy arrived and opened his pants. While he wasn't horribly vocal or anything during the session, he remained rock hard and didn't seem to care that some white cocksucker was down on his cock while a host of anonymous guys (and a few women) watched. It's not like anything but his cock and part of his upper thighs were showing. He had no identifying marks.

I won't say there was anything spectacular about my blowjob - other than it being my AWESOME mouth - but people watched.

Now and again, I'd take my lips off the black rod and peek at the screen. At one point I had 118 viewers. It might have been more at some time, but I didn't keep a continual focus on that part of the encounter.

I would say most folks on this webcam site do nothing but jack off, so they can interact (or ignore) their viewers. I wasn't exactly ignoring mine, but I was preoccupied. I saw lines of text going, so I know folks were chatting - amongst themselves or to me. I could not reply. My mouth was full.

I did pull off for a minute, as I knew my feeder was getting closer and asked people where he should cum.

I'm a cocksucker by trade and naturally want that sperm in my mouth, but that doesn't make for a good show. Porn business be damned, but people want the money shot. I totally get that. And after I asked the question, almost all of the responses wanted to see him shoot.

While some said 'chest' and some said 'face', none of them said, "in the mouth". I took the initiative to have him do it on my face with an extended tongue.  Where I could have scooped the load off my chest, the visual of the face seemed to be better for me - and hopefully better for my viewers. And I could lick it clean if it reached anywhere near my tongue.

Mr. Feeder had a decent load. I stuck out my tongue. He took a step closer and unleashed his sperm.

Much of it hit my beard. It hit my face. It went on my tongue and around my mouth.

He didn't seem too fazed when I turned to the camera to show it off - to lick it off - to scoop it up and feed myself. I could see the comments scrolling but not focused enough to read any of them at that time.

As he started to immediately pull on his clothes, I showed the audience the jizz coating me....and letting them watch me ingest it.

I told the viewers I'd be right back and escorted the feeder to the door.

When I returned, I was down under 100 viewers. After they saw the show, they left - and that's cool.

I had a few minutes to read their comments and questions and provide a little feedback. I also noticed a number of people had "tipped" me.

As I said in my last post regarding streaming, I wasn't in it for the amazon wish list or getting tips. It was awful nice of them to do that for me, but it was not my goal.

I notice that guys on that site will drag out their exploits in hopes of receiving tips before they do x, y or z. I'm not that kind of guy.

I just wanted to show off.

A number of guys did a 'follow me' click, so anytime I sign on, they get an email notification that I would or could be broadcasting.

We'll see how that goes.

But now I have 50 tokens I don't know what to do with - except maybe spend them on other hot men who are showing off and request 50 tokens to take it to the next level.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Manning the GH

I was asked to come back for another photo shoot. I did one last year to mixed results. This one was much more down and to speak. No lighting. No reflectors. No assistant (damn, on that one).

Honestly, instead of an hour, it took 15 minutes. Well 15 minutes plus two hours. There was a set-up that was timed so there was 10 minutes of photos. Two hours of 'wait time'. And then another 5 minutes of photos.

The wait time was not wasted time though and I knew it wouldn't be.

The same man who did the photo shoot is the same one who wrote FAG on my cock in ink, set up his home gloryhole for me to man.

Particulars were not given out and I knew enough not to ask. I wasn't sure if he advertised somewhere that it would be open. Or maybe he had a mailing list of folks he sent out to.

There was little direction or ground rules at first. I was to be naked and in front of the hole. I was not to show my face or to look at theirs.

Now, I try not to look through GHs, though I know everyone does not subscribe to this. It's about the cock, not the person. He could be gorgeous or a troll. But when it's just the cock - it could be anybody your mind conjures up....and that makes you a better cocksucker and ultimately ends up pleasing your partner more.

Without discussing, I knew me getting sucked or off was a non-starter.

"Nick" set up the board and I knelt in front. He was nice enough to provide a plush folded up towel for me to kneel on, as i would be there for almost two and one half hours - in theory.

The set up was this: an outside door opened into a vestibule. In theory there is another door into the house, but the board prevented entry, so the feeders would stand in the vestibule (with the outer door shut) and I was inside the house on my knees.

I got in place but after 10 minutes of waiting, the host said he didn't expect anyone for 20-25 more minutes and to come over and suck his cock in the meantime.

He was on a sofa working about 15 feet or so from the door. And I would find out soon, one of his roommates was elsewhere in the house. I heard noises that I assumed were the front door opening, but it was just a roomie upstairs opening and closing other doors.

As you saw from my other posts, the host has a nice cock that seemed even a little thicker this time.

True to timing, 20 minutes later the front door opened and I was off the host cock and at my station.

All I knew was that he was black. A nice cock, slightly bigger than average, but nothing phenomenal. He let me do my work and just stood there, pressed up against the wood that separated us.

It took me all of maybe seven minutes to get him off. The host came by and snapped this picture.

Between each guy, I went back to the host to nurse on his cock while he worked. Sometimes he'd pay a little attention to me, other times it was all on his laptop. Either way, I was on his cock.

This time, he did give me slight more direction:  get them off as fast as possible. He didn't know how many would show up and he didn't want a line outside.

Got it.

"and I hope you like black dick, because there might be a lot of it."

My liking or not liking of any kind of guy was irrelevant at this point. It was cock, not people. And I wasn't in a position to turn anyone a way or say 'no'.

Guy #2 showed. While I didn't look up at him, it was easy to make out he kept himself in great shape. ....and then he took out his dick. Or what I referred to, in my head, a micropenis.

By the time I got him fully hard, he was about 3".  Maybe 3.5". But starting, I wasn't sure he'd clear the hole to get his dick into my mouth.

It was an ok blowjob. I'd like to say my heart was in it, but I was slightly disappointed in the material with which I had to work. Shallow of me, I fully admit. But I like a mouthful. I will give him this, he shot a nice load of cum. Lots in volumes.

Then there was an overweight white guy. You see how big the gloryhole is, so it wasn't hard to see the belly. And he did have to life some of the weight up and above the hole. A very average cock. But I did my job.

There were a few other ok dicks too.

The host got up once or twice to take a picture. But for the most part, not only did he go back to work, he rarely looked up and almost never commented on a thing. It's like I was not even there. Except that I was - and being pimped out by him.

When back to sucking the host, his roommate walked in. I never looked up or got taken off task. They discussed house matters. He was off to run an errand. Before he left, he was offered my services. He agreed if he were back in time - but he never did return during my stay. I don't even know what he looked like.

One of the last cocks - of the seven I sucked (including the host) - was this one

Thick. Long. Dark as night. This picture does not do it justice. I'm going with at least 9" long and at least 5" around.

There were problems. He stunk. Just walking in the door I could smell him - as if he had not showered in a week.....minimum. It only got worse as he got closer and dropped his fly. It was massively unpleasant, but then....there was that dick. It was like Everest. You wanted to, because it was there.

It's hell being me. So you know what won out. I mean, you can see from the picture what won out.

I would stay five minutes into sucking him - or being face fucked by him - he said he wanted to suck my dick...and wanted my load. I told him that could not happen. I got no back-up from this from the host, who never looked up or replied, if he heard the request at all.  The guy kept asking why, and I had to keep telling him I was only there to suck cock,  not give any. That was my job.

He didn't either understand or care.

Then he wanted to see my ass. I had to ask the host for permission on this. He was ok with it - but it was one of those rules that were never discussed earlier, as I don't think either of us thought it would come up.

The guy felt my ass, even fingered it.....but that's all. I wasn't really prepared to take such a massive tool up my backdoor, though, of course, I would have.....and powered through it. But it never came up.

I went back to my knees and the guy just jerked his cock and wouldn't let me at it until he was ready to cum. Then he just dropped his load in my mouth and was gone.

He was #6.

#7 was the host himself. He sat back on the couch and just let me do my work. As always, he blew a huge load into my mouth and watch me savor it before letting it slide down my throat.

All in all it was an interesting 2+ hours. I would do it again, in hopes of more cock....possibly even better cock. You can't choose who walks through that door, but just like college tea rooms and bookstores, you should just take what is offered as it slips through that hole in the wall.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I can't speak for every homo sex guy out there, but for me, there are / were just certain things you thought would happen when you started having sex.

Let me rewind a bit. I started shoplifting Honcho magazine when I was 15. It's doubtful that mag is even in existence anymore - nor has it been for a while, if that tells you anything about my age.

But for as mature I was for a mid-teen, I was also gullible enough - or hopeful - that some of that shit they wrote in there was true. As I grew older, porn movies didn't deviate much from the scenarios of pictorials or stories:  cops. repair guys. cable guys. truckers. dad's best friend.  Not to mention where these actions took place: tea rooms. parks. bars. backs of cars. truck cabs. movie theaters. prison. army barracks.

I should have been surprised I was not tripping over guys getting it on no matter where I went.

And to be fair - I have made it in bars, tea rooms, parks, backs and fronts of cars and movie theaters - along with the JC Penney rest room when I was 17. Or hotel rooms of strangers when I was 16.

I guess the general public should have been surprised to not be tripping over me getting it on no matter where they went.

I have not knowingly made it with a cop, cable guy, a repair guy or my dad's best friend. However, I can now cross off trucker - and in the truck - off my list.

And let's face it - we all have lists. Actual or mental ones.

A buddy of mine, Spermpig, was in-state working when he texted me that he just had sex in the cab of a truck down the road from his hotel. They were on a pick-up site and decided to hook-up. Now, you might think I'm slutty, but I'm a fucking chaste man compared to Spermpig. He will tell you otherwise - and it is true I might have been more active in my earlier years, but he's more than closing the gap.

So he not only told me about the encounter, he was kind enough to tell everyone on Tumblr about it too.

And while Spermpig was in-state, he was still 3.5 hours aways from me. But he did me a solid by telling this trucker about me. And Mr. Trucker made deliveries up my way as well and got my screen name and before the day was over, sent out a message to me.

It was all well and good. No plans were made. Until the other day when he messaged he was 100 miles away and heading closer to me. Plans were made. Expectations were hatched. Finding a rest area / truck stop was in short order. It would be 30 miles for me, but what the fuck - I went for it.

I parked in the car parking, and he texted where his truck would be. I found it with no trouble. He said the driver door was open and to just hop in. I did, excited as all get out - as I had never been in the cab of a semi before.

Actually, it's exactly how you'd picture it. Cramped, but with a ton of things in there for a man who basically lives there.

We immediately moved to the back - which is about 11" from the front - and I'm being generous. There is an overhead bunk for his travel supplies, including about a dozen pair of jeans. The "bed" is the lower part of the bunk.

We started with dropping our clothes after he shut the dark heavy curtains, that cut out almost all light. It was really so other truckers that were parked about 18" on each side of his rig could not see in - not that I would have cared.

He was a nice looking man with a decent body and a good beard. His cock was about 6.5" with a good head. And married.

Oh, and thanks to Spermpig, this guy thinks I'm married as a woman. I can play that game, though I had forgotten that tidbit of info until he brought it up, but I recovered well................I think.

We kissed for a few moments, but he was on a schedule so I was on my back in the lower bunk. There's not a lot of room to maneuver, but he managed to line up his cock to my hole and push that fat head through.

There was no time to get use to it, he just plunged than fucked. I wasn't quite as dilated as I would have liked to be, but I adjusted eventually.

Like Spermpig's tale, this guy fucks a long long time. I had my feet up on the bottom of the top bunk while taking his dick. At some point he was standing, ass towards the curtain, and me with my ass off the bunk, feet on the side walls as he shredded my ass.

Then it was on to standing up and bent over and then laying down him on top of me. But he couldn't quite get there.

Of course, I felt defeated. It wasn't until later that I re-read Spermpig's encounter and he had the same situation. So it wasn't me. Or just me.

Trucker jacked his cock and got it close. Got it ready and then pushed in to deliver the warm load.

It's all I needed. All I wanted.

It wasn't the dominant / holy grail experience that movies and porn stories portray, but it was nice to check that off my 'to do' list.

I wasn't out the door and off the step by about 20 seconds before he was pulling away. He got what he wanted too.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Politics of Sex

Frustrated with the results of this week's elections, and intent on making the CL ads sound better than looking to score "gas money' for sex, I went with the creative - which normally gets me nowhere:

Republican men: you must be bursting with pride today. Your chest is sticking out a bit farther, your dick twitches with just a bit more confidence. 

Bet you'd like to show a liberal democrat how you take your prize. You take what you want and how you want it. 

Smirk, while you put me onto my knees. Sneer, as you see my lips part of your fleshy manhood. Tower over me as you take control of my right to choose. Dump your unborn voters into my mouth, holding my head until each one of them has disappeared. Then leave (or show me the door) - like nothing happened. 

I am masculine and workout. You should too. You should have an air of arrogance about you today. Be HWP. Show me that you're the winner and I'm the loser.

It was a throwaway ad - and I expected nothing to come of it. Yet, I got a response immediately: "Great Ad' wasn't what I wanted, but I thanked him nonetheless. He replied with decent stats, free all day, asked when and where..................and then went silent. 

I got another response that went like this: 

Definitely ready to celebrate here. Any chance you're looking to get your liberal cunt fucked too?
White top here, 6-3 200#, 7 thick cut inches, and a big load to shoot....

Clean it out good.- you'll be licking me clean after I fill your twat. No choice! I don't want any shit on my dick, and I'm not wearing a condom .

What a sweet-talker, but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Other emails were traded, including date, location, how to get in through the door and where I'd be waiting.  ....and waiting.....and waiting. 

I was generous and gave him 30 minutes before sending off this: 

So like most republicans you're all talk and no action, huh?

You demand more than what was offered. The liberal bows to compromise and you still squelch on the deal. 

And of course - no communication.  


Yes, I can be a bitter Democrat and cocksucker. I kind of was expecting a 'fuck you' reply, yet none came. 

All was not lost. I got a reply: 33, 5'11", 200. His cock looked ok, but nothing outstanding and he was .82 miles away. He made it over in less than five minutes. 

He was a good old boy. Unbuttoned shirt with a wife beater below it. Jeans. Cap. Hair on the chin with little on his cheeks and no mustache. 

As soon as he was in, he started unbuttoning his jeans. Some guys who show up like this shift foot to foot not knowing what to do next. That insecurity might be charming to some, but I like a man who knows what he wants and hesitates not a bit. 

He stood there waiting for me to go to my knees where I opened his pants. He didn't wait, pulled them off along with his multi-colored briefs and presented himself.

The cock was small and not even semi-hard. Yet. 

As I put it in my mouth and worked on it, the rod grew. And the pic he included totally undersold what a beautiful piece of meat it was. Thick - 7" straight shaft that didn't stick out but when straight up. It was a good angle for sucking. It fit in my mouth just right and I could deep throat him so the head would lodge in my throat - something he responded to each and every time I did it. 

Unlike most guys who come to this kind of set-up, he was in no rush. He was looking forward to some head. 

For a while he stood over me. I took my time, I showed my skills. He was content and quiet. He was feeling good, but not very verbal about it. But his cock responded. As I said, it grew and got fuller. It was a beautiful cock. 

After a bit, he grabbed a chair and sat his bare ass down in it. With his legs spread and me still on my knees, I just crawled that way and put my head in his lap, albeit with is cock down my throat. It was this first deep throating that got a response from him. Not only did he make a sound from the back of his own throat, his cock got noticeably harder. 

He opted to talk here. Saying sometimes he liked to relax and get head and sometimes he was very aggressive. This made my ears prick up. I actually lifted my head off his cock and told him that would be alright with me - whether this time, or another. 

I didn't want to take him out of his current element, but wanted to him to know I was receptive for repeat business. I didn't want to assume he wanted to come back. I had to earn that right. 

I braced my hands on the arms of the chair while I fellated this stud. His arms, ended up going behind his head. Don't ask me why, but that is such a hot position to see a guy in when he's getting head (or if he's laying back while you sit on his cock).

He told me he liked the job I was doing and that I was doing it well. He didn't rush me, but I was a little disappointed that he also didn't respond when I do the tricks I do with my tongue. I guess everyone doesn't have the same sensations in those places, but I get more positive responses than not. 

Finally, he got the word 'cocksucker' out of his mouth instead of just asking if I liked sucking cock. I know some guys aren't sure if they can use that word.....or the 'faggot' word. I can tell them, but I would rather it be their idea of saying it. That I'm on my fucking knees with the cock of a stranger in my mouth pretty much spells that out. 

All in all, I worked about 20 minutes on his cock. Soon, both hands were on the back of my head. While he didn't push me down on his cock, he wouldn't let me up either. I worked that shaft with the limited space he was giving me. But in reality, he just didn't want me to go anywhere because he was on the edge. 

When the balls emptied, the sperm just kept coming. Some right down my gullet, some pooling and gathering in my mouth. 

I kept his cock in my mouth and nursed it. He kept giving off little squirts and I could feel his dick pulse several times, well after he had shot his wad. I wanted him to know I was taking every drop, and I think he wanted me to know he was making sure every drop came out. 

When I did withdraw from his dick, I do what I normally do: take a guy's hand and guide it to my throat. Like most guys, he looked quizzically at me - not knowing what I was doing or what was to be expected. Like most guys, the light went off in his head after I wrapped his hand around my throat. 

Honestly, I would like them to grasp it more firmly than how I place it, but this is all very new to them. But I like the light in their eyes as they feel me swallow their jizz. 

By the way, he'll be back. Or at least so he claimed. 

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Bam! Bam! Bam!

I'm torn about one of my recent encounters.

I had put up on CL that I was looking to have a load dumped in my mouth. I asked for aggressive. I asked for verbal. I got one true reply - and he delved a little more into dom territory than I expected, but this was not unwelcome.

While we chatted about things he wanted to do - he wanted to know if I get fucked or spanked - and my appropriate responses for someone who is a little more on the sub side, for our first meeting we decided it would be oral only.

First, he typed out 'boi' which I truly loathe.

I'm not 18. I'm not a hairless twink. And even if I were, I'd be a 'boy'. I still am a boy, just a grown-up masculine one - albeit, one who likes cock in my mouth and ass.

But there is dom with style and then there is being aggressive just because you don't know any better let alone have any skill. You are more of a bull in a china shop.

Enter "Mike".  2" shorter than he said - and not in height. 5" tops - and I'm being generous. Big nuts though. He was also a good 20lbs over what he said and all in his gut. Or most of it.

Again - guys with huge guts and small endowments, it's hard for us go get to your peen without encountering a wall of flesh and blubber. Don't blame us if we can't satisfy you like you want. There are physical limitations on what one can achieve there.

But like i said, Mike was a bull in a china shop. I like to get my mouth fucked as much as the next guy, but I am a very very very skilled cocksucker. He just wouldn't know that. He couldn't.

No matter how hard he fucked my mouth, he wanted to fuck it harder. And it was just bam! bam! bam! bam!  There was no way for me to keep my balance with him and he kept knocking me over and he didn't notice or care.

He made it impossible to keep his cock in my mouth when his pounding belly against my face would knock me over or out of the way. He never let me set the pace or show him what I could do with my mouth - how good I could make that cock feel.

And that is where I'm torn.

He is the top in the situation. I am not.

In theory the top should get what he wants when he wants it and how he wants it. How or if I'm satisfied should not play that much into it.  Again, in theory.

A good top, even if they don't want me to get off, wants me to enjoy what I'm doing - at least I think. His needs are still primary.

Mike was just clueless. I think he thinks this was good sex. It wasn't for me and the thing is - the scary thing, that is - it might be good for him. But he doesn't understand how much better it could be.

I like taking the orders, if you will, but it was not something I enjoyed much at all - and you'll remember from recent posts about getting slapped around, spit on and bathed.

I don't mind being treated like a utility, but something in this whole thing was just missing - and I think it was from his lack of experience......though I think he's had a lot of it.....but just sub par experience.

For most anyone else, I would try to help educate, but his exterior shows that this would not be welcome. He is the head cheese in his mind and taking advice from a cocksucker would just be a humiliation for him.

The absolute insult though?  He emailed me later and said, "it was ok, but you could do better".

As if!