Monday, October 31, 2005

Tricks (and Treat)

I will post my Las Vegas adventures shortly - this I promise.

Yesterday was such a beautiful fall day - crisp air. Mid 50s. No clouds. Sunny as all get out. Is that not a perfect day for cruising the woods at a park?? I think we all know the answer to that one, n'est pas?

The one good cruisy site borders a big field. Unfortunately, the field and parking lot were taken over by some organized football league. As hot as it may have been to suck off those strapping wannabes - the chance of getting the shit kicked out of you would be greater. I went on to spot #2.

There were a number of cars in the small lot (6 including mine), but I hiked back to the wooded area anyway. Being smart as I am - I dressed in olive pants, a medium brown sweatshirt and tan construction boots. I couldn't have been more camoflaged if I tried (oh wait - I did try!).

I passed two guys who were leaving I would have gladly taken care of. One a mid-20s white guy and the other a very well built black man in his 30-40s. Neither turned to check me out , so I guess they got theirs and were done.

It didn't take me long to spot the other guys who were out and about. Nothing that *really* caught my eye, but who am I to be too picky?

One guy for reasons I cannot give just didn't do it for me. However another guy had one nice fat piece of meat he had out and stroking. He was also a good 60 lbs overweight, but the heft of his meat was the draw. He went deeper into the woods expecting me to follow. I did. Unfortunately, so did the other guy. Drat!

He went off the trail and into a brushy area. The guy pulled out his dick again and I grabbed it. It felt SO good in my hand. On to my knees I went so I could feel it in my mouth. It felt good there too, though I have to admit, getting under his gut was a challenge. You could tell it was a powerful cock though. We heard a few twigs snap and thought it was the guy following us. However it was not. My feeder said, "don't move!" His dick still in my mouth, I stayed still. About 20 ft away, a group of maybe 20-30 hikers admiring the fall colors walked down the path. None of them saw us, but it spooked the guy and he pulled away to go deeper into the woods.

I eventually followed, but the guy I didn't like was suddenly there too. But so was another guy. Younger (mid 20s?). I knew from the second I saw him he was looking to be fed, not to feed. Though I had no interest really in feeding, I thought to set the bait, I'd let him just to see where things took us.

He was average looking and still had acne he had not grown out of. I have to say though, he had a good mouth and knew how to use it. In only a minute the power-dick guy was watching and soon the guy following us was on his knees sucking him. A few minutes after that an older gent came by and stood between the two groups. He came over to me and felt my balls vigorously. He had a nice bulge in his jeans but wouldn't take it out. A shame really.

The guy w/the fat cock said he couldn't keep it hard and was gonna move on - and did so. The other guy got off his knees and stood and watched us. I kind of signaled him away and eventually he walked away.

The kid on my cock was really going to town - and at this point I let him. I wasn't close, but figured it might be a good draw for anyone else cruising the park. Just then a guy unexpectedly came around the corner. He was as surprised to see us as I was to see him (the kid didn't see him at all). Travel coffee mug in hand, I believe him to have been a nature lover and had no idea what went on back in those woods.

It only took him a second to recover, give a grin and a thumbs up to me. He kept walking, approaching us, but going to go around us. He got close and I said he could join us. He just kept smiling and shook his head and started to walk past us. The guy looked at me and said, "looks like he's going deep." I pulled out to show him my 8" and then pushed the kid's head slowly down on my dick so the other guy could see it disappear. "Definately going deep", I said to him.

The kid pulled off my dick and said, can we at least see it. This stopped him in his tracks and he turned around and looked at me and said, "I don't think so." Then continued his walk past us.

I got a little bold, b/c this guy was hot. Late 40s. Bearded and masculine. Just the kind of guy I'd like to go down on. At this point I had nothing to lose and performing for him. "Wanna see me feed him my load?!" Again he stopped and then turned around and headed back to us. "Yeah, I want to see him take your load!".

I pulled back the cocksucker's head and said, you're gonna take it all - right? He said yes. I confirmed he'll be eating every drop. He nodded.

I let him go back to it and I kept my eye contact on the guy watching us. He really put me over the edge. I grabbed the cocksucker's head and held him deep and tight. I poured a four-day load in his throat and he gagged and coughed, but kept it and my cock in his mouth. He was aboout to pull off and I told him there was more coming. He took it too. The guy watching was duly impressed. Not sure w/me, the cocksucker or the combo.

If the observer was hard, it never showed in his pants. He winked at me, said to keep out of trouble and moved on to see the turning leaves. The cocksucker got off his knees and became everything I hate about supposedly anonymous sex.

"Can I see you again?" "Can I get your number?" "When do you come here and what kind of car do you drive so I can spot you?" Fuck that's annoying. I think I was like that at 16....but learned my lesson early. I beat a path out of there and drove away before he could even spot my car.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Breaking the Dry Spell

Wednesday finally saw my week and a half dry spell of sex come to an end.

The guy (Rich maybe??) had been over once before. Very attractive and masculine. Salt & Pepper hair and beard. Nice meat too. A heavy hanging 7.5"...fat too. And all he wanted to do really was be sucked off.

He really wanted to see the house too and talk about the neighorhood. He and his partner were thinking of moving into such a neighborhood. I love guys who are married, partnered or dating. They are horn-dogs who think more of their nuts than the might of their other half. I love it that the cock rules - usually at any costs. My cock doesn't....but my mouth and ass do. A great situation on some levels.

Nothing out of the orinary w/this guy though. He was nice. Attractive. Wanted porn on - so I put it on. I don't watch porn that much anymore - it has become so generic for the most part. Gay for pay shaved muscle boys are not necessarily my cup of tea. But dimming the lights, hearing the porn, doing a hit of poppers - it was *almost* like being in a bookstore booth.

He was watching the on-screen action than paying attention to me. Check
He'd take the remote and fast foward - not unlike flipping through ABS video channels. Check.
He sat back and let me do my job. Check
He unloaded a HUGE load into my mouth....and tasty at that. CHECK.

It took my edge off - and probably his. I'm off to Vegas on Sunday. There'll be away from home dads there at conferences who no doubt will need some kind of relief. I'm just their guy. Or just A guy. Or better yet - just A hole.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Inches & PM Magazine

Still in a dry spell. That will change this weekend (perhaps tonite). One more from my past.

I was lucky (?) enough to end up w/two big-dicked guys at different times of my life. Ok - more than two - but I'm speaking specifically OF two.

Jason was a guy I met in an adult bookstore. It seemed way out of my league. Muscled, goodlooking. He had long hair, which was not my thing - and he had the look of what I'd call a male stripper. It turns out, my instincts served me well. The man had 9" - but it was a THICK heavy hang. It was great to have him in my mouth and unloading into my stomach.

We'd run into each other at one or the other bookstores from time to time and I'd get to sample his meat. One time, he was leaving the booth before I finished and told me to wait there. I did - for what seemed like an eternity. I was just leaving the booth when he returned....w/a palm full of cum. He told me if I wanted to suck him, I was to eat the load out of his hand. Of course I did. As I consumed, he told me how he jacked off some guy in another booth and caught his load to serve to me.

A few weeks later, Jason came to my apartment early one morning. Him in his sweats and being commando underneath. I was on my knees in a heartbeat. After a few minutes he grabbed my head. He started to unload......or so I thought. It took maybe 30 seconds to figure out he wasn't cumming...but he was draining something. It was my first piss. I started to pull off when I realized it, but he held me firm and then the trickle became a stream. I gulped b/c I didn't want to ruin my carpet. It was strong tasting (morning piss) and lots of it. Afterward, I sucked him off. He asked how I liked my first taste of piss. How he knew I'll never know. We did that two other times - all w/out discussion.

The other things Jason had me do was to have me come over to his place in a seedy neighborhood and there'd be different older black men there. I'd say in their 60s....and he'd have me suck them off while he jacked his dick.

In 1992/3 I was in SF visiting a friend and we ran across a new issue of Inches - and lo and behold on the cover was Jason! My friend was aghast that I knew him - if he'd only known what I DID w/him!

Jon was a host of our local PM Magazine (if those still exist anywhere). I didn't know his 'celebrity' at the time. I never watched the fuckin' show.

I met him in a restroom on the univsersity campus. First time he came into my stall and let me suck his big 8" for awhile. Soon though he bent over while I sat on the john. Clearly he was inviting me to eat his ass. And I did. I guess one of my acts - or the combo - got him off. He pumped a load right into his palm and forced me to eat it clean. What is it about these guys who wanted to be 'stars' but want you to eat spooge from their hand?

Jon was about control. When and where he saw me. He had my number and would call giving another name....thinking I never knew who he was. I'd play along. He liked to force his dick into my mouth while I was on my back...knowing he was cutting off my air. He like to see me struggle and always knew exactly how long he could keep my airway shut off w/his thick dick.

Eventually he got around to fucking me. Control again was his issue. Getting me in positions I could not easily move in - if at all. He kept the pace he the depth the wanted...for as long as he wanted. He always wore a rubber. He'd always fill the rubber and then peel it off and toss the entire thing on me. Then he'd just straighten up and leave.

The last time I saw him, I initiated the meeting. I called his news station and asked for him. When they asked who was calling, I gave the same fake name he always gave somewhere I knew it'd register who might be calling (let's face it - he probably gave that name to MANY men). He came over. He fucked my face and my mouth. But I never saw him again. I'm guessing the knew I figured out who he was - and I was too big of a liability. Oh well.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Houston/New Orleans

Since I alluded to it in my last blog entry - I just may as well finish the stories, huh?

This is back a decade or so, but still all to clear in my mind.


Tom and myself went to visit our friends (straight couple) and just drank and drank and drank. It was May and horribly hot and humid already. One night just Tom and I went out to a gay bar which was in walking distance (albeit, bad neighborhood), so no need to drive. We ended up going home w/two other guys who were housesitting. Personally, I don't like having sex w/friends....but we did. All four of us. The guy I was mainly with - and you can't say this nicely - his breath smelled like shit. I'll assume some kind of gum disease. All I could do to keep my booze down.

We did the walk of shame home the next day w/our hosts meeting us at the door as they came out to get their morning paper. Ooops. The shame was not to end however. The next night, same bar - we are in a bathroom stall doing coke off a car key when someone walks in the bathroom.....and begins talking about two guys they picked up from the night before. AGGGH. Tom and I could have easily blocked it from our memory and pretended it NEVER happened....but these schmoes wouldn't let us. We hid out in the stall for what seemed like an eternity and then slunk out of the bar. And now it just makes for a good story to other when the two of us get together. There was another story when some guy we tried to pick up went absolutely nuts on us (or maybe it was the coke paranoia) and literally chased us around town. I was doing my best 'Starsky & Hutch' driving - and eventually won out.

New Orleans

We left Houston in shame and just headed to New Orleans. A completely unplanned portion of our trip. N.O. is not the place to tred into lightly - in my opinion. After this trip, I never understood how anyone could survive Mardi Gras or Southern Decadence. It was a lost 2.5 days.

It turns out N.O. has two happy hours per day (4p-7p and 4a-7a). Probably not a good thing when you hit them both in the same outing....but we did. First bar, I think I left w/someone (Doug) after 20 minutes. Ended up playing at his apt - me getting him off, me not getting off (usual) and back at the bar in 30 minutes. Tom barely missed me. During this time I ran into a guy who really hit a nerve w/me. We didn't talk - just a look...and he could have been THE one. And I never say that lightly.

But he was fleeting glance at a few bars, but I was onto guy #2. I think his name was John (yes oddly, I got an remembered their names). He was nice. Too nice for me actually. It seems I perfer my guys w/an edge of some sorts. Guys who *like* me barely stand a chance. But I was never seeing him again - so I did him. Bam! Back at the bar in an hour.

When I got back Tom was not there. I thought I'd look for him at another bar and literally ran into him out on the street w/some guy in tow. He introduced me - and was so excited b/c they shared the same last name. I, on the other hand, recognized the name as someone high up in the Democratic party (not an elected politician - and though I'm not above naming names - I won't). We partied and though Tom was trying to pick this guy up, his hand would creep into the rip in the ass on my jeans. You get Tom drunk enough and he didn't care. So I left w/Brian (ok, I can name first names) where we went back to our place and fucked like bunnies all night. As he was leaving our room service showed up. This B&B was nice - and the hottest black guy delivered it. I wasn't exactly modest at the door - and he saw. After he deliverd the rest of the breakfasts, I serviced him. I had no money - it's the only tip I had.

The next night we went out - and much lower key (how could it not be). The guy I noticed the night before was around again. I went up and talked to him. We sat outside and chatted. Doug came by and said hi. So did John and Brian. This guy (York) asked how long we'd been in town, and I was embarrassed to say - "a day".

If he had judgements - he never verbalized them. I went home w/him that night and slept w/him. Just slept. Barely waking in time to make it to the hotel for check out. He could have been the one. He should have been the one. But he's in Los Angeles - and I'm not.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Uncle Charlie's tricks

I'm getting nothing this week it seems. Perhaps this upcoming one. until then, here's one from the past.

My friend Tom and I had spent a horribly drunk/drugged-out week split between Houston and New Orleans. And while there are stories by the truckload to be told there - a week after we returned home, we headed to NYC for a weekend. Clearly this was a time when I was highly functional while being highly high.

The weekend was mostly a total blur. At some point we ended up at Uncle Charlies down in the West Village. Mind you - this was after the Dugout, Ramrod, and any other number of places. Tom set his sites on some guy and lo and behold, snagged him. Unfortunately, I usually got snagged in his schemes and plans anyway (hence Houston, New Orleans and NYC).

We close the bar and end up going home w/this guy and Tom wants to do. I knew I'd be sitting around waiting (no....HOPING) they'd get done soon so we could go to bed. At some point the guy's roommate came home and somehow it was expected that I could just hook up w/him. He wasn't half bad and we did end up in his tiny room.

I have no idea how we got to where we were, but soon I was on my back getting fucked by this guy. He just pumped me long and hard, and I was drunk enough to just lay back and take it. I think he was buzzed enough that he wasn't gonna cum fast. But before long I heard, "man...looks good". Turns out it was the guy Tom had come home with standing in the room watching.

Apparently, Tom and this guy never quite got their act together enough to know that both liked to fuck - but neither got fucked. I was never clear on if Tom sent this guy into the room for me to take care of or whether he just passed out and this guy took it upon himself.

Guy #1 finished by blowing a load up my ass. Without asking - me or the roomie - Tom's buddy just climbed on and took over. To be fair - he was a much better fucker. And clearly he was primed. Teased by Tom and then watched a show of the two of us bonking.

I think we dragged ourselves out of that apartment around 4a to get some much needed rest.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I Actually Feed

After getting my oil changed on Saturday, I cruised through one of the metroparks to see what was there. Being a cold, rainy morning, there wasn't much activity going on at all.

I was about to pack it in when a guy pulled up I had blown in the past. He parked next to me and we exchanged nods then a few words. He asked if I wanted to follow him back to his office (which I had been there before) and I did. The guy was in his 50s and a little short for my usual liking. His dick is a little less than average, but he loves my mouth and he shoots a decent load.

We get there and he says, 'man, I'd love to have your cock in my mouth'. I always forget he is a feeder in claims only. I truly believe he is as big as a cocksucker as I am, but I've never given it to him. I had my dick out of my underwear, but still in my jeans - so it showed really nice as I began to stiffen up. He put me in an office as he got on his cell to make sure one of his office mates was not going to be in today. While he did that, I pulled my hard cock out of my button-fly.

I'm sorry if it sounds like bragging, but it looked good. 8" of stiff stiff meat poking out through the jeans as I sat back on a stool, making it bounce and jump. He finally looked over and saw it and just dropped his jaw. Finally he put down his cell and walked over to me w/his dick out. He wanted me down on my knees and I decided 'not today'.

He wanted me to suck him off after he sucked me. I said 'no'. I could suck him off first - but then he'd have to suck me. He said he couldn't do that - which I understand, as depending on the guy, I can lose interested post-ejaculation. So right then and there, I said - 'you can just suck ME off!'. (I never mentioned that I wasn't planning on doing him.)

The guy was a pretty good fellatist. He could easily take me down to my 501 buttons and made Little Bikeguy feel real good. I knew I should be quiet since I was in an office - but I love having guys who are verbal and think I should give something back. I was looking down and him and just said, 'so....who's the fuckin' cocksucker now???'. He picked up the pace - so I know it turned him on.

I kept it up for a bit and kept telling him to 'suck my fuckin' prick' and he did. I pulled out a bottle of poppers and took a big hit. That put me right at the edge. I know my breathing gave away what was about to happen, but I just started to unload in his mouth. His head kept bobbing and I told him 'STOP MOVING'. I get very sensitive when I cum and just like it to pour out. And it did. Though it was only 2 days worth - it was a HUGE load. It just kept shooting and drooling out into his mouth.

One other thing I forgot about him is that he does not swallow. Probably one reason I never gave it to him before (he'd tell me he spits when relaying other guys he's done). I rather a guy pull off than spit my spooge out. So he holds it in his mouth and walks out of the room to spit it into some can (I guess). I quickly tuck my dick back in, button up and start to walk out.

All of the sudden he's there, cock still out. I just look at him and say 'thanks for the head' and turn and head to the door. He calls out for me to come back...and I keep walking and never even turn around.

Though I'll never truly be a feeder - I envoked everyone who has ever fed me when playing one this last weekend. It was kind of hot.

Friday, October 07, 2005

(Almost) Empty Apartment

I had a business dinner last night and emailed the hot fuck who feeds me in his empty rental unit. He was cool w/me stopping by on my way home. I told him I'd call 10 minutes before my arrival. I did - but no answer. Undetered, I showed up anyway. He was there and waiting.

The apartment wasn't completely empty. He had one wooden chair in the living area. He looked at me and said "strip!" and indicated that I should put my clothes on it. Earlier in email I said no cumming on my face this time - I wanted it in my mouth since I'd have a suit on. He took care of that by making me take off my suit. He left the room, by the time he returned, I was naked, hard and on my knees.

He came right to my mouth and pushed his boxer-brief crotch in my face. I licked, gnawed and sucked his growing cock through that white material. I soaked the pouch before he turned around wanting the same attention his white-cottened ass. Soon enough the material slid down over the buns and I just went to eating the hole. I love getting my tongue up there - and clearly so did he.

Eventually he turned around to feed me cock. My head against the wall with him sliding his dick in and out of my mouth w/ease. There was grabbing of my head and some slapping - but not as hard or often as the last few times. But his mouth was still dirty - calling me any number of things, but mostly something to do w/me being a 'whore'. : )

At some point he went to the chair he brought out and sat on it's edge spreading his legs wide. He told me to crawl there and suck his cock. Naturally I did as I was told. I'd got there and deep throated that big 8". He kept telling me how much *I* liked sucking *his* cock. He was not wrong.

After that he got me on my back and fingered my ass. Normally I find fingers too boney for my ass - but his felt good. Good enough for me to ask for his cock. He deftly ignored my request - never even acknowledging it.

More ass eating. More nut licking. More cocksucking. Eventually he got on his knees and told me to lie on my belly in front of him to suck his prick. I did. He reached over to finger my ass again. It felt ok - but not a great angle for either for us. But soon enough he was ready to let the load go. He got me against the wall again to feed me dick. Soon he unloaded...a few spurts on my left cheek before I forced his cock into my mouth to capture the spooge.

He pulled his dick out w/a plop and then slapped my face 'CUM!' he commanded. I've never been one to cum on demand - or rarely even attempt to cum at all when getting another guy off.
He was not to be unfullfilled. He started smacking my face - 'you filthy stinking WHORE!' and lots of variations of it.

When that didn't work he told me to lean back and expose my ass. He was great about finger fucking me. Slow, fast and always deep. Not as good as a cock, but he knew what he was doing. And enough to get my to blow my 5 day load all over my belly.

I'm hoping he NEVER rents that apartment!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bad Attitude III

After giving this guy my number, I figured I would never hear from him since I assumed I was not worthy of an outside the bookstore usage.

I was right and wrong. Though he did eventually call - I don't ever think he found me worthy, just convenient. And I was. I would drop everything to accommodate him when he called. Early evening to middle of the night. I even left one of my own parties so I could get his dick. It was that bad. It was that good.

He (I have NO idea what his name was) would usually make me strip to my underwear when I walked in the door. Sometimes he'd make me do it on his oustide stoop - so I would enter his house the way he wanted and expected. Lights would mostly be off save for one over the stove - giving minimal illumination. The place was an A-frame, so no upstairs - just a bed on a platform you'd walk a few stairs to get to. ...not that we ever used it that much.

Usually it was a situation where I was immediately on my knees. Depending on his state of undress - it was only a matter of moments before his horse cock was in my mouth, and only a little while after that before I think he was purposely trying to gag me with it.

Frustrated w/what he thought was my lack of cocksucking skills he'd make me take my underwear off and bend over something to await for his cock. That monster thing would push up me and he'd just go at it. It was never a matter of me adjusting to it or him taking the time to slide up me. It was completely primal - but from the first time I saw him, you could see that in his face. His masculine pock-marked face was so incredibly hot to me, though I can see where others might not think that. He was 100% sexual to me. I think he was 100% sexual to himself too.

He'd fuck hard - though not always long. If I'd wince or ask him to slow down - he'd say things like 'shut the fuck up!' and he'd keep drilling. Always he'd leave me w/a load of sperm up my ass....though it was his ass for the using. When he was done - he'd pull out and tell me to get the fuck out. I'd dress as quickly as possible to comply to his wishes in the hopes that I'd be invited back again and again.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


You know - I really miss gloryholes. I mourn their demise. I'm sure other cocksuckers - and even moreso - feeders do too.

Though I had encountered gloryholes when I first began sneaking into adult bookstores at 16 - my real initiation to them was when I went to college. I had already stumbled upon a great floor of the library where guys went to suck and be sucked (but mostly ended up just being faggy w/their socialization). But up on that floor, some scrawling about other places on campus. At this one place I found my own heaven.

The bathroom was in the basement of a little used building. But it wasn't a total basement. A set of stairs that ONLY went down to a men's room. You could hear anyone coming down the steps. The door was situated where it wasn't in sight of the stalls and barely the urinals. Though to be honest, in the 4-5 years I was there - I don't think I saw more than a half-dozen men go here to use the restroom for it's intended purpose.

It was dark - though it had two windows (keep in mind this was a basement bathroom, so the windows let in light from the grates at the first floor level). You could sit on the deep window sill if one were to wait their turn to get into a stall - and yes, at times there was a fuckin wait!! It was dirty - the bathroom was rarely cleaned since it was so out of the way. Dried urine and semen predominated the scent down there.

Six stalls - only two having you had to wait if that's what you wanted...whether feeding or eating. Some guys would just keep their stall doors open and invite guys in. Many wanted the anonimity - which was funny since they'd wait in the restroom to go into the designated stall. But whomever took the time w/these two stalls was great. 1/4 - 1/2" marble partitions. I don't know how they chipped out the holes - but they did. They were not huge holes - if you were well endowed (girth) and completely erect - you could have trouble sliding it in or out of the hole until you went down.

I almost flunked out of my sophomore year of college. I would skip class (even tests!) to suck dick. Or worse - the hope of sucking dick. I could sit in that stinking room for hours even if no one came in. I mean - what if I left and as soon as I did some hot cock came in looking for service??

I loved the anticipation of someone showing up. I loved the footsteps coming down the stairs and the door opening. The pause as the person assessed the situation - what stalls were occupied...was a stall occupied...which stall should they take!?! The creaking of that door when they did pick...the darkening of the hole as their body blocked out what little light there was.

Immediately, I'd run my finger along the bottom of the hole. I needed them to know two things: I wanted to suck their cock and that I wanted to suck their cock. I wasn't there to get sucked. If they were a sucker looking to feed, it was gonna be a long wait for them b/c I wasn't going anywhere.

I'd try to never look through the hole - as it defeats the purpose of the anonymous suck. The head would appear at the other side of the hole and slowly push through. Depending on my mood, sometimes the head would disappear right into my mouth, others not until the shaft was all the way through where I could admire the entire dick.

Though I am clearly a submissive type - there is great power in seeing the feeder press into the partition, hand grip the top and a sigh come out of his mouth as mine envelops his prick. Who really submits? Perhaps both of us.

The seediness of the place. The act. The smells. Especially the sounds are what make the experience. The hoarse whisper of encouragement: "ooooooh yeah". "fuck yeah...........suck it!" "oh man....there it is! TAKE it!" Or just the groan. It's great advertising for the cocksucker if there are others waiting. If nothing else - it's great affirmation FOR the cocksucker.

Students. Instructors. Athletes. Visitors. I took em all. I cannot even tell you how many cocks I milked dry there over a 3+ year period. Hundreds....possibly pushing into the 4-digits.

Not all were thru the gloryhole. Some would actually come into the stall while guys watched through the gloryhole. Not all were for sucking either. On more than one occasion I'd have someone who'd want more than that....and on some of those occasions I'd happily comply.

There is a sad ending to this tale. The powers that be shut down the bathroom. More than shut it down. They sealed off the stairway that went down to the bathroom - covering it in marble. A great chapter of my life was literally entombed.

It is a time I will never forget - and a place that will never be again.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Four days w/out a real-time encounter. I guess it's time to pull back one from my past. ...and what dark past it is....

I perfected slutting around. To my friends, they knew I was sexual, but Friday and Saturday nights would be out at respectable (?) gay bars. Dance music, lots of beer, maybe some drugs. Typical. But I don't dance and was never the biggest fan of anything that's 170 beats per minute.
What I'd usually do is end up leaving them and head to a leather bar in town. I might recognize some people from around - but I'd never go as far as to say I knew them. My friends never knew this side of me.

I'd go get my beer and hang in a dark corner. For the most part it was just to watch. The scene was never as hot as one would hope or think. Pudgy guys who use leather as drag. But there were always the few. One guy in particular. We never talked. We never exchanged names.

We did exchange eye contact - and he did exchange his body fluid w/me.

The bar was never what you'd call very crowded. Off the beaten path and restricted to a certain client population. As the night went on later and later, I would always see this guy who was in various stages of leather dress. He'd catch my eye and play some cat and mouse looks.

The first time, I followed him into the men's room. A dingy dirty little place. One toilet. One urinal. One sink. He was standing at the urinal - dick out. I went to the toilet and sat down. I didn't even bother to pull my pants down like I was gonna use the thing. He stepped over and just put it in front of my face. I, of course, went down on him. No talking. No nothing but the sounds of my slurping and the music from the main room. In no time flat- he pumped off a load into my mouth.

By the time I got up, he was gone....from the bathroom and the bar.

This scene played out the majority of times I went to the bar - whether I ended up w/someone from there or not. I'd usually service this guy. In front of the urinal. On the john. Bent over the sink If I missed any, I'd lick it off his gloves. I'd do it in front of anyone who'd walk in while we were doing it. Each time, he'd bolt after we were done. I'd go out and usually find somone who saw my talents and leave with him.

Not many places like that anymore. That whole public sex thing is frowned upon....but it got me off like nothing else.