Saturday, March 25, 2017


It has been a while since I've seen him. Years in fact.

Somewhere in these blog archives you can find my two encounters with him. I was hoping it would be more regular, but it never quite worked that way.  Ironically, after running into him again, I've seen him twice.

Mike hit me up a few months back. Instead of passing through town, he now lived here. Our schedules were such that we could make the connection. I feel he was annoyed with my lack of availability during his times of access.

What I didn't know at the time - he was back and free, as he became divorced. He was on his own, he was horny, he had free was just when I did not.

A few weeks back I get a text from him. Am I free.  It was 2p on a weekday. I was working, but as it turns out, I was working from home that day. Things were looking up.

The problem, if any, was that naturally he wanted to smoke a cigar while I serviced him. But he was staying with his sister while he looked for a it had to be in the garage.  It was like 18 degrees out.

He asked if I wanted to light up before I got there. I said I'd let him know. About 2 minutes out I said, "fire it up". His reply was, "I already did".

As I walked up the drive, behind the house and placed my hand on the side door of the garage, I could smell his cigar already. I told him so as I entered. He seemed surprised.

There was Mike.

He was sitting on a lawn chair in the center of the car-less garage.

Despite the frigid temps - which weren't much better in the unattached, uninsulated and unheated garage - Mike had his jeans down around his ankles, boots still on. While wearing a down vest, the front was open as was his shirt. His very hirsute chest was on display as the cross hanging off the gold chain dangled in his chest hairs.  He had a trucker cap on as well.

While I know he is a white collar dude, everything about this, including the Camacho cigar he had in his mouth said blue collar. It was quite a nice mix.

He left a towel on the floor in front of him. I used it to kneel on. While I didn't really want to get my knees dirty, in reality, I don't need to take my pants off - cold or not.  I was there to service. Service a cigar man.

I was down on my knees. I admired the cock. I admired the man. I admired the man with a cigar.

Yeah - I don't truly get it either. It's not for everyone, which I totally get. It might seem odd from a non-smoker, but a cigar man will always - always! - get at least a second look from me.  It doesn't matter their age or body type, but they will get a look.

Deep down I feel cigar men can be more masculine. Of course, there is zero evidence to support that, but on a gut level and a sexual one, it resonates with me.  It also takes me back to the first cigar man I blew when I was 15 or 16......but that's another story.

Mike had the cigar in his mouth and still had a sigh as my lips wrapped around his 6" cock.  As he sighed, smoke spilled from his mouth and cigar.  While only 6", it has a really nice head on it. And he knows what he's doing with it, so 6" is more than fine. With me it's about how one carries themselves and their attitude.

He is big on putting his hands on my head and behind it. Sometimes with the cigar between his fingers, sometimes not. I'm good either way, as I love the feel of a man holding me on his cock, even if it's just for show - as I think we all know, I'll all too willing a participant in this cocksucking role I've taken on.

I will say I was surprised when he asked me to stand up. He put his mouth on my cock. Now, you know, I can take or leave someone sucking me. I like it of course, I think most men do. But usually, it's not a must-be with me. I like performing the act more.  But lord, he surprisingly knew how to suck cock - - like a fucking pro!

Now and then he'd pull off, take in his cigar then blow smoke right on my dick before going back down on it. It was very erotic in ways I'm not sure I truly understand. But ultimately, it was me back on my knees.

Perhaps it is coincidence, but I don't think so, but of the three times we've been together at this point, he hits the ejaculation point close to the end of his cigar. Now, when I play with a cigar guy, I want it to last as long as his cigar does, so perhaps I'm part of the equation than even I recognize.

As he got closer, the grip got tighter. Early on, there had been conversation on his end, about creaming my face. I knew this was off the table at this point. He wasn't going to let me up. He wasn't going to waste a drop of his jizz.

More importantly, I wasn't going to waste a drop of it.  And I didn't.

His grip was solid. My his cock flexed in my mouth - then flooded it. He bit on his cigar as he cursed nonsense while cum flowed out of his dick.

I stayed on it and then milked the shaft with my hand to squeeze out any remaining drops. As I did - I did not waste one drop of that load.

As I am apt to do, what didn't go down my throat I held in my mouth. I showed him his seed. He gripped my throat - TIGHT. Very tight, cigar in hand, then stroked my throat "forcing" a reaction where I'd have to swallow.

I was rock hard sticking out of my jeans.

I stood up to get myself together to go. I was going to put my cock away, when Mike told me to jack off - and shoot on him.

He sat in his sister's patio furniture chair, still working the last of his cigar, still with his down vest on and shirt wide open.

As I stroked, he told me how he wanted to feel my ass wrapped around his cock one day while he smoked a cigar. I agreed - and that it should be from behind with my hands up against the wall. He liked that.

It did not take me long, as even with the frozen weather inside the garage, he had made me super horny.  I asked him twice if he was sure he wanted me to blow my nut on him, but he insisted. So I did.

You've read here before that I shoot big loads - and it's not bragging if it's true. They're big on 2-3 day loads. This one was maybe 14.

Personally, I didn't think it was that large. But it hit his vest, his shirt, his chest, his jeans and his shoulder. He was in heaven with this.

After this, I tucked my cock away. .....and then went on my way, my clothes still faintly smelling like his cigar.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Load Collector

He had hit me up on Scruff a few times. Nice looking enough. 32, 5’10”, slim build, nice face and beard, ok dick.

He didn’t care about his cock. He cared about mine. He was sub all the way.

For whatever reason, I was intrigued. There was a lot of back and forth – and then periods of nothing, mostly on his end. He was either busy, found someone better or was high. That last part is my assumption. He was so adamant about not getting high – after asking if I did – that I assumed he was trying to convince me of something that was a blatant untruth. I still think it.

Late one afternoon, he mentioned how fucking horny he was. I was too. Horny enough to consider this. However, I was at the office and would be for some time. This did not deter him. Before long, I was throwing caution to the wind and inviting him to my office building.

Now, at first he was all about blowing me. But my take was that if I was going to do this, I wanted his ass. I know he was willing, because he one of the first pictures he shot to me was his butt and butthole. He said he wasn’t prepped for that. I told him to get himself prepped for that. He said he would.

Like all tricks – he was late, but only by 15 minutes or so. Still, it was annoying as I wanted to get off and go home. The later it got, the more likely it would be that security might do rounds on the floor. I couldn’t afford that.

He represented much better in real life than in the pics he sent. It’s a rarity, but dare I say, I think I represent better than in pics too. 5’10”, 175, dark hair and beard. When he exposed his cock, it was ok, and tied up it seemed to make it hard. While I kind of cared, on another level I did not. His cock was not my focus this evening.

Barely in my office, with the door shut and secured, he went for the lights…… turn them off.

By experience, I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist – even if it is in my own office. I have windows. Three of them. Sun had set and the LEED building has motion sensors on them which turn on the lights. Sure, there are building near by – but you’d need a fucking pair of binoculars to see a thing. Still, he was uncomfortable having anyone have the remote possibility of seeing a thing. I was disappointed.

Not only that, it made it harder for me to see. I tried to use the dim light from my computer screen as my guide, but after a minute or three or inactivity, the screens go dark.

The boy was prepared. Boy. Ha! He was 32 – allegedly.

He went to a chair in my office and sat in front of me. I was already taking out my cock. As much as I’d have him do it, there was a timing issue, as in there was only so much I wanted to take to fuck around in a semi-public area.

The guy was a decent cocksucker. More than decent even, but that’s not what either of us were here for. So I got him up off of his knees and directed him to bend over the desk.

I was planning on, and happy to use, my spit as lube. He was a prepared boy and brought some. I noticed he brought no rubber, so that was fine by me. It was one other thing I didn’t have to navigate around.

32 isn’t that young, but this boy had been around. My cock – which isn’t small – easily sunk into his hole. Not a lot of resistance. This guy had clearly seen a lot of action – and I asked him. He immediately went into his first time, being a teen and taking 10”.

I knew from there he liked cock and clearly went on to take many – mine now included.

I cannot compete with 10”, but something told me this guy didn’t care. I went about my job pumping his shitter hard and deep. Knowing he was opened up, I wanted to…, needed to….make him feel it. So I nailed his ass and pinned him between the mid-section and the desk.

Since he was more….shall we say, pliable….and he didn’t really use his ass muscles at all (or maybe they were shot from overuse), I got to fuck for a while. I almost – almost – had to gear myself up mentally to get there physically.

In the end (pun intended!), I shot a nice big hot load deep into his guts. I bottomed out (again, not difficult) and was far in as possible before I jetted my semen up inside of him – that went even farther - just like so many before me had done.

I don’t know if he was satisfied with it at all. I can’t say I was. I like the experienced guys, but this guy was a load collector. I’m not complaining, as I’ve clearly been in his shoes. He wasn’t bad by any mean, but overall he was just ‘meh’.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Young and Hung

He was all of 20.....if that.

Maybe he looked / seemed younger because he was all of 5'5".....with shoes on. I think it was the height thing, more than the age thing, as to why I put him off for weeks on end. While not quite a foot shorter than I, he was approaching it.

But at an opportune time, he messaged me on Grindr and I replied. Yes: I was in the mood to suck some cock.

I did ask for a pic and got this.

Yes, I did mean - but didn't specify - one of his face, but I got one of his nice schlong instead. I was in a for a visit.

And while he pinged me, and while I asked if he wanted head, he did mention, his cock might taste of lube, as he had jacked off two hours before.  Ahhhh youth. Pumps one off and ready to again.

I told him with a cock like his, he could pull it directly out of an ass and I'd go down on it. He seemed to like that statement.

I suppose it was my luck he lived in off-campus housing because going to a dorm would have been too too weird. He apologized in advance that his place was a mess, as he had guests the last few nights. In reality, I was going to a 20 year old college student's place......I would have been more shocked if it had been cleaned or vacuumed.

He let me in and in the center of the room was an air mattress. I guess he did have guests.

There was no fanfare. He just walked back to his bedroom and I followed. He pulled down his pants and kicked back on the unmade bed. With me still in the suit I wore to work, got on my knees, onto his bedroom floor.

Being 20, he was already hard. And he was thick.

The pic you see was taken from the side. If you see it from the underside, you get a different view. And it was not just big looking because of his size. This was a nice cock.  Period.  I'm guessing 7.5", but when combined with the girth......yowza.

It's doubtful he ever propped himself up to even look down at me. He was flat on his back, with legs hanging over the side of the mattress. He had thrown one arm over his eyes. I'm not sure if this was a relaxation technique or an avoidance mechanism.  Either way - I had his cock into my throat.

And it was, and remained hard. I was doing something right.

The flesh indeed have a lube taste to it. It wasn't a show-stopper by any means.

While he had gotten his nut two hours earlier and even though he was 20, I had to work for it. And honestly, I was ok with that. I would have been happy to do this for hours.  That said, I did have to be somewhere and couldn't spend vast amounts of time being the cocksucker to a college kid.

Sure there was verbal, but never enough. I'm a man who loves all verbal - the dirtier the better. But you need some experience for good skills. Not to say someone that age couldn't have a lot of experience - - I certainly did. And I mean a LOT.

But I pushed the envelope a little.

"You wanna cum for daddy?"

It just came out of my mouth all too easily.

It's not that I relish being considered a 'daddy', but the facts are the facts. He was 20, and pinging someone who clearly was not. And while I was his age once, and going after guys who were now my age, I never considered myself chasing a 'daddy'.

Times change though. The term 'daddy' seems more prevalent now than it was way back when. So I made an assumption, said what I said.......eventually two more times.........and didn't get a response telling me I was incorrect.

For a guy who had squirted a few hours before, I will be the first to say the size of the load was way impressive. It had little to no flavor, but that's ok too.  I wasn't there to be a connoisseur of sperm.

I was there to suck a boy and collect his load.

I'm confident he'll invite me back.  I'm confident I'd go when asked.