Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How The Other Half Lives

I think anyone who reads this can pretty much see that I don't Top much. I can't say 'at all' b/c, well, now and again.......


I am beginning to see the appeal of being a Top. I know I won't be one - but a little role reversal never killed anyone. This is all about oral. Even w/my nice shlong, I've never been good at fucking. I'm never going to be good at porking an ass. But they say the best Tops used to be bottoms. I've never really bought that.

But I had hit day 77 w/no ejaculation. I had hit my limit. I couldn't ride my bike anymore w/out my nuts aching for hours and hours afterwards. The balls would be so swollen, I swore they hit my inner thigh as I just walked down the hallway at work. Something HAD to be done. ...and at this point, jacking off seemed like such an obvious choice and easy way out. But it also seemed like a waste of what was sure to be a huge load.

I know if I had the opportunity to suck me, I would. Trust me, if I were limber enough, I'd be sucking myself daily. (Note to self: look into yoga!) And though this was completely about ME, why shouldn't it I help someone else out.

One craigslist ad later and I had to whittle down my choices of who would be the lucky recipient. I narrowed it down to a guy named 'Mike'. Italian, cute-ish via picture. One phone call later, and I flashed upon the cocksucker in me. Is this what I sounded like? Hungry? Desperate? All too willing? The questions are all rhetorical!

I made it to his apartment bldg on schedule. In a way it was kind of sad. A dark basement apartment. Reminded me of a campus apt I lived in 22 yrs ago. But I was 20 - not 38.

I really learned from my all my tops over the years. I told hi

m I wasn't going to do a thing but get sucked. That meant him unbuttoning my 501s. That meant him pulling my cock and balls out of my boxer shorts. I told him if he felt my hands on his head, it was going to be b/c I couldn't see the television screen.

Oh - he wasn't anything like his pic. Not bad - but older, heavier and hairier. But I was there. And I mean, I was THERE! My frame of mind was that of a feeder - not an eater. Not yesterday!

He had a good mouth. No gag reflex at all, that I could tell. My 8" went down easily and w/out the feeling of teeth (not that I mind that) even near the shaft. I stood and let him feed for a while. Then I decided to sit and let him crawl between my legs. Again, he was good. Taking me to my short hairs. Then he went to my nuts. I love a tongue running over my sack. Not huge on having my balls sucked - but licked? I'm all for it.

It was at this time my phone rang. Fuck - why not answer it? Not like this guy was gonna give anything away. He my nut. Luckily, it was a buddy who was all to familiar w/my usual when he asked what I was doing, I was truthful. He decided to keep me on the phone until I got my nut. Fuck - I didn't care. And I didn't care what the cocksucker thought either. I knew he wanted it bad enough to endure whatever I was up to. Hell, I've been him - so I knew how it would all end. Kind of.

As he was working it - my bud asked me how big the load was. I told him how many days. There was this long pause and in a very serious manner he replied: "choke him". So the sucker wouldn't know, I responded back, "yeah? define exactly what you mean."

"I want choking. I want gagging. Don't let him up until he's taken it ALL." What more could I respond, but "sure!".

The eater already knew I had a huge load. He assured me he could take it all. I told him if he didn't - he'd never get it again. Hell, he probably won't anyway, but he doesn't need to know that. I figured today, I'd just go back to being an eater again anyway.

At this point I stood back up. Him still on his knees. I fucked his face. I held his head. The phone resting between my shoulder and face. I took one final hit of poppers and my bud said - "do it. do it NOW! ...and don't give him any warning." I've never been one to perform on command that way. Hell, I can count on one hand the number of times I've been sucked off in the last two or three years.

Since my hand was already on the back of his head, he didn't really see it coming - but if he was a decent cocksucker, he should have. I held him. I held him tight. He was going nowhere - even when I volleyed off round after round of my pent up load.

He tried to pull back some - but not too hard. He didn't get far anyway. I knew what was happening. He couldn't swallow fast enough. I was filling him up too fast. His eyes were probably welling w/tears. He did gag. He did choke. Hard enough I thought he'd blow spooge into my pubes - or leak onto his shirt or the floor.

But I will give credit where credit is due. He took it all like a champ. Not a drop was lost. After he came off my cock, he was still coughing. But content. He milked anything else he could get out of me - as anticipated.

Then he also remembered what he had to do. Just as he unbuttoned me, he had to tuck me back in and get me back to a presentable level to leave his fellatio den. He couldn't quite master that.

He did thank me. He did ask who was on the phone. I told him it was none of his concern - and I found the fuckin door.

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