Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Like Clockwork

I was in early again today. And I paged ultrasound guy when I arrived. He called back in minutes saying he was on his way up. Perfect.

I left my office door ajar and put my Treo 700 and bottle of poppers on the desk. There was nothing new about this scenario (save the Treo). No new ground was broken. Ultrasound guy was a little more vocal. Normally I might care - and even though I know there might be people in this time of the day, it was still early. And it is the 2nd to last day of my employment here. What are they really going to do to me?

I stood in front of him rubbing his semi-hardening cock through his jeans. He just said, 'get down on your knees'. Who am I to argue? In my dark black suit, which could show the slightest form of dirt, I slid to my knees and in front of his crotch. No belt on today - which meant no buckle hitting my head as I sucked his dick. I popped open the top button of his jeans and pulled down his zipper.

He was rarin' to go even after feeding me dick and popping off a load 24 hrs before. But really, what guy is going to turn down a blowjob? No strings. That's right - no one. Guys are guys. They are machines w/little to no thought process that goes above their pubes. And g-d love em for that.

I sucked him till he was completely hard and then took a hit of poppers. He took them from me and really hit them. I mean - I have never seen anyone take such long continual hits from a bottle like this guy. I'm talking even guys getting power fucked who really need them. Ultrasound guy was just standing there being fellated.



I reached over and grabbed my 700. I was gonna be damned if I didn't get attempt to get a shot or two of this. It's not the best camera, but in a pinch it does the job. See???

I stood up for a second not really needing a rest. I thought maybe he'd go down on me as he has before. No such luck. You might recall I really made him gag on a 7 day load once, and on a 32 day load another time. I think he still recalled it, which is why he wasn't in any hurry to repeat that scene. Geeesh - I mean, I only have a 10 day load going now.

His hands went to my shoulders and told me to finish the job. And that is what I was there for. Sucking. Swallowing. I knew my place. Down I went and it didn't take long to polish him off. He was somewhat loud as he ejaculated - but again, I didn't really give a fuck. I held the sperm in my mouth and snapped another pic, but you can't really see the seed.

He knows I only have two more days. Let's see if I get two more loads!

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