Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Sex!!!!

Yay me! Hell - yay them!

A few months ago was the last time I had sex with the Ass Eater. We tried hooking up, but our schedules never meshed. They finally did yesterday.

Now instead of 10 minutes away, he's 30, but I went anyway. I like being on a roll.

When I went in, he took me upstairs and directly into the bathroom. He wanted me to unzip my suit and piss in his mouth so he could drink it. I have no issue in doing such a thing, though I can't say watersports are at the top of my list, but I also wasn't truly prepared. I couldn't pull it off. I couldn't get a stream going. It didn't help that he had his great mouth on my dick and was making me hard while still trying to get my urine.

Out to the bedroom we went for some ass eating. I stripped off the suit, except for my briefs. I made him munch on my hole through the briefs. I've never had that done before - and it actually felt extremely erotic. Even more so when he pulled that small patch of cotton to the side to lap at my hole. Nicely done.

Soon, the briefs were off completely and his mouth was at my hole and crack....and balls and dick.......and eventually my taint. I still love having the taint lapped at. A feeling like none other.

First he had me on my back, legs spread and up for him to eat my hole. I know it's bad form, but I sent a tweet that I was having my ass eaten. I got a lot of positive responses, so decorum be damned.

Then it was me on my stomach to do some more eating. Then onto all fours for me. I got more tongue in the ass - and then my eight-incher taken into his mouth, from below.

Being on all fours was his idea and for good reason, it turns out. I forget how quick on the trigger he was. He had been stroking himself since we were in the bathroom for my failed piss attempt. So he had been working himself for a while.

I heard him say, "oh fuck, I'm so close...." and then he just BURIED his cock into my hole and pumped off his nut. No notice. No asking. No permission.

Ok...ok.....not like I would have said "no", but the just doing it was completely hot to me. I could feel him pumping his load, which was a bonus.

As quickly as he inserted, he withdrew.

For a second, I thought he might go down and eat his load out of the hole, but I was wrong.

Now all he wanted was to suck my dick....get my load....and show me the door. And all those things happened.

He did have a great mouth but it took some concentration on my part to go over the edge. When I did, I shot big and held him tight. He wanted to pull back, but that wasn't going to happen. He took it all, but struggled with it. Not really my problem.

Before I went, he was on his knees and I ran my cock over top of his head, leaving a trail of spit (his) and cum (mine).

I figure if he left his mark in me, I could leave mine on him.

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