Sunday, March 14, 2010

Got More

Friday I was working from home, and while busy, I did have time to scour the internet for cock. I mean, I am after-all - ME.

I was hoping for a lunchtime feeding and wrote my CL ad as such. I tried to be creative since most of these things are so fucking sad and they don't even use punctuation.

Want Cock Sucked
, the ads will say, but they don't put in the question mark, so you assume they want their cock sucked. Then get all bent out of shape when you say you want to suck theirs - which was never their intent. Morons.

Anyway, my nicely worded ad got me little to no traction. The creative is wasted on the uneducated. I got a seemingly great guy who was into it and talked a good game, but you kind of figure by the 7th email they are all talk and will never follow through. He got miffed when I told him to man-up or go away. You can figure which he did.

There were a few other responses, but by this time, lunch had come and gone. But I did opt to meet up with a guy who couldn't do anything until later. 47 yo, 5'10", 185 with hairy chest and legs.

I said yes, because, hell, I needed cock and a load and my options were clearly limited.

The doorbell rang exactly when he said he'd be there. I don't know how to describe him better than, imagine a sleazy porn producer. Tinted glasses, euro t-shirt, a crystal or two hanging around his neck. Swaggering with what seems like undeserved confidence.

I'm not saying this in a bad way - because right or wrong, there is something that is a turn on by the wrong kind of guy with the right kind of bravado. He immediately opened his pants and showed a nice thickening 8". The deal was done.

"Where do you wanna do it?" he asked. I got on my knees right there in the kitchen, a room we never left. Naturally, I did a great job providing head. I always try to and that is kind of my job - and the one I advertised to complete. I took him all the way down to his pubes, would hold the dick there and then come back to the head. Of course there was attention paid to the head and shaft with my tongue.

At one point he took a half or full step back and I had to lean forward to stay on the cock. In doing so, I rounded my back a bit and exposed my ass so he could lean over me and feel down my crack. Yeah, this guy knew what he was doing. He was experienced.

This is why Mr. Sleazy Porn Producer was good. He knew what to do and when to do it. This hands on my chest and nipples got me going. His touches to my hole, ever so lightly, really sealed the deal, though no one was willing to say anything at this point for fear of breaking the deal.

He pulled me up and stood behind me, ever so carefully playing with my nipples, which I've told you before are both 'on switches'. As he did that, he came closer attempting a dry hump, but what he was really doing was really testing the waters. I leaned over farther.

He took the hint. Soon his 8" member was between my crack and pressing at the entrance. I swiveled a bit and leaned over the kitchen island, thus non-verbally surrendering to his invasion.

Not a word was spoken from his end as he slid in, with only my spit on his cock. It was a bit rough to begin with, but with some nipple play, I opened up nicely for him.

Since he clearly had figured out I was willing, he took it as a sign to FUCK. And he did. It wasn't the longest session, but it was intense. Heavy breathing (both of us), moans (mostly me) and then a huge grunt (him).

He buckled and shook and unloaded up my ass. I remained propped on the island and took what I had basically asked for, even though it was not what the ad implied. It is still what I wanted. It was still what I needed.


Mark (iBLASTinside) said...


Breeding Jock said...

Fuckin' nice dude!

English Teacher said...

Waiting for your postings is SO totally worth it. No extraneous Q & A, no introspective psycho-crap, no stupid populist polls that mean nothing. You're blog is exceptional because it's just about pig sex. And you write about it exceedingly well.

Black Bull said...

I agree with English Teacher... I need to learn to write just about the sex more. Thanks Bike... always a good read.

Anonymous said...

There are only a few places where I have the freedom to share the stories of my addiction. And when I use the word "addiction" I do so without attaching negativity. I do not see it as something that requires therapy. I celebrate the knowledge of who I am. Unfortunately, there are only a couple of places where I can truthfully express it, confess it, and celebrate it. This is one of those places.

This week alone I have sucked the cocks of 27 different men. 13 of those were last night. On average I suck 15 cocks a week, rarely fewer than 10, sometimes reaching 60-70 in a week if I find orgies or the back room at the leather bar to be particularly busy. I am fortunate to have several regulars who use my throat for relief, and many of those are married men who know they can trust me to keep their secret.

Sucking cock is like breathing. I require it. I am past the "want" phase of sucking cock. In fact, if I am honest with myself, I never really "wanted" to suck as much as I "needed" to suck. In the moments between sucking cock, it is all I think about. My mind is forced to deal with other thoughts, but it continually races back to where I am most comfortable, where I am most at peace: on my knees, before a stranger, his cock buried deep in my throat, coaxing the load from his body into mine.

I have lost relationships with family and friends because they required too much of my attention and kept me from spending every moment possible engaged in carnal bliss. I have built gloryholes in my home to serve those who must remain anonymous. I have traveled 100 miles one way in a day just to suck the cock of a stranger I met online. I live to suck, and I suck to live.

I am fortunate to have a cock that is incredibly large, almost 9 full inches in length and more than 6 inches in girth. I too have regulars who feed on and from me. I usually feed all day and into the evening and then find one of those throats who is, like me, in need of being filled, and then I empty into him, and with my sperm, he takes the energy and life of all who have emptied into me. It is a beautiful cycle of life.

I want to thank you for this forum. I am a sex addict. And now that this is out of the way, I can move on to serving more men today. My cock throbs in anticipation of all the cock today that have never before passed my lips, cocks that are waiting for my mouth to pleasure them, and the cocks of those married men whose lust is uncontrollable as they find ways to get away from their wives to put their cocks in my mouth and empty their seed into me.

Anonymous said...

Two hours ago I sucked off the 22-year old son of one of my business partners. His dad doesn't know his son is already a sex addict cock whore. What was even better was running into his father less than 30 minutes later with his son's sperm still on my breath.