Sunday, September 11, 2016

No Repeat

It turns out the situation was less than ideal.

He hit me up on Scruff. He was ok at best. But when will I learn that you usually have to downgrade every guy as they present themselves on sites like that – myself included. So if you’re just ‘ok’ there, chances are you’re less than stellar in real time.

But I’m that guy who keeps repeating the process expecting different results.  I believe that makes me insane.

Still, I was horny and yes, sometimes it is about load collection and not necessarily ‘the act’ itself. Though it is difficult to separate one from the other on certain levels.

The texts tell me where to go……and as you can see, he didn’t excel at his schoolin’.

Now, I'm down for doing it at someone's place of employment and had he been remotely attractive, I'd have really suggested the showroom itself. But he was wussy and wouldn't even doing it in a corner or the store where no one could see. 

The place was dead, and it is poorly located. If they sold a mattress there a month I'd have been surprised. 

So as it was, we headed to the bathroom. Now for slow traffic store, there is no reason this bathroom shouldn't have been pristine. But fuck help me, it was a sty. And I'm all good with dirty bathrooms for sex, but you also know the kind of places those exist, and it shouldn't have been here. 

The guy said he was 6’ and 200.  He might have been 200….30 lbs ago. I don’t mind some weight, but don’t fucking lie to me about it. It’s not like it is going to disappear before I show up. But lord, sometimes I just don’t know when to say “sorry….not gonna happen”. So into the bathroom I went, and down to my knees I went. 

His cock wasn’t all he said either. “It’s kind of small now”.  Yes. This is true. And it took a while to get it up to its full four inches. Yeah – you read that right. I say it’s not about the size, and normally it isn’t, but give me something to work with.

And I say it’s about the attitude and if they know how to use it. This is true… a degree. But this dude had neither. Last year – just in a year – I sucked off 292 guys. Or loads. While it was a high volume year for sure, let’s extrapolate that out by let’s even say 25 years (and I’m being conservative….easily).  It’s safe to say I’ve had my share of cocks in my mouth, yes?

The guy has zero moves on how to get sucked. He would not stay still to do my job, which could be ok, if you had any sense of rhythm or pace or anything when it came to feeding my mouth or fucking my face. It was jack-rabbit sex…..and it was horrible.

Previous posts have mentioned I’m better with bigger and thicker cocks. I don’t know why, they don’t make me gag that much. The smaller ones…well they do. It’s like getting a bad strep culture done at the Minute Clinic. I always gag at those too – and yes, I get the irony.

I sucked for what seemed like forever, but was probably 8-9 minutes. The dick wasn't great - but he had to ask, "do you like my cock?  do you like the way I look?"

We are all needing some kind of validation on some level, but why now.....and why these specific questions. He put me in an awkward place.  I tried to mumble something of off the cuff that was noncommittal, but he asked again, wanting to hear an answer. So I lied. 

"Yeah - it's good!". 

So while he wasn't honest about who he was, the truth is, I wasn't either. So I suppose that makes me just as bad. 

While he was asking and I was kind of answering, he was jacking. I'd rather not have a guy use his or my hand, but at this point it was whatever got him close. And he was. 

He suddenly announced he was on the verge, so down on him I went and took his load. 

To his credit, it was sizable and for a smoker (which he claimed he wasn't, but clearly was) the taste of the semen was not bad. 

As he walked me out, he kept asking to see me again, but that will not happen. 

That insanity I mentioned earlier on here?  I'm gonna break the cycle.  At least with this one. 


cyberi4a said...

I once had sex with a salesman in an art gallery in Bevery Hills on a Sunday afternoon. While he locked the door and was the only worker there, he didn't want to do it anywhere in the showroom, not even parts you couldn't see from the windows. So we went into this room they have set up like a living room where they hang a painting so a customer might get an idea on how it looks in there home. He was a nice guy but reminded me of a cartoon character (don't remember who now). He was small (everywhere) but did know what to do.

And yes, I don't care when guys ask me to critique their cock or looks.

Anonymous said...

One of my pet peeves is guys who, when I'm sucking them, can't adjust to my rhythm and can't keep up on their own that I can adjust too. It's frustrating. Another pet peeve is porn where cocksuckers can't come anywhere near to taking a big dick all the way. They might be pretty boys, but I'm sure there are pretty boys who can take a big dick al the way. If not, send for a man!

Paul, PS

Anonymous said...

Totally not a problem, but it's easy to tell where that store is from your post...