Sunday, November 06, 2016

Active Bottom

I walked through his unlocked door and climbed the stairs to his apartment. Once in, it was another flight to his bedroom. As I was a few steps from the top, I could see him. He was almost in an egg- shaped position. Head down, back curled, ass at the edge of the bed with his feet tucked under him. He was in position.

I had been at Starbucks when “Dan” hit me up. We volleyed back and forth before he asked me over. However, the discussion was about him providing me head. I know that’s not my norm, but it had been like four weeks since I got off – which is my norm – and I was ok with someone’s mouth sucking the life out of me.

But now here I was, at his place, his ass exposed for my use.

Well, I assume it was for my use. And there was a bottle of lube and a hand towel to the left of him, seemingly for me.

I  had been here before. I had fucked Dan before. So he knew what I was packing.

Months before (a year?) Dan rebuffed me saying he was no longer having casual sex and was now looking for ‘the one’. I knew he’d be back. They all are. This is an urge that doesn’t just dissipate – even if / when you fine “the one”. And now I was getting on my knees to eat his fucking butthole.

His shitter is nice. Meaty enough, but not fat. Hairy enough, but not a forest. Pink enough that makes you just want to make your tongue dance all around and in it. Of course, this might just be me, since I am such a fan of anallingus. I had him moaning into his comforter, as his head never raised up upon my entrance. While I was down there, I smelled the faintest whiff of poppers. Clearly, he picked up his head enough to take a hit of them.

As we had talked about giving head, I thought I’d take him up on that. I told him before I fucked him, he was going to show me how good his mouth was. He hopped off the bed and got to his knees, while I sat on the edge of the mattress.

His skills were good, but not great. Dan utilized his hand far far far too often, considering the entire blowjob lasted all of four minutes before I pulled him off. Actually, the hand felt good, but it’s a blowjob, not a handjob. And now that the table had been set for buttfucking, I wasn’t really any longer in the mood to dump my nut into a mouth that he might not swallow.

I tried to penetrate Dan with just his spit – and mine (on his hole) – but damn if I’m not too thick for that to go in easily. Considering he said he’d been fucked three times (yeah, casual sex is back on his table) two nights before, I thought he’d accommodate me easily. So I squirted some lube on my shaft, rubbed it around with my hand and then slid up his ass with ease.

Dan is a semi-active bottom. He isn’t that vocal. He doesn’t take over the fuck by physically riding the cock or anything. But his inner-muscles. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Clearly I’ve never fucked myself, but I do like to use my ass muscles on a guy while he his pumping his junk up my chute.

Here I was, fucking Dan and thinking about guys fucking me – as strange as that might sound. My thought and hope was: fuck – I hope guys who fuck me think my ass feels this good when I purposefully milk their dick with my controlled ass muscles.

Everyone who stops by this blog is aware I’m not the best or most proficient top. That’s not necessarily where my skill set lies. I’m ok, but control isn’t always my strong suit. I mean, if I top, I want it to last a bit. And I get that some guys are just load collectors (I’ve had those times myself). But Dan was purposefully trying to get me much closer – or off completely – by working his ass. And the man has talents.

Dan would mock / play along when I’d tell him to stop manipulating my cock. He’d go, “what do you mean??” at the same time he’d pulse around my thick shaft. The bastard.

The ‘fuck’ was more of me staying still trying not to dump my load too quickly. It was more me staving off ejaculating than it was of me pistoning my dick in and out of his hole, which is really what a fuck is all about, no?

When I realized I couldn’t hold off much longer due to my physical make-up and his continually squeezing my pud, I decided to go for broke and just start fucking. #Dan took the cock – and the load – like a champ.

Finishing in the Ass powered by XTube

(last part of video was too big for blogger upload, so I did it via xtube)

The man is beyond experienced, so I don’t think it was a big stretch for him to take the fuck I gave him, but the load was large, so hopefully he was a good boy and didn’t expel it for a number of hours.

Or maybe he used it for lube for the next guy he’d lure over.

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cyberi4a said...

Sounds like his ass did the fucking and you were just along for the ride.....LOL