Monday, December 05, 2016

Next Day - Tag Teamed

He messaged the next day. He wanted a repeat.

Hell, I wanted one too, but the schedule was tight. Still, I could make it work, though I told him due to the time, the restrooms we had considered would be off-limits. That time of day – early afternoon, would be far too busy for this. As much as I like public sex, I’m not a fan of being arrested.

Now he had a hotel room which we could use. Fine.

I rearranged my work day to be where I needed, and when I needed to be there. He was on time.

I was more prepared this time, in terms of expectations. I reconciled that he wasn’t as described in his profile, but oh – that cock. There was no way I was skipping out on a repeat.

Clothes came off rather quickly, as I wasn’t there to converse or get any political views from him. I did have the opportunity to do something I had not done the first go-round. I went to my knees right there and sucked his cock. It was fairly erect when I started but super hard by the time I really got going.

Seeing it – and not just feeling – that close up was wonderful. Whatever else I thought of the guy, I could not deny the beauty of the prick. And it tasted great. It slid easily into my mouth and into my throat when I took him all the way. Afterward, I do regret not doing more things orally with that cock. Maybe hang my head over the bed so he could feed me and such. But going by the day before, oral, while nice, was not the main event. For either of us.

No. I wanted that cock up my ass.

Soon, I was on the edge of the bed – my upper body on the mattress, my ass right on the end of the mattress. Before me stood the guy. Hard dick before him, pointing my way. With some lube from a small bottle he slicked up, aimed and pushed. My hole gave way to his cock….and it slowly, but steadily slid all the way up into my ass.

From there, it became an assault. At least for a while. For whatever I thought about him otherwise, his skills as a “lover” (hehehe, as if) were exceptional. The man clearly had experience or was instinctively good. Not all know how to make a rough fuck feel good, because it can be both.

The way he moved, the way he fucked, made me realize that yesterday was not a fluke. He was down to fuck, serious about it and good at it. And he never tried to kiss me, which was great – on many levels. He was the pole. I was the hole. It was as simple as that and neither of us wanted to complicate that – not that we actually spoke about it. In fact, we rarely spoke at all.

We moved around the bed, but always with me on my back. One of the few times he did speak was to mention that he’d like to see someone else fuck me. And then said, ‘why don’t you get on your phone and find someone’.

Now, at best, those odds are high that we’d find another, let alone one who didn’t take 142 back and forth messages only to flake. The odds on what happened next were even higher. As it turns out, I probably should have gone out afterward and buy a PowerBall ticket.

As I go to search Scruff an SMS message pops up: “suck my cock”.

No idea who it is, nor do I remotely recognize the number. I ask “who is this” and get this back in response.

…and he says he’s replying to my cragislit ad. The odd thing was, I had not placed one in weeks, which means he was scrolling and trolling through hundreds (thousands?) of ads until he came upon mine (no pun intended). In a way, it was a little creepy.

I told him what I was doing right then, and where. He said he’d be by in 20 minutes. I never asked from where he was coming, so I didn’t know if it was realistic. I probably should have looked for an alternate, but I felt I had done my part.

All the while, the hospital / hotel guy continued to slide in and out of me while I texted. That is commitment. And when I was done, we kept going at it, but harder. We even got up and he fucked me against his hotel window, which was expansive. Still people would have had to look up six floors to see, and with the daylight, I’m guessing no one saw a thing.

Eventually it was back to the bed, this time, I was shoulders down, ass up and at the edge of the mattress. Just then, there is a knock on the door. I stay in position, almost not wanting to see the guy – in case he was f’ugly (he did not send a face pic), but also to keep it as anonymous as possible. I was in the perfect set up for not being able to see him. At this point – I had been fucked steadily for over an hour…..straight (irony!).

The other guy let him in. I heard some mumbling. Then asking if the curtains could be closed. I heard clothes behind dropped to the floor. I did not hear lube squirt out of a bottle or anyone spit into their hands. But I did feel a cock at my hole and since I could the first guy to my left, I knew it was not his at my back door.

For all the things the white guy was, the black guy was not. Granted, he was early 20s and one of these who thinks because he has a big cock that’s all he needs. He doesn’t. He needs more. There was no skill to his fucking. I was all ramming all the time. It was the first time in two sessions I had to say ‘stop’ or ‘wait’, which I hate doing. But he needed education on how to fuck……and I just knew it wasn’t going to be now or from me. Soon, he was back to full throttle with the white guy egging him on.

Being younger (mid-20s?), this could have gone two ways – he would be quick to cum or could last a long time. As it turns out, he lasted quite a while. I put my forehead to the bed, kept my ass up, and took the pounding. I wasn’t exactly passive. I tried using my ass muscles to squeeze his cock and hope it would stimulate him to get off more quickly. But I think any effect of that was mitigated by his jackhammer fuck style. I’m not sure he could feel my talents with the way he was pumping.

He would say he was ‘there’ but then lost it. It took a few times before he was truly at the edge. At that point he started to pull out to cum – one shot landing on my hole as the original guy told him to shove it back up me…..which he did. The rest of the load was deposited in my guts.

Black guy finally snaked his prong out of my used hole. I had been face down on the bed, my legs spread in a frog position, given great access to my hole. I rolled over to finally see the guy. He was ok, but other than his big cock, he was nothing special. The hotel guy complimented him on his dick and fuck, to which the black guy said he was thinking of charging folks. While the statement was meant to be ‘in the future’, the implication was that he would like to be paid for that fuck. I ignored the statement. The hotel guy said, ‘you can probably get away with it, with a cock like that’.

At this point I had been fucked for over 90 minutes in a row. Continually.

The black guy asked if he could shower. As he left to do so, the hotel guy slid his big cock up my stretched hole. Between the cumming and re-entering would probably be the longest I would be without cock up my ass the entire visit.

While the guy showered, I got my ass reamed. The position was better than before. The cock, while smaller, was better than the previous one. The skill set at fucking a hairy ass was so much better. And he had cum / lube to use.

My ass muscles, I thought, might be stretched out at this point – and with good reason. I was worried my manipulation of this guy’s shaft with said muscles would render useless. I needn’t have been concerned.

Each time I purposefully, or involuntarily, clenched my sphincter around this guy, he would close his eyes, tremble and moan. Each. And. Every. Time.

It was like he was having mini semen-less orgasm with every constriction of my hole.

With each pump of my hole, I was loving it. This surprised even me. After the pummeling I just took, I thought I would want this to be over….for him just to shoot and be done, but I enjoyed it going on and on. I think he was thinking the same thing. He slid out of my hole and without word, I slid off the bed and onto my knees and took his slimy cock and put it in my mouth – then into my throat. There are time I just fucking love ass-to- mouth and this was one of them. He was happy to fuck my mouth too, but I was hard at knowing I was tasting my ass, his cock and the other guy’s load.

Just with my slickness – and my now very receptive ass – he pushed me back onto the bed and proceeded to fucked me more. And more. The first push was the only. He went balls deep in the first motion. Then he just pounded the snot out of me. ….and yes, the black guy was still in the shower!

With a little more manipulation from my butthole clenches, I was able to send the guy over the edge. There was no way he could hold out any longer. And while I know he had shot up my ass 24 hours before, I could feel him spasming for quite a while.

Once he caught his breath and his cock slid out of my used hole he wanted to see me cum. Just like the day before. I was down with it, but now on my terms. As he played with my nipples, I stroked. As I was still hard from the fucking, and had been edging on and off now for two hours (!!!). We stood dick to dick, he was still hard too – definitely making me think he had some taken a Viagra like substance.

Even though I had shot 24 hours before, I had a huge load. That’s what 2 hours of edging will do. Clearly I didn’t have perfect aim, so not all went on his shaft and head, but a good enough amount.

Once I had done a slight recovery for such an intense orgasm, I laid back on the bed and told him to fuck me again. He grinned, took the three steps closer to me and punched his cock up my ass.

With udder abandon, he just fucked me for another five minutes (for like a total of 140 minutes of fucking!!!!)  until my own load was securely up my own ass – mixing with his and the guy who was still in the shower!

Upon withdrawing, I again went to my knees to clean him off….with my mouth. I left him more pristine than before I arrived.

As I dressed and put on my shoes, I heard the water turn off in the shower. I said my farewells to my host, walking back to my car with three loads up my ass.

Oddly, while I was sore the next day, it wasn’t my ass….though it should have been. My thighs were sore as fuck from being frog-legged for a long fuck session.

I didn’t regret one minute of it.


cyberi4a said...

My hole hurt just thinking about all that pounding you got.....LOL

FelchingPisser said...

He sounds like he's just who you need around...