Sunday, April 09, 2017

At His Work

The pic on Grindr was iffy, but the stats were good. And he reached out to me. Honestly based on that pic, even with the stats, I probably wouldn’t have pinged him. As it happens, I didn’t have to.

He was semi-close by. Walkable, albeit a 15 minute one. He exhibited the right attitude, so I forwent the lack of a good image and trekked over to his place of business. Oh yes, he was working, but in an establishment all his own, so he had that flexibility.

However, his place is like a co-op: multiple businesses under one roof, though while they all have their designated space, the set-up is quite communal. The walls don’t go all the way up to the ceiling in most of these areas. Almost all the way, but not all, all the way. So, verbal was pretty much out. #He left the door unlocked, but told me to lock up as soon as I walked in. His key ring was in the door, so I turned the key and was locked in. His light were off, as I’m assuming he wanted to look like he was closed for business.

“He” – I have no name – appeared from behind a partition. His pants were on, but top button was undone, zipper clearly pulled down. He disappeared again behind the same partition; I took it as an unspoken indication to follow.

He stood there (all 6’ 190 lbs of him), hands basically on his hips – expectant. I could have dropped to my knees immediately, but I stood, looked at him. Handsome in his own way – maybe 6’….roughly 180 lbs. A handsome enough face but one you could tell would be in command.

We stood there. I reached out to rub his crotch. He didn’t stop me. He was already stiff in his pants. I could feel the outline of his cock. I accentuated it in his pants as I pressed. It looked nice. Not anything record breaking, but that’s ok too.

I opened up his pants, as I knelt, and met his briefs. As I am apt to do, I licked and gnawed a little on the cotton mound in front of me. I pulled down the briefs in due time. As it was an unplanned meeting, he improvised a cock ring with a thick rubber band that was wrapped multiple times around the base of his cock. The dick itself was about 6.5”, with a nice upward curve. He head was smooth by the look of it (and eventually taste of it) and larger / thicker than the shaft to which it was attached.

After I licked the underside of the shaft and then curled my tongue around the entire head, I slowly, but deliberately took every single inch of shaft until I was scraping on those rubberbands. As I hit the root, he spoke but one word.

“Cocksucker” rolled off this tongue with equal parts: ease / affirmation / degradation. He drew out the word too. I think he liked hearing it that way, but on another level, I think the lengthening also allowed the word, the meaning, to sink in all the more.

It was more declarative, but with a sense of knowing, even though we’d just met. But let’s be honest, I trekked to his place in the cold and snow to suck a complete stranger’s cock in his work space. It’s not like he was going out on a limb.

Enthusiastically, I really went to work on him. As he was new, I tried various techniques to see his reaction. He was one of the few that didn’t / doesn’t respond to the dancing tongue on the underside as I use my mouth and bob and the same time. Everything else he seemed to be fine. I couldn’t find a sweet spot per se.

He was good at holding my head. He’d force here and there, but in my estimation, not enough. Still, he didn’t truly know me or how far he could take it.

He leaned against the shelving behind him. I grabbed onto his legs. I’d alternate on self-impaling or taking him slower, and wetter. He enjoyed it all.

He told me what a good job I was doing. I told him I wanted “to be your cocksucker”. He quickly came back with – “aren’t you already?”


As I sucked, my cock was out. He told me to jack my cock. I did. I will now and then play with my dick while I suck, but it’s better to be told to do so. I had zero intention of getting off. I rarely do that during…or after.

I sucked. He moaned, though low, as not to alert the businesses on either side of him. He told me to keep jacking. He also told me he had huge loads. Massive ones.

At this point, I had gotten him close two or three times…..and then he’d push me away to hold off. I like edging a guy, but then I really want to take him over the brink. That said, I truly realize, it’s their call on when and how, and not me.

Which leads me to “how”. At this point he springs a surprise: he won’t cum until I do.


I’m like a lot of guys: if I cum first, I lose my momentum. But I was in the zone, I agreed. Naturally, I would have anyways, as I wasn’t leaving without his cum. Then there was surprise #2.

I had to shoot my load on his cock and suck it clean, then suck him off.


Oddly, that got me twitching. It was more the dominance than the act of sucking my own load. I don’t care – and never have – about my own load. For as much of a cocksucker that I am, you think I’d be eating my own scum all the time, but I rarely rarely do.

As we were in his place of business, and cum doesn’t shoot exactly where one wants it to go, I questioned him if he was sure – and informing him I shoot very large loads myself. He told me not to worry about the floor, and he’d be the judge if I shot a lot of semen.

We stood facing each other. He reached over and played with my tits and I jacked my dick. He spoke of wanting to watch me suck others. He spoke of wanting to fuck my ass. All these things, really had me amped up. I told him I was ready to shoot. He nodded to do so.

Well you know me. I go weeks without cumming. So I shot. And shot and shot. And then shot some more. Most his cock or trimmed bush. Some hit the floor. Some went places I didn’t really notice. So to keep the momentum going, I immediately dropped to my knees. If I was taking my own load, it was still going to be hot as I did it. And it was.

I wrapped my lips around his now slimy cock. I took my own load while working one out of him. He fucking loved it, though he told me to tighten my lips. I complied. By the time he was on edge, his cock was clean of my jizz, and now I just awaited his.

He reached and held my head. I felt him throb before I felt the load. And the load just kept cumming. It was a fucking huge one too. Now and then, to make a guy feel better, I will faux-choke on his load. It’s rare I can’t take it easily, as I am very well versed on this. But twice, I gagged on this guys volume of seed. It just wouldn’t end. It was sliding down my throat and filling my mouth cavity at the same time. The load I just knocked out of the park all over his office was amateurish compared to what I was taking.

When I eventually milked out every drop and then cleaned him off, including some of my sperm that I had seen had hit his legs, he looked down at me and goes, “did I lie?”.

No……no he did not.

I got myself together. He made no attempt to wipe up my cum off the floor, at least while I was there. He watched me dress. He watched me go to the keys still hanging in the door and let myself out. Before I hit the outer door, I heard him relock everything.

I knew I’d be back.


Luv2SwallowJizz said...

Hot sexy story...I love a dominant feeder as well. I too was asked to unexpectedly cum on command on a cock I was sucking. Hot!

cyberi4a said...

That would have been hot to see you shooting on him and them going back down on him.

sc57 said...

Nice job. I like is you enjoy his load and your own. 6' 180/190 how long/thick/curved? Thanks. Great take.

Bruce Chang said...

I like this guy.
Depending on my read on a guy, sometimes I continue fucking a guy after I've fucked their load out of them even though they're tightening up, super sensitive and/or losing interest... all in an effort of training a guy to want it even though their body is rejecting it. Most of the time I chicken out but the kid's got some swagger to demand you suck your load off his cock. Nice!