Monday, November 13, 2017

Married Baby

The first thing I noticed were the number of wedding pictures lining the ascent of the staircase. This was after I approached his door and it magically opened as I got near. He was watching and waiting for me. He was anxious….but not necessarily in a bad way.

I had been at an off-site office when his message popped up via Grindr. There was no photo, but a good description and he wanted a blowjob. Better yet, he was on my way home, so why the fuck wouldn’t I do it?

As he took me to an almost unfurnished guest room / storage room, I noticed that he was in every single one of the wedding pictures. He wasn’t a guest or a best man…, he was the groom. And looking from the looks of the house, it was their first. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty positive that he had not been married long, as he was only 28 – or so his profile said.

He was also 6’3”, 190. Not muscular. Not fat. It would turn out he had a nice cock – that he was giving his wife………….and me. It wasn’t anything off the charts, but a thick-ish 7 inches.

Married Guy stood there and I went to my knees. I did the standard of licking his peen below the shaft, then the sides before enveloping the head………which all comes before sinking down to his pube triangle. He was tense……and quiet.

I got it. Here I was, in his house, the one he shares with his wife, blowing him.

He speaks: “you like sucking your boy?”

As my mouth if full, I nod. I’ve come to the realization that he could be young enough to be my ‘boy’. At least he didn’t call me ‘daddy’.

Yeah, you like blowing your little boy, don’t you”. While I continue to suck, I pulled off long enough to say, “oh yeah I do”.

There is a pause. His nerves again. I’m thinking he’s too pent up to ever relax and enjoy this head I’m giving him.

He speaks again: “you like having your mouth on your baby boy’s dick”.

My antennae goes up. It was the road he was going down. It was the way he said ‘baby’. We were – or he was – no longer in father / son role playing. Well he was, just in a very very different stage than I anticipated or with which I was comfortable.

I know this was just fantasy, but it made me mildly uneasy. That said, I never took my mouth off his cock. It had grown to a nice size and good thickness. Why would I pass up this opportunity because this guy’s mind takes him places. Hell, he might cringe at some of my fantasies. Actually, I know he would.

He moved over to the guest bed and laid back on it. He draped an arm over his face and eyes. His cock says he was enjoying the blowjob, though in reality part of his arousal might have been due to my mouth, but most of it might have been whatever he was thinking in his head.  Again, he's voice something about being a "baby", a few times over.

I have no illusions that it is all my skill level. I will cop from time to time, when topping, that my mind might go to a previous hot encounter with someone to help take me over the edge or to remain erect. It would be foolish to think others don’t do the same. As a bottom, I’m always in the moment. It’s hard not to be when there is a cock up your ass or trying to cut off your air.

He was moaning for sure. Whimpering almost. I wasn’t sure if that was a ‘him’ thing or if he was channeling his ‘baby boy’ persona. I suspect the latter. In my mind, I also figured there was a box somewhere in that house that contained some kind of diaper he’d wear when his new wife was not around.

While he harbored this baby boy fantasy (?), his cock was all man. As it turns out, so was his load. Huge amounts of semen poured into my mouth. He might cum like a teenager, but not a child. I was happy to swallow it all………..and I did.

As you can imagine, I was rushed out, and I was ok with that. We haven’t made contact again.


John said...

That is just so deeply, deeply weird. I wonder if he was infantilizing himself as a way of surrendering control, but if so, I can think of far more titillating fantasies than this one.

cyberi4a said...

Sounds like someone isn't fully ready to be the man of the house. Must have gotten married to fool the family.

I wonder how long it will take him before he needs a blow job from 'daddy' again.