Friday, July 07, 2006

Harness & a BJ


I'm not what you would call a 'leatherman'. Or even 'leatherboy'. But there is something undeniably attractive to me about leather. One could argue it's just another form of drag - and it probably is. The majority of men wear it for fashion, not function (if there is one). The majority of men can't pull it off. I'm probably one of the those men. ...but I like it anyway. If nothing else, mentally it can exude a higher masculinity level.

I have your jackets, vest, boots, gloves and even pants (no, not chaps. at least yet). I even have a leather jock. But yesterday I went looking for a harness. I've looked on and off over the years, but nothing really caught my eye. Hell, I go out so infrequently, I'm not even sure where I'd wear it - but that's probably true of all my leather. But I am on my way to NYC and Chicago in the next few weeks. I'd hate to be denied access to sections of the Eagle b/c I had on a Polo and some skorts! (oh fuck people, i'm KIDDING!.......well, not about going to the Eagle part...)

A harness made out of chain looks hot - but not on me. And it's not technically leather. I didn't want too many faux studs adorning the straps either. But I'd come to find that those studs were usually snaps to keep the harness together. Sure, it's the easy way to put it on, but for me, it also looked less obtrusive than some of the buckle versions.

I should set this up a bit more. The store is small, but not tiny. This was 7pm on a weekday and no one was in there. And I had come directly from work - though changed out of my suit into 501s, I still had a button-down Brooks Brothers shirt on. Maybe I'm traditional faux-leatherguy, maybe I'm not. I'm thinking I am.

At first I was looking for only a chest harness - but found nothing to my liking. Yesterday, upon happening into a leather store, and conferring w/the shopkeep, I opted to try on a full-body harness....or one that extends down to a cockring that would be wrapped around your penis and nuts.

The clerk was helpful, but not too helpful. He wanted me to try on the harness and that was fine. At first I thought I'd just try on the chest part, as I know how to put on a cockring and how that fits. But since he had to measure where to punch a hole for a snap, I needed to do the entire thing. No problem.

He provided a cockring I thought might fit. As I was going back into the dressing area (which is overstating it) a male-female couple came in - actually the man was looking for a harness as well. As I was putting this altogether, I listened at the woman found in amazement that the anal beads on display were actually bigger than a ball-gag also out for viewing. It made me laugh.

So the dressing area was really a curtained-off landing to the top of a set of basement steps. He peeked his head in to see how I was doing. I was flaccid, but he checked out the fit and thought I needed a different sized cockring. As I was in there, my pager fell off my belt and went down the flight of stairs. I had to recover the pager, the battery and couldn't find the closure to the battery casing. Oh well.

So, he got me the new cockring and was completing my transaction. I asked if I could go back downstairs to look for the cover. He came w/me and turned on lights. We found it. I knew then, if I wanted, we could fuck around. But we went back to the counter where he rang me up. I paid. He asked if I was going to make sure the harness and new ring fit. I asked if I should - he said 'definitely'. I knew then we would fuck around - or most likely.

I went through the pretense of closing the curtain. But soon enough he stuck his head through to make sure I was getting the ring on correctly - like I hadn't put one on a few hundred times! It's not Nordstroms, but the customer service was pretty good.

This time as I was hooking up the harness to the ring, I wasn't nearly as soft. He checked the snugness of the ring. Then checked the snugness of his fist around my shaft. "Nice weenie!"

Who the fuck calls it a 'weenie'? It's a cock. It's a dick. It's a tool. Even 'my member'. It's not a weenie.

"You wanna suck it?" I said. He goes down on me for a few seconds. Good mouth as far as I can tell. Then he pulls off and goes shuts and locks the doors. I wait in the dressing area. My dick is rock hard. The strain of my cock puts a strain on the ring and harness - or is it the other way around? I don't care.

I'm big. I'm red. I'm erect. He comes back and sits on the chair and goes back down on me. As he does he hauls out his own cock! Now I have a nice cock. I don't use it a lot, but I do. It's big. It's a decent thickness. It was small compared to this guy's. He has a good inch on me - in length and girth. Not too shabby!

But he's blowing me. I'm looking at myself in the full length mirror as he is sucking my meat. When he comes off, I have to go down on him. I have to. He seems to appreciate my talents, but it's not what he's after - and he makes that clear. I told him I'd take his load, but he said he's already gotten off earlier - as if THAT has ever made a difference to most breathing males.

I let him go back to his job. I start talking to him. Telling him how I knew he wanted it since I'd walked into the store. How when I was downstairs, he should have made that move on me. How he looked in on me not to check the fit, but to check the dick. He verbalized this affirmation with a mouth full. I also made him acknowledge he was going to swallow my load.

I started fucking his face in ernest. He took it. All of it. Every inch. Soon he was taking the load. All of it. Every drop. He even sucked me for awhile afterward - there were no remnants of my load anywhere when he was done.

...unfortunately he lied too. He did have another load in him. He stroked off a moderate load as he was taking mine. It fell to the carpet in front of my shoes and the 501s around my ankles. Damn!

But when we were done...we were done. I had already paid. There was no awkward conversation afterward. I left the harness on. I put my shirt on over it and walked out to my car and drove home.

All in all - not a bad purchase.

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