Monday, January 03, 2011

Bred x 2

I've been horny.

I always am, but sometimes it becomes a lot of work to get laid. You know it's true. But lately, I've opted to do something about it. I went looking.

The ad was 46, 5'9", shaved head. His pic in his profile though was faceless, but showed a few hands, not his own, grasping his clothed crotch - which looked a decent size.

I sent out a message to him and eventually he responded in kind. Not sexual, so I wasn't sure he was interested. Eventually we got around to a discussion where he wanted to fuck my ass.

I was in need and agreed to go to him - which was like a 40 minute drive away. He was having lunch with friends, so I was to meet him at 1p. I was to bring poppers.

After prepping myself, I drove and showed up at the appointed time. He was waiting.

I plopped off my shoes and followed him to the nicely finished basement that had some Treasure Island Media bareback porn playing - a nice touch. He wanted to start right in on the poppers.

The poppers were from Canada and a gift from a friend of mine. Allegedly they were like poppers of olden days, before they became headache makers. They weren't. I didn't get much out of them at all actually - at least now and again with the U.S. kind, I can get a little of a rush. Not so much with these. Still it was a nice gesture.

We got right down to it. I peeled off my shirt and he approved of how I looked. It was nice validation for all the work I've been doing at the gym.

He got down and sucked me for about a minute and then I was on my knees servicing him. That action got him hard, but I wasn't completely done. I moved around back and at his ass, which he loved. He maneuvered himself into 69 position so he could eat my dick while I ate his ass.

But it was my ass he wanted. That was ok, I was there for his dick in my ass.

Though there was a bottle of lube near us, he never even reached for it. We operated on spit and spit alone. It's still my first choice, but it was nice he had a back up. As it turns out, we'd never need it.

"John" did a good job of sliding into me and up to his short hairs. He did a nice job of pumping my ass nice and deep too. After a few ins and outs, he could pound like an experienced fucker really getting into what he was doing.

I wasn't expecting him to cum within 10 minutes and with no warning. I don't know why those were my expectations, I guess I wanted it to last more than 25% of the time it took me to travel there.

We chatted for a few minutes afterwards, and then I started to dress. He told me the pictures in my profile didn't do me justice and that I should think about changing them. They were fairly recent, but all self-timed shots, and I have no perspective on what I look like, I guess.

John said he almost didn't answer my reach out to him because of the pics. On one hand, "ouch" but on the other hand, he really liked what he saw in person. Time to change the profile pics, I guess.

We talked as he showed me out and in the laundry room he was talking about the fuck we just had and that he was getting hard again.....and he pulled it out to show me. John suggested we go back downstairs, but I said no - he could fuck me right then and there.

I dropped my pants below my ass and bent over in their laundry room and across their counter. He pushed into my pre-lubed hole (thanks to his load) and just slammed me over and over. It was great - at least for me and I think for him.

Again, it wasn't a huge time commitment. Another 10 minute fuck and he pumped his semen up my ass - again. Nice.

And again we were talking and he was still aroused. I went to my knees and took him into my mouth. I sucked his cock - and sucked him clean. He grabbed onto my head fucked my face. That took less time. I'd say within 5-6 minutes, his cum was hitting my tongue - naturally, I swallowed.

When he caught his breath, he pulled up his pants and said, "Ok, I am definitely done".

It sounds odd to some, but I loved how he grabbed a towel and did a quick clean for himself - but never offered anything like that to me. It was all about him and I was there to 'help him out'.

As it turns out, this was just the start of my day. I left John's house and went to a bookstore.

That adventure is soon to come to this blog right here.

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Wholesome Pig said...

Damn! I have enjoyed your posts for a while! I can't wait to hear the follow-up to this hot fuck!