Sunday, January 30, 2011

On To My Next Loads

After taking it up the ass twice and sucking out one load, I was on the road to hit a bookstore. I figured I’d get there around 2:30p, and maybe I’d hit the change of shift with the blue collar community down there. I always think that and rarely have my expectations been met. There is little working community there anymore due to the economy, so there are no set times for the workers, since they don’t really exist.

There are two sides to this bookstore: both with booths and no doors on them, but you have to pass through the 'lobby' to get from Side A to Side B.

Side A had nothing going on. Sure there were the collection of trolls and voyeurs, but no one I would have gone down on, unless really drunk or completely desperate - and remember, I had three loads in me at this point, so I was not desperate.

On going through the lobby to Side B, I passed by a definite prospect - the best looking guy I had seen in the place in quite a while.

6', maybe 190, masculine, army jacket, ball cap turned backwards. His head turned back as well to catch my gaze. I'm confident enough that I didn't need to chase him - at least not yet. I continued on my way, he on his. I'm guessing he felt the same way about his prospects. I knew when he'd see what was over there, he'd be back my way. ...and he was.

"Brett" made a bee-line (casually) to Side B where he spotted me in the hallway. He ducked into a booth, making sure I saw him. I walked that way (casually). I didn't even make the pretense of going to the booth across from him to 'look his way'. He didn't make that pretense either and just grabbed his dick through his jeans.

It was on.

I stepped into the booth and grabbed his crotch. He let me. He let me pull down the zipper and fish out his nice solid 7" rod. Nicely thick, but not so much so. Like it was for Goldilocks - it was just right.

I went to my knees and we both enjoyed the head I was giving him. He held my head and I loved it. He insisted I stay on my knees, even though there was a chair - I was ok with that.

I actually sucked for a while. He spoke. He was into it. He was into being watch (as am I), as long as it is by the "right" kind of guy. That is all subjective, of course. One guy was the guy. He was ok, but not necessarily my style. He had him come in, unzip and have me suck him. The problem was his dick, fully hard, was tiny. Like 3" tiny. I'm not kidding.

Even with this hot as fuck guy watching and directing, it was hard to get into my "work". How can you when so uninspired by the material?

At some point Brett had me get up so the other guy would suck my dick. He was ok at it, but that's not what I was after. However, he and I made out while this guys blew me. I would like to say Brett was a good kisser, but alas, he was not.

That's ok, he had other qualities.

He dismissed the other guy, wanting to be alone with me. Score.

Brett is hard to describe, not that I really "know" him. He had this sweet streak with a heavier nasty one. The way he talk and acted seemed very piggish and then he'd snap into "I don't know why I said/did what I just said/did" kind of moments. Both sides seemed sincere, but you know me, I am going to enjoy the nastier version of him.

He made that "mistake" of playing with my nipples and it all went the way you'd think. Soon I was face against the wall and him sliding up into me. While I tried to be all innocent-acting, that was to be gone when he slid up into two other loads. Though to be fair, he though I just pre-lubed before coming into the establishment. I did.....just not the way he thought.

He was a rough fuck, but I had been broken in earlier in the day and could take it.....not that he cared. I had to find places on the wall that didn't creak so much as he drilled my hole. ....and man, did he drill.

I shouldn't have worried about the noise - he didn't. And it's not like the management has ever kicked someone out, but I do have to say, most of the time, it's only oral sex that goes on there. If fucking is going down, it's not so animalistic, the way this was.

I moved myself so my head was in a corner, giving two walls to take the impact that my ass was also taking. I never turned around really, but I'm sure we had visitors here and there. Who wouldn't want to watch that show?

Though I knew he was getting close, he never made the attempt to pull out and I never said a word to him not to. We were both too far gone - and neither of us would have changed a thing. Soon enough his mouth was at my ear: "I'm shooting up your ass!".

We stayed like that for a few wanting him to stay up me, him not pulling out.

When he did slip out, he turned me around and kissed me, then pushed me to my knees: "clean me off".

I knew I was clean enough, and the most I'd be licking off his shaft was not remnants of three different loads (2 guys). He loved that I did it. I loved doing it, pleasing him.

I stayed on him for a while and he got hard. I opted not to let up until he told me. This wasn't to happen. Without me being aware, Brett deftly slipped off his belt. Suddenly it was wrapped behind my neck and he pulled me into him....his cock buried in my throat....and staying there. It was wicked hot.

Over the course of the next 45 minutes, I would suck him and he'd fuck me three more times. None of those times resulted in loads, but man did it feel good and he had me where he wanted me.

For the big finale, he actually ended up jacking himself off and cumming onto my hard cock. Oddly enough, that's not what a surprised me.

What did was him going down on my dick and cleaning it off. Make no worries though, he didn't swallow - he came back up and transferred it to my mouth.

In my beard, I had his ass (which I had eaten earlier), his spit, his sweat and his load. In my ass, I had a few loads and a sore butt from all the times he and the other guy had fucked me. .....and I was still horny.

If you read for content, nowhere here did I cum.

In the back of my mind, I had planned to do another walk through, thinking I could get more....or get off. In the back of his mind, he was in the back on mine. He was having none of it.

He made me give him my phone number and I couldn't give a fake one because he insisted on dialing it right then and there to make sure I had given the correct one. He also said I was walking out with him.

I attempted to use the restroom on the way out, but he was having none of that either. He wanted me to smell like I have his body fluids on/in me, like I did.

He escorted me out of the bookstore and stood and watched me get in my car and drive off. He wasn't having me have anyone else.


The Breeder said...

I love it when guys smell like what I've pumped in them, after. You should wear him gladly.

BlkJack said...

Fuck! That was hot! Note to self..visit ABS tomorrow. Thanks!

Trey said...

Damn you're dirty!

ItzAlSex2Me said...

I agree with all 3 comments; This WAS indeed a hot story. Like The Breeder, I love to wear "Man Smells" the way my sheets smell, ect. It's like reliving it all over again. Ky Bookstores have doors, Gloryholes and some have 2 theatres-1 gay 1 straight so fucking is much more comfortable... but expensive to get into. And Trey... YES he IS Dirty...and I LOVE it because I am too!!!

Bear Mark said...

Really fucking hot!! While I have had many piggy times in arcades, I have never had the dom be so aggressive after the fuck!! What a winner this guy is! Sounds like a naturally born alpha male-there are so few of those around, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Holy Hell - that was HOT!

Anonymous said...

You are either too busy to write down your "adventures" and "true tales", or you've sudden become chaste. Or is there a third possibility?

BlkJack said...

Anonymous said...
You are either too busy to write down your "adventures" and "true tales", or you've sudden become chaste. Or is there a third possibility?

4:53 PM

Why don't you move on to another blog is this offends you? Seriously!