Sunday, May 22, 2011

2 for My Mouth

I am bound and determined to get caught up on my exploits. Some of them are weeks old, so my memory is fuzzy or at least my perspective has changed. I'll keep it as close to the truth as I remember. Sorry about that.

I hit my old bookstore haunt two weeks ago or so. It was so-so, as always. Nothing too outstanding. I made the rounds sitting in a booth and waiting for Mr. Ok to show up. He didn't. So then I made the rounds peeking in other guy's booths to see if Mr. He'll Do was there and needed some relief.

When looking in one booth a guy about my age was sucking another who was about 7-8 years younger than the both of us. I recognized the feeder at once. He was my boxer wearing boxer. It had been years, but I knew him from the second I saw him.

The eater tried to suck me, but I wasn't into it. That's not what I was there for. As I left, I tried to make silent contact with the boxer guy ("Anthony") to come join me and leave this guy. I'm not above stealing a good cock from another cocksucker. Anyway, I felt this feeder's mouth and I already knew I was better at the task.

About 10 minutes later Anthony showed up. The same traits were there has had been in the other times we played. Aggression, verbal taunts - and AGGRESSION. Yes, so aggressive, it had to be said twice.

His head locks of me and manipulating how my head was cocked so he'd have the best advantage of fucking my face. I'm not talking just the in and out motion, but the pseduo-violent act of taking what he wanted, how he wanted it with no remorse and certainly no input from the guy on his knees.

Another guy came by the booth and Anthony tried to entice him to come in, but the guy shook his head and walked away. We went back to what we were doing and another 15 minutes of being "abused" by him and he shot a nice wad into my mouth. I eagerly and gratefully swallowed. Every drop.

As he got himself together, he said, "man, it's great to see you again. It's been a long time." This surprised me. It never occurred to me that he'd remember me, let alone after almost 2-3 years. Maybe I'm even better than I thought. : )

I put myself together and sat in the booth for a few minutes. I'm glad I did, as the guy who peeked his head in while I was sucking was not standing at my door. Maybe he didn't like the other guy or three-ways, but clearly he liked was I had been offering.

Standing in the doorway, his hand went to his zipper tab and pulled it down. I reach in and fished out his meaty meaty cock and just let it hang from his fly. Nothing else came off or was undone. Perfect.

I sunk down off the bench and onto my knees. I took his cock into my mouth and let it grow there. What a nice cock too. It extended to about 8" but it was the thickness to it that made me love it. He seemingly loved my mouth.

The guy leaned back against the wall and let me do my work. I took him down to the teeth of the zipper and back again - over and over.

His moans and his hands touching my head told all I needed to know: I was doing a good job.

The length of the blowjob didn't last as long as I would have liked. When you get a cock like that you want it for periods of time exceeding what they can either last before coming for before they have to get home.

I heard the heavy breathing and I knew what was about to happen. I wasn't about to try to edge him and possibly lose him, so I went for it. I doubled my efforts and was rewarded with a decent, but not great, amount of jizz.

Gladly, I swallowed it all. I was a happy man.

I did one more quick run-through the place to make sure there wasn't anyone who entered who might be in need of my services - and who I would want to suck. There wasn't.

I drove home, happy in the knowledge that I still had two man-sized loads in my belly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi sexy, that was a hot post man.
Even if it was a long time ago, you describe it very well, it made me boned up in a second. Too bad there wasn't more guys in there for your needs. Would have loved to be there and let you do that on me without hesitation. Maybe next time you'll hit more than just two.