Monday, October 24, 2011

Playtime. Fucktime.

Before ascending the stairs, we kissed.

Normally, no big deal - right? But he wasn't the kissing type. Not with me. Especially not with me. And I probably wasn't with him, but it seemed right.

Now I can't say who initiated it, or if it was mutual. Let's go with mutual. We were still at the bottom step.

I felt his chest. I felt his ass. I felt around to find his 7.5" hard and pressing against his tight jeans. So hard was he, that is made the gaps between the buttons that much more noticeable. It didn't hurt that he was commando. It made it easy to touch his hot flesh tube between the buttons. We both liked that.

As he walked up the stairs ahead of me I cupped his ass. I made him stop and I chewed on his ass through his denim. We actually got down on the stairs, never making it to the top, while we played some more. Hands and mouths on different body parts, yet still fully clothed. Erotic in a way I never expected.

We broke away to make it upstairs. Not tons of his clothes came off. He freed his cock for me.

I love the angle. I love the rigidness. I love the veins. It makes for a nice piece of meat to play with in many regards.

First, I went down and licked his boots. He loves it and oddly enough, I get a thrill out of it as well. Tops. Sides. Tip. Soles. There is something about it that it a turn-on. I won't venture to guess what that is, but I'm sure we all have our immediate conclusions.

After that, it was back up north to start taking care of the dick.

I did a nice job on that cock, if I say so myself. I licked the underside. I licked each side, including the top before my lips extended around the head of the penis. He let me take my time of going down on him. Naturally at one point, he pumped my mouth and that was good. The angle made it nice for sliding in and out with little to no resistance.

I love sucking cock.

But I also knew that was not exactly his plan for getting off. There was a pillow in the room, on the floor and I went and laid my head on it. Me on my back. My pants at some point in this process had come off. Honestly, I don't recall if his did or whether his cock just remained out. I'm thinking they came off and he put his boots back on.

This was the first time he fucked me in this position. We had fucked a few times, but never face to face. We had to adjust the angle for the fuck. The first time he went in, I wasn't relaxed enough or something. It was not horrible but was not the best for me.

The second time he entered, something changed. I felt the ecstasy on face and through m body. I think he saw it on my face too. For those who get fucked - and even better, for those who are the tops and don't get fucked - there is a true right feeling to taking it up the ass. One that makes you feel complete and that it is right. THIS was right.

The right fit. The right feel. Then it went into the right kind of pumping. The right noises, words and sounds.

As always, when it's the right feel, things can progress too quickly. He became close and wanted to know if I wanted him to cum already. Part of me did not. Part of me craved what he was about to do......whether it was now or in five or ten minutes. I opted for now. I'm a greedy guy when it comes to semen.

The orgasm seemed long. I love being able to feel the throb and twitch of the cock, knowing what is happening, even if I don't feel the actual cum. I know what is going on. I love that it is going on.

He got himself together and we both knew there'd be another day. I just didn't know it would be the very next day.


cb said...

Please-- next time get a pic of him in your ass! I desperately want to see you getting fucked!

Anonymous said...

That second pic of his cock tower in foreground and the rock towers in the background is just too good.