Sunday, October 09, 2011

"Do You Need to Spit?"

The guy was 15 minutes late, but somehow I knew from our Grindr conversations that he would show. Intuition, I suppose.

47, 6'2", 185. He didn't say what his cock size was, but going by a few pics he sent, I was guessing in the 8" range. I have seen enough pricks in my life to have a good eye for this estimation.

He was as handome as his picture suggested. He was quiet, but determined. Nice, but controlling.

He had me open his jeans. His tight tight jeans. I could barely get them over his hips. But when I did, a very nice cock popped out.

The guy (no name) held me at arms length. He let me look at it. He let me touch it. He let my tongue touch it, but he didn't really let me put it in my mouth. His hand remained at the top of my forehead - literally keeping me at arm's length. I'm ok with this, oddly enough.

I got to lick his large hairless/shaved balls and eventually he let me onto his shaft, after I liked the underside of it.

I'm guessing it was larger than 8", but not a ton larger

As much as I knew I could take it to his pubes, he never let ne get that far. He'd let me go about two-thirds of the way down before he'd slowly pull out.

He was big on having me open my mouth and move in and out at his speed. At some points I had to do nothing about make an 'o' with my lips. He controlled the rest.

He didn't mind the pictures. He encouraged them and even used my phone to take some, so that was nice. They didn't come out great, but he didn't know what I was looking for.

The guy took a turn at fucking my face, controlled and not as deep as I wanted, but hey, this was about him and what made him feel good.....what got him off.

He mentioned at some point that he doesn't get off by blowjobs. Huh? He came over for head - why the wait to tell me now?

When pushed, he said he got off by jacking or fucking. I suggested fucking - as to be on the safe side, I prepped on the off-chance I'd have that opportunity. But he declined and put me back on my knees.

More sucking. Little noise other than the spit on flesh and friction noises that come with cocksucking. You know the deal. You've heard it.

And then, out of nowhere, he starts shooting in my mouth. Gobs and gobs of seed.

There was no fucking. There was no jacking off. Am I that good or was he just fibbing?

The load was a little bitter, but I'm there to do a service. I took it, that big load that was filling my mouth and hitting my tongue.

As I was pulling off and he was pulling out, he said, "Do you need to spit? You can go spit that out now."

I gulped, visibly, more for effect and told him I didn't need to. He smiled.

He immediately pulled on his tight briefs, his tight jeans and was out the door.


Bong Bator said...

Love the story. The pics came out GREAT. Hope you get to see this dude again. He's got the perfect dick.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

I don't get why guys think you'd need to spit it out.

BlkJack said...

I love all your post! Nice pics too.