Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bred by a Bear

6'2", 210, bald. Save him being almost 30 lbs heavier, he rivaled me when it came to stats. Well, his cock was about one inch shorter, but other than that......... Oh, and he was about 10 years younger than me. But that's it.

We chatted via Manhunt - he lived all of 4 miles from me. We never connected. And then we did. The MH chat was vague at first - and then he was quite clear: "I want to breed you" Well, you can't fight a tidal wave.

Confusion on where we were doing this was high. He kept telling me abouts where he lived. When pressed it was: "Oh, I can't host". Well, then why the fuck do I care where you live? But by this point, I was in heat and invited him over. He arrived in 10 minutes.

Whiter than his pics made him look, as I had assumed he was of mixed race, I guess it was just lighting. He wanted to kiss, which normally I can take or leave. He was an ok kisser, but nothing to write home about, just blog about, I guess.

I did drop to my knees to show him my oral skills. He seemed impressed, but that's not why he came over - on either of our parts, so that demonstration lasted only a few minutes. He showed me his skills do, which I was not expecting. Oral talents were highly rated, for as much as I even bother getting that done. Again, I had no desire to get off that way....if at all.

I had put out lube, and while he saw it, he looked down at his cock and drooled a nice wad of spit onto it. Nice. With me on my back, he then positioned the head of his cock in my crack. After a few attempts and insertion, I guided his dick about a half an inch south to where it found the opening. He pushed in. I accepted it.

No time for adjustment, he just plunged. I was ok. His 7" fit nicely. And that man could plunge. Over and over. Hitting sides of my inner walls that made me feel each push. While he asked if felt alright, it is not like he stopped doing what he was doing to really care about my pleasure. Yes, there is a certain mental satisfaction in that - for both of us. I get that mindset does not work for all of us. It does for me. It seemed to for him.

After 15 minutes, he couldn't seem to keep erect. He wanted to wash up a little and I took him to the bathroom. There I got a better idea.

I turned on the shower and stepped in, then invited him to join. He did.

I was wicked erect still, painfully so. He played with my nipples and I had to tell him to stop. I was afraid of shooting. I was afraid to tell him that, thinking he'd play with them to get me to shoot.

I turned around, ass towards him but he didn't think he could fuck again. Didn't think he'd get hard again. Hard enough, anyways.

With soap in my hand, I got a good lather up and worked his dick. I soaped my ass too and his fingers found it. With the my hand, and his playing with my nipples and ass, we were good to go again in a few minutes.

He turned me toward the far wall and told me to bend over. In his soapy cock went up my ass. He POUNDED for another good five minutes as hot water poured over his body. I got some sprinkles of water, and the open air was cool on my skin. He gave it like man, I took it like one.

He asked those words I've heard so often, "do you want my load?".

What I wanted to say was, "duh!", as he told me he wanted to breed me, which got him the fucking invite in the first place. And he didn't ask in a way which was rhetorical and hot at the same time - and I think you know how I mean. He phrased it like it was all new to him and was asking if I wanted more potatoes with my meal.

Of course, I answered in the affirmative - in almost a pleading way, "yes! yes, I want it all".

His groans echoed off the tile walls. His cum hit my inner ones. A five day load.

We stood in the water has he rinsed off. He asked if I was going to cum. I considered it, but opted to let my now abused, painful dick, stay that way and go limp. It wasn't time to cum. I was there to take it, not shoot it.


cb said...

First of all, it what world (other than Chelsea) 6'2" 210lbs a "bear"??

And second-- soap?? For lube?? Why not just use Rick salt and vinegar-- jeesh!

starbman said...

Very nice, buddy!