Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Fuck - he's young enough to be my son.

Granted, I would have been a father senior year of high school for him to be my son, but it might have been the biggest age difference - older to younger - that I have ever done. Sure, I was happy being the 'son' to many older men when I was 15 years younger than this kid.

Kid is a strong word. He's 30. He looks younger. Much younger. Nary a hair on him that isn't atop his head or at his bush. Not necessarily my style at all. And he's cute as hell.

The Kid (never got a name), contacted me on Manhunt. 6'1", maybe 160 and 8". His messaged had been on and off ,back and forth for months. Him to me. I'd never pursue him for a number of reasons - for the most part I do like older than that, I do like men with hair, but then again, there was something about his cuteness. A slight cockiness in his face. That appeals to me.

I am past my partying days and I know that hooking up with young can cause a conflict in these regards. So, we had texted back and forth for a few days and at 10:30a one day he was just getting up. I'd been up for hours at this point, but opted to swing by his place.

The Kid was not quite out of bed when I showed up but prepped enough to have a bottle of poppers at his bedside (probably from the night before) and both a TV and laptop playing porn. A nice touch, but unnecessary.

He dropped his shorts and I felt his hardening boner. It grew quickly, and to its full advertised inches. Oddly enough it is not what I went after first.

The boy had such a nice, albeit, hairless body, I just felt his chest and abs and then around to his globes. I started from the back with my tongue. I bent him over the bed and at his unshowered ass. I dove in between his cheeks and ate that crack and hole of his. He responded in kind - or in the manner to which I expected for an ass eating.

He took it well, but we both knew that wasn't what I was at his place for. He really wanted to fuck me, but I wasn't prepared for it and I don't think he was either - not that just waking up is a detriment to sticking a cock up a guy's ass.

had him turn over on his bed, sitting on the edge and lowered my head to his erection. The sinking of my mouth down his shaft to his bush elicited a nice long moan. The boy was a moaner. I like moaners. It lets me know I'm doing something correct - at least for that one person. Each feeder is different and has their own likes.

At one point, he scooted himself back onto the bed and propped himself with pillows. I got between his legs and took his rod all the way down my throat. All 8". I worked that dick for a good more 10 minutes before he couldn't hold back.

I would have loved to suck longer, but truth be told, I had a deadline and things to do. I was already going out of my way to be there in the first place. I went for it.

With vigor, I went for it. The dick. His load. I got both.

Telling a buddy later, he asked what the load was like. It was plentiful, the way a 30 year old can shoot, but it was thin and lacked taste. I like a thicker more tasty load, but really that's not what it's about for a guy who sinks to his knees - is it? It's a plus, but that's not the main objective. It's not mine anyways.

He showed me to the door and realized he was up way too late, as the trash had already been picked up.....and one piece getting in my car and leaving.


starbman said...

Great story, guy! I can relate!
It seems we have similar preferences, but do not discriminate, either!
I recently had a visit from a 22yo who wanted my 48yo daddy tool. Again, not what I'd pick out from a lineup, but he was built & handsome. AND, knows how to play - both taking me into his furry ass, to him topping daddy!

cb said...

You SO need to let "junior" breed your butt.