Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3 Emails

In a perfect cocksucking world - arrangement for giving head (or getting, depending on what side of that card you're one) should take less than 5 emails - 3 is best. It can almost never be done in two. It just can't.

Three is the ultimate - introduction, one exchange of info the other way, confirmation. Done.

Happened the other day, so I know it is possible. It's not probable, as these guys like to do their foreplay with their hands on home-row, but really, get on with it or keep moving.

The CL ad said he was 37, married, 7" and needing to nut - no reciprocation. Um....ok. He was in the area and at a meeting, he gave a time in his response email, the confirmation was in my hands - and it was a done deal. All he had to do was actually show up.

He did.

No pictures were exchanged, or even asked for. That is either someone who is really confident, really horny or both. He might even be very good looking, but those guys usually want to show off a little. But I never offered my pic either - he was looking for a mouth, not a date.

I was a mouth.

He showed up on time, was true to his description, if not a little plain, but he's a suburban dad - I wasn't expecting perfection.

We went right to business, no formality and to his credit, no hemming or hawing. There was no embarrassment on his part or pretending he was shy about being where he was. He was a man with needs and dropped his pants to get them.

7"c with a curve to his left. I swallowed whole.

He was quiet - nary a moan escaped his lips. I get that, but I like a guy who makes noise - one how groans. One who swears. One who name-calls. And while he was doing me a favor, in reality it was I who was there for him. My likes or needs were secondary.

He let me do my work. I'd take him to the root, I'd tease the head, I'd lick the shaft, I'd play with his sac.

I worked on that rod for a respectable amount of time, but knew I could take him sooner, or later - as I know how to read a guy and his pending ejaculation signs. I was ready for the load - I took it. I took it all.

No moan, nor verbal anything while shooting. I hoped I made him feel good, but other than him cumming, I wasn't sure.

The load was voluminous but had little to no flavor. No biggie. I did what I had to do. I did what he needed.

When done, he thanked me. I thanked him. He asked if I could be his regular cocksucker. I said 'sure'.

We'll see if that happens.

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CoolTop said...

Yer a good boy, cocksucker.