Thursday, March 29, 2012

Service - update

Yesterday I had my latest follow-up interview for the movie I agreed to do - "Service".

This time is was done with technology - Skype.  It didn't suck - no pun intended.  The filmmaker and I have a good rapport at this point. I have mentioned he was one of the earliest readers of my blog and we connected maybe seven years ago.

The filming of this was quite different than the in-person experience. The first one was getting used to a camera, waiting for sound and the constant checks for highs and lows. Also camera battery packs and back-up for filming in about 17 minute increments.

Don't get me wrong, it was an interesting process, but I didn't have a trailer to go to while I awaited the director to summon me. Such is the life of an ingenue as opposed to the mega-star. I'm sure that will all change.

Doing this on Skype was maybe not more relaxed, but a different feel. While both sessions were questions, it seemed more like a conversation between two friends. I have no idea how I came across at either session, but I was told the first one went well by those who have seen clips. I guess I'll wait to till the big premiere where I put my hands and feet in cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.  Save the date.

I will be interested to see where this all goes. Less you think it's all about sex sex sex - you might be disappointed. This isn't a porn. It's not quite a documentary either - at least I don't think.

Last time we did talk a lot about sex - my sex life. This time it stuck more to my blog, and blog in general. What I write, why I write and how. While not comparing myself to other bloggers, we did talk trends that I see in the sex blog community.

I won't go into detail - I mean, I'll want you to see the movie when it's released. And who knows what will make the cut when it's all done. He can't use it all.........I don't think.

I have no idea how many more sessions we'll do, but I am thinking at least a few more - one attempted for a week or so from now. No idea what the topic(s) will be and I just assume not know. I don't want my interaction to be canned, nor do I think does he.

Editing will be key in this, I'm guessing. I have all the confidence in what Christian is doing.

I'll continue to give vague updates as we move along.  We are a year in (or abouts) since conception and a few interviews down.  Keep the faith.

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BlkJack said...

That's exciting! Saved the date for the premier on my calendar.