Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Kiss and a Fuck

He came in and changed into something more comfortable.  I sat at my office desk continuing to work until he was prepared.

Granted, he looks nice in the tight jeans and tshirt to which he changes, but it's not necessary for me. Not really. By the time we can usually arrange a time, I'm raring to go - no accessories needed, no matter how nice.

But he emerged from his changing area and came to my desk chair - standing in front of me looking provocative. I had not seen him for months and I wanted him - I wanted to be with him.  He leaned down and we kissed. A passionate kiss.

For whatever reason, kissing him makes me bone up like nothing else. I stood and we made-out some more. We kept that up for a few minutes, but in reality, whatever we think we have going on with that, it still ends up being sexual - dick/mouth, dick/ass, mouth/ass.  Certainly more than mouth/mouth or mouth/ear. At least at this moment.

One of the things he changed into was a re gifted present from me: an army green, lace up jockstrap. The pouch was too small for me - and actually for him as well - and even if I could get my meat into the pouch, it would never lace, at least without the balls popping out.

He was spilling out of it too, but more of it was laced than I could manage.  I noticed this after popping the buttons on his jeans open.  From there, I went and carefully used my tongue to snag the laces and untie was I worked my way down.

Using the tongue was important, as if one uses the teeth, one catches pubes in their teeth, making it unpleasant for the mouth full of hair and the tugging of them to the owner. Looking up, he liked what he was seeing - and why not, I bet it was a hot sight, and not because it was me on my knees.

While his cock was pretty much already free before I started that task, I completed my job before enveloping his shaft with my mouth. I blew him for about five minutes or so, making sure he felt good, making sure he was all wet. There was moaning on both our parts. There was his hands on the back of my head, at my throat and on my chin, all for guidance. To break the sucking he leaned down and really really kissed me. It was totally erotic from my end. And it got my mind on moving on to other things......

.....like his ass.  He bent over the desk and I ate his hole. His perfect clean, yet sweaty, hole. I munched. He moaned. Just the way we both like it. I got verbal validation that he was enjoying my work.

After that, I did something else I know he likes:  me licking his boots.  This time I concentrated only on the bottoms of them, me on my back looking up at him standing over me, leaning against the desk.  I licked the soles of both boots before he pulled away, squatted down and sat on my face.  I love eating ass this way. But I love eating ass.  Period.

I'd say we then got to the main event, but I'm never sure what the main one is. For most, it is fucking and it is probably true here as well, but it's such a layered event who know?  It is almost always the final event.

With some lube on his cock and me bent over the desk, he slid ever so slow and steady into me. There really is nothing like that feeling of a cock in an ass. It is fullness without pain (done right). It is pleasure and stimulation. There is a sense of purpose for those of us who take it - and how a man feels being all the way up in you.  It can be intimacy. It can be lust. It can just be a need. Or all of those thing given the time, place and participants.

I'd like to say it was all, but at that point, it was a need - and I dare say I'm answering for both of us.

By this point, both of us were very worked up. That the fuck didn't last longer didn't surprise me. I would have like it to go on a bit, but that's ok too. As you will see below, I was working my ass on his cock when he clearly told me to slow down or stop, as he tried to delay the inevitable. But like a launch sequence activated, there is little that can be done to stop it.

He jetted into my ass - his boys going deep and me glad to be taking them.

I was happy to do it and eagerly await our next time.

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