Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Loads. One Feeder.

He said 39, 6'0 hairy and 210 and 6.5". He wanted to unzip, have someone go down on him, suck him dry. He said if he was comfortable he could cum again.

I never really assume most guys can cum a second time, even when they can, usually something triggers in the ejaculation that makes them want to get out of there quicker than shit.  I can be the same way.

At first he begged off because he was on the other side of town, but out of almost nowhere he emailed saying everyone who wanted to hook up flaked. I provided him where to meet and he said he'd be there in 20. He arrived in 15.

There was no foreplay. There was no discussion. He opened his pants and they dropped - and I dropped to my knees. Simple as that.

He (never even got a name) started off small and flaccid.  But after I had him in my mouth a few minutes, he was good and hard.

The man was verbal, no doubt.  I like that. I liked that.

He would tell me how my mouth felt, what I was doing right. Calling me names. It was all too perfect.

At times he'd let me do my job, others I'd feel a hand clamp on my head and my mouth and face would get fucked and fucked hard.  This is not a complaint, just a talking point.

The first part of the first load (oh, yes, there were two), I was on my knees while he stood in front of me feeding. About three-quarters through, he sat in a chair, me still on my knees, between his spread legs. When he fucked my face this way, it was to the back of my head and forcing me down into his lap. I was happy to take it that way - right down to the root. He liked it too.

He told me if I wanted the load, I had to work for it - but I knew that. This was not a guy to give it up easily and he seemed to have cum-control.  Many feeders are weaker and I can get that load whenever I want.  I'm not bragging, just stating.

But I also know a thing or 1700 about cocksucking and how to get the load, and I worked my oral magic for another 7-8 minutes before he asked if I wanted it.  The question was rhetorical as the only reason he drove to this side of town was to feed a cocksucker.  Like me.

The orgasm lasted a long long time. Besides the 4-5 jets of semen pumping into my mouth, as that spunk sat on my tongue, pooling the way I like it, his cock flexed a good half dozen times afterwards - after shocks, if you will. At that point, I could not tell if more cum was leaking into me or not.  I didn't care. I was taking it all anyways.  It was a lot, but I'm a pro.

"Swallow", he barked.  I never intended not to, but to be fair, he didn't really know me. And he was a man who didn't want his load spit out. I totally respect that.  I opened my mouth to show him his load and he told me again - "SWALLOW IT!".

I placed his hand on my throat to have him feel me gulp and he did - but the guy was a rough motherfucker and really really gripped it.   I flashed on a little danger, i mean, hey, I didn't really know him either.  But we were cool.

I went back down on him, as I love to nurse and suck a cock after a guy shoots.  I'm ok with them just going, but I want them to know I really appreciate their cock. I buried my head in his lap.

As a fellow blogger told me, "you make it seem like his (the guy in front of me) is the only cock in the world".

At that moment, it IS the only cock in the world.

At this point he seemed like he was going to leave and he stood. I got off my knees and sat in the chair he had been in. But he stepped next to the chair and waved his softening cock in my face.  I bit.  ....well, I didn't, I sucked.

Soon enough he was fucking my face and getting hard again. He was on the way to load #2.  This time I did more ball licking than I had the last. He responded to that. At some point, he pushes me off the chair and onto my back on the floor.  He squats over me and jacks and tells me to lick his nuts.  I do. He then crams his cock into my mouth and throat - there is no give with the floor, so all I can do is take it and gag a little.

Normally I'm good this way, but something about the angle and his force made it hard to accommodate the prick. He backed off and I went back to sucking.

Then he rolled off me and propped  / sat against a bookcase and I laid supine between his legs and sucked his cock. It was only a matter of minutes before he told me my second load was ready.

While not as plentiful as the first, it was much much much more thick - which was great. It tasted better too - or at least had more flavor.

This time, when he was done, he was done.  He pushed me off him and stood up without a word.

As he dressed, he did what he thought was the right thing and thanked me. I told him he never had to thank me and that it was my place to thank him.

He said he'd return for sure - and maybe with a small group.

Fuck I hope they're all like him.


Explorer Jack said...

Hot story. I wish all cock suckers (or those to claim to be) would just shut the fuck up and work a load out for me like you do.

CoolTop said...

I wish I could cum over and over again. My big loads are part of my appeal, I think, but I reload verrrry slowly and most cocksuckers are like most tops as you describe them-- beforehand they're all "I want to suck load after load out of you" but once they get one they're done. Once, however, I got with a guy who was patient enough to keep going after I unloaded (and even that one was a huge load, as I'd saved up for several days and he blew me for 45 minuts before I let it go). I was soft for a long time after that but he didn't care; he just kept suckling at me with the perfect pressure. And then after maybe 10 minutes I felt myself tingle and harden again, and he sucked me for another half hour, totally making my head spin. That orgasm was hugely intense-- not as much cum as I usually squirt but man, I almost blacked out. I felt ten pounds lighter after all that cumming. Awesome! I wish more guys had that kind of skill and patience. But most don't, so I never bother any more. He was a truly talented cocksucker.