Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Fucked On a Work Call

I got the first load of 2013 from the same guy who provided the last load of 2012.

He wanted to fuck, and well, I wanted to be fucked.  Simple as that.

The only problem was that I had back to back work meetings, even though they'd be telephonic and taken from the home office. I still had to participate, so I originally told him I could not meet.

He is nothing if not persistent.  He asked if he kept it quiet and said nothing, could he fuck me while I was on the phone.  I hesitated for a bit then finally relented. Sure it was risky, but when sex drives run high, one does things they might not ought to do.

I left my office door unlocked and was on the phone when he arrived.  He was dressed causally - sweater, tie, dress shirt, dressed up trousers, but not suit pants.

I thought he'd be hard, with the scene we'd set up, but he wasn't.  I stroked the dick he let out of his fly. And make no mistake, that is as close as he came to undressing.  I couldn't mute my phone, but went down to my knees and silently as possible sucked his cock. He was quiet as a mouse.

He went hard.  7" of dick with a slight upward curve.

I stood up, my pants went down, I bent over.  Simple.

He was behind me. The phone was still active when he entered me. I kept it quiet, so did he.

It did get to the point where I wasn't needed for some part of the call and put it on mute.  We got a little noisier, but not by a lot.

He does a good job fucking, and I think I do a good job getting fucked - though at one point he just stopped moving and I ended up fucking myself on his cock.  He liked that.  Hell, I liked it too  -  but there is something about having an active top, but I'm good with mixing it up.

I was able to stay on mute for a while - at least until he hit the point of no return and dumped a nut up my ass. I squeezed that shaft for good measure, milking every drop out of it.

As soon as he withdrew, I was needed on my call....he went to straighten up a bit.  The call ended and he let himself out.

I kept him inside.


gh_lovr said...

i just got off a conference call at the same time u were being fucked on yours - don't think my conference calls will be the same for a while!

hard now and getting ready to get onto my next call - will leave your blog page up and stroke while the call is going on - not quite as much fun but still more than is assumed for most calls.

Bear Mark said...

Very hot--I don't do conference calls now, but awhile back I did--never as good as this though!

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Love it! I've sneaked a guy into work to fuck me before. Being naughty is so HOT!