Sunday, January 06, 2013

the Return

His hair had grown out.  It was easier to tell when I put my hands in it than by looking at it.  He mentioned it as I felt it - I acknowledged that I liked it.  It felt right. It felt good.

I liked it when I held his head when we kissed.  It had been months since we had - and I had missed it in my own way.

Due to my schedule, we had little time to play, but we found a window of time and we used it.

It all happened so fast, so quickly - we had time to kiss, time to make out (which you know I do with few people, save him), there was no foreplay or very little.

Ok, yes, I sucked a bit and yes, I ate his ass very little (and him mine), but really it was not an extended session and as much as I like to do all those things, that was not the focus for either of us.

On the bed it was quick - too quick.  We had time lines, unfortunately.  Except for pants and shoes, nothing else came off....of either of us.   It was down, but not dirty.

I was on my back, he above me.  His cock slipped into me like it was meant to be there.  I love the way he fucks me.  7" of dick,  curved slightly and the guy knows how to use it.  And he knows it.

I would not call it a quick pump and dump, but again - time lines.  In and out - in and out.  You all know the mechanics.  There is something to be said for kissing while fucking.  There is something to be said about kissing more deeply the closer one gets to coming.

Of course, there is something to be said about coming.   ...and he did....right up my ass.

Flexing of the dick, knowing his load was shooting in me. Knowing that is where we both wanted it to be.   It felt right.  It felt good.

I'm hoping we don't wait months to do it again.  I'm thinking he's thinking the same thing.

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