Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dirty Old Man

That is what I felt like - not that it stopped me.

He was 27 and for the record, he contacted me, not the other way around.  I think last time I did a 27 year old, I was in my teens.  Younger doesn't hold that much appeal for me, though I know I'm getting to a point where it will have to be younger, or the others will just keep breaking hips.  It's sad to call 9-1-1 to get them help and then flee before the ambulance arrives.

The kid wasn't bad, except for what would be his smaller penis.  Fully erect he might have just been under 5".    ...and I'm being generous.

He was tall, he was built, and he was a quiet sort.  Not much to say, not much to groan or moan about either.

Initially he went down on me and he was good at what he did with his mouth.  I went down on him as he sat back in a chair.  Eventually my fingers found their way to his ass.  One, then two, slipped in with no effort.

For whatever reason, I was rock hard.  I leaned up and slid my cock right into him. He had no problems taking it at all.  But after a few minutes, he wanted me out.  Story of my topping life, no?

It is all good, as he came over to fuck me - which is why I accepted his chat invite.

The entire thing was fine, but nothing more.  You saw my above comment on his size and while it shouldn't matter - every now and again it does.  I also couldn't help get over the fact that I was kind of old enough to be his father.

Maybe he was me 20 years ago, really liking older men.  Nothing wrong with that. I just didn't want to be the older man.

So, I sat on him and road his cock.....until I put him over the edge.   Soon enough he was gone - never to be heard from again.

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Upton King said...

Oh, I know this story only too well. So, first off, the size thing: don't feel guilty. Size matters to some of us. Now that I know that, I save myself (and the other dudes) a lot of time. If it doesn't measure up, I am polite, but not interested - unless there is something on the table that does interest me (like deep kissing, or some kink). The age thing: this is why they created role play. I love being daddy or the older brother, or the uncle or the coach. I am also becoming more comfortable being just plain older me. I no longer apologize for it, because they know what they are getting. As for them being an age where they could be my son? That can be kind of a turn on. I don't seek out younger dudes EVER. But if I light their fire, so be it. As for the so-so fuck? They can't all be 'the best sex ever', but I am finally experienced enough to avoid situations where mediocrity may crop up. Hey - I'm quality. And I know quality when I chat it up on-line, too. Experience informs. Listen to your gut. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque